Where is OYO Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: B-54, Golf Course Road, Suncity, Sector 54, Haiderpur, Golf Course Rd, Suncity, Sector 54, Haiderpur, Haryana 122011 India

  • Phone Number:
    +91 124 4887253

  • Email:

  • Number of Employees: 5,130

  • Established: 2012

  • Founder: Ritesh Agarwal

  • Key People: Aditya Ghosh

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OYO Headquarters Executive Team



Ritesh Agarwal

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Aditya Ghosh

CSR, Stakeholder Relationship Committee*

Bejul Somaia

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Dr. W. Steve Albrecht

Nomination & Remuneration, Audit*, Risk Management*, Stakeholder Relationship Committee

Troy Alstead

Nomination & Remuneration*,  Risk Management, CSR*, Audit Committee

Deepa Malik

CSR, Stakeholder Relationship, Risk Management, Audit Committee

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  • Abdul gaffar qureshi says:

    I am civil engineer and contractor

  • Renata says:

    I am extremely disappointed with OYO Hotel Hermiston OR, Downtown, 655 N 1st St, Hermiston, OR 97838, United States
    The room was half clean. The beds were clean, and the washroom garbage changed. The sink was dirty! The floor was disgusting. It was sticky dark. The garbage was full of leftovers and drinks cups.
    Due to the late hours, it was after 10 PM, we decided to take the garbage out and request the room to be cleaned the next day.
    Next morning (at 8am, when we left the hotel for the day), we gave a second chance and informed the situation to the receptionist, and asked to clean the room.
    By the end of the day, they haven’t cleaned our room.
    When I complained in the reception, they said the cleaning crew had left and we should wait for the next day. I asked for lysol wipes so I could clean the room by myself.
    Besides the lack of cleaning, the walls are thin as paper, and we can hear the noise of the other room shower. Even with earplugs, you still can feel the vibration of people walking around, and the music other guests were actually listening too loudly.
    They have a paper informing that due to maintenance, they were shutting the water off between 3 to 5 pm. It has been there for at least a month.
    We asked for a discount, considering I HAD TO CLEAN MY ROOM, they offered us an extra day with a lower rate. It sounds like a joke!

  • Dean H says:

    We travel on a regular basis and the cleanliness of this room was disgusting. We arrived late and the room had only been half cleaned. There was pop spilled on the floor, the garbages were not taken out, the sink and mirror had tooth paste on them. The bed was clean. In the morning we informed the front service desk of the lack of cleanliness and advised we would be out for the day. They apologized and said they are understaffed. When we arrived later that night we noticed that no cleaner had been to our room. We went back to the front desk to be told that the cleaning staff was no longer present. We requested cleaning supplies and cleaned the room our selfs because we couldn’t handle the filth. When we checked out the manager was not on site, we requested a discount because we had to clean our own room. The manager was called, he claimed there was nothing he could do about the price of our stay and offered us one additional night at a reduced rate. We declined this offer because we are traveling home. We will not stay at the OYO Hotels again.

  • Charlotte Wills says:

    I booked a room at The Waves Hotel Newport Or, for the date of July 22, 2023 arrival; leaving on July 23, 2023 for one night. I booked it the same day and was told I would need to pay for it within 2 hours or it would be cancelled, I paid for it while I was on the phone with the representative. I was than informed by the representative if I didn’t get to the property by 9:00 pm to check-in the reservation would be cancelled and because it was booked to be occupied that evening there would be NO refund. The room that was booked was for a double queen bed with ocean view, I had specifically inquired if there was an elevator since the property had more than one floor I was told it did have an elevator. When we arrived at the property I was informed the floor and the building the room I booked was on had no elevator. I was not told I could call customer service and request a refund the last I was told was there would be not refunds and my account had already been billed. If I could have afforded to move to a different property I would have. The booking agent misrepresented the property and provided me with false information which impacted my decision, and caused me unnecessary stress during my vacation.

  • Tammy Flowers says:

    The worst hotel I ever stayed in – out in kannapolis – the heater didn’t work – shower sucked an the office kept my 100$ I had to call police they recommended I take the hotel to court to recieve my deposit bac they said the owner was a crook an does this 5-6 times a week he keeps peoples deposite for no reason

  • Shahnawaz dalvi. says:

    I am joint oyo .company.

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