Where is Oscar Mayer Corporate office Headquarters

Oscar Mayer Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2099 Roth St, Madison, WI 53704, USA
  • Phone Number: 608-241-3311
  • Fax Number: 608-242-6108
  • Email: ir@kraftheinzcompany.com
  • Number of Employees: 416
  • Established: 1883
  • Founder: Oscar F. Mayer
  • Key People: Oscar G. Mayer Jr.

Oscar Mayer Headquarters Location & Directions

Oscar Mayer Headquarters Executive Team



Oscar G. Mayer Jr.


About Oscar Mayer, History and Headquarters Information

Oscar Mayer was founded in the year 1883. The company has been active for almost 136 years now. The founder of the company was Oscar F Mayer. In the year 1883, Mayer and his brother Gottfried leased the Kolling Meat Market on the near-northside of Chicago, USA. By the year 1900, the company had 43 employees and Chicago-wide delivery service as well. In the year 1906, the company was among the first to volunteer to join the newly created federal meat inspection program. Then in the year 1919, the company had purchased a new processing plant as well. In the year 1981, the company was sold over to General Foods, which was again merged with Kraft Foods, in the year 1989. In the year 2001, the company was transformed into a limited public entity as well. As of the year 2015, the owner of the company, known as Kraft Heinz, had announced that it would move the Oscar Mayer headquarters and the company's USA meats business from Madison to Chicago, USA. As of the year 2017, it was reported that the company would be spending almost $10 million to reinvent the hot dog for a more health-conscious consumer, which can boost sales up by almost 6 per cent.

Oscar Mayer is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of processed meat to its customers in the USA. The current president of the company is Oscar G Mayer Jr. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 400.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of processed meat, that are manufactured, stored and sold by the company itself. The company is very well known for its hot dogs, bologna, bacon, ham and Lunchables products as well.

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  • Ron Christian says:

    Has Oscar Meyer quit making turkey bologna?

  • Sharon Grant says:

    Hello, I wanted to take a minute to comment on your Oscar Mayer hotdogs. I used to love the hot dogs bed and regular. I recently bought a pack of the angus dogs and they were, in a word, terrible. They were greasy, mealy, and the flavor was awful.
    I thought well it the angus hot dogs they just were not good. Our local Kroger ran a sale on the regular ones so I bought several packages. I thought I would freeze some and put a couple packs (cheese and beef) in the refrigerator for lunch. I heated a couple of the cheese ones and they were the same as the angus. Greasy and mealy with a horrible taste. So a couple days later I tried the beef dogs and they were just as bad.
    I haven’t bought hotdogs for a while and was completely floored by how bad they were.
    Have you changed the recipe? If so, you need to go back to the original recipe.
    Thanks for you time and please fix the hotdogs back to the way they were because they used to be the best you could buy.

  • Ila says:

    So sad to see the use of a demon possessed child to sell you products. So tell me who in their right mind thinks this is good advertising? You lost my family as customers.

  • Maryellen Bery says:

    I am not giving my cc# for 1$ to answer a simple question 😠

  • Mike Guenther says:

    Angus all beef hot dogs are skinnier than normal. 6 weeks ago, they were more plump. What happened? They are expensive enough. I have been your customer for over 75 years. I am from SE Iowa.

  • Cheryl M. says:

    We have been buying your products for years and years. Anyway, I buy your Subway Kits for lunches all the time, but considering not doing it again. I buy the Ham and smoked Turkey. I was making my husband his sandwich and discovered the turkey slices were so thin that they came apart in little pieces and you couldn’t get a whole slice. I knew things were getting bad regarding food supply but this is totally ridiculous. Not only did the price go up but the quality was terrible. I also quit buying Buddig? because it was moldy meat long before the date used and was new. Are all the food companies having the do not care attitude lately? Several brand names have been having issues and never reply to comments. Shameful. I hope and pray you are not one of them. Thank you

  • Tammy says:

    I use to buy the Oscar Meyer maple bourbon bacon and now they quit selling it in the stores, why, if you want customers to be happy and buy your products then let it the stores order it and stop discontinuing the products, bring them back

  • Sherry Norfleet says:

    I don’t know if you have a quality control, but as I see it you do not. For the past 3 weeks I have brought the Mega Thick Cut Bacon and when I opened the bacon I should brought Center Cut Bacon I do not like center cut bacon I want thick cut bacon if I wanted thin bacon I would buy it but I only like thick cut bacon I wish the company could make sure if the package has thick bacon in the package. I am not able to go to the store to pick out my bacon so I have to rely on someone else but like I said if the package says THICK then it should be thick bacon plus with the price of bacon you should be able to be able to get what you pay for. This is to let you know what has been going on and I hope that something can be done. Thank you, Sherry Norfleet

  • Kevin says:

    I enjoyed the 2022 commercial with the chorus I was thinking how about having them sing the Oscar Mayer song 68 year customer 4 children nine grandchildren enjoying your hot dogs all the time keep them coming

  • Gloria says:

    how long can raw bacon stay refrigerated

  • Jasmine says:

    Can you ship liver cheese?

  • Phillip Jamie mcpeek says:

    Don’t get there hotdogs they have poisend my mom she is a cancer survivor and is know in the hospital with bad food poison

  • Diane Simmons says:

    your current commercial showing a little girl with demon eyes I find offensive. Why would you want to show a child in that manner. So much hate is going around in this country now showing a child in this manner is not acceptable. Please consider stopping this commercial. I have never complained about a commercial before but this one accepts me.

  • John Doe says:

    Hello I have seen your latest commercials and think they are disturbing . You have a possessed child and a person sandwich are you kidding me

  • Larry Jones says:

    Do you still market butcher cut hickory smoked bacon ?

  • ROBERT BROWN says:

    why do you no longer sell liver cheese? the crap that Morell sells is worthless.

  • Ellen M Ryan says:

    You guys best try to keep the sodium low. I had to throw out 4 bucks worth of Deli Fresh Ham because there was so much sodium in it, we couldn’t eat it. That is a damn shame and now I have to try your rost beef. I might be really angry then.

  • Brian Baker says:

    Could someone please look into making bun length cheese hot dogs. Cheese dogs are too short always have extra bun left. Thanks

  • David Ridgeway says:

    That beef bologna sucks used to be good and they better get it right or I ain’t buying no more make it like you used to fool

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