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S. No.





One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, OR 97005



Colosseum 1 1213 NL Hilversum The Netherlands









Nikelaan 1, 2430 Laakdal, Belgium

Nike Headquarters Executive Team

Mark Parker

Executive Chairman

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John J. Donahoe II

John J. Donahoe II

President and Chief Executive Officer

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 Matthew Friend

Matthew Friend

EVP & Chief Financial Officer

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Name Title
Mark Parker Executive Chairman
John Donahoe President & Ceo
Matthew Friend Evp & Chief Financial Officer
Monique Matheson Evp Chief Human Resources Officer
Ann Miller Evp Chief Legal Officer
Heidi O’neill President Consumer Product & Brand
Craig Williams President Geographies & Marketplace
Mimi Hunter Vp Corporate Secretary And Corporate Governance & Securities Counsel
Johanna Nielsen Vp Corporate Controller

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  • Shatoya Harris says:

    Hello and so sorry to email so late. But this is heavy on my heart. My name is Shatoya Harris and I placed a order on Nike on December the 13th for the retro 9 a size 7 grade school and was charged for the size because I was on the app at 10am. I was tracking order and it said that a shipped label was created on December 16th 2022. Now here it is 12-21-22 and it says awaiting carrier pickup. I called Nike customer service and they told me to call FedX and FedX said they never received a Confirmation for pick up. So I called nike again and they said that my shoe is out of stock and they will refund me back my money. So now at this point I am hurt and confused because that was a Christmas gift for my 14 year old daughter and Nike showed me they sis not care. How can you say Congradulations i got the shoe and 8 days later say oh we didn’t have your size. This has never happen to me before and I order from Nike all the time. It’s not about the money I have a daughter that will be sad because that was what she really wanted and as a hard working mother that works over night and made sure I stayed up to get these shoes and sis now I have to tell her I didn’t and explain what happen. Nike showed me that they was not concerned for me or my daughter. An I feel this is not fair. Now I can’t find the shoe anywhere and that’s disappointing. Now I am stressed because that smile she had has turned into something else. I was not compensated for the trouble on their end. That was just bad customer service. An I am disappointed and I feel like someone stole that shoe from me that works at your warehouse. Now they say it will take 10 days to get a refund I really just want my daughter shoe.

  • Sarah says:

    My daughter purchased a pair of Nike blazer’s, spent $100 on them and they’re already falling apart after 3 months. The material is separating from the sole of the shoe. The worst pair of shoes she’s ever bought from Nike, don’t waste your money.

  • S Rivera says:

    I have emailed Mr. Parker 6 times no response.

    Mr. Parker,

    It seems Nike does not care about the product produced and shipped to the customers. I have attempted to speak to someone about the issues with the sneakers I purchased, I have even reached out to you and NOONE really cares. Truly sad at the lack of customer service

    I am writing to you to express some concerns/issues about the purchase I made on 7/30/2022 for the Air Jordan 3 Retro (style# DM0967-008). How is Nike allowing sneakers to leave the warehouse in these conditions, the lack of quality of these sneakers to be less than, Nike is a well know brand for sneakers to look like crap, how and why would the warehouse be allowed to ship out sneakers with so many QC issues? I have attached a file showing all the issues with the sneakers.

    Make me understand how, and why. To pay $150.00 for sneakers is pricey for them to look like crap. What actions will Nike do to have these issues resolved?

    Thank you-

  • Pwter Sanchez says:

    This is to inform you regarding my experience here in Macau, Nike Venetian Branch.
    I was choosen or I should say I won from a raffle Draw (nike.com.hk) of Jordan 4 Zen Master. And when I was about to claim (which is I will pay) the said Item. They (the staff) refuse to give/sell me the item. They told me that Im not allowed to purchase it because of the I.D I was presented (Macau Bluecard I.D issued by Macau Government for non-residents). According to the terms and condition section 1. This Promotion is organized by NIKE HONG KONG LIMITED (“NIKE”). This Promotion opens only to the participants who are thirteen (13) or older at the time of entry, with a valid Hong Kong or Macau Identity Card and Hong Kong or Macau registered telephone number.
    As you can see As long as I have a valid Macau Identity Card i can participate the raffle draw. But they refuse, they told me that macau Bluecard I.D is not accepted and the raffle is only for RESIDENTS which I am realy disappointed. In the terms and condition it did not stated that the raffle is only for residents, it is not also stated that Bluecard I.D is not accepted. it only state is Valid Macau Identity Card. Im so excited to have that item since Ive been joining the raffle for almost 3 years but unfortunately im not lucky and now for the 1st time I won but they refuse. Im no longer interested to have that item or looking for any compensation but Im just informing you How rude they are when Im trying to explain my part. It is totaly discrimination on my part, since im not resident of the said country. I hope that this wont happen again in any part/branch of nike. And make sure that the terms and condition is clear, if Non-residents (bluecard holder) is not allowed to join then it should be stated in the terms and Condition.

  • Jen says:

    This company is horrible. I have sent emails, certified letters, called & left messages. No one will return a call or email. Their customer service really needs improvement for a company this size.
    I purchased Nike combat boots that didn’t even last 6 months.

    • Tia says:

      I totally agree. They’ve lost my sons order and won’t replace the shoe that I got on sale. Their only willing to refund however they won’t replace the same shoe in a different color at the same price I paid and its their error. Wow!

  • L says:

    I bought Nike shoes and sweat pants that are defective. I called the Coorporate office and no kne is answering.

  • A Dixon says:

    Please can you tell me how to complain about the uk customer service at Nike as they refuse to escalate anything or speak to customers

  • Patricia Higgins says:

    As a tennis player I wish to add a comment on the ladies tennis outfits at the ATP Australian 2022 event. They are very unappealing and look like old street clothes. None of my tennis ladies like them. Surely you can pick a better colour and style

  • Terri Merritt says:

    I bought a black Nike zip up hoodie for my husband size XL last spring I have always
    Been a fan of the Nike brand. The zipper broke just last week and I am very disappointed with this. Is there any kind of guarantee to get a replacement. Please let me know my address is 9364 S 93rd E Ave, Tulsa OK 74133 my name is Terri Merritt thank you for your attention

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