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  • Address: 13625 Technology Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 888-445-8745
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 2009
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Larry Chester Renfro (Chief Executive Officer)

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Optum Headquarters Executive Team



Larry Chester Renfro

Chief Executive Officer

Tami L. Reller

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

John Prince

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

About Optum, History and Headquarters Information

Optum was formed by merging its pharmacy and care delivery services into the single Optum brand in 2011. It has its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. In 2014, it bought a majority stake in Audax Health Solutions. In 2015, this firm acquired MedExpress and Catamaran joined OptumRx in the same year.

Optum Insight provides a variety of services such as analytics, technology, and consulting in order to improve the efficiency of health systems. Optum Insight has its offices spanned all over the USA in Salt Lake City, Louisville, San Francisco, Denver, and Minneapolis. This company operates across 150 countries in South America, the Middle East, North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. It consists of three main businesses: OptumHealth, OptumInsight and OptumRx. Optum provides its services to families, individuals, health plans, life science companies, care providers, and government agencies, and employers. UnitedHealth Group is its parent company.

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  • Lorraine Conforte says:

    Where is your billing department located? Your billing department has become impossible to track. I’ve been getting the same repeat bill for a service with just a few cents difference. Just wondering why no other health care group has this complex system. I keep returning the bill with a note & there is no response . . . . .’Check cashed, date on check & check number’ What’s going on ?

  • Francine Fields says:

    I am a patient at Optum in Sanford Florida. Since February you have only one doctor on site. The previous doctor quit and no replacement as yet.
    Your company is so inconsiderate to your doctor and patients, especially many are seniors.
    Please do not tell me no one is aware of this dilemma. Saving money on the expense of others is not part of your oath to follow.
    After reading this I will expect something to be done at the facility. Bring in another doctor or a physician assistant. To see the doctor is months of waiting due to your lack of caring for status and operation at this medical center.
    If nothing is done very soon I will contact Health and Hospital to report the aforementioned statement I have presented.

  • Trisha Winkler says:

    I am disappointed in Optum Pharmacy for the last 2 weeks. I can’t get a consistent person that knows my situation to help me with my sons medicine. People have been rude and inconsiderate. My calls keep getting disconnected and no one calls me back. I then wait on hold
    again and try to explain the entire situation again. Please help me figure out how to get my sons new script.

  • Mike Jeczala says:

    You suck. Can’t put an email address in to prince. He doesn’t want to hear all the complaints huh? A patient needs information on test results and no one is available. Very poor buisness for medical help.

  • tdion says:

    OMG – Optum (Colorado Springs) just flat out said they would not tell me who was the following MD for a patient we had a referral for! Operator ***** at the Call Center said it was policy because the referral came from the Saint Francis Medical Center instead of the following MD. I told him we can’t start care until we have a following MD – the conversation continued awhile BEFORE he would consent to having an RN from the office call me? I even offered to take a verbal from the physician’s MA or RN.

    I’ve never heard of this before in my life and I’ve worked in healthcare almost 30 years as an RN. This ENTIRE encounter DELAYS CARE to needed populations. I’m horribly disappointed in Optum. WE ARE IN GRAVE NEED OF HEALTHCARE REFORM.

  • Michael l kamer says:

    Very poor customer service and communication and dr reviews are not that much better.

  • Thomas McCollum says:

    My name is Thomas McCollum. I am writing because myself and my wife have a complaint regarding the inappropriate behavior of a pharmacy member named Zach not sure of last name but he works as a pharmacist for the Optum in Marietta. We sent our letters of complaint to the corporate office stating how my wife recently visited the restaurant depot in Marietta, Ga. My wife was in line purchasing items for our son who’s opening up his own Bistro in late August. My wife was in line and Zach met a customer who he apparently knows well from previous visits to the establishment. The customer asked Zach if He’s still employed with Optum and Zach replied’ Yes. Zach mentioned that Optum is closing several branches. Not sure why that guy needed to know that. What became so disturbing is Zach told the guy that He has done lots of house cleaning at the office. The guy asked Zach how so? Zach stated he’s gotten rid of 9 incompetent black monkey niggers. Of course Zach made sure there were not blacks anywhere in sight. My wife was extremely disturbed by these disparaging remarks. We are especially disturbed because we have a bi-racial grand child whom we absolutely adore. My wife is also angry because She feels Zach assumed that because She white that She would condone such commentary. The second action that occurred that is inappropriate is Zach received a phone call from a member of the optum Marietta office regarding a patient’s Mother whos’ calling because She has some issues with Her son’s most recent delivery because the delivery is missing several medications and She received another patient’s medications. Zach had the audacity to answer the phone on speaker phone. My wife and others in the line heard the conversation of Zach speaking to patient’s Mother Doris or Dora Reed or Reid regarding her son Adrian Reed or Aidyn Reid. This a direct HIPPA Violation. I work in construction business but my wife works PRN at Emory Hospital In Atlanta on the BMT Unit. She’s very familiar with compliance. As a pharmacist Zach definitely knows better. We feel Optum needs to know when there’s misconduct of it’s employees. Zach also in accordance to my wife wreaked the smell of alcohol on his breath during business hours. My wife also heard Zach speaking very openly to the gentleman in a bragging manner that Human Resources doesn’t discipline him and ultimately stating He’s at liberty to do essentially what he want’s with no repercussions. Wow!! incredible. Those two negative behaviors are definitively grounds for immediate termination. Several other people in the line heard both the racial remarks as well as the HIPPA violation. We have submitted our complaint to Andrew Witty as well as forwarded it to the OCA@optum.com address. We are awaiting a response. On one hand we regret posting such information on this platform, but then again we want appropriate disciplinary action imposed. Our contact information is listed on the initial complaint letter. We are very offended and we are demanding immediate termination just based on what appears to be previous misconduct and not just a first time event.

  • Tina Beauro says:

    I Agree I was simply terminated because I was told that I didnt complete the I9 form correctly. And trying to speak with someone about the issue is just impossibly. If anyone has any information as to how I can get directly in touch with HR or the Compliane department it would ebe greatly appreciated.

    • DO says:

      Hi Tina, this is what happened to me. Last year I got an offer after an externship. I failed to clear my I-9 and rescinded the job offer. Now that I have been cleared and allowed to work I contacted the Talent Acquisition Recruiter to rehire me. She gave me this offer plus a sign-on bonus. I was delighted but was taken aback when she called me after two hours telling me that the offer is no longer available. Frustrating.

  • Awful says:

    I see they suck all around the table, down to the clinic at least the 1 I go to in Bradenton FL. Cortez. The office staff never follow up with you about an issue you have. Or just making a appointment for you with a specialist. They change doctors every time you turn around you stuck with a nurse practitioner. Was looking to put in an complaint looks like from the other comments about this company I won’t waste my time. I’ll look for another doctors office. Don’t go to this location if you are looking for an doctors office.

  • Gary Artrip says:

    Should I mail my empty prescription bottles to Larry Renfro as proof since it is absolutely absurd how you handle claims.
    I don’t mind sending them certified to his home if it more convenient for him.

  • Gary Artrip says:

    Either you employ people with no common sense or you blatantly deny claims to avoid pay outs.
    Makes for a great bonus for Larry Renfro

  • Martin Reece says:

    Does your right hand know what your left hand is doing ? Your left hand is wasting taxpayer money (medicare abuse ) in sending me mail as if I’m a member of Optum care . I am a member of OptumRx and I hate to see you bill the government for printing and sending this to me and countless others who are not members . I shall be reporting this to the appropriate authorities for Medicare fraud and abuse .

  • emlyn allison says:


    Wed 8/12/2020 12:52 AM

    ​i called to check on my order since it has been a week. on YOUR website it says “in transit” and there is a tracking number at the bottom. when i check the tracking number it indicates that USPS has not even received the package as yet….. first your agent lies and tells me that i should have the package tomorrow- i point out that the post office has not even received the package yet. then the story comes out that my items had no refills left… lie lie lie these are new prescriptions. i say to check the tracking number and the post office has not received package- and i want to know where my medications are and i want them fedexed immediately because you have lost them. i’m told he will check… lie lie lie must have gone to lunch or dinner or maybe home and just left phone on open line and disppeared- just like my medication. this is truly a horrible way to handle a rotten situation and i think that there is a good chance the problem may need some “higher up” intervention. would appreciate it if someone with pre-covid19 business sense could look into this and get back to me-

  • Sad your company is sad says:

    I would like to know why your company has charged my insurance for prescriptions that I never ordered and never received. I am sadde3ned that your company would commit fraud and charge my6 insurance company in this manner. No one to speak to and when I do they are disrespectful and refuse to get me my medication. You violated my HIPPA rights by accidentally adding someone to my account as I have screen shots of this persons information on my account. Every time I order the prescription I never receive them and sit on the phone for hours on end. Your associate LaRoy called and notified that he was canceling my order and re sending which is recorded and the two associates notified Daphine and Nadine that this was untrue because I have no more refills I am unable to get them reordered. They told me to wait for 30 days to get them so your company will be responsible when I miss work due to my illness not being taken care of from not properly mailing the medication properly. I will be expecting my hourly wages reimbursed. I notified Nadine and she was rude and disrespectful to me on the line and I had enough so I spoke loudly to her. She refused to notify me of any information that I asked her. I would like a full investigation as I am filing a complaint with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for fraudulent use of filing for insurance as well as HIPPA violations. Not only are you refusing me medications but holding them up to be filled due to lost medications in the mail form two weeks ago.

    • emlyn allison says:

      i agree agents are rude, lazy i don’t think i have ever had an order from optumrx where i didn’t have to call several times to find out where the package might be

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