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  • Address: 600 Providence Hwy, Dedham, MA 02026, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 781-329-1946
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1961
  • Founder: Michael Valerio; Helen Valerio
  • Key People: Mark DeBlois, (CEO)

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About Papa Ginos, History and Headquarters Information

Papa Ginos was founded in the year 1961. The company has been active for almost 58 years now. The founder of the company was Michael Valerio. The former name of the company was Piece O' Pizza. In the year 1968, the name of the company was changed to the current one. In the year 1997, Papa Gino's had bought D'Angelo Sandwich Shops -which was another Massachusetts-based fast-food outlet, specializing in sandwiches, from its previous owner Yum Brands. Plans for expansion beyond New England were announced in the year 2005, with franchisees securing the rights to develop locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida, USA. Later onwards, executives of a holding company, Papa Gino's Holdings Corporation had bought out the company in a deal financed by Bunker Hill Capital Partners as well. In the year 2018, the company had filed for bankruptcy. Since the 1990s, the chain has entered a corporate sponsorship agreement with the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. The headquarters of the company is based in 600 Providence Hwy. The name of the place is Dedham, while the name of the state is Massachusetts, USA. The pin code is 02026.

Papa Ginos is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of American-style pizzas. The current CFO of the company is Corey Wendland. As of the year 2004, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $200 million. The company currently has its presence across 97 locations in the USA.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of pizzas, that are served by the restaurants of the company itself. The company’s restaurants also provide casual dining experience as well. The company specialises in American-style pizza along with pasta, subs, salads, and a variety of appetizers.

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  • Milo says:

    Await reply

  • Didi says:

    They discriminated against my younger sister because of her braids. She applied 2 months ago and they told her they had hours but then changed their mind because of her hair.

  • Mary L. Martin says:

    I ordered a small cheese pizza online for a 7:15 pm pickup. I arrived at the Grove Street, Braintree store at 7:15 pm and my pizza wasn’t even made yet. I asked for a refund but the store manager on duty didn’t know how to do a refund. He gave me the slip that printed out in the store. I do hope he figures out how to put a credit of $10.26 on my credit card. I figured because he messed up he’d give me the pizza for free. Extremely disappointed. By the way, the store wasn’t busy at all.

  • Linda Hurlburt says:

    I live in south Yarmouth ma your manager is a very unpleasant unprofessional person I have now had several run ins with her everyone else is so pleasant but because of her I will no longer buy my family food from that store the managers name is Belle and she argues with the customer and doesn’t give you a chance to speak or explain what she has obviously miss understood every time I go in there I get service from a young nice kid but she charges over hand on hip looking for problems

  • Curtis Havens says:

    My party of 6 just left Papa Gino’s in Webster Mass.
    We walked in, grabbed menus and were asked to sit and then come back to the counter after we had decided what we wanted to order….
    After a 10 mins of deciding what we wanted, we returned to the counter only to find out that our order would not be placed for an hour and 30 min’s….YOUR KIDDING ME RIGHT!!!!!! Because of the online orders, our orders would be delayed….SO WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THIS WHEN I WALKED IN THE DOOR?????
    I get they had many deliveries etc, but to push a sit down customer to the end of the line is downright ridiculous.
    What has happened to Papa Gino’s and their customer service? I’m very sad for you guys….you just lost 8 paying customers with very big mouths.

  • Keira says:

    This message is for corporate, pay your workers the salary they deserve… your company treats the long term year workers like shyt … do better , specifically your Quincy Massachusetts store.

  • K says:

    Papa Ginos in Milford, MA (cape road) is VERY unprofessional. The staff do not wear gloves while preparing your food (Joe especially and he seems to have psoriasis so thats even more disgusting), they treat their staff with the utmost disrespect, Alison (manager) is a grown woman who steals tips from the basket they put out when the store isn’t suppose to receive them anyways, the phone etiquette is disturbing, they treat customers who don’t speak english well VERY poorly, the food is never up to par.

  • Don says:

    Got a “Happy Birthday” email with an offer of a free small cheese pizza. The email worked to entice me to order pizza for the family online and go pick it up. But even though the website acknowledged me after I logged on and actually had that free birthday pizza as something I could select, when I did select it the website told me that selection was not valid for me.
    Who does that? I suddenly felt like Charlie Brown after Lucy pulled the football away at the pinnacle moment.
    I still placed the order because my family was already sold on a pizza dinner. The pizza was good. But I wonder what sort of hoop I have to jump through to receive the offered free pizza before the offer expires in a month?

  • Virginia Senecal says:

    Ordered food from the Uxbridge.MA store. Just wanted soda, large cheesy bread, and fries. My order arrived an hour later (we are less than 15 minutes away) and the food was cold. Tore a piece of cheesy bread off and immediately knew the dough was blown (aged out) and rock hard. Called the store, the person who answered (after being on hold for 10 minutes) said oh no when I told him what was wrong. Cancelled my order from my credit card.I asked if he was going to replace the food and he said I would have to reorder the food so Doordash would deliver it. The heck? Doordash? What happened to having their own drivers? Too cheap to pay their own drivers? Are they purposely undermining the brand so it will collapse? I am sorely disappointed as I love their cheesy bread and used to love the sweet teriyaki chicken when it was nuggets and not the strips (which I have found to be stringy). I used to be proud to say I worked for them before I became ill, not so much any longer. I should have ordered Dominos. At least they make it a rule that no blown dough is used (yes, I worked there as well). Hoping against hope that my issue will be better resolved and they stop this idiotic use of Doordash.

  • Dave says:

    Ordered food from papa Gino’s in Plaistow NH and it never showed up. After contacting the store they informed me that door dash picked it up and THEY need to refund the money. I ordered the food from you not door dash. What kind of customer service is this, the place I order from should be responsible for the lack of service that I received. I have been a customer for 30 years and are truely disappointed with the manager who informed me that this is not papa Gino’s problem but my problem is with door dash. I am hoping to get a response back since the local store was absolutely useless

    • Virginia Senecal says:

      No better here in Massachusetts. Sorry for your trouble with Papa Gino’s a great brand that seems to be circling the drain.

  • Trina Mubiru says:

    I went to the braintree, ma grove st. location just now on my lunch break as I always do and was told by the new worker after a long pause they no longer do the two slices with chips and a drink combo after 5:30. I know that’s a lie, she just didn’t want to make a pizza for slices. Please handle this and respond to me via email to let me know.

  • Andre Guillette says:

    I just wanted to say Thank You for the free small pizza today. I have been a Papa Gino’s customer most of my life. I know most people will order the free pizza and say nothing but i feel the need to give you a big Thank You for running your business in a way that brings smiles to it’s customers .. Again THANK YOU for the FREE pizza today !!! p.s. it’s as delicious today as it was 40 yrs ago when i was a teenager hanging in my local Papa Gino’s where i grew up MMMmmmm

  • Gilbert Perito says:

    I had two pizza on Sunday May 29, 2022 one was a birthday pizza. I ordered from the North Weymouth store. Both Pizza were unbeatable. I called the Corporate office on Monday left a message and it is know Friday and still waiting a call back. On Wednesday day my wife sent a email complaint and Still no response. I am not looking for a free pizza just a refund and I will never go back to any of locations again I have already cut up your card

  • Unhappy Customer says:

    I called Papa Gino’s in Orleans, MA to place a small takeout order consisting of 2 items. I was asked what name it was under and gave my son’s name. When my son went into the restaurant to pick up the order, he was told that there was no order. He told them what I had ordered and they said they didn’t have that order. He called me and I looked at my phone log to verify that I called the Orleans store.
    I called the number myself and the manager answered. When I asked about the order, he swore at me and hung up. I called back and he answered. When I asked him why he swore and hung up, his response was “do you want the order or not”. I said no, and that I didn’t appreciate being sworn at. He told me that if I didn’t like it, I could call Corporate and hung up on me again.
    Of course, I can’t get anyone at the Corporate number to pick up for my call, which led me to write this review. What kind of managers does Papa Gino’s hire?

  • Not Happy says:

    I placed an order over the phone in Orleans today. I gave the young man in the phone my phone number as well as my son’s name who was going to pick up the takeout order. When he arrived, they told him they didn’t have the order. He called me and I verified that I called that location. When I called the Orleans Papa Gino’s number back, the manager was very rude. He swore at me and hung up. I called back and he was even more rude. He rudely told me he could cancel my order, or place it. When I told him I wasn’t happy with his tone he said go ahead and call Corporate then and hung up on me again.

    What kind of managers does Papa Gino’s hire????

  • Rae says:

    I ordered from your Medfield location last night. Delivery was prompt and under 45 minutes. The pizza crust was cooked extra crispy as requested and the mozzarella sticks were cooked to perfection.

  • Billy Cosetta says:

    Just went to Papa Gino’s/ d’angelo’s on route 3A in Weymouth and was treated like shit… I went in, ordered food and waited for almost an hour, during which time I inquired about my food several times and was continuously told it hasn’t come out yet. During this whole time several people placed larger food orders than me and had gotten their order and left with their food. I was finally told my order must have been lost and they started the process all over again. By now I was fuming, so I asked for the manager who blew me off for approximately 5 more minutes before he came out. I told him my story and he apologized and gave me a refund for my time and trouble, by basically slapping the money on to the counter in front of me as if it were coming out of his pocket. My food finally came out and I grabbed the bag and brought out to my car to my wife, where she immediately found that her bbq chicken wings were not bowed.
    Upon her going in to the store she was ignored for awhile before she finally said out loud I’m just going to throw this chicken, this got the manager to come out argue with my wife about not doing anything else for us since refunded the order. My wife said “kiss my ass” and he said leave and I hope you fall down on your way out. I will never return to this Papa Gino’s again

  • Jolene Lind says:

    They should close the Hyde Park location. Inconsistent. Sorry doesn’t work when your pizza never gets delivered. Life long customer looking for a new place to spend my money.

  • Dave Williams says:

    Saugus location complaint. I’ve no problem with staff, management or food preparations They are great at this location every time I go there. I LOVE the sandwiches but the pizza sauce always tastes very bland, no flavor what so ever. I believe this a corporate issue that’s why I’m posting here. It’s as if crushed tomatoes were topped directly onto the pie with no cooking of the sauce or added flavors. And the cheese tastes cheap quality. The crust is great. Biting into the pie is great. The eating and swallowing is disappointing. I would like to see the sauce improved. My 2 cents. Taste test anyone?

  • Rachael wilkinson says:

    I ordered from your Whitman location tonight when my pizzas came via door dash they were ice cold and I found a hair baked in my pizza. This is the second time I have ordered delivery and the order was cold. I worked for the company years ago I know delivery gets backed up but no reason for the hair to be baked into my pizza should be required to wear their hair up in a bun or use a hair net if hair is long.

  • Cathy says:

    I ordered a pizza online as I was on a very tight schedule. When I arrived the worker who was washing the floor took the pizza out of the oven (without washing his hands!) and it was burnt! He offered to make me another one but I didn’t have time(that’s why I ordered online). I had to ask for a refund and got a halfhearted “sorry”. Not very good customer relations!!

  • Matt says:

    You have a very disrespectful and rude person answering phones at your Pond st S.Weymouth location. Just to let you know I spent $65.00 elsewhere

  • NA says:

    PapaGinos Address: 385 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

    December 12th – at 7:50PM. I witnessed the staff turn away all brown people or POC and (family) food was refused to be served or prepared. The reason of why; because they were closing at 8PM. At the same time I witnessed a white person walk out at the same time with over 50 dollars worth of food. The reason of why; because they were closing at 8PM.

    With no indication when the last person would be served on their door or inside the restaurant.

    I don’t believe the intent was racist nor do I have proof it wasn’t ; however it looks bad. To avoid bad situations they should place a sign or notice for customers to see clearly prior to ordering food.

  • Matt Cote says:

    Let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of Papa Gino’s for a long time… like 40 years! I was sad to see so many locations close and it saddens me to leave a negative review! Recently we ordered an x-tra large sausage and mushroom pizza and a medium cheese pizza. The total came to $45!!!!!!! I thought my daughter was lying to me so I went on the website to verify. She wasn’t lying! I then went to 2 other local pizza shops online to compare prices. One was $23 and the other $22 for the same pizzas. Get real Papa Ginos or the rest of your locations will close as well!!!

  • Irene Banks says:

    Tried to place a phone order the phone system hung up on me twice I had to drive to the location on carver road in plymouth. Before she would take my order she asked someone else how long a take out order would take 20 to 25 min without even knowing the order which is 2 hotdogs and fries.
    When I told her I tried to call in the order she said they shut off the phone cuz they were too busy to answer. There are a couple of parties in the restaurant and no one in line but me. This is extremely poor service and should be addressed by the corporate office. I am a loyalty member and have never been treated this way by any location

  • Sonya hale says:

    I’m at the Papa Gino’s in Salem,NH. I got here, the lady in front of me was placing an order. Then the employee refused to take my order because they were closing soon. The doors were open, it was about 7:46pm when I walked in. Why’s kind of service is this? Now I’m just flustered and I’m headed home hungry without food. Imagine if I told my hospice patients that they couldn’t get their pain meds until tomorrow because my shift ends in 15 minutes and it’s gonna take longer than that.

  • Doug Simmons says:

    Ordered from Plaistow Nh location. Totally disappointed. Order was wrong, remade wrong only to learn first order was correct, just wrong in computer. They swapped the order, giving me what was ready the first time. It was cold and fries soggy. Waste of $30.

  • Peter Ferrari says:

    Hello, I am so sorry to send this but I must. I order from Westborough at least once a week. I spent $50 plus dollars on a delivery last night and believe me when I tell you, it was way sub standard. Usually it’s fantastic. I know Cecile and she demands perfection and she truly cares. She did not prepare our order last night. I will break it down for you. I left a two star review and I was never contacted.
    Veggie pocket – torn up pocket an d veggies were just not fresh at all so after they were cooked, they were not good at all. My daughter could not eat it. The pocket was all torn up so all the veggies fell out and hit the floor. Dogs dinner? All set. The Chicken and Broccoli was like glue. Not even close to enough sauce so it was all stuck together. Broccoli was raw and chicken was cold. Just a
    wful. My chicken park, which I gave to my kids to share after there’s went in the trash, had 3 tiny pieces of chicken. They looked more like McDonald’s chicken nuggets than Papa Ginos chicken TENDERS. They were tiny. All 3 nuggets were comparable to one chicken tender. Then the chicken tender basket was over cooked chicken. Dry to the bone and the fires were as if they were sitting there for an hour before they were sold. Again, I am very sorry to send this in but it has to be bad for me to Complain. I have spent over 30 years in food service and this was one of the worse orders of food I have ever paid for in my life. I’m sure Cecile had the night off because if she was there, this never would have left her shop. I think it will be a while before we order again from there. We just have to many good choices out there that will value our business. I sincerely do apologize.
    Thank you, Pete

  • Dylan C says:

    Hello im currently employed the fairhaven papa ginos and have not been paid in a month please contact my email if you can help

  • Emily Santa Lucia says:

    I had ordered dinner from the Manfield, CT location. I am 47 years old and grew up eating at this location. I have to say I just had the worst meal of my life. I had a burnt hod dog bun, and it looked as though some one sat on it. My slice of pepperoni pizza had a straight line of pepperoni. It was not spread out evenly over the pizza slice. We ordered three meals and all were served cold. Lastly, they did not provide any condiments when asked upon ordering. We would appreciate a reply to our message. Needless, my Husband, 81 year old Mom, and myself are very disappointed. Lastly, I am a rewards member.

    • Cindy says:

      Same issues in NH Dover store. Been a customer for 50 years at various locations….no quality control and they don’t make it right

  • Shirley Davis says:

    Hello I’m a well-known customer of Papa Gino’s in Hyde Park I was speaking to a young lady this evening at 7:20 and she was very rude on the phone I did place an order but I will not pick up the order scared of what she may do to my order never had anyone from Papa Gino’s to talk to me the way she did this evening. She also stated that she was a manager I can’t believe she’s a manager if she’s a manager you guys are very desperate

  • Dorothy Sousa says:

    Called in ordered 2 subs of salad and Mozzarella sticks waiting an hour for the delivery the delivery when I got it it was left in the rain on my door I had no clue it was there until after the driver left and when I got it it was a large pizza in French fries I called his French fries I called the store and told them that I got the wrong order and they told me well there’s nothing they can do but to refund my debit card I had 2 kids he had to feed it is now I went in an hour it is now 9 o’clock at night I asked them if we could come pick up the order And they told me that the staff would be upset if they had to remake a BLT sub in meatball sub a meatball sub a Caesar salad in mozzarella sticks…. This is ridiculous I called at 7 o’clock at night to have dinner for my 2 kids 9 o’clock then order gets dropped off at the door didn’t knock didn’t let me know it was there when I looked out the door I saw the driver pull away in the food there and then it’s a large pizza and funds for I tried to get the driver but he kept on going and then the store itself told me there’s nothing they can do

  • Lorrie says:

    I love Papa Gino’s pizza!! What I don’t love is being given another customers pizza because that pizzeria can’t handle the orders when the restaurant is really busy. If I wanted extra cheese and a light baked pizza I would order it that way. My experience has not been positive in the recent years. I’m disappointed in most fast food pizza restaurants because most can’t get orders correct even when spelled out in black and white. I ordered a side or Marinara but it wasn’t in the bag I had to remind the person I ordered a side of marinara. Seriously it says it right on the receipt. I got extra cheese and lightly cooked pizza because that’s what James orders. I took it because I didn’t want to wait for another pizza to be cooked. I also ordered an Xtra Large but it seemed mine was a large. I was disappointed to the point that I may not go back even though I raved about papa Gino’s pizza to my daughter.

  • John says:

    I cant even say how many times I wanted to say something and didnt I order often from the Somerset ma location and the service and food is always mediocre. My orders never right and always takes forever this location needs some training for sure. Last time I placed an order they charged me I went in to pick up and ended up disappointed once again was told power was half out so they could not refund and that they did not make my order which I think is ridiculous. Something else I also find unacceptable is the fact the corporate number is useless you cannot get ahold of anyone and this needs too be addressed as it’s just not fair. I still have not ben refunded!

  • Anne says:

    called for an order was told it would be done in 10 minutes. I order a lobster in the pocket I ended up with it in a sub roll. I went in to the pick up area and was told I had to wait in line. Only three people working during lunch. my sandwich should have been ready when I got there it was not. Their was four people in line when I walked in, I stood at the pick up area for 5 minutes before this rude girl said I had to wait in line she ask the kid making the food if my order was back there. The paper was but she told him not to work on it because I had to wait in line. The girl at the register had to go back and make it. So in all it should of been done when I got there and I should not of had to wait in line with people ordering. Its like I wasted my time calling in my order because they didn’t do it till I got there wasting 15 minutes of my lunch and making it with the wrong bread. I am a diabetic an should not have all that bread. also I paid $20.00 for a sandwich made wrong. I think you should get more help in the Norwood store. I happen to like De Angelo’s but dislike papa Gino’s so you should consider separating the stores like they did in Foxboro.

  • Guest says:

    Corporate mailbox full. Papa Ginos Derry NH has an employee and Driver who wears his pants literally below his ass. Health hazard near food not to mention it is disgusting to see his dirty underwear. Called manager who was fine with it. We are done going to Papa Ginos.

  • Rosa Brown says:

    I order from Papa Gino’s every week and never had a problem and last night the food was so cold and not what we expected. I spoke with someone there and they were not helpful. I love ordering from this establishment.

    • Cindy says:

      Most places use door dash now so now they charge more for delivery and do not take responsibility for how or when it arrived

  • Joseph Lola says:

    Ordered 3 pizza’s to be picked up at 10:45 today got a comfirmation on it but when went there said they didn’t have it had to re-order it al over again and then one of the pizzas I go was buffalo mac and cheese weel all that is on the pizza is mac and chess not at all happy with the service or there attitude

  • Robert Fagnant says:

    I mean we went there for two lobster sandwich meals but they said we could not eat there even though last time we did. Well, off to another place!

    Bob & Karen

  • Robert Fagnant says:

    We went their for two lobster sandwich meal at Smithfield RI but they said we could not eat there even though last time we did. Well, off to another place!

    Bob & Karen

  • Corinne Lewis says:

    I am a constant patron of the Merrimack NH Papa Gino’s on Continental Blvd. They are doing great with their covid guide lines, I absolutely love this Papa Gino’s and love the pizza especially at lunch time. I would like to know why they stopped using their warmer for their pizza made up for slices. Instead they sit out in the open air to dry out and then rewarm your slice in the oven..yuck yuck yuck…totally dries out the slices!! I have asked and was told it was better for them to sit out than be in the warmer, I don’t understand that at all they are open to everyone walking around them, I would assume they be safer (nevermind a 1000 times tastier) from the warmer. Please have them go back to at least using the warmers for lunch pizza. They use a warmer for boxed and bagged items. USE the warmer for slices makes much more sense to me and happier customers, believe me. A great slice turns into card board reheated in those big pizza ovens.
    Thank you for your attention on this.

  • Barbara says:

    I’ve visited the location on metacom ave in Warren RI msny times and every time one of the managers middle aged man wears a black bandanna with his nose not covered whether hes cooking or at the counter

  • Sandy says:

    Both the Papa Gino’s And the D’Angelos in Middleboro refuse to honor the deals I get from subscribing to your list. What good is joining if the deals will not be honored?

  • Rhonda says:

    Your staff in Woonsocket RI are extremely rude. The girl who took my order was rude and I called to speak to the manager and she hung up on me in the middle of a sentence bid you check my order history you will see we order a lot. Never again.

  • Pete Oc says:

    I just picked up our dinner for tonight,16 April, at your store in West Warwick, RI. I was made to feel extremely uncomfortable as only one of the five or six people cooking or serving food was wearing a face mask. Aware that the law does not go into effect until tomorrow it is a complete disregard for your customers health, and disrespect to put customers at risk that way. Under these conditions the food was not edible. Paid for over the phone by credit card it was not worth the risk to stay there and have my account credited.

  • Kevin says:

    I personally would like to know why you changed. Papa Ginos was an excellent Pizza/Sub shop back in the day IE 60′ and 70″ wasn’t the corporate BS it is today. You had quality food at reasonable prices. The sub condiments onions, tomatoes, peppers were all chopped, which can be done, you had more quality meat and cheese. The Pizza’s and subs were quality Boston food. Did $$$ and greed take over? also I really enjoyed the Sub selections from Dangelos you so quietly closed. Been a fan since I was early teens now in my mid 60’s and very disappointed only go to your store because there is not much other choice. Satisfied with staff dissatisfied with quality lately.

  • Joseph Di Pasquale says:

    I understand that Papa Gino’s also owns Dangelos sandwich shops. I went to the Wareham Dangelos for a roast beef pocket and I was told that they no longer sell roast beef, something about the cost and amount that has to be ordered. I’m very disappointed, the roast beef was always a staple for me growing up. Any chance it can be brought back to the menu?

  • Bill Smith, Retired Customer Service Specialist says:

    Store 1110 Leominster MA. 11/18/19 11:45 AM. Check #14, Server Franz.B.: Ordered a pizza and a meatball sub with cheese, toasted. Pizza was ready before meatball sub was even made. Pizza was kept in warming oven.

    Order taker did not know “meatballs were still cooking” and not ready for sandwiches, yet they soon were ready. Unimpressive Customer Service with three workers serving only three dining room customers and a few walk-ins. Restaurant seems to lack leadership and communication.

    Also, both orders came to the counter for “here” and were not ready for “to go.” Both items incurred additional handling and were messy. Meatball sub did not have cheese. Pizza box was messy with sauce which got on my car seat.

    To order taker’s credit, he did check pizza toppings before making the pizza, as well as when he removed it from the warming oven. The grill cook had some energy but had questionable communication skills.

    I am disappointed the John Fitch Highway Fitchburg MA Papa Gino location, which did deliver, was closed. The restaurant that took over is disappointing as well.

    Give your corporate revenues, it seems there might be room for more middle management and possibly metrics driven customer service improvement. You’ve remarked how big you are and where you sell but have not spoken to how well you serve your customers.

    Mission Statement?

    Thank you.

  • Margaret Kelly says:

    My mom is confined to a wheelchair and just loves Papa Gino’s pizza. She lives in East Falmouth about 10 minutes down the street from Papa Gino’s on Davis Straits in Falmouth. Due to her limited mobility, mom goes with the delivery option. Last Saturday, April 27th (2019), I called to order a pizza for her as I have done several times before and chose the delivery option. I was told by the general manager that Papa Gino’s must have been delivering to her home by mistake and that my mom lives beyond the range of delivery. I thought that excuse was pretty lame and unprofessional. My mom is terribly disappointed as we all are, and I just thought someone in Corporate should know about this because it doesn’t sound right to me. This is important to her. Her world is pretty small these days, and I’d like to know why the delivery option was taken from her. I have called and left messages on the Papa Gino’s Corporate Guests Services line, but no one has returned my calls. Thank you.

  • jack morrison says:

    is it policy of papa ginos stores not to honor coupons that r sent out in mail I live in north reading called to use coupon 7107 and they werent honoring this coupon it changed and deal was now 29.99I always order from papas and was disaapointed n my calling and getting this answer Disappointed customer ,makes me wonder if i will go back plenty of options here in north reading .Icalled on past sunday at 11 am when they opened

    • Milo says:

      Long term older customers

      Drove by papa Gino’s rayhnam ma

      Outside sign said free pizza when you download app

      We love you guys but are very disappointed that you don’t tell everything .

      You may call it advertising , attracting customers , bringing people in , getting my attention

      I’m older and I call it ” you just got me to started checking out other pizza places”

      Your expensive but good. We are loyal
      But now we will seek other pizza places
      Which means you loose a lot of our business and we have friends and family

      Don’t like when I find out details i am told
      Download app get small pizza when you purchase during onine they the app .

      Waste my time . Not happy
      Tell me all that in the sign .

      Await a reply

  • >