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  • Address: 1185 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 212-789-2000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1917
  • Founder: Thomas Patrick Gorman
  • Key People: Ari Segal (Chief Operating Officer)

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Colin Campbell

Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations

Scout Dan Marr

Director of Central Scouting

Gary B. Bettman


About NHL, History and Headquarters Information


NHL was founded in the year 1917. The organisation has been active for almost 101 years now. The organisation was a successor to the National Hockey Association. The founder of the organisation was Thomas Patrick Gorman. The organisation has its roots back in the year 1909 when the NHA began to play one year later with seven teams in Ontario and Quebec, Canada and was one of the first major leagues in professional ice hockey as well. During the NHA's eighth season, a series of disputes with the Toronto Blueshirts owner, named Eddie Livingstone, had led team owners of the Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Wanderers and Quebec Bulldogs to hold a meeting, in order to discuss the league's future. During that time, the NHA constitution left them unable to force Livingstone out, and thus the four teams voted instead to suspend the NHA. Therefore, in the year 1917, the National Hockey League was created. Frank Calder was chosen as the organisation’s first president, serving until his death in the year 1943.

The first NHL All-Star Game was held in the year 1934, in order to benefit Ace Bailey, whose career ended on a vicious hit by another player named, Eddie Shore. The second game was held in the year 1937, in support of Howie Morenz's family when he had died of a coronary embolism, after breaking his leg during a game. The league had almost doubled in size for the 1967 - 68 season, adding teams like the Los Angeles Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Minnesota North Stars, Philadelphia Flyers, St Louis Blues and California Seals. In the year 1974, the Washington Capitals and Kansas City Scouts were added to the league, bringing the league total up to 18 teams. There have also been significant labour issues during the operations of the organisations' history. There have been almost four league-wide work stoppages in league history - all happening since the year 1992. The first was a strike by the National Hockey League Players' Association in the year 1992 itself, which had lasted for ten days, but the strike was settled quickly, and all affected games were rescheduled as well too. From the year 1952 to the year 1955, Marguerite Norris had served as the president of the Detroit Red Wings - which was the first woman NHL executive and also the first woman to have her name engraved on the Stanley Cup as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 1185 6th Avenue. The name of the place is New York, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code of the area is 10036.


NHL is a Canadian organisation that focuses on the holding of the national hockey professional teams and matches, in North America, comprising of almost 31 units in total - 24 teams from the USA and the rest seven teams from Canada. The current commissioner of the organisation is Gary Bettman. The CEO of the organisation is Ari Segal.


The primary services provided by the organisation include the maintenance, holding and also the control of one of the world’s premier professional sports leagues, in the USA and Canada. The organisation helps in keeping the operations of the competition in good faith, by maintaining contacts with the teams, players, agents, etcetera.

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  • Fred Mccormack says:

    Where are the hockey games on Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday ? They certainly are not on tv. I am going to forget about this sport if I have to wait 4 or 5 days between games on tv.

  • Tom says:

    Player Safety : Debris thrown on ice at end of ISLANDER game LAST NIGHT!
    Just got home from Islander Game last night. It was a great game! The debris at the end of the game was dangerous to all players, a disgrace to all Islander fans, the Islander organization, and the NHL.
    Why did it happen?
    It happened because there are not enough bathrooms. At the end of the 3rd period (and 1st and 2nd) people went to the bathrooms and “HAD TO WAIT IN LINE FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES”, they missed the overtime goal. The lack of facilities is not new but the Islander Organization (not Nassau County) is responsible for not providing adequate services for this game. Coming from out of state to attend the game I was unaware of the lack of adequate facilities at the Coliseum. Why the Islanders and not the County?
    The Islanders are the responsible party because they (not the County) are charging $400.00 (and then some) for each ticket, $15 for a beer, $25 for parking, etc. They are making enough money on the event that they should be able to provide porta-potty overflow to accommodate the between period rush of customers in need of a JOHN.
    The NHL should mandate to the Islanders to clean up their act and shell out some money for the port-potties. If the Islanders loose tomorrow in game seven it is a moot point. But if there are more games at the Nassau Coliseum this will continue to be a problem, again!

    Thanks for listening,

    Tom Craven
    Long Time Islander Fan!

  • R says:

    By the way missed calls was the same thing that resulted in Perry getting an injury last game. Again sloppy reffing guys Clean it up

  • R says:

    Worst ever refereed game in Montreal when it comes to calls Nothing for getting slugged in the face. Wake up guys

  • Bobby Burton says:

    Last night was another example of how these referees are incompetent. Not only was the Brayden Point penalty not a penalty according to the rule book that allowed the NYI to score and could have decided the game. But then shortly after 4 linesmen and referees miss 7 players on the ice? Come on! The officiating is getting worse every playoff game as the refs continue to ignore penalties that would have been called in the reg season and linesmen subjectively call icing whenever they want. Its just a joke!

  • Bobby Burton says:

    The officiating in the playoffs is absolutely ridiculous! So inconsistent! What’s called in the reg season by the refs is not called in the playoffs. Why? Shouldn’t be! Or what are textbook/rulebook penalties are completely ignored both in the reg season and the playoffs! Referees ignore 50 cross checks a game but then randomly penalize a team when they feel like calling one. It’s a joke!
    And the icing issue is brutal! Linesman are so inconsistent that players, coaches and fans have no idea when an icing will be caked correctly. Also a joke!

  • Gilles Surprenant says:


    Thank you for taking the time to consider the following.

    Any human being on the planet with any common sense knows the difference between going after the puck and going after the player. Even pretending to go after the puck but intending to go after the player stinks to anyone with a nose.

    The NHL as supervising body has both authority and responsibility to assure proper discipline for a restoration of humanity to hockey. In this most recent instance of intentional injury, Scheifele should not return to play before the end of his 4-day suspension or when Evans can return to play fully healthy and recovered, whichever occurs latest. Give the aggressor reason to become concerned for the recovery of his victim, at least for his own benefit if he is incapable of having any sympathy or compassion for his victim.

    There have been and will be cases when criminal charges are brought against a player, his coaching staff, and even the League for their respective parts of responsibility in causing, allowing, or encouraging criminal injury to be inflicted.

    This clear case of wilful and intentional serious injury is an opportunity for the NHL to do the right thing and see to it that a clear message is given and proper discipline put in place; so that from now on, any player who has the temerity or lack of judgement to wilfully or neglectfully inflict serious injury will know that there will be serious consequences to himself as well as to his intended victim. The coaching staff and referees also need to take full responsibility for their own part in tolerating, allowing, or even encouraging such violence.

    Thank you.

  • Randy says:

    NHL refs are the worse, getting worse each game, and it’s just not one game or series it’s all of them, must be Gary’s new rules

    Forget the players, let’s watch the refs, and the NHL front office allows such terrible acts without punishment to these refs

    I’m not a Toronto or Montreal fan, but I watched the 6th game and

    So many missed or ignored calls, over time win for montreal was a total joke, Montreal player does a complete open head shot and no call nothing, almost knocked the player out, he barely got up after a few attempts and ref did nothing

    I’m all for ruff and tuff playing, but come on, rules for one not the other, games become a joke

    Worse thing Montreal goes down and scores in overtime due to the toronto player being taken out

  • skip laporte says:

    Gary Bettman, You and your staff should be ashamed for the handling of the Tom Wilson situation

    the other night against several New York Rangers players. The $5,000 fine he received is joke.

    He is out of control and just a thug. By not doing a severe punishment on him is the wrong message

    to send out there. A couple of the Rangers could have been severely injured and how would that have

    looked for your precious NHL. Tom Wilson should not be the image of the NHL.

  • serge Arsenault says:

    Fire George Parros! He is incapable to do his main job of enforcing the NHL security rules on the ice. This 2021 season, too many hit on the head were unpunished. The few that were, were so weak that it seemed like an encorragement to continue. Fire George Parros!

  • William Villalpando says:

    Fire Parros!

  • Brian Griffin-BC Place Vancouver BC says:

    looking to connect with Dan Craig to talk about portable ice systems. Can i get an email or contact info

  • Darrell Ralph says:

    Been a Hockey Fan most of my life! Very disappointed in the officiating of the playoff Game last night September 01/20 between Las Vegas and the Vancouver Canucks, so one sided, seams the Canucks have to win against two teams,
    Not the first time in these playoffs.
    NHL has to do better. Please.
    Darrell Ralph

  • Bobby G. says:

    We went from LGBTxyz colors on the NHL emblem which was disgusting enough, to postponing playoff games because the “soy boy” players are having a HISSY FIT about the black criminals who are perpetually committing crime and fighting with law enforcement???? Really boys??? Hockey is NOT THE PLATFORM for personal, political grievances!! The League is going down the crapper like the other sports leagues….congratulations!! I’m done with the BS. Sports are “actually” entertainment, not a freakin’ reminder of idiots in our godless society!! I’ve been a hockey fan for 50 years, but now, I will only watch college hockey. I’m done with the Negro Hissy-fit League!!

  • Rob Jackson says:

    What the heck?…I posted a comment yesterday…and I got a notice saying “waiting for moderation”…..now it’s no longer here and as yet I’ve not received any explanation….

  • Scott Tucker says:

    Canceling thurs and fridays playoff games is the final nail…Iam done…I will not give nbcsn any neilsen ratings, nor the nhl network…nor by a single ticket too another sharks game..and id like too let the decision makers know youve just lost a die hard purchaser of nhl center ice for 6 straight years a premium 140.00 dollar cable package..Done…black lives matter is a political organization..It is controversial..It is not settled science in regards too “social justice”…its just not…You have lost me…Keep going nhl, lets see how big of a hole your going too dig yourselves…You play a stupid fuking game..Thats. It….A stupid little game…And make boatloads of $…..get your asses out there and play your stupid little game for me…Entertain me…thats what your there for…And thats all your there for…I think your losing focus….Im sure there are tons of graveyard shift clerk postions at 7-11 waiting for the players and front office people…Keep it up

  • Rob Jackson says:

    Boy you guys really screwed the pooch..Imagine my shock at the beginning of the Lightening/Bruins game last night when I was subjected to a sermon about supporting a false narrative about racism and social justice?….especially since an investigation of the situation at hand had not been completed……
    Did you know the man in question had a rap sheet as long as Ron Jeremy’s winky?…and he was being arrested on outstanding warrants?..he resisted arrest and refused to comply with officers demands?..then he reached into his vehicle for a weapon?..what about the officer involved..is he supposed to wait until he gets shot/stabbed before he reacts?..WHO THE HELL IS IN CHARGE HERE?..ARE YOU ALL MORONS?..
    What about all of the police officers that have been assaulted and shot at/murdered?…Do you support them as well?….if you do then why not announce it before any of the games?

    We the fans control your destiny…sooner or later the money from the TV contracts is gonna run out…then what?..if no one watches that means your advertising dollars aren’t worth as much and then your next TV contract is gonna be less than you need…How then are you going to pay your bills?

    without fan support, ultimately you are nothing…..NFL, MLB, NBA…you guys have all gone down this road..

    I feel really sorry for the players….you have given them NO choice….I hope you choke on your Social Justice decision

  • BOB says:

    Nice job–nothing like having Evander Kane running the NHL. You failed your fans. Now I know why Matthew DUMBA is not pronounced that way it is DUMB A. You guys suck–nothing like following the NBA–the kneeling A holes that they are. We WERE season ticket holders until tonight.

  • C Champ says:

    BLM. Your position on this matter really bothers me. Why are you getting involve with this. No needs.
    If players wants to contribute and help on their free time; that is what they should do. But to use the NHL to get involve on this can of worms is a huge mistake. This is the Blind following the Blind into a Brick wall. I thought you were going to be the only sport coming out of this smelling like a rose.
    Wake up!

  • Gary says:

    Please don’t make the same mistake as NBA and MLB! We want to watch a game and escape the politics! We don’t need to be lectured. Plus are you going to be racist only towards blacks? What about a Jewish national anthem? There are a lot of Russian players, shouldn’t they get their nar’l anthem played? And should we kneel for the Japanese internment camps and concentration camps of Poland? What about the Muslims being abused today by the Chinese?

    This is getting ridiculous. You will not gain fans only lose your current ones.

    You insult all our vets when you bend your spines to this garbage.

  • Jim Nutt says:

    NHL Executives,

    Black Lives Matter Banner at your games? Are you F..ing kidding me? The organization BLM is a Marxist and terrorist group that is causing enormous damage, death and destruction in cities where you have teams.

    Im a life long NHL fan. I play hockey today at 55 yrs old. You cant afford to lose my demographic as a fan base. NHL execs get your heads out of your asses before you get boycotted like the NBA.

  • William McDaniel says:

    We were the understanding that the NHL was not going to tolerate players to kneeling during the National Anthem, but they have. I’m a retired combat fighter pilot and have lost many good men who gave everything for our country and freedom, and now your league supports a Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter.

  • Tom says:

    Where is the Blue Lives Matter signs ?!?!? You assholes know blm is a hate group that advocates the Murder of Police Officers ??? Are you fucking kidding me with this shite !!!

  • Larry says:

    Reading in my July 17 One year Bible Isaiah was pointing out the woes of Babylon. The overview said that GOD is Sovereign over HIS Nations. No Empire, tribe, Nation or Multibillion dollar business is exempt from the judgement of GOD when wickedness replaces righteousness. Supporting the LGBTQ agenda/society has caused me to write this. Read Revelation 22:14-16 in the New Testament. There’s a message waiting for you there.

  • Gary says:

    Fuck the fixed, bullshit, fuck weasels that ran this sport into the ground.

  • Dan says:

    I think the Nhl should shut down now for the safety of the players and family,s If I had a son playing in the Nhl and my son would die what would MR. puppet Bettman would say I know what I would do I,d sue him for all the money is got this man is a idiot to put the Nhl in front of the players health,so Mr puppet shut it down and also to have 24 teams in the play off is a joke the 16 teams work so hard to make the play off why the 7 other teams are in

  • Jason McEwen says:

    The Gwinnett Arena North of Atlanta would be the perfect location for the condensed 2020 Playoff format. The Ice Forum (The Thrashers practice facility) has 3 rinks in it for practices and it’s not far from the arena.The population density is fairly low and there isn’t much of a fan base here. There are plenty of hotels in the area for the players and Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport is 40 minutes away.

  • Erich says:

    Refund ticket holders for games that absolutely will not be rescheduled. This is total BS.

  • Ken Pilpel says:

    Proposal for return.
    1) have a week “training” camp
    2)Finish regular season and do the awards
    3) Division winners make playoff. Best of 5 winners get conference trophies
    4) Remaining two teams play for the O’Brien Cup. No Stanley cup.
    5) Draft takes place between End of RS & Playoff
    6) FA period start 8/1 (or a week after playoffs)
    7) 20-21 season starts mid Oct

  • Chris Vickery says:

    NHLERB (National Hockey League Emergency Response Benefits) Payroll $10,000 each month all staff & players & management because emergency groceries and supplies and equipment something and mortgage/rental…

  • Chris Vickery says:

    NHL new National Hockey League Emergency Response benefits NHL government will be paid Payroll direct deposit $10,000 months because due coronavirus pandemic-19 disease 18 month to 2yrs at WHO headquarters their job making new vaccine coronavirus and stay home till processing new vaccine at Geneva, Switzerland

  • Eric Pushard says:

    With this pandemic going on in our country I think it’s a shame of your corporation as millions of us are out of money and could use our money in good faith paid to see your product.. As here goes my story, I had planned
    a trip to Boston April 3-6 for my birthday weekend to see 4 games in 3 days, 2 Celtics 1 Red Sox and 1 Bruins , with everything going on the NBA,NHL SUSPENDED the season and because of the terms SUSPENDED I cannot receive a refund until you guys figure out what’s going on which is a crock of BS personally because of moving the game to the future I will never get to go and with not being paid I will never get the opportunity to go now, it’s a shame you havent done the right thing to put our money back in our pockets and now I begin to earn interest on what I charged to go see your product and spent almost 2 thousand dollars in total to see your product, it’s just shameful on your end…end of rant

  • joseph chiatello says:

    I need my tickets refunded for the 3/15/20 game in Anaheim, Ducks vs Canadians. Ticketmaster won’t refund as long as the league classifies the game as “postponed” instead of canceled. Do the right thing. Many people are complaining. Read the USA Today article published today. The league, teams and ticketmaster look very bad in these tough times. Quit holding peoples money. The games aren’t getting rescheduled


    What is going to be done to the Ref during the Montreal Dallas Game told Gallagher to go Fuck Himself. Is this is what we want in the NHL, There has been calls that have not been call. Max domi had a cut to his lip and was bleeding but the ref, did not call that. There was a tripping not called. I love Hockey but when the Ref’s can change the outcome of a game that is wrong. I have been seeing this more and more. It needs to stop.

  • Gary Deeke says:

    Regarding Pride Month.

    Saving souls with the truth is a little more important than being PC.
    What good are we doing people by condoning the thing that could cost them their soul?

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

    The God of the universe defined marriage as a union between a man and woman, no one has the authority to change that definition. “And He (Jesus) answered and said to them, ‘Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’“ —Matthew 19:4

    Our Warning
    26 For this reason God ((( gave them up))) to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; 27 and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. Romans 1: 25-27 (This is our concern for country and the world. Has God given up on us?)

    Our Hope
    10 He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.11 For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him.12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103:10-12

    10 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. John 4:10 16

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    Forgiveness, love, and truth.
    Careful going against almighty God. This is a fight you will surely lose. And most importantly time is running out. Israel 1948 and Jerusalem 1967 are profound signs of the Lords return.


      Stand for what is right, God has the last word and will judge everyone on what he did while he was alive. Romans talks about this. a Reprobated mind is wicked. So God allowed them to turn to a wicked mind, what’s right is wrong, what’s wrong is right.

    • Bobby G. says:

      Amen, brother!! We are in the last “hours”!! I hope there is hockey in eternity!! No more insanity once we get there….HALLELUJAH!!

  • >