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  • Address: 245 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 212-768-9779

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1901

  • Founder: Yankee Global Enterprises, (Hal and Hank Steinbrenner, co-chairmen)

  • Key People: Brian Cashman (General Manager)

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Randy Levine Esq.


Daniel Crown

Limited Partner

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About NY Yankees, History and Headquarters Information

New York Yankees was founded in the year 1901. The organisation has been active for almost 118 years now. The organisation is currently owned by Yankee Global Enterprises. The organisation was controlled by the family of the late George Steinbrenner, who purchased the team in the year 1973. The team’s home games were played at the original Yankee Stadium from the year 1923 to the year 1973 and from the year 1976 to the year 2008 as well. In the year 1974 and 1975, the organisation had shared Shea Stadium with the Mets, in addition to the New York Jets and also New York Giants. In the year 2009, the organisation had moved into a new ballpark of the same name that was constructed next door to the previous facility, which was also closed and demolished as well. The organisation’s team is perennially among the leaders in MLB attendance as well. The organisation has also been the most successful team in the history of the game as well. The organisation currently holds an estimated value of almost $4 billion as well. The headquarters of the organisation is based in 245 W 42nd Street. The name of the place is New York, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code is 10036.

New York Yankees is an American organisation that focuses on providing taking part in professional baseball games, in order to entice its supporters in the USA. The current president of the organisation is Randy Levine. The original name of the team was Baltimore Oriole, which was changed to New York Highlanders and finally to Yankees. The organisation compete in the Major League Baseball competition.

The primary services provided by the organisation include allowing supporters of the team to enjoy various kinds of professional matches, that are played by the team of the organisation, in order to compete in various competitions and also proceed to win them as well.

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  • Jim says:

    It’s pretty sad when your team has more errors in the game then hits. Time for Cashmen and Boone to go and then start the dumpster sale! Embarrassing!

  • Alan Marfia says:


  • Joseph Iorio says:

    This email is regarding my playoff tickets being cancelled by my sales representative Robert Chris. I have purchased my season package with the understanding that I would get to purchase my same seats for the playoffs as well. I discussed on several occasions with Mr. Chris that a I wanted to move up from section 110 Row 11 seats 9,10, 11 and 12 to a row closer to the field for next season. My credit card had been attached my account which I didn’t realize and have no issue with but again my concern was to move up. When my card was chard fir the current seats, I cancelled the charge and contacted Mr. Chris saying, I didn’t want the same seats “IF “ it was possible to move up as I had told him in our prior phone conversation months ago. He explains that that process takes place afterwards, but he would look he offers me a few options which I discussed with my wife ( who is also a lifelong fan) We couldn’t agree within the hour that MR. Chris told us we had to decide so I told MR. Chris we would hold off for now, We felt like he was pressuring us to purchase the season tickets at that minute. Which I would have done if we got the seats we wanted even if it was more money. A short time after I receive an email from Mr. Chris that the NY Yankees had taken away my postseason tickets for this season at my current seats’ since I had cancelled the purchase of next year’s package !
    One thing has nothing to do with the other I paid and was all set to go to Tuesday’s game with my family and because Mr. Chris is upset I didn’t purchase next seasons tickets he punishes me and my family who are diehard Yankees fans by taking away our playoff package they are rightfully mine due my agreement when I bought the season package. His father beyond unprofessional it’s tasteless and just about criminal… it’s basically extortion! By the New York Yankees. My kids and wife are heartbroken due to the Yankees action. I never thought I would be writing this email. This a franchise that prides itself in professionalism and pride !
    I am hopeful this email finds its way to someone has a better sense of what those words mean and corrects Mr. Chris actions.
    I want my playoff package as I agree too when I purchased my package ! I am the Executive Vice President of the Communications Workers of America we hold events at the stadium( we had a CWA game night with Yankee hats with our logo on it as well “ I have never had an issue with the Yankee organization. I’m in total shock ! But I will take my fight further if not rectified !
    This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed how many other families will be treated in such disregard ! Please have someone contact me as soon as possible ! I’m so upset I can’t even write this email I’m just rambling But if your children were anticipating something they love as well as my wife and I and it was just taken away by an organization that you had such respect for you would be equally upset !

    Thank You,

    Joseph A. Iorio jr


  • Keith lebowitz says:

    I’ve been a fan since I was born what the hell with you guys you’re greedy and it’s disgusting that New York fans can’t watch your games without paying exorbitant fees one X fan bye-bye

  • Enid Cohen says:

    I am 67 years old and have been watching the Yankees all my life and I am very very disappointed on how the Yankees have been playing of late ever since they traded away Jordan Montgomery for a player who has not played because of an injury. They should FIRE CASHMAN FOR DOING THE CRAZIEST THING AND FOR BOONE (WHO I ALWAYS LIKED UNTIL RECENTLY). If the Yankees do not wake up really soon they will be looking at the playoffs and World Series from the golf course.

  • Greg says:

    How can I acquire a replica 1941 Mitchell Ness Home Jersey? I had a great uncle who played on that team and would love to find one that I can have made up to honor him and wear to the games! I have been searching without success.

  • Lu Murale says:

    Well I am a long time Yankee fan, I am haven’t been more annoyed with this team then this year..but I can deal with all that..To not have the game on the YES channel is a disgrace. For me to look for the game every night is a wast of time. This is getting out of hand. Sorry I am extremely disappointed on how your broadcasting the game on tv. I really hope you change this and put it back on Yes .

  • Jamie Ragusa says:

    Purchased 4 tickets in the Delta booth for Friday nights game, because it was the WFAN bobble head giveaway. We are huge fans listen to Susan & John every game. Got to the stadium by 545 but it took so long to get in we didn’t get any bobble heads. Now I see them all over eBay for $150. Really isn’t fair that I left work early and was unable to get them for my dons

  • Dan says:

    Just wondering when those in charge will do what’s right for the organization. They just keep dealing players thinking that will solve the team’s problems. Maybe they should start dealing the coaches and manager. They don’t play real baseball, only half a__ baseball. It’s sad but true. I have been watching since the 50’s and am deeply saddened. They have a good team but are not playing as a team and their coaches and manger are out somewhere in Left field. The team could really be great if they were led correctly. I can give you some real baseball suggestions if you’d be interested. Have a nic day.

  • Brett Millican says:


  • Lewis Boxenbaum says:

    As a long time Yankee fan (for 75 years), I am very disappointed that you sell TV coverage of some games to pay-TV channels that I don’t get. Every game should be on the YES network so all Yankee fans can watch
    all games.

  • Ken Acevedo says:

    Please I beg you trade Joey Gallo he is disgracing the Yankee uniform

  • barry tipiere says:

    Been a yankee fan and supporter for over 70 years and enjoy going to the games and watching them on YES, this year however many of the games need to be streamed to get and pay a premium for them, All of the Met games however can be accessed via the regular tv programing, i am not the only one who feels this and will be posting via social media to not buy into this scam for additional $$$, may even start watching the Mets, i was born and raised in the bronx 15 minutes away from the original stadium, i do not expect a reply but i can only hope for the future……..

  • Michael m. says:

    Can’t watch the Yankees rays game tonight??? I don’t think you’re doing the right thing. We’re paying for your channel directly on our cable system. Chipping in for your bottom line. Paying salaries, etc…. Is Amazon and apple paying you enough to just ignore us? I guess so.

    We may not always be there.

  • Jamell Burns says:

    I love the Yankees i never been to a Yankees game .i wish one day I can go to a game .but I live Washington State.

  • Debbie Robinson says:

    I am an Yankee fan as well as my father was,my niece and her family is a fan.l love all of Yankees,not to find of king 👑 though.why l leaving a message is l love the Judge he is an amazing person (one in a million personality).Judge is cream of the crop player,best of the best for the team!!!!!Judge keeps the moral/spirit of the team alive!!!!!!! Please don’t lose Judge,please 🙏🙏🙏🙏 give him a contract,we need him for the Yankees!!!!!!!The Yankees would never be the same(the Yankees team that it is now).please keep Judge on the Yankees l am sure l am not the only one that feels this way,Judge has a lot of followers!!!!!!l have yet to hear the audience sing happy birthday to the rest of the team like they did for Judge!!!!!!please save Judge don’t lose him 🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏.thank you for your time.god bless

  • Robert A Springer Jr says:

    sometime in Febuary or March of 2020 i purchased 2 tickets to Yankee/Marlin spring training game,the game was for Fri. March 20,2020. The game because of COVID was not played and no more game that season. i tried numberous time to see what they were going to do! with no real response.This year we went to a Yankee/Philly spring training game and i talked to 2 different people,one a youngman who said he worked ticket box but was upstairs from box office were we entered ballgame from.He took my tickets and went downstairs to check , then moments later came up and told me nothing they can do Yankees put out e-mails out to everyone who had them that they would honor them by a date they had.Well i told him when i got these tickets no one took my e-mail address,so he said bad luck i guess!!! So a lady sitting at a information booth said she had someone who could help me,her name was Amy,told her all about what was going on and she said ill get this for you and took my tickets and i havent heard from her since!! very poor way of conducting business. Customer Receipt ENY0320/NYC400 Springer Jr/Robert A 304338 – Visa 7850 , 17-Feb-20 , 134.00 section 214 row G 13/14. i’ve been to the tickets box numberous times in the time i had the tickets with no help. Please could i get someone to take care of this!!! Thank You

  • .a.g. scott says:

    Just a short note to express my disappointment in your choice of new announcers. I understand the need for diversity but frankly, you could have done a better job of choosing parties with more professional announcer credentials.

    Also very concerned that you are testing and moving toward pay for view. Not something that America’s past-time could be proud of. How much money is enough?

  • DannBrown says:

    That’s our BS , I been Yankee fan for over 50 years and playing home you can’t even watch them on TV . Your net Worth for the team is 7 billions and you cut your faithful fans out from watching with paying that’s pure ——BS—- nave yo find another team to root for !!! If only George was alive , he must turning in his grave!!!!

  • John spadafina says:

    Hi mr hal steinbrenner are u watching the same game that im watching.Give me a break its groundhog day….same garbage as the other 3 years

  • Lewis Irish says:

    looking for team photos 2003 and 2009 with names included…photos on line but no names

  • Bruce R. says:

    So once again, clueless Aaron Boone brings in Holmes who throws eleven pitches, strikes out the side, and then removes him for another pitcher! What an idiot. Let’s bring in seven pitchers in order to find one who hasn’t gotten his stuff! Boone is no manager. Yankees deserve to miss playoffs!

  • Frank Himes says:

    Joey Gallo has not shaved since he became a Yankee. If he is going to be a Yankee he should look like one. Or have you loosened the clean shaven rules. The guys are looking pretty grubby lately. Sanchez, Stanton, Gil with the hair. The Boss wouldnt stand fir it!!

  • Ken hyms says:

    This Greg Allen decision is what’s wrong with the Yankees. Using Aaron Boone as the fall guy, fooled no one.

  • John says:

    When I see CC Sabathia sitting in a Field Box and I hear that a “person” who denied money meant to go to childrens charities, has been invited to sit in the Steunbrenner’s Suite, U am truly appalled.

  • Joseph Giordano says:

    To ALL Yankees ownership and Management: It’s time to start acting like The Boss would be acting with a team playing like this. This is more then embarrassing, Where’s someone with fire in their belly! Thurman Munson, Billy Martin and George M Steinbrenner III are all rolling over in their graves at this moment!

  • Steven Royboy Barone says:

    Dear New York Yankees baseball team ,
    I would love to say thank you to you all from long time ago of former athlete name Steve Howe ,and his team mates donated $20,000 to getting me out of the Bulgarian orphanage of age six years old . I’ve been a New York Yankees fan since I was six years old to present for a lifetime . Plus I am a huge fan of Aaron Judge . I got to go to a New York Yankee baseball game even to your guy’s stadium of when I was a little boy . I am born April 11th 1988 age 33 years old . I am a lifetime to present team USA fan council to all Olympic ,and Paralympic pro athletes of all sports of 50 USA states . I would love to work with all the baseball Yankees baseball athletes with traveling expanse’s being paid in full . Do you all travel with the athletes on road trips even to Florida . Because I live at Florida . I would love to do a meet ,and greet in person with you all even of your guy’s athletes plus would love someone from your media team to take me ,and Aaron Judge’s picture if possible please how do I have you all arrange that for me I have American disability . Do you all know a ball player name Steve Howe whom use to play with you all from the Yankee stadium well I got to stand next to whom from doing a meet ,and greet with himself in person . Do you all hire people with disabilities ? I can send you all my work resume of the places I use to work at from Oregon plus I do have experience of working with athletes . I am also a lifetime to present associate waterboy to a college at Eugene Oregon called Bush Nell University Beacon athletes even to their basketball team . I love sports even I love ESPN sports . I would love to be offered whatever job of working with your baseball Yankees baseball team athletes with reasonable accommodations for employment with traveling expanse’s being paid for all thee above even meals even hotel stays while working with the New York Yankees athletes baseball team if possible for you all to work on ? I have a mild ADA disability .

  • Susie says:

    I can no longer support the NYY after being a 60 year fan. Your decision to support the ASG to be moved is not only supporting further divisions in our nation but is supporting socialist ideals. Your decision also put financial strain on not only Atlanta but the entire state of Georgia. Did you not see what our lack of support did to the NFL?? It’s an asinine decision for any sports team to get involved in politics. You are in fact telling a majority of your fan base that we don’t matter and you as an organization will support socialism and changes to our constitution. I have no respect left for any of you and that includes the spineless players.

    • Jerry Vessichio says:

      Susie it’s good that you no longer support the Yankees! They are well rid of people like you who support not only racism but terrorism! They attacked the capital of the United States at the urging of the President at the time. The Republican party supports terrorism!

  • Mrs. Fred (Pat) Goodson says:

    Have been a diehard fan for nearly 80 years since grade school in Kansas city MO, when the old K C Blues were a yankee farm team. Remember listening to 1946 sept game between Yankees and st. Louis Browns from back porch of Catholic Sisters radio – class reward for good behavior. Some were torn between a local KC team and a Missouri team. Not I. Until this day my loyalty has been to my Yankees. When my family go bananas over the Royals, I say forget it, my team is the Yankees. Now until “my team” denounces the disastrous political decision over a Georgia law that only upholds American freedom and election integrity, the Yankees are no longer “my team”! I will turn off any game. In fact when Pat Sajack says Wheel of Fortune (is America’s game) I won’t get mad as before, I will agree America’s game is no longer baseball. Will never watch anything but a local school game. Thank you MLB for destroying an old Lady’s favorite pastime.

  • Karl Piergiorgi says:

    I do not agree with the league deciding to move All-star game, Baseball should be none
    political. I will not attend another game and will no longer support the team.

  • Shelby Leipold says:

    When are you going to realize that Chapman is NOT a closer!!! He doesn’t come close to the meaning of a closer! He also does not, in any way, portray a true New York Yankee!! Pull a rookie pitcher from triple A and they would be a better “closer”!

  • MM says:

    I WAS a fan for years – then you knelt at the National Anthem – not going to watch or financially support this team any more!

  • Chris says:

    Hope your proud of the assholes kneeling….You kneel for BLM but won’t stand for the national anthem…..you can all kiss my ass

  • Jan Girard says:

    Kneeling during the National Anthem appalling! You have just lost a fan.

  • Mary Banditto says:

    You need to stick to baseball. I’m not interested in politics or biased opinions from overpayed baseball players. You just lost a lifelong fan and supporter.

  • Clarence Greene says:

    Please forward to Mr. Levine and appropriate owner/administrators. My name is Clarence Greene, I’m an Operating Room RN of 30years and an Army Veteran, and Licensed FAA Aircraft Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, a former Competitive Racing Yacht Sailor. That being said; I would like to offer and share with you an excellent solution to get Baseball going again for the enjoyment, and uplift the spirits of All fans in the wake of this historically devastating pandemic…

    (631) 383- 4176

    Best Regards and Thank you,
    Clarence Greene RN, Army Veteran

  • cynthia eckhoff says:

    I have not received my refund for my tickets for april 18th game, ticketatwork will not issue a refund unless the game is canceled not postponed, I have a family of 4 to support and you are holding $488.00 of my money,you should be ashamed of yourselves, Cynthia Eckhoff

    • peter faltings says:

      Cynthia I believe I am a relative. I have watched the Yankees for over 65 years. How about all lives matter. Peter Faltings

  • Steven Roy Barone says:

    Dear Yankees President and executives of the headquarters of the Yankee stadium and to the baseball team and to all staff members and to the donations department . For you all maybe remember a former baseball player name Steve Howe whom played with you all a long time ago before his death my name is Steven Roy Barone American disability from Cape coral Florida of my home address is 410 SE 33rd st Cape coral Florida 33904 would like to say from the donations department of the timing of when I was a little boy of when Steve Howe and his team mates and his coaching staff that coached him a long time ago agreed to pay for my adoption from Bulgaria to fly me to USA of White -Fish Montana at the age six years old Steve Howe’s wife is Cindy whom lives in Montana to where they both lived a long time ago before Steve Howe’s death a long time ago if you all reach it on line of Steve Howe playing for the Doger’s and for the New York Yankees baseball team as him being a pitcher plus a fast pitcher was an outstanding pitcher to the Yankees baseball team . please call me at 541-3599471. I know the New York Yankees baseball team come to Florida for spring trainning and I would like to meet them and say thank you from the when I was six or seven of me standing next to Steve Howe on his lap getting my picture taken a long time ago I am thankful of being adopted by you all and for the former players name Steve Howe and Paul ONeil former baseball player of the yankees team did very well I remember Paul oNeil getting into a fight with one of the team players from another team when the Yankees didn’t do anything wrong of playing there game . I am 31 years old born April 11th 1988. Please call me? Go Yankees baseball team I love you all as a family friend .

  • kathy says:

    The conduct of your teammates today were less than reasonable. Ahead by 2 runs and the actions of your manager and players did not make any sense. How many players are called out in a game. Maybin was called out so was that a reason to start such a ridiculous display! The baseball commission should look into this and correct the actions of Maybin, Gardner and Boone. So Boone is trying to force the mercy rule! Very unsportsmanlike! Stop trying to manipulate the game and just play it! At 71 yrs of age I see the game I love being destroyed by people that think they can work things in their favor by riotous behavior. Not complimentary at all.

  • >