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  • Address: 10917 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 360-892-0633
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1981
  • Founder: Robert Graham
  • Key People: Weldon Spangler (CEO)

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Ken C. Calwell

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Mark E. Hutchens

Chief Financial Officer

Carron Harris

Senior Director of Operations

About Papa Murphys, History and Headquarters Information

Papa Murphys was founded in the year 1995. The company has been active for almost 24 years now. Origin of the company traces its history back to the year 1981 when Papa Aldo's Pizza chain was founded in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. In the year 2003, the company was voted Best Pizza Chain in America by Restaurants and Institutions Magazine. The company was then merged with PMI Holdings in the year 2004. Papa Murphy's won the platinum award for Consumers’ First Choice in pizza chains in the year 2006. In the year 2010, the chain sold out to Lee Equity Partners of New York. The sales for the chain totalled $702 million in the year 2011. This amount had grown to $800 million in 2012 from 1,350 outlets. In the year 2014, the company was transformed into a limited public entity. The company had suffered a loss in the year 2016 and therefore started its national advertising campaign in the year 2017. The headquarters of the company is based in 10917 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. The name of the place is Vancouver, while the name of the state is Washington, USA. The pin code is 98662.

Papa Murphys is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, including pizzas as well. The current CEO of the company is Weldon Spangler. As of the current date, the company has its presence across more than 1500 locations in the USA. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 200. In the year 2019, the company was taken over by MTY Food Groups for almost $190 million.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced and served by the company itself. The food products of the company include handcrafted personal pizza, fresh salads, desserts, drinks, etcetera.

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  • Jim K says:

    Apparently, the parent company does not want to hear about their franchisees. Does all Papa Murphy locations force you to give a tip of 15% or more? Why am I tipping them? Tips are an option and are provided for service! I am paying for a product which I drive to the store and pickup. I bring home and I cook it. SO at the end of the day, what am I tipping for. There is no service involved. The business makes fresh pizzas and sells them based upon an order. I hope someone from corporate can respond to this or answer me. I will not be going to my local Papa Murphy’s anymore because of this practice.

  • Kevin Johnson says:

    It’s difficult for me to understand how a corporation like Papa Murphy’s can stay in business when they seemingly only have an answering machine – at the CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS. And you don’t return phone calls or emails? Are you actually in business still? No I’m not a customer I’m a potential franchisee, but I’m not about to drop $1 to $4 million investing in this company if they can’t pick up a phone or type an email.

  • Susan Wajgel says:

    Why does your website say you are open at 10 let me order for 1030 then they wouldn’t let me in cause they don’t open til 11? This is awful

  • ED HOEY says:


  • Mary Okupniak says:

    Went to your store in St. Francis Wisconsin and ordered your stuffed 5 meat family size and i am extremely Disappointed. I took a photo just not sure how to attach it here. But there is a good half inch all the way around the pan where there is no crust. In the past it would go all the way to the edge.

  • Susan McClellan says:

    I buy pizza at Yelm highway location. I won’t anymore. The last two times there was hardly any red sauce!!! When I asked about it, I can request for more…at a cost. Get real. Just make the pizzas the way they used to be without skimping!

  • Clara says:

    Everytime I call the Hendersonville, Tn store l get a busy signal & its been going on for a few months now! But I’m told the system has been down but they can still do business!? I’m about ready to start going to Take & Bake!💯

  • Wendy says:

    I was APPALLED when I went into a Papa Murphy’s today to pick up my pizza order.
    Today is Tuesday 11/29/2022 and Papa Murphy’s commercials always tout their $10 Tuesday large pizza special. However, my total was $12. I was confused and asked, “Isn’t it $10 Tuesday?”. Response, “Yes, but you didn’t order online”. Excuse me???? I learned that because I CALLED IN my order, I had to pay an additional $2.

    I hope that Papa Murphy’s understands that this can lead to a lawsuit!

  • Reid Atlee says:

    Just ordered 3 pizzas online didn’t get the cyber Monday discount with tip I am spending 70 dollars store said once order was placed I was out of luck!! Disappointed have always had good experience besides today

  • Kelly says:

    Mill Creek, WA – the worker stood there and scratched her face with her painted long fake finger nails, while the other lady worker couldn’t help me with a discount code that I applied online but was not working, neither of them were any hope. The front counter was filthy and they had a dirty cracked plastic jar that said tips. Where is the Food Safety? and proper Training?
    The pizza I got has missing about 90% of the ingredients, it was so bare I took a picture and wanted to post. Just a Horrible Experience.

  • Shar says:

    I ordered for pick up paid for it on line and was not ready when I got there. I let them know that I was there and they took the ticket and put it on the counter behind them. I sat there for 20 minutes before I said something. People came in and ordered over the counter and got theirs before I got mine. I ordered on line for certain pick up for a reason. Not to sit there and watch people come and go before me. I paid a substantial amount of money for the pizza that I needed to have picked up and out by a certain time and for me to sit there and wait 20 minutes after I told them I was there is beyond ridiculous.
    I’m very perturbed with the Papa Murphy’s 5699 W in West Valley City.

  • Wendell says:

    I was kicked out of the Gallatin store this AM for being rude because I pulled on the locked door at 11:30 and saw they didn’t open until 12. Open sign came on I went to the door and still locked at which time the Manager said I was rude, had constantly pulled on the locked door, and couldn’t come in. I entered and rebuted her claims, she then told her associate to call the police at which time I told her I would contact her boss and she said “I am the Manager!” Needless to say Papa Murphys will NEVER get my business or any support from me, family or friends

  • Anonymous says:

    1965 Wisconsin Ave Suite 102, Grafton, WI 53024
    Owner Todd Schleh extremely unprofessional ownership. Allowed drunk girlfriend into store swearing at employees extremely intoxicated at 1pm on Friday afternoon.Entire staff left with no choice but to quit. Store will be closed do to no employees.

  • Jesse says:

    The current store location in Lebanon Tennessee papa murphrees store has a sign on the door says temporarily closed and does not explain why or does not explain when they will open back up i have called other stores close to my area and they dont know why either, so i called customer service and it went to voice mail i left a brief detailed message and no ambassador has called me back please call me back at 615-449-5214 thank you

  • Betty says:

    Picked up Hawaiian pizza Thursday on State Rd 135. Gotten pizza there many times. Thin crust & when taken off pan to put in rack, so thin it was leaking thru to oven. I understand thin crust, however, very disappointing.

  • Stacey Stewart-Sweat says:

    I received a text message for a special offer 35% off on pizzas online only. Since we were going into town today I decided to order a pizza and two salads online and pick it up when I was on my way home. I get to the location at 5886 Line Ave Shreveport, LA and there is a note on the door stating they are closed due to staff shortage. I have paid for this order already and now I have to wait 2 hours?! I am livid, how does this happen? I would like my money back and you have lost a customer. Terrible customer service.

  • Theresa A B. says:

    After reading through many comments, I am under the impression that this is just some place for people to air their difficulties with Papa Murphy’s where no one at the company is interested in responding. I just want to know why the gluten free pizza is not included in the Tuesday $12.99 deal. The response I received from the manager was that “we can’t make the gluten free pizza in a large so it doesn’t qualify for the discount” (gluten free only comes in medium). What an “interesting” justification. Then she blamed it on “the corporation’s rules.” Is there anyone at corporate headquarters that cares about customers at their various franchises? It doesn’t sound like it.

  • Dave Pouppirt says:

    Where is your Taco Grande Pizza this year?

  • Michelle says:

    It always seems like I purchased pizzas and I never get any coupons or any discounts I purchased at least four pizzas for July 20 and I still haven’t received any points or a coupon and we usually go there every if not every month every other week and I’m still not receiving any discounts or credits for points or I take coupons in and it’s a day late not realizing it and they won’t except it at all or even try to give me a discount this is the Federal Way store

  • David Cunningham says:

    Hi, I’m David Cunningham,
    I visit your store at S Green River Rd in Evansville IN about every two weeks. My father N law and my mother N law like there meat lovers pizza.
    Visiting there frequently, I have come to understand that I can substitute my 5 topping on a meat lovers pizza, since we don’t like Canadian bacon. The staff has been very tentative to our needs.
    Tonight I stopped in to get our regular Pizza, with the usual toppings on it. They consist of Double Pepperoni, Sausage, Ground Beef, and Bacon bits…
    The young lady working the counter, was quiet, seemed to listen about my order., I thought..
    I walked in and told her that I wanted a meat lovers pizza, with Double pepperoni, sausage, ground beef and bacon.
    I mentioned 5 meats.. when I got my pizza, it had the standard 5 meat pizza’s on it and double pepperoni. I was then charged $20.00 for this pizza? which is more expensive than normal.
    I questioned her, and she said that is what it comes up as…
    I got my pizza, and IT had Canadian bacon on it to my surprise.
    I questioned my order, and she said that is what I ordered..
    We had some exchange of words, and she said, you ordered a meat lovers pizza with double pepperoni on it…
    They did make my order correct..
    I may not have been clear about my order, but, I will not do any more business with you at this location as long as this young lady is in your store..
    This store is filthy dirty and I’m sure that if you visited, you would not be happy with what you saw..

    Your concerned patron,
    David Cunningham

  • Renee says:

    The Evergreen CO store charges more than your advertised $5 Friday pizza. They are charging $7.00 and when I questioned it, the girl said “corporate had not caught up with the increased prices with their advertising.” That sounds like false advertising to me. What should the price be?

  • James says:

    We visit Papa Murphy’s every Tuesday for the $10.99 special and I always tip too.
    (8257 E Guadalupe Rd Ste 101, Mesa, AZ 85212)
    Most of the time it is great. The lady that services us is very friendly but the last 2 visits, the ingredients are a little skimpy. barely any sauce, and the 5 ingredients you get are thin at best. I hesitate to return and complain. She may have orders from the top to save on toppings expense. I have been to other locations where they are not skimpy but I need to drive further to get our order. Any advise? Thank you

  • Angelia Lewis says:

    your store in mobile, Alabama on old shell road is very prejudiced against people of color. I visit today trying to maybe buy a family size pizza and the young man acted as if he didn’t want to serve me. when I order and paid for my pizza he pulled out a old pizza dough to start my pizza I asked him when was the dough made because it looked dried and brown around the edge. he got mad and start saying his dough wasn’t old it was made a few days ago. I asked for my money back and that’s when the real side of him came out. the refused to give me my money back the same way I gave it to him. I gave him a 20.00 bill and he threw the money at me and told me if I didn’t get out of his store he would call the police. I beg him to call the police because of how he was acting and calling me names. I will never visit your store anymore in life. I will also tell everybody I know to stop and don’t shop at this store. I will also let social media know how this person act in this store. this was not the first time they was selling old dough pizza, that’s why I asked him this time. paying almost 20.00 for a pizza with old dough Is not good. this is not the first time this person has been rude like this. but this was enough. the store is PAPA MURPHY’S 2724 OLD SHELL ROAD STE F, MOBILE, AL 36607. THIS IS A RACIST STORE WITH RACIST PEOPLE WORKING IN IT. PEOPLE OF COLOR PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS STORE.. THE YOUNG MAN IS VERY RACIST.

  • Heather Murphy says:

    I ordered 3 pizza’s large all meat a cyo and a cowboy on 10.99 Tuesday tonight 7/26 they were supposed to make me regular crust and I got thin. The manager argued with me about what I ordered and got. I told Alex at the Sun Prairie Wi store on McCoy road that the store gave me the wrong thing. Told her I wanted to be compensated because I don’t live in SP that I live in another town 20 min. away. I.was not coming back to the store. I did get mad and cussed by that time and hung up but she said to contact corporate, so I am.

  • Max Francis says:

    Everytime I order in advance at the Millpond Village store, my order is NEVER prepared in advance. Today I ordered around 2pm and I asked for the pizza to be ready at 4:30pm. When I arrived to pick up my pizza, it was not prepared

  • Scott says:

    We will not be purchasing your pizza’s anymore. Household vote was unanimous Your pizza suck bigtime. You should have never changed the crust recipe, or gotten stingy on the ingredients. We used to eat pizza about once a week. But it’s been growing less and less often, so maybe you will not miss our business. The last one was the last straw. We will not be back.

  • Daniel Turnbow says:

    Came into your Concorde location last night. I ordered 2 delete pizzas. Only to get home to realize they were not and then they were closed. 35 dollar’s wasted and they had wrong tippings as well

  • Molly says:

    I’m bringing these issues to your attention in hopes that something can be done about the store manager at the Lynnwood location on Hwy 99 in Washington State. She creates a hostile work environment with screaming/fighting wars with her significant other at the work place. These fights with her boyfriend/co-manager are very unprofessional in the work place. Making employees uncomfortable. Her word choice when talking about African Americans is completely unacceptable. The N-word should never be used. I’m blown away this person is a store manager and represents the Papa Murphy’s company. I hope this store manager will not retaliate against anyone who works under her for these issues being addressed. Everyone at that location should be treated with respect.

    • Brian says:

      Seems to be a trend in Washington. At the silverlake location in Everett, I have had so many problems with the kids there getting mad about having to make the pizza I order. I’ve spoken to the regional manager 3 times. It’s incredible to me that nobody does anything about the terrible service at these location.

  • Deborah Facio says:

    I received a special up to 16.00 for my birthday pizza so I placed an order for up to the amount allotted and when I picked it up I had to pay 1.50 extra once it was rung up !! And they said it’s a corporate problem they couldn’t fix the $ this was at the Oakhurst Ca store

  • Courtney Niemann says:

    Wow! Unbelievably terrible service at your Alexandria, MN location. The last 3 times I have been in there I was told I could use my rewards on my next visit, when I questioned it they just say well it will be next time. Staff is very rude. Music so loud you need to yell to place your order. Staff have their asses hanging out I don’t need to see your underwear. Place is filthy.

  • Robert says:

    I get your two topping 6.99 coupons and I try to use them at your stores and they say it has to be done over the app only,but it doesn’t say that on the coupons.I try to use the app and it does not work on the app or I’m just having trouble with the app. It does not really matter anyway because the coupon has nothing on there that says I have to use the app to use the coupon. It’s a shame because I really like your pizza but at this point I’m just done I know it’s not going to affect your bottom line it’s just too bad that I’m tired of getting coupons I can’t use or they won’t let me. Thanks Robert Younger

  • Christina Lynch-helton says:

    The employees at the papa Murphy in McMinnville Oregon was extremely rude. We got there no sign saying they were closed so we walked in and they told us they were closed at 8 pm. On a Friday. My husband said to them since when do u close at 8 and they yelled at us as we were walking out and then started laughing.

  • Gina L says:

    We need taco pizza!! Year round or at least when you would normally have it!!

  • Joan Daniels says:

    On today, May 6, 2022, at 6:43 pm I entered the Papa Murphy’s located at 6688 Nolensville Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027. One of the representatives there asked me if I had pre-ordered. When I replied “No” he immediately informed me that he couldn’t take my order. I asked why and he replied that the store was about to close (the store closes at 7:00 pm – I checked before traveling to this location) and they were not taking any more orders. I was appalled and confused. I had driven approximately 15 minutes to this location because there is no Papa Murphy’s in my immediate area. He was not the least bit apologetic and appeared rude and inconvenienced. It was disappointing being treated this way. I will never go back to this location again.

  • George says:

    I signed into my account and attempted to order a Family sized Taco Grande from the store in Cheyenne, WY, twice. I placed the pizza in my cart and when I selected the only store in Cheyenne on Pershing Blvd. the pizza in my cart which instantly deleted. I then tried to call the store (307) 634-7676 I was placed on hold and told I was number 2 in the cue. After 20 – 30 minutes I was told I was number 1 and after a few more minutes a recorded message told me to order on-line and terminated the call. That’s a helluva way to treat loyal customers and I still have no clue if the Taco Grande is available at that store.

  • Bob stewart says:

    I can’t believe that Papa Murphy’s took away the Cinco de Mayo Pizza when it’s only available one month out of every year and you all morons took it off the menu unbelievable

  • Harmony says:

    I am absolutely livid. My daughter went into the store ordered two pizzas one was correct the other one was not even close to what I ordered. I ordered a family size combo magnifico and ended up with a large cowboy pizza. Thank God for reciepts. We went to our usual local branch. I don’t know how many more times you’re gonna have to screw up my order before somebody does something about it. 🤬

  • Alicia says:

    Bring back the cheese wheel ! I will bye whatever your corporate office has

  • Michael Hirschmann says:

    I was in your wisconsin store on 76 and bluemound it was filthy. Food all over the counters and floor.Some of it obviously walked on and dried out. Will not be back to that store. Only one person working the counter while another was in and out of the back room.Never saying a word.

  • S keyes says:

    I have never been to this restaurant and on 4/6/22 I was in the parking lot and money was removed from card as if there was a scanner in the building. I cancelled the card. Then on 4/18/22 it happened again and this time the name of a suspected employees name preceeded papa murphys with the attempt to remove money and the person I was with had a transaction from the same place. Neither of us have ever been in this place. Manager was not available and then they quickly removed the payment and pretended to not know the employee. They are committing fraud and stealing information. I would very much like someone to speak with about these fraudulent transactions.

  • Mindi says:

    Why is there always problems at Glendale, WI location???? Now they are closed again. Very inconsistent hours and sevice

    • Daniel B. says:

      Agreed – it was really great between 2014-2018 I went every week. Great product! Then by end of 2018 all the staff left, then Covid and it’s never been staffed correctly since. I experienced very very inexperienced staff and super slow service, kids with no training. I stopped going but then recently found out it had closed down. Very sad.

  • Mary L. says:

    Papa Murphy’s needs to greatly improve on the quality of the people it hires as managers! Plus, these managers that are supposed to run locations need to have workers who can do the job they are hired to do without screwing up the orders or the cost of the pizzas. Three weeks ago, my husband called in an order for the $12.00 large special on Tuesday. When he went in to pick it up, he was told the pizza cost $19.00. He does not like confrontation, so he went ahead and paid for it and used the automatic machine to pay for it with a debit card but did not take a receipt. I did not find out about this until the pizza was baked and being served and I was livid. I was told without a receipt there was nothing they could do about the overcharge. This past week, he called in again for the $12.00 large special on Tuesday. This time, I went with him to pay for the pizza. They told me the price was $22.00 for the pizza. When I refused to pay that because we ordered the $12.00 Tuesday special large deal, only then did they said, Oh we made a mistake and did not take the discount off. I asked to talk to a manager and was told that there was no manager there, only 2 shift supervisors. There were only 3 employees in the whole store, all of which were young teenagers. What kind of good manager leaves 3 teenage girls to run a whole store location? A very NEGLIGENT one!!! I wanted to know when the “Manager” would be available and was told he would be working on Friday from 2-6PM. So I went back to the store to complain to him. Instead of listening to my complaint, and treating me like the paying customer I am, he started lecturing me on how I should talk to his teenage employees without correcting them when they make a mistake and hurting their feelings. Baloney! If they are hired to do the job, they need to do it correctly. And if he is the manager, he needs to BE THERE to manage. Just because he manages two locations, does not give him an excuse to be rude to a paying customer at one of his stores. HE needs better customer relations training immediately. I’ve called and left a message for someone to call with the corporate office phone, so I’ll see if they care enough to call me back about my complaint. I’m not holding my breath for the phone call.

  • Kaiden says:

    I have a pizza apology card, I’m at the beach in seaside (store – 507 S Roosevelt Dr suit 7, seaside Oregon 97138 ).. wanting to enjoy my favorite pizza with my coupon. Last night I went & there was two people working, one of the workers had to call her manager to ask if they can use it, after a long wait they told us no! This morning i called & asked to talk to the manager and he also told me no ! I think this is very disrespectful & not costumer service like at all ! I hope they can make things easier and not be so rude , thank you !

  • Lisa says:

    Horrible customer service. I paid for a pizza that I never received and I am frustrated. I would appreciate someone contact me regarding this matter. Thank you

  • Kristin says:

    Love how you guys hire pedophiles in casper to run your store. That work with children.

    • lisa says:

      Kristin are you an employee that works at this location? and have you gotten a response back from Papa Murphy’s?

  • Lyla Berend says:

    I frequent Papa Murphy’s a couple times or more a month. At my last visit I was told at I would would be eligible for my slice reward. Today I was told I would be eligible after 3 more visits. This has happened on other occasions. I am a my slice member but for some reason it doesn’t show up on my receipt so I am unable to monitor what is going on. Please advise. Lyla Berend 218-298-1956

  • Alberta Cellini says:

    Extremely dissatisfied! I’ve been a loyal customer for years. I’ve been a manager at Shakeys, Round Table and Bella Roma. I know my pizza. I’m a retired senior with disabilities. I’ve given accommodations to the employees that bust their butt’s at the Anderson CA location! However, being on a fixed income I’ve had to limit my spending for food and everything. I shop at Safeway and had a $10 coupon for a 3 topping. I came home noticed crust was thin, checked cooking instructions, said 12 to 18 minutes. Well it was burnt at 15 minutes. Had to throw it out 😥 Being it’s a Tuesday, taking advantage of the specials,and I really wanted pizza I ordered the $12.99[ Lg. That crust is also thin, but at least I know now to watch it .
    Bottom line is I’m paying $22.99 for a Lg pizza. I could of went to Round Table if I wanted to spend that kind of money. Not to mention my time, gas an inconvenience. I don’t complain and I’m grateful that there’s people that are manning these stores. At the same time as a paying customer, I deserve better. I’m an Italian and I know how to make my own pizza. I will think twice before I purchase a pizza from Papa Murphy’s again. And I hope you look into the short comings of your establishment. I will be following up with a phone call to corporate. I have my receipts and pictures of pizzas. I hope this can be used as a training tool to always strive for greatness. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Judy Thompson says:

    For some reason our Papa Murphy’s closed, and there is not one near us. Is it possible to order frozen pizzas from the company?

  • Lois Mccormick says:

    Why are you closing all the Papa Murphy The Fort Worth midcities? I was so excited when one opened in Bedford Tx. The one in Colleyville closed at least a year earlier. The closes one I know of is at least 10 miles each way. I was told it was a company owned store. Can’t you open one in the mid cities? You never advertise it. I think more people would have used it.

  • Bruce says:

    Idaho Falls Broadway store I ordered white garlic sauce, extra sausage, extra cheese. I didn’t get any of those. I called and was not offered anything. Is there any recourse. I paid extra $ for it. Thanks

  • Janie Riley Marshall says:

    My name is Janie Riley Marshall , some body has been using my cash app card ending in 0178 and its not me. Please give. a.call at this number
    504-419-4837 I live in Buras Louisiana

  • Sherry Pencek -Johnson says:

    I purchased a pizza chicken and paid extra for artichokes before it was made I also, included a tip. While waiting the female employee states they didn’t have chicken I agreed to pepperoni and asked if they had artichokes she said yes. When she brought it to me wrapped I asked if there were artichokes on it she said no. It looked like half toppings no sauce I said I want a refund forget the pizza. Some guy came to register and could not return my monies on my debit card and gave me $18.50 cash back. I mentioned the tip was $1.85 so he should return the full amount $20.35. He said corporate keeps tips and divides it with workers. I also noticed only two out of the five employees were wearing masks. These employees are a disgrace to food handlers and I am offended with their lack of concern to patrons. It’s PApa Murphy’s at 3071 Alamo Dr Vacaville Ca 707 451-8000 phone I want my tip refunded I don’t believe in rewarding bad behavior .01/21/2022 @17:56 Auth code 561861. I have my receipt. I would appreciate assistance in this matter. I have posted my complaint on survey as well.

  • J says:

    I went to Papa Murphy’s in Glendale which is usually a nice place to go, since we have been going there for YEARS but they are under new management. Today, I went upon them opening and the clerk there was very rude and nasty to the customer before me, saying that they do not honor the stamped coupons anymore. After dealing with her, the lady proceeded to go into the parking lot and call corporate. I was next. I ordered my food, and when I asked for extra cheese (which there are two, one is extra money, one is not)- the one that is free, the lady got real nasty with me and my guest and said “I don’t want you back here” and I was a paying customer! I proceeded to grab my food from the end of the counter to leave, and the lady tried to stop me. We exchanged words, but I left, and the lady was still being mean and nasty. She needs to be fired if she is going to be rude, especially when her work shift has just began. Not going back there anymore.

  • Kathy Fedor says:

    I need an immediate response from corporate headquarters. I need a refund for a pizza I never received. My phone messages and emails are being ignored. I am tired of waiting and will contact my bank in morning and request a chargeback. Horrible customer service!

    • Hubert Smedley says:

      Sounds about right. All these independents don’t really care. Customer service varies but they all do it under the umbrella of the Papa Murphy’s name, yet the corporate is never available and doesn’t respond on social media. Heck, it looks like they haven’t even read my message from this morning. Who is monitoring this stuff anyway?

    • S keyes says:

      This happened to me and I have never made a purchase. I cx my card and as I was in the strip mall parking lot somehow they scanned my new card and tried to remove money a second time. I filed a police report and intend to file another.

  • Brian L Sullivan says:

    Ordered pizza today and paid for it on the website. Went to pick it up and no one was even at the site. Closed and took our money. Cost$$ Gas ,TIME and still hungry. Don’t go there. 815 Southwest 119th street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. CROOKS

  • Nicollette Brown says:

    One of the franchises in Henderson , NV is refusing to pay my daughter according to labor laws!! She quit after she was exposed to Covid and was quarantining because they told her it would be abandonment if she didn’t come in before testing! She’s unvaccinated and following CDC guidelines! We have tried reaching out to franchise owner about her days they still owe her for just for them to say they don’t care!

    • Ken Skaggs says:

      I have a teenager working for this company as well. The store manager a joke. They don’t care about there employees all they care about is food cost. They store manager sits out in her car off the clock harassing employees about ingredients. No one wears a mask only my kid

  • Chris Brown says:

    I work in law enforcement and stopped by your Vacaville, CA store on the corner of NutTree Road and Alamo Drive after my shift was over. I attempted to download your app to order online but the download was extremely long so I entered the store to order in person. The employees making the pizzas (four) had their masks around their chins and not covering their noses. The store contained six customers. I bought a $20 pizza and noticed the employees in the back area making the ingredients and moving materials were not wearing masks over their noses either and two had no masks at all. I asked to have my pizza made by employees wearing masks, explaining I just got the county guidance and Solano County requires both employees and customers to wear masks. I was asked if I was The Mask Police? They stared at my utility belt and began to make jokes. Two employees covered their noses. I asked to speak with the manager. He came out reluctantly from the back after some urging from the young pizza makers—no mask at all. I explained that the area was experiencing a CoVid surge, they the city of Vacaville was moving to a new service model of telework and appointment based customer service and the local prison had just gone into lockdown out of an abundance of caution as CoVid cases were spiking. He just smiled broadly. I asked him if he would put on a mask to prepare food and direct his employees to comply as well? He just continued to smile at me. I asked him if he could hear me. He nodded. I confirmed he was the manager. He nodded. I stated I did not want to call code compliance and the health inspector but I would if the store continued to make food for the public with employees unmasked. He shrugged and went in the back. I called the city and reported your store. I then requested a refund and was initially told no because my pizza was almost ready. I said I was not eating a pizza from the store in those conditions and demanded a refund. My cash was returned with much heckling. The customer service was as bad as I have ever experienced and I have lived in Vacaville 30 years, buying pizzas at this location since the first day the store opened. I will not be eating there again until the employees follow legal guidances of food handling safety. Code compliance will be visiting your store soon: the receipt indicates #137. The employee who returned my money was assistant manager Josiah. I would like to be contacted regarding this matter.
    Chris Brown

  • Cliff Morrison says:

    Someone on your management team needs to investigate the Brentwood, Tn store on Moore’s Lane. We are a big fan of the thin crust pizza, but the facility appears to be closed when we order.

  • Shawn says:

    Why doesn’t the managers contact people that have complaints?

  • Deandra Medina says:

    I am a former employee at papa Murphy’s. I’ve worked there for almost 6 years and now I have been wrongfully fired. I have not received my last paycheck and the law states that I should be given my paycheck within 24hours after being fired…. It has been over 2 days and I’m not sure what to do or who to get in contact with to get my paycheck. I don’t have a corporate number to call or HR number to explain why I was fired in an inappropriate manner. I just want my check. Please help

    • Marie Tilley says:

      Hi Swansea I’m currently going through a possible harassment investigation with so called area manager and instead of investigating the matter they terminated me ….I was a manager aswell…..it’s highly illegal to do that and I was just wondering if you had found any h.r numbers ???

  • cking says:

    This review was now posted on YELP.

  • cking says:

    Nice that the employees of your store, when asked about your on line ordering being screwed up and not taking your survey code coupon, states: They know its screwed up but they are making so much money, they don’t care about fixing those problems. So in other words, Papa Murphy’s is stating to its customers – F O. Nice that your employees speak the truth about you operations. SO, since your making fist loads of money, BOYCOTT PAPA MURPHY’S AND PUT A HURT ON THEIR FIST LOADS OF MONEY. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT – ORDER FROM THEIR COMPETITION AND OTHER PIZZA PLACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Shelley says:

    I would like to know why a owner in Meridian Idaho. Laura Ross promises one thing and does another. I was told 13 per hour . When I asked to discuss wages I was ignored. I called the number on paycheck to ask about the financial stability of the business. Oh yea that brought out the many most hateful antics I have ever seen. She threatened me with the fact that her husband felt he needed to drive to my personal home. She also yelled at me because I did not return his call to me. (I had put down the phone and just went outside.) She insisted on an explanation. I told her that I was interested in a franchise in Melba. She started yelling about her 160 thousand dollars being taken to pay. My hours were then cut. She would show up make it a point to speak to all but me then leave. I only wanted my hours and my promised wages. Please if it is not to much trouble I would like to speak to someone about the practices going on. Changed dates on product. ETC.

  • R. Peters says:

    Great pizza. Horrible website, bar none.

  • Susan says:

    The manager at papa murphys in willmar mn his name is john. Is rude and he is rude to me and his customers he said dont call therr again

  • Michael says:

    Tried to purchase a pizza at
    minehaha and Andersen location

    Rude employee was unable to or tried to steal money out of giving change

    I gave her $100 for $11 pizza and she gave back $78

    Stealing in not a good practice

    As thieves or stupidity angers me

    She replied if you are not nice I am not giving you back your money

    I called for manager next day
    I must have got the same thief

    She said don’t shop papa Murphy.


    I hope you find better crew to work in your stores

    You can’t overcome stupidity with low prices.

    Good luck

    Costco has better pizza
    Costco gas better prices
    Costco has respectful employees
    Costco does not hire stupid thieves

  • Tammy Powell says:

    The last 4 pizzas that I bought, I have been not happy with. The crust is sticking to the pan and it rips the crust up and is hard to eat. Not sure whats wrong,but I’m disappointed with it. I have been buying papa Murphy’s for a long time. But not sure if I will continue to do so.

    So sorry
    Tammy Powell

    • Mike Gardner says:

      Same here…I’ll bet they are using old dough for their crusts. Subway sometimes does this and the buns can be rock hard. I wish I knew who to complain to that would care.

  • Queen Barney says:

    Hello I my name is Queen Barney. I started working at the Oregon City franchise on 10/11/2021. I have not received a pay check nor a deposit of monies earned. I was under the impression that this position would be a 30 hours per week, but infact my work hours have been cut down to 3 hours 1 day a week. I spoke with the hiring manager on 10/29/2021 regarding more hours, but he refuses to accommodate hours by saying, ” I need to work faster.” In order to get more hours. I am currently 5 months pregnant and am in need of financial support by working. I don’t feel welcome at this location and being the fact that I am the only African American person he has made me feel unappreciated. I need understanding why I am being treated so unfair. My phone number is 503-753-6983. Please help me with this

  • James says:

    Why is it that online get special deals and the people who go to store to order get discriminated for not ordering online

  • Sara M. says:

    I just had a terrible experience with the Papa Murphy’s in Rogers, MN. I ordered at 9:30am online with a pickup time scheduled for 4:45pm so that we could have pizza before trick or treat. At 4:40pm, I received a call from the girl working saying that they are “running low” on product and cannot complete our order. We will apparently be credited back by her brother at a later time….Let me start with saying That is unacceptable. I ordered online purposely so that I wouldn’t have to wait in line and I wouldn’t have to worry about product not being available. My order was for 2 pizzas so really not an order that should bring you down as a business….
    I was told I’d be credited back…which has yet to happen. But I’m most disappointed that our yearly tradition of Papa Murphy’s before trick or treat is ruined and left with no time to remedy it. I won’t be going back. That store had lost my business.

  • Kris C. says:

    Dear Grants Pass Papa Murphy’s,

    Over several visits to your store in the last 4-5 weeks, I noticed customers not wearing masks. It is my understanding that that is something required by the state, along with a prominent sign near the entrance stating just that. When asked about it on different visits, either an employee or manager that I talked to said that they don’t enforce it anymore, since some customers yelled at them.

    As a resident of Grants Pass, I feel that the safety of your customers and your employees should be your number one priority while we are battling Covid. Seeing unmasked customers standing 3-5 feet from your employees when they order, or near the food prep area as the pizzas are being made, doesn’t seem like it is a priority. Businesses like yours are in a position to establish a standard of behavior and expectations from your customers.

    With that being said, I urge you start requiring customers to wear masks in your store. The health of your employees and customers, the local healthcare systems, and community of Grants Pass is too important to let this go.

    I am a once a week customer over the last several years, but I am not prepared to visit again until things change–I will just switch to Thai food or find another pizza place to eat at.


    Kris C.
    Grants Pass, Oregon

  • karley samson says:

    The manager at the ricelake store is super rude to customers and his employees. I went in today (10/20/21) to get a pizza and heard him yelling at an employee and swearing. He came up to the counter to help me and pretty much told me to f off.

  • Kalee Weaver says:

    Papa Murphy’s in Goodyear Arizona is discriminatory in their hiring practices. Wouldn’t hire my 19 year old son who has Autism. He is high functioning, kind, and loyal. Going to put this information on as many websites as humanly possible. Disgusting, will never be a customer there again. Will let as many differently abled people know as well!!

  • Glenn in Alaska says:

    Papa Murphy’s online ordering is not allowing the discount that was emailed to me.
    (GAME25) should be 25% off order.
    However, on a $55.00 order, it is only allowing $5.50 off. (10%)
    I attempted to contact Corporate Headquarters and left a voice mail with my phone number.
    I’ve been trying for an hour now to rectify this.
    Store personnel are unwilling to negotiate on this online order situation.

  • John says:

    Just used review with NEW offer. Not at all suited to older adults. Minimum purchase too high and we enjoy our cookie dough bonus. You seem to be driving older adults away. Consider who made you successful.

  • Gale says:

    Why is the papa Murphy’s in mountain home ar closed temporarily?

  • Ralph v becktold says:

    I need someone from corporate to call me they need to take some action with the store at 1212 grand may never go back again

  • Melissa says:

    Why aren’t your employees wearing mask during this COVID-19/ Delta Variant pandemic? Will not do business if masks are not mandatory!!!! And will inform all friends, neighbors etc.!!!

  • Mitchell Betty says:

    You’re a Papa Murphy’s store in Texarkana Texas is doing a terrible business. Last Friday we had to wait two hours to get our pizza. What is the same this Friday so I went to Domino’s please help we love papa Murphy’s

  • Linda Hobbs says:

    I have ordered and paid for my pizza online for years. Recently, the online service is confusing when trying to schedule a time for pickup. The site says the time at Papa Murphy’s Auburn CA is one hour ahead. So if I schedule to pick up at 5:30, my order says pick up at 5:30 ( 6:30 at the store ). What the hell???? I have to call in my order and the store has no idea why the website says that. Can you help and please explain this? It used to be easy to order, but not now. Very weird.

  • Barbara Atkinson says:

    Quite a few of us here in the office used to go to the Hueytown AL location, but I believe Friday was the last day. Many of us have talked about it and believe that the only person in that place, that is nice, is the manager. When you call there, they’re rude. When you go in, they’re rude. Even when you try hard to be super nice. It’s the only place that any of us go to that actually show racism. I, my manager and others have stood there waiting on our order for between 30-45 minutes, and had already ordered. While those of other color were directed around us and taken care of. I know that I and my manager went in at different times and were that last ones in the place before our order was started. Good bye Hueytown location! I’ll go out of my way, and so will others in this office, to go to a different one. We love the product, But won’t and don’t have to put up with being treated badly.

  • Karl Crotty says:

    I’ve been eating and loveing your pizzas, weekly since your beginings. Yesterday I went to order a pizza, and some young man told me I had to where a mask. I told him I had a medical exemption. He smuggly said ” yea shure, I’ll take your order outside” He followed me outside and continued to be rude! So I will no longer be a loyal customer.

  • Arlene Barter says:

    Last week we called to order a Taco Grande Pizza from the Mount Vernon WA location. To our dismay, dissatisfaction and disappointment we were told that The Corporate office and all owners decided not to carry that pizza this year. Very unhappy. We would buy several and freeze some to enjoy at a later date since its usually only carried around Cinco d’Mayo. Bring back the Taco Grande PLEASE????

  • John says:

    I will never buy another pizza and will blog about the pizza that I got I tried to fix the problem with the manager and he told me that he would give me 50 percent off next pizza and then would not honor the deal. Here is a picture were is the cheese??? I have a picture of the pizza.

  • Rod says:

    We had, and enjoyed three Papa Murphy’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Portage, Michigan, now there are none! We miss your product and hope another will open soon! What happened to them?

  • Terry Sherrod says:

    I wish you would build a store in Springfield Tn.

  • Megan says:

    SO sad to see it closed in Marin County, and seemingly with no notice. When I moved here 30 years ago, there were 3 locations and now none. Please open another store.

  • Valerie says:

    So sorry to see Papa Murphy’s closed the store in Greenbrae, CA at the Bon Air Center! Please open another location in Zip Code 94901. Signed, your loyal Central Marin County Customers!

  • Janet says:

    Live in 89521 at South Virgina lovation. Ordered many pizzas, but seems to be new horrible new management! Ordered a pizza today that shredded in my oven. Management suggested that if I dig out of my garbage they will replace! Shameful, this long lasting establishment has hired those that don’t care about the customer! Would not provide Franchise Owners name or contact! They need to know quality of employees at all time low!!

  • Dr. Jay Jeffers says:

    We have been patronizing Papa Murphy’s facility in Sparks, Nevada #NV017 two or three times a week for several years. Especially on Monday night for Monday night football with friends.

    I was extremely disappointed with our Family Size Pizza where we ordered half combo and have BBQ chicken only to discover there was no sausage on the combo and no chicken on the BBQ chicken. When I called and complained they had no explanation why there was no sausage on the combo and said they ran out of chicken. So…I paid $18.00 for a Family Size Pizza where two of the main ingredients are left out.

    Very disappointed and may be looking for another option for purchasing pizza.

  • >