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  • Address: 3120 New Center Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80922, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 719-637-3500
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1987
  • Founder: Ken Rosenthal; Ronald M. Shaich; Louis Kane
  • Key People:Blaine E. Hurst (President, CEO)

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Panera Headquarters Executive Team



Blaine E. Hurst

President & CEO

Ronald M. Shaich

Co-Founder & Chairman

Michael J. Bufano

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

About Panera , History and Headquarters Information


Panera was founded in the year 1987. The company has been operational for almost 32 years now. The founders of the company were Louis Kane, Ken Rosenthal and Ronald M Shaich. The company has its origins to the St. Louis Bread Company, which was founded by Linda Rosenthal and Ken Rosenthal. The couple had invested almost $150,000 and took a loan of another $150,000. In the year 1993, the company was taken over by Au Bon Pain, for about $23 million. In the year 1997, the name of the company was changed to Panera.

Then in the year 1999, Au Bon Pain Company sold Au Bon Pain to Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Company, for about $78 million. The following year, Panera moved its headquarters to Missouri, USA. In the year 2007, the company had purchased a 51 per cent share in Paradise Bakery & Cafe, and the balance was taken over in the year 2009. In 2008, the company was charged with a class action lawsuit, and Panera had to pay a fine of almost $5.7 million. In the year 2014, the company launched Panera 2.0 and integrated various technologies for digital ordering. As of the year 2017, nearly $1 billion orders were digital order - which accounted for 26 per cent of all orders. By the year 2016, the company had opened its 2,000th store, located in Ohio, USA. In 2017, the company was acquired by JAB Holding Company for about $7.1 billion. As of the year 2018, the company has introduced delivery services to all the 897 cities in around 43 states of the USA, and thus created 13,000 more jobs. The headquarters of the company is based in 3630 S. Geyer Road, Suite 100. The name of the place is St Louis, while the name of the state is Missouri, USA. The pin code of the area is 63127.


Panera is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of bread and bakery recipes, including fresh bread to its customers. The company currently has its presence in over 2,000 locations, all over the USA and Canada. The current CEO of the company is Blaine Hurst. As of the year 2016, the total sales revenue generated by the company is more than $2.7 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the current date, is more than 50,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail and well as digital presence, in order to purchase various kinds of bakery recipes manufactured and sold by the company itself. The company also sells soups, salads, special drinks, sandwiches, coffee, tea, etcetera.

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  • Chandra says:

    I would like to know if you’re ever going to bring the first pizzas are used to sell at Panera bread back they were so good ice about it like all the time 3 to 4 times a week can you reply they were so good

  • Chandra says:

    Yes I would like to know what happened to the first pizza you guys used to sell years agowill you ever bring that back they were the best please reply.

  • Ben Bonarigo MD says:

    I have been a loyal customer for at least ten years and still enjoy the fare. However, at your site in New Port Richey, Fl at Little Road and St Road 54, the service has become so slow and inept that it takes 5 times longer than usual for an order. I have witnessed many customers just up and leave while waiting in line. This is NOT the Panera’s you want. Hopefully you will look into this situation.
    Ben C. Bonarigo, MD

  • Ann Hennessy says:

    What in the world is going on with your bakery products. First you Take away the Danish and replace it with I’m not sure what you call those little round things with the cherries and cheese. They never did go over in any of the Paneras I go to. Now you are taking your muffins and making them into mini muffins for the same price and there not as good.
    I’m losing confidence in your products. I’m close to not enjoying my visits to Panera anymore, which I will miss but cannot convince myself it’s worth it. I usually visit 3 to 4 times a week.
    Why are your products down grading and your pricing staying the same? Very disappointed.

  • Diane says:

    Please bring back scones

  • Diane says:

    Please bring back your scones.

  • Kathy says:

    You sent customers emails about the measures you are taking to protect customers. However, the bigger problem is you are not protecting your employees. I witnessed employees diligently wiping down surfaces; however, there were customers walking up to order and coughing & sneezing on your employees without regard for their health. You should be shutting down your cafes and only serving through your drive up windows until COVID 19 has subsided.

  • JIM Clark says:

    Was at your store on North Academy 7000 block. On our way home my got sick and vomited (in my truck). It was obvious that it was from food poison. I contacted the person that said she was the manager on duty and express my concern about the food and she said all food was prepared fresh daily. She had no concern about my wife being sick. Also the place was a mess, tables full of empty plates and bowls, one person picked up the plates and bowls from the table we used but I had to clean the table myself it was full of bread pieces and junk. The floor needed vacuuming (filthy) people standing around BSing not cleaning . We have patronized this place for years and it gets worse every time we visit. This not the first time I have complain about the service to management at the place on N Academy. It is going to hell in a hand basket something should be done to correct the problems a this store. Thank you (hopefully) for looking in to what is going on at this store

  • Veronica Marquez Bova says:

    A bad experience in Panera in San Jose near Target 2161 in San Jose; evidence discovery synonymous with
    Gilroy, CA restroom private, privacy, ladies, and a cup of hot water. At this particular Panera an employee already gave me a cup of hot water and minding my own business as I am getting my hot water that I was very thankful for this morning, another lady of Hispanic origin startled me a little approached me to shake me of her managerial powers of confidences that must be measured as I didn’t give a reason for provacation nor was there the ability or the inability to identify a marker of suspicion to deem the early morning of rooster titles of testing a girl with a evidence book that has DNA, RNA mother’s blood on the left side of the book.

    I am a girl and I informed this person who’s name I wrote down that I’m going through a personal private matter military investigation and I wanted to sit down for a while. Panera has outlets to charge devices and they’ve been very kind in allowing time to occupy my time during this trying issue, abrupt startling events in my life that includes military, teaching institution white collar crime discriminations against binding legitimate family that is obstructed employment rights, marriage discriminations, pregnancy
    discriminations, stolen house, intrusive invasions of private life and privacies stemming from internet router configuration any computer screens and underground abuse of land and forced entry into attic through shower sewer systems. The gestures of I Veronica Marquez Bova and binding legitimate DNA, RNA, gene binding family and this expierence of military talking has extremely hurt our lives to deem that a hot cup of water renders a bad experience after another. Panera lady with non measured levels of confidence and powers must give due process in an instant for the shake she succeeded at Panera as a employee lady with eyebrows of art. A gesture of a hot cup of water is please pass the table salt instead of the drama suspense of novela, soap notes, soap opera climatic events. That type of gesture isn’t equivalent to the menu that I deemed to believe that I must have prerequisites and
    co-requisites for since the purse I currently hold isn’t a Dooney Burke that’s a pink one in our Public Storage, mama and I Veronica Marquez Bova. Currently, no food, no gasoline, stuck, tired of the begger novela soap opera, etc that has disgraced our lives that a cup of hot water is prophecy of the husband’s bicycle, skateboard gestures instead of gasoline to get rid of the Acura evidences gestured at the beginning of this disgrace, episode, incident, event after event and the promise still blank on a task list that I still remember that I didn’t know would cost our lives to be separated and destroyed because it’s easier to destroy a persons day and morning when a Hispanic girl is already in a vulnerable status without due process of the face to face required due process but the Hispanic lady and her powers of confidences and powers to embarrass another Hispanic girl because this Panera person judges books by the cover and must convey the sentiment that another Hispanic girl must have money to sit in Panera to occupy a seat or her time using outlets and the calm Panera environment. Is Panera patient and worth the wait or is the menu being ledgered and group think requires their daily dynamic stipend. All this drama that should require the right to be informed and the necessary due process face to face due to the extreme circumstances and unknown forensics of the denial of faceted gestures and assuming Veronica Marquez Bova’s gesture isn’t important. I am worth the wait and your menu should be a stock trader menu that attracts like for a cup of hot water because I’m going back. Your Hispanic lady with eyebrows can’t and shouldn’t have permissions, privileges to startle without instant legitimate face to face due process intrinsics unless she can participate in prohibition and inflation strategies for food buildings, materials and structures.
    The testimony/comments Panera webpage will match, it’s a puzzle that had abruptly arrived and changed the lives of DNA, RNA legitimate Catholic God given family.

    Thank you
    Veronica Bova, CPCS

  • Kim diaz says:

    I visited the new store in Salina, KS. They leave the kitchen sink faucet run continuously. When I asked why do they waste water by leaving the sink run I was told
    It keeps the pipes from making noise. This is an easy fix but they prefer to just let the water run. I went in the next day and the faucet was running. I told the manager I was going to complain to the corporate office and she said “good maybe they will fix it”. This is costly besides being a waste of resource.

  • Betty Hooper says:

    I spent over $20.00 this morning, 8/27/19 around 11:00 am. I went to the East Norriton, PA restaurant on Georgetown Ave. I ordered a smoothie, a sandwich and soup. The last 2 items were put in a bag. The smoothie sat on the counter with no bag. I asked the young man behind the counter to please put the smoothie in a bag. He laid the bag on the counter and without a straw. A female manager in a green shirt was behind the counter. A male manager with a white shirt and black pants was standing next to me. I said, “I asked for the smoothie to be placed in a bag. The bag was laid on the counter and I didn’t even get a straw. Are you kidding me? This is not good customer service.” Neither manager said a word. Not even an apology! I won’t be going back. I like the food but your store isn’t the only one close to me. Your staff needs training.

  • Richard DeChristopher Jr. says:

    Had a sandwich today ham with swiss ham was a cooked ham full of fat and grizzel not even slices chunks of ham full of fat one thin slice of swiss cheese it was so nasty I could not even chew it when you buy/purchase something it should be edible this was not the best part of the sandwich was the bread. If you are going to charge people $12 to $13 dollars for lunch it should be top of line meats and cheeses. I wish I could post my pictures of sandwich here but I cannot. The founder of this chain should go on undercover boss to see how bad things are at his stores.

  • brenda tolso says:

    I would love for Panera to offer even one gluten free bread As having celiac disease, I rarely eat out because gluten free bread is hard to find. Being able to order sandwiches from Panera would be a real treat. Please consider.

  • Janet says:

    Actually had Panera yesterday for the first time. Yes, I know everyone has been there well not me until now. I went to the one on E.Jefferson Street in Bethesda I placed two orders for group soup for myself and a friend. I was told the pot of soup feeds 5 according to Panera bowl size it is 2.5 servings not 5. I could not get bread /just told we are out! Was treated very rudely by the pickup end because I did not know how the line worked.
    $17.99 for one small pot of soup not good value . Very Poor!

  • >