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Where is Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Corporate office Headquarters

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Headquarters Address and Contact

Ollie's Bargain Outlet
  • Address: 880 Plaza Blvd, Lancaster, PA 17601, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 717 399 9081

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 9,000

  • Established: July 26th, 1982

  • Founder:    Morton Bernstein,     Mark L. Butler,     Harry Coverman,     Oliver E. “Ollie” Rosenberg ,

  • Key People: John Swygert, ,

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Headquarters Location & Directions

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Headquarters Executive Team



John Swygert,

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Eric van der Valk

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jay Stasz

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Kevin McLain

Senior Vice President, General Merchandise Manager

Scott Osborne

Vice President, Store Operations

James Comitale
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet History and Headquarters Information

Founded by Morton Bernstein, Oliver E Ollie Rosenberg, Harry Coverman and Mark L. Butler in 1982, Ollies Bargain outlet has over 9000 employees.  It is one of the largest retailers of excess inventory, closeouts, and salvage merchandise in America. 

You will get many goods from famous brand name in over 400 of their semi stores locations, and the inventory keeps on changing. Apart from valuing customers, the company understands that the associates are also quite a valuable resource. Customers are key to their success and thus, they pride themselves in a 75% target internal promotional rate. 

The company invests in the growth of their associates for the company’s growth and the future of the clients. This is done through the program dubbed Ollie’s Leadership Institute that is purely designed at training and developing associates for their next internal move within the company.

Ollies Bargain outlet is headquartered at Harrisburg, PA and it is in the retail industry. They specialize in salvage merchandise, excess inventory, name brands, store managers, low prices, retail, and district managers.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Headquarters Photos

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Company Resources

  • Anonymous says:

    So I’m a local ollies employee in irving which have been open for a little over month now and they are already cutting hours I haven’t been on the schedule for a week now me and a few more employees I think they got there pick wo they want work
    what type of since do that make I wanted to talk to corporate but I can’t find the number anywhere

  • Linda Swarz says:

    I would like to complain about the store at 5201 33rd. St. E in Bradenton Fl. I wanted to email corporate but their email doesn’t work. I guess that’s why their stores are so horrible. I went in yesterday to shop but there were no buggies. So I tried to carry my items as I went around the store. Then I got to check out but there was only one line. The associate at the register was an older lady and obviously new as she was struggling to do things. Another girl was just standing near her. The line to check out was long and I’m holding two rugs plus many other things. I asked the other girl could she open another register. She ignored me at first so I asked again. This time she said “she’s there” pointing to the older lady still struggling. I repeated could you please open another register and she said no. I dropped my items and walked out. Apparently, this store does not care about their customers. I will not go back to that store. They need better management to say the least with better customer service.

  • Vivian says:

    Why is it that the flyer that is mailed to my house which I cannot find is not on your webpage which says no current flyers in the app there are three different flyers and all three do not have the whole flyer that came to my house and it, so what is the use of having the app

  • Jayne says:

    I want to comment on the store in Owings Mills, MD. It is a total disaster. Shelves are unorganized, merchandise is on the floor, and isles are blocked by pallets and unloaded items. I saw one employee at the register and other employees doing nothing. I’ve never seen an Ollie’s in this condition. They need some oversight because there is definitely a problem.

  • Jackie says:

    Does anyone have Ollie’s human resource phone number .. just quit because of feeling very uncomfortable with the manager Shawn Canfield … if anyone can please give me the number for HR been looking for it all afternoon and no site has it .. thank you

  • CINDY Sand says:

    Never does ollies have supply meets demand. Why is it you advertise items and only have five . Stupid you should not be able to have an ad that has no items. I’m sick of going there for nothing!

    • Ashley Scott says:

      Hi Cindy! Ollie’s Bargain Outlet buys close out items, discontinued items. Most of our inventory is the last of that product, so we can’t order more. I’m sorry that you’ve been disappointed in your recent trips to Ollie’s, but I promise, if you keep coming back you will eventually find the deals that brought you here in the first place. We love having you as a customer and we hope you continue to come back.

  • Sandy Easley says:

    My card was charged double for the amount of $75.89 on at your Ollie’s store in Terre Haute Indiana on 12/18/2022.I can send proof from my bank.Please resolve this issue I have been leaving messages for a week with out be contacted

    • Mary Elder says:

      Mine was too on 12-21-2022 it declined my card so I paid cash I look at my bank account and it caged my card too and they don’t want to give me my money back here in Scottsboro all

  • Jennifer says:

    I didn’t ask but I didn’t see any Christmas nativity sets or anything with a nativity picture. (Oklahoma).

  • Jean Andrews says:

    We had a horrible experience at Ollie’s located on Springboro Pk Dec 11th around 2:20pm. Signs in the store saying all toys 15% off. Go to check out and cashier states ended Dec 10th. Calls for a mgr, woman comes and makes a call, leaves and we see her making another call. A man comes up and says show me these signs. (He wasn’t very nice about it). My sister goes to show him and miraculously, all signs are gone. There were several people in line who also told him there were multiple signs. It’s very obvious the calls were to tell someone to grab the signs. I can understand people make mistakes and forget to take down expired signs, but to tell us we were lying is unacceptable. He could have easily taken down the sign, honored the discount instead of losing customers. He has no business being a store manager with his total lack of management skills

  • stephanie harrison says:

    I have a complaint about my local store & manager but since I can’t find a direct email for the corporate offices to share my complaint & the picture proof I will contact an ADA attorney & perhaps y’all can respond to them.

  • Pat says:

    I have been shopping Ollie’s since it was Building 19 in Mass. I was just in your Niagara Falls NY store. It was a mess and it saddens me. Shelves are empty, can’t walk down isles, unopened, unstocked product everywhere ( even on top shelves out of reach while shelf is empty ) Empty boxes scattered about. Products everywhere with no price stickers. Even the garbage cans at the entrance/exit overflowing. I love shopping there but if it doesn’t change I won’t go back. Niagara Falls is right across the now open Canadian border and it’s embarrassing that our neighbors to the north see what slobs we are over here 😢

  • Tammy McBrien says:

    Every time I go shopping at Ollie’s and ask for an Ollie card they are out. I can’t join the Army without one. Can I get one Emailed to me?

  • Isaac Day says:

    Managers at Ollie’s in hickory nc store number 86 need to be investigated. I was wrongfully relieved of my job and singled out. Please do something about them the Store manager Joe and CTL Kevin are in the wrong. I beg please someone do something about them. -Isaac Day (828)201-4744

  • Guests says:

    Why can’t we find real info to contact the head quarters, or human resources?

  • Paul Beach says:

    I work at the Bartlesville, Oklahoma store. The heat and air in the back room where we unload and price products has not worked since the store opened over 2 years ago. We are working in 30 degree temperatures. I was informed that management has been made aware but nobody has fixed the problem. As long as employees work in these conditions they will continue to get sick, call in sick and make everything less productive. Please , somebody get the heat and air fixed in the back warehouse. It’s an unsafe working environment and hazardous to employees!

  • Mandee says:

    I love Ollies,but please check the product you are buying. I bought a razor, but when I opened the box the razor was missing. Least the refill was still in there.

  • Pokémon says:

    I’m from the Rockford Illinois store. Our store manager needs to be evaluated, because she’s not fit to be leading the store. She doesn’t know how to schedule our team properly to be able to get freight tagged and processed, and then blames us for the work not getting done, because she gives us 3 days off after unloading truck, and we come back to an untouched mess in the backroom. 3 of our team got unjustly fired last Friday, and it’s becoming a huge inconvenience. Please I’m begging for you to acknowledge my plea, and investigate Cassidy.

  • Lisa says:

    Mouse infestation at your horsham store feces were in chip boxes

  • Barbara L Baker says:

    My niece is a very nice young that also happens to be gay. She applied for a job at the Camp Bowie Fort Worth, TX locationand was hired by one of their managers. When she went for her orientation, a male Mgr was there and he told her they had already hired everyone they needed and that they were going for a more wholesome environment. This is discrimination and should not be tolerated!

  • Jason Guidry says:

    Seems in Houma,Louisiana there’s something being done under the table because when they first opened they had a bunch of quality spray paints and lots of it for a deal.Its been a few months now I been going back looking to see if they ever got more in but all they have is the cheap dollar store and Walmart paints.I believe someone has made a deal with a customer to sell them all the good paint for a certain price and we have to be stuck buying the cheap stuff for twice the price of the good ones.Someone needs to check into this.

  • Kathryn Mann says:

    There was a store in Northeast Columbus. Store closed. Went to Dublin store. Mgr was wonderful. Bigger and easy to get around. I miss “our” store. My brother and I went to “our” Ollie’s a couple of times a month when he was in Columbus. I went to the Dublin store to find something and was shocked at the way the store looked. It was dirty, ALL the shelves throughout the store were terrible. Not one shelve was straightened up and in order. After driving the distance to the Dublin store and finding it in such disarray I will not be going back. “Our” Ollie’s sometimes needed to be straightened up but never filthy like the Dublin store. The Dublin store had 2 people working. Neither were “customer friendly”! It was a mess. I only purchased coffee and detergent at “our” Ollie’s. Now I have to spend more money at a grocery store.
    At “our” Ollie’s you had two-three WONDERFUL employees. The last mgr was WONDERFUL. She was making a difference in how the store looked and the employees treated customer. I am SOOO disappointed with your decision to close the Northeast Columbus store.

  • Fred says:

    You have some incompetent management that have no clue about customer service, especially when the problem is your computer that has been charging me many times.

  • John Danenberg says:

    Received weekly add in the mail yesterday 4:45 pm. Went to store to purchase item at 9 am. Was told sold out yesterday. I ask did the have 50 associate said no. Did you have 25 she no less than 10. This is a bate and switch. While I was there I decided to look around. This store was a disaster a total wreck for a retail store. My First and last visit. Castleberry fl

  • Geraldine Johnson says:

    I shop at the Rocky Mount North Carolina store I am very displeased with this store. You have to check the merchandise on the shelves, Store is dirty, Shelves are not straightened and kept up, Manager did not even look like he should have been a manager. Merchandise was sitting on the floor not being put up. Could go on with more problems. I don’t know who is your district manager I do not now if you have district managers or not But someone needs to check on the stores and make sure they’re being kept up properly. I’ve always enjoyed shopping at Ollie’s but unless things are changed I an others I have talk with are not pleased customers. We need store like Ollie’s but if we can’t trust that what you sell is in date or taking care of by the store we will have to stop shopping with you . Sending this because I am sending this because I am
    a concerned shopper . It is dangerous for products to be sold out of date . Thank you

  • Carmen Ratcliffe says:

    I purchased some items at Ollie’s in Jacksonville Florida at their Atlantic Boulevard location. The cashier was very very rude. Her name was Sue. Upon checking out she looked at me said you next “sir” as if I was a man!
    I looked at her and said excuse me what did you call me?! She refused to answer. upon checking out I was refunded for three of the items, as I was there for a return, The fourth item was taken and was not refunded to me! I immediately asked for a manager who I went outside with to discuss the matter and the disruptive cashier’s rudeness. He said that I’m the third complaint he has gotten on the cashier and he would talk to her. Next day I come in the same cashier as I walk in immediately tries to antagonize me as of here’s nothing I can do, I walk past her to make sure my receipt is correct with a manager. I tell the store manager what happened the day before. He says he never heard of the incident. I said that I wanted to write a formal complaint for the horrible customer service I received and demeaning comments and actions in front of the other customers who were concerned with the cashiers attitude also and moved closer to listen when I confronted her on her rudeness. The store manager says they do not file written complaints and he will take care of it. Being attacked for being a tall fit woman who works hard to keep her body very healthy by a woman who seemingly has nothing to lose but her job. She deserves to lose her job or to be seriously reprimanded. Jacksonville Florida is full of bad service this experience at Ollies has made me decide that I will not be coming back. Personally, I am a public figure and human rights activist. People need to realize they are representing a corporation that prides its great service and prices it’s not to anyone’s leisure they can treat customers In a condescending and unprofessional manner because of what ever reasons. I have been a retired runway model 3 years now and am 44 I won’t put up with bad service or cashiers who hate their job and take it out on consumers!

  • Suzanne McNeal says:

    I purchased a reconditioned Bissell sweeper which I returned as it would not take a charge. In turn I purchased another Bissell sweeper, or so I thought, it is a scrubber not a sweeper . The box was poorly marked. These transactions took place in Burnham. Today I returned this unit for a refund in the amount of $211 only to find out that it over 30 days and was issued a store credit. Store policy. I do not live in Lewistown nor Burnham but 20 miles down the road in the next county. Normally, I only make two trips a month to the Burnham area owing primarily to the cost of gasoline and my age. I will be 86 next month and I drive as little as possible. You can understand it would take considerable time for me to use the $211 credit.

    Unfortunately I did not have my receipt with me today, have it now. I cannot read the date owing to water marks in order to check the date. However, I noted there are no words stating the return policy. Is there anything you can do to help me with credit to my credit card account. Thank you for hearing me. I await your response.

    Suzanne McNeal, jemn41@embarqmail.com, 717-736-6462

  • Mark moore says:

    The employees at the Erie pa, ollie’a their employees stand on the steps and do illegal drugs an managers are apart of it… Sad play to shop an I take my kids there to see a group of managers and employees smoking weed and more… that’s very unprofessional guy!!!

  • Nancy says:

    Today I was at ollie’s in dundalk maryland. I would like to tell you about my time in the store. After I did all my shopping I was at the register and I was trying to pay for all my stuff I tried all my cards and not one would work the cashier Cindy was her name she paid for my order. That was so nice of her and I can’t thank her enough she’s a great cashier

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