Where is NordicTrack Corporate office Headquarters

NordicTrack Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1500 S 1000 W, Logan, UT 84321, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 877-993-7999
  • Fax Number: 516-791-9586
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1975
  • Founder: Edward Pauls
  • Key People: Colleen Logan

NordicTrack Headquarters Location & Directions

NordicTrack Headquarters Executive Team



Colleen Logan

Vice President of Marketing

About NordicTrack, History and Headquarters Information

NordicTrack was founded in the year 1975. The company has been active for almost 44 years now. The founder of the company was Edward Pauls. The brand is very well owned and managed by Icon Health & Fitness and is headquartered in Logan, Utah. The company has been manufacturing exercise equipment since the year 1975. The headquarters of the company is based in 1500 S 1000 W. The name of the place is Logan, while the name of the state is Utah, USA. The pin code is 84321.

NordicTrack is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of exercise equipment, to its customers in the USA. The current vice president of marketing of the company is Colleen Logan.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of exercise equipment, that are manufactured and sold by the company itself. The company is also known for its classic Nordic ski machine, low-impact exercisers, ellipticals and incline trainers as well.

NordicTrack Headquarters Photos

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  • Roberta says:

    Terrible Customer Service, on hold forever, they don’t return calls (have gone into their call back feature several times, but they never call back) and their on line chat never works. Terrible experience. Want to purchase a S22i cycle, but am seriously having second thoughts if this is how they operate. Don’t quite know how they have been in business since 1975 with this type of Customer Service.

  • Robert Azinger says:

    Got wonderful commercial spinning bike s15i. Within 4 weeks the main controller is not working. Tried to get a new one, none in stock. Back ordered. Is anybody in higher position doing anything about this? I’m reading a lot about customer service issues. I would have recommended this bike to many but as of now I would recommend to no one. Based on customer service and electronics broken in less than a month.

  • Andrea says:

    Worst customer service ever. Debbie the Supervisor in returns in useless. I received a broken bike and was told that I am responsible for the shipping charge. Refund was provided for bike but not shipping. How do you run a company with such ridiculous rules. Buyer BEWARE!!

  • James Bello says:

    Worst experience with a company in a long time. Ordered my exercise bike, it came and during assembly has 2 parts that needed to be shipped because original ones were broken. New parts came and one of the new parts was broken again. I have had the bike for a week and a half and still can’t use it. Called to start the return process and was told I had to pay a $250 return feel plus a 10% restocking fee. So essentially read the fine print. The return policy is not free and you do not get a full refund. I highly encourage everyone to read the fine print before you order and shop around.

  • Richard Rivera says:

    This is the worst customer service ever, how does the company vice president or ceo not know this or if they do why do they nothing about this. I see y there is no email or direct number to these people. I have been directing my friends and family to peloton for bikes, because of the horrible customer service. Please someone contact me so i can get my new bjke fix. I only had it for 5 days.

  • Robert says:

    COMMERICAL treadmill.broken in less than 5 weeks. Customers service unacceptable for such a large well known company

  • Meredith says:

    THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I can’t reach anyone and every time I receive a call back they disconnect me!! I’m so sorry I ordered from this company!!!

  • loura says:

    i bought two equipment should i cancel or not they are horrible on customer service

  • loura says:

    I need help been on the phone for hours and nobody answer the phone

  • Tracie Kernan says:

    Would Never order from you ever again!!!! I ordered a bike on November 29. And paid extra for the white glove delivery which was a huge mistake. Your team says that they pass it off to XPO logistics on Dec 20th. XPO Logistics is telling me they have no delivery dates available until after the first of the year. Do you realize that that’s six weeks to get delivery. Do you have any idea what terrible chat service this is. And do you guys realize how painful it has been dealing with XPO Logistics???? They are terrible. I would never recommend to any of my friends or family to buy anything from you. They will see my bike in my home and I am going to let them know what a complete nightmare it has been trying to get a bike from you guys. This has been the worst shopping experience I have ever had in my entire life. A complete nightmare!! An people are paying you extra money so XPO Logistics can hold out product 2 to 3 weeks after they receive it. And you think this is just ok???? It sucks on a customer service level. Would never recommend to anyone to buy from you!!!! Nordictrac is been a NIGHTMARE buying from you.

  • William Weller says:

    Bought a rower beginning of October, 2019. It hasn’t worked properly since day 1, but didn’t realize it until after a month since my wife nor I tried a different resistance level until we thought we were ready to advance. Well, resistance isn’t working, and it’s been over a month since the issue was reported, and it still hasn’t been fixed – 2 different parts on back order which have now since arrived and been delivered, but the Service Technician(s) won’t return texts or calls to setup appointment to fix. Customer service is the WORST I’ve EVER experienced! Called twice. Spent 30 min and 45 min respectively ON HOLD! UNACCEPTABLE! Was never told parts were on back order. After 11 days waiting for the first part, I called, and guess what, it was miraculously in stock, and they sent it out. It arrived 3 days later without any instructions on how to install. I was told it would be easy, but without instructions………SURE! After spending the 45 min waiting to be helped again, I was told I should have been offered help from a Service Technician, and that another part might be needed in order to fix, and that they’d send the part out immediately. Well, again the part was on back order, and again, I wasn’t informed until I contacted customer service AGAIN! TOTAL CRAP!! Now, I FINALLY have all the parts suggested for fix, and the Service Tech won’t return texts or calls. UNREAL! THE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD WITH ANY COMPANY EVER!!!!! It’s obviously a lemon, yet they won’t replace, and was told that if I wanted to return it, it would be $250 for shipping, plus a re-stocking fee! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! IS THIS REALLY HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS??!! OBVIOUSLY NOT INTERESTED IN KEEPING YOUR CUSTOMER BASE! TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INDIFFERENCE!

  • Wenceslao Santiago says:

    Hello I purchased a commercial incline trainer in 2017 for $ over $1,700.00 I am a Disable veteran and to me that’s a lot of money. Just so you know I suffer from cranic PTSD and cannot be around people so I exercise at home and running relaxes my mind which is a good thing for people that suffer my mental illness.
    Well my incline was not working I called to have it repaired it all went well the parts came quickly the tech called and was very nice. During his inspection of the machine once we turned it on its side he noticed a line in the metal frame. He got his flashlight and found out that it was a crack around the frame bar which id warranty for life and would call for a replacement of the machine. So he did not want to waste the new part and did not put it on and told me not to use it. I waited a week to get a call and nothing so I call customer service the lady told me the picture taken of the bottom of the machine showed water spots and some rust. And that the top was very dust and did not look well maintained and that voided the warranty and therefore I would not get a new machine or any additional repairs. I challenged her and talked to over six people and all they did was read the notes she wrote and not make a management decision. I ask that my machine be replace I will forfeit any and all warranty that would come with the new matching. I am registered under [email protected] Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you as I did write you last week and did not get a response.
    Although I have a picture of my Treadmil these people will refuse to let me send it to them, when I ask who I need to talk to for mediation to prove they are wrong they hang up the phone. Althogh this is the next step in the process they will not honor the process. There form of justice is what they determine one picture. My Treadmill can be put next to a new machine and you can tell it’s used by the wear on the belt. these people are not people people. Only whaen they are trying to make a sale do they really put on the charm. After that just read what everyone is posting.

  • Eddie T. says:

    Really hope Colleen Logan/ Vice President of Marketing really reads these complaints. So she can see what kind of product she represents! I purchased the Nordic Track s22i Studio Cycle back in August of 2019, It is November 10, 2019 and I have been able to ride this bike for two weeks (2) since I received it at my home. I called customer service (if that is what you want to call it) and told them the things that was happening with the cycle. No RPM read out on the screen, no resistance on the screen or in the pedals, incline not working. They send me a new incline motor and said this was the fix. Not to mention I had to change it myself. Changed it; still no resolve. Called customer service back and the they proceeded to tell me that the problem was a pinched wire from when the installers installed it. Then they sent me a new wiring harness and said they were for sure that this would be the fix. I also changed that and still the same problems. So I am back on the phone with yes again customer service. This time I am told there is a problem with the motherboard and that a note has been in the file since the first day I called that there was a recall on this part. So now I am waiting on a part that is on back order and no one can tell me when it will be in stock. I am really frustrated at this point; I PAID OVER $2,000.00 for this product that is supposed to be highly reputable. That’s a crock. I asked about replacing the bike and was told fees would be involved. REALLY! All I ask is for Nordic Track to do the right thing and stop giving me the run around.

  • Wenceslao Santiago says:

    I was having a proving with the incline returning to a level position for over two monuths. Called to get it repaired the Tech that came noticed the cracked frame did not do the repair do to the cracked frame which automactically would cause for a replacement macine base on lifetime warranty. I asked if I could dust it off he siad don’t worry it’s not a big deal. However due to the dust and what they say was a spot of rust on the bottom of the machine they voilded the warrenty and I got nothing no repairs nothing. … As a disabled combat Army veteran I suffer from injuries I got during a patrol in Iran as a US Army Ranger. I use my tradmill because I cannot be around large amounts of people. Nordictrackwas an excellent solution for me and helped me in my treatment. When I called for repairs the tech found a crack on the fram and said Nordictrack would replace the machine with its lifetime warranty. he took picturs of the cracked frame and the said I failed to maintain the machine saw rust on the bottom of the machine and therefore voilded my warranty. I ask for an exception to this policy and they replace the treadmill. I have proudly given ** years of my life to protect the freedom of the US citizens gotten shoot four four time and on this last engagement drove over and IED which was the one that incapacitated me or else I would still be out there with out hesistation. I hate to say this and I don’t beg but have compation and a little pride on what the people in the military suffer without a wimper and for this one time do the right thing and replace the machine. I will sign a document which would obsolve you of any further warranty. Show you care and that you support those that protect you.
    The machine is used in my secound beroom so I can watch TV during my use of the Tradmill. I moved it with some friends to the garage so the tech would have room to work with the machine which was under the machine. while it sat there it got dusty. with the dust they said I was not maintaing the machine I asked how could dust impede the fuction of the machine. do cars that get muddy stop working?
    Simply live up to the warranty and if you feel I am a liabelity. I will sign a waiver to forgo and future warrenty or repairs.
    I paid in full I maintain the machine as if were new thats what we are thought in the military and that’s what I do. I recommed this company to all that want to start to lose wight and an at home exercise regiment.
    I called everyone including the corporate office, I never once low my temper I know that would not accomplish anything. The higher I went I would of expected that person like in any company would have the authority to make an exception. all I got was a broken record. These are expexpensive machine almost like buying a used car. I lve on a very low fixed income the one I purchase I recived donations from friends and the VA thats the only way I was able to get that treadmill. No one seemed to care or have the time to point me in the right direction to the person that can make that call. I write only to get no respose. I have made a BBB compliant perhaps I may get a resolution that way but from what I have seen they stick to there guns and customer satisfasctions doe’st seem to be a commetment to them. How sad for all of us.

  • BADomingue says:

    took so long to get my item I actually started a dispute with credit card company. Then finally received elliptical and now they are wanting to send freight company to get it back because I filed a dispute. They did not refund my money, but requested another credit card to charge “because I have an open dispute” on the first one. They did not refund my money on the first one so why would I give them another one. They have not responded to the credit card dispute. I told them I would not let anyone in my home to take it back. So now they are threatening to cancel my warranty. They have not refunded me, and I actually wanted the unit, so I would like to keep it. And they refuse to speak to me over the phone. Everything through email “so they can have a paper trail.”

  • David says:

    Undoubtedly the worst company out there. If NORDIC Track is a fortune 500 company – they should be taken off the list. My friend spent close to $2000 for a treadmill and after delay she cant get it delivered. Major problems in that area. Not very good for a company that is suppose to have a good reputation.

    • Suzanne says:

      Same here!! Their customer service is the only way to get your heartrate up!

      • Gail Frantz says:

        Hi Suzanne,
        Our VR25 Exercise Bike ($1700) arrived, was assembled in 2 hours – I used it for 3 minutes and a pedal fell off. Have been on the phone & on-line for the 3 days since then. Fortunately we’ve had three extraordinary employees who actually seem eager to solve our problems. Lovely crew. If only the corporate part of the company could produce that willingness to serve.
        Gail – MD

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