Where is OfferUp Corporate office Headquarters

OfferUp Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1745 114th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 500

  • Established: 2010

  • Founder: Nick Huzar; Arean Van Veelen

  • Key People: Todd Dunlap (CEO)

OfferUp Headquarters Location & Directions

OfferUp Headquarters Executive Team



Todd Dunlap

Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Binde

Chief Technology Officer

Ian Fiflet


Michael Eggers


Nathan Garnett


About OfferUp, History and Headquarters Information

OfferUp was founded in the year 2011. The company has been active for almost 8 years now. The founders of the company were Nick Huzar and Arean Van Veelen. In the year 2016, the company had raised $130 million in funding, bringing the company’s total funding to more than $221 million and was the only Seattle-area closely held tech company, that was valued at more than $1 billion – making the company the area’s only unicorn company as well. Then in the year 2015, the company was named one of the Hottest Startups by Forbes, citing the companies explosive growth between funding rounds throughout the year and was well-placed to take over the place Craigslist had once held in the marketplace as well. The company has broken the Top 50 most downloaded free apps on iTunes and Google Play. As of the year 2017, the company has over 33 million users and therefore saw an increase in transactions from $2.9 billion in the year 2015 to more than $14 billion in the year 2016. Overall, the company had grown 166 per cent between the year 2015 and 2017, according to ComScore as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 1745 114th Ave SE. The name of the place is Bellevue, while the name of the state is Washington, USA. The pin code is 98004.

OfferUp is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of used products via its marketplace, to its customers in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Nick Huzar. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 500.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of used products, that are sold via the company’s marketplace and its maintained and offered by the company itself.

OfferUp Headquarters Photos

  • Mat Kujak says:

    Seller shipped computer to me that I paid for using a counterfeit shipping label. So seller did not actually ship anything. It just looked like it.

  • Jeff Bartenhagen says:

    Can you file a claim? How do you know if anything is being done about it if nobody text you back and you can’t find out

  • Daniel Neves says:

    I purchased a cell phone fake knock off counterfeit from a seller on offerup.com October 1st 2023 for $870 and I didn’t know about the 2-day protection for buyers. I usually use eBay and we can report fraud anytime as long as it’s fraud and we can get our money back. I made the mistake mistake of assuming that every website like this was the same. A safe place to operate. I contacted OfferUp and a person named Leo told me there was nothing he could do. I filed a police report as they asked me to though but nothing was told to me about the status of their investigation. I also filed a dispute with my credit card department of Bank of America. And next I’ll be filing on the FTC website. For selling a fraudulent phone a knockoff and this is the second seller on offerup.com that is sold me a fake phone. For over $800. But this time I reported it before the two day. Thank you so much Daniel .
    It doesn’t seem like they’re going to do anything at your company so I have to do something $870 for me is a lot of money to me. I take care of my 84-year-old mom after my dad passed away in 2021 of covid. I help pay my mom rent and buy her food every month. Buying phones from OfferUp and selling them on eBay or other higher profile websites is the way I’m making enough money to pay my mom rent. So this takes 1 month of my rent for my me and my mom’s rent away from us. Could you please help us?

  • Mike Ferrell says:

    READING ALL the complaints here amazing how many folk trusted this sham offer up site. the only way i ever used the site was meet up..it was great years ago..I alway felt it was lame leaving post up for years but it makes sense with offer up allowing the many scammers to stay up offer up is desperate for activity.
    I want to help get payback on this site and the class action is a good start.

  • Mike Ferrell says:

    NEVER SHIP ON THIS SITE…offer up is now mostly scam ads..I report them and offer up bans me for too much reporting..the scammer with a dozen accounts and diff names and cities putting up bait post with iphone 13 for $100 and new macbook pros for $200 STAY UP..offer up needs the scammer activity to make their site look busy.

  • Todd Alford says:

    You stole my money..fucking thieves

  • Clay Liesegang says:

    Well here mine I’m in the process
    In multi count complaint in the u.s district court I see clear Pattern of refund froud

  • Anthony L Sills says:

    Came across a picture of Transmission on pallet foe price total of 950.00 called the number provided and was told a completely different price for item that clearly shows on part

  • Unknown says:

    Better advise that OFFERUP is
    noted by Better Business Bureau
    as a bad scam shop unrecomended. My bank informed me to my surprise they’ve been billing my $21.99 a month for prime advertising though I’ve never used their shop.
    They reprinted a add recently of mine from Facebook Marketplace, is when I discovered their billings. No refunds & no selling account needed, just pay.

  • R.G says:

    Everyone it is time to shut down OFERUP, plus initiate a “Class Action Suit”!!!



  • George says:

    I have asked many times for my refund for services not rendered, they will not pay, it sounds like we all should start a class action lawsuit against OfferUp for their behavior.

  • Franklin sims says:

    Fuck OfferUp y’all some scamming motherfuckers 1300$ y’all took from me and my kids and I’m a single parent

  • Dino Patricelli says:

    I bought a Edelbrock Airgap manifold from Dave Culver on offer up paid him $159.80 through PayPal. he did not send me the manifold and now Ignoring my text with no respond. And he reposted it the same manifold. It’s been over a week and still no respond. I’ve been scammed. What can we do

  • Vittoria Grant says:

    My computer was stolen and the thief put it on offerup.com for $250
    The site is not monitored for thief and stolen items

  • Carolina says:

    You all are very prideful on how to get if negative reviews

  • Carolina says:

    What’s the e point ! You guys totally don’t care anyway.!

  • Carolina says:

    What’s the point.? You whips lie about every and are very dishonest

  • Denise says:

    Do not buy anything on Offer Up. There is no customer support. They don’t publish their phone number and do not answer emails. Total scam

  • Chris W says:

    My account gets locked almost daily. It causes my messages and posting to be deleted and say “this user has been blocked”. I use the support messaging and they usually get it unlocked in a couple hours saying “It appears a technical issue caused your account to enter a locked state. We’ve made some changes that have resolved the issue.” This makes me look really bad and lose the trust of buyers and other sellers. They also won’t give me any information as to why it keeps happening and what we can do to make it stop. I’ve heard of people deleting their account and starting another, only to get banned for multiple accounts.

    It’s a great platform but the customer service is sorely lacking.

  • zbigniew szymanski says:

    l take a lawyer trough your stupid loda my clijent approwals

  • None of your business says:

    Was sold counterfeit money from a seller on this website, which is illegal in all 50 states.
    Filed a police report and offer up wants me to send the counterfeit money back to the seller before I can get a refund!
    Will be filing a report with the United States Postal Service for mail fraud; the attorney general in my state and possibly the Secret Service who handles counterfeit money.
    Why would I send the counterfeit money back to a con artist so he can deceive other people?

  • Sheila says:

    I myself was scammed not only by a lady named Tammy in her aunt whom her husband died last month which is all b******* I spent $800 on a beautiful 2007 Toyota Camry I sent them the money they received it got receipts all that good s*** and was scammed and now the car is back up but the lady no longer is from Alameda California she is now from San Francisco California which she really lives in Minnesota and so does the ant the ant describes that she is in the military she is a doctor for the military which is a bunch of b******* I feel that all of us need to get together Sue this goddamn company and take all their goddamn money since they’ve made billions and billions and they’re taking our little bit of money in a pandemic are these people out of their damn minds I say we all go to the address 1745 11 4 th Street in Washington and the name of the building is Bellevue we should go through the doors and demand our money back whoever is with me you could contact me at 415-532-4728 let’s get a lawyer and let’s get these guys because I think that OfferUp is working with anybody and everybody who has scam people on their site I think OfferUp is thieves themselves who are working with all these thieves that are scamming as American people and with that I’m out.

  • Sheila says:

    i bought a toyota camrey white 2007 off your sight for 800 and the logo and recept and invoice number everything was right so i sent my money to this person and come to find out it was a scam and i want to know what to do to get my 800 back. i had my roommate send her a message and she told him the same story and so i need to talk to the person who will ha;p me get my money back

  • Cynthia Lewis says:

    You got people on here stealing shit saying you stuff is marked sold is fucked up for people who really in need y’all ass need to fix ASAP for I get police involved

  • Jesse Amlin says:

    These a holes run their platform like natzis! Banning people left and right for no specific reason. Can’t wait to hear the platform is closing or sold to someone else. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that a gunman went to the corporate office and killed as many people as he could. Wouldn’t surprise me at all! It pisses people off to no limit when a company destroys your only income for no reason then ignores your messages. Shame on these people !!! When you mess with people’s livelyhood then ignore them sooner or later it’s gonna happen to the wrong guy then ” multiple shots fired”. I wouldn’t shed a single tear!

    • Sheila says:

      you go jessica i bought a car off this sight yesterday and the bitch scamed me out of 800.00 dollars and now i can not get ahold of anyone to get my money back i think i am going to get a lawyer to sue offer up co.

      • David Kell says:

        How did you pay for the car? If you used a Mastercard or Visa you should be able to file a claim with the credit card. Mastercard or Visa will support you!

  • Angélica says:

    How dare offer up Allow people to sell formula for an outrageous amount of money when we are going thru a pandemic. People are barely getting in their feet they can’t afford these prices and let alone they don’t make enough money . Shame on you all

  • Jerry Lynn Gibson says:

    This place steal people money. And we have the police checking in on this matter. We are going to sue you the Offer up. You fucking bastard. We are going to own you and this company and run it the right fucking way. Me and my wife are renting a motel room and paying 500.00 a week. So you all going to pay more what we lost. I can’t believe that someone like your sorry ass do this to people……The police been notified and aware of this matter. Winston-Salem police department.

    • Angela mineni says:

      They owe me $700.00 in sales!!! Ill call and file a complaint..😳

      • Michelle says:

        Who do we even contact the file that complaint if you don’t mind my asking? They owe me money right now and I’m trying to contact anyone at all and I cannot get a hold of anyone

    • Sheila says:

      yep right there with you bro i bought a car yesterday for 800.00 and cannot get ahold of anyone to get this resolved
      this fucken company fucken sucks and im looking into a lawyer to sue the fuck out of this company i hope all is well with you and your familey and i have a room for rent in my four bedroom house if you guys are still looking the room is 750 a month and this includes all bills such as pg&e,water and trash all you would have to do is buy your own food

  • Anonymous says:

    Offerup banded me for getting on the scammers an fakes who were taking advanced and posting BSads…F you offerup
    PS: The right to free speech

    It’s like Craigslist all the scamming g and BS…YOU post a legit ad and ad gets taken down using lame excuses of fake violations, their are some out their that hide behind a computer and are rude and I have no problem confronting them and like offerup they allow it and if you spot them or they get disrespectful I have No problem telling them, but see what they do is cry to offerup and you get banded, DO YOUR JOB THEN OFFER.

  • David w says:

    I had order a computer case from this seller and he was late in shipping it i was advise that it would be delivered on Saturday then i got a notice from the usps that it was delivered on Friday i contacted the seller he said it was delivered on Friday i told him that i did not get and i asked for a refund he said no i called USPS and had then do a investigation and they got back to me they said they had it and it was not delivered to me because it has a $55 charge my receipt said that i paid $3.74 for delivery i contacted the sell and advise him of this info and he still would not give my $35.00 back i was late in requesting a refund which was a lie i had 1 day left to request a refund I have contacted Offerup 3 time so for with no response on this issue and the sell is rude he keep saying i got paid good luck getting your money from the USPS or if you need $35 i cant help i just want my $35.00 back that’s all and i will advise all my friends what out for this seller he is a very shady person in my opinion every one please what out for Aaron Jr he sell computer cases

  • Mrs. Haley says:

    I USE TO LOVE OFFERUP BUT NOW ALL YOU SEE IT THESE LARGE COMPANIES POSTING THERE ITEMS MULTIPLE TIMES EVERY 30min. Find it very hard to sell anything anymore. I have reached out multiple time by flaging there post. Only to have them stay posted. Please can something be done to close these accounts
    Thank you
    Mrs Haley

    • Anthony says:

      This company is going in the toilet. I posted an ornamental Jambyia ceremonial knife (usually for those used in ceremonial occasions) with NO edges just Arabic scribing and they cancelled the ad because it’s a “threat to the community”. YET, they permit Amazon and other corporate PAYERS to have links to combat knives and other potential instruments of violence to be posted freely. The hypocrisy alone is unsettling, never mind their blatant bigotry toward other faiths they disagree with. I am submitting a formal complaint to the Atty General and using a contact I have at a local news media to prove my claim and expose their hypocrisy and blatant bigotry. My contact at the news agency is currently formulating the article with great enthusiasm. They can cancel my account but I’m tired of corporations with their “hitleresque” positioning.
      Their are plenty of other selling venues.

  • Rickey Hale says:

    I got scammed out of $1,600 for using OfferUp website for a camper trailer and lady named Angela Jones 77@gmail.com and eBay motors in Montgomery Alabama scam me out of $1,600 for a camper trailer I did not receive and now I’m trying I’m trying to get my money back and I’ve been trying to get in touch with y’all in order to see do y’all have a mailing address but I can send the police report to y’all for y’all refuse to help me out

  • Rickey Hale says:

    When I can understand why would Angela Jones scare me out of $1,600 and she know she didn’t have no camper trailer for sale and the company that supposed to been shipping between eBay motors so they said it was out of Montgomery Alabama so I haven’t emailed them an email and eBay motors and they will not return my email back to me ever since February 7th when you got that 1600 out of me

  • Rickey Hale says:

    Yes I am trying to mail y’all a police report for a February 7th 2022 I got scammed out of $1,600 for a camper trailer on your website and the woman name with Angela Jones Andrew Jones at 77@gmail.com and I’m trying to get it sent to y’all so I can see can I get my refund back off off of y’all for that $1,600 that camper trailer that I never did receive so I got a police report and I need your mailing address so I can send it to y’all as soon as possible I tried to do it today but it wouldn’t let me go through so I need to know how to mail y’all this police report

  • Michelle says:

    I am going to contact a lawyer because I have sold $600 of product on your app, you all got paid, the customer got their product and you all REFUSE to respond to my requests or release my funds. I live in Texas and I do not need a resellers license to resell things I buy and no longer want. THATS THE POINT OF THE APP. GETTING RID OF THINGS WE DONT WANT. At this point it’s theft on your end. I did nothing wrong. I got great reviews and you all made money. And kept mine. Illegal.

  • Kris Parkes says:

    I would appreciate if Nick Huzar would contact me. I thought I was buying a vehicle, on Offer Up, only to be scammed out of $1200. I am beyond pissed. I need someone to contact me ASAP. My email is tigertown2018@gmail.com,, and my phone number is 1-989-403-8625. If I don’t answer, please leave a message, I will call you right back. This is serious and I am furious.

  • Pearl A Belcher Sr says:

    My name is Pearl A Belcher Sr I purchased a truck off of OfferUp and the seller Candace Bennett uses eBay motors transport to deliver my truck I have not heard from them I sent them 3000.00 for the truck and i have not received the truck or my money back please call me back please 682-314-8559 please call me back

  • MH says:

    This place is a joke. They have your big list of prohibited items but when you report someone, they NEVER respond or take down the post.
    Can’t speak to a real person, only email. Even on the corporate website, the phone number says N/A. Not even sure if this whole thing is just run by computers.
    I’m not even gonna get into the stupid offers you get for posted items.

  • CHD says:

    I wish you would police your sights there are so many fake ads and they’re obviously fake you report them but nothing is ever done you say oh thank you for telling us we’ll look into it but the ads stay there. Getting to the point to where I’m not even going to use your side anymore it’s a shame. later, VA. 23452

    • Anonymous says:

      I confront the BS AN GOT Banded 🙁 I did quit a bit of bussiness their and liked it but like your post I’d confronted them and your the bad guy 🙁 an get Banned

  • Irene L Flores says:


  • Tom says:

    Why don’t you guys put a time limit on your ads. You’ve got stuff 2 and 3 years old listed.

  • Brad says:

    When you buy from offer up mail list, offer up states they have a guarantee so you can feel free to buy from there mailer they don’t wont even answer there e mails I was lucky it only cost me $30.00 do not buy anything from there mailer, you get nothing and they wont help I think that there guarantee statement is a lie. I do not know how long offer will keep this up so now I will start posting on the webb. This company bad business

  • Lu G. Swani says:

    NO ONE RESPONDS TO THE HELP CENTER QUESTIONS SUBMITTED. 3 times I have submitted help requests.
    Can not contact any other way and every place there is a contact us just brings you back to this form to submit. It goes in circles. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND

  • hoss says:

    The government should close this company down. They are fraud.

  • paully says:

    thier is such a huge company but no phone number or employees. its ran my a computer and if you mail any items WONT get paid

  • Frank C. says:

    OfferUp will flag your account. You will receive activity every-other day. Your content will be monitored for providing your phone number or address and blocked if you do so just for trying to sell something. However, scammers flourish on this site and the same people can’t stop them. There are an awful lot of scammers using this site. DO NOT give or use your credit card or provide any personal information to anyone. Contact the FTC and log a complaint. Don’t get mad. Get smart. Do the right thing. If you know an attorney, there is a case here, class action. All the best!

  • Jules says:

    Good luck deleting your account, there’s no one home in this garbage of a business. I think it’s basically a data mining operation. They should be investigated

  • Ken Hooper says:

    This company is a scam of an operation. Recently I saw my credit card was linked to their website and I have since not been able to delete it yet their people from customer support keep reaching out to me offering to help. Bullshit ! just fucking tell me how to delete a credit card and insure to me that it is gone.

  • Shaun T Evans says:


  • Helen Tipton says:

    How do I change my cell number on my account

  • lady Boss says:

    Its a dam shame

  • lady Boss says:

    This shit has scamers on it and the site does nothing honest people trying to make a dollor and here is this shit been reported and told whats the problem and still nothing has my shit marked sold the hell going on

  • Scott says:

    Worst app every. They have a list of prohibited items but post them anyway and except the people using the app to complain about each individual item.

  • Beverly Balderas-Serrano says:

    Transaction: 201174022
    Buyer: Beverly Balderas-Serrano
    Received: 7/12
    Refund Request Submitted: 7/12

    I have sent a total of 5 communications for refund request start the same day packaged was received.
    I also contact seller & she sent communication to customer service & myself agreeing to the request for refund.
    I have never heard from Offer up, until today advising the 2 day period to file refund has expired.
    Will someone please contact me.
    Please look @ the communications that have been sent. Seller has also notified Customer Service on approval.
    Why doesn’t someone from Offer-Up contact me or refund my money.
    Please respond.

  • Marie Jackson says:

    I also think they need a class action lawsuit against them. If anyone else wants to help me get a petition against them contact me at mhj4.mariejackson@gmail.com. lets get at least 2000 names n ill take it to a lawyer.

  • John says:

    Worse site ever. Paid for a purchase outside of my area and paid with my debit card. The item arrived broken, Offer Up was advised and STILL released my payment to the seller. Now I’m the “guilty” party, having to prove my “innocence”. This site is rife with scammers and, in my opinion, Offer Up is the promoter. Best advice to anyone reading this-STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS VENUE.

  • mary says:

    I have been shopping and selling on offer up for many years, I love this site with one very big exception,
    there are more scammers on this site than actual real sellers. The “report” option is a joke.
    PLEASE… add a more efficient flagging option that will remove scammers adds immediately. I have actually gone back to craigslist for my shopping and selling, as they have a great flagging system, and there are few to no scammers… as the scammers have all switched to offer up, because their scams are unable to be flagged, some for years with the same scam. Please offer up update flagging.

  • Toya says:

    I shipped a product out to a customer two weeks a ago she paid for prepaid shipping I went and dropped the package off at the post office within the time frame offer up cancelled my payment so they basically has me ship something for free there needs to be a class action law suit against this company ever since they took over Letgo it has went downhill I will never use this app again and.I will be contacting my local news to inform them of this incident as well as a lawyer this app is a total scam

  • Sarah Robinson says:

    I paid for 2017 Hyundai Sante Fe and paid Ebay Motors for delivery, but I haven’t heard anything from them since I paid $1600 + 1200 which supposed to be refunded when delivery is made. Seller susanter231@gmail.com , and if you look on offer up, the vehicle that I have paid for is still showing, how many tes is she going to sell the same vehicle.

    • jon says:

      I believe they promote scammers, someone should file a class action suit

    • jon says:

      From what I can tell, they don’t care if they have scammers. I have reported 30 plus scammers and they never take them down. I have been looking for an iphone and lets say bought 10 or 15 lower priced phones and they just expire or refund my money. They never take down a profile or an add that is no longer available. There is not law that governs these people who have these sites. If you get screwed, all you can do is file criminal charges against the person who is probably fake anyway.
      This is the worst of the worst.

  • Jacqueline Moore says:

    I need help. Not only was I scammed but the scammer (uses the handle Chase Breeck on Offer Up app) took pictures of My living room furniture and posted it for sale. I have sent numerous email about this scam and all I received was a ¨we are taking care of it¨ yes her profile is still up. Please help me and do something to avoid this person from scamming more people!

    • jon says:

      I believe they promote scammers, someone should file a class action suit. I filed many complaints you can tell are scammers, but they have not removed any of them or replied to me except the normal auto reply. THAT IS THE MAIN REASON THEY DO NOT HAVE A PHONE TO CALL. Most selling never reply or answer a question and many have listings in many different States so you cannot find them. I cant find OfferUp Inc even listed as a Foreign Corporation doing business in Maryland,

    • jon says:

      Call the Attorney General in Washington State or Dispute your credit card

  • David Drazewski says:

    Hi, I had sent out and an item (shoes) last week and was paid on delivery. He mentioned that he wore the shoes so i would think that even if he wasnt happy with them i would receive some sort of reimbursement. The shoes have never been worn before they were shipped. I would like a full refund or at least half the price pf the shoes. The number for the case is 200291667

  • Tracy says:

    I received item that had clearly been dropped by post office& the entire lower corner of box had been re-taped by the post office with their tape.I reached out to offer up 16xs regarding my buyer protection refund,they now told me to send it back to seller. They are saying she sent a broken machine, no! Mark said after his investigation, that damage to the outside of the box should be clearly visible if it was the post office vault.Unless the sender has her own role of post office tape, the delivery guy dropped it! I absolutely refuse to let this seller take the hit, since mark at offer up isn’t doing a real investigation. Here it is

  • Sharnice Monique Gordon says:

    I need someone to help me asap

  • Sharnice Monique Gordon says:

    I really need help getting a refund for buying illegal software. The SUPPORT page was not helpful. A customer service department is a must for any successful business and a telephone number is needed for customers to reach your business. Very disappointed and will not use your app again

  • Susan Giorgetti says:

    I need help getting a refund for buying illegal software. The SUPPORT page was not helpful. A customer service department is a must for any successful business and a telephone number is needed for customers to reach your business. Very disappointed and will not use your app again.

    • jon says:

      You needed to make a police report and than send it to Offer Up and to there local police department if you actually have there real address

  • Len says:

    Heard you were expanding to small biz customers. Great idea. First, it would be nice if you made the app work correctly.

    When I select “pickup” (local) I get stuff from all over USA. If I select “ship” I get same list of items.

  • jeffrey springer says:


  • >