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  • Address: 1700 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 888-282-6060
  • Email: NordstromPR@Nordstrom.com
  • Number of Employees: 74,000
  • Established: 1901
  • Founder: John W. Nordstrom & Carl F. Wallin
  • Key People: Teri Bariquit, Anne L. Bramman

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There are many benefits of wearing shoes, but there are so many people across the world who are not able to enjoy the benefit. John W. Nordstrom made it possible for millions of people to own a good pair of shoes. He started his life with just $5 in his pockets. He worked hard and earned his wages and finally with the help of Carl F. Wallin, who was a shoemaker opened a shoe store. Nordstrom is a company which started its journey from selling shoes and eventually opened different stores of clothes and accessories for men, women and children. They believe in creating an excellent customer experience for all of their customers so that they can gain loyal customers for life.

Nordstrom Headquarters Address - You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

1700 7th Ave, Seattle,

WA 98101,

United States

Phone Number - +1 888-282-6060

Email - NordstromPR@Nordstrom.com

Website - You can visit their official website for more information related to Nordstrom. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://shop.nordstrom.com/

Nordstrom Headquarters Info & Photos

Nordstrom operates through different channels including full-line and off-price stores, clearance stores and boutiques and online stores. The Nordstrom Corporate Communication is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Their other company offices are based in New York, Virginia, Georgia and California.

Nordstrom has around 74000 employees who are spread out across 9 locations.

Nordstrom management team and the board of directors have their offices at the Nordstrom Headquarters.

Nordstrom Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1700 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States


United States

1600 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2600 Seattle, WA

Nordstrom Headquarters Executive Team

Teri Bariquit

Chief Merchandising Officer

Teri Bariquit is the chief merchandising officer of Nordstrom. She is responsible for leading the full-price and off-price merchandising sectors. She has spent an important period of her career at Nordstrom and has supported the growth and improvement of the merchandising company. Some of her responsibilities include merchandise planning, inventory arrangement, providing solutions and strategies across all channels.

Anne L. Bramman

Chief Financial Officer

Anne L. Bramman joined Nordstrom as their chief financial officer on June 2, 2017. Anne has a vast amount of financial expertise and she also has a strong background to be promoted as a business leader.

Kelley Hall

CAO and Treasurer

Kelley Hall joined the team of Nordstrom on August 21, 2017 as senior vice president, chief accounting officer. Kelly can develop and manage teams, she has a great approach to manage Nordstrom’s financial work and she is also known for her leadership qualities.



Christine F. Deputy

Chief Executive Officer, Amazon Web Services

Shelley L. Reynolds

Chief Marketing Officer

Edmond Mesrobian

Chief Technology Officer

Erik B. Nordstrom


James F. Nordstrom

James F. Nordstrom

Peter E. Nordstrom


Geevy Thomas

President, Nordstrom Rack

Kenneth J. Worzel

Chief Operating Officer

Ann Munson Steines

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

About Nordstrom


The journey of Nordstrom began in the year 1887 when John W. Nordstrom left Sweden and chose to start a future in New York City.

In the year 1897, he started working hard in a gold mine in Alaska. Within two years, he changed his fortune with his hard work. He received an earnings of $13,000 from a gold-mine stake.

In 1901, he co-founded a shoe store with Carl Willin in Seattle. Carl Willin was a shoemaker whom he met in Alaska. Wallin & Nordstrom shoe store made a sale of $12.50 on their first day.

Their business continued to excel and by the year 1905, their sales expanded to $80,000. They opened their second store in 1923 in Seattle.

After a few years of successfully running the business, John Nordstrom retired and passed on his shares to his sons. After the retirement of Carl Wallin, his shares were sold to the Nordstrom sons and the name of the store was changed to Nordstrom.

By the year 1961, Nordstrom opened 8 new shoe stores and 13 leased new stores in Washington, Oregon and California. The store had around 600 employees on its payroll at that time.

In 1965 the Nordstrom brothers opened an apparel store along with their shoe store. After this, Nordstrom saw a lot of business developments and changes. The Nordstrom business was passed to the third generation.

In the new millennium, Nordstrom saw many strategic alliances. By 2014, they expanded internationally to Canada.


Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury department stores and they started their business with selling shoes.

Nordstrom provides a unique range of products including clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes.

The company has amenities like in-house cafes, restaurants and espresso bars.

A few Nordstrom stores also sell wedding and home furnishing goods.


  • The initial name of Nordstrom was Wallin & Nordstrom. The name was kept after the names of the two business partners John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. Once Wallin left the business and sold his shares to other business partners, the name was changed to Nordstrom.
  • In the era of the Great Depression in the year 1930, many stores were closed, but Nordstrom kept functioning and they managed to make sales of $250,000.
  • In the year 1988, Nordstrom had 21,000 employees and 58 stores. Even with a small manual strength, they managed to sell $2.3 billion worth of products. The company made a whopping profit of $123 million.
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  • Susan Harris says:

    My comment is about your consumer care team. I had a problem with gift cards that I was scammed into buying. I request a refund and was told no that gift cards were the same as cash. So I assume that if you purchase something with cash and you need to return the item for a refund you won’t get your money back just a store credit or gift card. No wonder Nordstroms are rich. Anyway on to my complaint about their clueless customer care ( and I use that term loosely) people. I had to deal with these folks for about a month. They tell you they will contact you with an answer within so many days but that never happens. You have to call them. I was working with their financial team and had to call them and was told that the customer care didn’t have a phone number for the financial team. That the financial team only made calls out didn’t take any incoming calls. Consequently, I never heard from the financial team again. When I had to try and get my gift cards reactivated. The customer care people told me I had to go to the store where I purchased the gift cards and have someone from the store call them and then they could activate the cards. After driving an hour one way and after the front desk manager spent over 45 minutes trying to get a straight answer from these customer care people nothing was resolved. Out of desperation when I returned to my car I phoned customer care and asked for the supervisor to got the same answer to go to the store where I brought the cards. I call two more times asking for a supervisor I finally got someone that knew what they were doing took her less than 5 minutes to reactivate my cards. It only took me a two-hour drive and 5 hours on the phone to find that one person that know what they were doing. Sorry to say I think Nordstroms leaves a lot to be desired in their customer’s so-called care department. But they keep everyone’s cash and gift cards in hopes they will never use them so no wonder they’re rich. Maybe their forefathers were generous as their story goes or maybe not. Maybe it’s a bedtime story. Anyway if you ever have to deal with Nordstrom’s customer care I wish you all the luck in the world because your going to need it.

  • Roberta Trowbridge says:

    I’ve been a customer of Nordstrom for quite a few years and now that I am relocated to California 10 years ago I have been using Nordstrom again quite regularly. However, this newest delivery company, on track, has destroyed my faith in Nordstrom. In the last week, I have had two packages stolen by this company and/or its drivers. I will have to try to buy things at Bloomingdale’s since they still use UPS or federal express. By phone, there was really no one there to help. Standard answers are given and no one really listens to what is happening.

  • Sueyoung Han says:

    I stopped by nordstrom rack at Lincoln ( Bellevue) before dinner (March 11th around 6:40pm) with my boyfriend. I wanted to try few clothes before I purchase. Walked towards fitting room . There were 2 entrances. Right and left. One of a guy at fitting room point at right entrance. After I went into, my boyfriend heard him saying ” I am sick and tired those stupid people. How would not know where is fitting room? She is so stupid” My boyfriend wanted to say something to him but he took off before he say something so, my boyfriend talked to the manager. I am so disappointed with Nordstrom. There were no sign for fitting room entrance either right or left and even if there are, I don’t think I deserve this kind of nonsense. I am a customer since 1998 but never have experienced this kind of unpleasant experience.

  • Chris says:

    I placed an order with Nordstrom on Dec 30, 2021. I order frequently for myself and to send gifts. I appreciate the free shipping and the easy return. The above mentioned purchase has been delayed and updated since Jan 5. Today is Jan. 24, 2022. I have contacted Nordstrom by phone and by chat. I have received automated response by email saying the package is still in the system and will be delivered soon. I have been shamed for using “free shipping”. I have spoken to the carrier On Trac and they are unable to locate the package. I have requested a refund and have been denied 3 times. I have never ever been treated so harshly by Nordstrom. Sadly my purchasing from Nordstrom has come to an end.

  • Mrs. Rasool says:

    Hello to everyone
    I am a customer who like to shop at Nordstrom occasionally when I really need something immediately. I really like this store. My complaint to the Corporate office who controls everything to make the customers happy. I just want justice when it’s not my fault when my order arrived I immediately noticed my ordered would not fit.
    I purchased life Stride Hailey slip-on Sneaker size 11W
    Order # 342775540
    Order Date: 01/4/2022
    I immediately called Nordstrom
    and explained everything about my shoe. I was told to take it back to the local store or ship it back for $9.95. I told the gentleman I lived in Indiana and there is no store in my town, plus
    I already paid $7.95 to be shipped to me. Please make it right for me. My foot cannot fit the shoe with the sock on or off.
    Its not fair to the loyal customers who purchased something that wasn’t exactly what they ordered.
    Its a normal size medium pair of Sneaker that I can’t wear.
    Nordstrom should stand up for what is right.
    Mrs. Rasool

  • Mark gainor says:

    Today jan. 5th 2022 i went to nordstrom rack, downtown seattle. I often shop here and have never had any incidents, but as soon as i stepped foot into the store. This , what i take it as a security guard, approaches me. I have my headphones on so i had to get my phone out to turn down my music. The 1st thing to come out of his mouth is, ” Im going to have to ask you to leave” I ask what for like any normal individual would, he says ” i dont have to disclose that information” and i say so youre just making me leave for no reason? He just kept repeating himself saying ” Im going to have to ask you to leave” and then got onto the phone and called the police. I feel highly disrepected and humilated, for this happened in front of many other customers. If this is how you treat your customers who are coming to your establishment to spend money. Then im not sure how in the world your doors stay open. I was talking to someone outside of the store while i was writing this comment and trying to send an email to corporate and he said its because you have a bookbag on. Im like youre kidding me. The reason why i have a bag on was because i had just got out of class and was making the commute home but thought id stop here to shop a little bit. Honestly though im not sure ill ever return back and anyone that i can tell this too and get not to shop here i will. This was one of the worst experiences i can say ive ever had at a retail store. I hope nordstrom can get ypur employee issues taken care of before you lose more and more customers. I hope that i can get a response or get to speak with someone in corporate so this gentleman can get a report against him or whatever is necessary.

  • Lynn Brown says:

    Just received Nordstrom Card Services form letter regarding card accounts and was sorry to see Nordstrom following the business plan of most American companies: higher APR rates, Late fee max. up to $40 and return fees up to $29. Has the collection dept. been out sourced too? Not positive info but LEGAL, And hundreds of thousands out of work… Decisions like this caused me to stop shopping with you over a year ago. I miss shopping with you, having lunch there, listening to the piano and having fall cloths altered. I miss Nordstroms.

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