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  • Address: 350 Ellis St, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 650-527-8000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 15,000
  • Established: 1991
  • Founder: Gary Hendrix
  • Key People: Greg Clark (CEO & Director)

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Norton Antivirus Headquarters Executive Team



Gregory S. Clark

CEO & Director

Michael David Fey

President & COO

Nicholas R. Noviello

Executive VP, CFO & Principal Accounting Officer

About Norton Antivirus, History and Headquarters Information

Norton Antivirus was founded in the year 1991. The company has been active for almost 28 years now. In the year 1989, the company had launched Symantec Antivirus for the Macintosh. SAM 2.0 was released in the year 1990, which had incorporated technology allowing users to easily update SAM to intercept and also eliminate new viruses as well, including many that didn't exist at the time of the program's release as well. During the year 1990, Symantec had acquired Peter Norton Computing from Peter Norton as well. By the year 1991, USA computers were invaded by hundreds of foreign virus strains and corporate PC infection was becoming a serious problem. Then the company had launched Norton Antivirus for PC and compatible computers as well. The product was launched for almost $129 retail price as well. With the year 1998 version 5.0 update, SAM was renamed Norton Antivirus for Macintosh as well. As of the year 2007, the company had held a 51 per cent share of the market. The headquarters of the company is based in 350 Ellis Street. The name of the place is Mountain View, while the name of the place is California, USA. The pin code 94043.

Norton Antivirus is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of antivirus software, to its customers in the USA. The software is available on both Windows and OS X. The current CEO of the company is Greg Clark. As of the current date, the company has more than 15,000 employees working in it.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of anti-virus or anti-malware software products, that are developed and distributed by the company itself.

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  • Not a Happy Customer says:

    The customer service is bad. I could not get a particle credit since I have not used Norton since I got a new computer with a different security company. Norton told be yes we see you last used our service in March 29 but you have 60 days to cancel your service. This company takes your money and doesn’t want to help you at all. Manager refused to speak to me and the Customer Service Rep told me to dispute this with my Credit card company of the charge. the Chat is not any better either. I would not recommend their service at all. Don’t give them any money run to another company for better service.

  • Igor says:

    Stay away! This company has turned into a bunch of thieves and fraudsters.

    Reading some of negative comments below, I am comforted knowing I am not alone. This company charged me twice for my subscription ($141.74 auto-renewal) for total of $283.48, even though I only have one subscription for the Norton Virus protection product (a service I have been subscribed to for over a decade). Instead of resolving the double charge dispute, they simply refunded one charge and cancelled my subscription all together without notifying me. So at this point, I am out $141.74, over 4 hours wasted on the phone with customer support, and no active virus protection. Thanks Norton!

  • Ron de Leon says:

    I contacted the tech support people from India, I got 2 different people after the first did not fix the problem and pretended that he could not hear me on the phone he cut the call. I called the second time and this time I got a female a very red individual that instead of fixing the problem that Norton 360 had cause, she cut the call without telling anything. My computer does not work now because of Norton 360, I need a satisfactory resolution to my problem. This tech support people are nothing but a bunch of uninformed so call technicians and rude to the power of 10

  • Brad Westbrook says:

    WORST customer service EVER!!!!
    My account was charged twice for the annual subscription and thru a Chat session, the rep was confusing and zero help even though I could provide proof of the double charge. At one point he asked why I was cancelling my subscription which I never stated! In hind site, maybe I should have cancelled when I had the chance. After this renewal period, I’ll remove my credit card numbers and NEVER use Norton again!
    Thanks Norton for being a huge pain in my @$$!!!

  • Talasman Daniel says:

    My subscription was automatically renewed without request more than 1 month before expiration date! Besides, a price 70 % higher than last year was automatically drawn from my bank account, without my consent! I sent an e-mail claim asking cancellation of renewal and money refund and nobody answered! This is cheating and theft by NORTON Company against customers! How can I solve this matter? I live in Romania and the office in charge for my area is Norton Dublin – Ireland.

  • Sterling Ketner says:

    Your protection packages are confusing, paid 160.00 in August now your trying to take another 101.00 in November. I stopped my automatic payment after I couldn’t get a ligament answer to why I was being charged again.
    When my service expires I’m done. If you want my business it shouldn’t take an hour on the phone being tossed around and never a conclusive answer.

  • Pissed Off says:

    You deserve to be hurt very badly. Stop putting up pop up ads all over my computer. Make it stop, you are driving me crazy. I wish extreme suffering on you.

  • Martin Morin says:

    We are LifeLock customers. I called today to update credit card payment information and customer service could not take a payment.
    If we aren’t valued customers and customer service can’t take payment, what is my next step?
    Dr Martin Morin
    118 Andrew Ct
    Centreville Maryland 21617
    PS – I answered your questions and you locked my account.

  • Florene Nugent says:

    my account was auto renewed at least 30 days in advance….I have a membership for 395 days? WTF. I am unable to cancell the service. Have tried many many times. Conveniently you cannot reach anyone. Contact centre not open and its the only way to cancel. How convenient. I don’t need the service I have a chrome book..has its own service. I tried to cancel and instead it was renewed way before its due date. I am really pissed off. here is the case no. 42209185. Please set up so we can cancel without have to talk to someone and getting stuck with $119.00 that should never have been charged. I am sure this was done on purpose. and probably to many many people…so that Norton/symantic can make money at the expense of people…while not providing adequate resources to cancel what is not needed or should never has been charged in the 1st place. 416-399-5004

  • A W says:

    Endless automated over billing, inscrutable “surprise” invoices, impossible to resolve customer support where billing and tech live in isolate silos. I go way back but have finally reached my limit including about to go to BBB. Why would you buy identity support from a company that cannot master its own billing without what amounts to near fraud.

  • Guest says:

    Norton has a big problem within their company. Scrammers, liars and thieves.I have filed a complaint with BBB and I will file other complaints. I will come to Philadelphia and California if and when the time is needed to file within the court system. Your company needs to be investigated Norton and Micro PC is working together. For years there has been continue complaints about Micro Pc which uses different names but same business. In an article in Sevier County Ark. tells how Norton and Micro Pc is working together warning the people about this scam, that’s how I got scam through Norton who transferred me to Micro Pc Tech Support and I wasn’t the only one. The numbers they were using in this article was 877-333-6087 I know well, 908-955-4329 and 620-266-4420. No way am I going to allow these people to keep my money and to continue scamming others after years of doing this. Again your company needs to be investigated to get these people out of your company and behind bars, also check the reviews.

  • Alice Tenaglia says:

    I want to remove the Norton Antivirus from my computer. Speaking to your support tech has proven useless. Can Mr Hill or someone from your California office remove it for me. When I tried to use your Norton email I was given a Norton Virus Error Message.

  • al parkins says:

    I have been with Norton for a very long time and now its so hard to get a hold of a support tech, I was on the phone for three days before I was able to contact someone. I m afraid I m to old to be frustrated by the system you have in place so I will use another antivirus that’s user friendly to install,this is my last dance with Norton.

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