Where is Papa Johns Corporate office Headquarters

Papa Johns Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2002 Papa Johns Blvd, Louisville, KY 40299, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 25,000

  • Established: 1984

  • Founder: John Schnatter

  • Key People: John Schnatter (Chairman)

Papa Johns Headquarters Location & Directions

Papa Johns Headquarters Executive Team



Robert M. Lynch

President & CEO

Joseph H. Smith IV

Senior VP & CFO

Max Wetzel


Jim Norberg


About Papa Johns, History and Headquarters Information

Papa Johns was founded in the year 1984. The company has been active for almost 34 years now. The founder of the company was John Schnatter. The company was started with an investment of just $1600. In the year 1993, the company was transformed into a limited public entity. By the year 1997, the company had 1500 stores under its name. PMQ Pizza Magazine said in the year 2016 that the company was the third-largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the USA. Papa John’s has over 5,199 establishments – of which 4,456 franchised restaurants operating domestically in all 50 states of the USA and in 44 countries and territories as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 2002 Papa Johns Blvd. The name of the place is Louisville, while the name of the state is Kentucky, USA. The pin code is 40299.

Papa Johns is an American company that focuses on the production and selling of various kinds of pizza, to its customers all over the USA. The current CEO of the company is Steve Ritchie. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 20,700. As of the year 2018, the company has its presence across 5300 locations in the USA. Also, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $1.7 million.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of pizza that are produced by the company’s restaurants. The restaurants also sell other types of fast food dishes and recipes as well.

Papa Johns Headquarters Photos

  • Fredrick Lawrence says:

    Hello my name is Fredrick Lawrence, From Cobourg Ontario Canada how are you?

    I have a problem as a concerned parent.

    You need to get after one of your stores at 513 Division St, Cobourg, Ontario Canada, K9A 5G6.

    My son currently works there and has been there for over a year now. Just recently the store has taken over by new management and according to all the employees working at this store working with the new owners are very bad.

    The big problem is that they are not getting there pay on time, and in some cases a week or 2 late. This is completely unacceptable and this has been going on ever since the new owner took over and I’m tired of it. I hope by telling you this that you’ll do the right thing and get a hold of these people and make it right. If you don’t I will take legal action starting with the Ministry of Labor. Thanks!
    You sent
    I know a lot of the employees there and they are all good kids and they work hard, the least they expect is a thankyou for the hard work they do and for gosh sakes get paid on time for there work!


  • Barvetta says:

    They did not deliver my food now they are not giving me my money back

  • Sheila Beachy says:

    In Danville illinois the delivery drivers need to deliver Google an address..I waited an hour an 1/2 for a pizza I NEVER got..I am pissed.

  • James Oflynn says:

    How many times must we see your annoying commercials with Shage. And you want us to purchase pizzas, give us a brake.

  • Robert. McCroskey says:

    Had papa bowl was awful. Store refused to give refund.

  • Daniel Groff says:


    My family normally give me Pappa John Gift Cards for birthdays, etc.
    I normally have unused change on my card.
    I suggest that Pappa John’s add a link to the Gift Card balance screen allowing users to donate remaining change to a charity.

    A successful example of this is Boomtown Casinos. When a player has change on a cash-out ticket, there are drop boxes around the Casino to deposit the tickets for the Boomtown Casino charities. They donate literally thousands of dollars every year, accumulated from player’s donated change.
    Please consider this. Otherwise, thousands of dollars are left in limbo…including mine.


    Daniel H Groff
    U S Navy, Retired

  • JoAnna says:

    I was charged twice for pizza and papadilla and soda that never came and was canceled by papa john’s why haven’t I gotten my money back yet? This is unreal! And now we are going to into a holiday week how much longer? When I called corporate they hung up on me! What a joke!

  • Chris leininger says:

    So your southside drive store has put me on a do not return delivery list for a driver error who dropped the pizza off at the wrong house I never received it you can please help me out with this situation I try to order pizza today and they will not deliver

  • xavier martinez says:

    is your streat actually papa joh’s blvd

  • Guest says:

    In Tuscaloosa al there is a store on Hackberry lane.About a month ago i was in there picking up my feed and the head manager i think they told it was the GM was on the phone having a cuss fight with someone where everyone in the store could hear. She was just showing out. Whoever owes that store should be doing something about her. Bc the other employee looked so Embarrassed. That is not the way a store should be run.

  • Harrison says:

    Would like for your company to bring back the cheese burger pizza

  • Terrance Randolph says:

    Good evening my name is Terrence Randolph 4744 South LA Burnham Avenue Richmond Virginia Store #1241 I ordered a pizza garlic knots and 2 of your bowls your delivery driver said they came to my home no one came to my home someone called my home but the number was unregistered so we didn’t answer the phone we called the store I asked for the manager the manager got on the phone said I was rude and got nasty with me I asked for her name she said no and hung up the phone I don’t know who is working the night September the 17th around 7 o’clock 630 She said that I was rude but that’s a defense mechanism of someone who has made a mistake and is trying to cover up for their mistake this isn’t the 1st time someone has had issues with this location I don’t know what is going on with your management staff or your training staff but that is very unprofessional for them not to give me my deliver the pizza and to lie saying that they came to my home when we were sitting downstairs waiting I don’t know why the delivery driver If the driver came he didn’t knock on my door like he said he was doing doing or did we never received that pizza I’m sure I was charged for it it came to $37 some change but that’s neither here nor there I’m more concerned about the disrespect from your manager at this store and the delivery driver for lying saying he came to my door I paid for something that I never received and that isn’t the 1st time something like this has happened at this location or others I’m sure but that goes to show the management training at these locations my address is 511East Beal St Highland Springs VA 23075 I will be contacting someone other than your corporate office who can offer me some better service information on this situation thank you my email address is spragataz@hotmail.co

  • Yuzaydys Gomez says:

    I’m upset because we are not able to see how much time our delivery it’s going to take until you submit the order, the app gave me a ridiculous time of 62 to 72 minutes, I called the store and They were rude telling me that I don’t have anything to do just wait or cancel the order. I told them to change it to pick up instead and they said that they can’t, to do that I have to canceled and submit a new order also I have to wait2 to 3 businessdaysto get my money back. My kids are upset and I think this gonna be the last time with papa johns.

  • Jill Stump says:

    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

    No mx record found for domain=pizza.papajohns.com

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    I need an immediate call back regarding this failed order! We were told by the operations manager Alana, at this location that she was refunding our entire bill, that was nearly a month ago, and we have yet ro get our $91.04 refund!!! This service by Papa John’s was an absolute disgrace to your company! I have called and left messages with Katrina Rice, no call back, and left a message with Janet Maphis ( not sure of spelling) and guess what NO RETURN CALL! I emailed Papa John’s directly and no response!! It would take me and my lawyer absolutely NO time at all to RUIN Papa John’s where we are located! I need a call IMMEDIATELY at 540-599-6454, and if I do not hear from someone TODAY, I will file a fraudulent charge on our credit card, and then this will be when my Atty gets involved, and it will be a WHOLE LOT more than the $91.04, that we spent on food, that we did not get!!!
    Jill Stump

    Sent from the all new AOL app for Android

    We’re Sorry, Jill Stump

    At Papa Johns, we’re committed to making every part of your pizza experience better. We know your recent delivery (order #980250391) wasn’t up to our usual standards and we want to make it right. Use the link below to get a [remainder of message body omitted; too large]

    Show less

  • Shaun says:


  • Elisha Parana says:

    Trying to find the owner of the franchise in Yucca Valley Ca? Or a corporate phone number

  • Anthony Kroutil says:

    I know it’s hard being fully staff now days. you might need to change your app instead of saying 45-50 mins it might say unable to deliver or pick up only. I waited nearly two hours and had to call to find out my order was canceled because the third party had stole my pizza. I love you pizza more than your Competition but I will not be ordering from you all for a while.

  • Guest says:

    Who the hell do you have running your locations? They accused me of lying and tyring to get free wings when mine was delivered. I NEVER RECEIVED MY WINGS!!! I want them, i paid for them. This happened at location # 707 in Middle River MD. I called and they said they would send them back out, i waited 45 min before calling again and she said nope you received your wings we wont be sending anything out to you and you are lying! I proceded to tell her I wanted the product I paid for, asked to speak to the on duty manager. He proceded to tell me and accuse me of the same thing! who keeps employees around who accuse their customers who keep them in business and keeps them getting a paycheck who accuse their guests of lying!!?? I asked to speak to the general manager and he wouldnt give me his information until i said i would be right up there to speak to him in person. I will not allow this behavior, I will never eat with your locations again and i will make sure i tell everyone i know how shitty of service you guys train your employees to have! I will be calling the GM tomorrow and I really hope they fire Shannon. Hell I may even apply to work there just to have the opportunity to fire her. I have been a GM of a pizza hut before so it wont be hard to get in. Come on Papa Johns DO BETTER AND BE BETTER!!! It sucks because your the only pizza store that delivers in my area, but i will go elsewhere from now on. And now my husband did not get dinner becasue of your rude as customer service!!! I will never give your company another penny of my hard earned money..

  • Brandi Noel Thompson says:

    I have been emailing and calling ppl for 2 weeks now. No response



  • Laroy Stone says:

    When will you think about using quinoa in your pizzas? They are much healthier.

  • Kimberly Rifner says:

    Is the Linton Indiana closed completely or will it re-open.

  • Jamari says:

    Hi, this is an employee from your West Chester, PA store. I haven’t gotten paid my paycheck yet because when I deposited it into my account there wasn’t an authorized signature on the front of the check. I tried to speak to a manager about it and he hasn’t answered my texts. I’m in need of this money I am missing so please get back to me.

  • Danny DieHard says:

    Oh th reason why I actually came to this site is to see if yall can get the live oak fl location on point with the delivery service , only store I have seen that doesn’t deliver is this one the one in the town I moved in to, im not allowed to drive so I need them to deliver , and not door dash , cause then I’m paying extra for a service that your company does , thank you

  • Danny DieHard says:


  • Liya T says:

    Our family had been buying Papa John’s pizza for years. However, we will boycott your pizza if you won’t close your facilities in Russia. We strongly oppose your decision to stay and support the aggressor that is shedding blood of innocent people in Ukraine. Your insensitivity to the issue is staggering! We are warning our relatives, friends, our church, and neighbors to boycott your product as well. I know that many people in other cities of the USA are doing the same. We hope that you will awaken and do the right thing and love of people and freedom will overcome the love of money in your corporation.

    • Danny DieHard says:

      Everybody ha to eat , trust me plenty of costumers will still eat the pizza even yall boycott draw up picket signs , it won’t stop it , that’s like trying to boycott McDonald’s Wal-Mart lol , better luck boycotting the frozen pizza company than the 3rd largest pizza restaurant in th USA 😁

  • Jose says:

    Saludos, esta es su peor localidad siempre tengo problemas con todo acabo de llamar después de dejarme 10 min esperando me toman la orden, y luego me dicen que no hay delivery por falta de personal y que no entregan a ext marisol cuando el delivery ha venido mil veces aquí. La supervisión es horrible y siempre tienen un vaciló inmenso especialmente el gordito alto que esta alli ese es el peor es sumamente robotico he insensible.

    Por si mas detalles
    Jose Alexis

  • Catherine L. says:

    Please close your Russian businesses until the war in Ukraine is over. This does not help the cause of Democracy for you to remain open. I will not eat your pizza here while you support Russia’s autocracy. Close now.

  • Justice for Ukraine Christpher Wynne. says:

    Christopher Wynne

  • Crystal Zoller says:

    I have had a huge problem with ordering pizza with several locations in Louisville, Kentucky

  • Jeff says:

    Why doesn’t your company pull out of Russia along with many other major corporations? I will no longer be patronizing or eating your products. Your pizzas are not that good anyways but work in a pinch. Maybe Russia is the only place that thinks it is. I have and will continue to pass this along to as many people as I can. Past customer.

  • Sandra says:

    Stop your business in Russia

  • Galina says:

    Is your company still doing business with Russia?

  • Panayiotis Argyrides says:

    Do you People check what is going on with your pizza in Cyprus. The PRICE doubled and the taste has gone to shit. To night instead of sauce they put ketchup KETCHUP ketchup under the Cheese. WTF

  • Virginia says:

    Hello. I just want to make you aware that I ate the wings and I then was ill with food poisoning. I did alert doordash

  • Tammy Layne says:

    The last 2 times I ordered pizza from papa John’s in Clinton TN. To be delivered to my motel room have been horrible!!! I paid almost $30 each order for one pizza and couldn’t eat either one of them! I’m very disappointed!! I tried calling the restaurant to tell them both times but no one will ever answer the phone. If you can’t make this right for me then I will never order from your company again. For those expensive prices I expect to be able to eat the food but we couldn’t, the first pizza we got didn’t have our extra cheese and they threw the pepperoncini peppers in on the pizza with it’s liquid causing our pizza dough to be soggy and it was leaking through the bottom of the box! Our second pizza again no extra cheese , and it looked like they just put dried burnt mushrooms and pepperoni on it and threw the other toppings on in random spots , not everywhere just in spots, it was nasty. I’m so upset.


  • Robert Delaney says:

    We have been fans of papa John’s for years . The last 2 years we have been disappointed by several stores in our area. It’s almost like they forgot how to prepare a pizza . Calhoun Ga. , Cartersville Ga , and Chatsworth Ga. Not just one time several at all three . Almost to the point of not purchasing any more Papa John’s . The only store that seems to do well is Jasper Ga. Time for a tune up ?

  • Jessica says:

    My delivery order took 4.5 hour’s and I haven’t received as much as an apology. I’ve filled out 2 complaint forms with the link the live chat agent provided for me, long behold they say they have no record of it. Thank’s so much.

  • Danielle johnson says:

    I order from a location in Jacksonville Florida and I order often the last two times they have sent me unedible pizza undercooked and missing toppings. I call the and get no apologies and basically hung up on

    • Marie says:

      Hi Danielle, we are in Jacksonville too. In the past Papa John’s has always delivered their own pizzas. Last month it was delivered by Door Dash and we got room temperature food! Last week I called our local store and they said they we deliver but it might take longer, we said that was fine. We got hot fresh food in good time. I just now tried to order and wanted to be sure they would be the ones to deliver and guess what??? They now have people from ANOTHER COUNTRY TAKING THE CALLS!!! If I could order online and be sure it wasn’t Door Dash i would, but… guest they have lost longtime customers!!! We always tip well. So very sad!

  • Belvia White says:

    Hello on the 19th of this month I’ve been watching your advertisement for a few weeks before ordering your New York Pizza saltwater Pizza on the 19th and when they went to pick up the pizza I opened the box before I left the pizza was burnt so I took the pizza back into the store from my car and show the young lady that the pizza was burned she was upset at what I said of course and she looked at the pizza and she said well even if I cook you another one it’s going to come out the same way because of the sort around the pizza so I said go ahead and cook another one I’ll wait while you do it the young lady did she cooked me another Pizza exactly the same way she gave it to me or burnt the second one I took the pizza and and I left I got home I tried one slice of it then I took pictures to send to you to show you at the oven to this particular place is too high to cook a New York Pizza she is serving burnt pizza and she knows it so someone needs to inform her that she needs to adjust the temperature of the oven so she don’t burn up the stuff that she’s serving the customersI’ll see if I can download the pictures on here so you can see what I am talking about and please contact me after you get this message my number is 407-782-7378 my name is Mrs.Belvia White

  • Gary Ordille says:

    Your new program sucks l don’t want you guys to know my credit card number, I want to pay with cash

  • Ben says:

    The new or updated answering service is not worth my time. Due to it I’ve turned to Domino’s pizza. I use to really enjoy papa johns pizza. So whenever I order for myself or large groups, I go with Domino’s all the way. I also encourage those that work with me or for me to use Domino’s. Less time is wasted trying to complete an order for pickup or delivery.

  • Paul Whitright says:

    Had a bad services at papa John’s in Heath Ohio and they said go try another pizza place.

  • MaryFrances m Cornell says:

    Poorest customer service I have ever encountered. Made order by phone Dec 4, 2010 at 11am to pick up about 11:30. When I went to pick up order was told they had no order for me. They use a call service in the Phillipines. Called Monday December 6 to complain. Again I reached the Phillipines. Was told somewone would call me back. Still waiting it is Monday, December 13, 2021

  • Julie perez says:

    Your employees in Alvarado tx are rude and when I called the management he told me that they tried to call me which was a lie so he canceled our order and we have been getting our pizza there for the past few months but trust me I will be posting this on Facebook and anywhere else I can my name is Julie Perez

  • Ronald J Gundrum says:

    You change the name it doesn’t matter how you treat your customers is the key of winning customer’s.

  • Terry Bowers says:

    I Love Papa John’s Pizza. I used to order it all of the time when I was living in Houston, Texas. I have been stuck in the Philippines since the Covid-19 started. But I just saw this story about one of your drivers abusing a possible customer on the road and in public. Is this what they are trained for? I have a lot of friends that voted differently than I did over the years and I nor they ever got this way or act this way because we voted differenly. I have been voting ever since President Kenady in 1963. I am conservative but not for any particular party. Are you guys looking into this incident and are you going to counsel this person instead of firing him like a lot of people want? This driver will certainly cause you to lose business if this is not corrected. However, what you decide is up to you. Things are sure crazy there in the States and I wish you all good luck. Thanks for reading this. Please look at the story – https://noqreport.com/2021/10/24/breaking-video-trump-supporter-says-papa-johns-driver-tried-to-run-him-off-road/

  • Glenn says:

    I went in to pick up my pizza today from Papa John’s one person in five Wearing mask nobody is wearing a glove I don’t think I’m gonna buy Papa John’s pizzas until the pandemic is over because I want to be safe I don’t get the virus don’t know if these people are vaccinated I know the pizza gets cooked what about the person that cuts my pizza no mask no gloves and box is not sealed it’s like the pandemic is over surprise Arizona Papa John’s address where I live 13749 Litchfield Rd.Glenn Nagy

  • Peter Dunn says:

    Hi could you do an undercover boss at stoke on trent etruria branch they are seriously messing up and treating complaints like a joke. Not good for your buisness

  • Mike says:

    Your Lake Charles store is filthy and need cleaning on a large scale. I understand that pizza flour in used and there is dust all about, but this one is dirty.

  • Georgia Lafond says:

    I want my money back . I ordered a pizza at 8:42 on Friday August 13th it is now 11:58. The pizza was never delivered and I’ve called the store where I ordered it from and have been on the phone with her for 45 minutes trying to get my money back she wants to connect me to all these other phone numbers that no one answers even the manager does not answer at the Papa John’s pleasure ridge Park I want my money back

  • Carolyn A. Sparks says:

    We have been a Customer for years. Our recent order started poorly as you have outsourced your ordering and was extremely difficult to understand the person answering. Our pizza was totally unacceptable. As usual we ordered a thin crust veggie large. The crust was like a cracker with a brush of tomatoe sauce and very, very few veggies. The majority of this $20.00 pizza went in the trash! Rarely do we ever comment or complain regarding anything but this was such a disappointment we felt you needed to be aware of it. I would be happy to send a photo of the product we received.

  • Vincent says:

    All the napkins and cheese and plates didn’t get none of them and he tried to explain to me that y’all don’t give out napkins when y’all have pizza when y’all get off Pizza

  • Alan P Wilson says:

    We tried to online order for carry out which we have done 20-30 time with this store. Unfortunately the online was temporary unavailable . We called the store to put in our order at 11.07 pm. Website said it was taking carryout orders until 11:40. When after waiting on the phone for about 7 minutes a gentleman answered and said they werw to busy and MIGHT be able to squeeze us in if we called back at 11:40. J asked if i could put my order in then and he said no to call back. So i called back at 11:30 and got the mgr Alex. He said he could not take our order it was to late so i told him what his employee told me then he said ok but i can not give you the online price because he had no way of accessing that to be able to over ride the pricing. Which i thought was just a way to get us not to order. So as i am putting our order in half way thru he said our order was up to $36 for just 2 pizzas and i still had 2 more to go plus 2 cinnamon desserts. He then told me i would be looking at $80 which we order about the same thing everytime abd its always around $40. He said he would not discount the order. I dud nit want a discount just the standard online pricing. He said to try again on the online and hung up. So i trued the online only for it to still be down. Vy now it is 11:45 . When i tried to call back of course i got put on hold until the store closed at 12pm.
    Ive never had a problem from this store b4. To be honest i tell everyone how good that store is. I actually do jot live in the delivery area for this store we go out of our way yo drive there everytime because we like them that much. We oder from there at least 1 time a week and the company i work at orders from the often just because i told them how much better they are than thw other papa John’s in the area but after the treatment i got tonight i am not sure we will again .

    Also on a different note we had noticed that we had saved up around 30-40 papa rewards $ and they just disappeared about 3-4 weeks ago. It says they were spent in a store in Frankfort kentucky in a downtown store. We have never been to or know anyone in Kentucky. If possible we would like to know who actually spent our rewards because to us that is just like stealing money out of our account and we would like to press charges if possible.

    I do apologize for the extremely long message.. Thank you for your time and have a great memorial Day and.please be safe.
    Sincerely Alan Wilson

  • William Parker Sr says:

    Until Shaq can speak english I wont buy your pizza ! WTF is “Upic stuff Pizza ” ? It’s “EPIC” teach his ass how to talk , obviously his grade school didn’t !

  • Jake Harpela says:

    am a contractor, I was remodeling the business next door, went in & ordered a pizza, and returned next door to work while the pizza was being made. During one of my many trips to my work truck the Manager comes out with an attitude and tells me to move my work truck (which was legally parked in a parking space in front of the business I was working on, not in front of Papa John’s store front). He then proceeded to raise his voice when I tried to respond, but he would not let me speak. I eventually said that I make to many trips to the truck, but before I could finish, he began using profanity telling me that the parking lot was for his customers and told me what a jerk i was for parking there. I the said I am a customer of yours, I just paid for a pizza, and he again demanded I move my truck. Keep in mind this is a strip mall with an enormous parking lot that is 95% empty on a Sunday afternoon. So here I am, after paying for my pizza to which I gave an employee a very nice tip, shocked at how this man was treating me. I was fed up listening to his anger laden rudeness so went into the business I was working in, to which he attempted to follow me in as though he wanted to fight me, it wasn’t until he saw my crew of construction workers that he stopped and left. I sent an employee over to get a refund, and once again this manger of Papa Johns began yelling at him as well. It was ridiculous. I never did get my refund or the pizza.

  • debbie says:

    i have order from papa johns several times but
    this friday july 7 2020 i place an order at the
    papa johns #0416 at North Deshon Rd in
    st Mountain it was to worse i have ever see no one in the store had
    theren hair covered some had no mask and alot of talking laughing
    going on never ncared that i was in front of them.i advsd the young lady
    of the order i place she repeated it back and it was in correct , i corrected her
    she still gave me the incorrect order .
    got home and to my surprise like i thought there was hair on the pizza
    contacted them to speak to thee manager she advsd
    if i did like it to call corporate .
    i will never spend my money with this company again
    cause i guess it was a donation since i couldnt eat the order.
    someone need to see about this store the workers are very unprofessional.

  • L. Barbara Stafford says:

    Papa John’s lack of toppings is very disappointing. You can basically count the amount of pepperoni & mushrooms @ about a dozen of both toppings. There is absolutely no comparison to Pizza Hut’s toppings with the same toppings. After I complained the 1st time on one that had alfredo crust, which I couldn’t taste, never mind the lack of toppings & I was given another free in Mechanicsburg, PA, had no more toppings on it.

    Don’t plan to give it another chance as I gave it two. Very disappointing.

  • Jim Blumel says:

    There is a very good reason that Tucker Carlson has the number one cable program. Your decision to cancel advertising shows a lack of understanding and is a bad business decision. As much as I like Papa Johns pizza and as much as I like Shaq, I will not buy from Papa John again until you resume your ads on the Tucker Carlson show.. It pains me to do this but we have to stand up for what is right. Your corporate politically correct decision makers are going to ruin a once great business.

  • Patrick Vitori says:

    Your unit at 540 Willmington Pke Dayton Ohio 45420 just cost you a customer. I ordered an Shaqaroni pizza and got no pepperoni and no extra cheese. The order taker apparantly hit shaq crust instead of shaq pizza. Imagine my dissapointment and I was not happy. Therefore, I will not be ordering another Pappa Johns’ Pizaa.

  • Anthony Russo says:

    I have been ordering from Papa John’s for many years , This is the worst experience the pizza was not cut properly the crust was like card board I am so disappointed

  • Scott H. Adams says:

    I will never order pizza from your restaurant again I will never step foot in one ear restaurants again any time you can have a delivery car with a funk trunk sticker on it you don’t get my time and you definitely don’t get my money

  • Reisa Kannenberg says:

    I am so grateful for the absolutely amazing care, concern and just phenomenal service I think I have ever received. I had an issue with a gift card and just on a whim I emailed Linda Nuss in strategic sales. She emailed me back within 10 to 15 minutes and took it from there she made a hopeless situation not only great she just took care of everything. I was completely shocked and honestly she restored my faith in the fact that there are people that really want to and will help. Having her in the Papa John’s Organization is a huge bonus. She did not have to do everything she did at all she went far above and beyond and I will never forget it.

  • franz spies says:

    your contact page is set up so you do not receive many complaints since it is your company you are able to live in your dream world ,but having ordered one of your 2 for 1 from one of the Peterborough Ontario stores and having been delivered a soggy pie with all the onions and green peppers in the middle ,it will be a long time before I will attempt any of your products

  • John says:

    This company is full of rip-off artists. They charge you online then make the individual who picks up the pizza pay again and the WON’T GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!!! DO NOT do business with this joke of a company!

  • LOUISE CROFT says:

    I am writing with regards to my recent visit to your Papa John’s in Niagria Falls on 2.10.19. I stopped off here as we were going to the Canadian side of Niagria. I had a fantastic experience 4 years ago at your Daytona Beach shop, the pizza was just amazing, and has always stuck with my family and I, hence why when u saw there was one in Niagria I thought I’m having one! As your moto is, no matter what restaurant you visit, the pizza is always the same.
    Well this visit wasnt…
    For a start the girl behind the counter was busy on her phone, sat down, very dis interested in serving, let alone being welcoming, or any customer service what so ever. She only had life in her, when her friend came along and she gave her free pizza that had been sat there for 3 hours, but she did warn her that they has been there for 3 hours, as my husband heard her very clearly.
    At this point we nearly walked out, but thought no, I love the pizzas!
    Anyway we placed our order, and waited, and waited, and waited….put it this way, we nearly went to the counter and asked for a refund, and went elsewhere, but we were hungry. I also noticed there was no delicious smell of pizza cooking at all, which I thought was odd cause we were right next to the counter. Anyway it finally appeared, it was hot, however, (we ordered large pepperoni, normal base) the crust was dark brown and crispy, the pepperoni was as thin as could be, and when I tasted it, I didn’t think, wow, this is amazing, there was something missing, and half way through it , I realised, there wasn’t much tomato flavour, and cheese seemed somewhat cheap cheese, or plastic. It didn’t taste like cheese, or pepperoni, it was bland. Put it this way I couldn’t eat the last piece I picked off the pepperoni, and looked underneath, it looked like the cheapest pizza, possible, I wouldn’t have said in a million years it was apparently Papa John’s.
    I didn’t even bother complaining to the girl, due to her not being interested in the start of my visit, so thought what’s the point she wont do anything, so I didn’t complain at the time, I did take some pictures, etc of proof of the above.
    Please see attachments of proof.
    To make you aware I am from England, Leeds in West Yorkshire.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Very dissatisfied visitor to Niagria Falls restaurant.
    Louise – Leeds England

  • Ruby Banks says:

    Dear Papa Johns: Just want to let you know that your pizza staff, smoky hill store location, aurora, Colorado is making pizzas after handling cash. Allison took cash from a customer then proceeded to the counter and put her hands right into the pizza ingredients. I stated to her that she needed to wear gloves and/or wash her hands. I then noted that another staff member proceeded to use the same pizza that was contaminated, I then stated you need to throw that away since it was contaminated. I then noted that the staff member put the pizza back in the stack with the other dough. It was not thrown away as I had stated. Also, if any staff members put their hands into the ingredients with dirty hands, the bins need be thrown away as this is the leading causes of diseases. All ingredients should therefore be again refreshed. Please put cameras in all of your stores since staff members at your locations do not care about contamination or the fact that this can kill or hurt individuals. This is very very important. Thank you. I am afraid to eat at any of your establishments since this is not regulated or monitored.

    • john schnatter says:

      dear ruby the pizza oven temperature is 435 degrees. Following are proper temperatures for cooking foods to kill bacteria. Ground beef or pork should be cooked to 160 F (71.1 C).
      Steaks and roasts should reach at least 145 F .
      Pork should be cooked to at least 145 F .
      For chicken and turkey, cook to 165 F .
      Fish is usually cooked safely when it reaches 145 F .
      thus saying your claims invalid.

      • jm says:

        We can all see your an idiot by your lack of comprehension.

      • Dave says:

        Our governor has a mask policy for the Corvus virus and I picked up a pizza at store #2853 Newburgh, IN store on 7/28/20 @ 5:12 pm and was shocked to see a cook without a mask and no gloves preparing pizzas and dough….I took pictures and threw my pizza out, because I saw him cough and never covered his mouth and couldn’t use his hands because they were in dough. With this governor’s mandate stating you must wear masks and probably gloves if dealing directly with food. This virus is seriously dangerous and I expect a personal phone call to discuss before seeking legal counsel.
        Again the pictures tell the whole store here.


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