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Where is O'Reilly Auto Parts Corporate office Headquarters

O'Reilly Auto Parts Headquarters Address and Contact

O'Reilly Auto Parts Logo
  • Address: 233 S Patterson Ave, Springfield, MO 65802, USA
  • Phone Number: 1-417-829-5727
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees: 80,000
  • Established: 1957
  • Founder: Charles H. O'Reilly
  • Key People: Greg Johnson (CEO)

O'Reilly Auto Parts Headquarters Location & Directions

O'Reilly Auto Parts Headquarters Executive Team



Thomas G. McFall

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance

Brad W. Beckham

Senior Vice President of Eastern Store Operations & Sales

Byron Keith Childers

Senior Vice President of Western Store Operations & Sales

About O'Reilly Auto Parts, History and Headquarters Information

O'Reilly Automotive was incorporated in 1957 and is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. They have shown tremendous growth from a single store in 1957 to 5,219 stores in 47 states. In 1978 they created and followed the dual-market business strategy that would maximize sales. In 1993, the company was launched as a public corporation. It trades on the NASDAQ market under the symbol ORLY. O’Reilly was quite popular among the people of the USA as the third largest auto parts chain in the year 2008. In 2017, this company inaugurated its 5,000th store and the number of workers rounded off to 75,000, who work in 47 different states including Alaska and Hawaii.

O'Reilly Auto Parts is an American retailer of automotive parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories in the United States. It offers its products and services to its customers in the United States. They provide a wide variety of services and programs to its customers, such as used oil, oil filter and battery recycling; battery, wiper and bulb replacement; battery diagnostic testing; electrical and module testing; check engine light code extraction; loaner tool program; drum and rotor resurfacing; custom hydraulic hoses; professional paint shop mixing and related materials, and machine shops.

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  • Jason gibson says:

    My name is Jason Gibson I live in Norman Oklahoma. So last night I needed antifreeze for my car so I go to the O’Reilly just down the street from my house. Keep in mind 1/1/2 hrs B4 closing I’m trying to pay for the antifreeze. But the two boopsi twins that were working didn’t want to have to do paperwork but they keep saying my card was declined. Thinking something was wrong with my card I go it and check my balance I had more than enough money to cover the 13.00 so I go back in I get the other tech to do it and the cc machine said the same thing so long story sort I went to Walmart and got the antifreeze for 8 bucks and I used the same card that I tried at O’Reilly’s and it worked just fine. So frick and frack you lost a regular customer of 20+ years. Lazy and no excuse to turn business away like that if it were me y’all 2 boys would be at the unemployment line for sure

  • David lyman says:

    Out of 28 or so comments only two appear to be good and one of them apparently is a employee or employee’s wife thanking the owner or whatever on what he did for the guy that had the stroke shame on you O’Reilly’s I would be ashamed to even work for you let alone I will never step foot in your f****** business again

  • David lyman says:

    I was just assaulted at an O’Reilly store in Newton Iowa the employees did absolutely nothing about it say they didn’t see nothing say they don’t have cameras they just lost a customer f*** O’Reilly’s

  • Eva Sanchez says:

    Do you have a problem with racism at that store in Spanaway Washington

  • Eva Sanchez says:

    I had an issue at one of your stores I had placed an order for an antenna for a 2004 Eddie Bauer Ford and they sent me a ram antenna and I would’ve associates at the store said it was never placed there which I know for a fact it was ordered from that store he refused to refund me the money and told me to leave the store

  • You Know Me says:

    I purchased a battery for my truck and, It exploded & set my paid off vehicle on fire.they started off talking to us saying the store manager will get with you but he went on vacation. The district manager said that maybe the battery was installed wrong. I told him I’m 54 years old that ones not gonna work on me. Besides, I drove for a week & it’s only one way to install a battery. He texted later and said it’s out of his hands someone will get with you. Ok, On EVERY platform I can find I will remind Orielys , that they need finish what they’ve started. I WANT MY SAME TRUCK FIXED!

  • You Know Me says:

    I purchased a battery 6 weeks ago on a Friday. A week later, the battery exploded and set my paid off truck on fire. I was told the store manager would get with me. Didn’t happen. He went on vacation. I talked to the district manager 2 times he said some one else will get with you its been 4 more weeks still nothing. The gloves are off. I will be a thorn in this company side. I pray that THE MOST HIGH GOD CLOSE THE DOORS ON THIS PLACE. EVERY WEBSITE, NEIGHBORHOOD SITES, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, ALL WILL KNOW PURCHASE A BATTERY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  • Timothy McBride says:

    okay this is Timothy McBride okay I’m a black African American here in Grand junction Colorado and I was discriminated against the workers a mob of customers because they felt that they should be served before me okay and I don’t feel that’s very that’s very professional I feel very discriminated against and I’m going to get a lawyer so yeah I was attacked verbally by the workers the employees to everybody in that building but I stand My ground and I am a black man and I’m proud so yeah whatever fuck O’Reilly’s They were also calling e and my fieonce”NIGGERS” AND THAT WE SHOULD JUST SHUT OFF MOUTHS THAT NO ONE CARES…

  • Mike says:

    Store 4858 in Mariposa ca has great people” But they are cooking with no AC 92% with 2 porta coolers just making it humid. 4 – 30+ yr old non working swamp coolers in a metal building. Great way to treat staff & customers in this small community..”

  • Jim says:

    Just read a bunch of the comments and herein is proof O’Reilly’s has plenty of ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WORTHLESS EMPLOYEES. That means management, all the way to the CEO… ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WORTHLESS. ok, now I’m done.

  • Jim says:

    Grand Junction, Colorado, North Ave store… Just went in, bell rang when I went thru the front door yet no one but a stocker was around. Everyone was in the back. I waited a few minutes, tap the stocking kid on the shoulder since he had a headset on. He said he was a stocker and didn’t do the counter. I said, you can go get someone tho. So he just took his sweet time, fucking idiot, going to the back. I went to the front door and opened it a few times so the chimes would ring and ring. Still no one. Finally dumb dumb probably said something to someone cause someone finally came out. No apologies, just, how can I help you. How about you people hire some competent people. Also, the stocker kid looked like a loser rampage killer, he could care less about anyone but himself and listening to his music. Also, I just called corporate and was on hold forever, no one ever came to the phone… YOU PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WORTHLESS. Now if I would’ve just filled my pockets with as much merchandise as I felt like then walked out. You would call me a thief. When you don’t pay attention to the front with customers coming in that makes you, again… ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WORTHLESS. If I stole something, you’d want to call the cops on me. But if you don’t tend to your customers and have no one out front and if I would’ve let your people know what fuck wits they are, they would’ve asked me to leave for being out of line. Yet you don’t have people out front to greet your customers. That makes no fucking sense. Why? Cause, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WORTHLESS.

  • Roy Cribbs says:

    I just found out…life time warranty does not apply to lifetime…after 3 changes ur warranty is expired…do ppl know that…lifetime only means temporary. If u own the vehicle its lifetime but after charging out a lifetime part 3 times…i have to buy a new one…this is how u lose money to autozone

  • Fuck ROBERT #1714 says:


  • Amy Goff says:

    Went to your orillys store in tawas Michigan ordered a clutch cable for my car and the Metal bracket that I needed with it they had taken the metal bracket in the instructions out of the box before they gave it to me and when I dropped off the box at the place I was getting my car fixed they called and told me the metal bracket wasn’t in the box and O’Reillys the lady that was there called me a thief and said they watch the cameras and all the pieces were there but it’s funny they have the metal bracket under the counter with the instructions and then wanted me to give them another $30 for the bracket that I already had paid for And then called my kids a thief as well it’s kind of fucked up but they call people thief’s when the stuff was under the counter

  • Kurt Kaplon says:

    I went to the store in Dripping Springs Tx. To have a new starter checked I had bought the day before as it was staying engaged. As I had just had my old starter checked earlier the day before I knew the test procedure. Patrick asked what vehicle it was off of a 59 Ford F100. I mentioned you just enter the part number hook it up and test. 5 minutes into it, he cant find part number printed right the top of it. I pointed it out he then incorrectly entered the wrong number 5 times. I told him he was entering the wrong number and he replied don’t tell me how to do my job, you can get the hell out MY store. I replied fu. After reading these posts I’ll assume that I’ll never be able to speak to customer complaints.

  • David rodgers says:

    My 72 yr old mother went to oriellys on Tom hill Sr Blvd macon ga.was told by 2 employees they would not install battery because they didn’t like doing that again.thats pretty shitty customer service.she had to be jumped off from another customer so she could go to riverside ford to get battery.oreillys has just lost a customer for life.thats just a sorry ass piece of shit employee to do that to a 72 yr old woman.

  • Gary Edwards says:

    I went to your store in Newton Iowa. To buy wiper blades for my motor home. Rick the guy who waited on said I have been in the parts in. Motor home RV center for 30 yrs. I had brought the whole arm and blade he looked at it and said I’ve never seen a arm and blade like that that it’s on a 2003 motor home I asked him if he was sure he worked at a motor home RV center for 30 yrs and was the manager of parts I won’t go back to any of your stores if the workers just lie to make them self look in good

  • Angel says:

    Awful service at the 11700 Spring Cypress Store in Cypress, Texas. Never seen so many rude workers in one place. Wasn’t because they were busy either. Just rude. Left and went somewhere else. Never going back.

  • Stonewall Nicholson says:

    I’m very discouraging with the service I received at your Ladysmith WI location. I rented a slide hammer and payed 48.00 dollars and that’s what I got. When I have rented it in the past and got the part that also bolts on to the wheel studs. I’m very mad and won’t be back to your stores unless you make it right

  • Tony says:

    They provide parts from China they are not an oem type supplier bought an AC compressor from them they’re quick to push their own brand Murray on you just to make a sale customer service is poor now I’ve got to make a trip back and buy genuine GM parts.

  • Geronimo Estrada says:

    My iPhone was picked up and stolen from me when I went to the pane and Maryland location in st paul Minnesota the biggest problem that I had it was an employee that stoled it when I realized it was gone I called apple and the sent me back to the store location when I got there and ask the employee he smiled and the said ooh no I never found a purple iPhone mini the falling day I went back to the store location and gave the manager the time I was there to our disappointment we both witnessed the employee that was asked about the phone pick it up and put it in his pocket I was promised that my phone would be replaced to this date I haven’t received nothing but excuses

  • James Ludwick says:

    I purchased a new truck battery at the Kingsland, GA , o’reileys. The manager told me it was fully charged, after 4 hrs on my home charger it is fully charged, just tell the truth. At advance auto they have at least checked the battery & charged it if needed.

  • Worker says:

    I work for oreilly and the managers and ISS are all males they past up the female for the manager position and now there are only 2 females left in store and all the managers and workers are trying to do everything to make the 2 females quit cause they want it an all male store and the district manager allows all of this

  • Anna Clark says:

    My name is Anna Clark and I live in Huntsville Arkansas. I recently went to your store there and had ordered some parts which came back wrong and the ant tenant there refused to listen to me when he was told it was the wrong part then he told me not to argue with him or he would throw me out. I then left and went to auto zone to buy my parts. Pardon me but I was always taught that the first rule of business was that the customer was always right. If this is your policy you will lose a lot of business. No one wants to buy parts they don’t need. If it is not your way of doing business then you need to do something about the people in this store

  • Bobby Sadler says:

    I went to your store in Mayfield Kentucky today. The associates were very good to me.
    I commend them.

  • Becky says:

    I think O’reily’s is unfair. I applied for a counter job and was denied employment because of a past DUI charge. Then, I find out one of the employees which was a driver got a DUI conviction while a driver and was given a promotion to counter sales. I was told she was an exception because she has high sales with parts, so its ok if she has a DUI charge because she makes sales. I thought O’reily’s would have set the standard to not put up with such conduct. Bakersfield O’reily’s is giving the ok I guess to drink and drive and still get promoted.

  • Steve says:

    I had a battery issue or so I thought, Evidently my Alternator was going out. I went to 4 different O’reilly’s and picked up Alternators at 4 different locations after finding out that the remanufactured Alternators were crap. Each time changed them out and found out that each one was bad, Changed in the parking lot and one was worse then the other. So now I’m running around with a bad Alternator and spending time, gas just to rectify the problem. I was told that they must have received a bad batch but come on. All I got from one employee is I don’t know what to tell you and that he understood my frustrations. So it looks like I’m going to have to go to a competitor to fix my problem but now I’m out the initial cost for the first Alternator. Go figure

  • William C Steele says:

    I bought a battery from your store in Marble Falls Texas on 12/20/2020. I took a trip from Kingsland Texas to Kingwood Texas on May 21st and on arriving there and stoped at a fast food place. I went to leave and the battery was died. I had to buy a new battery to get home so I did and I had to exchange the died battery for the new one. When I got home went to the store that I bought the died battery showing the receipt for it and the receipt for the new one. I was told that they would not refund my money on the died battery because I need to bring the died back for a refund. Well that would be hard to due since the died battery was back in Kingwood and that is a four hour trip. I have told many of my friends about this and they said they would not shop at a store that did this to there customers. So I guess word would get around about your store from my friends. Myself I will not shop at your stores for any auto parts, I will go some place other auto part stores in my area.

  • Jesse says:

    I needed spark plugs for my Yamaha XV250 motorcycle and didn’t realize they sold me spark plugs for a WR250. I couldn’t tell the difference until after I installed them, since it ruined my engine. I was told they “would make it right.” They said they would order me a replacement engine and pay for the install. That was 3 months ago. No updates. No phone calls. Nothing. I’ve since bought a replacement engine on my own. $7 worth of spark plugs cost me over $900 in damages. I want my money back for the negligence of your employee.

    • Kurt Kaplon says:

      Same thing happened to me. It was a simple lawnmower plug. Put a hole in my piston. I’d like a new engine for my mower. You’ll never get it.

  • Fluffy Transport says:

    As a commercial account customer that owns a rescue dog transport company, I need parts to work. 2 weeks ago I put a set of master pro quick struts on my van. With In that week a 2nd set of master pro then a set of monroe. Each set had my van riding 2+ inches lower. For the last week I’ve been broke down in your johnstown, oh parking lot til today. With the very rude customer service of Stacey Watson I was going to get towed. Then me on the streets of a town I dont know. Your management team said they would have a mechanic come look at it 5 days ago, never happened.i used all my towing with my insurance this year cause of your struts. With the springs pushing downwards messed up my rack, and pinion, axels, tie rods, sway bar, and my power streering pump went out in your parking lot. As I was leaving to park alot away, the transmission was having issues going forward.
    And before the struts, the van was just a little bouncy in the front from old strut. And I can prove it.
    Raymond Mills
    Fluffy Transport

  • Craig says:

    I ordered a part and paid the extra shipping cost and I’ve been waiting 3days from when it was to be at the store. Every day I went in the store they said someone would call me that night and I never received a call from no one, I buy alot of parts for my cars there, this is the worst service I ever had . I should be reimbursed for the extra cost. I will not be buying my parts from any of your stores and I will be letting my car show buddies about you service I received, my wife also deals in PR.

  • Susan & David Hall says:

    Please make sure Larry O’Reilly gets this please

  • Susan & David Hall says:

    We are so thankful for all O’Reilly did for us when my husband, David Hall, had a stroke back in Feb. ’96. He still received a pay check for several months. We want to thank Larry O’Reilly & the O’Reilly
    family for all they did for him. They knew David from working at the parts store in Richland, before
    going to the Lebanon store.

  • Megan says:

    Oreilly’s is a sham of a company don’t treat their employees worth a crap, and the ones they hire as managers are incompetent and harass female customers

    • Roger says:

      Customers are also not treated worth a damn…We bought a battery, it would not hold a charge, you gave us another battery and it would not hold a charge, we want our money back, not another battery that will not hold a charge! That is how you would make it right! Do corporate managers not understand this concept??? We want a good battery and we need our money back so we can get a battery that will perform and hold a charge, its simple really…just make it right!!!

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