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John C. Kenning

Executive Vice President and President of Workplace

Michael J. Lewis

Executive Vice President and President of Retail

John S. Jennings

Senior Vice President

David Kelly

Senior Vice President of Australian Operations and Managing Director of Australian Operations

Gary Marshall

Senior Vice President of Midwest Territory - Retail

Steve Mongeau

SVP of Sales & Growth Initiatives and Interim Sales Head of The North American Contract Organization

Bob Thacker

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Advertising

John Voytilla

Chief Security Officer and Vice President of Global Loss Prevention

About OfficeMax, History and Headquarters Information

OfficeMax was founded in the year 1988. The company has been active for almost 31 years now. The founders of the company were Bob Hurwitz and Michael Feuer. The company is currently now a subsidiary of Office Depot, which is currently located in Florida, United States. As of the year 2012, the company has been operating 941 stores in 47 states, Puerto Rico, the USA Virgin Islands and Mexico. Then in the year 2012, net sales of the company were $6.9 billion, which was down from $8.3 billion in the year 2008. During the year 2013, an all-stock merger between Office Depot and OfficeMax was announced. The merger was completed in the same year as well, creating the largest USA office-supplies chain as well. The OfficeMax name continues to serve as a brand of the newly formed Office Depot as well. In the year 1995, the company was transformed into a limited public entity. The headquarters of the company is based in 263 Shuman Boulevard. The name of the place is Naperville, while the name of the state is Illinois, United States. The pin code is 60563.

OfficeMax is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of office supplies, to its customers and clients in the USA. The current executive vice president is John C Kenning. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 31000.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of office supplies, that are marketed and sold by the company itself.

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  • Cici says:

    Tried numerous outlets to get a resolution so I guess here is the place. If this were a temporary problem I wouldnt be here. If I didn’t feel bad for the employees I wouldn’t be here.
    The store in St. Thomas USVI… Why is it so inhumanely hot? 3 months I’ve been told the a/c was being worked on. I’m half tempted to go in there with a thermometer.. it’s insane to expect customers or employees on the equator, in the Caribbean,to tolerate the condition in that store

  • Guest says:

    An HP Chromebook for a clearance price of $279.99 item #7703591 and ink for my printer were the items. The chromebook is for my daughter as a Christmas Gift at that time, she would be starting College in January. Upon picking up my purchase that same evening the first store rep brought out my purchase without it being in a bag. I asked why the items were not bagged the employee stated the store didn’t have any bags and gave the items to me in hand. I had not pulled off from the store and noticed the box was already opened. I immediately went inside the store and spoke with the employee she stated her name was Tomeka. I showed her how my purchase was given to me and questioned if the laptop was in good working condition because of the open box and also it was not packaged in the box correctly. Tomeka did inform me that she instructed the employee to deliver the purchase this way, without proper packaging and the box it was brought to me in, DID NOT BELONG to the laptop that I actually purchased.

    This employee stated to me that the box she gave was a box she found on the floor in the store because the laptop I thought I purchased was not new she actually sold me the display laptop from the store. Nowhere on the website when purchasing this laptop or chromebook did it state that I would be buying a display model from the store, so I was confused and didn’t want that item.

    Immediately when this employee informed me of this I immediately asked for a return/exchange and she told me NO it is not returnable. She also removed the box because it was not for my purchase and sat a bag on the counter and told me to “use that”. I stated that now I would have to dispute this with the credit card because she sold a display unit and to see how frustrating this situation has caused me as a customer. This employee told me GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, knowing full well it would be extremely difficult for me because I was given a display model instead of a new laptop and WITHOUT A BOX.

    I immediately left with the purchase in hand and called the customer service line that was absolutely no help at all. I spoke with a supervisor whose name was Philip Alvarez. He told me he submitted a claim on my behalf and to check back with him in the morning the next day via email which I did @ Philip.alvarez@officedepot.com. I have also included the corresponding emails to him with his responses and then no other communication on his part back to me.

    I later find out that the employee was actually the General Manger of the location and also the one that serviced me. Her name is Tomeka Williams. After many days of waiting to hear back from customer service I called a local store in my area 95th Evergreen Park, IL and spoke with a manager whose name was Tony. Tony verified what happened by calling the store on Cal-Sag Road which is store #6047 and actually spoke with the general manager Tomeka Williams. She agreed that I should bring the item back to her store. I refused!! This situation should never have escalated beyond the first attempt to correct and make the interaction with me and my patronage at the store the first time. As a result of my concern and frustration that I expressed to Tony I was able to return the laptop to his store on 95th Evergreen and purchased a NEW closed box laptop.

    As a result of all of this I am still NOT A SATISIFED CUSTOMER! I will never shop with office depot again I will certainly tell everyone that I know to never shop at any of the office depot/max stores. I work from home as a successful business owner and do frequent the business chain for all office supplies but most definitely shop elsewhere for all my office needs. The experience I received was unacceptable, unwanted and should have never happened. This general manager should be thoroughly coached/trained or terminated due to the lack of customer service skills, poor judgement, lack of respect and treatment towards me as a customer!

  • guest says:

    phone number has been disconnected, please change it to a valid number, as that I am trying to resolve an issue with payment and no services were carried out.

  • Sofia Garcia says:

    Went to OfficeMax at 1163 W Irvington Rd, Tucson, AZ 85714 on August 22nd, 2022. Placed an order for a printer (item number (625557) (HL-L6200DWT LASER PRINTER) that was not in stock in store and paid for a Protection Plan I cannot use. I was told it was would be shipped est. Oct 11th. Since, then I have not received the printer. Have called several times to the customer service line to get my money refunded back to me & CANCEL order, have been given the run around. Was told they manufacturer needs to approve refund. Oct. 27th, 2022 received an email that the printer will be shipped the end of November, 3-5 days for delivery. I have a business to run and don’t think its fair I should have to wait for the printer when I have requested to CANCEL my order and get my money back! I spent a lot of money for something I don’t have to run my business.

    If someone can give me a contact information to file a claim, my attorney will be sending a letter.

  • Jeff Ostrihon says:

    On September 12, 2022, at approximately 1:57pm, I approached the FedEx counter inside the Office Max located at 4408 Milestrip Rd Buffalo, NY with a cooler containing water samples to be sent to ALS Laboratory in Rochester, NY. After a few minutes, an associate (I believe his name was Donald) approached me to help. He lifted the cooler and placed it on the scale and informed me that my package was overweight, and he was not able to help me. I asked how much it weighed and he told me 56 lbs, I asked him how much the limit was and he informed me that they couldn’t expect any package over 55 lbs. I said that I could go outside and remove some ice to get underweight. He then asked what was in the cooler (package) I told him water samples. He then told me that they could except water samples. I was very surprised because, and I told him, that we have been using another Office Max for years and asked to speak to the manager. A manager came over and rudely said that he heard everything, and they wouldn’t except the samples because of the possibility of bacteria, not knowing anything about the contents of the package, and they were not able to help me today. I was absolutely shocked to be dismissed like this. Clearly, both employees just didn’t want to deal with this transaction and rather that just saying that they felt the need to lie to be about FedEx’s policies to make me leave. I ended up going to the FedEx office at the McKinley Mall (3701 McKinley PKWY) and that employee was more that happy to help me and was surprised by the incompetence of the Office Max staff at the FedEx counter. I promise you that I will never set foot in another Office Max again and I will be relaying this experience to everyone I know as well as my company. Its too late for me, but I hope you can address these employees on how to properly treat customers and not make up lies.

    Very Disappointed,

  • Kim D says:

    Went to OfficeMax on Ingersoll in DM. Zach was extremely rude and unhelpful “telling me to find the fing paper I wanting myself”. He was busy sitting on a stool listening to and fiddling with his iPod. Will never go back again.

  • Stephanie says:

    Came in to the OfficeMax at 245 E. Bell Rd. around 6:30 pm and nobody knew what they were doing in the print center. They had to call their manager Jacob. Then all he did was hassle me over something I had been able to do without any issues since day one. He basically scolded me and made it seem like my request was this ridiculous chore. So not helpful or pleasant and pretty much made me wanna go anywhere but there.

  • Sonia says:

    I went into the OfficeMax located on Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines IA. I needed 46 pages copied out of a book whose pages are legal sized. I needed the pages reduced to letter size.

    Katie, not only went above and beyond helping me, she stayed passed her quitting time to get the job done. She never once complained and she and her co-workers were very polite!

    Above and beyond excellent customer service 👏

  • Mike says:

    Worked in OfficeMax in beechwood in early 2000, the worst company with the worst owner (Feuer), glad to see you going down

  • shirley Mesadieu says:

    Good afternoon Office Max Headquarters Executive Team,

    I would like to inform you of the unprofessional customer service experience I have received from Office Max staffs store located at Address: 12255 Biscayne Blvd Causcus Plaza, North Miami, FL 33181, Phone: (305) 893-2854. I went to Office Max to do a simple print out. At the print & copy service station, I was not acknowledge by a Hispanic woman staff. I asked her specifically for assistance when I was having difficulties printing. She came over, quickly read off instruction on a flyer to send an email to copy &print. Then she walked away. I found myself with no real assistance. I constantly asked her for assistance more than one occasion. Also, she seemed annoyed, made angry facial expressions and choose to ignore me and continue doing other tasks at her work station. One African American staff with dread locks, ignored me and pass on by after I asked him for assistance. What was quite upsetting is I had to go look for a third staff member for assistance. The third staff member was not from the department. Even though he inform me he was not too knowable in how to do certain things from that department, he at least was willing to try to provide me with assistance. I end up leaving the store unable to get a print out. I was very much upset and disappointed about the lack of customer service within your store. The African American staff member went afterward asking the third staff why I was so upset. Before leaving the store, I let the Hispanic staff woman know I did not appreciate her lack of service, being ignored; and I did like that after she saw someone else providing assistance she came over after they asked her to trying to provide assistance because it made her look bad. I call her out on her unprofessionalism. I told her she was no help. Horrible customer service.

  • Crystal says:

    Went into the White Oak Village, Richmond VA location this morning. No customers in the store, no printers or copiers running. I asked if I could get a flyer copied, 300 copies. The person working said I had to go online, upload the flyer and submit the request. Are you kidding me??? THAT IS THE MOST OBSURD THING I HAVE EXPERIENCED. Guess what corporate office…I will never go into an OfficeMax again. Went to Atwood Printing and they did the job in minutes and a LOT cheaper. Soooooo disappointed in OfficeMax.

  • Trina D Williams and Isaac Williams Jr says:

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  • Teresamcfadden says:

    Show and tell you should tell the customers it’s about Southwest they cannot return it but that’s not what is saying on the back of the receipt


    Please, the date of the incident reported is rather September 15, 2021, time: approximately 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


    QUOTE #: 10676133
    STORE LOCATION ADDRESS: 1012Shoppes at Midway Dr. Shoppes at Midway Shopping Center, Knightdale, NC 27545.



    QUOTE #: 10676133
    STORE LOCATION ADDRESS: 1012Shoppes at Midway Dr. Shoppes at Midway Shopping Center, Knightdale, NC 27545.



    #1.) I sent a business dell computer both the system unit and the monitor to the office Max shopping center Address: 1012Shoppes at Midway Dr. Shoppes at Midway Shopping Center, Knightdale, NC 27545.

    #2.) A 5(Five) TB blue metal flash drive in addition to its cable that was sent to the store for the computer technician to transfer all files from the computer hard drive to the flash drive have been missing from the Office Max shopping center address mentioned above and I have gone to the shop asking for the flash drive since September 16, 2021, to date and I have not received the flash drive.

    The most hurtful and painful to the management of business that I work with is that the flash drive is containing files that having federal documents, U.S States Documents, different business documents, and many more, documents that are 30 years and over.

    #3.) What happened then after the whole issue started and got to the point of missing was that the company I work with office computer gets shut down all of a sudden one afternoon and I sent both the monitor and the system unite for a checkup just to see which one is faulty and if it can be repaired.

    #4.) As I get to the store theman who received the units told me the technician is not at work at the moment on that day, therefore, I should leave both units and when the technician comes to work, I will be called to know the problem with the computer and the bill to be paid.

    #5.) I waited for a week and no one even called me and as that’s the only computer in use in the office to manage the business follow up to see how far. As the files on the damaged computer were having a very large quantity and a lot of files, I carried the company 5(Five)TB blue metal flash drive along then incase I met with the computer technician and he will need like to transfer the files on the computer to the flash drive.

    #6.) As I get to the shopping center lucky, I meet the technician and as I ask him if he will like to have the flash drive I’m having to transfer the files on it and responded yes, instantly he took the flash drive from me then printout a quote number to me and told me he will call or send me an email to come and pay for the computer to be fixed in case he was able to rectify the problem with the computer. 

    #7.) I waited for another week again and I have not gotten any call neither an email from anyone from the shopping center, due to that I personally re-follow up again and as I arrived, I was able to meet the technician.

    #8.) The technician told me the hard drive in my system unit is damaged, due to that the computer was shut down and wasn’t able to start and he has done all that he could the computer still not turning on, also he has found all possible means to get the files in my damaged computer hard drive then transfer to my 5TB flash drive but still not getting the solution for that, therefore, he can not do anything to help me so I can try from best buy because best buy is very good in doing those kinds of problems and can resolve the issue of the computer too as well and also have all the equipment of doing many things on computers which office Max do not have.

    #9.) As the technician mention that to me then he carried the system unite and the monitor to me then added the flash drive too, instantly I became very sad all of a sudden because the hard drive was damaged and the missing files from the computer.

    #10.) The company 5(Five)TB blue flash drive was big and can not go into any of my pockets and due to the trustworthiness and respect that I was having for that shopping center, I first took the system unit and the monitor to go and put in my vehicle than to come back and come and take my flash drive.

    #11.) As I returned back my flash drive has been totally missing from the countertop, the counter that was in front of the technician. Meanwhile, the technician is still standing right behind the counter as I return back to pick up my flash drive.

    #12,) So I asked the technician about the whereabouts of my flash drive the technician told me that as he gave the flash drive to me and I received it if it has missing, he do not know anything about the missing flash drive, therefore, that is my fault so he does not care of the missing flash drive.

    #13.) Immediately he said that to me then he quickly left the place then move to another location in the shop. Then I move out of the shop but I continue going to the shop all the time every next day thinking my flash drive will be given to me but not.

    #14.) On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, I went to the shopping center to find out if I can get my flash drive. As I arrived the technician wasn’t in so I told the 2(Two) present employees that I met on that day that my flash drive was missing as I brought a computer for repairs and I have been to the shop several times and have not yet still received the flash drive.

    #15.) Right on the sport one lady and the men on duty started to assist by looking through the drawers if they may find the missing flash drive, along the line then I pleaded with them to help if they can look through the store camera recorder system maybe they can see the person who took the flash drive on September 16, 2021.

    #16.) As I mention the date to the lady then the lady said if that be the case, she has to call the manager of the store and he is the technician too as well and to see how to go forward about the missing flash drive lookout.

    #17.) As soon as the lady called the technician through phone, I don’t know what the technician told the lady then all of a sudden, the lady changes her attitude against me repeating over and over the same as the technician told me on the first day of the missing flash drive that so far as he gave me the flash drive and by my mistake, I left it on the counter and is missing that is my fault. Then I realized resistance to the lookout of the flash drive as occurred by the computer technician, also the lady just started misbehaving by talking badly before me and it was so embarrassing. 
    Just imagine the technician said the computer hard drive is damaged, due to that all documents and files on the computer hard drive is totally missing and cannot be retrieved then the same company I work with, files and documents on the flash drive are also totally missing and the technician totally did not even feel nothing of what has occurred.

    #18.) I kept repeating over and over to any of the 2(Two) I mean the lady and the technician that the files on the flash drive are my needs and not the flash drive but is like the technician is still not willing and aiming to assist for the lookout of the missing flash drive. 

    #19.) The files on the flash drive are files since the year 1988 to date. And most of the files are Federal documents, severalU.S States documents, international documents, business documents, and many more, etc., etc.,

    #20.) As I mentioned from the beginning of my statement I’m pleading to the AUTHORITATIVE of the company (The head and Officials of Office Max) to have a perusal of the ongoing calamity engendered by whoever, any of the customers or by the computer technician on duty on that day and as it was mentioned to me by the lady I met in the shop that the same computer technician is the store location manager and the same person is the one refusing to have a perusal of the camera recorder system. I am hoping the AUTHORITATIVE will help rescue the situation before it gets out of hand then get to the point of jeopardization because it looks like the computer technician is gambling with my life and trying to short the rest of my life too as well.

    #21.) Before I have sent the same computer to the same store address way back in the year early 2018 to have a Microsoft office be installed on that same computer and communication was very great and that let me trust that shopping center.

    #22.) Some time ago I sent a laptop to the same place to have adobe acrobat installed on the laptop, the technician on duty at that time just took my money and did not do the job and as I reported on review, I was told the amount will be refunded to me and to date the amount has not been refunded to me.

  • Luanna Hale says:

    I am an Ashtabula OH Office Max Custormer. I am VERY distressed about not having a accessible Ofice Max here as the local store is set for Nov closing. We have available space in the area. A shopping mall on the West side of town would be a perfect place. It does not have to be as large as the present store, Please let me know if there is anything local residents can do to keep an Office Max store in Ashtabula.

  • Roberta Mora says:

    I am writing re OfficeMax located at 1241 North Davis Road, Salinas, CA. I have shopped at this store for years for office supplies, etc. However, I also use their fax and copying services, as well as the FedEx services. There is a large corner in the store for these services, but always only one person behind the counter. Why?
    Yesterday I stopped prior to picking up my grandchildren at school. All I had to do was drop off a pre-paid FedEx package that should have taken maybe three minutes. I stood at the FedEx counter for at least 20 minutes while one employee behind the counter waited on a couple ordering banners and yard signs, explaining all details available while the customer pondered what they might or might not need. This one employee was manning this department helping this customer while three other employees were walking or standing and chatting. Why not train other employees to back-up and assist at that counter when needed. I worked in an office for 36 years and there was never idle time. Everyone was trained as back-ups when needed.
    Other customers have to had noticed this too. While you’re waiting for assistance you stand and watch employees standing and chatting with apparently nothing to do. Good customer service is hard to find these days, and this store is a perfect example of that. There are plenty of employees, but no one to help you. How many times does a customer have to hear ‘we’ll be right with you’ before they leave, as I did. Exasperating!
    Thank you for your time.

  • SUE GOEKE says:

    I am 63 years old and not technology savey. I went to OfficeMax in Manitowoc WI to purchase a ink cartridge for my printer. I used the chart they had hanging on the wall. When I got home and opened it, it was not the correct cartridge and Traci the Manager would not let me exchange it for the correct one.

  • RT says:

    your website has been hacked…someone almost got away with charging over $1200 for a laptop on my acct!!!! Thank God that my bank stopped the transaction.

  • Christine Bilas says:

    I want to compliment one of your employees, Dre, Who works at the Office Max in Mesquite, Texas. I went in to purchase printer ink which I had to order online but was also looking for a document holder. I was walking down an aisle in search when Dre asked if he could help me! He pointed me to where I needed to be and then was there to help me order my ink online! He is a very polite and hardworking employee that should be commended!

  • Rev. Vernon K. Atchison, Sr. says:

    For the past 2 years I have been a customer of Officemax/Officedepot (the church I became associated with had an ongoing relationship with you prior to my arrival as church Pastor). On top of the purchasing of all those always needed supplies, (and the pleasant service from the store’s staff), I purchased a hp8710 printer, as well as considered using your brand to furnish my office and considered purchasing 2 laptops as well as a few computers. However, at the time I bought the printer, I also purchased a protection plan from the store, that also came with setup assistance as well as protection for my current laptop and home computer (at the time I was using my personal laptop as my office computer). From that moment on my relationship with your brand has not gone well for me. While the staff continued good customer service, the quality of the store’s offerings were much maligned. For instance, while paying for the just purchased items, I received a thank up email (while standing at register) from who/what I thought was common practice, thanking me for the business. Upon my arrival I called the help number in the email as my computer needed help (reason for buying the protection plan), as I was told the service was available immediately. When talking with a rep from the number provided (still have number saved and alerted the store and they confirmed something was wrong) only to be talking with people who had bad intentions. In all, I was never able to take advantage of the products purchased and in fact was told that I needed to buy a new computer or change the hard drive and get updated software for my home computer. I do have an outdated computer but did not understand the need for the additional $300 plus dollars as well as me needing to put everything on a jump drive or everything on the computer would be lost. (The store did say that they could do it at an additional cost $50 or $60.) after taking advantage of the assistance to setup my printer (which I was told by the tech who came that I didn’t need) Nothing else from your brand will I give further consideration until I have tried other brands.

  • >