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Oakley is a sports equipment and lifestyle pieces manufacturing company. People might want to visit the company’s headquarters for various reasons, including an internal business meeting, a design brainstorming session, a celebrity shooting an advertisement for a new product, a potential investor meeting, an enthusiast just visiting the headquarters, the mailman delivering fan mail or any other regular mail and more. There are many ways to reach out to Oakley’s headquarters. Below are some of the commonly used methods.

Oakley Headquarters Address

If you want to visit the headquarters or send physical mail there, you can do so by using the following address.

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Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

United States

Oakley Board of Directors Address

If you want to request an autograph or send a parcel to Oakley’s board of directors, you can do so by using the following address.

Board of Directors

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Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

United States

Phone Number

If you want to speak to the headquarters team, you can contact them at +1 949-672-6925 to ask questions or pose complaints. You can contact them during business hours on working days.

Email Address

If you want to send a message through email, you can do so 24/7. You can send your queries, grievances, and other requests to the headquarters team. Send them to: mailto:customercare@oakley.com.


If you want to check out Oakley’s products, you can visit their official website. You can also follow them on their social media handles to get more information on their products and stay updated on their happenings. You can visit their official website here.

Oakley Headquarters Info & Photos

Oakley was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard in his garage. He initially started by producing grips for motorcyclists at motor car events. Oakley was formerly headquartered in Jim’s garage before moving to the current headquarters. Jim started producing various products related to motor racing in the initial years. The current headquarters was designed by Jim, inspired by the movies. They have a tank at their headquarters that works perfectly fine. It has a BMX race track with a full-sized torpedo on the outside. The waiting seats are real seats from fighter jet planes. They even have a service facility that can repair all of its products. Today, Oakley has a total number of 4223 employees, including Jim. Oakley has become an international fashion company that started as a glove company in a small garage. Jim’s innovation has led to the holistic development of the entire company.

Oakley Headquarters Photo

Oakley Headquarters List

S. No.




United Kingdom

3 Cadogan Gate S.W 1 London



Alter Hof 4 München

Oakley Headquarters Executive Team

Jim Jannard

Founder & Chairman

Jim was an innovator who started a one-man business in 1975 by selling parts out of his car. In 1991, he had around 200 employees. In 1995, he went public with his company. He sold the company to Luxottica in 2007. He was one of the most creative entrepreneurs in the late nineties. He is known for his innovation and creativity.



Kent Lane

Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Sourcing

Donna Gordon

Vice President of Finance, Assistant Corporate Secretary and Controller

Cliff Neill

Vice President of U S Sales

Carlos Reyes

Vice President of Research and Development

Link Newcomb

Senior Advisor

About Oakley


Jim founded Oakley in 1975. He ran the company in the back of his car as a single man. He named the company after his dog, Oakley. He started by selling custom gloves to races at motorcar events. He eventually started making motorcar-related products such as number plates, grips, guards, goggles, etc.

In 1980, he released the first sunglasses. The material used for grippers was used for sunglasses. He restricted the sale of Oakley products by various shops and gave the rights to only a few shops. It was later removed when Oakley went public and started their stores and outlets.

Oakley had a dispute with its current parent company Luxottica in 1996, which led to the fall of Oakley’s market share value by a significant margin of 33%. Over the next few years, Oakley acquired various sunglass manufacturers to improve its position.

In 2004, Oakley got a design deal from Fox Racing to design the goggles for the firm for the next four years. In 2007, Jim sold the company to Luxottica, which many employees criticized.


Today, Oakley offers its services in the production and fashion industry. Its fashion products include various designs and models of sunglasses, eyeglasses, and goggles in the eyewear section. They manufacture and sell a wide variety of eyewear in the fashion range.

They even offer custom eyewear as requested by the customer. Most of their products are sports-based and are made for sports enthusiasts. They produce apparel for men and women. Their apparel includes recreational wear and sportswear.

They provide various accessories for sale such as backpacks, bags, footwear, helmets for various adventures, hats, gloves, etc. Apart from fashion, clothing, and accessories, they also provide sports equipment for their customers.

Their sports equipment includes training, surfing, snow activities, cycling, golf, and mountaineering. They provide some world-class equipment for sportspersons all around the world. They even ventured into e-sports by providing joysticks, mouses, keyboards, virtual reality goggles, etc. They offer equipment for hunting, water games, and a few others.


    • Oakley started as a one-man business company.
    • They produced goggles only in 1983, eight years after its start.
    • All Oakley glasses are tested for high-velocity impacts, and all of them pass.
    • They are designed for superior stability with their three-point frame and user comfort.
    • All of Oakley’s lenses block harmful radiations such as blue light and UV radiation. Oakley uses the most advanced technology in every pair of its glasses.
    • They only have 4332 employees, which is one of the smallest numbers for international companies.
    • Oakley’s acquisition by Luxottica was widely spread over the fashion industry because there was some history between the companies.

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  • Mario Gonzalez says:

    Greetings. My name is Mario Gonzalez and I’m an Account Executive at NBC Universal. Would like to get in contact with the VP of Marketing to discuss the possibility of Oakly being one of our Sponsors, in either English (NBC) or Spanish (Telemundo) of our 2020 Tokyo Olympics Broadcast. Can you please pass my information to your VP of Marketing.

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  • David B says:

    Trying to get in touch with a customer care representative. Dialed the correct number and phone went dead. Redialed and tried to get to anyone else (Human Resources) phone went dead. I am having a problem and trying to get a human being on the phone is impossible. An incredibly frustrating experience. Your repair website does not address all circumstances. There has to be an easier way to get to speak to a live voice on the phone!!!!

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