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Ocean State Job Lot was founded in the year 1977. The company has been active for almost 42 years now. The founders of the company were Marc Perlman and Alan Perlman. The first store of the company was opened in North Kingstown, United States. After Ames went bankrupt in the year 2002, the company had expanded itself by buying many of its former locations in New England. Then in the year 2019, the company had announced plans to expand into Pennsylvania, United States, by acquiring and leasing former Toys R Us locations as well. In the year 2017 and the year 2018, Forbes had named the company as the ‘Best Midsize Employer’ as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 375 Commerce Park Road. The name of the place is North Kingstown, while the name of the state is Rhode Island, United States. The pin code is 02852.

Ocean State Job Lot is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of products at a discount, to its customers in the USA. The company currently has its presence around 133 locations in the USA. The current revenue generated by the company is more than 700 million. Also, the current CEO and chairman of the company is Marc Perlman. The number of employees working in the company, as of the current period, is more than 5000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of discounted products, that are marketed and sold by the company itself. The products sold include a variety of manufacturer’s overruns, overstocks and packaging changes, as well as selected other products as well.

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  • Roberta Nord says:

    I recently stopped at your Wyoming, RI store on a break during a 6+ hour drive from Cape Cod to New York and made some purchases. I noticed that one of the items (a face cream with sunscreen) expired 9/21 and is no longer effective. I called Customer Service and was told I had to either 1) return to R.I. or 2) go to a store in NJ to return. The latter would incur $25 in tolls to return a $16 purchase. Customer Service told me it is ok to use expired sunscreen. Really? NO IT IS NOT. Bad business practice Mr. PERLMAN.

  • Peter J Fusco says:

    Messrs. Perlman:

    I don’t know if you have plans for a store or several in the fastest growing area of the country, Myrtle Beach, SC, but you’re missing an enormous opportunity. I moved from NY three months ago. I’ve told people about your operation. To a person they voiced their desire to have you open in the area. I run a procurement and logistics company out of New York. I can smell an opportunity ten miles away. There’s very little competition for you here, perhaps Ollie’s and a few local operations, but since I am very familiar with your Capital District, NY stores, I can tell you from decades of experience, you’re crazy not to be here. Email me, maybe I can help you establish yourselves here.

  • Robin S. says:

    Today I visited OSJL in Troy, NY (Store #512) due to an item I wanted to purchase, that was out of stock in Albany, NY (Store #506) where I normally shop. No more though! The Albany store IS a dump compared to Troy!

    The store in Troy is beautiful! As soon as I walked in, I noticed how clean, organized and so much nicer it is! No matter where I went in the store, EVERYONE was working and visible to ask a question. I needed assistance several times and everyone I encountered was friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful! They were more than happy to assist me! And while shopping, I even noticed the floor or a rug was being vacuumed.

    I am handicapped and walk with a cane. While shopping I used the riding cart and when I left, I was helped and assisted to my car with my purchases. I went for one thing and left with a cart full. Needless to say, I WAS quite impressed and WILL NOW be returning and ONLY shopping at OSJL in Troy!

    Kudos to all involved for a great store and wonderful, hardworking employees!

  • Lisa Mobley says:

    I’d like to know why I’m not being reimbursed for my travel for training. ANYONE??.. they PROMISED me I would be and now I’m out 400$

  • Susan Duffy says:

    Tried to use YOUR promotional offer gift card of 40% from my previous visit at Deptford, NJ store yesterday. They had rung up my entire order, bagged it and then told me the membership card not recognized, gift card would not process through the computer system. I spent the entire gift card amount plus $20.00 over. Computer could see valid amount on card so I offered to leave the gift card, plus the cash which could then be processed when their system fixed. They refused, called IT who then transferred the manager to customer service which had them on hold for45 minutes. Felt like I was in a horrible nightmare. Had to leave with nothing, called today and had to leave a message for customer service. WHAT!! Creepy service, going to Better Business if no call back. I understand things may be a little tough right now, but Customer Service should be sharper, smarter and no one ever took my name or phone number to try and make it right. Jeez, probably no one listening, but wanted to vent. Card was full with about $85.00.

  • Pamela Agosta says:

    I was just at your Naugatuck location. I did not have a very pleasant experience. They only had 2 cash register open & I was told that’s all the people they had to work. I waited on line for at least a half hour. The lines were down the aisle to where the rear aisle started. People were walking out right & left. I would have too, except I needed one of the things I was buying. If I owned stores & they were short of help, I would send people from corporate or whatever I had to, to satisfy my loyal customers. You should be ashamed of yourselfs.

  • Jose Serrano says:

    To whom ever this may concern.

    Today May 2nd 2021. I was in the Naugatuck, CT location. I am completely disgusted with the way I was treat by an associate there and even worst by the manager on duty. There was absolutely no sense of concern on how disrespected both me and my wife felt with the way this associate working at the service desk treated us. Also I may add with out a name tag.

    We stepped in to the store and we really didnt know which way to go to return certain items we had bought a couple a weeks ago. So, we waited a bit to get some kind of direction. The associate told us to go to register 2. So, we approached the register. She was helping another customer. The customer was standing in front of the debit card machine to have her funds returned on her card I assume. My wife approached the register to put down the umbrella stand. She just wanted to put down some items because her arm got tired. The rude associate asked her very rudely and disrespectfully to step back. My wife is kind so she removed the umbrella stand and walked back a few steps. She turned her back to the associate and this associate begins to roll her eyes in disgust and shook her head. So I move closer and I addressed that I saw her and I told her that this is rude behavior and its blatant disrespect. She just seemed unbothered and unfazed. I demanded to speak to the manager. She told me she would be happy to have me speak to the manager with a snark and a nasty undertone. It was our turn to be attended and she continued with her nasty attitude and ask my wife if we had the receipt for the items we were returning. My wife explained we did not but we were willing to take store credit, we shop there. So she begun scanning the items and she realize the planter which was one of the items we had didn’t have a bar code. So now she pages someone over the paging system. The store manager approaches us with a canoe he was helping a customer with a large canoe. The associate begins to ask the manager if he might be able to figure it out. And he was already flustered with her and the whole situation. This is when I realized this place had management problems. I waited a couple of minutes. Then I decided to approach the manager introduced myself and explain the situation and emphasized how rude and disrespectful this associate was and still is acting. He just explained the 6ft rule to me. There was absolutely no level of concern from him and we were near the associate. She probably already knew she was going to get away with this issue. My wife did not get the money back for the planter, she was absolutely over the whole disrespect and negativity. She just took a store credit for 2 items and then I decided to walk out. I was angry, disgusted. I was completely done with that store. My wife still had to grab some grass seed so she grabbed that and met me at the parking lot.

    I really cant express how bad the level of disrespect and the level is disconcern was. I do not plan on shopping at the Naugatuck Ocean state job lot ever again. This is a huge issue and it needs to be addressed with both the manager in charge that night and that horrible disrespectful associate.

  • Suzanne Welz says:

    I recently received my bank statement. I was charged twice for a purchase of $61.20 on June 3 and a credit of $32.95 on May 29 was also not shown on my bank statement. These tranactions were made at the store in Montgomeryville, Pa. How do I get this resolved. I used my debit card. Thank you

  • Disgusted says:

    The forced surcharge is NOT optional. It is a disgusting form of profiteering during an emergency. You are taking advantage of customers who have been loyal to you for decades, during a time when they can least afford it. Please stop this practice immediately. Pay your own employees from your own profits.

  • Diane says:

    FYI Dennisport store is not complying coviq19 requests (no social distancing going on, employees and customers) masks are not being worn. I was there tues morning and observed this and my roommate was there thurs and spoke to a GROUP OF KIDS “speaking as a professional working in medical position” that we are STILL in this position because people like you. An employee came around the corner and wanted to know what the problem was, my roommate replied exactly what you’re not doing not wearing masks or social distancing. They aren’t following requested guide lines. I also work with compromised individuals and elderly. I don’t mind the added fee BUT EARN IT. Fire dept and health dept has been notified. PLEASE HELP! Diane Perreault 11 Edwards Ave 6A Dennisport MA 508 258 0044 Feel free to reach out.

  • Chief Tony Saccone says:

    To Marc Perlman;

    From the officers and members of the Gales Ferry Fire Company (CT), I would like to extend our greatest thanks for your recent donation of PPE to our department. Your generous donation will go a long way in continuing to protect our firefighters/EMT’s while serving our community in this ongoing national health crisis.

    To you and your employees: THANK YOU!

  • Robert Warner says:

    Help! I am participating in the 10,000 Winter Coats for Veterans here in Connecticut. I had been setting up distribution for the towns of Hebron, Columbia, Andover, and Bolton. I visited each town, and got commitments for them to help the vets by allowing the signs informing the vets of the place, date, and time. I also have a commitment from the Hebron Lions to use their fairgrounds as the distribution point. Since the Lions’ Hebron Harvest Fair is one of the largest in the state, it is hoped that all vets would be able to find the place. I am asking for 700 winter coats, which is less than the number of vets in the four towns, but is a realistic number, as some vets won’t come. I have volunteers to unload the trucks, and two vets who will check the IDs for validity. Unfortunately, our distribution system has broken down, and I am not sure if I am even getting the coats. Can someone from OSJL please contact me to reassure that I am getting the coats, and to let me know the date so I can publicize it. God Bless You. -Robert Warner 860-228-4056.

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