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  • Address: 1675 Sunset Dr, Rock Springs, WY 82901, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 307-382-3222

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1976

  • Founder: Gordon Biersch

  • Key People: N/A

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  • Terri Newcomb says:

    I did not receive my shirt from the last mint tour

  • James says:

    They served me a raw hamburger after asking for medium well and they replaced it with a well burnt hamburger totally burnt black Krispy I’m very dissatisfied with your food

  • Nena Perēa says:

    My brother Disabled Seniorsand my brother a US NAVY Veteran
    We Went to the Old Chicago on 87th Wadsworth we were doing take out
    Good Food and a Movie Night. We went in and sat down near the front desk a young lady came over to take our order everything was fine we ordered a Couple of SODAS.
    The Confrantational, Harsment, Prejudiceal behavior from this Young Lady didn’t begin until we were received out take out Calzones she brought them to us in the box which was good.
    My brother Asked her if we could have a bag to put them in. She Replied RUDELY WE DON’T HAVE Any Bags !. My brother asked her if she could check in the back again she replied ”
    NO WE DON’T Have Any Bags then he asked to speak to her Supervisor them she Said there Wasn’t on staff that day! Then she Left and Returned with a bag then TOSSED THREW it at my brother “US” my brother put the Food in the Bag then we started towards the Door she appears with a whole handful of bags then the front desk staff and a Waitress joined in to VERBALLY THEATEATING, and to VERBALLY HARRAS
    The Black Staff member she even threatened to KICK My Brothers ASS Physical HARASSMENT my Brother and Myself this Black Front Desk Young Lady Gestured that She Want to
    “Fist Fight” him Physical Violence while We Were Leaving We were Parked in the Handy Caped parkings Right in the Front they took this Confrantation Outdoors
    the Black Person kept Harrasing Gesturing that she wanted to fight with Him as we were at the Truck Already ready to leave a
    VERY HOSTILE, UNPROFESSIONAL, THEATEATING, VIOLENT UNNECESSARY TERRIBLE, PREJUDICE. JUVENILE, BIAS BEHAVIOR, My brother Called and asked to speak with a Supervisor Nice Guy over the phone my brother explained what had just happened to us and asked to speak with the Manager the manager was not in but Did say that the Manager would contact us that NEVER HAPPENED.
    My brother used to meet his buddies at the Old Chicago on the Boulder Mall in the 80’s he would take me with him so that I could have a CALZONE.
    We had just moved to the Apartment complex right Across the street and we we’re thinking
    ” OH BOY PIZZA🍕”!
    Now we drive Past the Reasurant and want to get even a take out Calzones but we just keep driving as We don’t Ever Want To Be Threatend, ABUSED HARRASED
    LIKE We Were.
    By your Staff Members
    “EVER…..AGAIN” !
    It’s Was
    Just “Take Out Food” !
    (“Foot Note”):
    As Your Black Staff Member and other Staff Members Continued to Taunt, Antagaise Threaten,Virbally and Physicaly Gesturing that she Wanted to Attack
    My Brother.
    My Big Brothers
    Grew Up LEARNING and Taking “Martial Artist” From When They When Were Very Young boys They are Very Accomplished Martial Artist
    My Big Brother
    Very Sick and Disabled
    Would Have Had No Problem Stopping They’re ATTACK
    Towards Me or Him!
    Such A Shame a Civilide Person Would Have To Prepare To Being ASSAULTED And ATTACKED By People At A PIZZA 🍕
    WE Would Still like to Be Able To Order Take Out Under the Sercomstances We CAN’T!

  • Lexi says:

    Ok..so I see it’s normally to have payment issues. Nice to know I’m not alone.

  • mary says:

    kind of wondering as to what the hell kind of show your omaha locations run. employees drinking on the clock. an employee making gay comments to a Trans employee. a gm who tells her staff as they ask for help that she is too busy doing inventory she can’t take the time to help her staff. for real. what a sorry excuse of a restaurant.

  • Verlene Montgomery says:

    Who do I talk to about the Brighton Colorado location. It’ll be 2 weeks since I was promised a full refund on my order and I’ve yet to receive it and I’ve called several times being told the manager is unavailable. Oh and trust me I not only wrote a review I’ve told as many people as possible

  • Jude says:

    How do we make an HR complaint? I got screwed out of 2,000 worth of wages and am getting the run around.

  • Eden says:

    Current employee here. Extremely unhappy with treatment by management and employees at the Old Town location in Wichita Kansas.

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