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  • Max Helfgott says:

    Was told that CC charge was declined and needed to update my payment information. Your idiot memberservices website has no way to do that and have spent 20 minutes trying to find a way to do that. Get your IT act together.

  • Sue says:

    The ‘new’ gym in Woodstock, GA is filthy! The locker rooms smell, the bathrooms smell and are filthy. The floors are dirty with hair, dust, and dead bugs. Pipes are always leaking and take months to repair. Supplies are not stocked. Pieces of toilet paper and antibacterial wipes on the floors. This place needs to be reported to the health authorities.

  • Mimi says:

    This is the worst customer service experience I’ve ever experienced. I tried putting my membership on pause for a minute but no one answered and then they forged my signature for subscription for Zone 4. I am out . They are on some BULL

  • Jennifer says:

    It has been horrendous trying to cancel a membership with this company! Scott (signed me up) stated I could cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. Going to buy a house and wanting to cut down on expenses, I want to cancel my families plans. Well wouldn’t you know it; we’re in a 1 year contract. Scot straight up lied!! Now the company doesn’t seem to care and is insisting I finish the contract or pay several hundred dollars to cancel. Was thinking of rejoining after we settle but now; never again.

    • Awful mangement says:

      Nothing surprising. Had a friend that was in the same situation. Plus, there is no way to speak with anyone hire up to address concerns

  • Anonymous says:

    The assistant manager at the Stafford location is not very professional. Whenever a person of upper management and speak to a younger employee and put fear in their heart upon Intimidate an employee doesn’t need to be working there. I would like to speak to someone with the headquarters about this issue

  • Gunther Rankenburg says:

    Douglasville Ga. Facility! How much longer will it take to fix the SAUNA [ Mens ] Some members go across the street to LA { for You a PR concern if word gets out. I suggest to install a lock box over the thermostas,
    to many members fiddle with them, not knowing how they work!!! Also education is needed about attire. Street shoes are leaving dirt on the lower bench [ they are black ] and diet is accumulating between slats.

  • Melody Johnson says:

    After years of paying for onelife. I was told by Yannie at the Norfolk gym I am unable to receive a scan card for the gym. I was told it’s for new customers only, and you can only receive one per customer. That seems unreal since I’ve been a member for many years (since 2014). The card that I have is falling apart and needs to be replaced. Carter and Joseph was nice enough to step in and assist me with getting a new scan card. Yannie was dismissive and rude. I don’t appreciate being treated like I’m a bother.


    I can’t believe that after month of excuses, the men’s SAUNA is still not fixed!! It should be under warranty,
    but excuses that parts are ordered do not make sence. It should be replaced.
    Action needed at the Douglasville facility!! In a way it is part of our DUES!!

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