Where is Pandora Jewellery Corporate office Headquarters

Pandora Jewellery Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Havneholmen 17-19, 1561 København, Denmark

  • Phone Number:
    +45 36 72 00 44

  • Fax Number: 45 36 72 08 00

  • Email: usecomcustsvc@pandora.net

  • Number of Employees: 22300

  • Established: 1982

  • Founder: Per Enevoldsen

  • Key People: Anders Colding Friis, Peder Tuborgh

Pandora Jewellery Headquarters Location & Directions

Pandora Jewellery Headquarters Executive Team



Anders Colding Friis

President, CEO & Member of Management Board

Per Algot Enevoldsen

Founder & Co-Owner

Anders Boyer-Søgaard

Executive VP, CFO & Member of the Executive Management Board

Stephen Fairchild

Chief Creative Officer, Senior Vice President and Member of Management Board

Magnus Thorstholm Jensen

VP & Head of Investor Relations

Sid Keswani

President of America

Peter Mark

Managing Director for Pandora CWE and Pandora CEE

Minna Philipson

Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Vice President and Member of Management Board

Patrick Szraga

Managing Director of Pandora France

Karl Walsh

Head of Global E-commerce Unit

About Pandora Jewellery, History and Headquarters Information


Pandora Jewelry was founded in the year 1982. The company has been operational for almost more than 36 years now. The founder of the company was Per Enevoldsen. The founder of the company, along with his wife, Winnie Enevoldsen, started a small scale business of importing jewellery from Thailand and was later selling the same to the consumers. Due to this successful venture, the company founder then started to hire in-house designers and thus established a manufacturing area in Thailand as well. Due to the low production costs as well as an efficient supply chain, the company was able to afford hand-made jewellery for the mass market. The collection of jewellery sold by the company, which included rings, necklaces, earrings, watches – started to grow more. The company also started to sell their signature bracelets as well, in the year 2000.

In the year 2008, a Danish private equity group known as Axcel had bought almost a 60 per cent stake in the company. The company held its first IPO or Initial Public Offering in the year 2010, and it helped the company to gain a market capitalisation of 27 billion Denmark Currency. The company was listed on the Denmark Stock Exchange. In terms of sale, the company had become the third-largest jewellery company in the world, in terms of pure sales figures. It was reported in the year 2011 that a Pandora jewellery is being sold every second on an average. But still, the share of the company had fallen almost 80 per cent in the year 2011, due to the company’s shift in focus towards higher-end designs that made the core fans alienated. Still, the company survived because of the mass market. The headquarters of the company is based in Havneholmen 17-19, 1561. The name of the place is Kobenhavn, while the name of the country is Denmark.


Pandora is a Danish company that focuses on the designing, manufacturing and marketing of various kinds of hand made jewellery, which is built from original materials at very affordable prices, for its customers. As of the year 2017, the company has its presence in over 7,800 locations all over the world. The current chairman of the company is Peder Tuborgh. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than 22.8 billion Denmark Currency. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 22,300. The company sells its products in over 100 countries over six continents.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence, in order to purchase various kinds of jewellery, offered by the company. The products of the company include customisable bracelets, necklaces, designer rings, watches, etcetera.

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  • Dee says:

    Terrible customer service. Both online and by phone. This jewelry has become overpriced and quality of customer care has become non existent. Bought Pandora since its launch but this is last time. Collections are laughable and price I can buy a real gemstone piece at jewelry store. Keep treating customers like this and the line will be obsolete. You have a brand that now caters to only teens. You forgot about the 30+ demographic.

  • Annette Davis says:

    I am highly disappointed with Pandora at This Perimeter Mall. There was a sale in which a free bracelet was given. I went in made a purchase only to be told there were no more bracelets and the advertisement was still posted. False advertisement and no compensation. I’ve made a complaint and no one has responded. 😡. Annette Davis 404-745-5341.

  • Nancy Flanagan says:

    I need to return a gift I have the gift receipt. Says for a refund! The store will NOT return without a credit card. A gift does NOT come with the giver’s credit card!! Terrible Customer Service!!

  • Tonya Mitchell says:

    My bracelet is broken. Only had it a little over a year.

  • Christina says:

    Place an order during the 30% off Black Friday sale for 2 Pink small jewelry boxes. On Tuesday, November 29th at 11:58pm I received an email stating that my order had been cancelled due to the items being sold out. The next morning Wednesday, November 30th I checked the website and the Pink small jewelry boxes were back in stock. I called the 800 number spoke with customer service I was told there is nothing that can be done, but I can place the order again and pay full price. I told the women that is not happening. Today, December 1st I checked my credit card account and was charged for the cancelled items. I called customer service again, the representative said give it a few days to refund the account. I explained what happened and she emailed me a 20% discount code to replace my order. I wasn’t happy that she couldn’t find a 30% code, but at least the person that asked for the gift would have it for Christmas. Went on the website when I hung up with the representative and attempted to place my order the 20% discount code doesn’t work on the small jewelry boxes. I’m so aggravated with Pandora over this. I feel this is just a gimmick to get people to pay full price. I spent a lot of money during the 30% off sale. I refuse to pay full price.

  • Daisha says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Saturday May 21st around 4:30pm I visited the Pandora store in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I stopped into the store because I was recommended stop in to have my ring replaced that had two missing stones and I had just purchased the ring March 2nd which was apart of a $757 purchase in the store. I originally noticed my stones had come out of my ring late April and I called and spoke to a young lady who was very kind and told me my ring was under factory warranty and I could bring it in to be switched out, I asked if I needed to come in the same day I spoke with her because I’d be very busy over the next couple of weeks and she stated I could come in whenever as long as it’s within a year of my original purchase. However when I entered the Fayetteville location I spoke with a young lady about the switching the ring out and she instantly referred me to Reagan who looked me up and down as I was very dressed down and a black woman as she examined me she asked to see my ring, looked at it for 3 seconds and said “this ring is bent we can’t replace it”. She stares at me blankly offering no resolution or even an apology or any form of concern for me being unsatisfied with my ring missing stones. I left the store and decided to go back to speak to a manger because she never asked my name or never reviewed my original purchase and that didn’t seem right in my opinion. When I returned to the store she was speaking negatively about me and when I asked her was she speaking about me because she was making remarks as if I lied about just purchasing my ring and was trying to get over on the company stating I should’ve brought the ring in when I called the store, yet again she never reviewed my $757 order. I asked was she speaking about me and her response was “I am explaining why I can’t exchange the ring” I then asked to speak to the manager above her and she stated he was on lunch and I asked for his information she said she couldn’t give that information to me she could only give me the store information to call back and speak with him I accepted the store information and left but it still didn’t seem right. I called the store at 5:52 asked to speak with the manager and was connected to a young man name Johnathan, he wasn’t of very much help it was clear he was briefed on the situation which was perfectly fine because it’s business everything should be noted but their should never be a pre judgement about a customer before you have spoken to them however when I expressed my concerns of racism and discrimination while also expressing my ring issue he stated “I’ll speak to her about her facial expressions” then when it came to my ring he had a lot to say about basically it being my fault with the ring being bent because I quote “I don’t know what type of hard work you do but that can be a result of it bending”
    I’ll add again my ring had been in the same condition minus the missing stones since I got it, I am also an esthetician so I don’t wear my ring while I’m working because I deal with physical body contact. I’ll also note I
    purchased two crown rings the same exact day I purchased the tear drop ring and I wear them as a set of three, however neither of my crown rings are “bent” as the young lady said my tear drop ring is which doesn’t make any since to me and when I asked Johnathan how one ring could be bent and not the other two he said and I quote it exactly as he said it “only you and God know” sarcastically while laughing. I am truly disgusted with my experience with pandora and I honestly wish I could return every item I’ve ever bought from the company! I spent over a thousand dollars with the company in March and was treated as if I was dirt and my issue with my ring was my fault although stones coming out of a ring in the matter of two months isn’t acceptable based on the standard and value pandora pride themselves on. These two employees have shown me there is no equality in this company, my blackness isn’t welcomed and my money doesn’t matter. As a business owner myself I find it hard to believe first and foremost that speaking to a customer and referring to God at all is acceptable in any form, then to mock God is also offensive which I know is strictly prohibited and is covered in the employee handbook stating speaking about religion or God isn’t acceptable in any tone of matter. Secondly, I should never be able to spend my money with a company and be shamed because I didn’t appear to be a wealthy customer, discrimination is also in the employee handbook and there’s a no tolerance policy for either of these things. I am truly disappointed with my experience and I feel very humiliated. This has made me never want to patronize your company again because I refuse to be looked down on while being a business owner myself and a traveling entertainer so while I can shop anywhere I’ve remained humble and shopped pandora because it was simple and enough for me however today I was reminded to go where I’m appreciated. I was a book judged by my cover yet I planned on making another large purchase on top of getting my ring replaced and if they had of been nice about it I would’ve just paid for a new one but because I looked like a poor black woman in my cultural head wrap and jeans shorts I was labeled and degraded by not one employee but two I can’t support any company that is okay with people like this being the face of their company.

    A racially profiled customer

  • Dave white says:

    I personally and everyone I know Will never purchase any more of this Pandora crap with your biracial commercials Absolutely disgusting we all hope you go broke

  • Kim O says:

    I purchased several items from the online site and never had a problem, until my last purchase on 12/17/21. I never received my item but they took the money and I never have been able to get any response or update on the order, although I made several attempts via email. I will continue to try to to reach someone to either get my product or a refund. I will never use online website again!!

  • Jordan L Burgei says:

    the manager at pandora hilsdale in san mateo california is extremely rude to her staff and the customers, i spend alot of money here but with her there i will not be returning. janet is not kind

  • Valerie Warren says:

    I purchased several Pandora bracelets with charms. This one particular Pandora bracelet keeps unfastening and I often have to keep fastening it. Well it unfastened and I lost all my charms on it that I was giving in the memories of my mom and my accomplishments. The bracelet clasps is broken and my memories are all gone due to an faulty clasp. Smh

  • Anthony says:

    Me & my wife went to Pandora Jeweler in the Mall in Orland Park Illinois today Friday June 4th around 12noon. The young lady who looks Arabian wasn’t professional with is at all. She was rushing us and didn’t want to show us any jewelry. My wife do alot of business with Pandora, an I think this young last has ruin this.

  • Patrick Biglane says:

    This is for Sid Keswani – Hello, I am a contractor who operates a window cleaning company in Newburgh, NY [near the Crystal Run Galleria Mall (Middletown, NY 10941)]. I would be interested in submitting a quote for cleaning your storefront glass at this mall location. Are you the proper contact??? Do you have a specific contact phone/e-mail for more specifics. Thank you.

  • Rita Naylor says:

    I live in Oklahoma USA and I have a complaint I don’t know if this is the right place or not I’m very frustrated. I bought some Heart Earrings on line at us.Pandora.net they where broke, so I send them back and ask for a replacement Earrings I never heard from them until I checked my credit card the refund was $27.99 but I paid $65.00 they said they don’t do exchanges so I went back on line and ordered a new pair but they where $55.00. The Pandora would not give me my $ 10.00 back since I did’t buy the Earrings there which I did’t know to me they are all Pandora. then I called customer service and they told me because I did’t send the free Item back they can’t give me a full refund, but I told them I got an other pair of Earrings so to me it is the same it was not my fault that the first pair was damaged and they won’t give me a full refund and they also said since I did’t buy the second pair from them they won’t give me my $10.00 back so overall pandora owes me $75.00 minus the $27.99. they also said that where I got the second pair of Earring was a fake Store. It was Pandora Mall of America and the first pair was us.pandora.net. I don’t know what to do anymore, being from Germany I don’t always understand everything and I sure don’t understand this it was very bad Customer Service. Thank you for hopefully your help. Rita P.S. Your Building is beautiful.

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