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  • Address: 2211 N 1st St San Jose, CA 95131 United States
  • Phone Number: +1 408-967-1000
  • Fax Number: 402-537-5774
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 21,800
  • Established: December 1998
  • Founder: Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery
  • Key People: Daniel Schulman, Louise Pentland

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S. No.




United States

2211 N 1st St San Jose (HQ), CA


United States

Building D, 7700 W Parmer Ln Austin, TX


United States

3000 One Payment Way Chandler, AZ


United States

12312 Port Grace Blvd La Vista, NE


United States

9690 Deereco Rd #7th Lutherville-Timonium, MD


United States

Riverside Center, 275 Grove St, Auburndale Newton, MA


United States

123 Townsend St #6, San Francisco San Francisco, CA


United States

9999 N 90th St Scottsdale, AZ



Level 24/1 York St Sydney



13º e 14º - Av. Paulista, 1048 - Bela Vista São Paulo



661 University Ave Toronto



21 Rue de la Banque Paris



Badensche Str. 24 Berlin



31/1, Building 1, RGA Tech Park, Sarjapur Main Rd, Bengaluru


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Ballycoolin Business Park, Ballycoolin Rd Dublin

PayPal Headquarters Executive Team

Daniel Schulman

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Louise Pentland

EVP, Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer

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Gary Marino

Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer

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Aaron Karczmer

EVP, Risk, Compliance, Security, and Entity Management

Peter Thiel


Allison Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer, EVP

Rohan Mahadevan

SVP, International Markets

Franz Paasche

SVP, Corporate Affairs and Communications

Jonathan Auerbach

EVP, Chief Strategy, Growth and Data Officer

Bill Ready

EVP, Chief Operating Officer

John Rainey

Chief Financial Officer and EVP, Global Customer Operations

Wanji Walcott

SVP, General Counsel

Mark Britto

SVP, Global Credit

Sri Shivananda

SVP, Chief Technology Officer

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  • Beryl Slevin says:

    I am receiving spam mail requesting a payment! I have only made one payment for goods in 2020. I’m including a copy of the fraudulent email.

    From: Paypal
    Date: 21 April 2022 at 6:16:36 a.m. GMT-7
    To: baslevin@aol.com
    Subject: Invoice – You sent $268.15 to Coinbase 130520 from Paypal Contact support 888-544-9365
    Reply-To: gzbudbqrgysgs@gmail.com

    INVOICE 130520


    DUE 04/20/2022
    Print or save
    Powered by QuickBooks
    Dear Paypal user,

    We have received and confirmed your purchase from Coinbase!We thank you for choosing us as your favourite payment processor,Your order is scheduled to deliver on 04-21-2022 09:45:00 EST

    The purchase details will appear in your bank statements within 1-2 business days

    You can reach us on our support 888-544-9365 for any assistance,Below are your order details

    Order details
    Date ordered:April Thursday 2022
    Order Number : NRMV0967
    Item : LuxCrypto on Coinbase
    Amount: $268.15

    Questions regarding this order will be address on 888-544-9365

    Security and cancellation team

    Have a great day!

    11 TAFT DR CATHEDRAL Cathedral City, CA 92234 US
    +1 5044758685gzbudbqrgysgs@gmail.com
    If you receive an email that seems fraudulent, please check with the business owner before paying.

    © Intuit, Inc. All rights reserved.Privacy | Security | Terms of Service

  • Elena says:

    On the 16th of April 2022, I received an email from PayPal that my account is going under closure, first i thought this was a fake email but when i logged into my account it was actually real. They are telling me that my account is closing from the vague reason of violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. What i did first is messaging them on the paypal website and asking for a more specific reason, first I received an automated message which i responded to so a person can answer me. The second answer i think it was by a person but it wasn’t telling me why my account is closing, just that my account was reviewed and they think it should be closed. I replied to that
    answer again and told them what i am using PayPal for and ask them again the reason why i was permanently limited. They simply answered that the decision cannot be overturned and that my funds will be frozen for 180 days. I called them on April 18th and explained to them again what I use PayPal for and they issued a new revision for my account which i never got an answer for after 72 hours of waiting. I was using my PayPal account for about 2 years and I had no disputes over this time period, the account was verified and I gave all my personal information when I created it as well as added my credit card & bank account. I am really worried now that I’ll never get access to my balance that was frozen.

  • Jason says:

    PayPal still owe me a 4000gbp credit dating back to Sep17 2021. They refuse to provide me with a FULL receipt, that my bank has requested. On live chat, which is horrendous btw, every person just keeps fobbing me off, giving me a ref number. My bank in Mexico have searched all their systems, as have VISA, and this payment appears nowhere. I have sent PayPal all my bank statements that CLEARY show no payment has ever been received. I will commence legal proceedings if this credit is not made within 7 days.

  • Amy says:

    I have been disputing a charge with Paypal/credit since August 2021. To be honest, I have been treated extremely poorly and have received the WORST experience while dealing with this financial institution. I made a purchase in the amount of $749.00, after the payment was processed I immediately knew I was being scammed because the text msg I received from pay pal didn’t display the merchants name. I instantly contacted the customer service department and informed them of the concern. I asked to have the order cancelled. I was told “pay pal/credit does not cancel online purchases.” I was told a dispute will be put in, and investigation will be held and I will be notified within 90 days. The next week I called in to see what was the status, I was told “a claim/dispute was never put in”, so a new dispute was then filed. I have gotten transferred from one representative to the next in the course of 8 months and no one has helped. I ended up receiving the merchandise and as expected the items were counterfeit. I contacted pay pal (the same day items were received) and informed your staff of the receipt of merchandise, photos were even uploaded via the portal. I was then told the original dispute that was filed was ruled “not in my favor” because I received the merchandise. This was after the fact that I have already contacted your company and shared this information. I was then told to receive the full refund I will have to return the merchandise, however for two (2) months no one at paypal/credit could give me an address to send merchandise back. After several attempts and many supervisors and staff disconnecting my call, only one representative fought hard to provide me with the information to have the merchandise sent back. I then had to pay an additional fee to have these items sent back. I contacted pay pal and provided them with the tracking number for the items. I also provided your staff with the name and date of who and when the merchandise was received. I’m being told that I’m still responsible for the merchandise that I don’t have in my possession, and is counterfeit. I have never in my life worked with a financial institution who doesn’t help their consumers when they need to be protected. The whole point of using my pay pal/credit card via web is to ensure I’m safe and my money is protected. I am pleading for help and for this situation to be looked into in more depth. This is unacceptable and I feel like I need legal help moving forward if this is not handled.

  • Michelle Scott says:

    Same as all of the above. PayPal has been charging my bank account without my authorization after I made a purchase selecting Pay Pal Credit. I have been on an infinite loop of call center reps, none qualified to rectify the situation, referring me from one place to another. There is no solution at hand. When I ask to speak to the corporate office, they have no way to connect me and no number for even Human Resources in San Jose! Why do employees not have access to the Human Resources office? Is another matter altogether. This is criminal what they are doing and I intend to file a claim with my state Attorney General to see if I can get this corrected!

  • Terry says:

    Hello again. case pp-d-139176062′ After all that and simple request for a phone call. Some Guy Named Larry from who knows what Department, actually had the total disrespect the send me another computer-generated e-mail response. Not about Godfried supervisor who lied to me! HELLO PPL! I made a slight miscalculation. PPL Stock just plunged again YOU HAVE BAILED ON YOUR CUSTOMERS. NOW YOU HAVE LOST MORE THAN ONE HALF OF YOUR STOCK IN JUST OVER TWO MOUNTHS. FROM $300 TO $125 TODAY. AGAIN, YOU CAN THANK “CUSTOMER LACK OF SERVICE’ FOR NO HELP TO OUTRIGHT LIES. YOU HAVE RECORDED AN HISTORICAL BLUNDER. TRY TYING UP YOU BOOTSTRAPS AND GET TO WORK. STARTING WITH A CURTESY PHONE CALL TO ME AND THE FOLKS WHO HAVE VIOLATED THEIR TRUST! AND APOLOGIZE. TRY AND MAKE THINGS RITE AND STOP LYING TO US! That is if you still have a job next week!

  • Terry says:

    I just added complaint, then looked at the news and PPL stock just tumbled 25%!!! I wonder why? Certainly Customer service has done nothing to help PPL. Now the stockholders are suffering, PPL just do the right thing. Be accountable to your customers!!!

  • Terry says:

    I have been given 4 different answers. Requested email’s return that I never received. Most recent was Godfried on of your supervisor’s today 2/2/2022 I have done everything you have ask of me. Please look up the phone conversation’s we have had regarding my case since 1/7/22. It’s not even the amount. It’s simply lack of accountability. Honestly, I don’t have any faith this request will be answered as well. Very Sad!

  • Rick diercks says:

    I have been trying for days to get my money transferred. The money was taken from my customers account and paypal is holding it and drawing interest on it im sure and none of the undertrained representatives can even tell me why. I was even told that they were having technical difficulties and that their techs were working to resolve the problem but call back five mins later and be told a completely different story. I’ve spent almost 4 hours on the phone in the past 3 days trying to resolve this and cannot get any reasoning as to why I cannot withdraw MY funds. The funds Do Not belong to PayPal. They belong to me and I want them released to me. I have all my credentials and can verify whatever might be required . This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with any financial institution. Here’s my email but I’m sure that I won’t ever hear anything back from PayPal. I don’t see PayPal being in business too much longer treating customers this way. Especially once interest rates start going up PayPal will be bankrupt unless your customer service improves Rickydiercks@hotmail.com

    • tina reeves says:

      i am hving the same issues as all of you. i am being denied my funds and have been for 25 days now . it lets me into the account long enough to send then says it needs more verification.

  • Antonietta says:

    Hello, I would like a call from corporate regarding my account. I was lied to in regards to an issue.
    Thank you and look forward to hearing from someone.

  • Jordan says:

    I would love to believe that Paypal is a company that is willing to right their wrongs when given the chance. PayPal has held my money for 180 days. Now it’s been another 180 days since the last 180 days. It’s time to give me my money back. Please contact me at jordanpak390@gmail.com. I would love to be able to come back to this site and leave a positive comment showing people that this company is willing to help it’s customers and not just out to screw every one over. There are nothing but negative comments about experiences people have using PayPal. Take this chance to start rectifying the service that has got PayPal such a horrible reputation. I hope you will do the right thing and release my funds like I was promised 360 days ago. I have been told to keep an eye on my email for this entire time. Don’t you think it’s time to give my funds back. You don’t have the right to keep the money. Everyone is suffering right now with covid effecting everyone financially you are putting your customers out and they are worse off for using your services. I have every conversation and every email or message recorded and saved. I have been treated rudely and lied to reeatedly. Please prove me wrong about you guys and help fix this problem.

  • Brenda says:

    PayPal is a scam they call center is shitty they hold your money even though it’s released by the merchant plus the call center supervisors Kelly mafia and sophi is under trained and they high ups never take calls how can you make a complaint about management to management I will tell people don’t get PayPal they always changing privacy agreements

  • Brian says:

    I’ve been homeless for 2 days I lost my house I haven’t been eating I had to take my kids somewhere else you received my money send it to another card that I didn’t have or even own issued me so-called this card 2 years ago now you charge me to send the money to this card and I don’t have . now have more money in my account and I can’t even buy a soda I can’t buy you class a free water your company’s or your employees or ignorant they don’t help you you’re robbing me you were stealing from me you’re charging me for all these services and I can’t even get the a single dime and your.employees tell me that they understood when I’m sleeping out side in the cold and freezing and the funniest part
    is i tell them I have not received any cards from you in 2 years when I asked you to colse my account and you did not so guess what you took monthly fees from me and I told a years ago I don’t want this account and I have not opened it it in the frist place so you keep taking my money for false actions that I have never wanted or asked you for now you have a lot more of my money but by Monday or Tuesday I might not be un frozen from sleeping out side so do you understand that So I LIKE TO SAY THAT YOU ARE THE WORST BANK I DON’T WANT OR OPEN AND BEG YOU TO CLOSE I might not be around Monday or Tuesday never I might freeze to death PayPal is not a good company

  • Vianna says:

    You guys are a lie ,FRAud , and you guys are nothing like how u guys say u are here to help ppl and make life s better living ND blah blah ..I’ve had a payment from the government into my acct and you guys permanently lock my acct and i still have not been able to regain my funds 600 $ .

  • Deven Leyva says:

    My name is Deven Leyva I have had paypal for a couple months now and I’ve tried to use it abs every time my money is held from me for days! This time is a little different and I am fed up and something needs to be done! I cashed my payroll paper check that is made out to me and signed endorsed by ME! Signed by my boss and paypal is now again holding it from me and will not give me a time frame or an explanation for why they are doing this other than they are flagging me for fraud! I’ve sent in my social security card my photo ID everything they’ve wanted me to do I’ve done so why am I not having access to my money that I’ve worked very hard for. I am a single mother with a one year old little boy that needs fed and needs diapers! My water has been shut off in my apartment because I was supposed to make the payment yesterday and no one at paypal can help me and give me access to MY MONEY!!!’ This is illegal and wrong to do to your customers! I have called in atleast 50 times in the last 2 days and all I get is people that will jot helped me and say the same thing over and over and over again they read from a script the same things to their customers. I have asked to close my account they say we can’t because you have a balance THEN TRANSFER IT AND LET ME BE DONE WITH THIS AWFUL COMPANY !! I need help from someone that speaks English and isn’t reading from a script that can give me access to my funds or I am reporting this the better business bureaus and I’m calling my local authorities to get me my check back and not voided so I can feed my son and pay my bills. This is a disgrace to all financial apps out there and I promise you when this is over I will tell every single one of my customers that talk or mention paypal they it’s the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. If someone that can help me is reading this you can get my contact info I’m sure of it and I would really appreciate a call and a solution or I will be taking this to the law!

    Thank you

  • Ganus hilburn says:

    Someone from corporate needs to contact me, I will not speak to anymore of your sorry no good customer service agents. You will contact me in less than 2 hours or you will have legal issues. I will no longer deal with this contact me. Hilburn.ganus@yahoo.com is my account call me now

  • kevin hall says:

    i paid my sub contractor thru paypal and you guys held the funds for 14 days will never use you services again , kevin hall kh4510227@gmail.com kevin hall my subcontractor is laton jackson

  • Jonathan says:

    I’ve been trying to reach PayPal for over a year to release my funds, they have a total of $3800 of my money held up I was told 180 days that past March 20th, then told it would be released June 6th here we are in the month of October 2021 still haven’t had nobody help me all they say is we open a ticket that’s not helping I probably have over a 100 tickets submitted if that’s what’s there really doing. Is there anybody that I can talk to besides they employees cause they’re not helpful at all.

  • Tyrika joyce says:

    My name tyrika I have 2 PayPal account and when I call to get the money put into my other PayPal account nobody helps me I hear people laughing in the back ground so in professional

  • Robert Owen Bruce says:

    How do I quit/cancel PayPal?

  • Lindsey Lacorte says:

    Extremely disgusted and disgruntled as I have had transactions go thru my bank account from PayPal but my PayPal account is showing a negative balance?? Try and call and Speak to someone and can’t get anywhere..then they want me to spend more money and fax them the charges that went thru my bank which is going to cost me more money and it’s still going to take days…every person you talk to tells you something different..it’s extremely unorganized and the way the customer service agents speak to you is very unprofessional!!!!

  • monishka says:

    hi I have a dispute with a person I bought products from and never received but because she had a tracking num. for products delivered to 2 other people in my town my claim was denied, i have letters from the postal service stating my claims are factual but I have not been able to send them to you can you help me?
    I know you can have it

  • Clarrisa says:

    I have a problem with my account.I have money in my account but i cannot transfer it to my card that is link to it.

  • RickylPerkins says:


  • james delaney sr. says:

    hi I have a dispute with a person I bought products from and never received but because she had a tracking num. for products delivered to 2 other people in my town my claim was denied, i have letters from the postal service stating my claims are factual but I have not been able to send them to you can you help me?

  • christine brewer says:

    hi can anyone help ? ive be disputing with m fortune bingo about £140.00 winnings made to me in july this year its the dates of 23rd and 29th to be exact. Now ive been informed that this money has been put into my account that had a transaction made on the 15-18th april, the only problem is I have my email address for that accoumt not the password.
    I actually need that money transferring from that account to my new account which is 1tina11466@gmail.com but i’m getting no more help from m-fortune ? please could you assist me with this problem as I don’t know of anyone else that can help yours Christine brewer xx

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