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  • Address: 235 W Santa Clara St, Ventura, CA 93001, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 805-643-6074
  • Fax Number: 805-648-8020
  • Email: customer_service@patagonia.com
  • Number of Employees: 1000
  • Established: 1973
  • Founder: Yvon Chouinard
  • Key People: Rose Marcario

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Patagonia Headquarters Photo
Patagonia Headquarters Photo

Patagonia Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

259 W Santa Clara St Ventura (HQ), CA


United States

8550 White Fir St Reno, NV

Patagonia Headquarters Executive Team

Rose Marcario


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Stefan Wahlén

Managing Director

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Dean E. Carter

Vice President of Human Resources & Shared Services

Barry Blanchard

Member of R&D Team

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  • Ana Ramos says:

    Hi. Mi name is Ana Ramos, I’m a 69 year woman and I have a fantastic idea to propose to your company that is going to work like you guys don’t have a idea, it’s going to be a hit!! For your company. I hope that you’re going to contact me. This is not about you guys paying me some $$ it’s basically about the admiration that I have for your products, and because I love your store.

  • Suzie Kidder says:

    Your founder appears to be a pretty AMAZING Human Being. I’m sure that he might also have his very human qualities as well, but this recent decision/gesture/commitment to essentially donating the wealth he created in Patagonia …. back to the wealth of experiences that he’s received in his relationship with the Great Outdoors.” He clearly recognized, understood & deeply appreciated the Spectacular Gifts” that he received from his experiences traveling the “Great Outdoors.” Some can “hike” and “visit our National Parks” and come away as the selfish, self absorbed & shallow human beings that landed in the parking lots of those National Treasures in the first place. They probably bought some “souvenirs” by which to remember their visits.

    Your founder – on the other hand – absorbed the essence and the “meaning” of each of the very special places “On Earth” to which he traveled, and which he truly experienced at nothing less than … the soul level … in addition to the obvious pleasure of the strenuous exercise required to hike in a variety of what are truly “wild spaces/places.” These offer the gift of reminding a human being of the Glory of what we’ve been given in those “National – and International – Treasures,” and they teach us both the Glory of what we’ve been given, and the magnitude of our responsibility to act as its Protectors.

    I promise to buy Patagonia clothing for the next time I go hiking, and to wear it knowing that I’m being “enfolded” with more than a “jacket.”

  • K. Miller says:

    Your company took a stand for democracy with the decision to boycott ski resort after owner hosted a GOP fundraiser with Marjorie Taylor Greene

  • Val Nov says:

    Patagonia customer service is going down. I live in New York City and I had a huge problem at upper west side Patagonia store manager named Conner physically pushed my pregnant wife out of the store just because she asked to use their bathroom. Very rude manager refused to call 911 to assist my wife and refused to give her a bathroom. My wife was in pain and needed medical assistance. Patagonia manager refuse to help and kicked us out from the store despite that it was an emergency situation.

  • Susan says:

    I have had a problem with customer service. There was was misuse of my credit card but I can’t get them to follow through. I have some concerns. I would like to speak to someone with authority.

  • Kristy says:

    Great that you closed to protect employees and I understand; however, before I would promise to be able to ship within 7 days (and asking for patience from those placing a new order), it might have been nice if corporate would have focused employees initial reopening efforts on handling the backlog of returns….It has been six weeks since Patagonia received my merchandise for credit (03/25)…I have called, only to be told it’ll be a “few more weeks.” Times are tough, money is now tight for all of us….I really need that credit posted to my account….but the priority for Patagonia seems to be on NEW orders and just let those due a refund continue to wait.

  • Joe says:

    Thank you for putting the health and safety of your employees above profits. You are a role model. I will remember this when I go shopping for clothes in the fall. Best of luck.

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