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  • Address: NW – Suite A, 1400 Marietta Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 877-688-7831

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 10,000

  • Established: 1901

  • Founder: Otto Orkin

  • Key People: Gary Rollins (chairman)

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Orkin Headquarters Executive Team



Eugene A. Iarocci


Harry J. Cynkus

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Gary W. Rollins

Director, Chief Executive Officer of Rollins Inc and President of Rollins Inc

About Orkin, History and Headquarters Information

Orkin was founded in the year 1901. The company has been active for almost 118 years now. The founder of the company was Otto Orkin. The company had become a wholly-owned subsidiary when it was purchased by Rollins in the year 1964. The company had held research partnerships with universities around the country and with organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dating back to the year 1990 for pest biology research and pest-related disease studies as well. The company has been ranked on Training Magazine’s Top 125 list for its training programs since the year 2002. During the 1990s, the company had developed and introduced a number of new pest control techniques and products that often improved the effectiveness of treatments while reducing the number of chemicals used as well. From the year 1997 to the year 2001, a lot of changes happened inside the company, in order to improve sales, customer retention and employee training, as well as to further streamline and modernize the Orkin business model as well. The headquarters of the company is based in NW – Suite A, 1400 Marietta Blvd NW. The name of the place is Atlanta, while the name of the state is Georgia, USA. The pin code is 30318.

Orkin is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of residential and commercial pest control services, to its customers in the USA. The current chairman of the company is Gary Rollins. As of the current date, the total number of employees working in the company is more than 8000.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to obtain various kinds of residential and commercial pest control services, that are offered by the company itself.

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  • Estella Q. says:

    I want to acknowledge Heather Zauner
    at hzauner@rollins.com Orkin Pest Control
    Home Services Inspector. She met with me today for an inhome visit here in California I was completely impressed with her professionalism and level of customer care.
    I am currently being treated for stage 4 ovarian cancer. She took her time with me and answered all my questions and concerns. She explained a plan of action and understood I’m on a very limited budget, she didn’t pressure me at all. She worked hard to get me the soonest appointment possible because of my cancer treatment schedule.
    Heather was very patient with me. She exceeded my expectations. I would like the company to acknowledge her as an exceptional employee. You have an employee that helps Orkin thrive by understanding that it is imperative how you interact with the community.
    Please be sure you do something nice to acknowledge her she’s truly exceptional.
    Thank you kindly,
    Estella Q.

  • Carolyn says:

    We entered into a service contract to have a full house exclusion to keep out mice. It hasn’t worked, we had mice enter the house in the fall and winter. I called Orkin to come out to see where the mice were entering the house, they did but didn’t do anything to fix the problem or send a service report identifying the problem. I called again to see the status of the visit, first they said no one came out, then they said he did come out and would schedule the service for two weeks later. They just called me again and rescheduled for another two weeks in the future. So it’s been almost two months, I’ve had to set my own traps and ORKIN does nothing. I will file a complaint with the Attorney General.

  • deborah cantu says:

    We had a technician Jessie Reyes come out to treat our home for mice.The service performed was extremely insufficient job . For example his flashlight wasn’t even working.. I called and complained to customer service rep. Emily I was told, he would come back out with more outside traps and foam to seal, which was not done. All that was done was placing a few glue traps around which I had already done. I am totally disgusted with this company and rest a sure I will let let everybody I know NOT to use this company.. I had orkin worst experience ever. Cancel my contract.

  • Anabel Delgado says:

    I’ve been taken advantage of and have been misled. The way I see this looks like a fraud scheme. As I research more I see I’m not the only person who feels this was. When I originally signed up for Orkin, my service was for three years, and the service supplied stated that Orkin would visit at least once a year. However, Orkin has only visited maybe once to perform any kind of service. Not only that, but every time you call to schedule a visit, there are problems. They are either running late or unavailable, and you always get the runaround about how they will call us back, which never happens. What sort of company do you own?My contract and the date Orkin arrived for service are attached. Furthermore, they conducted an inspection in June 2023, after which we never heard from Orkin again. Another appointment scheduled Dec 6th no one shows up or calls. Once they reached out associate said they are running late and come, what king of business is this.

  • Chris Bonfiglio says:

    I see from other comments, my problem with Orkin us much the same. Poor communication and coordination from local Elmsford branch. After 20 years of service, we are looking for a new vendor. When discussing with branch, they simply told me to have a nice day and hung up

  • Pam says:

    We have had a contract with Orkin in the Huntsville area for over 10 years. We have been paying for mosquito and ant treatments and have not seen any results. I have notified the office, was promised someone would come out to re-treat. No one came out, no one called. I have since contacted the office four times and asked to have Brad Hill return my call. NO ONE has returned my call. I would appreciate a call from your corporate office.

  • Michelle says:

    I have attempted to contact Orkin several times. Orkin took on the job to take care of my home, which was paid in full with a one year warranty. Orkin does not return phone calls. I have left several messages, also left messages with corporate and was told I would receive a phone call back within 72 hours. To date, did not receive a phone call back. I am EXTREMELY UNSATISFIED WITH YOUR COMPANY! The lack of communication, promises that are not kept, work that is not completed. I would like corporate to contact me to discuss this matter prior to me taking an further legal action. Your sales representative was very unprofessional and your whole team at my location is horrible.

  • Erica says:

    I am doing everything I can to contact the orkin employee who struck my vehicle /07/29/2023 and fled the scene. I could not get a plate number to exchange information but i have a photo of the damaged vehicle and the man who was driving the orkin truck. I called the corporate office and gave my name to a representative. So Orkin should already have my contact information. I called them the time of the accident still haven’t heard anything from anyone

  • Chris says:

    Why can’t employees have goatee
    It’s 2023 , I never wear a respirator doing residential PC… many, many other PC companies let employees have facial hair… when will we????? Come on

  • John and Pat says:

    We cancelled our service well over a year ago. They showed up unexpectedly last week to do a treatment. I explained we had canceled and he called his boss…he drilled me on why, not pleasant but said they would remove us. Now today we received a bill for service. This company sucks!

  • Sherryl says:

    I made an appointment with Orkin store # 209 on Friday, June 16, 2023. As I spoke to the young lady I could hear kids in the background, so I gathered she worked from home. I made an appointment for Monday between 4-6 for and inspection for refinancing with the VA. I work 40 miles from my job so I decided to just take the full day off and wait for the technician at 4. At about 5:30 I called Orkin to find out about my scheduled appointment and the young lady (may be a different one) confirmed my appointment. She told me to call back if no one was there by 6:00 pm. Well, I called back at 6:00 pm and of course they could not help me because the central office was closed for the day. I called to try and reschedule the appointment for today (Tuesday) and was told that Orkin does not provide the type of inspection I needed for customers that did not have an account with them. All fine and dandy–but why didn’t the young women answering the phones know this information? Why didn’t someone in management check the appointment and give me a common courtesy call to say we don’t provide this service. No phone call –nothing! This is poor training, poor management, a lack of pride and disregard of others. The manager (Derrick Spearman) just kept saying sorry. Sorry does not compensate for my time and energy.

  • Leeya says:

    e have neighbors who moved in over a year ago. They are not so clean. Now their pest comes into our townhome. We receive service every other month, but no matter what, we have pests. We are disgusted and fed up. We will be looking for another company

  • Gabrielle and Robert Billman says:

    Absolutely HORRIBLE service in central IL. We have bats and the bugs that come with them. They gave us an estimate to clean out all of our attic spaces and re-insulate them (with treated insulation)and also treat the bugs. Once they came out and did all the insulation stuff it is like they have dropped the ball on us. Bats are still continuing to get into our attic spaces and our living quarters. We are still seeing bugs in our second floor spaces as well. Every time I call now it seems only one specific person is to deal with our case, and guess what, he is never in. I will not continue to pay for a service that is not even trying to take care of our issues. I suggest Orkin step up their game soon or I will be seeking legal service.

  • Jose lopez says:

    They rip u off don’t do if

  • Mary Beth Gill says:

    We live in mid Missouri at the lake of the Ozarks. We first contacted Orkin because we found carpenter ants in the kitchen. A service man came out and we bought a service plan. They sent a technician out and the ants were removed. A few months later, the ants were back. Since we had purchased a 5 year contract with these people, we called for service again. We were told that we had to pay an additional $600 since what we had coverage for was termites, not carpenter ants even though that is exactly what our contract stated and there has never been any sign of termites. Well, they let us know that they were doing us a big favor in taking care of the ants a second time at their expense, actually spraying and laying down bate that was not done the first time around. A week later the tech showed up at 7:30 in the morning unannounced to do the work. Since then we have not seen anyone on a regular basis. We officially have not had any service since 2020. In September of this year a service man showed up, again unannounced and checked all the traps. He did no paperwork. Last week two other techs showed up also unannounced doing damage not only to our property but our neighbors as well. They first started down the wrong driveway. Realizing their error, they backed up and put their truck in a storm ditch, crumbling the culvert pipe that our neighbor put in two summers ago, broke a post that was painted bright orange letting people know that there was a storm ditch there. Once they got the truck out of the ditch, they came into our driveway spraying gravel and making deep, long ruts in the drive itself. My husband told then to leave which they did. Meanwhile, we called the Columbia Missouri office to let them know what these guys did and the damage they caused. Of course a manager was supposed to call us, he never did. We are in our 70’s and our neighbor is near 80 and we are fixing the damage ourselves because we want it done right. Digging post holes and setting new posts, unbending steel culvert pipe, shoveling and raking gravel is hard work for people half our age! Our contract is up this coming June and we can’t wait to be rid of these low lifes. Poor communication, poor representation, poor to non existent service. This was a $3000 lessen learned! Expensive for people on a fixed income. Orkin, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  • Jessica Voorhies says:

    So it seems like from reading everyone’s posts that work is really getting out of control. I have been with Orkin for the past five years and my bill has never changed all of a sudden this past month. My bill went up without any notice then the technician when he came out, only sprayed the outside and not the inside which is what I had already agreed-upon in the contract, when contacting customer service I was told there’s nothing that I can do and I would just have to pay it. I’m gonna be seeking legal advice because this is a agreement that was made between me and Orkin, and in order for an agreement to be changed it has to be mutual and agreed-upon, and I have never agreed to have my bill changed or was I ever informed.

  • Donna Schnautz says:

    Can someone in your organization please tell me how to contact your customer service? I have spent $48,000 to eliminate and control termites and cannot get my year service Without multiple changes, excuses and can not get a manager to talk to me.

  • Heaven Bennett says:

    I used this company for some home pest issues I had. I started getting behind in my payments and I called to cancel services so I could get caught up. Jessie with the Daleville, In store advised that they didn’t need to cancel my service to get caught up. I could just pay when I could. No problem, right? No, I was still behind. 3 payments, actually. Life has literally happened. I called and asked them to stop sending someone so I could get paid up. They said they couldn’t send anyone anyway until I paid. great. I told them I would call and pay just as soon as I could, and it may be a month or two before I could get paid up. Still, no problem. I swiped my debit card once with this company… the very first time they came out. I did NOT sign up for auto pay. I expressed to both Jessie and my technician that I did not want auto pay as I was in a tight financial situation. A month ago, Orkin took out a payment from my account without my authorization. And then today they took out TWO MORE without my approval. I called and, of course, Jessie answered. She then informed me that my account is on autopay and that I had set it up.Excuse me, I absolutely did NOT set up autopay. I don’t even have an ORKIN account and if I had autopay, the money would’ve been removed every single month it was due. Instead of being behind, I would’ve been paid up with them. She proceeds to argue with me that auto pay continues trying to take the money until the funds are there and then it’s processed. That is not how autopay works for anyone.And two, my bank account isn’t bare dry, so those payments would’ve been processed. The very point is that they manipulated my account to apparently set up auto pay without my consent most recently and processed 3 payments without my authorization. And of course, she couldn’t provide me a number to corporate, nor provide me a manager as appropriate, because they’re in meetings until tomorrow. I want these payments reversed or refunded. I am aware that I owe this money. But that is my debt and burden to bear. And I plan to take care of it accordingly, but it is illegal to hold on to my card information that was swiped for a specific payment without my approval. and process payments from my bank account without my authorization. This is absolutely ridiculous. And I will be looking into this legally.

    To add: Jessie interrupted the managerial meeting apparently to get approval to reverse 2 of the charges. However there was a third payment from 10/2/22 that was not refunded because she said it was 30 days ago but it wasn’t . Today is Oct 26th. That payment was processed without my knowledge and I want it refunded/reversed as well.

  • JAMES Herb FRALEY says:

    I am very unhappy with Orkin. We were lied to and mislead. And got nothing fixed. At a cost of almost $8,000. How does a company this big get away with Scamming so many people??

  • Melaine sarullo says:

    I want a phone phone call back !!I got robbed from you job not done no call back sub par service !!! Took me for 400 dollars and had a other derives have to come back to do job !!

  • Bruno & Donna Ybarra says:

    Hello I am a customer okin is supposed to treat the whole house and it is not being done they only treat where the bug are at had a orkin guy from Pittsburgh location to do a yearly spray of the house this guys told me he could not do this and that I paid over 8,000 dollars for this service and I expect to get my money worth still waiting on orkin Pittsburgh to call back they treat the whole house like I was told when we decided to go orkin.
    We need help

  • Amanda Allen says:

    The Orkin location in Sweetwater, TN (423) 337-3811, had a driver scheduled to come to 114 Mason Hill Rd., Madisonville, TN for Maxine Cole today between 12-2. He showed up at 11:00am and I had opened the front door waiting on him to come inside. He never exited his truck. He sat in the driveway for a few minutes then left and never came back. We called the location and were informed that this driver had called them and said the dogs had ran up on him so he left. The dogs were locked up inside of a kennel outside on this property this entire time, unable to even get out of the kennel. There are no animals period running around loose on this property either. I am HIGHLY dissatisfied in this company right now. I’ve NEVER had this issue nor have I ever had an Orkin driver lie to corporate starting these dogs ran up on them. I’ve had these dogs inside the house before in their crates and Orkin still came inside. This is absolutely ridiculous and the fact that I literally stayed here all morning waiting on him pisses me off that this happened. I fully expect something to be done and someone to contact me and make this right.

  • Maria says:

    By far the absolute WORST in every single aspect!!! I’ve experienced horrible customer service, no shows, mangers don’t return calls, and I seriously think they are spraying water because I continually see spiders. WORST! WORST! WORST!!!!! Waste of $$$$$

  • Wayne Meyer says:

    It is amazing the amount of complaints I’m reading and yet I’m not surprised as I too got taken. We had bed bugs and paid $4000 to have t TV he whole hose heated. My wife and I are in our 80s and the prep work prior to the heating was very tiring.
    2 weeks after the treatment they were back, just a few, but they multiply. We bought a new mattress to assure we were rid of the pests. 6 months later they are back again. This was confirmed after Orkin came out. I asked about warranty and found out there is none!! To make matters worse they changed my credit card for the call without my approval.
    I would not recommend this company

  • Lance Richter says:

    If you’re looking for pest control, DO NOT use Orkin…that’s the main point of this post and if you care to read on I’ll explain why. We’ve lived in Bossier City LA for 11 years now and have never had a pest problem. I always sprayed my yard with Cutter Backyard Bug Control and used ORTHO Home Defense around the perimeter of the house, all openings and inside. I guess I just got lazy and decided to throw away $30 per month and use Orkin Professional services instead of my own tried and true methods. We signed up for Orkin’s pest control exactly 1 year ago and last month (July 2022) we had an ant and wasp problem. Orkin initially came out (August 2021) and sprayed the interior and perimeter of the home and then returned on a quarterly basis to treat the perimeter of the home with the guarantee if we ran into any pest problems they would come out and spot treat for free. We called them the 1st part of July 2022 and informed them we had a bunch of ants around our kitchen sink. Orkin responded and put some ant bait around the sink area and told us to leave them alone and not do anything for a week and let the ants take the poison to kill the colony. After a week we still had ants, Orkin returned and put down more ant bait and didn’t do anything for another week. We called and complained once again that we had ants and now wasps in our home, the Orkin technician immediately respond and put down 3 different baits all around our kitchen area and we had to wait another week. Now eventually a person gets tired of calling and complaining about the same thing and begins to wonder if this is worth the $30 per month for these professional services and elevates the issue higher in the chain of Orkin command. So far, the best excuse I’ve been given for the ant problem is “Well it’s hot outside and they’re trying to get in where it’s cool”. Now, I can’t exactly blame the ants for that but again living in LA for 11 years it gets hot every summer and we’ve never had a problem before the Orkin Pest Control Professionals took over. I called Orkin and let them know I will be discontinuing my service agreement with them. Naturally they asked why so I explained and the representative asked if I’d mind if a manager contacted me, I said “I’d love to speak with a manager”. A manager calls me back and I explained the situation to him. He informed me that he is the regional manager and would be in Natchitoches LA (about 60 miles away) on 9 August and he would drive up to assess the situation for himself if that would be OK. Absolutely perfect, maybe now something we will get done…NOPE…we set up a time that day for between 3 and 4 pm for him to come. I took off work an hour early to meet him at the home and what do I get… A NO SHOW, no call, no notification whatsoever. I again call Orkin and tell them to immediately ensure my service is canceled and I request a manager to call me…WELL, that never happened so here I am writing this complaint to email whoever I can find at Orkin, plaster to my 1200+ friends on Facebook, post on our neighborhood Facebook page to 900 households and let the couple of hundred folks that I work with on Barksdale Air Force Base know about Orkin’s Professional Services. I will no longer be “BUGGING” Orkin about this and will battle these tiny creatures myself or use another service provider. Y’all have a great day!

  • Wanda Ransom says:

    Tried calling Orkin in Memphis for a call to Doreen regarding a wasp problem my daughter and her infant were experiencing today. She was scheduling a technician afer 4pm, yet no one showed up. The number associated with that location transferred me to an agent that could not help as did a different number. Are there any working American numbers for Orkins located stateside? My daughter and her infant were isolated without food due to a wasp infestation in the interior of their home after Orkin sprayed last week. Initially, there were a few dead wasps found around the home. Now, they are alive and flying, disabling them in their home. Please help!

  • KaCi says:

    Everyone seems to be having the same problems, because it’s not just in Florida but Oklahoma. I’ve got family members that work for them, and well they don’t treat the employees any better than they do the customers. It’s so sad, I’ve reported them to the Labor Board and to Corporate officers but still no word.

  • Reina says:

    I am so disappointed with the service I want Corprate office … there is no reason why my daughter should still have ants after them coming out three times to supposedly fix the problem… $500 should of taken care of the problem… there are ants now crawling on my grandson this is totally unacceptable … I feel like I want a refund if you can’t get rid of the ants like promised… someone needs to reach out to me for sure

  • Carlos says:

    I am a customer of Orkin, I recently moved and have been trying to get someone to come to my new house. No one calls me back. Ive left several voicemails. Very disappointed in this company.

  • Timothy says:

    your Coolville TN office is trying to overbill me I’m on a two month billing cycle they billed almost 30 days early and gave a lame excuse it is still within the same month of service just think if the banks told you you had to pay them every first and last of month because it was within the same month lol not getting any satisfaction so far looks to me the personnel at that office are up to no good to bad the service tech was a good guy .To bad the office personnel are trash .and incompetent or scammers so unless they get fired and investigated I will not get your service and I will advise others to do so as well



  • Liz says:

    To say I’m disappointed with the lack of communication and customer service from your South Florida offices is an understatement.Yesterday, we had an appointment range from 2-4:00pm est. At 4:30, I called the office at 954.456.3333 and inquired about the technician and missing our appointment (which by the way is a waste of my time). The representative stated that he wasn’t coming. Naturally, I wanted to know why we weren’t information of the change. Needless to say, I asked to speak to a Supervisor and none where available but I was assured that someone would get back to me later in the day. Today is Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 and I called 954.456.3333 because I didn’t receive a call from a supervisor the day before as promised. Again, I spoke with the same rep to get a supervisor and was again advised no one was in the office. The rep asked for my address then advised that a tech was scheduled to service sometime in the today. I asked what time and she said a range hadn’t been specified but it will be at the discretion of the tech. What kind of dog and pony company are you running? I realize that Covid has put a damper in every industry with manpower but it does not excuse the lackadaisical attitudes and lack of communication. How can an appointment be rescheduled without the consent of the customer? This is not the first time this behavior has occurred with your techs in the 33025 and 33027 zip codes. South Florida has a large hispanic population and most are from other countries – cool! Since they are unequipped to function in an American workforce it becomes the responsibility of the company to train its employees of the American way of customer service. The nonchalant practices of other countries won’t cut it in the States. This has created an UNPROFESSIONAL and UNACCEPTABLE environment!!! As of today, I have cancelled my contract and am willing to pay more with your competitor than put up with this nonsense another day. Lastly, my social media platform will put the word out to bypass your company.

    • Deborah says:

      I feel like most of your message applies to my issues also. I hope that someone follows up and addresses the customers needs. Word of mouth is pretty powerful!

  • Jennifer says:

    On March 12 2022 Orkin came out to treat my house for bugs Anthony came out sprayed and used bait he said in 2 weeks we will be back and spray again due to the fact when we set up the appointment Orkin never said anything about clearing out all the cabinets and there would be no fee so Orkin came out 3 weeks later the person you sent out on April 1 2022 only sprayed the downstairs never used the bait and gel then in he is placed Rodents traps down stairs where my dog could get into and he placed 4 rodent traps upstairs where I keep my cats then you charged my card $100.05 when there was to be no charge telling me I have to wait 3-5 business days for my refund then I asked for someone to come back out to spray my upstairs and I was told by Dave at the Amherst location if they send out someone out that would take care of the $100.05 that I was charged Orkin you breeched the contract want a full refund of my $158 plus the $100.05 that I was charged I am not satisfied with Working shotty work I am writing on a letter to the Attorney General BBB Business Bureau the news social media I will make sure Orkin goes out of business due to to Orkin breeches their contracts and does shotty work remember the customer is always right

  • S. Garner says:

    I am a customer of your Waldorf Maryland Orkin store. This letter is to complain service of this office. I previously had service with this office a few years back. I discontinue the service because the Orkin man would never show up but I was being charged every month as if I was receiving service. I decided to give a second chance and restarted the service in September 2021 and it’s the same old thing. The gentleman came out initially in September for initial service and I have not seen him again until January 17, 2022. I had written an email to the office and I received a email from Mr. Infanzon and he stated he would give me a call to explain my contract. I don’t need an explanation of my contract because I know what the contract says. I’m being charged every month and no one ever comes to my house. As a matter fact I had a dead mouse in my house and called for someone to come by and no one did. I ended up taking it out myself. What’s the point of having a service if I’m going to have to do it myself? The gentleman shows up to my door today (17 January) without a scheduled appointment. He called on the 17th and says he’s outside, when I told him he I was not available he said he would service the outside. So it occurs to me this is how they do business. The service rep will show up at random unscheduled times and will treat the outside and I get charge for it. This is occurred when I had the service before. This is a horrible way of doing business. I have asked politely to discontinue the service because I refuse to continue paying for this services I am not receiving. I will continue to file complaints with Orkin, Better Business Bureau and whom ever until this contract is terminated. In addition, I would also like to be refunded for the months I’ve been charged and didn’t receive service.

  • Walt Schroff says:

    I called orkin from reputation. They came out, treated for wood roaches. Bugs would slow down for a few days. 5 times they came out. I complained it’s not resolving the issue. They sent a senior tech out. He solution is to spend $8000 to resolve the problem. Rewrap the foundation walls. New barrier and new insulation. Then continue to have them continue to treat the bugs. On a fixed income I can’t afford this. Sounds to me like a cheap sales trick. Would not recommend orkin at all.

  • Michele Ogilvie says:

    after almost 30 years of service with Orkin I have had the absolute disrespectful service today. The website boasts about training but this was such a disrespectful service. I have not seen pest control treatment like this in 20 years. The “technician” was sloppy in administering the poison(pesticide/bug spray) in my kitchen. Had I not been there I wonder what more harm would have been done. I am so disappointed in the sloppy careless and uncaring manner in which service was provided. In the 21st century there just has to be a better way and I am going to find it. I don’t think Orkin is part of the future care of my home and it was obvious to me that care for the customer’s health and safety is NOT a priority. Additionally, care for the planet is probably not on the list. Orkin may have survived the 20th century but it is obvious to me that care for HUMAN public health has not been updated and communicated as an interest or balance to this companies bottom line. This is shameful.

  • Bradley Suchecki says:

    ORKIN IS RIPPING ME OFF! Signed contract for every other month service and my card was billed every month Bluffton SC Office is a complete joke and office manager will not call me back after several attempts… So they not only over changed the sent bill for payment and it was way more than the agreement …. ORKIN is a total rip NEVER NEVER WOULD I RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICE .

  • FM says:

    Based on reviews below, Orkin seems to repeat the same response over and over. They Give you appt. for same day, you leave work half day to be home for the appt. time. half hour after appt time they TEXT to call them to reschedule. I was given 3 different reasons why they could not be at my house. Customer service again is not existent.

  • Dr.Shelby Evans & Kenneth McMillan says:

    I truly wish i could submit fotos and a video we took of the horrific services rendered in Panama by Orkin!!! I ASSURE YOU TOP MGMT WILL BE EMBARRASSED KNOWING ORKIN BRAND NAME IS BEING RIPPED APART BY SOME CLUELESS IDIOTS IN Coronado, Republic of Panamá! Mind you Coronado Bay is a very exclusive neighborhood and Orkins services my neighbors are even bitching about the inferior services rendered! You guys really need to distance yourselves from them prior to us doing a MAJOR MEDIA BLITZ ON ORKIN CORONADO MALL office in Republic of Panamá! Please plz have someone contact us asap!!! thx

  • Dr.Shelby Evans & Kenneth McMillan says:

    Hello… i’m reaching out for assistance hoping to speak with someone regarding Orkins services rendered in Republic of Panamá, Coronado Bay area. We have no idea how to file a complaint with someone whose guna assist with resolutions. We have ample pictures to backup our complaint as you guys to PROTECT YOUR BRAND SHOULD FOLKOW THIS CASE VERY CLOSELY

  • Leana says:

    Horrible customer service, non-existent follow up, irresponsible service reps and all around frustrating experience.

  • Tiffany says:

    We called on yesterday, July 28, 2021, due to an emergency bee problem. The representative (Al J) gave us an appointment for the next day July 29th between 10 AM – 12 PM. My Mother made arrangements with her office to be off on today (Day of expected service as provided by your representative) for the service to be rendered. Wellll… at 10:41 AM, I received a TEXT message stating that the service could not be provided on today, and would 8:00 AM tomorrow, July 30th be better for us.

    I called to speak with a rep regarding this because we had made arrangements for this service to be done, and now on the day AND after the timing we cannot be served. I was sent to the scheduling department where I was informed that the call center reps do not have access to the schedules and that she was sorry about our inconvenience with this matter. I asked how was it possible for the call center rep to give an appointment time, but they do not have access to the “actual” schedule?

    She stated that they can only provide an estimated timeframe, but once it is sent over to the actual location scheduler, the appointment isn’t confirmed until they receive it.

    I informed her that was not a good business practice, and that should be looked into. I demanded that our payment information be taken off file as well as receiving that confirmation via email. Now we are left with bees, which can be harmful not only to us, but also to our puppy dog.

    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!! We should be compensated for the time that we had to take off from our offices due to being informed by your rep that we had a scheduled appointment.

  • M.W. says:

    I am the son of Mildred Sneed who lives in Smithville, GA. Z. Golden a representative from Rollins has forged my Mother’s signature. We hope to resolve this issue without going to court.
    Please contact me at gaaapjustice@gmail.com

  • Linda says:

    On 5/24/21, I was given an appointment by Melissa for an inspector to come out on 5/29 between 8-10 am. At 10:30 I had to call because no one showed up or called. Spoke with Kevin who said give me 2-3 minutes to find out what is going on. Next, Kimberly came on the phone and asked how she could help. Next, Danielle came on the line and told me that I was a lead I had no appointment but she could schedule an inspector to come out on 6/4. Told her that was unacceptable and she said sorry, enjoy your weekend.

  • frank says:

    i have been trying to make an appointment for service for two weeks . i keep being put on hold and no one gets back on the line.

  • Rhonda Morris-Iriart says:

    Your commercial of young lady in bathtub with caption of she’ll not have any air wig wiggling between her legs….really? Disgusting. You just lost a customer.

  • Barbara Powell says:

    This is my first complaint and I have one regarding service and product, I was having a problem with the Miami Lakes office. Contacted them to get someone to come out to treat for termites, they sent Peter out to inspect and schedule treatment, they had time to treat same day (thought now that is service – WRONG. A couple of months after, found termites, and sawdust called and Peter came out again, he said I must not have cleaned up after treatment (that made me furious). Then it got to where he wouldn’t return my calls. The first of July started to see wings and swarms so I called the office and spoke to Janet, said I wanted to talk to a manager and she checked to see id Melvin was available, he was not. She said she would get someone to call me. This was July 18th and to date NO ONE HAS CALLED. Your companies motto you not happy unless your customer is happy. I’m not, going to call another company.. You have lost a customer and I advertise when I’m not happy

  • Barbarqa/Powell says:

    My complaint/comment was sent in error before I could furnish you with my name, etc. It was regarding your office in Miami Lakes, Fl

  • Massi says:

    Orkins, came to my house in Eden Prairie MN 55347! About. Month ago to spray outside! A week later I’ve noticed there are bees again in the back! I have contacted the Orkins 3, or 4 times this is my 5th request. asking to have someone come back again ! They have been ignoring me!! Please ask them to have to someone come!!

  • Josephine DaSilva says:

    Horrible service!!!! My parents home was getting treated for termites but for the past 4 years they been treating the wrong house! UNREAL

  • Horrible Customer Service says:

    I’ve been a valued customer at Orkin since 2015. When I had flying squirrels, mice and carpenter ants, the Orkin guys I worked with were excellent. Tom and Rick were punctual, reliable, and cared about my home. These guys always went above and beyond.
    When I recently discovered that I might have carpenter ants, of course I called Orkin to request Tom and Rick. Unfortunately, they were no longer with the company, but I figured Orkin has been excellent in the past and I’m sure they are still reliable. However, this is no longer the case.
    On May 19, I made the first call to Orkin to schedule a home inspection. The guy said someone from your area will call you within the next hour. I didn’t hear anything the whole day. I called the next day (May 20). Same thing as the first day (no call back with appointment). I called again Thursday (May 21). I told the guy it’s my third time calling with no promise of an appointment window. He then scheduled someone to come out that evening at 4:00pm. Long story short, it was a no show. I called Orkin at 4:30pm to see where they were and they said someone would call me with an appointment. A guy named Carl at the Hartford Branch called, who said he would message an inspector named Jason to call and schedule with an appointment. I didn’t hear from Jason, so I had to call him on Saturday, May 23rd. He did get back on Tuesday, May 26th stating he could be at my house noon Thursday, May 28th. Jason did need to reschedule the time saying he would be there between 1:00pm – 2:00pm, which I agreed to.
    On Thursday, May 28th, I got off Zoom with my students (I’m a teacher) just before 1:00pm. I came downstairs and waited by the front window near my driveway so I can see when Jason comes in. Well, time is passing by and it’s now 2:15pm with no Jason in sight. I call him and leave a message. He calls back stating he was at the house earlier knocking, ringing the doorbell and claiming he called me. I did not hear him because I was in my Zoom meeting with headphones on and AC blasting. Plus, I was expecting him later as he stated. I did have my phone next to me and there were no missed calls. I asked Jason to check to make sure he called the correct number. He was very arrogant and did not check. Instead replied rudely, “Nope I did! Check your phone again”. He continually reprimanded me and then said, “Yup I did! I left a voicemail with a man’s voice on it”. I then answered, “I have never had a man’s voice on my voicemail. My phone number is XXX. Please check again”. So he finally checked, and he said, “Oh haha, yea I dialed this number instead of yours. Oops! Welp, some guy is going to get a fun voicemail from me.” I then proceeded to say, “So when should I expect you today?” And his snotty response was, “Well, I’m already in Guilford.” I was so taken back by his lack of care in his profession. It was so unprofessional and uncaring. He talked down to me as if it was my fault. He did not care that he called the wrong number and did not apologize. Instead, he showed up to the house on his terms and not the customers time slot that was scheduled. So here I am again calling Orkin to reschedule. AGAIN, I got a lady who answered with the same line (someone will call you to make an appointment). They have yet to call me back.
    Orkin, you really need to revamp your customer service because it has really gone downhill. I would also recommend teaching your working staff on professionalism in dealing with customer service. Or hire people with good work ethics, such as Tom and Rick, who were dedicated to the pest control services. When a valued customer, like myself, is giving your company one chance after another in an eleven-day span just to get someone to come out and inspect the property is outrageous. Eleven days! That is neglect. During the Covid-19 crisis we are in now, the whole country is helping others more than ever. It’s a shame that you have turned your back on your customers as well as other people in desperate need. You have lost me as a customer and I have moved onto another company. If you continue down this path of destruction, you will lose a lot more customers. From what all these other reviews read, I am not alone!

  • steveL says:

    Receiving junk spam from Orkin. All I want is my bill, when they are coming out. Not advertisements offering services I DO NOT WANT or asking for contributions to the Red Cross. Spending over 1 hour with several calls to local, regional, and districts to alleviate this issue. ORKIN STOP SENDING UNWANTED EMAILS CLOGGING MY BOX.

  • Leo Grajales says:

    Terrible customer service! I was scheduled to have a technician come in today (Perry) in the 2pm-4pm window, for a termite inspection. I called the buckhead at 3:30-3:45 office to inquire about the appointment and that nobody has contacted me in regards to being here. They told me to call back after 4pm if they didn’t show up. I called after 4pm to ask about the status, the technician called me back ad said it was his day off. I called Rodney, the manager at the Buckhead location at 4:30 and he was gone for the day. I talked to Paulette, who was very rude over the phone making me feel like they are doing me a favor to come and inspect my house. They are supposed to have someone come back tomorrow between 8-10; when I asked if they will be here for sure, she said “we’ll see tomorrow”. I asked her to have Rodney call me back, still nothing from them. Terrible experience! From what I can read from these comments, they are the worst out there. STAY AWAY!

  • Alexandre says:

    I asked since to December 18 to close the account that I didn’t open. The branch is in Winter Haven FL and nobody call me back. I sent email for the board and customer service every month, but they are incompetent. NO PROFESSIONALISM AND NO RESPECT.

  • Carol Gillespie says:

    I’ve had the worst service ever from this company, no call backs, no customer service from them. Will never use them again or recommend them to anyone. So much for your wonderful commercials on the TV Carol Gillespie, Aurora, Colorado

  • Julet Cole says:

    I have had Orkin for a few months. 1st incident was I was charged for a service that I never received because I was out of town. I called the next day and the driver said he did the service I said I have a camera to show nobody was at my home and then the driver said he made a mistake. They did credit my money back and gave me one free month of service. On August 31st a man arrived to my door to treat I was headed out of town and I was unaware he was coming. I explained I was headed out of town and he asked if he could treat my outside and I said no because I wasn’t going to pay $87.00 for you to spray the front of a townhouse. I left out about 1 hour later another person from Orkin called and they said they were at my home. I said someone was just there and I told them that I was headed out of town to schedule me for the next month. He asked if he could treat the outside I said no again. This month I would be due for Orkin to come so I called and they said that I had to pay to start the service back up. I said I will not and asked for the manager. When speaking to the manager she told me that the service manager cancelled my service because they made multiple attempts and was not able to do the service. I said I have a camera and can show you that I didn’t get service, I can also pull my cell phone record to show that a different person called one hour later for services. She said I was scheduled for 9/3. I said ma’am that was the first day of school and I took my nephew to school and had to go to work why would I schedule a visit at 12:30pm. I then pulled my camera and there was nobody that came to my house at 12:30pm.

  • Adrianna Williams says:

    The true face of Orkin! I rec’d a call on Sept. 28th by the Risk Mgr. Mrs. Taylor in regards to a diamond clustered ring purchased from Saks Fifth Ave., Galleria, Dallas, Tx. Subsequently, my ring was stolen by an employee of Orkin named Chris. Spoke with the store Mgr. Don and filed a criminal report with the police. Once this guy was exposed, he quite! I rec’d a call from Mrs. Taylor on Sept. 28,2018 around 10;00 am. She mentioned a new mgr on board and hopefully this terrible saga would soon end. I was relieved. The value of the ring is over 3500.00, the offer made was 500.00. To take down the post, so customers and potential customers will not know the truth. Can you believe this company. An insult. Smells like a bribe to me! When this thief was exposed, he abruptly quit. I have never rec’d any compensation for my loss, and have been reliving this nightmare daily. There are two things you can count on with this company. First, if and when you are violated and your valuables are stolen from your home you will not be believed. Secondly, If the pests that invade your home are a nuisance, be assured they will not steal from you!!!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!! ANYBODY BUT ORKIN!!!!!!

  • McAllister says:

    We called Orkin’s “Contact us” number on 7/27 after seeing black ants around our home. Appointment was made for 7/30 to assess our needs. No one came or called. We called again on 7/30 after the no show. Everyone was extremely apologetic. He linked with the local office (Scranton Pa) where no one acknowledged our appointment nor could they find any info. Another appointment was made for 8/1. We discussed and stated our plan to sign for quarterly treatments. Joe, the tech, contacted us and was informed of the appointment made through the corporate office and said, “Good, I’ll see you on Wednesday. I’ll call you first. “. We reviewed directions to our house. On Wednesday Joe did not come, nor did he call. We are thoroughly displeased with Orkin’s lack of customer focus and are forced into looking for another service.

  • Alissa says:

    Extremely disappointed with my lawn service!!! Yard sprayed 6/27 by 7/4 the yard and hibiscus were dying. I called 7/5 and a manager called said they would come out 7/10. They came 7/11 & said that my yard had a fungus & they were great for fungus. Then our front yard started to die also. They came back 7/25 & treated again. Meanwhile I had different yard companies by for an estimate without providing the history. Both companies asked what we sprayed on the yard to kill it. It needs to be recorded completely. Called manager back to advise and he told me we had a fungus. Very upset that I pay for my yard to treated and my yard was killed but the company is not taking responsibility for the issue. I have taken pictures during this process.

  • >