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  • Address: 1000 Darden Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32837

  • Phone Number:
    +1 (407) 245-4000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2,00,000

  • Established: 1968

  • Founder: Bill Darden

  • Key People: Dave George (President of Olive Garden)

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Eugene I. Lee Jr.

President, CEO & Director

Kyle Holmes

Managing Partner

Jon Norem

Managing Partner

About Olive Garden, History and Headquarters Information

Olive Garden was incorporated in 1982. Olive Garden is headquartered in Florida, United States. Olive Garden started as a part of General Mills, Inc. Its first restaurant opened in 1982, in Orlando. The company eventually came to be known as the largest chain of Italian-themed full-service restaurants in the United States. In 2014, they added the facilities of online ordering along with smaller lunch portions.

Olive Garden is the leading restaurant in the Italian casual dining segment. It is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc. They have more than 92,000 employees operating more than 800 restaurants. It provides a variety of Italian specialties for lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks. The restaurants offer outdoor seating facilities, online order options, and catering services. Its menu which consists of cocktails and beer, garlic breadsticks, chicken, beef, homemade soups, salads, wines, classic and filled pasta, seafood, non-alcoholic beverages, and more. It has its global presence in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Mexico, and El Salvador.

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  • Donna says:

    Hello Mr Lee! On behalf of Olive Gardeners everywhere? Mostly! We would like to live long enough to continue to patronize your company but THE SODIUM CONTENT IS EXCESSIVE in all your meals. Just had some salt soup😳! Please adjust lower the sodium content if nutrition is a priority!

  • Elizabeth Burns says:

    A group of us ate at the Olive Garden on 196th St in Lynnwood, WA today, 1/16/2024. Our waitress, Ana Fuentas, was truly exceptional! She waited on our table of 9 with patience, skill and thoroughness! We lacked for nothing. I believe Ana is truly deserving of recognition from your company!

  • Margie says:

    Why is the woman’s bathroom at the South Portland ME location always smell filthy. I don’t eat there any more because the last 8 years the woman’s bathroom is filthy. And if the bathroom is filthy , the kitchen probably is also. Shame years ago the restaurant was great food and clean . No longer a good place to go.

  • Renee Thompson says:

    During a recent visit to Olive Garden in Big Flats, NY on December 27, 2023 with a few retired friends, I would like to recognize our waiter, David, for not only providing excellent service, but for an act of sincere care. After assisting an elderly gentleman patron to the restroom and returning him to his table, the gentleman experienced a medical emergency.
    David immediately took charge calling 911. He showed so much care and compassion toward the elderly couple while awaiting the emergency medical team to arrive. David was so kind!
    It is refreshing to see a restaurant waiter take such responsive action when needed.
    Accolades to David for great service and a job well done!

    Renee Thompson
    Big Flats, NY

  • Sheila French says:

    I would like to acknowledge David from Olive Garden in Big Flats, NY. Not only was he a great server, but an outstanding human. As we ate lunch, we watched as he tenderly helped an elderly man to the restroom. Upon returning, the gentleman had a medical emergency. David proceeded to call 911 and assisted the man until help arrived. It was very touching to see this kind of compassion.
    We will go back to Olive Garden and will for sure ask for David.

  • Leah Herpst says:

    We have had horrible experiences the last few visits at your Casa Grande, AZ restaurant. There is NO customer service and it takes way too long to get the food. Last nights visit our food was not fully cooked and the waitress threw the Togo bag at me.

  • Ashlie says:

    Pretty ticked off that you guys changed the chocolate lasagna recipe. Went to Olive Garden in Macon, GA with my family just wanted to sit down and eat dessert while we were out shopping and you guys changed the chocolate lasagna recipe. We were disappointed.

  • Cher & Scott says:

    We ate dinner at Olive Garden for our 18 year olds birthday last night 12/1/23 at the Gurnee, IL location. Tony was our server. We dine there a couple times/month. His service was by far the best service we have had anywhere in a long time and we eat dinner out a lot. There were 6 of us dining. He was super friendly, attentive, communicated very well and really seemed to love catering to his customers. He didn’t skip a beat really! We called the manager Michelle over to tell her how wonderful Tony was. Our experience was very much enjoyed and a big part was because of Tony’s service. Thank you.

  • Sarah says:

    When i worked there, it was a long chain of retaliation event after retaliation event. The first time, a coworker complained about an SP for bullying, and was shortly thereafter fired. The second event – another coworker turned in the lead SP for sexual harassment. 8 other women signed agreement of the behavior. They fired him, but Jessica and I were written up for personal texts that were obtained by the accused with no context to work at all. Literally punished her AND her friends Then a new manager saw immediately the environment and complained against his co manager for bullying. He was promptly fired. And just recently, the dishwasher complained of one of the managers bullying, and was also immediately written up for “poor performance”. Corporate has done nothing. All of this within 6 months of each other. They really believe all of us are the problem and not the 3 managers who encourage and partake in an environment of bullying, cliquish behavior, racism, and sexual harassment. Other coworkers while I was there literally stole from the registers and weren’t even written up despite multiple people turning them in. They only punish those who have the strength to call the core management group out on their crap. Do not work for the Olive Garden in Panama City Beach unless you’re a bullying predator, in which case corporate won’t even turn their heads. Be prepared to for Mafia -like behavior including bullying, threats, and retaliation.

  • Ashley Bonilla says:

    Zero stars if I could. HORRIBLE VETERAN EXPERIENCE. I have been here many times before and have never been treated this way especially on Veterans Day. They would rather throw all the food here than give it to a veteran. All this over a salad they wanted me to pay for even though it was included in the menu.

    Very rude waitress and the manager was no help unfortunately. The manager said to throw all the food that was already cooked and at our table. Would rather leave than to be further disrespected over a free meal that I earned. I will never come back to this establishment at San Marcos, TX 78666.

  • Cornelia king says:

    Hello and thank you for the opportunity to connect with you. My family is truly a fan of your food and your service-philosophy. On November 25 a group of about 50 to 100 community leaders, family and friends will come together to celebrate Ms. Ophelia Underwood’s 100 birthday. It is a very memorable event! We would love to have coupons or gift certificates/cards from Olive Garden. Would your company consider providing some wonderful Olive Garden coupons or discount cards?

  • Eric says:

    Please bring back the Meat Ball Pizza Bowl to the Olive Garden in Hanover PA. 17331. This is my wife’s favorite dish, and we haven’t been able to order from Olive Garden since they took that dish away. Please Bring back the meatball Pizza Bowl. Thank you.

  • Martin Jerzak says:

    After talking to the manager and working with the waitress a bad situation turn out to be a positive one with excellent service and food thank you will go again to the Horseheads restaurant

  • Martin Jerzak says:

    I can not believe they are short staff or did they do that so we could not get the lunch prices

  • Martin Jerzak says:

    This is In Horseheads New York

  • Martin Jerzak says:

    Can’t not believe we have to wait 15 minutes to be seated because the manager can’t keep the help and there is four other couples waiting I think you should train your managers to help when short

  • Michael J. Akers says:

    Date of Service: 10/15/23

    My family and I visited the Olive Garden located in Pooler, GA today for lunch after church. We were seated quickly and greeted shortly thereafter by our waiter, Mr. Onaje Smith. Mr. Smith was a very well-spoken, articulate, engaging, and extremely polite young man. By the way he carried himself, you could tell that he took his job seriously.

    Mr. Smith was very informative when we asked him questions about various dishes and offered suggestions accordingly. Throughout our meal, Mr. Smith was very attentive and made certain that we never had to wait long for refills – even though he seemed to be attending to numerous tables simultaneously as the restaurant was very busy.

    Flat out, Mr. Smith provided a refreshing dining experience which is rarely found these days. It reflected what seemed to be the encouragement of positive leadership as we spoke to the manager to brag on him a bit. Mr. Smith sets the standard that others should strive toward and should absolutely be not only recognized for his efforts, but out in a position to lead others to emulate his work ethic. Based on his service alone, we will undoubtedly be repeat customers.


    Went to the Olive Gardens in 35 S. WILLOWDALE Dr., Lancaster, Pa . Was there 2 yrs ago we ate in> The food and the service was fantastic. We went again on 10/6/23 ordered over the phone so we could pick it up no problem there. How ever when we came home and started to eat the food was horrible. The chicken Parmigiana was burnt and so salty WOW the pasta sauce was way to SPICY? The bread sticks were also way to salty. The only good thing was the salad. We go out to eat maybe once a year if at all. Was this food done so bad because we only gave a 5.00 tip? We are on Social Security and are not aware of what is a normal tip. We live 35 mins away from the restaurant and the traffic is very bad, if not for that we would have returned to get our money back. I hope some one at head quarters read this and get back to us. Or find out what is the problem to why our food was so bad that we could not eat. Felling very Disappointed.

  • Bill Schnabel says:

    Hello, my wife and I visit the Hobart Indiana location frequently. The last three visits haven’t been pleasant!! Today was the icing on the cake. The service at this location has rapidly declined to the point that my wife commented that she would be happy going elsewhere! The only bright spot was from one of the waiters by the name of Victor who saw us sitting there and told us “ I’m not your waiter, but can I get you something to drink ? He deserves recognition, the rest of the staff????? I could go on about this but I’m going to finish this up by saying that you REALLY need to bring this location back to the standard that is expected of it.

  • A.L.E.A. says:

    Hello, myself and approximately 20 coworkers had dinner at the Trussville AL, location. I spoke with the manager Levell, he was not only very helpful, courteous, and kind, but made sure that we were taken care of. We had 2 waiters who were THE BEST!!!(Ryan was the waiter that serviced the area that I was seated in) The service was EXCEPTIONAL, PROFESSIONAL and OUTSTANDING. I just want to Thank all of them and let everyone know how great the experience was!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Restaurant #6416 San Antonio Texas. Stephanie Nicole the GM has threatened multiple of her servers including myself with termination. It’s almost been about a year I worked there and ever since she came to manage the restaurant she has pushed servers way too much with responsibility and seating servers 5 tables at a time expecting 100% guest service and absolutely no mistakes, we’ll it’s kind of hard when your spread out paper thin. I let her know I would not be able to make it in because my parents had to go out of town last minute and she told me I still had to come in, I told her that there was absolutely no one to take care of my 9, 5 and 11 year old siblings and she told me that it wasn’t her problem, she she still wanted me to go in.

  • T T says:

    Employees should be able to take parties no larger than at least 18 people by themselves. I just had a party of 13 and had to split it. We each got tipped $11.26 which is absolutely ridiculous. My time was absolutely wasted when i could have been getting other tables that tipped me that much in the first place. Parties over 8 should automatically have to have gratuity included. that is more than any average table we have which means we would be having to actually set up something for the guests.

  • Nina ayers says:

    I was in your restaurant in spfld il an my card was charged twice which caused a spiral nsf my bill should of been 47 75 an the was charge 67.77 first for soup an salad 2 drinks Aug 8th I called my bank in which the charge had not came off yet but I call the day manager in which placed the money back but it wasn’t release for 3 day causes my acct nsf now I am 275.00 in the hole over your night managers fault I told him I only had 70.00 on my acct an told it best notbof been double charge. He said it was once an now with all of the charges they came to me with 275.00 nsf charges you are going to make this right. Nina Ayers
    228 west jackson virden il 62690
    If this isn’t fix I will reach out to the states attorney for the unauthorized this is the second letter

  • Brianna P says:

    To the Denton, Tx Olive Garden manager who told my brother no, that he could not use the fire extinguisher. THANK YOU! The car after completely engulfed in flames where everything was lost including any respect for the business.

  • Ginger Adams says:

    Please bring back your ravioli di portabello. I have talked to numerous servers and they have said that it was one of the most ordered entree on your menu. Why would you take something so popular off your menu if people like it and your making money. I don’t eat here near as much as I did barely at all bc that was my favorite. I can make my own chicken Alfredo. I’m probably not the only customer that feels like this.

  • Jesse Holden says:

    Why is our military veterans discount no longer something to be had except for on veterans day.

  • William walsh says:

    I’m trying to find a corporate number. I’ve been going to restaurant in Centereach New York for 20 years. Today was one of the first times and when I brought it up to the manager that was in the bathroom he said he didn’t know what I was talking about the soup and salad came after dinner. I said you weren’t paying attention and he came at me very hostile and says I’m paying attention but he was in the bathroom. I went to the center reach door at 4:27 is when I checked out I won’t go back as long as he’s there. I’ll call before the portions we have to size as usual.

  • TB says:

    Miss not having an Olive Garden to eat at. Moved to Brooksville Florida. This is the only thing I miss about leaving Tampa Florida. Why not open one here. ??

  • Brenda Waltermyer says:

    Visited restaurant #1395 in Panama City Florida . Just wanted to let you know my waitress was Bailey C. What a fantastic employee. From the first step to the table, she was a pleasure. Answering questions and making a suggestion. Also able to up sale an item. I have never had such a wonderful experience . This is a fantastic employee and I hope you please let her know.

  • Lucy says:

    County Line road, in Spring Hill Florida (34609) is in desperate need of a new restaurant. APPLEBEE’S Parking lot is always full! There are no other eat-in restaurants on this road. Olive Garden would be a great fit for the large retirement communities off this road as well as the new developments being built as I write. It is a major thoroughfare between Suncoast highway 589 and Commercial Blvd. Route 50 already has a swarm of restaurants, whereas these communities off this road keep longing for another restaurant on County Line. Please consider as this roadway is developing fast!

  • Not a customer anymore says:

    Why in the world is it necessary for you to put a swear word in an Olive Garden commercial? So disappointed.

  • Jackie Perkins says:

    I went to the Olive Garden on Aug 2 at Fort Myers and ordered the soup and salad. The lettuce was brown and server said this is what we have. We asked for manager and she said all the lettuce is like this and did apologize and would we like something else. I ordered the lunch spaghetti. To my surprise we paid more on our bill. Next day August 3 we had a luncheon group of 15 in Cape Coral and the salad was the same. Very disappointed.

  • Chonta Mitchell says:

    My family and I went to to Olive Garden in Murfreesboro Tennessee to have lunch . my granddaughter ordered calamari and fries she found hair on her fries also we found strings of hair in the water hot water that we asked for that was on the silverware it just ruined my appetite I’m very disgusted with Olive Garden at this time Olive Garden used to be one of my favorite restaurants my daughter spoke with the manager the manager said that she would remake our food but at that point I’m just completely done with eating at Olive Garden because of the bad experience

  • Cynthia B. says:

    My son loves your strawberry cream cake! It is the cake he wants for his 10th birthday in September! 🎂🎉I tried reaching out to my local Olive Garden in Middletown NY. Unfortunately, they don’t sell an entire sheet cake, only a piece.

    It would be awesome if someone can reach out to me about possibly ordering the strawberry sheet cake. We are a humble family for enjoy little moments at Olive Garden when we financially can do so. Please help me make his 10th birthday cake come true.

  • Elizabeth Harper says:

    I am writing to share an amazing experience I had at your Queen Creek, Arizona location today, July 20th 2023. Our server name was Mackenzie and she goes by Kenzie. If Kenzie is not a server trainer, she definitely should be. She was one of the most pleasant, inspirational, welcoming, service oriented, and, customer engaged servers I’ve had in a very long!

    Just when you thought you had to accept the service rendered by today’s millennial thinkers. Thank God for people like Kenzie. Kenzie has an old soul who understood customer needs, servicing the customer integrity, honesty, and customer contact. She was impeccable and I am sitting down in my hot garage currently 118° in San Tan Valley Arizona, sharing this story about Kenzie.

    I’m sending this compliment on Kenzie to your corporate headquarters because she deserves global recognition for such an amazing job she did for my table tonight.

  • Marcy Rhodes says:

    We went to the Olive Garden at Potomac Mills, VA on Sunday to celebrate my daughters 29th birthday and were devastated to find out that you are no longer serving pasta e Fagioli. That is one of the main reasons we go to Olive Garden. She has been eating that since she was a kid. Please add it back to your menu.

  • bradford barnett says:

    a.mber at yr us 19 i.n port richey f.l is aweso.me a.n .asset .10 stars

  • Bonnie Gannon says:

    Please please please please bring back the pasta fagioli soup! Please please please. I have been eating it for 500 years and cannot live without it. Please please please.😩

  • Scott B Finley says:

    Poor service. Took food and breadsticks before we were done. No cars in lot yet waited 10 min to be seated . I worked at the Stardust in Las Vegas. In comparison your terrible. Centennial Olive Garden needs new Management. Food service my whole life incuding Admirals Chef in the Navy .
    Your stealing from the public by mot giving what we pay for. Shame on you! Also i worked for EcoLab . Your very compliant. Build on thay and Fire Amy at Centennial store! Terrible 4th of july Dinner thx for taking my hard erned money!

  • Valerie Easton says:

    Beware. Food recipes have changed. For instance, the Shrimp Scampi is NOT made with Olive oil! They now use Soybean oil (which by the way is considered a poison). How does an Olive Garden make Shrimp Scampi without Olive oil? This was in Brea, CA. The manager offered to take it off the bill but I had already eaten half because 1) I was hungry; 2) I thought my taste buds couldn’t be right! But when I asked what kind of oil they used, I knew that was why it tasted so odd. My family also was disappointed in the Eggplant parmesan (poor Birthday boy) and his wife tried to enjoy a dry Salmon. All 3 used to be my favorite dinners at Olive Garden. Now, the only reason I would go back would be for the endless soup and salad. That’s it.

  • Carol G says:

    Would you PLEASE bring back the Cannalloni Al Forno? Everyone I have ever known said that it was their favorite dish at Olive Garden. Would you please consider bringing it back? Thank you for your consideration.

  • Christopher Downs says:

    Let me start off with the food was great. Service on the other hand not so well. Well for the server that was working our area. We sat down and waited for awhile before the waitress came over to take our drink order. Just say we had enough time time to read the menus and have our dinner already picked out before she got to us. Once she showed up she took the order. As we waited for her return a next over from us had just been sat down. Thier waitress was on top of it. They had their drinks and salad before my drink ever made it to the table. Well service for us was slow the whole time. But the biggest complaint I have is my son is on a ankle scooter so he is handicap ♿️ at this time. Seeing he was having trouble moving around tables and other guest we sat in the back of the restaurant. No big deal to sit in the back bit there should be more access for a disabled person. In conclusion I will never return. Nor will I recommend this location.

    Here is my review on Google. My main concern is the handicap accessibility. Or concern for those who are handicap. Please feel free to reach out to me 9513356762

  • James says:

    I was a takeout guest at Olive Garden in Stoughton today and I witnessed a host disrespect a server completely. I watched her call her a loser and basically saying that she wasn’t going to be sat and make money. her friends it seemed like working on to go not only was my order 20 minutes late, but I am witnessing an argument at the counter I watched a server be completely disrespected as a guest that is not even sitting in the restaurant. I did not ask for a show to pull up and get my food, but I watched someone be degraded and it was honestly uncomfortable. This happened on February 20 around 2 PM. In my honest opinion, my food being late isn’t the biggest thing on my mind is the uncomfortability that I felt standing at the togo stand

  • Pennie Brian says:

    I love Olive Garden, but on Sunday night, January 15th went there for my birthday, ordered the food , salads were served, as we we eating they come and told us that they were out of Alfredo sauce, of course everyone had ordered food that needed the sauce , said it would be 20 minutes to make more , how can this restaurant run out of Alfredo sauce????, if you see that you are getting low start making this right away, when our food did come the pasta was so rubbery where it had been setting under a heat light to keep hot and the edges were crispy, then very little sauce was put on it , we had to ask for more sauce and you would have thought that that was the end of the world, worse food that I have ever had there, then the waitress finally told me to order a dessert for my birthday, then we had to wait for them to take it off the ticket, we did take the rest of the food home didn’t want to I leave it, we were not given a bag to put in in so we walked out with the food in our hands, didn’t want to ask waitress for one , felt like that would be too much to ask for. So needless to say not a good experience, but I will go back because I love the restaurant, hopefully I will get another waitress, just needed to let someone know this. This restaurant is located in Paducah Kentucky , 10 people were in this party

  • Fidel Salinas-Menchaca says:

    I was currently working at one of your restaurants on Scottsdale road and Osborn and a co-worker decided to confront, I was just working and doing my part. I would like to ask why would another co-worker think he’s in charge of me and try to pretend like he’s running the business.

  • Glendora Hudson says:

    Olive Garden in West hills has a rogue employee or manager working there. I got put in west hospital with a heart attack and my wife and mother went there and ordered take out on Dec 30th. Their bill was $45.34 with tip and I get a notice from my bank about the charge and 4 Lyft ride charges since we live out of the area. The charge was $ 76.78 which is not even close and then the next day the Lyft charges are used on same credit card. We call bank and report the fraud and as we’re talking to rep the thief’s are trying to open an Apple wallet acct with that same card. Of course Wells Fargo caught that to and card was already cancelled.
    We call the Westhills store, talk to manager, he looks up and finds receipt for our order and verifies the amount of $45.34. We inform him that one of your employees purposely over charged us and that soon after there were more fraud charges on same card. He comes up with this bullshit excuse that sometimes banks do that and wait a few days and the difference will be credit back to the acct and as far as the other fraud charges it was not his problem call your bank. Horrible advice because that is illegal for an establishment to do. This was the only place this credit card was used in the pass 5 days. I told him we will not pay that bill and reported it as fraud. He says not my problem and hung up. Very very suspicious.
    Never go to OLIVE GARDEN AGAIN and will spread the word.

  • Jt says:

    Server at the olive garden location southlands Aurora ,Co by the name of Shayna F . Served on 01/03/2023 around 1730. She was very rude throughout our whole visit. Per the soup and salad it states endless soup and salad in the description as well as online. She decided to charge us for an additional salad. After we communicated with her like normal human being she started to get upset and proceeded to make a comment such as “If you are broke just say that” for not tipping her for the poor service she gave. Since we sat down she had an attitude. A friend of mine stated she liked her nails and she decided to catch an attitude and rolled her eyes and walked off. From there we knew something was wrong . Tips are not guaranteed and definitely not an obligation. We do not owe anyone anything. You get what you give and she gave an attitude the whole visit. Then as we were writing a review she looked over and stated “ thats bullshit” . Last but not least she threw the receipt at us at the end which was VERY DISRESPECTFUL. This will be the last time attending that particular olive garden. Shayna F behavior was UNACCEPTABLE. You get tipped based off the service provided. Then when she was confronted she started to get loud and cause a scene. Very unprofessional as a Server.

  • john says:

    As founder of several retail chains sometimes you have to make a point with some sarcasm. You obviously missed that in your mgrs request for pet bodies. You can run one of my furniture stores for a day alone or a grocery store same, but you can’t run a restaurant like yours for even an hour without staff. If you think you can try it. Times have changed. I know dozens of store mgrs and they just can’t get people to show up. Only one of 5 they hire show up and every day several good employees just don’t show up. There is a solution to this,but I’m sure from experience that you will do nothing about it.

  • Mike says:

    As is the trend, instead of dining in I have been doing the “To Go” order via the Olive Garden app. The wait for dining has always been a problem, but once it was normal to wait 45 minutes +, I decided to pick up. For two years, I just loved this method, I would pull up, pick up, and be home for a nice dinner. It has been getting worse and worse, whereby I have been experiencing 35 minutes the time before, and 55 minutes recently before my order was ready to go! Aggravating to say the least! Conjecture on my part, but I think more and more people use the To GO application, and the restaurant can’t keep up. I asked the manager to shut down the API so that no more orders could be taken, since they were swamped and were turning people away. Why is it that when you select a time to pick up, the app knows how many “reasonable” slots are available, so that my pick up order is ready to go when I get there? VERY FRUSTRATING!!! I think this is my last time for Olive Garden, will have to do the Johnny Carino’s for the next order, and I mean that, probably never going back to Olive Garden!

  • Amy says:

    Kannapolis NC needs an Olive Garden.

  • Cela chamberlin says:

    Had a horrible experience at the olive garden in derby, Kansas. The waitress Camille was rude and very short with husband and I. We are frequent diners. Camille has served us serval times. Everytime had unpleasant experience with her. This last time was it for us. I called Friday to speak with manager to request we have another waitress to wait on us and he said he could not guarantee that. That in itself is unacceptable I don’t understand why I couldn’t go in and request a different server. I feel like Camilla has a judgment against interrelationships. My husband is black, and I am white I don’t think she accepts that.

  • John McDonald says:

    I went to Olive Garden in Springfield Pa and I ordered the tour of Italy with double Alfredo and no lasagna. And no cheese on chicken. All throughout the stay the waiters were talking and doing other things and mingling with one table. When my food came I had cheese on my chicken. She said she would go and get a new piece of chicken. When it came back out I found the same piece of chicken turned over with scrapped cheese and extra sauce. Then I explain the situation and they still charged me for a meal I did not eat

  • Betty Gist says:

    To Whom It May Concern: Is out possible to reintroduce your blood orange and blackberry tea?
    It was a solid, signature tea. It has been many years since it was served.

  • Amanda says:

    I was called in for 3 interviews. The second time I came in I was told the manager was too busy to see me. When I did speak with the manager he contradicted himself numerous times. Even though I had the qualifications for the job I was given several excuses such as, I may not physically be able to handle the job which I can only guess has something to do with me weight. I have been doing dishwashing, food prep, cashier, hosting at my current job. Then I was told that he had a 64 year old dishwasher but she was “slowing down”. Then when he asked me about hosting I told him yes that I have experience and he immediately followed with with don’t have any host positions. So why did you ask? I noticed that all the servers were young and skinny. He also mentioned that most of his staff were college students. Clearly this is discrimination against my age and weight. I will contact corporate offices.

  • Amanda says:

    I need to speak to someone in corporate office. The message is off putting and I cannot get through.

  • Joe A. says:

    I spoke to the District Manager (don’t recall his name only that he mentioned he was Greek) regarding a very serious complaint against the assistant manager Josh Beeham at the Palm Coast location and he promised someone would contact me and the never did. This was weeks ago.

  • Dana Hines says:

    Hello, I tried to send a message to your contact us email, but unsuccessful. At any rate, my family and I reserved seating for 20-25, on Dec-11th, for a Birthday gathering. Just wanted you all to know, your server Brittany Richardson, (location- Stonecrest Lithonia), was awesome. There were a few complaints with some of the food items, but Brittany was very accommodating and continued to power though. We really appreciated her professionalism. Please inform her Manager of this comment.

    Thank you.

  • Ron R Rowe says:

    Hi I was at your Watertown New York restaurant last night December 13 for my dads 74 birthday, there were 8 of us and we were seated quickly we had call ahead seating. We were sat at your out crop window seating it was freezing in there we all sat with jackets on and asked the waitress if she could turn the heat up or move us , she said they were busy there were 3 people in the bar area and five other tables full at 5:16 pm !!!! The waitress took our drink order and was gone about 15 minutes she came with all but my mixed drink and came back with my took our order around 6:20-6:30 , we got our soup and salad and appetizers fairly quick our dinners took an hour and 45 minutes to get and that was after I went and spoke with the manager who said they were busy again a few tables maybe six or seven had people no one at the bar by now !! I told him this was ridiculous and if that was busy maybe he should get more help !!!! There were 4 girls eating at hostesses stand when I asked for the manager 3 stand there one went and got the manager!!! We usually go to this restaurant because my dad likes the food ! This was ridiculous and when we finally received our food over half of our dishes were on the cold side !!!’ Ps I would appreciate a response thanks Ron

  • Los says:

    Manager complaint

  • Laura says:

    Can you please offer a gluten free dessert?

  • Scott D Hoiberg says:

    For a large chain eatery you think your reservation, call ahead system would a little more customer friendly. When you go online to get on your list the max number it will let you seat is six (6). We had a party of nine (9). So we called the location we were going to they stated they do not do reservations or a call ahead list. Maybe your online reservation system should allow you to input the correct amount or your locations should start taking reservations or put you on a call ahead list.

  • Billy skidmore says:

    Terrible. Worst experience at an Olive garden ever. Ordered 2 different appetizers. Only one ever arrived. Twice. Was charged both times. Chi Ken Marsala detaching was so bad I got sick. Was travelling through but will not be turning to Olive Garden.

  • Nancy Barbour says:

    We had Lasagna in York PA, very disappointed? We have eaten at you restaurant for years! What has happened to your food? It had two piece of meat the size of peas? The rest was all cheese and dough? The waiter checked with the chef said it’s in the sauce, nothing in the sauce? Don’t mind paying $ 19.00 if it was good? Salad was drenched in dressing? Just thought you should be aware what coming out your restaurant. So sad to send this! Nancy Barbour

  • Robert Wilkins says:

    I visited the Olive Garden in Danvers, MA on Novemer 26, 2022 for a takeout order. I placed an order for two entrees. The first was a shrimp scampi with angel hair no asparagus, no tomatoes. This entrees had spaghetti, red peppers and chicken. Totally not what I ordered. The second entrees was a build your own pasta with angel hair, traditional marinara all on the side and three meatballs. This had all the sauce on it. Again totally wrong! The receipt and the stickers were correct as to what I ordered on the phone. I had an issue previously with this same Olive Garden and they forgot my 3 meatballs. Do they not read the sticker with the order on it? Unacceptable! I love Olive Garden and unfortunately this is the only location close to my house. I doubt I will be visiting this Olive Garden anytime soon. They just can’t seem to get it right.

  • Sabrina Hatfield says:

    A manager (humble Tx location) chewed my daughter out in front of other coworkers humiliating her! I need someone to contact me ASAP!

  • Jordan Broussard says:


  • Jacqueline moore says:

    Awful service

  • Doesn’t Matter says:

    I complained months ago, and STILL waiting for a response.

  • Thomas Hunt says:

    I submitted a comment on oct 25 and it indicates awaiting moderation. What the heck. You not gonna answer me about what happened. Go figure.

  • Tami Gaston says:

    I took for friends out to an early dinner after shopping together. We ordered. The salad was limp and swimming in dressing. There was a massive pile of onions and olives and 3 SMALL slices of tomato for the entire bowl to feed 3 people. The peppers which are normally sweet were extremely hot.

    Our entrees cam out rather quickly. I attempted to eat my cheese ravioli carbonara with grilled chicken, but after literally choking down 2 ravioli and a little chicken, but had to stop. It was so MASSIVELY SALTY you couldn’t eat it. There was so much sauce on it you couldn’t stir it with it running over. To make sure it wasn’t just my taste buds, I had another lady at my table try some off the opposite side of my dish. She literally choked trying to swallow it and when she got her breath back asked if somebody dumped the salt shaker over my plate.

    I called the server over and explained the issue and asked her if she could have it remade. She said she didn’t know if it would be any better because each sauce was only made once or twice a day, but she would put in my request. We set there while everyone else was eating and I thought my food was being made and then here came the manager on duty.

    He did not introduce himself. He said he understood we had a problem and said the dish would be the same and blamed me for allowing the server to put parmesan cheese on the dish at the table. When asked why another lady’s carbonara sauce was fine when my was inedible, he said the cheese ravioli has a cheese carbonara sauce and it’s just salty. The menu did not mention any difference in the two dishes. He refused to make the same dish again. My options were pick something else or get my money back. He DID NOT APOLOGIZE ONE TIME. He left an embarrassed waitress to take care of things and walked off. She took my order for a replacement meal and was putting a rush on it. I had it made to go because my entire party was finished eating at this point. It took at least 20 minutes or more to get my Chicken Alfredo. I paid the ticket of over $100 and went to the truck. After leaving we realized a couple of things: the ticket showed a salad to go with my meal and it was not in the bag, the manager on duty didn’t comp my meal or give us a discount of any kind for the screw up and the long delay in getting my replacement or anything. It was obvious he didn’t give a damn wether we were in the restaurant or not. They were not swamped.
    We were in Cheyenne Wyoming at the location of 1536 Dell Range Blvd. The manager on the ticket is listed as Shelly Ashley, but the manager on duty was a man who didn’t introduce himself to us. Our server was Jeanne D. I do not blame her at all. She tried and it wasn’t her fault the food was awful. On other lady in our party got the gnocchi soup which was also salty but still edible..
    The time on our ticket was 4:03 pm on Saturday afternoon. The check number was #49960 and another number was OG1716. It said party of 5 but there were only 4 of us.. Your cooks and management better get their crap together or there are 4 families that will not be back. I was physically ill all night long from the amount of salt in that meal. I was so nauseous I could not eat anything. When I did eat my Alfredo there was almost NO SAUCE ON IT. It’s called going from one extreme to the other. I’ve never had such a horrible experience at an Olive Garden before and will have to think long and hard before we go back again.

  • Josh says:

    I was just at the Olive Garden in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. I love to go to that particular restaurant for lunch because the staff there is really nice and accommodating. I would like to put in a accolade to the bartender there during lunch today, Kate, who I have had as my server a few times prior, who is so nice and consistently asks me how I’m doing and if I need anything, even though I typically eat alone on my break and only eat soup and salad. The staff at the Dartmouth, MA restaurant have all been awesome and I would recommend that venue of the franchise to anybody.

  • Leeanne Osborn says:

    We tried dining at Olive Garden tonight. The place wasn’t busy at all, but we still sat there for over twenty minutes waiting for our server to wait on us. She took the drink order and disappeared again for another twenty minutes. When she came back, instead of giving us an apology, she wanted sympathy because she said she had three tables. We decided to leave because of her attitude. Before we left I talked with (Jeff) the manager, who was instantly defensive and obnoxious. I was a waitress for years and could handle more than three tables at a time; regardless you don’t seek sympathy from customers. What a pathetic place. We won’t be back!

  • Denise Phillips says:

    Dear Olive Garden,
    I’m sending this message to let you know about the experience I had at your Oro Valley, AZ location last night. I wanted to treat my daughter & 2 granddaughters to dinner. Although we had reservation, we were seated at a small table in the bar. I asked the manager if we could move to the main dining area. She informed me that she could add us to the wait list & a table may be available in 20-30 minutes. It was busy, but no one was in the waiting area & I could see many empty tables. We decided to sit in bar area. When trying to order a bottle of wine we discovered they were out of the house reds & all the Cabernets. What could have been a nice evening with my girls turned out to be a disaster!

  • Rose says:

    Our restaurant has mold in it no matter how much we clean wipe down scrub, vacuum it’s impossible,,we need a redo a better modern design that doesn’t grow mold quickly mold can hurt many people it’s not healthy and it stinks please take a chance to help us remodel our restaurant, the host stand has mold, the carpet smells so bad and has mold, the air vents has stuff around it, there’s been multiple sightings of roaches, and bugs, the carpet is tattered years of food stuck in it plus green stuff (no more carpet,) the food is good but very very oily and greasy it makes my stomach hurt. Mind me I love working there it’s an amazing place people are amazing, I think it would do world of wonders for the employees and guest to lower the grease and oil levels , and and new clean place and design ,,,,if we can build a whole brand new Olive Garden in Orlando then we can sure redo our restaurant. Please keep this into strong consideration, no amount of money should be more important than the health or well being of human beings.

  • Thomas Hunt says:

    Went to Olive Garden in colonial heights va on 10/15/22 around 4:45 for dinner. Upon arrival I noticed an individual in the. Waiting area that was maybe unstable. We sat and waited and he sat and then when he got up his bag came unhooked. He said something to me but I did not understand him. Later while we were eating he was again seen walking through the restaurant. Still not eating. All of a sudden he came by my table and wanted me to apologize to his bag!!! I looked at him and said everything was ok. He then got louder and louder using very foul language and proceeded to pick up our salad bowl and slam it down on the gabble spilling it all over my self and my wife. Still in shock I stood up but they calmed him down and walked him outside. They apparently knew the individual and have seen him In there before. I called the police because they were not doing so. When the police arrived they indicated that they knew who this man was and that they had had contact with him previously. The incident ruined my shirt but more ham that it ruined our evening and we will never go back to Olive Garden. Your restaurant has a responsibility to safeguard diners and provide a safe environment for patrons. I am still not sure what’s I am going to do about this. Situation but. I am considering contacting legal help.

  • Larry Van Syoc says:

    Olie Garden has taken a serious Nose Dive their quality of food, dumped their good foods, no longer available and everything I saw on their menu contain noodles which is now their main item which I found terrible tasting!!! My wife’s steak was a Terrible Joke to say the least and was heavily laced with black pepper and other seasonings and had a lot of gristle in it, being the worst of the worst she has ever tried to eat!!!
    We are NEVER GOING BACK TO OLIVE GARDEN AGAIN AS I EVEN GOT TO FEELING ILL AFTER WE GOT HOME and today, I am still not over it, but a little better.
    We ate there two days ago.

  • Frances Greene says:

    I have a complaint. My sister and I went to your restaurant today to celebrate our birthday we placed our order we asked a question and next thing we knew the manager came and ask if we had a problem about our order. We said no a half and hour we got our drinks and wondering where our salad was they bring our salad and our ontray which our food was cold two minutes later they brought more food we had just got our chicken Alfredo we were treated like crap because our server had a problem with us. I am very disappointed in restaurant. In stead of being able to enjoy our dinners we were made to feel like we were being rushed. I have ate many meals there never have I been made to feel less then a person. It’s the olive garden on howe Ave never will I go there again

  • Don't want give says:

    There’s an employee in Southern Pines or Aberdeen, NC do not have to address a customer. I called in an order and replied that’s all you going to get. This was at lunch. I gave her a tip which she didn’t deserve at all. She was very disrespectful.

  • Dennis Myers says:

    On Saturday, October 1, 2022, I was very fortunate to have 3 of my grandchildren spending the night. I asked them where they would like to eat dinner at and it was unanimous Olive Garden. The food was delicious but the experience was made exceptional by our waitress Casey R. She went above and beyond making each grandchild feel special which says a lot to accomplish with two pre-teens and a 13 year old. I wanted you to know it’s nice to meet someone with a great personality. Hope you also appreciate such an outstanding employee.

    Table 73. Check# 824818
    Olive Garden 1333
    21:3:12. 10/01/2022

  • Etta Wise says:

    We visited the olive garden in Hickory nc on 10/1 .the manager acted like we were a bother. There was a long blonde hair in my daughter’s food. It took 40 minutes for her to get a fresh plate. The waitress took forever and made us wait .I seen her talking to another employee about our table because stared directly at us .they discounted my daughter’s bill but not ours .we waited at our table for almost 2 hours got there at 4:10 we didn’t leave until after 6:25.our bill should have been discounted as well for making us wait and for the manager and waitress being rude .

  • Matt says:

    Howdy, We are Olive Garden regulars and really enjoy the food, so thank you for that. I have a very simple question? During our last 3 visits we noticed that we only received 3 breadsticks. No big deal, we just asked for a couple of more with our entree. In each of our last 3 visits, our server told us that they had to put more in the oven and they were heating up. 10 minutes later no breadsticks. Again our server apologized and said they were in the oven. 15 minutes later, another apology, so we just paid our bill and left. Here is my simple question….have you guys made a corporate decision to limit bread sticks or is that local policy. Not a big deal, I probably don’t need the extra breadsticks but I am just curious. Thanks

  • Brenda Lukovich 810 841 6803c says:

    Why is it taking 5 months now to get Draft Beer in Avon Indiana ? We were in the bar business and we could change out systems in 2 weeks to a month.. We are regulars between here and Lakeland Fl weekly ! You may be losing our business and I am sure many others ! I wouldn’t be surprised if your income has lowered considerably too Not happy we like a draft with our dinner!

  • Wendy C. says:

    I love Olive Garden but I don’t like the choices they have for kids sides. I buy a lot and I always request a soup for my child instead of broccoli or fries due to stomach sensitivities and the staff at Olive Garden always refuses to do the substitution. Corporate should definitely look into this and make the kids menu a bit more flexible.

  • Kathy says:

    My daughter was fired because she has mental health issues and she was denied her 40 hour pay. When she called and asked her manager why she wasn’t put on the schedule, he told her that she had too many mental health issues and she was fired! He hung up on her. Very unprofessional management in Tupelo Ms! I will be contacting my attorney!

  • Shut it down says:

    Olive Garden in Dallas Tx on Cockrell hill is sorry they hang up in the customers face they slow you be waiting for over a hour for your food. When they answered phone they rude they give you time to say anything just put you on hold and leave you on hold for hours you have to constantly keep calling back. When you ask fir manager you holding on fir a long time fir the manager it just needs to be shut down immigration needs to go up in there as well.

  • Deborah L Wilson says:

    I was a employee there I was out for doctor note came back on the day I suppose to return I didn’t look at the schedule correctly and I came at 5:00 and sent me back home said I don’t show up at 11 I didn’t kn I had to come in at that time so fired me and lied on me said I said I come in when I want and I never said that I love to work but I didn’t look at schedule when I got off Thursday I’m new learning my job and fired me for no reason

  • Geen Pardee says:

    Can Charleston SC not get another Olive Garden? When they always have 1-2 hour wait times, it should say you needed another location!

  • Sony says:

    My husband and I drive an hour away from Roseburg, Oregon to Eugene, Oregon to have lunch at your Olive Garden restaurant.
    Your food is worth our trip, and even if we are just shopping our trip is not complete without eating at your place in Eugene, Oregon.
    I am inviting your company to open a restaurant in Roseburg, Oregon.
    You have no competition at all but a very small upscale Italian restaurant at the old section of the city of Roseburg.
    Chipotle is coming already and In and Out Burgers.
    We would love you to open a restaurant here. You’ll be a hit for sure. Our community likes to eat out.
    I hope you’ll consider my request. Thank you.

  • mae says:

    My husband and I love Olive Garden but we’re recently turned away at the restaurant in Hilton Head, SC at 2:30 pm. There were many tables available but the hostess said there was a shortage of servers. My husband and I said we only wanted the salad and soup but she still said it would be a 25 min wait. My husband went to use the restroom and saw 4 employees standing around talking by the kitchen. Sadly we turned and walked out as we were starving and decided to go somewhere else. The same occurred when an elderly couple walked in. However, as we were exiting the parking lot we saw the hostess run out and stop the couple and asked them to go back in the restaurant. This is no way to run a business and I felt you as corporate should know what’s happening. They should never turn away customers with lame excuses and hence turn away money as well. We ll continue to to go to Olive Garden when we are back home in NY.

  • Kimberly Cumings says:

    Hello I live in Tucson Az and my husband and I would love for you to bring back your braised beef and tortellini. It had always been our fav and we would get it often but since you discontinued it we have not been back. Please put back on your menus and make this couple happy in this crazy world. Would love this excellent meal for our anniversary on Oct 23
    Thank you
    God bless
    Kimberly Cumings

  • James R. Crutchfield says:

    Please visit my Facebook page to review my post about your new restaurant in Northeast El Paso. We love it, it’s the most beautiful one we’ve ever seen. https://www.facebook.com/jay.crutchfield.7

  • Melina says:

    Olive Garden called me back for a 2nd interview. When i called 30 minutes prior to the confirm my interview they asked if I would come in the next day for the interview. I’m seeking answers. Why would I not receive a phone call to inform me of this? I’m a transgender and beginning to assume that I’m not being taken seriously as an applicant. Is this how Olive Garden runs their business? Making applicants, like myself, believe they may have a job and invite them back for fake 2nd interviews?

  • Vivian Kallas says:

    Idaho Falls
    The side walk in front is badly damaged for ANYONE to walk on it.
    The female bathroom has issues too.

  • Enos Mathew says:

    Hello Eugene I. Lee Jr.,

    We as family, we love Olive garden food and the service at the restaurant. But we sadly realized that your all the your restaurants are closed in Kuwait now, do you have a plan of reopening in the near future?. Best Regards, Enos Mathew

  • Jessica says:

    I really hope the Olive Garden in Brandon Florida gets an new clean update soon but otherwise the food is amazing!

    • Rose says:

      Yess me too we need a new model I work there and i wish we could get rid of the mold and stuff and have a new update modern clean look

  • Donna Merlino says:

    I love eating at the Olive Garden unfortunately where I live there is not one close by I would like to make a suggestion that an Olive Garden would do tremendously in the area of Avon and Simsbury area of Connecticut.

  • Andy Rowe says:

    My family, party of four, ate dinner at Olive Garden on July 27, 2022 some time after 6 pm at 6050 Youngerman Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32244. Everything was fine until the server brought our bill. Unfortunately, I cannot remember her name, but I was never embarrassed as much as I was there! The server used that ‘thing’ on our table thinking it would be quicker, faster, etc.to take our order. When I went to pay, a manager named Jordan Warner, came to our table and said there was a problem. Apparently some kid switched our ‘thing’ with some other table. This was after I paid my bill! She went on and on and I said I don’t know what is going on but please straighten it out. She wanted to use my card a second time! The situation was ridiculous. I didn’t care but I wanted the server’s tip taken off the bill. Sorry about that. The server didn’t care! Well, I don’t either, anymore. I will never go to this place again! Only go if you like CONFUSION!!

  • Elena says:

    3 of my friends got super sick from the iced tea and I called the manager and he really didn’t care. Corpus Christi Olive Garden needs to get it together. I spent over $100 to treat my friends for them to get massive diarrhea and the manager was not at all concerned. They will go out of business making people sick 😫 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • Micheal Gilmore says:

    Went to your olive garden in Livonia mi on Friday july 29 terrible service from waitress micha ordered a to go meal never got it was not happy with the service

  • Neil Burnside says:

    I came to the Spanish fort,alabama location twice this week. The first day they were out of Olive Garden chocolates, out of baked ziti, and out of chicken and gnocchi soup. The manager Laura said they had been all day and would hopefully have them back later this week. That was the only thing I came to have. I waited a few day, came back a second time and this time there was no gnocchi soup still, no minestrone soup either now , and NO OLIVE GARDEN BREAD or big Togo boxes. They were cutting circular bread and buttering/ toasting it. It was hard as rock and anyone around me I could hear didn’t like it either.This is Olive Garden no general manager should be this incompetent and then shrug their shoulders with no apology. My dinner and my others were ruined.

  • K Grice says:

    Olive Garden Complaint

    Delivery went from $50 minimum to $100 minimum with a 10% Delivery Fee ADDED. How is a Single Person supposed to get a meal delivered on those outrageous prices?

    I am a Single Person living on a Limited Income. All I want is ONE MEAL. I guess you don’t want customers to order Delivery. I’m no longer going to patronize your restuarant. I don’t want to be required to go to location just to get a meal. You just lost a customer.

  • Terry Shannon says:

    My fiance and I have had nothing but great experiences at Olive Garden restaurant in St. Peter’s, Missouri.
    We visit there often and we love Mrs Irma the 91 year old very fashionable and perky lady. She’s one of the reasons we visit there so often as she is such a motivation for us as well as others. We try to speak to her every time we eat there, which is about once every ten days. The food is delicious and is only surpassed by the excellent service.

  • Veronica Carbajal says:

    9080 SW Freeway
    Houston Texas 77074

    Yesterday I got food poisoning! It’s not the first this happens! My chicken had some black spots on it, but I ate most of my food before realizing it!!!! My son in the past got food poisoning here too more than once!

    I feel like this is discrimination against who I am, a rival, and enemy of BLM/Illuminati!!! Houston is BLM territory, and food poisoning happens everywhere I order take out. If not then my order is always wrong or cold at any other place!

  • Karen Smith says:

    Where is store #0021614

  • MaryAnn Dempsey says:

    Oh boy, what a time with the Olive Garden; Here goes; My sister gave me a $50.00 gift card. We used the app and ordered our food and used the gift card. When they came out to the car, they were looking for payment!!!! We got our food and were on our way home, were 5 minutes to our house and 20 minutes away from the Olive Garden and they called and said one of our entrees was not in our order and we had to come back for it!!!!!! When we got there they gave me 6 breadsticks and a $10.00 gift card. Very insulting. When they saw my review all of a sudden a manager calls me and then I get an email with a $30.00 gift card. I said whatever, guess I have to go again. How bad could it be. The order I placed went thru as I received an acknowledgement from them but of course when I got there, they said they have no order so we had to order it again and wait 20 minutes. I decided, I’m done with the Olive Garden until they yet again sent me a $35.00 gift card again. My husband and I said, okay, what is the chances of an issue……..we said naaaaaaaa……….Well todays order apparently never went thru on the app again!!!!!!. Had to order the food and wait 25 minutes. Got the food, went home and took everything and out and guess what????? “One of our entrees was missing!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not. This is all so true and they should be ashamed and embarrassed. The sad thing, it was not the same location, it was 2 different locations.

  • Michael R Carder says:

    We had a bad experience at your restaurant in Hampton, VA. We are regular customers at that restaurant. My wife has a small certified service dog named Lil Lady. Everyone at that restaurant loves her. But something changed. It was unexceptional. Service was horrible. No respect for a disabled person with service dog. Very disappointed. You have lost us as a customer. And will be passing on what we experienced.

    • Please explain says:

      What exactly was your horrible service and what did you want your server to do for a service dog and disabled person?

  • Jerry Keith Hamlin says:

    My awesome lunch. Christopher F was my server. He was very helpful. Christopher was friendly. Suggested items to make my lunch as complete as possible. Very satisfying lunch. Had soup, salad, breadsticks. Christopher Suggested the soup. It was very tasty. Then for my second bowl Christopher Suggested another variety of soup. Soup was awesome. Christopher made my day. Very satisfied. OG#1506. Christopher F job very knowledgeable, helpful, chatty, perfect. Thank you OG best lunch ever.

  • Shantie Dipnarine says:

    This complaint is regarding your Olive Garden 1739, 1604 West Osceola Pkwy FL 34741.
    Extremely poor service, had to wait a very long time for the server who was going back and forth and didn’t seem to have the knowledge of how to perform her duties. After giving her our orders she didn’t not seem to comprehend what the orders were, she brought our soups and salads before bringing out the appetizer. Also there is a major problem with the sanitary conditions of the resturant…we end up with terrible rashes at the back of our legs just below our knees at the table and bench we sat on . Management’s attention is needed in this matter especially with Covid-19 still around. Sat at table 341. Check # 820497

  • Sue Vallejo says:

    I would like to beg you to PLEASE put in an Olive Garden Restaurant in Bee Cave Tx. It is a growing area just west of Austin Tx. We are building in that area and really need an Olive Garden, please consider do it SOON !!!!

  • JohnKRankin says:

    Yeah Olive garden is a phenomenal exquisite branch and chain of Italian food it doesn’t get any better than that your customer friend Mr Rankin

  • Bonnie Whitley says:

    Just wanted to share: We visited the Longview location on 5/30/2022. Our waiter (Cullen T) was awesome, great customer service…thank you for that. We ordered Steak Alfredo $18.49 and were immensely shocked when our plate arrived. It appeared to be a child portion and was not happy. Also we accidentally left my husbands phone on the table, and had already returned home in Livingston , Texas. We asked and sat on hold for a while to then be told they could mail it. I offered to pay for it all and the insurance,
    was told I could just call ATnT and report it stolen and get a new phone. I just could not believe the lack of customer service at this point. So we had to drive back to Longview to pick up the phone. With the this, and the overall pricing for meals and soft drinks, we will probably not be returning. Thank you,
    Bonnie Whitley

  • cari says:

    The take out food in Eugene is going down hill small servings,dry noodles, not worth the $20 I paid ,it used to be great someone should crack the whip and bring it back to the place I used to love

  • Mintha says:

    Went to Grand Island Ne Olive Garden and had a waitress by the name of Kionah. First of all I am not much of a poster and feel if there are problems first try to go to the store to allow them to resolve any issues. However, typically complaints are the ones that get reported. This lady went ABOVE and beyond for my kids and I. She was very personal, checked on us regularly, made sure drinks were filled, supper polite and was understanding that my kids like cheese bless her arm! Thank you so much for making lunch with my kids so enjoyable and I truly hope you get recognized for your top notch service.

  • Annoymous says:

    Your manager at the diberville location hires voys and sells them drugs at the workplace and had my nephew become an addict who has since doex from an overdose. This emplouees name is bryan malliet.

  • Elvira Calderon says:

    Currently at Olive Garden in Champions Gate, Davenport Fl where there are many tables available and they make the customer wait for more than fifteen minutes to get a table. I was also told that I could not sit in the bar area, when all Olive Garden restaurants you can do this, whiteout wait. Several customers asked the same question and then, the employees, laughed as they said no to the customers. It’s an unusual way of being at Olive Garden, and I know it because it’s my favorite restaurant, but today I was disappointed.

  • Joe says:

    Store #1033 Lakeland numerous times we have tried to use the call a head system but its not operational . The Manager informed me I would need to contact corporate to get it fixed . She flippantly told me that. Hey corporate fix the system. With all the Snow Buzzards flocking in and over whelming your restaurants help us Locals out please

  • Judy Glenn says:

    Was at Olive Garden in Wilmington. Our bartender was great, fast, friendly, and we always love it when she is there. The new manager is rude and she has driven half of the staff away. We were talking to Lori about the cost of living and ask about her pay. She was telling us and the manager fired her. That woman has to be the worst ever

  • Stephen Doloisio says:

    Road conditions driving to your Clay NY restaurant, I’m sure you pay taxes,rent,mortgage. The road system leading to your restaurant is terrible, can please contact the local authorities to put pressure on them to fix this

  • Beverly Turcotte says:

    My daughter and I went to Olive Garden in S. Burlington Vt. yesterday. My daughter can’t eat a lot of sauces. So she ordered Alfredo sauce on her eggplant dish. So actually its an EXCHANGE because the marinara sauce was omitted. They charged her for the meal PLUS $4.29 for the LITTLE BIT of Alfredo sauce. REALLY ??? I ordered a LITTLE dish of marinara sauce for the bread sticks. I was charged $4.99 and the dish of it was small. So that put together we could have ordered another whole meal !!!! This to me is WRONG and it puts in my mind do I ever want to return to Olive Garden or not ? Its ripping the public off and so wrong.

  • Breanna says:

    Worst company I’ve ever worked for. Definitely don’t take care of their employees and working for chump change with only allowed 3 tables at a time overworked and busy refilling salad, soups and breadsticks and no reimbursements for it not even a free meal.

  • Michael Ray says:

    Please let the “Braised Beef Tortellini” make a return to the restaurants.

  • Maria says:

    While sick with strep and not being able to eat anything for 9 days I was finally healed and relieved when I felt good enough to get out of the house and the only thing on my mind was the Soup (zuppa)and salad from OG Our visit to store 1173 in Nashville Tennessee was everything but delightful. My husband ordered Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara and I had the soup and salad then when server brought the salad I notice there were no extra toppings as requested, I also asked for balsamic vinaigrette, Lemons and Tabasco sauce because i also like to add this to my salad the server acted disgusted by my request . He brought me the lemons and said that Restaurant was out of vinaigrette and that the Tabasco sauce bottle was MIA . So me thinking that he would look for it and bring it to me I waited to eat , then a aervee name Riley brought the rest of the food out and I politely asked her if we could have more dressing and maybe she would have better luck finding the Tabasco sauce and she straight up told us that she couldn’t because out server had to ring this up ! And I asked her if he had to ring up the Tabasco sauce as well and she said ‘ i am sorry but I have tables and I need to check on them did a 3 . Turn and walked away leaving us speechless and stunned by her response . This was far from making me feel like a family . The server , who by the way was also the bartender who eventually brought Tabasco sauce but by then I was just ready to leave .

  • Justin mcdowell says:

    I’m a employee of olive graden well was I was assaulted by my manger at the Olive Garden in morehead city Nc, I’m pressing charges and come to find out this is not the first time I need to talk with someone in charge. She don’t deserve the title managers. Not right I’m assaulted then trespassed then she’s still working there she will be in court soon though

  • Diana says:

    I would like to address the issue of the Curbside Pick-up parking spots that have spaces reserved at the front of the restaurant. The spaces near the front of the restaurant should be open for use for walk in patrons.

    I’m here at the 2485 Iron Point Rd, Folsom, CA restaurant at 1:30pm on a Wednesday. Walking in I see they have 9 spaces reserved for take out. None of these spaces are being used and sit empty and patrons are walking in from the back areas of the parking lot.

    While walking in I noticed 2 groups leaving and both groups had 1 person who was having a difficult time walking. Neither were using a handicap space to park because these spaces were all taken.
    There are other parking spaces to the side that could be used for the Curbside Pick-up reserved spots that wouldn’t pose a danger for staff members to bring customers their orders.

    I spoke with the manager, Amy Jenkins, and expressed my concern about disabled patrons having to walk the extra distance because the Curbside Pick-up spots have taken up available spots near the entrance to the building. She said her staff have to be safe when taking orders out to the cars.

    California is moving toward reducing restrictions and more and more people are enjoying meals out. Why is Olive Garden still focusing on Curbside Pick-up at the cost of disabled people having access?

    Please adjust your reserved parking spots to appropriately accommodate the disabled customers.

    Thank you

    • Beverly Turcotte says:

      I agree 100%. I am handicapped, they use the spaces closest to the door for take out. That is what they think of their customers ? They put their employees first. They don’t have to WALK so far.

  • Joann Adams says:

    Hi I wrote the corporate office about a month ago to see if I could purchase a whole box of your Olive Garden mints. It is my mom’s 87 birthday April 16th and she loves the mints. I never heard back. Is there anyway I can get a box?

  • Dana Wright says:

    I went to an Olive Garden restaurant in Sugar Land, Texas, for an early dinner this afternoon. When we were seated it seemed like the “background music” was unusually loud. When we asked our server if they could turn down the volume, she told us that the volume was controlled in the corporate office in Florida and there was nothing that they could do about it. Seriously? You might want to reconsider your position and allow your restaurant managers enough oversight to cater to the sensory impaired customers.

  • Ronald Ellis says:

    I’ve been a customer of your restaurant for many years now and have always had an enjoyable experience except for tonight when I visited your establishment in Lake Charles Louisiana on Prien lake road. Our waitress did everything she could to ignore us to a point where I had to go up to the front counter to complain and make our desert order. She only had 2 tables including ours to serve. Our drinks were empty a quarter way through the meal and never returned to ask if we needed anything else. When our food came out she left it up against the neighboring table as she had a long drawn out conversation with someone else as the people at the other table coughed with our food next to them. I’m not one to normally complain but this was completely unprofessional on her part. When I complained at the front of the restaurant the young lady at the to go counter giggled and apologized but did nothing to make our server return to our table.

  • Jean Cooper says:

    I’m looking for information about the black and white photos that are displayed in your restaurants. Where can I get copies. I particularly love the large photo of a single olive tree.

  • Ashley says:

    Your company discriminates. Y’all should be ashamed of your selfs. Definitely a place I will never eat at or even recommend anyone to ever work at!!!!

  • Randy Maples says:

    Hi, wife and I eat at Olive Garden 3-4 times per month for years. Question is the Stuffed Chicken Marsala and Lemon Crème Cake has been pulled from the menu for sometime now. Any hope that that one or both of these items make it back on the menu? Thanks. Randy

  • James Gentry says:

    My name is James Gentry , I had a horrible experience at your restaurant. Me, my wife, and my 6 year old cousin decided to get out the house. We decided to get a bite to eat, and in the past the Olive Garden has been a great place to go. We went to store 6434. That’s in Menomonee Falls. WI. . We were escorted to the back tables near your staging area. We were at table 506 and our waiter was Jerome D. Great waiter, he did a good job.
    There were some kind of conflict among the staff. Two young ladies were cursing up a storm. I believe it was a waitress and a hostess. After a round of cursing one of them said, ” I just got to keep it real !! ” my little 6 year old cousin took it all in. The staff acted as if we wasn’t there. And then one of the young men that were cleaning the tables stormed out the back room slamed something on one of the tables. That really startled my wife, it was a crazy scene. Our whole night had became tence.
    Let me give you my details.
    James and Betty Gentry. 2512 N 22nd st. Milwaukee , Wis. 53206
    Phone # (414) 265-1154
    Check #:825020

  • Eric Watson says:

    Me and my spouse were at our local olive garden (Valdosta ga) we had an amazing service by a waiter named Chad M. Even in a rushed environment he was calm, and welcoming. Had a great experience.

  • Kevin porter says:

    Hi I was wondering if you would ever build an olive garden in my area of Dubois Pennsylvania I feel it would do well we are always looking for good food

  • Keith Andre Williams says:

    We went to the Olive Garden on 290 and W 34th Street in Houston, TX. The dinner was good, but I lost my wallet. The wallet was found but my money was taken 220.00. The waitress at the front counter gave it to me when I came back to the restaurant after someone said no wallet was found. I went and ask where the wallet was found the worker said in the restaurant. The manager was no help. I ask for corporate number he gave me another olive garden restaurant in Houston. So I believe one of your employees took the money out of my wallet. I know there are cameras in the restaurant. I am ready to sue Olive Garden. Someone needs to call me immediately.

  • Amy Guenzler says:

    My husband and I had lunch at the Tupelo, MS location on 3/19/2022. Shaan and Ray were our waitresses and were phenomenal. They were very attentive and seemed to genuinely enjoy their job. It was by far the best experience we have ever had at Olive Garden. The food was great and the service was excellent. I highly recommend this location.

  • Ronald Hurst says:

    Olive Garden in Hattiesburg, Ms. very few customers yet very slow service. Worst experience we’ve ever had at Olive Garden. What happened.

  • Maryellen Potter says:

    Today I enjoyed Olive garden in North Darthmouth MA. It was excellent!!! Clean, friendly, great service. We had the pleasure of a young lady named Katie as our waitress. She was out of this world. She was worth a million dollars if you asked me. So professional I met with her manager and said never let her go. Left a great big tip. Wish I could of given more. Will be back.

  • Criss says:

    Would like to comment on a waitress at the Olive Garden in
    Mt Pleasant,Michigan
    Her name is Sydney, she is the kindest,sweetest waitress that we have ever met,I am 71 years old and never had a kinder more helpful,funny,sweetest waitress,she should get an award.Just wanted to let you know and hope she is appreciated by you.
    Thank you,Criss Selvia

  • Pettway says:

    Poor management- My daughter had an interview today March 16, 2022 at the Mobile, Alabama location. She arrived on time to the interview but the manager who was conducting her interview was late. As she waited over twenty minutes to be told that she has enough minors working there was very unprofessional. I understand people won’t always get hired but this was clearly age discrimination and if she didn’t want to hire her she should have told her she will reach back out to her if she get the job or not. My daughter has another job but she was looking for something different. By the way there was other people in the room who heard the whole interview and mocked my child for being a minor as she was leaving. Very unprofessional and I will not be eating there in more. Matter of fact I may look into hiring a lawyer.

  • Dennis William Ervin says:

    GM Annetta from Pittsburg CA dont have prep ready for baking bread all times.

    No Butter No Salt Fields No Bread Packed on line.

    And i do everything that i can during my sift no thanks from any no managers at all GM is mean and rude to all who works or guest.

    Alot of employees resign and look for a better jobs.
    Everytime i clocked in they send me home after 2 or 3 hours every day.

    My hours been cut for the past 3 months i cant even pay out my storage or phone bills.

    Every check is only $150.00 tops i know i do more that.

    I got a 2rd jobs now at outback in pittsburg to cover my funds i loose weekly at olive garden.

    The staff employees get mad when there is no bred at all.

    And i just clocked in on my sift.
    I do truck dishwasher fryer bread. At Olive Garden in PITTSBURG CA.

    Dennis William Ervin
    4307, Null Dr
    Antioch, Ca 94509
    1 925 759-1679

    Date Hired:

    Maybe Resigned:
    Replay ASAP…

  • Savana Mata says:

    I live about five minutes away from Baytown location, and there was a new manager who I have never seen there before walking around checking on all the customers throughout our dinner. I believe her name was Clarissa, but I loved the service that was given by her!!!!

  • Sylvia A. Winckler says:

    My daughter and I enjoyed lunch at your restaurant in Fort Walton, Florida on Sunday, February 28, 2022. Service was superb and the food was very good. We did order 4 spaghetti and meat sauce and two 5 cheese ziti at the take home price of $5.00 each. We found them to be excessively salty and all entrees had to be microwaved double the time as stated on the containers. Please consider my suggestions and rectify as soon as is possible.

  • Rodger Moore says:

    Olive Gardens restaurant in Huntsville Texas has terrible customer service. They are very slow. They employ very inexperienced young staff that are slow, break dishes constantly, spill things on customers, food takes 45 minutes to arrive every time. They charge for things the customer didn’t order.The only benefit is that it is the only Italian restaurant in town. As soon as Joe’s Italian Restaurant opens no one will go to Olive Gardens Huntsville Texas any more.

  • Laurie L Bard says:

    Can we please get an Olive Garden restaurant in Berkshire County in western Massachusetts 🙏???

  • John Miller says:

    Was just racially profiled at your mattson, IL store . Your manager said nothing about it. I’ll be contacting a lawyer to have tapes pulled. Unless you want to handle this internally

  • Sandra Smartlundy says:

    Made a curbside purchase and the sausage was not cooked called the olive garden in Newport News Va.
    Only to be hung up on 3x and finally was able to speak with a person she started laughing after I told her the issue and said that’s not her problem. I goes to Olive Garden at least 2x a month no matter were I’m station.also have had many going away luncheon there for going away Soldiers. But this has been the worst service I’ve ever had from any restaurant. But if this is how Olive Garden is going to treat it’s customers. Then I’m done with Olive garden

  • Ms.Townsend says:

    Hey I’m Ms.Townsend and I just wanna touch bases with you all about your unprofessional suppose to be GM ( John Asbury ) at the Wolfchase location here in Memphis.Tn . I’ve come to this location for quite awhile and he is a piece of work I tell ya! . I’ve witnessed on several occasions how he has no regards for his employees let alone the restaurant. Everytime that I have visited he was either standing around on his phone, eat at the bar , he doesn’t know how to talk to his employees he’s very rude.if there’s a problem in the restaurant he wouldn’t know because he is never around. He’s not good at getting things fixed or handled because I have told some of the employees on several occasions that the restroom sinks and toilets where leaking I come back and nothing is resolved .I’ve actually witnessed a young lady tell him about the issue and he honked his shoulders and walked away as if it was none of his concern. I really feel for those employees at this location because they have an sorry excuse for a GM. He also makes unpleasant jokes that can be somewhat racist if u ask me . I recall him one day referring to his employees as “The Help” and he laughed it off like it was nothing. I mean I could go on and on about his unprofessionalism. Those employees are silently crying for help and im just woman enough to speak up and recognize it. Something must be done about him immediately

  • Devens says:

    It is to my dismay that I am writing this review after reading several negative comments already written about disappointing experiences several people have had with no response from corporate. The original restaurant was started in Texas by Mr. Dawson and was not anything like it is today. The staff and management do not take their jobs seriously and are not held accountable to perform as expected. My experience happened at the Olive Garden in San Marcos Texas. Rude waiter Donald P. did not think he did anything wrong. When discussing the incident with the Manager she was sympathetic and apologetic but cannot manage Donald P. He should have been sent home and not allowed to finish his shift but that did not happen nor did I get an apology from him. I understand that Covid makes it difficult to find help but no one needs to be embarrassed when going to any restaurant which is what Donald P did to me. You could tell he runs the restaurant not the manager, he is arrogant, rude and does not know or understand how important manners are. My husband and I owned stock in Olive Garden but have sold it because of the lack of accountability and training for their managers and staff. If this continues eventually people will stop going to any Olive Gardens as they still expect respect and good quality food like it used to be.

  • Marilyn French says:

    I love the Olive Garden Restaurant in Texarkana, Texas! Can we bring back the stuffed mushrooms? This was my favorite appetizer on the menu, and it is no longer an option.

  • Annetta says:

    Before we visited a local Olive Garden, I checked the website so I could “join the wait list” and it stated “there is no wait”. Upon arriving we were told it would be a 45 minute wait and the “join the wait list” does not work. This is unacceptable in this technological time!

  • Vickie Henson says:

    I was an employee and need some information. I have recently become disabled and social security needs to know my starting and ending date of employment. Are you able to help me out with this? My name is Vickie Henson and I worked in the Elyia Ohio location. Thank you!

  • John Doe says:

    Stay away from Olive Garden in Williamsburg Virginia, I unfortunately encountered a disgusting employee masterbating in the mens room during my recent and last visit. Emailed corporate about it and nothing. Completely disgusting.

  • Quincy Abercrombie says:

    Olive Garden seems to ignore customer concerns/comments pretty well.

  • Darlene Reynolds says:

    It was the worst meal I ever had. We went there for our anniversary like we have four years. The salad what’s the worst that I’ve had the lettuce was the White better has lettuce and I could not eat it I usually would eat all of it and ask for more. But it was so bad that I didn’t want anymore. The waiter we had was not that great he didn’t ask if we needed anymore to drink which our glasses were empty. It was our anniversary and usually they offer us a dessert for free but we were offered nothing.

  • Summer Roth says:

    To whom it may concern, I am beyond upset at your general manager David Akers located in Palmdale California store number 1286. I took my family of 5 to this restaurant. They sat us at a table for 4 and added a chair at the end next to the server corner. Our waiter Chris McIntosh saw how cramp we were so he asked the host to move us to the corner table that sat 6. Your General Manger came to my new table and told us we had to move back to the small table. My mom is handicap so getting her up to move isn’t easy. I advised the manager that our waiter had us move. Your manager then made a huge scene calling the waiter over and started to be little him in front of not only my family but the entire section that had two big parties of 12 and 8. Your waiter Chris just stood there and let this disrespectful inconsiderate Manager yell and embarrass him in front of everyone. I told the manager that was uncalled for and VERY VERY unprofessional. Chris then apologized to us for his manager. After taking or drink order Chris went to fulfill the order where your manager David started back on Chris where we could still hear it all. Your general manager completely ruined our family dinner made us feel so uncomfortable. I am completely appalled by your general manager. I love Olive Garden and now I will not return to this location due to your general manager and his unprofessionalism!!! To your Waiter Chris you are AMAZING and keep up the great work and your great people skills. My bill was 128.17 check #822113. To make this horrible putting even worse they decided to sit 2 people at the table they tried to site a family of 5 at!!! Completely dissatisfied and uncomfortable customer.

  • Maria Lane says:

    Holiday Grinch found at Olive Garden!
    Wednesday December 22, 2021.
    I ordered dinner for my family after I got off of work, two chicken tortellini alfredo‘s and a shrimp scampi. Each chicken entreé came with less then usual pasta and “NO” chicken! I called and the manager tried to explain portion sizes to me and said they can reimburse $4 worth of chicken they used for each entrée, then tells my I’ll get my $8 dollars in 4-5 business days…what?! So basically I paid $40 for two child size portions of plain pasta. C’mon. I was gonna take back the pasta that was not opened but after hearing what she had to say I just decided to cut my losses and never order from here again. I can deal with a mistake, I can’t deal with management that’s petty. Who wants to deal with this after a 12 shift? Not me!

  • Antonia colon says:

    My husband and I decided eat in the Fashion Mall Square Olive Garden in Florida 12-17-21 around 6:00 pm. We decided to eat spaghetti and meatballs. Everything okay I taste a human long hair. At first I thought it had to be a mistake until I put my I phone flash light. I call an attendant, he call a manager she was very polite and asked me if I wanted another one, to which I said no, didn’t had to pay for my dinner, but know I know that I can’t eat another meatball and spaghetti from your establishment. I have a very upset stomach. Hope to hear from your compay soon.

  • Susan Reyes says:

    I ordered a chicken and shrimp carbonara me and my husband were upset little shrimp

  • Maureen says:

    Dear Olive Garden Staff and Company,

    4.5 + Stars! Thank you.

    Please Note: The Star Site would not allow me to enter the 4.5 stars! Seemed to be Frozen….Thank You for correcting our high rating of your services.

    Dear Olive Garden Staff and Company,
    Thank You! I am hoping you receive this Thank You for our Veteran’s Dinner as we intend to send to corporate…

    Our son is a Chef and does fine dining. With great pleasure our Family must say your Chefs and Kitchen Staff did a beautiful work w our November 11th 7:00ish dinner evening. Note, they have been slammed since 11 that morning! The Chefs were extrordinary, A+ (!) and a 10 (!) w the entrees Chicken Alfredo…. dressed w an Outstanding Glaze on the Chicken. Eggplant Parmesan was Sauteed Crisp and Defined and a Distinctive stand alone!
    Your Kitchen Staff were exceptional, giving their all to serve the Military Families….
    -Deletina (?) The Hostess managed the waves of Families coming thru the doors very Graciously. Our wait was missed by staff and we were surprised how quickly Deletina (?) thinks on her feet w the oversight and took us under her wings, resolved the wait and seated us immediately! She gave us her earnest best!
    -Johnaton, our Server, had just finished his Accounting Day Job and we were pleased as he aimed to give us his best and delivered services and our dinner handsomely!
    -Angie, the Manager or Supervisor, busy w inquiring of everyones experiences in the resturant, stopped by our table and we passed on our compliments of our experiences, as well …..
    -Another Manager or Supervisor!
    Lynn possibly?
    Veteran’s Day was an extremely busy day and your staff here at Burlington Olive Garden served you and our Military Families Proud. Your Customers were very appreciative of your Hospitality. Thank you again for our Veteran’s Dinner and Your Services.
    Warm Regards,
    Charles USS Navy Submarine Service
    and Andrew Cox

  • Rose Marie says:

    I would like it very much if you would hear my ideas about an idea I have for OG. It will benefit you greatly to hear my idea. ~1111~

  • Kay Tadin says:

    Friday, March 1st, 6:00 PM, we stopped at Olive Garden for a bite to eat after a dance recital at Hersey High School in Arlington Heights. It was my first and last experience. Your Manager, Bob Traske had much to be desired. Getting right to the point, my grand-daughter picked up her lemonade to drink and the “whole glass” bottom of the drink fell out. Fortunately, she was not cut as the whole drink fell on her and her dress from the recital was soaking wet. It took your Manager several minutes to even come over to address the problem as I found napkins to start cleaning up the mess myself. I was offered 4 paper napkins by a bus boy. They proceded to serve our entrees in the middle of all of this. Thus, the meal was cold by the time we got to eat. Never once did the manager bring over “fresh” drinks, clean set-ups or offer to at least reheat the dinners. Is this your way of training a manager to address mishaps in your restaurant? It was a very disappointing experience and one that I will remember. Thus, I will not frequent Olive Garden again, nor would I ever recommend to friends or family to eat there.

    • Johnie Smith says:

      Friday September 24th I went to take a soup back (Gnocchi), I love the Gnocchi broth Only. although I was charged they gave me what they wanted me to have. I called the corporate Office but the number was to another Olive Garden office. They served me some white chicken skin it was disgusting. I will never go to Olive garden again, nor will my family. I was not refunded my $ 6.79 either. They can take that and purchase another manager. This was on Richmond and Harvard in Cleveland, Ohio

  • >