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  • Address: 1717 Walnut Grove Ave #100, Rosemead, CA 91770, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 626-312-5401

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 30,000

  • Established: 1983

  • Founder: Andrew Cherng; Peggy Cherng

  • Key People: Andrew Cherng (CEO)

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Panda Express Headquarters Executive Team



Andrew Cherng

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Peggy Tsiang Cherng Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Owner and Co-Chairman

About Panda Express, History and Headquarters Information

Based in Rosemead, California, Panda Express is the subsidiary of the Panda Restaurant Group, which was founded by Andrew Cherng, Peggy Cherng and Andrew’s father, Master Chef Ming Tsai Cherng in 1982. In 1983, the manager of the Glendale Galleria asked the Cherngs to make a fast-food version of Panda Inn for the Galleria’s food court. That’s when Panda Express was incorporated. Panda Express restaurants in the beginning years were located in food courts in shopping malls. But in 1997, it opened its first stand-alone restaurant and by 2005, it started expanding its business and opened units in food courts on a college campus along with a drive-through restaurant, as well as universities, casinos, airports, military bases, amusement parks, and other venues. In 2017, the sales of this Restaurant chain crossed $3 billion and had more than 39,000 associates working for them, who aim at experimenting with new flavors and ingredients in order to aa new menu items to the menu.

Panda Express is a chain of fast-food restaurants that serves American Chinese cuisine along with catering services. It owns and operates 2,000 restaurants which are situated in 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, South Korea, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

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  • David Irby says:

    Went to panda express today in Prescott Valley AZ usually generous on food but not today cause the owner of the store is cheap bought 2 3 entrees one scoop of rice and the extra sides not even fool the owner is a jerk to customers and employees not worth the 25 bucks it cost my family

  • Tehani Rodriguez says:

    The Elk Grove and Franklin store in Elk Grove ca is ripping people off! The cashier there always over charges me.

  • Chris says:

    I ordered the teriyaki chicken based on the picture on the menu. I wish I could post the picture of what I actually got so you could compare. The actual food did not even resemble the picture. It tasted ok but the menu picture was false advertising!

  • Duane Johnson says:

    Your egg rolls were so overdone I put them in the trash for you where they belong..

  • Aaron says:

    Absolutely one of the most discussing places I have eaten no costumer service the store is a disaster food is OK but the smallest amout they can give chow mean iv have had better top ramon but the cleanliness is the reason of this bad restaurant in lake tahoe California wish I could post a picture for you almost needs to be shut down to clean this place it’s so bad

  • Terence OConnor says:

    So that’s it? My complaint is posted. Period? No response? I’ll be sure to share that with my 123 employees

  • Terence OConnor says:

    I am an experienced restaurant owner and I know when profits are being boosted by reducing the higher profit ingredients

  • Terence OConnor says:


  • Terence OConnor says:

    Last two meals at Kappa store had minute amounts of meat.

  • Gloria says:

    Panda Express on 167th in Country Club has the worst customer service and food. Jason the Manager should be fired and Hector also. I even called in to complain, who ever I spoke to at 1(800)877-8988 doesn’t care they hung the phone up on me. I will never eat Panda Express again

  • Kim says:

    Some of the PE executives better start paying attention to all of the customer complaints or they’ll all be out of a job when the restaurants have to close… I’m tired of getting a bowl with 95% rice and 5% entree — it’s such a ripoff!!! If I go back at all I will order only an entree a La carte and skip any rice or sides — that’s a loss of sales for you at PE. I can make or buy rice elsewhere to have on hand… and I agree with others about sweet & sour or other sauce packets… miss the original sauce! STOP SKIMPING AND GO BACK TO ORIGINAL CONCEPT AND PRACTICES… PLEASE! I will no longer be ripped off!

  • Rocky says:

    I have tried for weeks to get the national corporate office to answer a simple question about when zip code 44067 would have a Panda Express. Weeks ago they sent notices out to sign up for a so-called Rewards program asking for my social security number. I objected, but they said it had to be given. I have talked to over 40 people trying since then to get a straight answer. The email they sent says the special offer of 25% off first order expires July 21st which is past, yet I have been trying to get an answer for weeks. One representative even called me a “g-d damn m-th-r fu-ker” and her supervisor just laughed about it.

  • Kathy says:

    Just found a piece of plastic wrap in my chow Mein. Ick

  • PA says:

    We visited the Panda Express in Sulphur Springs, Texas and they were out of Beijing Beef and Chow Mein that only had vegetables and no noodles. The manager said a new batch is being made would be ready in 6 minutes and 20 minutes later after constantly going to the counter it was finally done. The cook was more interested in conversing with her coworkers than cooking. Everytime I went to the counter she was off the stove just being very loud. This is very evident with the lack of choices in the line. Finally, I go back to the counter and the manager told the line to give me a to go box of chow mein. The worker tries to hand me a box of noodles that is clearly hanging out of the box and the lid not even closed. In exasperated that she had to fix the box and close it she hands me the box. While I was waiting for my Chow Mein, I was eating Chicken Teriyaki and they decided that sweeping around my table was appropriate. The lady was moving the broom so high, it was leaving the floor and dirt and dust got into my food. I asked her not to sweep around me she said she wasn’t when clearly she was. Disgusted I use the restroom and the restroom was dirty with toilet paper on the floor and seat liners in pieces as they were over packed. As we were leaving two of the line people asked us if we were done with our trays and we said we were. They were upset they had to clean the tables and a verbal conversation ensued with my husband. We mention the Health Department and calling them and they had a rude retort.

  • Ron Fellows * says:

    I’m a former Missouri Tiger football player with an interest in talking with someone about placing Maje Premium Sports Water in your store locations.

  • Nancy says:

    Please consider coming to Beckley WV.
    There is a need for you in this area.

  • Susan says:

    Placed an order via the drive thru in Greenville TX. I ordered iced tea and was told by the attendant that they were out and would be making anymore today. This is close to noon. There have been several instances at this particular Panda Express and as much as my children like Panda, we will not go back due to the rudeness and inconsistency they have.

  • Barney Apodaca says:

    The manager Trisha Bernardo at the walnut California location is rude. As I was telling a team member that the service was slow she proceeded to raise her voice at me in front of all of the customers. When I stated there was no need to raise her voice she told me that she didn’t like me telling the team members they were slow. When I asked for her name as I was going to tell corporate she said go ahead because they were doing there best her name is Trisha Bernardo. I have never been talked to like this when lodging complaint, a manger should apologize and say that they will do better not raise there voice and challenge you to report her. Other team members apologized for her and the service, she has no business being a manager I will never visit this location again

  • Hunter says:

    I am at the Iowa city, Iowa panda an they got a new cook I got two plates. The cook put chicken in the beef an broccoli. The orange chicken taste like dish soap an my honey chicken was god awful. Also never got my money back for there mess ups

  • Jose Moreno says:

    Had the worse customer service a guy on ur location in austin tx by the name of mark had the worse attention to customers as he serves i ask for a side to know how long fornit to be ready and he said tomorrow as i watch them putting them on top of the kitchen for them to be put out on the line and still said it will be done tomorrow and didnt even bother on letting me order it (mopac and william canon location ) also worse peoples person

  • Kimberly says:

    Please send someone to buckeye AZ panda. Check the awful reviews! My family loves this place but never had one putting out such bad food.

  • John Gavrila says:

    I stopped eating your egg rolls because your sweet and sour sauce that is in the packets is disgusting.

  • Jessica Taykor says:

    I worked for Panda Express in Victorville, California as well as Solana Beach, California for 7 years. I still eat here frequently living I. Tennessee now. I must say I know covid did a number on things but I’m definitely not a fan of how things have changed. They used to make the mandarin(teriyaki) and sweet and sour sauces from scratch. Then went to bags and heated up in the wol or microwave and I was okay with that. Now those sauces are in small ketchup like packets and I don’t even get sauces anymore because it’s not the same. Very disappointed in this. It really makes me want to not eat at Panda anymore. I’m one who likes to dip my egg rolls and cream cheese ragoons in sssauce. And pour teriyaki over my orange chicken and rice in a bowl. Its something so small but it’s not worth it anymore to me.

  • Robert M DiPrimio says:

    I ordered (2) plate meals one for myself was good, the 2nd for my wife was a double Kung Pao for the 2 entrees and they only gave us . I have a pic of the plate and a pic of the receipt. I tried to call the store and they just walked away from the phone and no one was there. I tried to call back and then no one would answer the phone. Needless to say we weren’t very happy. We visit Panda a lot and this was the first time we have had a problem like this

  • Sue says:


  • Shannon Hopson says:

    I walked in Panda Express in Orange Park Florida on Blanding, no one in line with Jasmin standing there talking to another employee continuing her conversation for about 5 minutes knowing I am standing there. I spoke to her 3 times saying “ ma’am do I order here or at register?” She ignored me all 3 times. So I finally went down there and as I was speaking to that lady then she wants to help me. She fixed my bowl halfway full and with only 6 pieces of small chicken. Believe me I was pissed. I always go to the Oakleaf location and always acknowledged and good food.

    • Sue says:

      The Panda express on Avondale, AZ ..The place don’t Close until 900 PM on a Monday ..The employees Close it 45 mins early .They tell you .You have 5 Mins ..There Rude too Costumers. I THINK PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THIS PLACE PANDA EXPRESS..I KNOW I AM ..

  • Tonya Matthews says:

    I went to Panda Express on Richmond highway Alexandria Virginia and got some teriyaki chicken and some of the pieces I got was raw I ordered 3 meals and 2 of them had raw meat half way cooked my order# was 160240 please let me know what can be done to fix this problem thanks

  • Tammy says:

    I have been calling for the last month to have the DM call me back which she has not. I had a problem at one of your restaurant manager and want to speak to some above her now. My number is 7737887106 my name is Tammy.

  • Kristina Chadwick says:

    Horrible experience at your Wadsworth and Colfax location in Lakewood Colorado. Forgot half our food and when we went back they were rude.

  • Cindy Gilbert says:

    I went to the Panda Express in Henderson Nevada at 3564 St Rose Parkway and the front counter worker refused to sell me a ala cart small container of veggies, I purchased a larger teriyaki chicken only and I was told that because I didn’t order a meal I couldn’t buy a small ala cart, Andy that I would have to buy a medium side order, which I didn’t need because it was for one person only, so I left with only my teriyaki chicken. I was frustrated but I will continue to enjoy Panda Express. Just wanted you to know and maybe someone could mention, it is on the menu ala cart small for $4.20

  • David Hayes says:

    Hi there. My wife and I ate at your Moline, Illinois location where the cook picked up food off the floor and began to put it back in the bowl before my wife and another employee told her you better not do that. The girl laughed about it. This is disgusting and should not be allowed. Not sure if I want to eat there again.

  • Sara Barrera says:

    Store 927 foxcroft avenue Martinsburg WV . When you check their schedule on the internet it says they’re closed at 9:30pm my family and I got there at 8pm and they told us that it was only to take out because they were about to closed , they all were ready to leave basically, they were very short and at the end the lady with purple hair just throw my food in the bag and charge me for the food without even asking if we would like anything to drink , please consider hire people who actually wants to work specially at night time, if they don’t like work In the service industry maybe is time to get themselves a different job. we wanted to eat and have a nice time as a family and we actually felt like they couldn’t wait for us to leave !!! Horrible service . I would be calling corporate tomorrow morning and also sending them pictures of how my food got all messed up. 9/28/2022

  • Paddy Doyle says:

    Had your new orange chicken yesterday, the plant based one. My wife had diarrhea and I had severe gas. Would not recommend!!

  • Mz Rogers says:

    Went in at 8:30 pm, yes they close at 9 pm, but i figured i was still busy, so there should be fresh food . NOPE!!!! the KIDS working there were horrible to not only me, but the people behind me. No rice, all the food that was left looked old . Then as i checked out, i was charged 2.75 for a small drink that i did not ask for, so as i pointed it out on my receipt to the so called Mgr on duty, she said do you want more food? Ummm no, that food is old and no i don’t want the drink or food. 2.75 for a small soft drink, really??? So when i asked for my money back, she said it is against policy to refund . I couldn’t believe what i was hearing, they make a mistake and charge you unauthorized for something , hen refuse to refund. I asked for the Mg, she said i would need call tomorrow, and sill refused to refund. Now the next day, I’m sick, I couldn’t eat the food, but the little I did try was horrible, i ate one of he shrimps, it was cold, and so sticky, making me sick, i threw the food out. I feel terrible today, and yes,I want a refund for my full order, and i want Sam , Th mgr to hire better customer service help!!!!! If the store is open till 9pm, then we should get fresh food till 9 pm…

  • Debra MANOS says:

    The Panda Express in Wellington, Florida has not had ice tea in several months. There may be a new manager that REFUSES to buy new tea containers to make the tea in. In the past, Panda Express had REALLY DELICIOUS brewed ice tea. I, myself, now check to see if they have tea – no tea & I go elsewhere to eat. I was eating there at least twice a week. Excellent, fresh food !

  • Brenda says:

    Location: 4247 W 167th St, Country Club Hills, IL 60478

    I tried again after about a year thinking that quite possibly the drive-through customer service had improved. Nope it has not. It’s as if someone is forcing the employees to work there…for free. Please pay attention to our complaints they are legitimate. retraining for all please and thank you. I will not be patronizing this location again.ever

  • Nikki Fields says:

    Location at Stonehill Pflugerville Texas, The worst CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! No one acknowledged my husband and I standing and patiently waiting to be helped. Several employees and not one person decided to acknowledge us until another customer came in after us… how rude!! There are so many complaints about this location, something must be done. This place needs a course on customer service.

  • Wendy Ross says:

    I would like my son to be paid for the past 2 weeks that’s he has worked and not got paid for!!!! He was supposed to get a check on Monday but has yet to see any payment. This is unacceptable.

  • Paul Coble says:

    Ordered online at Cleburne, Texas location. Spent 53.00, went to pick up my order and the employee gavey order to the ones in front ofe and proceeded to telle they were out of food. Would not give me a refund because the manager was unavailable. No food no refund, I am very upset over this. The manager is named Melvin, I want him and the girl in charge fired!! If you don’t make this right then you have no integrity and definitely do not have customer service. No customer means no money!!

  • Ron henrie says:

    Wish panda express would open a store in price, utah and with the utah state college here and really no competition it would do a outstanding business here

  • Marlene Martin says:

    Dennison, Tx. Wanted a menu item taken off. it was going to take 6 min to cook. Could not wait. Wanted a refund as they were going to substitute a spring roll for an egg roll. Told me they do not do refunds. Gave me the number on the back of the receipt that stated it was for surveys and was disabled. So, I called back for a District Mgr or Regional Mgr. number. They disconnected me.So this makes the second time I have received bad customer service there. Will never go back.

  • Genevie says:

    We went to panda express in hayward near target in Whipple. we bought 4 combination and extra small box of grilled chicken. The Filipina girl who work there as server/ cashier is very rude and no manner. She cut the grilled chicken that I ordered and I saw that she left a piece of small grilled chicken. And I spoke in filipino language and telling my husband , she even left a small piece instead of putting everything. She answered me back and said it’s enough already. I told her just put that 1 small piece of that grilled chicken and I’m willing to pay for it extra. She answered me in sarcastic way an spoke in filipino language ( Tagalog) ok you sure you will pay extra you’ve said it , that’s what she said in a very insulting way. as If as cannot pay for extra. So when I heard it , I said to her, I already told you i’m Willing to pay extra . So, why you keep talking back. And she even said in tagalog that it’s just one piece and that we are patay gutom. or in other words as if we don’t eat. So this is a no, no to us Filipino. She even told me not to come back . And I answered her are you the owner to tell me not to come back? you’re not even the owner. She still keeps taking back in a very rude way. The manager is just standing there and not doing anything . That Filipina girl is not supposed to work in a customer service because she is very rude. and the manager should know when to speak up when there’s a situation like that.

  • Arturo Arteaga says:

    I went to Panda Express in West Valley , Utah I order 3 entre plate when I got my black pepper chicken I only got 4 pieces of chicken this is really disappointed. If we pay for something we don’t expect to get cheated out in our portions.

  • Disgruntled Customer says:

    There is a location here in las Vegas at 1300 S. Lamb 89104 That literally for 2yrs that I’ve purchased food that. Every time I go in has at least 20 Latino employees & has not 1 African American worker. I asked the manager if they’re are any she said “NO”! I then asked ” at all ever any day 7 days a week? She then said no again & called another manager who then gave me this website. I’m currently in the process of reporting them. it’s blatant discrimination p.s. my kids have applied here as well 🙁

    • Esteban says:

      Did you ask about Caucasian or Asian employees or was it just a black thing. If so that sounds a bit racist in and of itself.

  • Philip says:

    The call center for Panda Express lied to me and told me they would remedy my bad experience and old food. Once again call center lady that sent me a messag continues to be a reflection of Panda Express treating their disabled customers as if we are trash

  • Margarita-Arlene Levario says:

    Last month I ate at panda the location off of Walzem rd. San Antonio Tx. And not even a couple hours later I started feeling extremely ill with stomach cramps, then vomiting, by that night I had cold sweats and uncontrollable diarrhea and muscle pain/cramps throughout my body.. the next day i still felt the same and even worse i had blood in my vomit i didn’t know what to do i literally thought i was dying or what was wrong with me until I went to the ER Baptist Hospital and found out I had severe food poisoning due to panda restaurant and I didn’t even start to feel better or back to normal til almost a week and a half later.

  • Pissedoffhusband says:

    It’s very sad when your store manager has twice came to work sick. My significant other is an employee at panda and twice now the Gm Sarah has came in sick claiming she didn’t have COVID and a day later my significant other is sick along with myself and our 6 month old god son as well. It’s very scary to watch the one you love throw up and not be able to eat for days on end because someone doesn’t care about anyone else but themselves. This happened at the sylvania Ohio location on central Avenue.There needs to be some sort of repercussions for the managers disregard for store policy. I’m almost certain when someone knows their sick regardless of their position in the company they are supposed to stay home. I started not to contact corporate because my significant other likes the job and don’t want to loose her position with the company but something needs to be done about this how as a manager can you be able to come to work sick and infect your workers? I wonder if any customers were affected as well ?

  • Ashley rose says:

    The manager at panda Los Angeles on fig is awful they messed up my food when i asked her to fix it she said she is refusing my service ,she cursed at me ,and hung up ….i have the whole incident recorded i would like to be contacted by a member of corporate

  • Jo Charest says:

    I was in Panda Express in the Spectrum in Irvine, Ca. on Monday 7-18-22. I ordered 2 child meals. The kids love the cookies and a lemonade. Guess what no cookies or choice of drink. They only have water and Apple Crisps. The Apple Crisps taste awful and the nasty girl didn’t give us one of the waters. On top of that they don’t give receipts. Too bad it was my granddaughters favorite restaurant.

  • Marci Michael says:

    I have to share a huge frustration with the system used for in App orders. When placing my order via the app at the Roseburg, Oregon store I was given a time for my order to be ready (12:04). I send my son to pick up said order and it isn’t ready until 30 minutes after the estimated time (12:36). Why give times if it’s not going to be remotely close. 30 minutes is a ridiculous amount of extra time to wait!

  • Darren Kass says:

    Please be advised I was dealing with your manager Damien at the Raritan Rd., Clark location in New Jersey, where do I got that reached the wrong order and they took my name and phone number down and I went back today and they said they can’t give me any food because they never wrote it down, this is crazy they Omie orange chicken and chicken with string beans they gave me two shrimp platters which were completely wrong please have someone from corporate give me a call at 908-510-4455 and also you should school your employees on how to handle customers they were very rude and unpolite , Mr Kass

  • LuAnn Taylor says:

    I went to the Panda Express on Wheatland Rd in Duncanville, Texas today, 7/17/22. I ordered a 2 entree plate to go, with Kung Pao Chicken, and payed and UPCHARGE to get GRILLED TERIYAKI CHICKEN. I have a picture of the “Grilled Teriyaki Chicken!” It looks horrible! It is NOTHING AT ALL LIKE WHAT the picture shows on the menu board! It looks BOILED! I Couldn’t even eat it! I want a REFUND!
    314 Tampico Cir
    Duncanville, Texas 75116
    LNJ0726@yahoo.com if you will give me an email to send the pic to, I will sent it. I will NEVER EVER go to Panda again! I have had issues with you chicken that is in the Kung pao as well, it is HORRIBLE! FATTY, GRISSLY, JUST NOT GOOD CHICKEN!!🤬👎🤬

  • Mary Gessner says:

    It won’t allow me to give a one star or a minus. I purchased a family meal from Panda Epress because we are moving and I thought I’d save money by not cooking. Instead I ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics with a version of e-coli. No one will respond and the manager won’t even refund our purchase price.

  • Mike Nicholson says:

    Went to Panda in Altoona Iowa 45 min before closing the lobby was closed. That was fine. Sat in the drive up waited in line to be told they don’t have enough food to fill my order. They didn’t even have rice or noodles. It’s sad when they are not prepared enough to handle a last minute rush on food. I will not be spending my money there again.

  • Unhappy guest says:

    I would like to make a complaint about the Panda Express on Houston Rd in Florence,Ky. I really like the Beijing beef and the problem is they never have any majority everytime I visit this location. No matter what time I visit the place. When I
    do get lucky and they do have the Beijing beef the onions and red peppers are so thick that they are bigger than the pieces of beef. A small amount is cooked and when that is gone they refuse to make more.I have even been told by employers that they have it but they just don’t make anymore once it runs out for the day. I have even suggested that I would wait for them to cook more and have been told I have to get something else to substitute. I stand in line for 15 min to be told they don’t have what I want and I have to substitute
    without even trying to compensate me and also upcharge me if I decide to get steak. That is totally unacceptable. My family and I love Panda Express and have been a fan for many yrs but why keep going if they don’t have what I really like. I really hope this matter can be addressed and corrected

  • Leon says:

    Fair warning!
    If you use DoorDash and order the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken from this location, 1704 Oakland Road San Jose, there is a 50% chance you will not receive any sauce for your chicken. Since this happens time and time again, apparently management does not care about correcting continuing problems. It starts at the top and apparently they don’t care. I just have Door Dash deduct money from the incomplete order every time it happens.
    Shit rolls downhill…let’s see if corporate picks up the phone and call San Jose and see why they can’t put the sauce in the order.

  • Melissa Price says:

    I went to the one in Marble Falls, TX. Was out of things on menu even though it was still on the menu. When I asked for sauce, the girl rolled her eyes like it was a bother. And I paid for an egg roll and did not get it. I live out of town so I couldn’t go back and no one would answer the phone. I will not return there any longer.

    • Sue says:

      AVONDALE AZ IS THE WORSE SERVICE..THEY WAIT ON ILLEGALS FASTER THAN OUR AMERICANS. THEY PUT ILLEGALS IN FRONT OF YOU TOO SERVE THEM FIRST ..I TELL THESE EMPLOYEES THIS is Wrong ..I will go too the CEO Panda on this ..They are Rude too us all at these Panda Express ..Everyone should start Going too other Places ..Cut Panda Express Off Since they don’t Correct there Employees..Stop Eating there .

  • Jeanette Markum says:

    I am so tired of getting Panda Bowels with very
    Little entrée meat on top
    Of rice, it’s more like a rice
    Bowl. This is happening again & again at your Bosque Blvd. store in
    Waco, Texas!

  • Lynne Lundin says:

    Since when you order a large of a premium item do they count how many of the items of that food item go into the box???? The last 2 times that I been to the Panda express in Westwood, Mass they have only fill the container 3/4 of the way full!!!! Today I made comment to the server when it happened again, first time it happened I thought that the server wasn’t paying attention, but today again it was the same. When I said something about it He told me they count the # that go into the box…21 shrimps. Why have a large box/order when you are not giving me a large order, but charge me $15.00 for that item…75 cents per piece of shrimp no matter what size it is. It NEVER was like that before…even though I was informed irt was. You must be buying small shrimps and selling it to us as a large order 😟😟 I drive over 20 miles to come to Panda Express just for this item….well no more!

  • Robert Schloeman says:

    Horrible service: out of menu items at 3 in the afternoon with no chance of replenishment. Unbelievable

  • Helen Worcester says:

    This review is about the Panda Express inn Yucca Valley, CA. Really bad attitude. Gives small portions, always out of something we want. Gets our order wrong frequently. Still, it is the only one in town and we go there a lot. The last time my husband ordered he ordered two large entree size honey WALNUT shrimp. Not a single walnut in either carton. We went back today. The person at the window was just rude and told us that last week they were out of the walnuts. I asked her why they didn’t tell us that when we ordered and she just shrugged her shoulders. When I asked her to compensate us in some way, she refused. So I spoke with the manager and she said that not having any walnuts was common, like that somehow justified it. I told her that was not true. I told her that we eat there frequently and have never had that happen before and that had we been told that they were out of walnuts, we would not have ordered it. Remember, this was two large entrees and we were charged the premium price that they charge for this dish. I finally convinced her to give us extra walnuts this time and she did. Neither person apologized nor made any attempt to be helpful. If we had any other decent Chinese restaurants in this town we would never go back.

  • Sharon Green says:

    Why does your restaurant on 395 in Victorville CA keeping the customers’ change saying there is a change shortage. The area around that location is one of the economically challenged areas in this area and they are stealing the customers’ change.
    When I asked why is there a change shortage there but not in Hesperia, the employee couldn’t answer and never said that my question would be referred. I hope that’s checked into.

  • Janet says:

    I am sorry, visited Panda Exprees in Grants Pass oregon, It is sad, I get Beef and broccoli, for my son the last 3 times and the beef is almost Is non existent. Today he sent me a picture of how much beef to broccoli there was!! So sad for it is not good…
    Need to put more beef in with that much broccoli..

  • Laurette R May says:

    Crooked run, front royal, va

    My husband and I decided to stop here on our way back from our vacation. After driving 6 hours we looked forward to getting dinner here. Got there to ace an order for almost 50.00 dollars . Just to find out they was only accepting debit and credit card. No cash. Never heard of a restaurant not accepting cash. Well we walked out after 6 long hours on the road this was bullshit. So you lost a 50.00 dollar order. No one apologized. Only 2 customers in whole restaurant.
    I was so disappointed. Your lose.
    Upset customer.

    The location never replied to my complaint so that why I am sending to corporate

  • Joann adams says:

    This is a picture of Alissa closing the restaurant at 8:45 , no management there and had a real big employee with her named Jake. All we wanted was to pick out our food for take out, but she said no because she had the floor mopped that leads to the counter to order , torn off your sign of operation in front of our face. Yes we are very mad if you have employees that treat your store and your (was) your customers. Email will not let me insert pictures, please send me a response I can let you see your employee’s treating your customers.

  • Christina G. says:

    I have been a Panda customer for years and although I try various dishes when I visit, Orange Chicken has always been one of my favorites. It has been awhile since I’ve had the Orange Chicken, however, upon ordering this dish at one of your locations in Las Vegas, NV yesterday, I was disappointed to find that you have changed the recipe to a “SPICY” one. Not everyone can eat spicy, even mild. This dish was so good the way it was for so many years. Why do companies change a good thing when they have such a good following? Very disappointed. Hope you go back to the good recipe you had.

  • Tammy says:

    I am so disgusted with the Florissant, MO location. I placed an order for delivery & it was cancelled without a phone call or any type of reason. When I tried to call to find out the reason, no one answered the phone. This is not the first time this has happened at this location. I am a very frequent customer & am seriously considering, boycotting all of your restaurants.

  • Michael Cook says:

    Hi my name is Michael Cook and I’m a very reasonable person but I had a very very bad experience at panda express in corpus Christi Texas on Friday from a manager.

  • Robert says:

    I ordered online for delivery and 3 hours later have not received my order. Tried calling but nobody ever picked up the phone. The delivery driver said the store was closed and nobody would answer his phone call either.

  • Van Hudson says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:
    I hope all is well.
    I am a HUGH fan of Panda Express and would love to have a location closer to my home. I would love for your company to open up a Panda Express at 1875 East-West Connector and Lipson Drive, Austell, Georgia. ( former Steak and Shake Restaurant) I know Panda Express would do very well because it’s a popular restaurant and the food is delicious! I hope you will consider opening in Austell or Marietta, Georgia soon! Best Regards,

  • Angela Love says:

    I placed an online order on Tuesday. I picked up my order and made it back to work. When I got ready to eat, there was hair in my food. I immediately called the Winchester and 385 location and spoke to Ezekiel. He apologized, asked me to come back in so he could replace the order. He said that I didn’t have to bring the food. So Wednesday on my way to work, I went to that same location to have my food replaced. He didn’t want to look at the food. So I threw it in the garbage while I waited on my food. So when I made it to work and got situated, I got ready to eat my food. There was hair on the broccoli. I immediately called the Winchester location. The manager wasn’t there at the time. So I went back up there on my lunch break. He said that he couldn’t give me a refund without the receipt. I told him that the receipt was in the bag with the food that I threw in your garbage earlier. He said that I would have to contact the corporate office. As I walked out the door, I remembered that a receipt was sent to my email. So I went back in to show him the receipt. I opened the box so he could examine the food. He immediately said that there wasn’t any hair on the broccoli and that he just can’t see me having hair in my food back to back. I told him that I don’t have any reason to lie about hair being in my food. I put that location on blast on Facebook and tried calling the corporate office yesterday. All I want is my money back because I will never eat at your franchise ever again. Why doesn’t the employees wear hairnets while working. That could solve situations like this. Please contact ASAP!

    Best regards,

    Angela A. Love

  • Suzy says:

    I love your food, always so fresh and yummy. But I will have to stop eating there until you change over to a more ecological packaging. Styrofoam leaches into the food and never biodegrades. Can you please find a healthy alternative so I can return?

  • Samantha says:

    Can someone please call me
    702 788 4448 .
    I had a trouble experience, been trying to call the local restaurant and the corporate number .
    No one is answering the local one and I been on hold for over 25 minutes with the corporate number.

  • GARRETT says:


  • Douglas Thompson says:

    I go to a Panda Express in Sioux City, IA on Sunnybrook Drive and order a sweet & sour chicken; Response, “We’re sold out of that” and this was at 4:46 pm. I then say Okay, then go on to order a hot and spicy chicken. What I got was a container filled 97% white rice and hardly what I ordered at all. I’ve since talked with 4 other people about it, and they ALL agree, they too WILL NEVER EVER EVER go to ANY Panda Express again. YOUR MANAGEMENT STAF IS INCOMPETENT and I do think you know this. Is there NO proper training for keeping ANYTHING in stock by these yahoos? If I am going to pay $7 for a container almost completely of white rice, I would rather be ripped off from some real asian cuisine place, and yes, ALL PEOPLE I KNOW OF state CLEARLY they will never visit that rip off tripe establishment AGAIN. thenk you for your time.

  • J. Nakazawa says:

    Store# 0386 Hesperia Ca.
    No care to customers! They cranked up the air. So it’s freezing & uncomfortable to enjoy our meals in there. It’s totally ridiculous, as I walked in, I was blasted with bone chilling, freezing air. I knew we couldn’t stay to enjoy our meal & ended up eating in the car. Thanks a nothing after giving you our business!!! If it weren’t for our hunger we would have gone elsewhere, & really enjoyed!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Toni says:

    This comment is regarding the Panda Express in Pahrump, Nevada. One day each week, I purchase a meal from this food establishment before running errands and shopping at the local market. This is the second time I have received a poorly presented meal. I usually order the bowl with chow mein and honey walnut shrimp. I am not sure if I can post a photo of the meal but I did take a photo. There were two huge clumps of cabbage in the bowl from the end of the head of cabbage. I am sure no one would want to eat this portion of the cabbage. Just wanting you to be aware and to continue serving the delicious asian food we all love.

  • Rose Sutherland says:

    I placed an order through the Panda Express website (12332 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, Florida 33025) on 3/12/2022. My food was never delivered and the Door Dash driver (Manuel B.) said he could not find my location. After contacting Panda Express, I spoke with Nixon who said he was the manager and he advised me that my order had been returned by the Door Dash Driver. Nixon said I needed to call and speak with Will who was the one that could issue a refund. I spoke with Will on 3/21/2022 who advised that he would contact Door Dash to refund my money and it should take 3 business days. As of today’s date (4/27/2022) I have not received my refund. A total of $31.32 was deducted from my account. Please advise on how I can receive my refund for food I never received. My order number from 3/12/2022 is 8374725481480196.

    Thank you

  • Joelle Asplund says:

    I have lived in my house for 16 years. And they are finally building restaurants in the area and I would like you to consider opening one up. It is Cedar Hills Utah. There is a Walmart, high school and they are building 500+ more homes. There is a mom and pop small Chinese restaurant in the area but it’s not very good.

  • Jesse says:

    Please contact me , i had a bad visit to a panda Express in Michigan and need a solution, plz and thank you!

  • Allen says:

    On a day heading to work I bought a 2 entrée with Chow mein. Got to work and couldn’t eat it because Hair was in my food. Called the 1300 Torrence, Calumet City Il locations and was told to come get a replacement. I went there and the manager told me that she would not do it even after I showed her proof. So, I walked out for good and a few other customers did as well.

  • Jami Dawson says:

    Please bring sweet and sour chicken back.

  • Martha Noll says:

    I was just at one of your stores, I ordered a bowl with noodles and chicken. It was full of cabbage and almost NO noodles. I have tried to call them but no one answered the phone (called twice) it’s a good thing I like cabbage.I am very disappointed in my order.

  • David Marks says:

    I want to complement the asst mgr, Salvador, at Panda Express on Oceanside Blvd and College Blvd, Oceanside, CA. We had a health incident and he was right there to help and followed through to resolution. Please acknowledge him as we eat there once a week and always receive great food and service.
    This happened on 04/18/22 around 12:45 PM.

    Thank you and Salvador,
    D. M.

  • Shelley Perry says:

    Please contact me my name is Shelley Perry 3862130748
    I had a very bad experience with your Lake City Fl restaurant .

  • Danny Pierce says:

    food missing from delivery order called to complain no answers on first 3 calls then told to complain to door dash I no door dash does not put the food in the plate never asked for my name or to offer a refund for things I payed for but did not get tried to chat online and was sent to another site and they wanted to charge me just to let them no about there bad business practice will never order from Panda again and will talk with BBB instead

  • Espinosa says:

    I made an online order scheduled for 3:30 that day. My hubby told me to cancel it and he would just go early to get our food. I called the store in hopes they could help me cancel it. I was told by the young girl who answered “I’m just an employee; I don’t know how the app works”. Eventually I figured it out. Once I’m hubby got home with the food we were in shock. The plates were lacking the entrée‘s full amounts of food. There were more rice and noodles than the entrees. I took a picture of my plate (just after my daughter took a small spoon full of my rice) to show how small of the portions we received. In the picture I have but can’t post here you can see that a large piece of the sesame chicken looks black. Not to mention the crab rangoons were soggy. No red sauce was given to my hubby either. The green beans in my entree were undercooked and SO nasty! My son got a teriyaki chicken bowl; most of the chicken was fatty pieces. My husband got the bigger plate with the teriyaki chicken and the same fatty portions as my son’s were in his. We are very disappointed. We use to come to this place a lot before COVID because we are 3 minutes away. Whittwood Town Center in Whittier. It has definitely gone down hill now!

  • Duke says:

    Your location in the Westpointe Shopping Center Hilliard Ohio has a Couple of Geese that have taken the place over. They block the door, attack customers, crap all over the place etc. You may want to address this issue.

  • Margie says:

    We went to location on Riggs road in Chandler last week. We ordered the chicken teriyaki. The chicken had fat on it. Is the staff supposed to remove it? Disappointing

  • Yolanda Cunnigan says:

    I just visited your Compton location on Rosecrans and I ordered wok shrimp they gave me honey glazed and teriyaki chicken they didn’t give me at all the other order they mixed up and put the sides in the wrong box not happy I paid extra for that shrimp and didn’t get it

  • Errica McCarthy says:

    Hello I just tried to visit your location on 41st St. in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Every time I try to go to this location there are issues. Right now they’ve decided to open 30 minutes later than normal because they have a big catering order. No notifications were outside line of people were standing outside waiting for them to open. And 15 minutes it took me to get somebody’s attention and attempt talk to a manager, six cars went through the drive-through and four people attempted to go in the front door and were unable to. I don’t understand how you can run a business this way. Just decide you want to change your hours because you’re running behind. The manager never came to the front door to speak to me even though I requested to speak yo him. I moved to Sioux Falls from Texas. I’ve never had any issues like this with any Texas location. Every time I try to visit the Sioux Falls location there is an issue. I would highly suggest new management.

  • Justine says:

    on 03/19/22 tonight my heart is so heavy and my face is filled with tears i went to my local panda express located at 1994 ximeno ave long beach ca. this is my favorite panda express i and my 4 yr old came in to get food to go and to use the bathroom since my daughter had to use the bathroom so bad i decided to make my order after the bathroom trip i walked up and asked the worker a female what was the code to the bathroom i did not get her name but her co worker francisco and her self looked at me and then each other and then he looked at me and said one sec and he walked over to the manger daniel and another worker who name i did not get i assumed to ask if it was ok for me to use the bathroom i felt very uncomfortable since i know we are not in the heart of the pandamic as i stood there the other co worker out of nowhere tells me the password to use the bathroom my daughter had to go so bad i started walking as fast as i can when i suddenly was stopped by francisco who to the top of his voice says “OH THE PASSWORD TO THE MENS BATHROOM IS” i looked at him and i said i do not have testicles it made all of his co-workers laugh he walked over and gave me the password to the unisex bathroom again since my daughter had to pee very bad i just went in thinking to myself why he did not let me in the womens bathroom before the door closed i can hear another co-worker laugh and say “OMG WHY DID YOU SAY THAT ” as he laughs i at this point did not want to come out of the bathroom but it was so nasty i had to hurry up and get out of there and i had to still make my order due to my children being very hungry i made my order even gave a 5 dollar donation i got my food and hurried out but as i got in the car i thought about the over all situation and remember as i was standing in line a lady walked out of the other bathroom for women i could not help but to think why would this guy call me a man and then give me the code to the unisex bathroom but allowed this other women to go into the womens bathroom i began to cry it was clear i was being discriminated against i decided when i got home to call and speak to the manager when i called suprisingly the manager answer i explained to him the whole story and how i felt and he did not show any… remorse towards my feelings at all i told him i wanted the number to corporate and all he said was sorry he never expressed im gonna speak to him about how to treat customers he never said im going to retrain him on proper customer service nothing… he acted as he wished he could of just hung up in my face and that is why i am on here venting now i did not even want to eat my dinner tonight cause i am discussted at the way i was treated at this location mind anyone reading this there where customers that saw this happen to me it was very embarrased i feel humilated and now i am sitting here questioning my appearince like do i look like a man??? i am very hurt and sad i will never go back to that location for paying the price i paid i expect better treatment then to be talked about while simply trying to feed my family i hope that someone from corporate sees this and reach back out to me with some form of action thank you.

    • Toxic Crew says:

      Wow Justine, that really sucks. Really? The entire crew has been tainted. All of the crew on that shift should be fired immediately. The only good customer service is probably towards people they know. I’ve seen it before. One to two crew members take out their insecurities on customers. It makes them feel “good” to know they made someone feel bad. Other employees don’t say anything or just kinda go along with it and that’s how the entire crew becomes tainted. To bad there wasn’t just one of the crew to stand up the this jerk about yelling what the MENS code was. Not just questioning it, but, like “Why did you just do that?” What’s wrong with you? That’s really not normal ya know and you CANNOT treat customers like that!” That’s what should of happened.
      Ya know what?? HMMM. Wipe the tears away. Go back and use the bathroom again. Same day and time as last visit to see what happens. This time, you’ll have it all recorded on small recording device, like the small silver RCA type students use in college (or at least used to)-not a phone cause they’ll say you manipulated it somehow.
      If you get it recorded, not say anything to anyone about it, except a lawyer. Let him be in his natural element for as long as possible. The more customers harassed, the better chance of being awarded $$$$. Good Luck.
      fyi I dont work at panda, just getting some info and your post caught my eye. Happy Easter

    • Danny Pierce says:

      I feel for you .Panda is not what it use to be . The only way you will get them to care is by talking with an attorney . to bad you had to go through what you had to go through and maybe they need a good lession to bring back the service that the paying customer deserves without customers they will soon be out of business and it will be there own fault

  • Ana M says:

    Continuation from below comment:

    Also my order was from the night before. It was not from his (Paul, the managers) shift that he was overseeing.

  • Ana M says:

    ***Positive Feedback-Trinity Parkway, Stockton, California*** Paul (manager)

    I called to let the manager on duty know of my dissatisfaction with my order. Most of the food was inedible. We ordered 2 plates, 1 bigger plate, 1 large fried rice and 1 large walnut shrimp.

    Concerns: Steamed rice in bigger plate was old hard rice, broccoli was not cooked thru and 3 tiny pieces of beef (dime, nickle and quarter sized), chow mein noodles in one plate was not cooked at all (still yellow, hard and stuck together like it was fresh out of packaging), Teriyaki chicken did not taste like good at all (my sons favorite) unsure of what that taste was, and worst of all, several pieces into the shrimp, a soapy, chemically smell and taste started to come through. I have never experienced that in all my years of eating the shrimp at Panda Express. I don’t even know what that was. On top of that the employee that gave me my order last night was very off putting. When I received my order at the window, there was no greeting, no good bye. I greeted her, asked her what time they closed. To which she answered “9:30”. It was 9:15pm. Then she closed the window and walked away.

    As someone who worked in the restaurant industry, as cook, prep cook, counter, register and at times left to act as manager, I knew what I experienced was unacceptable. And if it were me, I’d like to know. So I called the location and asked to speak with a a manager because I wanted to give them the opportunity to correct the situation. And I am so glad I did!

    Paul took ownership of what happened and apologized on behalf of your company and his location! He also let me know that my concerns were valid and that he was thankful that I called. He said he too was concerned with the potential of there being other customers that could or could have had the same experience.

    From the standpoint of a manger, I’m sure it is not easy to hear of an experience like this one. But Paul had the right attitude. He said “that’s not what we strive for. We want our customers to be satisfied with their experience.”

    Resolution: After I respectfully declined his offer to remake our meal, because I was afraid of the shrimp and teriyaki chicken flavor and smell, I asked for a refund for my meal, except the fried rice which was extremely good. He did give me a refund after apologizing to me once again.

    I thanked him for his excellent customer service skills and told him how appreciative I was.

    I chose to send you this experience because I was think it’s really important that you know, not only the negative experiences your customers are having but also the positive ones! And hope that it will motivate and possibly stimulate him and others to continue the great work or even do better.

    In this day and age it’s hard to find anyone who has an attitude such as Pauls and serves their customers with pride.

    At the end of the call I let him know how satisfied I was with his service in how he resolved the issue. After apologizing once more, he said he hoped that we could give them another chance in the future.

    I hope he is recognized in some way for his outstanding customer service skills that excelled all expectations!!!

    Thank you,

  • Rosy says:

    Shame on Panda Express. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. A certain location, in Texas employs 16 year old kids and force them to work pretty close to mid-night, on school nights! These kids come in at 5pm and work past 11pm. They also work over 6 hours with only a 10 minute break, no lunch. Panda Express, do you have any knowledge of the “TEXAS CHILD LABOR LAWS”? Obviously your management does not. My child was scheduled to get off at 11pm and I went to pick her up, I waited nearly an hour. It was a school night so I finally went and knocked on the door at about 11:50pm and I spoke to her manager and told her it was a school night and she could not keep my child this late, her response to me was “she works for me and I can keep her as long as I want”. I told her no Ma’am, that is not what the law says. My child was fired because of this. I am not giving location because I filed a complaint with the TWC and I am retaining a lawyer.

  • Nancy says:

    Can you please do a market analysis and put a Panda near me . . . we really need/want/love you! My zip code is 78255.

  • James fleming says:

    Went into a two weeks open location,and with the attitudes and inattentive ness to peoples orders this place won’t be open long.why put a place like this in the ghetto so it can be run into the ground?

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Panda Express Waukesha /pewaukee Wi if there going to make up there own hours then have them change it on the online menus and also what’s up with if u pay cash it has to be exact change or use the card n when u ask y they say there a shortage of coins when they can prove that there’s a shortage then it will be acceptable I’m the head associate at the bank right across the street and there is no shortage on coins this place needs to get there shit straight Hire some people who actually wanna work and make money half the time they don’t have the food they say that they’re out but then you go to another panda express about 3 miles away and they have everything so why won’t this place have it

  • Andre Greene says:

    I use to like your food but you are making to many changes, the peach tea was very good non carbonate soda to wash down the food, but coke gave you a better offer, should have stayed with Pepsi, now your making other changes and your food starting yo taste terrible, no more for me

  • David says:

    If y’all could make the honey sesame chicken without the red peppers on it so it’s not hot for my child to eat that would be great!

  • Jeff says:

    I live in Pensacola Florida, on nine Mile road you have a store Panda Express they always cut up the noodles and the noodles should not be cut up they should be long. I have tried to say something but yet I get ignored, so maybe you can do something

  • Janice Egan says:

    I am a regular customer of Panda Express in Dedham, MA, went there today, and noticed the plate container size is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller along with a price increase. I find this very disappointing and will now take my business to the local Chinese restaurants.

  • Estrella says:

    Drove all the way to the closest town because I was craving Panda Express, it’s an hour drive. Checked all the sites it opens at 10:30 am

    10:35 someone gets on the drive thru and tells me they don’t open till 11. I was the first of 7 cars in line and as I’ve sat and waited (still not 11) 6 more cars have driven through. This doesn’t even mention the people who parked to go in.

    All I wanted was panda, all I got was a long wait in a parking lot.

    Ruined the craving

  • Marissa says:

    I just wanted to say out of all the times I’ve been to the Panda Express in Santee,CA today I was extremely disappointed.

    First off I wanted to share what I was told by a shift leader (woman in a black shirt) possibly manager anyways she said “I know you’re trying to help but your not helping these people come in here all the time and make messes and they don’t care”

    To the manager tonight wearing her black shirt having a job and life is good for her shame on you. Instead of being negative and complaining learn to be thankful you have the life you do.

    Do you think homeless people wanted to be homeless or the ones that have a mental problem wanted to have these health issues?

    This man is a human they’re all people. No one deserves to go hungry. Yes I gladly bought his dinner which gave you another customer and brought money into your work instead of complaining be thankful next time.

    I pray you never know what it’s like to be hungry, see someone you love become homeless, or someone you love be diagnosed with a mental health problem.

  • Eddy says:

    Idk what’s going with panda express on Fremont st Stockton ca there service is not as good as usual this the third time they miss my order up or they sell me beef an broccoli but it was on broccoli no beef the portion is very small I paid for the plate not a bowl it’s crazy I would go back that’s a waste of time because I have no receipt now …

  • Steven Dzibinski says:

    Terrible cooking service. Burnt Teriyaki chicken. I’d like a replacement.

  • Toni says:

    I had yet again a very disappointing experience at your Santa Monica California #0187 location. When asked what I would like to order I simply wanted walnut shrimp and 2 sides of noodles. She put the shrimp and one side of noodles in the box and said what else and I said another side of noodles. She said you need another side. I said I want another side of noodles. I don’t understand why I had to repeat myself 3 times and then to be given a scowl and an attitude. I have witnessed this behavior at this location for years with numerous other customers as well. I used to religiously go here once a week and haven’t been there in months and now I understand why. When I got to the register there was a man with no mask with his plate asking for something and he just stood there and kept talking and talking to the cashier. When it was my turn to pay I asked the cashier why they were not enforcing the mask mandate and she said they lifted it. I said no the mandate is in effect until the 15th of February and LA County is not included. She gave me an attitude and said no they don’t have to wear masks anymore. I said well yes they do you may want to read up on that so you have the facts. I went immediately home to eat and my shrimp was cold and my noodles were lukewarm. My drive was approximately 3 minutes so it wasn’t like I had a long distance to drive. I saw the help wanted signs on the door and was stunned to see how much you are paying for horrible customer service. I will not be returning.

  • Kim Rohr says:

    I own property in The Dalles, OR that would be perfect for a Panda Express. Please contact me

  • Pauline Nagel says:

    I went to Panda Express and ordered 2 bigger plates and the food tasted like lighter fluid horrible I paid 28.23 and when I called the manger he was a smart ass I brought back one bigger plate and shrimp and he would not replace 2 plates he only gave me one. While I was waiting for my plate the workers were laughing and whispering to each other so when I got home I was scared to eat the food ended up throwing it away not sure what they did to it so unpleased the only place I ate at drove clear on the other side of town 2 times and spent 28.23 for crap I will not go back there again they lost a good customer unhappy customer unhappy business they have a lot of bad reviews

  • Andrea says:

    Trying to call corporate
    619-549-2466 is my #.

  • Jim not a happy customer anymore says:

    I used to go to Panda Express at least once a week, usually twice. Had a bad experience with the food about two months ago. So today I go in and figure I will try it again(As I always enjoyed the food) and give in another try. When I finally get to the counter(Super slow service) I ask for Chow main noodles. Of course they are out of noodles and ask me to wait and let the next two customers go ahead. I step back and they also wanted the noodles, so all three of us wait. Six minutes later they finally have noodles, so I order. I ask for Orange Chicken and Chicken and mushrooms, they have neither. I ask how long, she checks and says 4 minutes for the orange chicken. I then ask about the Chicken and mushrooms, so she goes to ask again. Comes back and says at least 8 minutes, so I walk out the door. I am sure I will never go back again, this is rediculous. I would say at least 40% of the meal entrees were empty when I ordered. They were so slow and it took forever to get an entree refilled. This was in Eastern Nebraska and I will never return, used to be a good place to go. Not anymore the line at the drive up window was rediculous and so I thought I would go inside. Just glad I never sat in my vehicle waiting for this, probably would have sat there another 30 minutes. The fried rice in the large bowl look nasty, and I knew I wasn’t about to try that mess. Sad Sad Sad Sad how it has went down hill so fast.

  • Tammy says:

    Panda Express has become the worst fast food experience. Tonight at my local Cordova, TN location, we had the rudest employee. The employee did not tell us they were out of Chicken Teriyaki and took it upon herself to replace the protein with Orange Chicken. She lied when asked about what protein was included and was extremely angry when we checked our food and caught her in the lie. She was furious when told to replace the Orange Chicken. The employee didn’t even bother to remove the Orange Chicken completely and added another protein on top for just one of the entrees ordered. We have too many local restaurants with far better quality and customer service to continue our patronage with Panda Express. You should be able to get what you are paying for rather than it be a game of chance. I want my money back for the $41.92 spent on tonight’s family meal and can not get anyone to answer the phone at my local restaurant or the corporate office. I will make a complaint with my credit card company as the products received were not what I paid for. Hopefully, my credit card company can get somewhere with Panda NOT Express (45 minutes typical wait time).

  • Tom says:

    I have to start out my saying I have been going to Panda Express for years,
    It doesn’t matter what fast food restaurant you go to into days world sadly to say your always going to have some kind of problem with your order, from no ketchup to they forgot the straws even sometimes forgetting the fries , it’s just the way it is, it shouldn’t be but it is.

    I frequently visit my local Panda Express located on Watson Rd in Buckeye Arizona, In the past they have forgot the sweet and sour to an egg roll or two, I have had some on the meanest rudest people waiting on me, even seen the Manager yelling at the staff a time or two , but you know I always went back, after tonight I will never go back to Panda Express,
    Went through the drive threw tonight finally made to the window after a 45+ minute wait, anyway ordered (2) two Bigger plates (1) Panda bowl and (1) order of Rangoons , after getting home I noticed No Rangoons No Panda bowl, So off I go to Panda Express to get the items they forgot to bag, after returning home once again it was dinner time, but wait (1) One of Bigger plates well I’ll tell you the Chow Mein was so rubbery burnt ,the Beijing beef was so thick with corn starch tasted like it had been setting for hours, needless to say my Dogs ate good tonight… I will Never return to Panda Express again.

  • Annie B Brown says:

    Panda Express SHAME ON YOU. Please do not use a pandemic as a cover for terrible service and business practices. I own a large Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinic which feeds over 60 clients a day. We support local food companies in our area and hoped Panda Express was a great company to support. Hope is dead with Panda Express. Panda Express was unprofessional, terrible service/NO SERVICE AND should be banned from the city. Do better! Don’t make excuses, just do better. We are ALL responsible for rebuilding our nation but it starts with business accountability. Do better.

  • Michael Moon says:

    Oxford .Alabama number 2628
    Server kayla C
    Date 12/30/21 at 2:49
    The guy that took our order at the speaker was very nice.
    When we drove up to window to pay for the food we ask Kayla can we add a egg roll. She said No!!!!! She had a attitude. She seemed to be bothered that we wanted to add a item. We will not come back ever. By the way No one else was In line. Slow time of day. We live here. We like your
    products but I can do without a lazy employee with a attitude. I will tell all my friends and family to not go there.

  • Sita says:

    Me and my friends went to panda Express at tracy ca location. Both bathroom were locked purposely. We were there 30 mts. Each time I went to counter to ask for bathroom, answer was some one is inside. I said for 30 mts? They shrugged there shoulders. That is not good customer service. There were other people looking for bathroom, answer was same. Restuarant rather loose customers than providing bathroom cause I will not buy food at panda Express. I rather go to places where they offer bathroom privileges.

  • Sierra says:

    It’s becoming my most hated y’all are careless

  • Sherry Liles says:

    Your franchise in kilgore tx really needs some attention. Its been here awhile. I loved panda Express in the past i just have to say i have never been impressed by the kilgore spot. They are usually rude dont get everything you requested. I keep going back thinking it will be better. Tonight i went through drive thru first thing on specker was hardley audible think they they said we are only accepting cards? When i got to window i asked for teriyaki sauce she said we dont have any! How you not teriyaki sauce at this place. They are always out of everything or they arent offering main menu cause they are short staffed? Yall really need to get a grip on this location.

  • Denise Boggs says:

    I placed an online order today. The panda express off of Tower and Salida in Aurora. And they messed my order up not once but twice ( order number 982829 @ 6:10pm. The first time the whole order was wrong they still did not give me the right entree. They gave me a double order instead of the sweet fire chicken that was requested. Instead they gave us 2 chicken and mushrooms. I requested a large Dr. Pepper and I get a large Coke. Thats not the drink or entree I wanted. ( other order number 6540711046348800 )

  • Samantha E. says:

    I have always ordered chow main with no veggies at panda in Kerman CA(I am allergic to the cabbage) and now they refuse to do so…. Won’t be going back to Panda. It takes 5 mins to cook the noodles and I’m willing to wait

  • William Hawkins says:

    I live in Oklahoma City and went to the 23rd street location about a month ago and ordered but got something completely different then what I ordered then I went back today to try and give them another chance so I ordered the Broccoli Beef and when I got back to work there was only 2 very small pieces of Beef and all the rest was Broccoli, not happy with this chain at all.

  • Ann Hagen-Rapsilber says:

    While in the drive thru at your Fairview Heights, IL location I was approached by a man getting out of his vehicle and yelled because, I didn’t move up.

  • Stephanie says:

    Please answers me this? Why do you all stop cooking an hour before you close and have 3 options available? I live in Phoenix AZ and go to the store on Elliot and Priest drive. Customer Service is unacceptable and they give you food that you can tell has been sitting for an hour long. They refused to give me refund when food was un eatable during one of my visits or make any black pepper chicken which is my favorite. If you plan to eat at Panda do so hours before close. Lazy Lazy employees!

  • Grace Manuel says:

    we ordered for a party. we ordered for 12.30pm pick up but now its 1:11pm the food is not ready! we have to wait and they are still going to cook it! Concord,Ave Cali Branch! no compensation

  • Eleanor Strandberg says:

    I live in Saddlebrook Ranch a Robson community in Oracle, AZ. Pederson Group developers are developing Frys Saddlebrook Market Place, Rob Bassett is chief operating officer for Arizona. The current population in this area is 40,000 and is expected to grow to 45,500 by 2026. It would be wonderful if you would put a Pandas Express in this Marketplace. Many in this community love Panda Express and have to drive many miles to find one. This would be an ideal location for you. Very little competition and lots of hungry people that don’t want to cook.
    Thank you for your attention.

  • Jeff S. says:

    This is concerning the Panda Express in North Canton, Ohio, the food is marginal at best, I’ve been there three times in the last two weeks and I won’t be going back, the temperature and flavor is inconsistent, one entrée might be very hot and the other just barely warm, last week I went back to replace two sides that were stale, today there were eight red chilis in my small portion of Kung Po chicken, if I order from another restaurant, a large only has 1-2 red chilis? The portions of entre to sides was not close

  • Charles A Hoyt Jr says:

    Corvallis Oregon location. Opens at 10:00 AM. NOT TRUE!. I was there at 9:57 AM. I made eye contact with 2 employees thru the window at 10:00, and they ignored me and continued preparing for the day. I door was finally opened at 10:02. There was only two entrees ready. I guess the customer and ontime opening, and preparedness is no longer the standard. I let them know they lost a customer, and took my business down the street. Well done Panda “NOT” Express.

  • Melissa miller says:

    We love Panda, but today was a bad experience. The restaurant opens at 10:30am according to the website and posting on the door. We are traveling so we were there at opening time (Gainesville location). We actually went out of our way to eat there. The door was looked but we seen 3 people working inside. We knocked on the door to find out what time they were opening, a look is all we got. We called 12 times. All we got is no answer or a quick pick up and hang up. After waiting 20 minutes we went next door to another restaurant. The treatment we received today was to say the least unprofessional. We would have been willing to wait if they were running behind. It’s just sad to know that these are the types of employees that are representing the brand.

  • charlie chang says:

    regarding contact of panda express for panda bandido–can also text 817.793.4678-charlie chang. thanks

  • charlie chang says:

    i have a restaurant panda bandido in fort worth, texas strip ctr. with a mexican supermkt. next door. how do i get panda EXPRESS INTERESTED TO BUY MY PLACE BEF PANDA bandido create a scene in the chinese fast food industry. who should i call. my name is charlie- cell 817.793.4678

  • My name is John Williams says:

    Are you guys ever going to open up a Panda Express here in Casper Wyoming please I’d like to know

  • Marty says:

    Sorry I should’ve said this in my message. This happened at the panda express in Hisperia California at Main and Escondido. And it was about five not three I’m sorry

  • Marty says:

    Today August 26, 2020. At 3:45 PM. We were ordering food for six people. We were having problems online. We contacted the location where we were going to pick it up. When we called we got mail employee who was very rude to begin with. We told him what our problem was. And his exact words were it’s not my problem. And hung up on us. So I tried calling back again a number of times I think it was like four times and the phone was busy so about 10 minutes later I called back and got through and I asked to speak with a manager and it turned out to be the same person his name was Alex. I go can I speak to the manager and he goes I am the manager I go well can I speak to another manager or the owner of the store and he and he said I am the manager I got a look I need to speak to someone else or can you give me the number to corporate. He goes I think you should contact corporate. And hung up on me again. I wish for corporate to read this and give me a call back

  • Joe Stockel says:

    I am strongly contemplating not doing future business with Panda after making repeated orders over a period of time and your stores have repeatedly not provided me with the larger plate I ordered. Instead I have repeatedly been given noticeably smaller portions in the 2 entree plate and received a tiny little 4 bite take out box each time with each recent order. I just visited the Roseville Lead Hill location and had my order for 3 meals ready to place on the online app. I asked the employee about the bigger plate on the menu in the store and on the Panda website. I wanted to know what it looked like. I had ordered it again on a recent order and did not receive the correct size plate. When I asked her to show it to me she told me there is no “larger plate”, that the bigger plate is actually the regular size plate with a small side-take out box. The facts are, my recent orders and meal portions compared to past meals purchased in the SF bay area, Vacaville and Napa county locations have been noticeably smaller making the overall experience and enjoyment negative aspects of doing business with Panda Express in my area a displeasure after observing the portions each time. These abbreviated portions were not what I paid for. I did not receive the meals I ordered. The franchise’s will not honor the order as it was placed with the portions that were paid for even after I paid the higher charge per plate. Am I to assume this is Panda Express’s new standard? If so I am requesting a full refund of my account gift card balance and you can delete my account. I know for a fact I can get a great dine in restaurant meal at a better cost for the amount of food per person I have received in more recent times from Panda Express. Based on the past service and quality of the food from Panda Express I am accustomed to I can clearly and factually state that I have not and will not become accustomed to or accept being shorted on my meals.

  • Robert says:

    Panda Express # 2276. In El Centro Ca 92243 Had the worst quality food served I’ve ever had.. Order#421535.. manager always has a problem an attitude when you talk to her regarding the food quality returned full order

  • DAVID MARKS says:

    Nellis bl las vegas, the moron who cooks there adds a spicey ? to the Orange chicken, Only at this location, I buy this item for a 3 year old, This is the second time this has happened, he needs guidence & stick to the recipe or go cook in another place, I’m extremely upset, David Marks 725 266 1366

  • Patricia Owen says:

    I ordered a big plate and the rice and Teriyaki chicken and egg cold rolls burnt

  • Sue says:

    Paid for food and it was given to someone else, I called told them, but I didn’t get anything, I paid for someone else food

  • Rick Miller says:

    Have you read any of your customers complaints are you kidding me your district managers your CEOs your CFOs have to be out of their freaking mind of how many dissatisfied customers there are with your company the employees that I interact with at your Costa Mesa store on harbor boulevard are the worst employees I have ever dealt with in my life I own four businesses I’ve tried to give them three opportunities every time I go there it is the rude obnoxious disgraceful condescending little brats that work for your company I will never ever go to your company for food again ever for the rest of my life it’s disgusting how you allow your employees to treat the customers I hope you guys fall

    • Starlette says:

      I feel you, Rick same in Modesto, Ca. It appears that none of their young employees do not go through any form of customer service training. The young generation has very poor work ethics.

  • Sharon says:

    Why do you offer “teriyaki” chicken on your menu when there’s no hint of teriyaki?! You used to put teriyaki sauce on the chicken. Now, you have to think to ask for sauce? It’s not even offered. WHAT?!! That’s crazy! No teriyaki on my chicken today!!!!

  • KC says:

    I go to the Panda Express in Collegedale TN, and usually spend $30+ EVERY TIME I go. I use the drive thru, and am always asked if I want to donate to this charity or that charity. While I can respect donating to charities, I think Panda Express should be donating a portion of each purchase, to charity, and not the customers. The cost of the food is already high, I think it would be a decent gesture, of Panda Express, to use a portion of THEIR profit for this. Just saying

  • Eric Wilson says:

    This afternoon I went into your Nampa,Id store,ordered honey walnut shrimp,I got walnut encrusted raw chicken,I hope you aren’t just trying to get a lawsuit,so,wtf???

  • Easter L Howard says:

    Location: 4120 196th Street SW Lynnwood, WA 98036

    Order#79811250-1849587 Amount$25.63

    The system shows this order as delivered. I never received this order. I demand a FULL REFUND in the amounnt of $25.63. This is blaton robbery!!!! I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied……

  • cody Kishpaugh says:

    Yes your manager of the California md location is closing the place early and denying customers service argue wit h me over 10 mins and im very dissatisfied I willnever be going back to a panda express with the stuff I went thru today with the company and I will be Redfern yalls busniess somewhere else

  • sue says:

    Ontario Oregon has rude staff and I had to ask them to put more chow mien in the plate, also half the food was not there got home the chow mien was stringy not good at all. The food was not like it used to be. I will never eat there again. They rush so fast it makes you feel so rush couldn’t think of what I wanted to eat.

  • Cynthia Stewart says:

    ticket 2325 &add on 2325 6/27/2020 3:42 pm ordered 3 meals got home I had just had a crown put on $1200.00 the rice was so old and hard it almost broke my tooth the chicken was all dried out it was hard as well !About $31.00 wasted on a meal we put in the trash This could have been a big deal had it brook that crown ,I was in the food service industry for over 40 years the meals we received left over from lunch ! I did call and talk with the manger Ramy i think that’s how its spelled he offered to replace meal’s I live 25 miles and didn’t want to drive all the way back to Lebanon so he said he had my name and would replace it anytime .Now as you can see i never claimed the meals I have a really bad taste in my mouth from that experience I never will eat at a panda express again lost customer that went there at least once a week found real oriental restaurant in Murfreesboro closer to my house ,Just wanted ya’ll to know this I am sure I am not the only mad & upset guest you have at this location ,thanks so much for your time Cynthia Stewart

  • Sam Dominguez says:

    I’m so upset that I was first of all mislead about pick up orders which I did order online via the app on my phone. I also paid online and I was told my food would be ready for pick up at 1:30pm ( which I ordered at 1:15pm) Sunday 7/5/20. I arrived at the location on Lee Trevino Dr. and I went up to the doors to pick up my order but all doors are closed and a sign on the door stating only drive thru was available. I called into the store and the manager instructed me to get in the long line of cars at the drive thru to pick up my order. I explained I had ordered online and my order was to be ready at 1:30. He confirmed my order and he again only instructed me to get in line. Now why would I have ordered online and pre-paid and still come and have to sit in with my car with everyone else in the drive thru? It doesn’t make sense! In fact, it defeats the purpose. Then I didn’t even get all the condiments and utensils in my order. I tried to write in a complaint 3 times on the app and it would not send, Then I tried to submit my complaint online via my laptop and again it would not send. I researched the Corporate number for Panda Express and found it but when I called no answer and no provision for leaving a message. They literally don’t want to hear any complaints but they want our money! I know it’s Sunday but fix your so called “Contact Us” applications. So this is my last resort to get my frustrated message across. My last attempt to get anything across to Panda or to do business with them again. I used to like them but the owner apparently doesn’t care.

  • Kila says:


  • DB says:

    I ordered three bowls one shrimp, teriyaki chicken, and orange chicken. I got home and the teriyaki sauce was missing, along with shrimp! I realized the mistake when I got home. So I went back to store #2081 and was treated with hostility by a manager who I could not understand with her Mexican accent. I only requested some shrimp and teriyaki sauce. The manager was very unprofessional and started to argue with me. I have never been treated with disrespect like I was today. And this location is in Farmington, New Mexico.

  • ShandaW says:

    I would not even call this pandas orange chicken sauce

  • ShandaW says:

    I was so excited when I went to the store and I seen pandas orange chicken sauce on the shelf and I can’t wait to get home to try it out and when I made it it was so nasty it had no comparison to the flavor of the panda orange chicken that they sell at the restaurants

  • dee Anna Montijo says:

    Came to Panda drive thru here in Cass Grande Az for my grand daughter she loves the teriyaki chicken ordered her the plate get home and the whole darn teriyaki chicken is burnt…ver very upsetting…you know this is the third time 1st time I was like they just open store so I’ll let it pass ..giving them a chance. 2nd time burnt called talked to management she just apologized I’m sorry need receipt but I never made it back over that way. 3rd time ok now it’s time to send message to corporate because this is too much. And I spend 9 bucks an order everytime..I do not understand how can they serve burnt chicken..if you look at it and just ask yourself would I eat .y chicken that burnt, if YOUR answer is NO, DO NOT SERVE IT LIKE THAT.. my grand daughter was really excited to see I ordered her, her favorite..

    To just see the look on her face that she had burnt chicken and not teriyaki chicken ..very upsetting..

    Can someone please fix this continued burnt teriyaki chicken please..

    I did speak with management jessica and she really had nothing to say but sorry I can replace order.. I want this fixed jessica…

    Thank you very much for reading my complaint but 3 times burnt chicken is little too much

  • Angel M Kirkham says:

    today at 11am 4 rice bowls. This is the 3rd time I have had issues. I always verify before I leave & always assured that all is taken care of. Customer care are always friendly but quality control is not there. I ordered new Spicy Chicken Breast (not spicy) w fried rice, orange chicken w fried rice, teriyaki chicken (asked for extra sauce, got NO SAUCE), Walnut Shrimp w white rice. ALL were overcooked, DRY as well as rice. I tried calling but no answer.

  • Steve Montgomery says:

    Tried several times to order Easter family online deal. Website wouldn’t take my credit card security code & therefore wouldn’t process my order. Local Panda Express said it’s an online only deal, so wouldn’t honor the discount.

  • Not Happy says:

    I went to Panda Express today in Prescott, AZ and was asked if I wanted to round up for the Covid 19 relief fund, I said NO. When I pulled away I happened to look at my receipt and they had rounded up my charge. I called them back and the Manager came on the phone I told her what had happened and told her that, that is not good practice and shame on them. She said this is the first I have heard of this and the gal must have misunderstood me when I said no. I highly doubt this was an isolated incident, I think I just happened to be one of those people that actually looks at my receipt. Although, she said I could come back and they would give it back to me, I now was back at work and really it wasn’t worth it to me to go back and sit through the drive thru line for that long for the change. It’s the principal! I also would like to know what is this COVID 19 relief fund and who is it really going to. I have always liked Panda but this really makes me upset, seems like this fund is not really legit.

  • Ford says:

    Re Panda Libre in Arizona: You are discriminating against a small business, whose logo is nothing like your corporate one. How dumb do you think we Arizonans are? We can tell the difference, and will go the the restaurant that serves the kind of food we like. I have previously been a customer at your establishments, but no longer–my family and I will not support your vicious actions.

  • Georgia Ames says:

    I have never been to a Panda Libre, but have been to Panda Express many, many times. I feel you should leave the Panda Libre alone.. thelogos look nothing alike. If they are forced to close down I, for one, will never go to a Panda Express again.

  • Ron says:

    Pittsburgh PA Waterworks location is terrible location, poor management, poor food. Never returning there. Needs new management and staff.

  • Badly servic says:

    San Ysidro outlet badly service last night, employee negative me white rice to menn

  • Sky says:

    Just wanted to inform that the manager at Panda Express in Michigan city is very rude and disrespectful. She’s cursing in front of customers and yelling at her workers this is not professional and needs some attention

  • >