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  • Address: 7665 NW 19th St, Miami, FL 33126, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 866-234-7350
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 40,000
  • Established: 1966
  • Founder: Knut Kloster, Ted Arison
  • Key People: Frank del Rio (CEO)

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Norwegian Cruise Line Headquarters Executive Team



Frank J. Del Rio

President, CEO & Director

Mark A. Kempa

Interim CFO & Senior VP of Finance

Jason M. Montague

President & CEO of Regent brand

About Norwegian Cruise Line, History and Headquarters Information

Norwegian Cruise Line was founded in the year 1966. The company has been active for almost 53 years now. The company had acquired Orient Lines in the year 1998. Then in the year 2000, the company was itself taken over by Star Cruises. By the year 2002, the company had purchased the half-complete hull of the first Project America ship, at the time under construction at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA. In the year 203, the company had decided to purchase the SS United States and SS Independence. Then in the year 2007, Star Cruises sold 50 per cent of the company for $1 billion to US-based Apollo Management as well. In the year 2012, the company had announced the signing of a memorandum of agreement to exercise its option to purchase Norwegian Sky, for almost $260 million. The same year, the company had collaborated with Meyer Werft to manufacture two vessels. As of the year 2013, the company had filed for an IPO or Initial Public Offering. As of the year 2014, the company announced that it was cancelling all future port calls in Tunisia. In the year 2017, the company was the first to reach an agreement with the Cuban Government. The headquarters of the company is based in 7665 NW 19th Street. The name of the place is Miami, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code is 33126.

Norwegian Cruise Line is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of cruise ships, to its customers in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Andrew Stuart. The company controls almost8.7 per cent of the worldwide share of the cruise market, in terms of the number of passengers, as of the year 2018. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 40,000.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to obtain various kinds of cruise shipping services, that are manufactured and offered by the company itself.

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  • VALERIE says:


  • angela shivers-wiggins says:

    My name is Angela Shivers-Wiggins and I previously traveled on the Norwegian Sun back in July 22-26,2019(due to the cancellation of my original cruise to Cuba). I was advised that I would receive 50% of my money back, a free photo package and 50% off my next cruise if I choose to accept the cruise to the Bahamas, which I did accept. To date, I have not received any of these amenities that I was promised. I’m requesting my refund of $476.40 back to my account that is on file with you. The other amenities(free photo package and 50% next cruise) be applied to my Norwegian account. I can be reached at
    (973)698-4586 or ang546@msn.com. Please get back to me. I’m interesting in booking my next cruise but I can’t until this matter is resolved.Thanks

  • Joan Buck says:

    Cruise to be taken on Gem out of Boston 9/6/19.
    Just spent 20+ minutes with Mary Beth in Reservations. Always polite but unable to aid or help in any way. Good listener. Her only help was to say we had an opportunity to cancel the air transportation, (that NCL made for you) 40 to 60 days ago when there wasn’t a hurricane problem.
    Norwegian Cruise Line takes no responsibility for anything you have us do for you. Not a quote. My reply was that when we made the air as well as the transportation to and from the airport via Norwegian Cruise Line and we did in fact ask questions such as what happens if there is a mechanical problem with the airplane? or a weather related problem?
    We were told by the representative that those sort of problems are always taken into consideration and will be dealt with by Norwegian.
    Not to worry.
    So far no one we have talked to can speak to or for anyone or even do anything but repeat the same thing company line. Sorry, I can’t help you with that!!! Oh you could have changed something 40 days ago…..No Hurricane 40 days ago?????
    The only thing they are good at is taking your payment and all customer service or safety issues end at the point of payment.

  • Yadira Arita says:

    I would like someone to help me with my issue. I am a value guest who has loved to cruise with Norwegian and always trusted you. I recently took a cruise with my family from 7/21/2019 to 7/28/19 caribbean cruise. One of the stops was Cozumel we took a tequila excursion before I disembark that they I went to guest services and asked if I buy a bottle would you keep in a safe place and the answer was yes. They explained that they would give me a receipt and they would deliver the bottle the last night of the cruise to my cabin no problem. So I bought the bottle they kept it and gave me the receipt. the last night on my cruise we saw them delivering all the bottles but ours. So I went and asked where my bottle was? they said it should be arriving to your cabin soon before midnight. I waited waited until 1:30 am and nothing came so I went down to guest service and they had no idea I spoke to the supervisor Roy and he promised he will look for the bottle himself he said go to bed and come looking for me in the morning before you disembark. I did that next morning he was no where to be found and said to the guest service guy to let me know that they lost my bottle. That it was delivered to the wrong cabin and the guy who delivered it didn’t logged it in and had no idea which cabin he delivered it to. I was like what do you mean they said someone else has your bottle we don’t. He said all I can do is give you a tequila of the ones we sell here or give you guest service number and they will pay for your bottle. I said I don’t want your tequila because I can buy that back in the US so give me the number. He gave the number and i open a case when I got home they gave my case to Michelle Perez in guest services. She is the worse she rejected my case because she said Norwegian is not responsible for any items they collect from passengers if they loose them. She said the crew is not responsible because I wasn’t supposed to bring the bottle on board and if the crew lost it they can’t do anything about it. She doesn’t return my emails or calls. She is rude and ignores me. She said that she closed my case. I need help as I bought this bottle and paid $60.00 for it. I even wrote on an email that I will take on board credit and she ignore me. You should have better guest service people Michell has an attitude. I need to talk to a manager please reach out to me. I will take this as far as I have to I do believe if Norwegian took my bottle and gave me a receipt that says they will keep it in a safe place and will deliver it to my cabin that means you are responsible of it. How can I trust Norwegian? If I don’t get an answer my next step will be contacting Better Business Bureau

  • Diana Cadiz says:

    Please forward post to proper department and then delete. Thanks

  • Diana Cadiz says:

    I scheduled NCL trip # 41484238 with Cruise Planners the beginning of July.
    Less than 24 hours the price dropped and continued to do so to almost $200. As a senior and NCL loyal traveler I am discouraged.
    I traveled with NCL on a European Cruise in May 2019 and will be traveling with NCL on a 14 day European trip # ‪41484238‬ ‪on October 24, 2019‬.
    As a loyal customer, I truly would appreciate being compensated for the price drop in such a short time. Since I have paid my trip in full, I am not asking for cash compensation. I can be compensated with free WiFi/tour credits.  I feel this would be a win-win for all.
    I have called customer service and have been told this request is possible.
    Thank you for honoring this request. I can be reached at dc1900fl@yahoo.com and ‪407-416-5276‬.
    Diana Cadiz

  • Joanne Chaters says:

    I would like to send a letter of concern but am not able to find an email to send it to. can you please help

  • BOb b says:

    Bermuda boat! Written and performed by a long time traveler out of Boston with many friends and family.listen to your customers for real feedback corporate.thanks let me know if you get the message.bob

  • Flora Herman says:

    Called twice for a correct spelling of a last name. Put on hold ten minutes each time and both times no human came back to say in was done, go the hell or anything. This morning I called again to give the correct spelling. Been on the phone twenty minutes so far, told a million times to stay on hold. Reservation #41542993 name change Maria Lorena Briseno. Was spelled with a z. PLEASE HELP. Fmherman@icloud.com now on phone 30 minutes. No way to run a business. Very unhappy……….

  • jeffrey epstein says:

    Jeffrey Epstein, Yolanda Braunagel, wife
    On March 17, 2019 we booked an inside cabin on the NCL Spirit from Barcelona. We got an upgrade
    to ocean view paying an extra $300 each. Our cabin, 6528 had banging on the outside of the ship day and night. when we couldn’t take it any longer, we finally were moved at 2:00 am to an inside cabin that was available as the person in it was moved(we did not know this). At night, there was water streaming down from the ceiling covering the entire cabin.
    After this cruise, we were offered $400 each! That’s $100 more than the upgrade we paid.
    After 3 months, still no resolution from Margaret Robinson, Guest Relations Coordinator.
    I guess both of us being Platinum NCL really means very little!!

  • Anthony Kennedy says:

    Norwegian Cruise Line 1/38 Alfred Street
    7665 Corporate Centre Drive Mermaid Beach,
    Miami, Miami-Dale Country Queensland, 4218
    FL, 33126, USA Australia
    1300 255 200 +1 866 234 7350 Mobile: +61412 007 838
    resoffice@ncl.com Email: tonyke@optusnet.com.au
    1st July 2019

    Hello NCL

    We have a cruise booked for February 2020 cruising on Norwegian Escape on the Western Caribbean from Miami after a two week snow ski holiday.

    Reservation: 40717505, 29th February to 7th March 2020.
    Latitudes: A.W. Kennedy: 235841061, S.G. Clayton: 23581062.

    We are enquiring if we will be able to store our ski bags on board the NCL Escape instead of having to have them in our cabin as they will take up too much room in our cabin.

    Weight Ski bag: 37.46lbs / 17 kgs, 4 foot 6 inches long, 1foot 4 inches width and 1 foot depth.
    Booth Bag: 37.03 lbs / 16.8 kgs, 2 foot long, 1foot 7 inches width and 1foot depth.
    Extra Bag about the say size: 37.03 lbs / 16.8 kgs, 2 foot long, 1foot 7 inches width and 1foot depth.

    This would be about the same for our other Ski friend’s baggage.

    We have also talked our friends, who are also skiing with us, into joining us on this cruise and will also have their skis and ski bag that they would like to store on ship as well.

    We have just finished a 7 day Pride of America cruise around Hawaii and whilst on board we did enquire with guest services if it would be possible to do this. They said they didn’t think it would be a problem; however they did not want to commit that it would be possible and that we would have to check directly with you.

    It would be most appreciated if we could have them stored in a storage area on ship rather than in cabin.

    We have also invited two other couples who we met last year on the Alaskan Sea/Land trip to come on this cruise so we could meet up with them again and they too have booked. They live in the USA.

    Yours faithfully

    Anthony (Tony) Kennedy

  • Bobbi Baker says:

    I took my last cruise with Norwegian 01/13/2018. It was awful. We had been loyal Norwegian customers for 10 years. After the cruise I periodically tried to send feedback to you on the cruise. Your “customer service” web site would not accept my feedback because the comments were too long. After reading a few of the comments on this site I realize there is no reason to complain. Your entire cruise line has become the Walmart of cruise lines. In short you no longer care about your customers. Your leadership team is busy lining your pocket books with money. You think thegravy trainwillgoon forever. It will not. Norwegian will eventually die and be sold out at a fire sale. In the interim your employees will be forced to work for increasingly lower wages while the top “leadership “ and the “board” will get richer and richer. COngrats to the top leadership, you are incompetent. Another prime example of what corporate America has become. Hope all of you personally go bankrupt.

  • Alan Miller, Eagan MN says:

    On June 7 I left my money belt with $400 cash, credit cards, drivers’ license, medical information and other papers in stateroom 9052 on the Norwegian Sky. I immediately filed a claim. I have spent hours and hours on the phone without getting a person to speak with. The claim, which you said would be investigated and reported back to me, was not. I constantly go on line with a frustrating non-answer. I am a Gold Latitudes member and a Norwegian stockholder. This is inexcusable!
    At the least, I should be able to get a response. Alan Miller — you have my contact information, which I will not place on this public site — but I expect to hear from you. Your claim service is worthless, and anyone, especially long time patrons are worth courtesy, and response. As I type this, once again I have “We are sorry to delay your call, and agent will be with you shortly” has been playing for over a half-hour, as it has done repeatedly for two weeks, and I have yet to speak to anyone!

    • Flora Herman says:

      You cannot run a business without human interaction. I have been on the phone 3 times trying to give a correct spelling of a name, all you get is a recording. Sorry I booked the cruise. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻😘😘

  • Doris Basilico says:

    I have been trying to get through to the flight information line. No one picks up the phone.

  • Cynthia Towslee says:

    Have been trying to contact someone in guest services for two weeks without success in what I believe to be an error in my statement charges. I am constantly put on hold and have waited up to one hour on hold before hanging up. Would appreciate someone contacting me at 802 823 5494, I will be available all day on Thursday May 22nd. Thanking you in advance for your consideration in this matter. and looking forward to hearing from NCL.

  • Ron Lewis says:

    Please give me a number of the person in charge of new port of call in Bahamas. We are starting a new port of call

  • curtis and carolyn hicks says:

    Please give me a name of a person in the Corporate Office that will help me with an answer to our complaint regarding the cruise aboard the EPIC. 7 day cruise from 2/9-2/16/2019. A FAILED CRUISE , DISASTER. We filed all necessary forms to get money back, however your guest relations dept. says NO. This is CASE NUMBER 02433567 AND HAS BEEN GOUNG ON SINCE 2/19/19. I am fixing to take my story National. I can be reached at 919-669-3107, email-waynehicks25277@aol.com. A prompt answer would be appreciated.

  • lofty says:

    looking where to get a last minute cruise for a couple 80 years old for april out of mobile or new orleans lofty loftyjohnson7737@gmail.com

  • Joanne says:

    We are confused you advertise FREE, like your beverage package
    Than you charge $257.00 per person, so how can you advertise it as FREE. Than you tell us it’s for gratuities. I fell this is wrong, false advertising. When we get good service we are able to tip our server

  • Ella says:

    Unfortunately, I did not book my May 5 to Bermuda through an outside travel agent. Your direct line agents vs agent my friends on same trip as mine got better service and perks. I thought dealing with you directly would be the better deal. Unfortunately, I did not and I would not recommend your agency in the future.

  • Angela M. Lenihan says:

    Dear Mr. Del Rio, Mr. Kemp and Mr. Montague,
    Last year I had the most fun I had in the longest time on a cruise from NY to The Eastern Caribbean on the Getaway. My mother and I went to celebrate my 50th birthday. I asked to go because I’m a very ill woman and getting worse every time I seem to get bloodwork done. I have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. It originally was just affecting my musculoskeletal system and skin. In 2016, I found out I was in Chronic Kidney Disease. This past year, my kidneys are getting closer to Stage 4 and now I have central nervous system involvement. I get depressed, anxious and have neuropathy in my arms and legs. I was told since I was adopted, it would be difficult to find a kidney and if I did my blood disorder, Lupus Anti-Coagulant would make transplant very risky. I was given about three live. I turn 52 on February 25. I am on disability and do not make a lot of money a month but have dreamed of seeing as much of the world as possible. I’ve had a special interest in seeing all the natural and man made wonders of this magnificent planet. I’ve seen many before my illness. one I’ve dreamed of since I was about since I was 12 was the Panama Canal. It fascinates me. The engineering of it and the beauty of crossing from one ocean to the other.
    At my age The Make A Wish Foundation doesn’t cover my dream wish. You three, on the other hand, offer an 18 day cruise from NY crossing this man made wonder to LA. I’m not looking for a suite nor any special excursions; however, I would love if you could help me out with fulfilling this dream in some way. I would love if my parents and my sister and her family could join me but I’m happy with just my mother to make sure I’m ok. The only other thing two things would be an unblocked picture frame window and a necessity would be a refrigerator filled with soft drinks, juices and water.
    I’m sure my mother would cover taxes and gratuities. I just cant afford a trip that would turn my dreams comes true.
    I am willing to send you any medical documentation on my condition. I do not expect a yes immediately; I do hope you will consider this. I will tell you this, when I was on your last cruise, while people were still boarding, I helped an elderly women who slipped on the stairs. She was in an unusual position, I tried to keep her body still and take her pulse until medics arrived and removed her from the ship on a backboard with a neck collar. I was a former NYS EMT-D 247309 and studied nursing until this life threatening disease took hold of my body. I never asked for any upgrade in room or any other type upgrade. There was a person at head. I’m not sure what became of her trip. I did my duty as former officer of city and state. I would also respond to any medical emergency like that again.
    I can be reached at the email below and my home phone 718-896-0264. Please understand I’m not a free loader, I’m trying to make a dream come true. take your time. I would appreciate a response you request.
    Thank You For Your Time,
    Angela Maria Lenihan

  • David Mitchell says:

    Hi. my name is David Mitchell I was an employee of NCL from 1994 through 1999,before that I worked for Tyber Trading as a Slot Technician, 1990-1994 that was the name of the Casino Concession on NCL at the time 1990-1994. I was the Casino Slot Manager for 4 of the 5 years with NCL I have great customer service skills and enjoy talking to people and answering there questions. I am now 65 years old but I am mistaken for a 50 year old all of the time. I miss the cruise line so much and I was hoping you may be able to find me a position on board or off.. Casino, Customer Service, etc. I am a Green card holder.

  • >