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Where is On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Corporate office Headquarters

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Headquarters Address and Contact

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Headquarters Location & Directions

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Headquarters Executive Team



Matthew D. Hood

CEO & President

Thomas J. Pennison Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Monte Batson

Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca Miller

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Ashley Zickefoose

Chief Marketing Officer

About On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, History and Headquarters Information

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina was founded in the year 1982. The company has been active for almost 37 years now. The first store of the company was opened in Dallas, Texas, United States. In the year 2009, the chain had lost its wholly-owned subsidiary designation when it was merged into Brinker International as a company brand. In the year 2010, Brinker International had sold On the Border to Golden Gate Capital. OTB Acquisition LLC – which was an affiliate of Golden Gate Capital, had announced that it had completed its acquisition of On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina from Brinker International. During the year 2014, the restaurant chain was once again sold to another private equity firm by the name of Argonne Capital Group as well. As of the year 2010, the magazine named On the Border the worst chain in its Mexican category, thereby noting that an enchilada meal contained over 1,600 calories and desserts typically contained over 1,000 calories each. The headquarters of the company is based in 2201 W Royal Lane. The name of the place is Irving, while the name of the state is Texas, United States. The pin code is 75063.

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of casual fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers in the USA. The chain and brand name is owned by OTB Acquisitions. The current CEO and president of the company are Matthew D Hood. As of the current date, the company has more than 1800 employees.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced and served by the company’s restaurants themselves. The restaurant is known for its selection of fajitas and a wide selection of margaritas as well.

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  • J Huit says:

    Your restaurant in Anchorage Alaska needs better training in allergy awareness. I informed server of my tomato allergy which she confirmed, and the kitchen staff hid a scoop of tomato under my chicken and looks like the tried to scoop what was over the black beans.

    I have had to take three types of allergy pills and was lucky that target was nearby to purchase them.

    Your manager and server could not have cared less what had just happened to me. My husband had to go to her and tell her that we had to leave because of the allergic reaction.

    My review. 0 out of 10. Will not recommend.

    And I’m guessing that based on 20+ comments on here that are all negative. I will not get a response from you either.

  • Meecie says:

    Would like to file a complaint against an employee at the the wichita falls texas location
    Incident occured 12/9/22

  • Jesse says:

    On the boarder located at 5005 E. Ray road Phx,Az has the worst unprofessional hostess with curly hair and manager.
    Restaurant half empty and they refused to seat us. If you have a bad experience don’t ask for the manager Dan Samonsa he worst then the bad employees. He told us he doesn’t care about our concerns.
    Take a picture of me if you want i don’t care!

  • neal says:

    wow, look at all of these negative comments! and they read like my experience. a delivery order got wrong. okay. but i let otb know about it through their website, and nothing! no one called or emailed me and the charge is still on. a worker makes an error and i can forgive that. but this neglect is a willful choice on the part of management. i’ve eaten otb for 40 years and i’ve enjoyed the food. but this is unforgiveable. i’ll turn elsewhere for my tex-mex from now on, and otb is not the only game in town.

  • Stephanie Harris says:

    I had horrible experience at your store at hwy 121 and Preston. I requested a refund made online er complaint Polly Tan responded via email nothing since. All this was done on July 14th. To date the 27.41 has not been returned to my account. I’d actually like $30.41 returned to my account for tip on pick up order that I picked up and subsequently returned

  • Ann says:

    Would someone phone me about my issues with your restaurant OTB

  • Ann says:

    Could someone phone me about the issues we have had with your restaurant OTB

  • Sherri says:

    I went into your restaurant in Southhaven Mississippi today. We had nine people. They refused to sit us together. I could understand this if we were still under Covid rules but we are not. Please change this rule or we will not be able to come back with a group again.

  • Centhia J Wright says:

    I left you comments about about my situation and pictures that you have yet to respond to. So I’m gonna take that as you don’t really care about my issue my issue and we will see how you like it when it’s plastered all over social media. And I can tell you once people start seeing the pictures of the freaking roach on the table bet what that’s going to do do to your business. You should have at least returned my phone call.

  • Karen Field says:

    I love OTB food. Took my ten y/o grandson and 49 y/o dtr for lunch back in Jan. 22. I don’t go out much because i am handicapped. While there , I was offered the free queso deal. My daughter can verify this. The waiter said: pay for your queso today. After that you can pay $1 for s queso/chips whenever you order it.
    Well, like i said i don’t go out a lot. But i order in Or have my daughter pick up. We probably order full meal once a month. But once a month she also stops in for just Q/C because the ten y/o loves it.
    First couple times, it was provided without question. This week, she was told sorry: the deal was changed after you joined . You now must buy a meal to get free queso.
    Makes me so mad. Is that even legal to do? My grandson disappointed and i am beyond that. Isn’t that queso and salsa both served w chips as appetizers? I am surprised you would rather lose a customer than make this right. The manager in Gastonia was admant. Headquarters changed the rules. We are talking probably 20 ( prob less) more free quesos for ‘free’. Please let me know if you can or will assist me.
    Karen Field

  • Samuel Ray Lovell says:

    On The Border Corporate 2-20-22
    2201 W. Royal Lane
    Irving, Texas 75063

    Dear Sirs:

    Last Friday, 2-18-22 at 2:45p CST I met a friend I was taking to lunch.

    Upon arriving there was no one at the front of the restaurant to seat us. We waited for several minutes and finally a tall, black individual with blonde hair showed up. A long distance from the front he started muttering inaudible to both of us. When we got to a booth and sat down the table was filthy dirty with dried rice and food. We asked that he clean the table or seat us elsewhere. Once he returned, he started spraying blue ammonia on the table with us still seated, spraying the both of us. We both immediately jumped out of the booth complaining that he was spraying us as he continued to wipe the table and said absolutely nothing. Standing there with the table wet we decided not to sit there and asked to be seated in the next booth behind us. As we moved to that booth, it was also filthy dirty with dried rice and food. All the while this individual still said nothing. Feeling we had no choice and had to make our own decision about our own seating in an empty restaurant, we sat back down in the first booth.

    The situation already bad, I asked this individual not to return to our table. Several minutes later what happens, he arrives back at our booth with menus. Talking the menus from him I again told him in a stern voice not to return to our booth. Having heard this a dark-haired white waitress at the back quickly came to our booth, professionally apologizing to us profusely, politely pushing him away asking him to leave.

    Just as we were about to place our order, I opened my napkin of silverware and the knife and fork had never been washed, being rewrapped in a new napkin as if they were washed and clean. Someone else then shows up at our table unannounced never telling us who he was, along with the individual that was told numerous times by everyone to leave.

    Having already told the waitress about the dirty booth, the spray bottle incident, the wet table and the next dirty booth she politely and professionally asked if there was anything she could do for us. Not knowing that the individual had returned behind her with this unknown person, she turned and was shocked to see him back yet again-

    Next, we asked who this person was and he said he was the manager, obviously bringing back to our table with him the same individual everyone had told to leave many times. My friend and I both explained what had happened and were both happy that we now had a good waitress. After explaining everything that had happened, rather than take the side of the customer he dismissed us defending the individual he brought to our table, then asked us to leave.

    Not believing what we were hearing my friend asked for his name and his boss’s name and number. Giving my friend the number, he called explaining what happened, then the Area Manager asked to speak with the manager. From the tone of the call, it sounded as though he told the manager to allow us to stay. Once the Area Manager had finished talking to the manager, the phone was supposed to be handed back to my friend to finish the conversation. But this manager deliberately hung up his cell as he handed my friends phone back to him, prior to us knowing the outcome of the call, with my friend saying hello several times only to realize that no one was there.

    At this time my friend asked what the Area Manager had said and this manager said, “He told me you have to leave.” Yet again not believing what we were hearing after all we had been through, I again repeated everything. And this managers response was, “I didn’t see it happen.”

    Last as we were leaving, I told the manager this was ridiculous to which he replied, “Maybe you should apply to be a manager.”

    After leaving my friend told me, “It’s awfully funny that when we showed up there were 3-4 people hanging out at the back of the restaurant cutting up- yet we couldn’t get seated, the booths were filthy and the silverware was dirty.”

    In closing, I owed my friend a lunch for a huge favor he had done for me. He specifically decided that he wanted Mexican food and I intended to order Appetizers, Fajitas for Two, lots of Drinks and Dessert if he wanted it. When we arrived, the parking lot was completely empty and there were only two people in the entire restaurant. Afterward, it bothered me that the only professional person in the entire restaurant didn’t get her deserved $30-40 tip.

    Restaurant: Manager:
    On the Border Jeremy Tam
    5000 State Highway 121
    Plano, Texas 75024

    Please have your Corporate Human Resources contact me.

    Sam Lovell

    Cc: Matthew D. Hood – CEO & President
    Thomas J. Pennison Jr. – Chief Financial Officer
    Monte Batson – Chief Operating Officer
    Rebecca Miller – Senior Vice President of Marketing
    Ashley Zickefoose – Chief Marketing Officer

  • Denise Schramm says:

    I sent my 5th email to Contact us to no avail with my issue. Tried customer service phone number with no one answering and no results. Please give me a live phone # or email to discuss my complaint!

  • Ronnie says:

    My wife and family have been coming in to on the boarder in Weatherford Texas on Friday night every since this place was open and new ever manager and most staff. food was great and staff and managers in past have been the best till now. Last Friday October 1, 2021
    night I went in to eat like always and ask host if I could be seated at bar area in a certain waitress section and she said it would be a 20 minute wait and I said that would be fine so I sat down and waited. After about 30 min went by I noticed some people come in and she said how many and seated them in bar area. I got up and ask her when would i be seated in bar area that you said 20 min wait yet you sat those people ahead of me and I ask why she did that and she replied that the waitress in that area did not want to wait on me and not sat me there, I ask her why did she give a reason and she said I don’t know. I said me and my wife have never done anything to any one of the staff other than be nice and polite to them. they all came over and either would shake our hands or give us a hug and say it is so good to see you. we would say like wise. The host was a young girl and some what rude to me and said if you want to eat over in another section I have a booth if not I don’t no what to tell you or go somewhere else to eat. I said Just give the booth so I can eat and leave this place. after I was thru eating I went to rest room and on way out ran in to waitress and she said hi how are you I said well I don’t know I told her I was going to eat in her section and I was told you did not want to wait on me is that true . She looked like deer looking in to light look in her eyes. I never told her anything like that don’t know why she would tell you that. I said I just wanted to know the truth and ask you. She the waitress said I all ways love waiting on you all she said I told her that to hold off sitting anyone else for a few minutes that I was training another girl and give me a few minutes to clean off some tables and then can seat some more. I then told her by and started to leave but before I left I talked to host young girl and told her I talked to waitress and she said she did not say she would not wait on me that she told you give her a few minutes to free up some tables. I told her that she lied to me about what she said and that I did not appreciate her lying to me about that and I would be talking to her boss the manger about this but not tonight because her boss was in kitchen cooking and they were getting busy. Then tonight Friday night October 8,2021 we went in to eat and we get called out side by the manager and I believe she said he was district manager I said she wanted to talk to us that she was told that there was a problem the week before with her staff. she ask me what happen and I told her just the way I described above. Then the manager said that all the staff don’t want us to come in there anymore and said why we have not not anything wrong your staff hostess lied to me and was rude to me first but now you want to take the host word and you are also saying entire staff is saying that. She ask me did you cuss my staff and I said I did not and that I never would cuss your staff or anyone else I was brought up better than that ask anyone that knows me. your host is lying, and she said that why I had to have your side. She said I stand by my staff and I am telling you that I do not want you to come in to on the boarder again. After all these years since the placed open and all the mangers and staff we have known over the years and the amount of money and family and friends we have brought here to eat and supported this place during covid-19 by coming and getting carry out we feel deeply humiliated and disgraced my this Manager and District Manager as well as staff that feels this way towards us. I told the Manager that I was going to call corporate office about all this and she said go ahead real smart like call me tomorrow and I will give you the number to call and told her I don’t need her to give me the number i can get it myself. I was born and raised here in Weatherford Texas and know a lot of people her and will be letting everyone I meet about this issue and to go eat at any of the other Mexican eating places and we have a bunch of good place that will respect us and be glad to have our business. I all so told her I will be getting ahold of news people and discuss what options I can do to have the come to Weatherford Texas and do a special news report with me about this. In my opinion and I have been in public eye all my life and have never ever had my Wife, Family and myself been treated like what happen tonight. I believe that this Manager and district Manager needs to be relived of there jobs at this place. Lately the food has been cold or over cooked . takes for ever to get your food and chips are almost all the time cold and old taste to them. Always have to ask for fresh and hot chips. I will be calling corporate office as well about this email follow up. Hope to here back on this issue real soon not real late on with follow up. Next week Monday I will be getting with news people as well getting with my Attorney to see if there is anything I can do to file case against ON THE BOARDER for being treated this way do to this Manager, Staff and District Manager. Never wanted to do anything like this before but sometimes businesses and people has to understand you can’t treat people that are loyal customers this way. If it takes a law suit to stop it so be. We loved on the boarder and would like to eat in our hometown . Never in our life we have ever been told we can not eat at a Restaurant or bared from one, this is the first.

  • Jason says:

    Recently stopped at on the border in Midwesg City, Oklahoma. Asked the hostees could the family sit on the patio with the pandemic and it was a nice cool evening. She said no, and started walking us to indoor seating. I politely told her were not sitting inside, she turned and asked some staff would they take an outdoor group. All the wait staff said no. I said ok, bye. How you going to make someone sit inside during a pandemic.

  • ARLENE STARR says:

    Had dinner last night with my husband and a friend(there were three of us) at the on the border in Hicksville new york. All three of us were not happy campers…the food didnot look like it came at restaurant quality..it felt like the nearest cheap taco place quality…All three of us were unhappy about our meals…When the chips came out (which were very salty…then you have the salsa..Which was so hot you could burn your tongue off and give you stomach problems because of being so HOT HOT…I was very unhappy because they had no other choice of salsa except HOT….What a very unhappy experience we all had. I will never go back there again. By the way all three of us were (SENIOR CITIZENS) With respect I hope ON THE B ORDER RESTAURANT GETS BACK TO ME…………………………….

  • Anita Bernier says:

    We love On The Border and go often. But last night was such a disappointment. First we had the worst waitress that just argued about everything we said and had no knowledge of anything on the menu or just cleaning something when she dropped it on our table. And then I have been signed up in you club or whatever it is and we get a free bowl of queso each visit that took awhile . Then no redeemed all my points and no one even the manager had any clue about that. It said $20 off in restaurant and they were like no that isn’t what it means so I never got to use my points after redeeming them because they had no idea what it meant. Very frustrating we were there in a group of 6 and no one knew anything nor could they handle just getting us our order in a timely manner. And I do understand being short handed but please train your help a little we are still going and supporting you and paying for your services.

  • Julie pfefferle says:

    We eat at the Charlotte restaurant regularly. Robin is one of the best servers we’ve ever had. She is such a hard workers and hustles We have been coming to the providence rd location for years! Thanks to Robin we keep coming back

  • sharon says:

    I picked up dinner at your Kennesaw, Ga location. Two weeks in a row your location has let me down! I will no longer be visiting your establishment due to the lack of service! Worst experience……

  • nanny 9 says:

    had dinner at your burleson texas location tonight…. best fajitas anywhere until tonight…. the beef was so tough i actually thought i was going to choke trying to eat it. Because we were pressed for time I couldn’t send it back as my husband suggested I do ..i did the best i could with eating it .. always look forward to your fajitas but will reconsider eating there again anytime soon… for 18.00 you should be able to enjoy a meal..

  • Lupe sanches says:

    Quiero comentar hacerca de el encargado de la cocina de la tienda q esta ubicada en w.parkwer rd. Suite 210 en plano tx. Mi esposa acaba de ser contratada hace dos semanas y el señor la ha estado tratando de una manera antiprofesional y rudo exijiendo q haga las cosas rapido y como el las quiere aunque en ningun momento el le ha enseñado y explicado como se hacen las cosas y dirijiendose a ella como una incopetente añadiendo al mal trata le hace a ella coparacion de paises dejando a mi esposa con sus sentimentos eridos y su autestima por debajo personas como esas encargadas en su cocina no deverian de tener ese cargo por q nuevos empleados sufren con El la discriminacion y el abuso de autoridad y poder espero y ustedes algan algo al repesto ya que en este momento yo estoy pasando un mal momento ya que mi esposa esta deprimida y llorando por la actitud de esta persona gracias

  • doordash says:

    rude management in rogers ar location. wouldnt recommend anyone visit.

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