Where is NORMS Restaurants Corporate office Headquarters

NORMS Restaurants Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 17844 Lakewood Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 562-925-0426
  • Fax Number: 562-920-9834
  • Email: info@normsrestaurants.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1949
  • Founder: Norm Roybark
  • Key People: Janice De Rouen, Jerry O'Connell

NORMS Restaurants Headquarters Location & Directions

NORMS Restaurants Headquarters Executive Team



Janice De Rouen

Senior Vice President

Jerry O'Connell

Vice President

About NORMS Restaurants, History and Headquarters Information

NORMS Restaurants was founded in the year 1949. The company has been active for almost 70 years now. The founder of the company was Norm Roybark. The oldest surviving Norms declared Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument number 1090 in the year 2015 - which was opened on La Cienega Boulevard in the year 1957. Many Norms restaurants, including the 1957 La Cienega Boulevard location, were very much designed by the architectural firm of Armet & Davis, in order to look like automobile showrooms with booths resembling bucket seats as well. The appearance of the restaurants has made them the subject of exhibitions curated by the Getty Center as well. In the year 2014, the Roybark family sold the family-owned Bellflower-based chain as well. In the year 2016, the restaurant point n Los Angeles was closed down due to a dispute between the landlord not ready to give the land on lease, as the land was sold over to another owner by the Roybark family for almost $8.2 million. The headquarters of the company is based in 17844 Lakewood Boulevard. The name of the place is Bellflower, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code is 90706.

NORMS Restaurants is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers in the USA. The company currently has its presence across 19 locations in the USA. The current owner of the company is Jim Balis. The senior vice president of the company is Janice De Rouen.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced and served by the company itself.

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  • Jamie says:

    Waited 20 minutes for the waitress to acknowledge us, even though she was at the tables around us 5 times. 3 managers doing nothing but walking around as the kitchen called out ‘clear the window ladies’ 6 times in 30 minutes. Waitress finally brings our salad and soup, immediately followed by our cold meals. The manager did take care of our bill, and rightfully so since we refused to eat cold, pasty pasta, cold potatoes and cold, dried eggs. Arrived hungry, left hungry and extremely disappointed. This will be the experience we share whenever someone talks about Norms and, needless to say, we will never again go to any Norms.

    Rialto Renaissance

  • Harold D. Everly says:

    On Sat 10/9/21 at 3pm My wife and I visited the new Norm’s in Rialto CA (Renaissance Pkwy). I had not been to a Norms in 30 years and I will not be going back. My wife and I sat waiting for someone to take our orders for 30 mins. 2 ladies were seated 10mins after us and the manager saw them waiting and took their drink order. I stop him and let him know we were there first and he apologize. But we still sat waiting for someone to take our food order. A lot of waiters we’re walking around but no one stopped to say anything to us. We finally got up and left. It’s some of the worst service I’ve ever seen in a professional restaurant chain. I know my wife and I are insignificant to your corporation but the service should have much been better. Like I said, I had not been at a Norm’s in years and I won’t be going back any time soon.

  • Deborah Burrell says:

    I live in Lancaster and I miss Norms so much. We need one in Lancaster or Palmdale ca. I hope you all consider this.

  • Donna Gonzalez says:

    there is a empty restaurant on Centinela and Ocean Park that used to be a Coco’s we need Norms back in Santa Monica/WLA area there used to be one in Santa Monica and one at Pico and Sepulveda both are
    gone please consider putting back Norms thank u

  • J. Miller says:

    CoCo’s restaurant in Sun city, Ca (Menifee,Ca) is closing today 5/12/2021 for good. Great Location for Norms. We would love to see Norms out here in Riverside County. Menifee/Temecula area.

  • JoAnn Charron says:

    Horrible Service, waited for 20min n watched my order sit in the warmer. And finally asked why my order has been sitting so long, n the answer I got was I was on Break,,,, OMG IVE N MY ORDER WAS CRAPPY, my grilled cheese has curled up,, n my French fries are sad looking,,,,

    • Jerry says:

      I’m assuming you asked for a new plate, OR, walked out with eating or paying. Anything else, you deserve what you got.

  • Valencia Oldham says:

    I work at home and I visit Norms every Tuesday. I ordered 3/1/21 and was very disappointed. I went to pick up my order and my steak was not ready. I didn’t mind waiting but I got my order and rushed home to start work. We ll my steak was supposed to be medium well, it was raw. I called the restaurant back and after the phone rangfo 5 minutes the girl answered and I started to explain why I was Calling and she hung up on me. Is that how Norms trains their employees? I would like a response
    Valencia Oldham
    562 324-0703

  • renee norris says:

    my name is Renee Norris I just left a prior message to this one also server number 74 at the store and Euclid at 1125 North Euclid Street in Anaheim I didn’t receive my steaks for the $40.56 I spent plus my tip but the service was wonderfulI would definitely go back to your restaurant again and definitely would have that server again he was absolutely courteous and wonderful thank you very much but I would like to have my certificate or my steaks again my number 714-317-9044 at 5345 stonehaven drive apartment 210 in Yorba Linda California 92887

  • renee norris says:

    I had lunch at your Norm store 1125 Euclid Street in Anaheim California the date was 5/29 2020 time 1853 server number 74 I spent $40.59 I was told I was supposed to receive a complimentary steak I did not receive it my name is Renee Norris phone number 714-317-9044 my address 5345 stonehaven
    drive apartment 210 Yorba Linda California 92887 I was told to call and complain about this so I can receive my steaks or certificate

  • T Ratliff says:

    Very disappointed with the service and disnt get all my meal and still paid for it..don’t go to the imperial and Crenshaw location

  • Irene Dominguez says:

    I was very disappointed with my recent visit with food this is also my 3 time being dissatisfied! My son who is disabled loves French fries and was upset with what he received I spoke with the waitress who then gave me a new batch which happen to look the same I asked to speak to a manager who then asked if I did not like crispy fried I said maybe if I ordered them but I did not order them crispy this goes beyond crispy they were disgusting! She along with the waitress thought I was just being picky but with a child with dissAbilities does not understand why his fries were hard and he spit them out this is ridiculous I say please change your oil for goodness sake! Or I will change where my family and I eat!

  • Lisa says:

    I recently applied to be a part of the Norms Family & was treated with such bigotry and discrimination. When I think of Norms in L.A j think about my childhood. I am a black Hispanic who’s fluent in Spanish and have enough experience as a server. On 3.4.2020 I had an interview for the upcoming and grand opening of the Rialto Renaissance location. I believed Norms would give my city some diversity but upon arriving the interview the restaurant was still under construction workers who pretended to not understand my Spanish although I’m fluent “I just look black”. I walked around until I found an interview trailer which I was greeted by “ARMANDO VARGAS”. 1325 w Renaissance pkwy Rialto,Ca. I noticed 2 Hispanic women who were getting hired on with no EXPERIENCE in the food industry and believed I had a chance. Mr. Armando didn’t open up about the new location or the hiring process after I asked at the end of my interview. My interview consisted of verifying my employers. Insinuating I don’t work for the restaurant I work for. Due to not enough hours I was looking for an opportunity in becoming part of the Normd family. Mr.Vargas is part of the problem in our society. When I go to a restaurant with diversity, he clearly is filled with bigotry. He can’t explain anything about the job opportunities at this grand opening but can collect my employers number to ask about my work ethics? What if I don’t want my job to be contacted about me planning on leaving? Why weren’t these Hispanics asked for their employers to be contacted. This place isn’t even open and I can tell you now “THEIR WILL BE NO DIVERSITY AT NORMS RIALTO”.

  • Denyse Leblanc says:

    Hi My Name is Denyse Leblanc.

    First i must say that English is not my native language so please forgive me for any English errors, thank you.

    I normaly frequent Norm’s restaurant on Sherma in Van Nuys CA. But today i was not able to get anything to eat because the manager Shannon Richarson would not allow me,instead she kicked me out of the restaurant. I normaly go into the restaurant with my shoping cart, so i look as if i am a homeless persone…today i use the restroom then wash my hand and arrange my head scarf, at the same time i was complimenting this beautiful Espanic woman child as to how beautiful the child was and i was proceeding on my way out of the restroom when the manager mrs Richardson tells me in a very rud manner while other guest could hear “to be on my way! ” and accused me of washing my body in the restroom. So i told mrs Richardson that i was not washing in there and i pointed to the beautiful Espanic woman that i spoke to in the restroom and ask her to tell the manager mrs Richadson, if she saw me clean my body in there, the Espanic lady told the manager that i was not taking a bath in there but the manager could careless and keeps buging me to get out of the restaurant, while i am trying to look at the menu to get some food to go. So i told her “that she is a resist bitch” and i left the restrant. Mrs Richardson should do her home work and look before she accused and kicks anyone out the restaurant. One of the worker at the restaurant told a lie to the manager that i was taking a bath while that employee had the restroom door wide open, how REDICULOUS is that. AND I WAS NOT TAKING A BATH NOR CLEANING MY BODY IN THE RESTROOM ONLY MY HANDS AFTER I USED THE RESTROOM. If i can and i could find a lawyer to represent me, I WILL SUE NORMS AND YOUR STUPID RACIST MANAGER MRS RICHARDSON, so you better pray that i can find a lawyer.

    Denyse Leblanc

  • Betty Wilson says:

    I live in the Inland Empire in Chino, California. The nearest Norms is in Claremont, California, which is a long distance from my home. I have been patronizing Norm’s for over 50 years. When I am in LA I frequent the La Cienega Norm’s. . It would be wonderful if you would open a Norm’s in Chino. We have the perfect location on Philadelphia Street. We have two locations, one was a Marie Callender’s and the other was an Olive Garden. It would be wonderful if you would come to my area. I know you are opening one in Ontario Mills, but that is also miles away from my home. . I hope to see a Norm’s in my area real soon. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Frank burns. says:

    I got kicked out because I was asking questions about the menu plus how long it was to seated.

  • Pete M Oliva says:

    I go to the Norms in Whittier CA, it’s frustrating to know the system has to reboot at 7 am and it could take up to 20 min when paying with a credit card. This happens every Sat & Sun not sure about the week days. I don’t see how a big Restaurant chain doesn’t have this fixed

  • Francie Beaman says:

    Dear Janice De Rouen,
    I am writing in rebuttal of your Norms Commercial showing a child with a hat on and walking into a wall. THAT’S NOT FUNNY!
    What are thinking? I am an educator and seeing this is offensive, child endangerment and should be removed off the air. I don’t know who your ad agency is but it obviously was approved by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

    I will not go to Norm’s until your commercial decisions make better choices.

    Francene Beaman

    I would have to report this as an educator if I saw anyone of our families doing this to a child.

  • Carla says:

    We went to norms in Huntington Beach and the app does not work it tries to open then it shuts itself off and we did not get a rewards the restaurant was saying that the other customers were complaining about that also so please fix your app so I can get my rewards

  • Bessie Coello says:

    Bessie Coello
    4 hrs ·

    Bessie Daniella
    5 hrs
    Yesterday my grandfather went to have lunch at his favorite local place NORMS Restaurants in North Torrance with my grandma and Mike. Right when he got home, he realized with complete desperation he left his hearing aid on the table. Immediately, they went back knowing it was likely in trash. But, here’s the sad and disappointing part of this story….the manager Rene P. wouldn’t allow us to search the trash. We didn’t ask the employees to search, we said we would do it. We even offered a $100 reward if anyone found it. But still, the manager was adamant about not allowing us to search for his much needed medical device. After several attempts by our family, this manager agreed to allow us to search the trash with the condition that we remove ALL of the dumpster trash OFF the property and search for it ourselves.

    What a shame. What an embarrassment. Norms prides itself in Caring and being a Friendly neighborhood place. Even their slogan is to Make Caring the Norm. Yet this experience has left an awful and distasteful memory, never to return again. Now my family has to come up with thousands of dollars to replace his medical device that he has to go without.

    My 89 year old grandfather had been a loyal customer for decades. some of the servers recognize him all the time from years of being a loyal patron. So sad to feel this hurt.

  • Frank Randazzo says:

    Nothing better then Norms!

  • Larry Brown says:

    They brought the wrong order they are out of are desserts and never offered a discount and I came on Monday for all you can eat ribs they told me the only thing that is all you can eat is fries I think you should do something about this

  • Harriett Bancroft says:

    I live in Hemet, CA. there is everything available to us here EXCEPT NORM’S! We are largely families and seniors. I have talked to a lot of people out here and everyone of them says a NORM’S would be a great addition to the community! There is a perfect location at Sanderson and Florida (Main intersection in the shopping district here) that used to be a COCO’s. All you have to do is look into it and we can have one of your fine restaurants here in Hemet!

  • Sarah Bruciaga says:

    Hello Norms, my husband and I live in Victorville Ca. We would love, love to have one your Restaurant in our area. We have allot of open land. So please come on up and make the high desert happy. Thank you. ♥️

  • Paul Durazo says:

    My wife Granddaughter and myself were at dinner at your Huntington beach location . Four people and a dog came in and were seated two booths near us. My wife and granddaughter got and waited in the car .I paid for their meals and finished mine. My wife is a Registered nurse and will not go there again. Service dogs are not allowed in hospitals.

  • >