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  • Address: 245 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 212-768-9779
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1901
  • Founder: Yankee Global Enterprises, (Hal and Hank Steinbrenner, co-chairmen)
  • Key People: Brian Cashman (General Manager)

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NY Yankees Headquarters Executive Team



Randy Levine Esq.


Daniel Crown

Limited Partner

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About NY Yankees, History and Headquarters Information

New York Yankees was founded in the year 1901. The organisation has been active for almost 118 years now. The organisation is currently owned by Yankee Global Enterprises. The organisation was controlled by the family of the late George Steinbrenner, who purchased the team in the year 1973. The team's home games were played at the original Yankee Stadium from the year 1923 to the year 1973 and from the year 1976 to the year 2008 as well. In the year 1974 and 1975, the organisation had shared Shea Stadium with the Mets, in addition to the New York Jets and also New York Giants. In the year 2009, the organisation had moved into a new ballpark of the same name that was constructed next door to the previous facility, which was also closed and demolished as well. The organisation’s team is perennially among the leaders in MLB attendance as well. The organisation has also been the most successful team in the history of the game as well. The organisation currently holds an estimated value of almost $4 billion as well. The headquarters of the organisation is based in 245 W 42nd Street. The name of the place is New York, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code is 10036.

New York Yankees is an American organisation that focuses on providing taking part in professional baseball games, in order to entice its supporters in the USA. The current president of the organisation is Randy Levine. The original name of the team was Baltimore Oriole, which was changed to New York Highlanders and finally to Yankees. The organisation compete in the Major League Baseball competition.

The primary services provided by the organisation include allowing supporters of the team to enjoy various kinds of professional matches, that are played by the team of the organisation, in order to compete in various competitions and also proceed to win them as well.

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  • Susie says:

    I can no longer support the NYY after being a 60 year fan. Your decision to support the ASG to be moved is not only supporting further divisions in our nation but is supporting socialist ideals. Your decision also put financial strain on not only Atlanta but the entire state of Georgia. Did you not see what our lack of support did to the NFL?? It’s an asinine decision for any sports team to get involved in politics. You are in fact telling a majority of your fan base that we don’t matter and you as an organization will support socialism and changes to our constitution. I have no respect left for any of you and that includes the spineless players.

  • Mrs. Fred (Pat) Goodson says:

    Have been a diehard fan for nearly 80 years since grade school in Kansas city MO, when the old K C Blues were a yankee farm team. Remember listening to 1946 sept game between Yankees and st. Louis Browns from back porch of Catholic Sisters radio – class reward for good behavior. Some were torn between a local KC team and a Missouri team. Not I. Until this day my loyalty has been to my Yankees. When my family go bananas over the Royals, I say forget it, my team is the Yankees. Now until “my team” denounces the disastrous political decision over a Georgia law that only upholds American freedom and election integrity, the Yankees are no longer “my team”! I will turn off any game. In fact when Pat Sajack says Wheel of Fortune (is America’s game) I won’t get mad as before, I will agree America’s game is no longer baseball. Will never watch anything but a local school game. Thank you MLB for destroying an old Lady’s favorite pastime.

  • Karl Piergiorgi says:

    I do not agree with the league deciding to move All-star game, Baseball should be none
    political. I will not attend another game and will no longer support the team.

  • Shelby Leipold says:

    When are you going to realize that Chapman is NOT a closer!!! He doesn’t come close to the meaning of a closer! He also does not, in any way, portray a true New York Yankee!! Pull a rookie pitcher from triple A and they would be a better “closer”!

  • MM says:

    I WAS a fan for years – then you knelt at the National Anthem – not going to watch or financially support this team any more!

  • Chris says:

    Hope your proud of the assholes kneeling….You kneel for BLM but won’t stand for the national anthem…..you can all kiss my ass

  • Jan Girard says:

    Kneeling during the National Anthem appalling! You have just lost a fan.

  • Mary Banditto says:

    You need to stick to baseball. I’m not interested in politics or biased opinions from overpayed baseball players. You just lost a lifelong fan and supporter.

  • Clarence Greene says:

    Please forward to Mr. Levine and appropriate owner/administrators. My name is Clarence Greene, I’m an Operating Room RN of 30years and an Army Veteran, and Licensed FAA Aircraft Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, a former Competitive Racing Yacht Sailor. That being said; I would like to offer and share with you an excellent solution to get Baseball going again for the enjoyment, and uplift the spirits of All fans in the wake of this historically devastating pandemic…

    (631) 383- 4176

    Best Regards and Thank you,
    Clarence Greene RN, Army Veteran

  • cynthia eckhoff says:

    I have not received my refund for my tickets for april 18th game, ticketatwork will not issue a refund unless the game is canceled not postponed, I have a family of 4 to support and you are holding $488.00 of my money,you should be ashamed of yourselves, Cynthia Eckhoff

    • peter faltings says:

      Cynthia I believe I am a relative. I have watched the Yankees for over 65 years. How about all lives matter. Peter Faltings

  • Steven Roy Barone says:

    Dear Yankees President and executives of the headquarters of the Yankee stadium and to the baseball team and to all staff members and to the donations department . For you all maybe remember a former baseball player name Steve Howe whom played with you all a long time ago before his death my name is Steven Roy Barone American disability from Cape coral Florida of my home address is 410 SE 33rd st Cape coral Florida 33904 would like to say from the donations department of the timing of when I was a little boy of when Steve Howe and his team mates and his coaching staff that coached him a long time ago agreed to pay for my adoption from Bulgaria to fly me to USA of White -Fish Montana at the age six years old Steve Howe’s wife is Cindy whom lives in Montana to where they both lived a long time ago before Steve Howe’s death a long time ago if you all reach it on line of Steve Howe playing for the Doger’s and for the New York Yankees baseball team as him being a pitcher plus a fast pitcher was an outstanding pitcher to the Yankees baseball team . please call me at 541-3599471. I know the New York Yankees baseball team come to Florida for spring trainning and I would like to meet them and say thank you from the when I was six or seven of me standing next to Steve Howe on his lap getting my picture taken a long time ago I am thankful of being adopted by you all and for the former players name Steve Howe and Paul ONeil former baseball player of the yankees team did very well I remember Paul oNeil getting into a fight with one of the team players from another team when the Yankees didn’t do anything wrong of playing there game . I am 31 years old born April 11th 1988. Please call me? Go Yankees baseball team I love you all as a family friend .

  • kathy says:

    The conduct of your teammates today were less than reasonable. Ahead by 2 runs and the actions of your manager and players did not make any sense. How many players are called out in a game. Maybin was called out so was that a reason to start such a ridiculous display! The baseball commission should look into this and correct the actions of Maybin, Gardner and Boone. So Boone is trying to force the mercy rule! Very unsportsmanlike! Stop trying to manipulate the game and just play it! At 71 yrs of age I see the game I love being destroyed by people that think they can work things in their favor by riotous behavior. Not complimentary at all.

  • >