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  • Address: 11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 800-672-3888

  • Fax Number: (703) 267-3938

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Members: 5.5 Million

  • Established: November 16, 1871

  • Founder: William Conant Church & George Wood Wingate

  • Key People: Oliver North, Wayne LaPierre

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S. No.




United States

11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030, United States

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Charles L. Cotton

Charles L. Cotton


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Wayne LaPierre


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  • Richard C, Ely. 20344457 says:

    Can you tell me the date of manufacture SN 6507 Mauser

  • Patrick Tange says:

    I am a non gun owner and have simple solution other then having to alter gun laws.

    I live in Cleveland Ohio where crime is pretty high. I’m also a father of 5 and I can tell you that here in Cleveland anyone that enters any school here in Cleveland, has to walk through a Metal Detector. Same goes for school districts across the country who live below poverty level. Most of all these shooting are happening in middle class to upper class communities and would frown upon their kids having to walk through a Metal Detector instead of thinking about their childrens saffey. I say every school in America be ordered to install Metal Detectors. That is a one way entrance to all schools. Also to put a Security Guard at every school. Small price to pay but worth every penny when we’re talking about our kids safety.

    Takes someone like me to use common sense and think of a simple solution. Instead of trying to alter peoples rights by making gun laws more strict!

  • Remond Bern says:

    I’m not an NRA member. Vegetarian who doesn’t hunt. I wrote a few comments to Google/feedback site on Calif. gun/ammo laws. I hope this comment is relevant. If you’ve watched the TV series…Person of Interest…then it’s likely the Gov will falsely take credit for any ideas. 2nd Comment: There are many incompetent laws on the books in Calif. For instance: you can buy as much ammo as you want; but you can’t own blank gun-cartridges. You can constitutionally-carry a firearm in a motorhome but not in your private auto…(to name a few that should be reversed.) The recent school shootings prove that the dumbass Demorats have no real safety plan. How dare Biden bark/blame the NRA! Guns don’t murder: sick minds do! Pistol-armed janitors could’ve made a difference in recent killings. A combination of blanks for safety and a few live rounds could’ve alerted everyone; could’ve distracted the gunman; helped police if necessary…if not a cost-affective deterrent. People will not fire off (safer) blank-bullets without good reason, especially if there’s a stiff fine. And the insane environmentalists who want to bring back the wolf, lion, bears…better to keep them all gun-shy. A better society might mean mandatory/volunteer military gun-training for everyone; keeping semi-automatics in storage at the protected gun-range while allowing only revolvers and repeating rifles…in home held. Without elaborating further: it’s an armed country that doesn’t get conquered. Right now I’m damn worried about my electric Volt from being jacked because of gas$!#?!

  • Gary Stefanski says:

    It’s time to take down all the Lobbiest in this country, and along with all the money coming from NRA itself, this shit with all the Murders, Homicides, School shootings needs to Stop , but see no one gives a shit, it’s all about power and Money, so I guess it’s up to the ones who give a Shit

  • William McShea says:

    I cannot fathom why the NRA would continue to hold an event in Texas after the massacre of school children. For the sake of whatever remains of your reputation please show some empathy and sympathy for the victims, their families and the people of Texas by deciding that this is not the time, nor especially the place, to promote firearms!

  • Michelle Murphy says:

    I would like to know how you all feel when a school gets shot up killing 19 children! Do you all have children? How would you all feel if it was one of yours? Think about it! Why would you even think about selling any kind of gun to young kids themselves! This HAS TO STOP NOW!!!! STOP SELLING GUNS to publc people. GUNS should ONLY be for Military or Police! I’m asking to PLEASE PUT A STOP TO SELLING GUNS TO MINORS or anyone with Mental Health issues!

  • Andy says:

    People want more gun control but the better solution is better Security personnel in School!

    We need more workers for security personnel. It makes more sense when we have only no weapon zones like a School Park and building.

    This is much more efficient than gun control against everyone else.

    I am from Europe, and Europe is the best example! We have very high gun control and when someone dares to be dangerous to each other with a gun… then this always happens with illegal guns or other kinds of weapons that will be used.

    Germany is the best example of how useless gun control is in reality.

    The security guards should work in the school building and chach all the places in the building and all bags if someone took a gun in school for example.

    you need only have a better security strategy to save the buildings and the people out there.

    It’s very official that the Democrats want to take away the freedom from all of you who never are a treat for each other.

  • Carol Andersen says:

    That killing of innocents in Texas yesterday – I hope you’re proud of the role you played in this, and all those shootings that came before. You and your fool politicians that make these things possible are the ringleaders of the weak minds we breed these days. Support of gun rights encourages these tragedies. Why can’t you see the connection, or don’t you care? MAGA – what a joke!

  • Carol Andersen says:

    3 comments?? Actually, there were four. You held mine for several days with some comment about holding for moderation, and now I see you’ve apparently deleted it. You can’t possibly be afraid of a negative opinion; they’re all negative.

  • Carol Andersen says:

    I’m just a non-gun-totin’ elderly woman who sees the changes in the people of my country throughout my life, and don’t know whether to cry or be disgusted. I’ll just repeat what only today I said to someone else who believes the only problem is that the courts do not abide by and punish according to our strict gun laws. Any truth in that is only half the story.

    I once also believed the ridiculous statement “guns don’t kill people; people do”. But after seeing a couple of generations of the quality of young we produce, many who are spoiled, selfish, neglected or abused, no longer. It is not the stuff that makes a sound mind that cares about right or wrong or others, or a mentality strong enough to handle life’s shit.

    I’ve always supported hunters having their hunting rifles. Anything else should be taboo. You want a machine-type gun, join the military, which few of our selfish or cowardly do. ‘Enablers’ is a word used often these days, and I believe gun defenders are enablers of all gun related crime.

    They always bring up the 2nd Amendment blah, blah, blah, when they should remember the We the People and General Welfare parts, and sacrifice for it rather than innocents sacrificing their lives so you can have a gun.

    Like everyone else, they really only care about what they want. The Constitution also says “well regulated militia”, which gun supporters are most definitely not!

    And I also agree with the comment referencing penises. Little people, little minds pretending to be big shots.

  • Cindy says:

    I get bombarded on a daily basis with pleas from the NRA to contribute money and to renew my membership. Yet, I am a 64 year old lady with serious health issues(please forgive if this is not cohesive, as I have a brain injury and I am not always sure of what I am writing and how articulate it is) and once a staunch supporter of the org, now think that the top people of the NRA are in it for themselves. They use the resources of the organization to fund lavish trips to schmooze the top brass of the government (so they say, but really for themselves), and get paid six figure salaries and get perks out the wazoo and me struggling along on Social Security did rejoin just a month ago and selected the knife as the free gift, which I didn’t receive, (they sent me the wrong item) so now I have to take more time trying to correct this error which when I didn’t even get a confirmation email, or a confirmation or welcome letter, I did however receive a letter asking me for more money even though I just gave them a third of my Social Security. I don’t get to travel on private jets and go to lavish parties, or enjoy the six figure salaries the people of the NRA are getting when they are doing nothing for us at this point I am saddened to say. All I hear about the organization now is who is getting their fingers caught in the cookie jar this month! I am sorry I endeavored to support what was at one point in our history a worthy and righteous organization who actually did some good in the world, but now it is only a faded image of what it once was in their glory days and are now trying to do business resting on those faded laurels and it just can’t be done with all of the scandals within the organization now. It truly is so heartbreaking to see what our country has become, a disgrace. We will unfortunately be facing a total and utter collapse in the foreseeable future and the college grads that can’t make change without a calculator or don’t know who wrote the declaration of independence that will be running this country and I am glad I will be dead by then but I am totally scared for my grandchildren who will be alive in a society that will be totally dysfunctional and have no common sense. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and the rest our founding fathers will be turning in their graves! This is just my opinion, but it is hard not to think this when it is staring you right in the face on a daily basis.

  • Dennis Simontacchi says:

    (Member 000021588506)
    I recently received a notification in the mail from NRA, that said on the envelope in big, bold, black and red letters….MEMBERSHIP NOTIFICATION .. AUGUST 2, 2019 EXPIRATION. My membership, along with my son’s and grandson’s, do not expire until 2022. That notification was designed to deceive the member into thinking his/her membership will expire soon, unless it is renewed by Aug 2. I cannot believe that the NRA is so desperate that they have to use such deceitful and dishonest tactics. I have been a member for years and years, and have always considered the NRA to be an honest organization that defended the people, not deceived them. I recommend that the NRA quit using such dishonest and sneaky tactics in the future. I, my son, and my grandson would like to be able to remain members……..but that is up to you.

    • Robert says:

      Does it surprise you that the nra is dishonest? Twists the arm of pubelickin politicians with threats about campaign donations, etc?

    • Sigmmoyd Cohlen says:

      I quit years ago. Just a bunch of jerkoffs who think that gun size equals penis size. Personally, I think it’s a front organization for a bunch of closet queens.

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