Where is Noodles & Company Corporate office Headquarters

Noodles & Company Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 520 Zang St, Broomfield, CO 80021, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 720-214-1900

  • Fax Number: (616) 743-5998

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 7000

  • Established: 1995

  • Founder: Aaron Kennedy

  • Key People: Dave Boennighausen

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Noodles & Company Headquarters Executive Team



Dave Boennighausen

CEO & Director

Paul J. B. Murphy III

Executive Chairman

Thomas Brad West

Executive Vice President of Operations

Charles Hermann

Chief Brand Officer

About Noodles & Company, History and Headquarters Information

Noodles & Company was founded in the year 1995. The company has been active for almost 24 years now. The founder of the company was Aaron Kennedy. The company went public in the year 2013 and had also recorded a $457 million revenue in the year 2017 as well. During the year 2018, there were about 460 Noodles & Company locations across 29 states in the USA, including Washington, DC, as well. The headquarters of the company is based on 520 Zang Street. The name of the place is Broomfield, while the name of the state is Colorado, USA. The pin code is 80021.

Noodles & Company is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers in the USA. The company currently has its presence across 410 locations in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Dave Boennighausen. As of the year 2012, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $450 million. Also, the number of employees currently working in the company is more than 7000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced and served by the company itself. The company offers international and American noodle dishes and pasta in addition to as well as soups and salads too.

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  • Natasha younger says:

    I’m a former employee at the Danville va location was fired because of my face made ever excuse in the book to fire me when I did nothing wrong called corporate nothing happened before all this is over I’m suing them for it because it was wrong!!! They fired all the black employees

  • Zee says:

    Worst $24.00 I ever spent chicken was dry and very salty was not made from scratch or made with love . If you do things half assed it’s gonna taste half assed and guess what this is my very first time in you establishment , was not impressed at all . If this is not a corp fault, then you need to check your Normal Illinois outlet . I don’t want money or food but just thought I would give you a heads up.

  • Unsatisfied Customer says:


    Appleton Location on Calment is HORRIBLE!!!
    The General Manager Tyla is MEAN, RUDE, YELLS AT EMPLOYEES!

    The store is not staffed properly, and it does not run properly!

    Many people have witnessed it too many times, and WE ARE FED UP WITH IT!

    Stores like this run better without a General Manager than having one that belittles the crew constantly yelling at them. Today was TOP of the iceberg when I saw your so called “general manager” outside yelling at another employee!

    This manager needs to be re-assigned to another location!

    You need an undercover boss in this location YESTERDAY!

  • Clarissa Guerrero says:

    Got hired for the company and Kira the manager there told me I was met a good fit which I was expecting to start on Wednesday like she said and messaged me this morning saying she’s going to find someone else after she just hired me last wk and had orientation yesterday and woke up this morning with her Message saying she going to find someone else that I wasn’t a good fit after she just gave me a schedule to start on Wednesday next week and gave me a shirt so I was prepared for it until this morning she basically couldn’t work with my schedule when I have a baby and a wife that works after I had told her I could work around it and that it’ll be fine and she still argues with me with attitude saying I couldn’t be good for the position!. This is the nampa Idaho location

  • Dan T. says:

    I have had several large catering orders from your Beloit store…usually around $350. The store manager, Faith, does an exceptional job. The order is always correct, always ready on time and Faith is happy to make accommodations if needed. She is a true professional and is a big reason why I will continue to do business with the Beloit Store. Please recognize her if possible. Thank you, Dan

  • Megan Morrow says:

    My food wasn’t delivered. I would like compensation and to receive my delivery as soon as possible. I ordered from the store in Cary NC at Crossroads.

  • N/A says:

    mishiwaka indiana store 512 they treat their employees horribly, im a former employee there lots of little kid highschool drama.

  • Sherita Fuller says:

    I was discriminated against because of my disability& illness plus allergies. I didn’t me want to drink a Coke from plastic bottle because it flares up my muscles to the point I have to go to the hospital with gout all
    Over my body! I just passed out from pain a few days finding out the hard way Coke flare me up to the point I had to go on oxygen. Then I was coming back from physical therapy before I decided to stop in for a place I frequent 10 times or more a month! the manger was so rude she made me feel worse than dirt! Her assistant manger stood up on the booth to contain her manger who was out of control because I had to explain to her what the website showed me I even went on the phone to show her whew I paid more she didn’t care! I even explained I have Chronic pain syndrome she still didn’t care! She didn’t care that I didn’t contract out with the website or build it to not Mexican Coke a choice and I had to pay a higher price online then in store & I even put In description what I wanted I did all that only for her to treat me horrible! So when I got mad she acted like I was out of line when is the customerNot right when they tell you they have epi pen from The stuff they are allergic to never again will any place treat me like that!

  • Trisha Lavery says:

    I went into one of your establishments today for dinner for carry out. None of your employees asked if there were any allergies that they need to be aware of before they make any of the food I ordered three cheese tortellini with pesto sauce. Not knowing that there were mushrooms in this dish I took the order to go home started eating it and my throat started to get tight. I then looked around in my food and realize there were mushrooms in this dish. I called the store with no resolution I should add that I am highly allergic to mushrooms. I would like a resolution to the situation immediately.

  • Concerned citizen says:

    Employees are slandering former employees who left on good terms at one in scheriville indiana. Stopping them from getting jobs elsewhere

  • Corey Moser says:

    Went to your W.Wendover store in Greensboro NC today at 12:09 pm and the doors were locked.
    When I called the store I was told they had a large catering order and would open later in the day.
    No sign on the door informing customers they were not open during normal business hours.
    9 customers left while I was there pissed off.
    Lost customer forever.

    Corey Moser

  • Mia says:

    It is apalling that the bathrooms have a sign displaying a woman, a man and a half man/half woman on the sign. How to you explain this to a 9-year-old little girl?! You should be ashamed of yourselves for endorsing. No soap in the bathroom and absolutely slow service and rude store manager when he was told I received the incorrect order after we waited thirty minutes just to receive the wrong food! Jaden was an excellent employee who was treated very disrespectful by manager Dominic Anderson on Sunday November 6, 2022. Greenville, NC

  • Vanessa says:

    Disgusting food they served. Burnt chicken and rotten apples for my child’s meal. After a long day and wanted take out and this is how they serve their customers. When you contact the manager they just don’t care. Could be a good place to eat, but it’s always the management and the crappy employees that can destroy any good quality or how good the food could be. Very disappointed and I will not be visiting the location on south 27th street Milwaukee because it’s just run down..

  • Gigi Ramirez says:

    Hello, what is going on with your location in Shorewood Il? Can go into location to order food, can’t order for pick up, for weeks now. Thank you

  • Kelli g says:

    My daughter worked at the wisconsin dells wi located a couple of times they called her told her not to come in and cut her hours called her unreliable and the manager is rude

  • Mark Smith says:

    Went to noodles and Company Indianapolis Indiana near the IUPUI campus in order chicken noodle soup I was given a bowl full of juice maybe five noodles and one piece of chicken I took it back to the register when I explain what happened the guy who made it was back there smirking and laughing and the manager didn’t do anything about it

  • Matt Stimson says:

    What sense does it make to have a restaurant location that you can eat at but have to order online. They won’t take a walk in order. This location is Menomonee Falls Wisconsin.

  • Dale A. Harris says:

    Serious!! Ordered a side a mac and cheese for 95 yo Dad….maybe 4 tsp in each container.. .cant attach pic….cant contact corporate via email….imagine that ….was ripped off for sure!

  • No Name says:

    I swear to GOD if I ever encounter the type of RACIST behavior that I did today, I will sue this chain out of existence.

    So I went to the store in Coon Rapids at 3479 River Rapids Dr. at about ten minutes to 8 to get something. I was waiting at the counter to give my order. Now, I’m a white male and I’m not entitled or anything but this is what happened. The female African American employee behind the counter completely ignored me. When an African American male walked into the restaurant after me, the little twerp decided to serve him first! She did that even though I had been waiting at the counter before him.

    Now, it is true that I did not have to wait long but this is the very definition of racist behavior and your very UNPROFESSIONAL customer service employee NEEDS to be RETRAINED immediately. At the very least, this employee needs to be reprimanded. If I were her manager, I would have fired her on the spot for her blatantly racist behavior. If she EVER does it again, you need to tell her to “pound the pavement” looking for another job!

  • Michele Imes says:

    Reference online order: 12378880654622722.
    Good Afternoon,

    I was just at your store in Downtown Denver and ordered via your website. I picked up my order and when I returned to the office, I was disappointed.

    The order was Penne Rosa. I had over cooked noodles to the point they were mush, 2 pieces of spinach a couple small pieces of tomato, no mushrooms and over cooked parmesan crusted chicken to the point the exterior breading was burnt (almost black) and a very minimal portion of chicken that I usually get from the Thornton and Westminster stores.

    I used points for the protein (parmesan-crusted chicken).

    I have ordered from other stores before and never has my order been so awful.

    I just started working downtown and the Noodles is a block from my office. My disappointment is based on other stores in the region that I have went to and have always had good food and great service. Very disappointed in this location.

  • Steven Rajski says:

    My comment about the cleanliness of the Glenview, IL location, to be more specific, is at The Glen.

  • Steven Rajski says:

    The location in Glenview, IL has a bathroom in deplorable condition. I used the bathroom before I ordered my meal and lost my appetite. The urinal was gross. The bathroom smelled of stale urine. It was not clean at all. The cleanliness of the entire restaurant was poor. The manager needs to be responsible for ensuring that the facility is spotless. This issue needs immediate attention.

  • Sharon f says:

    Your shift manager kristy/crystal refused to replace the portion of our order that was missing. She said we could only come back to pick it up right now, when I informed her that would mean replacing the order of the person who needed to leave their meal to come get it she told me that’s not her problem…come back now or nothing . Now three peoples meals are ruined having your shift manager scream rather than letting us resolve the issue for the future….none of us ate our food as a result of your manager behavior $30-40 ….down the drain,

  • John Toth says:

    Rude. Insensitive when called for info,person was yelling to someone when talking to me hung up on me, went to other restaurant for dinner,

  • Barbi Christopher says:

    I have been working for Noodles & Company for a little over 3 years now and I love it here!! We are like one big family🫶🏻 I wouldn’t work anywhere else

  • Paul Richard Freeman says:

    I would like to see one of your restaurants opened in the Salem/Keizer, Oregon area. I’m aware of some locations in the Keizer Station that are available for lease, one is right next door from Round Table Pizza and is right across the intersection from a German style restaurant. Please consider placing one here or some other available location in Salem/Keizer area

  • Kirsten Randolph says:

    Why do you add a tip to orders? Sounds very unprofessional.

  • Gary Schmitt says:

    I would be extremely concerned that a company would resort to discrimination against police in Virginia unless you want a organized boycott by us who support the police

  • Tokarra agnew says:

    The 512 store in Mishawaka Indiana has equipment problems and wants to over work its employees by making us cook in 100+ degrees and don’t want to fix the air conditioner .

  • JULIE L HIBNES says:

    This by far, had to be the worst food my family has had in years. We spent SO much money on this and had high hopes. NO flavor. At all. Elbow noodles with a handful of shredded cheese dropped on top. Another noodle dish looked like soup, like 1/2 cup of literal water sitting in it. There was not enough salt in the house to make this stuff edible. Nothing was labeled. Which one was gluten free? Guess we’ll find out when my celiac kid gets sick. OH and the best? My daughter had a long black hair in hers. I will never recommend this to anyone. Disappointment isn’t a strong enough word. Disgusted.

  • La says:

    You obviously did not train the lake geneva wi store correctly on cooking

  • Dick Waldbauer says:

    I ate at the Knoxville,TN, Parkside Rd restaurant last night. I observed the prep area floor littered with food and plenty of scrap paper and employees just walking over the mess. Horrible!! I said to an employee that this was unacceptable to customers. He said they would clean it up at their shift end!!!

  • Annie Blake says:

    Location Englewood has declined in customer service. Out of alot of items. employees don’t seem to care about any customer service. Very disappointed in how Noodle and Company’s customer service has declined in the past couple of years. Mac has such little amount of cheese sauce its dry

  • Annie Blake says:

    I am sad to see the decline of Noodles & Company. Poor customer service. lack of product.

  • Lynn Irvine says:

    I enjoy your Mediterranean salad. I have gotten it from different locations and the dressing is either a quarter, half full or completely full.(2 containers) So please tell me how full should it be? A quarter full or even half full barely coats the salad.

  • B Sparks says:

    Excerpt from email sent to nonreponse email address titled: Warm wishes and my sincerest gratitude to you and yours. Dear Dave,
    A personal note from a customer and public announcement, once again.
    The way I have been treated by ONE of your locations will have me and MINE (just my
    Church email list is 10,000) boycotting all NOODLES. The manager at your Applewood location,
    32nd and Youngfield, has been rude about rude employees for the LAST TIME!!!!!!
    I have been going to Noodles about once a week for some time, your menu is unique. This
    location has had me walking out emptyhanded many times and this is the last straw. Social
    media makes it easy to let the neighborhood know about this and I am not the only one who
    will never let another penny go to this place. Disgraceful!! and Shameful.
    Unfortunately, one person, excuse me, many, many who have obviously been trained to ignore
    customers, reflects on the whole corporation.
    B Sparks

  • Ashley says:

    I recently worked at noodles & company in college park i was the only black worker there i felt as though they were being unfair the manager told me this wasn’t my home when i was drinking water then another manager looked in my bathroom stall its a mess

  • Jennifer says:

    Why are your employees not wearing masks or gloves?

  • Ben c says:

    My wife and I went to your Citrus Heights location in November Black Friday and left because you don’t have the cheesy garlic bread. Thinking it was a temporary shortage we went again today 12-12-21 and were told that you discontinued the cheesy garlic bread

    I guess there is really no reason for you to have spaghetti and meatballs if you don’t have the cheesy garlic bread

    I guess your company no longer wants our business

  • Joan Goldfield says:

    My husband and I went to the Leesburg va noodles and company this week and and was very disappointed that you don’t have the garlic bread anymore. We will not go back until you serve the garlic bread.

  • Julia says:

    I visited the rolling Meadows, IL store tonight to get dinner due to a last minute change in our day. Due to allergies we are unable to just go to any restaurant. I respected distancing while I waited, and when I got to counter, I was told I needed a mask. I respectfully stated I have an exemption. He chuckled and said “for a mask?” I told him yes from my doctor. He refused me service and I left. I will not be frequenting this company again and I will be sure to let others know who have medical issues and allergies to not bother because their medical rights will not be honored.

  • Don says:

    Online menu does not allow ordering of spaghetti and meatballs! Menu says you MUST check one in the meat section, but meatballs are not one of the choices. Since the title includes meatballs, it looks like I have to check NONE if I just want meatballs and no other meat. I did this, got only spaghetti. Northville, MI store did not know how to order it online, said I had to call in the order! Weird! Fix the online menu, please.

  • Debra H says:

    I went to three different Noodles companies here in Wisconsin and I can’t believe how NASTY the employees are. They put theirs fingers inside the cups, containers, lids without any gloves on. They handle money, curbside and bagging the food without sanitizing their hands.🤮 I asked them not to put their fingers in my food taking it off the container. Yes…don’t put your finger in my food or drink. I will NEVER visit a Noodles and Company again.

  • Jenni Tremaine says:

    I went to Noodles in Greenfield, WI because I am a member and today I would get 20% off. I had to order online. I couldn’t order at the counter.

  • Jennie Gulden says:

    I just went to your restaurant in Lancaster Pa less than an hour ago. I ordered 2 entrees and 2 drinks to go. I had to ask for a drink carrier. It took your staff 4 attempts til they finally opened a carrier for me…well, when I went to lift the carrier out of my car, the bottom fell out of the carrier and both sodas fell out and all over the place. So we were left with no drinks to have with the buffalo Mac and cheese. I did call the restaurant and right away I was told there was nothing they could do for me

  • Angelo Zanassi says:

    We live by the Leesburg VA. location located on Village Market Blvd. We used to eat there when we first moved to the area,but after walking to the parking lot behind store we will never go there again. On multiple occasions we have noticed piles of trash behind the store after closing, they sweep the wet goo out the back door to stink up the area and let dry, the back door is covered in black Grease or something, not to mention the customer service is crap. I would have to guess the management there is terrible to allow such disregard not only for their place of employment and customers,but the residents whom live in the apartments adjacent to this location.

  • Patti says:

    On Sunday, August 15, I placed a take out order at the Longmont, Hover store for Alfredo MontAmore. The item was to include spinach and tomatoes. There were two small pieces of spinach and the equivalent of two cherry tomatoes. The meal was also very dry. This has been my experience the last 2 times I’ve ordered and this was the last time I will eat from Noodles.

    The store was understaffed, seemed chaotic, and the wait was almost 30 minutes.

  • Andy says:

    Noodles now adding a default 20% tip to mobile orders that the Customer picks up. You should not default a mobile tip at all. Change back to nothing and pay your employees more. It’s fast casual and fine to leave a tip jar but don’t be adding tips automatically by default…not right Noodles….very annoying.

  • Kim Melfa says:

    Between June 15-30, 2020 my husband and I entered the store for carry out and witnessed the temperature in the restaurant was not very very warm and uncomfortable. We were in there about 10 minutes and my husband couldn’t stay. While I waited I noticed no air movement, no cool air movement, employees sweating. With the required masks making it even more a pitiful sight. I was very concerned for the employees working under these conditions. In spite of the working conditions the employees I observed them working hard fulfilling orders. I’ve come to learn that there are restaurant standards that are not being upheld. Please, I urge you to look into the conditions at this restaurant as the hot summer is upon us. I love your food but don’t appreciate the conditions these employees must work under.

    Restaurant sight: 5350 Campbell Blvd. Baltimore MD 21236

    OSHA indoor air quality standard
    OSHA heat illness standard

  • Customer 6/30/20 says:

    I see on this (corporate) website that masks on employees & plexiglass between customers & staff is instituted with Covid by Noodles Corp. Picked up an order in Appleton yesterday, and 2 cooks without masks, and 0 plexiglass. COOKS without masks during a pandemic?. The plexiglass isn’t a deal breaker for me, but your website makes it clear it was implemented (and wasn’t in Appleton). Are masks on cooks a personal choice for employees? I tried calling your corporate customer service but it’s closed & not taking messages. Thank you.

  • Chiffon Easley says:

    I placed an order at your South bend,IN location on Mishawaka Ave this Friday (6/19/20) at 7:15pm. they received my credit card number and charged it but when my husband and son was there to picked it up there was no order but money was charged. I am very disappointed because I purchase noodles almost every other on my lunch. I am emailing because you had a faithful customer and I felt you were a trustworthy establishment during this pandemic I am at lost for words I will be disputing this charge of 29.69 with my bank.

  • Kelly Fagan (Conroy) says:

    As of a few months ago, after a coworker of mine mentioned getting Noodles and Company for lunch, I’ve been ordering from this location a lot. Not only from one address, but from 3, while at my apartment, at my mom’s, or at home. I’ve never had a bad experience until tonight, and I’m actually stunned that it happened. I ordered food, the same way I always do on their website, and it came incorrectly. I ordered food without chicken, and it came with it. I also requested extra cheese, the same way I always do and receive it, and it didn’t come. No big deal right, mistakes happen. I simply called the restaurant and spoke to the General Manager, Nikita (spelling?). I requested that I get the right order sent to me, and explained that I’ve been a loyal customer for some time now, ordering food for three different places. The way I was spoken to is stunning to say the least. I was talked over the entire time, was told to bring the food back to the restaurant (even though I ordered delivery), and honestly was spoken to like I was garbage who was taking up her time. She even said, what do you want, I’m busy right now, and hung up on me! I explained to her that I’m a General Manger somewhere myself, and would never speak to a customer this way, and got told “Good for you.” I can’t believe this happened, especially in a time like this where gaining and keeping customers should be this restaurants upmost priority.

  • Patti Diaz says:

    Please look to putting a Noodles & Co in Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. There are other choices in the area which is where I work. However, I would like to have Noodles & Co over any of them. This is a huge industrial area and I am sure you would profit from a store in this location.

    Thank you,

  • Kris says:

    I had the worst experience at store #239, I frequent this location a lot. I always place the same order every time I go Penne Rosa NO MUSHROOMS!!!! extra parm chicken & extra Rosa Sauce on the side. My order is rarely messed up but today they happened to put mushrooms inside my order. I am ALLERGIC to MUSHROOMS, so I called store #239 (Milwaukee, WI Miller Park Location) so that I can speak with a manager about my order, hoping that we could resolve the issue. But instead the manager on duty was no help. Additionally she felt the need to point out that she wasn’t on duty at the time of my purchase so she would not give a name of who I was speaking with, but would gladly give me the name of two other managers who may have been on duty. My issue with this entire situation is the fact that I stopped in before work to place my order. I was very vocal with the cashier by letting him know that I wanted no mushrooms in my order. After I received my receipt I again stopped a cashier that was walking past me and pointed out that I did not notice on my invoice NO MUSHROOMS on my order I was told that all changes made to a order may not show on this receipt but that she would let staff know again that there should be none inside the dish. I get to work to find out that my order was wrong and after speaking with the manager she would not fix or make things right unless I came back to the store with my order that had the MUSHROOMS in it. I specifically made the manager the aware of the fact that I was still at work and it would be impossible for me to come back tonight because I don’t get off work until 11pm. I would not be able to make it back to the store tomorrow because I will be traveling out of town tonight. I do not wish to have a refund or my order replaced. I just ask that when you as a corporation hire and train managers, please remind them to service the customers appropriately. I definitely feel like the manager I spoke with was not ready to be placed inside a position of management. In my personal opinion if I hadn’t noticed the mushrooms before I took a bite of my order I could have potential had an ALLERGIC Reaction while at work. This is highly unacceptable!!

    • Brie says:

      I know your comment was about a couple years ago, I’ve had issues with allergy stuff here too. But yesterday they messed up on mushroom allergies big time. Yesterday we got dinner, checked ingredients list in store and on line, verified the dish I was ordering had no mushroom or mushroom product due to a severe mushroom allergy with employee. Was reassured that it was not an ingredient in my dish and would not be any in my order. Felt decent about that and didn’t notice any right off just opening it and digging in. Soon after eating however, I got hives all over, chest tightened up, throat was swelling, stomach hurt, etc the whole 9 yards. I inspect my foot further at the bottom and side was thinly sliced mushrooms and pieces. Checked their lists again to ensure myself and other family didn’t miss it and verified yet again that it was not listed as an ingredient for my dish. The reaction got worse. It took 2 doses of Epi and a handful of medications at home to stabilize me long enough to get to an emergency room. Where I was given further IV fluids, IV and Oral Steroids amoung other meds and treatments. Luckily because I acted so fast and did everything I could quickly to start it working and then seeking care, I was able to avoid having to be intubated and placed in ICU. Not to mention I have heart issues so avoiding having to take epi is even bigger of a deal for me. I am absolutely pissed off. Guest services at Corporate isn’t taking calls and requires written communication to discuss any issue. I left a message with an operator there so we will see how they react. This wasn’t the first allergy or basic food safety issue but encouraged retraining with local manager and corrections to be made previously but it is very apparent that did not do any good. Prime example that we as customers can do everything in our power and be proactive about this stuff to avoid issues and it still not be enough… But this has reached a whole new level for me and moving forward. Gonna be sharing my story from the rooftops no doubt. We will see how upper management is to deal with this I guess. So very sorry to hear you had similar issues! Never fun and it shouldn’t be such a big battle to get food safe to eat.

  • Kaylyn Wilson says:

    To whom it may concern;
    My name is Kaylyn Wilson. I live in Utah. I love noodles and company. I went in a week from this last Thursday. My order was completely made wrong. I was going 3 towns away. When I got to destination it was wrong. I called the manager on shift asked me for my email to send me some ” bowl coupons ” Its now a week past a week and there is nothing in my email to replace it! Spending $24.00 and not getting this taken care of.
    I don’t feel its my obligation to contact them to get this taken care of.
    Thank you
    Kaylyn Wilson

  • Cynthia Dybas says:

    I have been going to Noodle SanTan for awhile and never had a bad meal till today. I ordered the Japanese Pan Noodle with steak. My meal could not be made with Pan noodles because they were frozen so they used other Asian noodles. My meal was covered with whole pieces o cilantro with stem and there was so much cilantro you could not see the meal. Once I removed the cilantro there was 5 pieces of steak and two tiny tiny pieces of broccoli. There were no or black seeds carrots or mushrooms. The noodles were dry as there was hardly any sauce. I took a picture so you can see what I paid $9.50 for a few noodles and a whole lot of cilantro.

  • William Lewis says:

    Sorry to say that myself and my girlfriend stopped in for lunch at noodles in farragut TN. We are both in our 70’s and both widowed. It was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit rain and snow mixed. Upon entering your restaurant we both noticed it was cold in the restaurant. I said cold not cool. We almost walked out than but decided to give it a try anyway. The girl that took our order talked so fast that we had a hard time understanding her and had to ask her to repeat several times. Anyway we decided on Chicken Noodle Soup and Cheese Toast and 2 diet sodas. I commented to my girlfriend that $25 sounded a little high to me but we were cold and hungry and just wanted to eat. Then we noticed electric 110 volt heaters placed around the restaurant. As cold as it was we sat near as we could to one of the heaters. We noticed there was about 3 other couples and all couples were sitting as close to the heaters and no one had taken off their over coats or hats. Not my idea of a good restaurant and very discouraging to comeback again. Just to let you know I have rarely sent complaints like this one. I’d much rather be sending you a compliment. Bill Lewis.

  • James says:

    How does an employee get sent home for doing his job

  • James says:

    I do not appreciate working for this company and the only one doing my job, while others are talking, and not handling the customers none of your managers other than me do anything right. And I have personally been going through dramatic times with my fiance because of these employees.

  • Steve Vogels says:

    I was very disappointed with my meal, I ordered the Penne Rosa with Parmesan Crusted Chicken only to find out there’s NO chicken all all!!! I was unhappy and doubtful I’ll return.

  • Doug says:

    How is it that a company does not reimburse for milage when a manager sends an employee to other stores for supplies?
    This is happening on a weekly basis in the Grafton, WI location.

  • Carrie says:

    As much as our family loves Noodles & Company, it is very appetizing when you see employee preparing your food and not using gloves. The girl who took our take-out order way ringing up customers and then preparing food and serving the food to the seated customers without using gloves. I know that is a health code violation. Noodles & Company headquarters, I would love to tell you which location this was at and when it occurred if you contact me via email.

  • Now a Former Employee says:

    I was a very good employee who always showed up for my work shifts and and even came in for additional shifts when other staff didn’t show up for work. When I showed up for work 1 week ago I was informed by the regional manager (Meredith) that I was being let go because I made too much money ($12/hour). Meredith stated I was the highest paid non-manager employee. I had worked at the store for 10 months and just received a raise from minimum wage. I also won employee of the month in June 2019 for my store. Not a good first job experience….contact turner over at manager and shift lead positions. Just a weird and unorganized company.

  • Victoria says:

    I seem to have a problem getting a hold of the manager who can verify employment for me at the 72nd and dodge location in Omaha Ne. I have called multiple times and I always get the same shift lead and she always apologizes that her GM isn’t here and when I ask when a good time to get ahold of him is she tells me that she doesn’t know when he’ll be in. I get guesses off of the schedule that they have when he’ll be in but it’s not a guarantee that he’ll be there. It’s just frustrating when I’m trying to help someone out and I can’t because their boss isn’t there.

  • Maureen Matera says:

    I was totally disappointed by my visit today. I got the steak stroganoff and it was half the size of last time I was there and It had practically no sauce and a couple thin mushroom pieces.The meat was tough and hard to chew. I used to go here alot and loved meeting my sister here but never again. You have changed for the worst.

  • Paula Walls says:

    I ordered 3 large Alfredo Montamore to go. The top plate was beautiful, well portioned but the when I got home I became upset because next two plates were
    disappointing. I can literally count the pieces of chicken and mushrooms. There were very little tomatoes and spinach. There was plenty of pasta but it was dry and tasteless. We paid $35 dollars for our meal but only one person enjoyed theirs.

  • Cathy Bellovary says:

    We have always enjoyed Noodles and Company. We especially like taking our grandchildren there. The last visits in recent months to our closest store on Sunset Drive in Waukesha, WI have been very disappointing. The store is extremely dirty. Smells awful when u walk in the first door. Rug and floors look like they never get cleaned. Tables are seldom cleaned. The soda machine and area for napkins, etc is so awfully dirty and messy. There was no salt or pepper today. Really! Hard to believe. The Staff is not friendly nor do they say thank you when u pay. The area where u clear your dishes and garbage is disgusting. Another woman there clearing with me agreed that the store has gone down hill. We will not use the bathroom. We also occasionally go to the store in New Berlin. It is so nicely maintained. Time for someone from corporate to do a bit of checking. Thanks.

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