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People cannot imagine or think about the world where football doesn’t exist. The thought of “no football” seems to create a void in their lives. Football is one of the most important sports for Americans. Their life is completely woven around it. This excitement triples every year, with the arrival of the NFL season. All the social media platforms are bombarded with tweets about the National Football league. The National Football League comprises of 32 teams which are divided into two conferences – the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. These two teams compete with each other every year to win the world’s most famous annual event – the super bowl.

After surviving years of fierce competition from its rivals, today NFL has become the strongest American professional football league. Their large fan base can reach the corporate headquarters via mail and phone.

NFL Headquarter Address – You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

345 Park Ave,

New York, NY 10154,


Phone Number – +1 330-962-7272

Email – roger.goodell@nfl.com

Website – You can visit their official website for any more information related to the NFL. Social media users and investors can use this official website. https://www.nfl.com/

NFL Headquarters Info & Photos

The NFL headquarters are located in New York City. Since the year 1963, they have maintained the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Apart from the headquarters at New York, NFL expands to the Culver City in California with NFL media and to Mt. Laurel, NJ with NFL films. 

Ted Moudis Associates is the team behind understanding and designing the vision of NFL headquarters. The main purpose of designing the place is to create a strong brand identity as well as to build an amazing work environment for its staff., The amenities included general office space, conference rooms and a league room where the NFL owners can meet, cafeteria for the staff and also a fitness center.

Each floor at the NFL headquarters has a distinctive style of architectural design. The officiating command center is the heart of the organization, located on the 5th floor of the building.

NFL Headquarters Photo

NFL Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

10950 Washington Blvd 90232 Culver City, CA


United States

One Sabol Way 08054 Mount Laurel, NJ


United States

345 Park Ave 10154 New York, NY

NFL Headquarters Executive Team

Brian Rolapp

Brian Rolapp

Chief Media and Business Officer

Renie Anderson

Renie Anderson

Chief Revenue Officer and EVP NFL Partnerships

Jade Burroughs

Jade Burroughs

Chief of Staff, Football Operations

Name Title
Tomás Maldonado Chief Information Security Officer
Dawn Aponte Chief Football Administrative Officer
Walt Anderson Senior Vice President Officiating Training and Development
Jeff Miller Executive Vice President
Hans Schroeder EVP & Chief Operating Officer NFL Media
Tim Ellis EVP Chief Marketing Officer
Dasha Smith Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
Perry Fewell Senior Vice President Officiating Communications and Administration
Joe Ruggiero Senior Vice President Head of Consumer Products
Jonathan Beane Senior Vice President Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Kimberly Fields Senior Vice President Football Business Strategy
David Thomson Managing Director NFL Canada
Cory Mingelgreen Vice President Club Business Development
Tracy Perlman Senior Vice President of Player Operations
David Gardi Senior Vice President Football Operations
Troy Vincent Executive Vice President of Football Operations
Arthur McAfee Senior Vice President Football Operations Policy Education and Relationship Management
Akil Coad Vice President Football Operations and Compliance
April Donnelly Vice President Player Communications and Marketing
Stephanie Durante Vice President Game Operations
Nyaka Niilampti Vice President Wellness and Clinical Services
Roman Oben Vice President Football Development
Jon Runyan Vice President Policy and Rules Administration
Rob Morrissey Vice President Player Engagement

About NFL


NFL was founded in 1920 in Canton, Ohio.

The initial name given to the organization was the American Professional Football Association.

It was decided to elect Jim Thorpe who was an amazing American Athlete as the first president of the NFL.

The name National Football League was taken up in 1922.

The first season of the NFL was played between five teams from Ohio, four teams from Illinois, two teams each from Indiana and New York and one team from Michigan.

The merger between the American Football League and the National Football League took place in 1970. This made it a 26- team circuit under the name NFL. Since then, 6 more teams have been added to the NFL.

The only two teams who are still part of the game are the Cardinals (now in Arizona) and the Staleys (now Chicago Bears).


The NFL is an American football league which has 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

Football is one of the most important passion and profession in America. It expresses American values and displays their national identity.

The National Football League foundation allows its players to fund programs and resources that create a positive impact on the lives of the active-duty & veteran military officers and their families.


  • The largest point difference in the NFL games was of 26.5 points. The match was between the teams of the Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars in the week 2 in the year 2013.
  • The oldest Hall of Fame inductee was Ed Sabol. There was an age gap of 69 years between him at the age of 94 and the youngest player Gale Sayers.
  • The fan following of the team Green Bay Packers is so enormous that if you book a season ticket waiting list today, it will take you 1000 years to get a spot on the field to watch the game. 

  • Robert Wood says:

    Have a new sport I’d like to share with the NFL So they could use it as an all star game option!

  • Scott Jackson says:

    I have been a hard core NFL fan since the later 1960’s. I have purchased many tickets, jerseys, and even attended other events at NFL stadiums. I will never again spend any money for any game, event, anything NFL related. The greed of the NFL and TV stations has gotten disgusting, why should I be forced to pay a subscription to watch a playoff game? You have gone too far!

  • Bad Officiating says:

    The mistakes by officiating is so bad it is causing games to be decided by bad calls. It is ridiculous that the NFL is ignoring the issue. You make millions on these games and cannot figure a way to fix it. There are cameras with every angle imaginable. Maybe it’s time for fans to picket the NFL. Or maybe it’s as we have suspected all along and the fix is in, make sure the big owners like Jerry Jones, aren’t embarrassed on a celebration day and make sure they win, irregardless of the play on the field.

  • You suck says:

    NFL you need to fix the officiating nightmare. It makes it look like there is an agenda to help the Cowboys and Jerry Jones. Screwed Detroit again and not just the last play. Look at the long TD play for Dallas, the Lion close to Presscott was being held and no call. Just another glaring game of officiating mistakes (are there payoffs going on behind the scenes)

  • James says:

    This sad excuse for refereeing this year is pathetic! Look at the Minnesota vs. Denver game, 3rd play K. Jackson lowered his head and launched into J.Dobbs. Not only was this not called, the fumble negated, but it lead to a FG and Minnesota losing the game. What makes this even worse, Jackson is just back from being suspended/fined for hits like this. It’s so bad even the announcers said it! Players’ safety my backside, if that was true it would have been called and in the end Minnesota wins the game. You as former players know this is true and know it should have been called for Dobbs safety and Jackson’s. Jackson needs indefinitely suspended and really Minnesota needs to be credited with the win. You start over turning win/loss results players will stop being dirty. Also the refs need fined/fired for failure to be fair and failure to intervene in obviously dangerous play. Minnesota fans and players got screwed tonight because your players and the refs continue to not do what’s right. Jackson and the refs from tonight should all be suspended and the Vikings given the win. I know one of those should happen immediately, the massive suspension and fine. Dirty hits from dirty cheaters with a proven dirty cheating head coach should be GONE!

  • Tommie says:

    Please find someone else to sing Sunday Night Football theme song we’ve heard enough of the same person over n over…please everybody’s talking

  • Joe salerno says:

    The nfl should immediately fine the eagles for taking down an American/Israeli flag while Americans are being held hostage by Hamas. I just came back to the nfl after the kneeling for the anthem but now I’m done your organization is the most anti American of all sports in the United States.
    You should be ashamed

  • former National Fictitious League fan says:

    How much worse does this need to get. Sunday nights game between Buffalo and New York was ridiculous. Bad officiating, bad play calling and we’re supposed to believe a team that is setting records in sacks allowed miraculously figured out how to block with guys they pulled off the couch. The same week two undefeated teams were upset. It’s predictable. Give it up already. We know you rig/ script games for show or for gambling. Everyone knows. This is the worst it’s ever been. College football is more realistic than this crap.

  • former NFL fan says:


  • Aephrame says:

    TaKE THE GIANTS OFF OF PRIMETIME. THEY SUCK!!! NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS. we all know this is fake but at least make it believable. It’s pathetic.

  • Anthony Romero says:

    Please take the New york Giants of primetime. These guys are bad actors. Obviously their tanking the season but the lack of effort is blatant. At least have teams that are good actors. These guys are pathetic and are bad to watch. Give us something we can watch. We all know this is fake but at least make it believable.

  • Tyrone says:

    I guess by putting “end racism” in the endzones they meant joining BLM in supporting mass genocide. The only people still watching the NFL are fat, drunk, gambling-addicted boomers.

  • Bryan Minton says:

    Why is the NFL still advertising for Pfizer and the death jab, how much money do you elites need? You damn well know your aren’t taking it.

  • brandy mason says:

    Roger goodell u should have guns n roses do the Superbowl halftime in 2026 in santa Clara California Levi stadium

  • Guy Cunningham says:

    I’ve been watching NFL football since 1968-69. I was born in 60.
    I live in NY, although I was a Raiders Fan back then.
    My issue is why does the NFL and all the sports related shows still have a “CRAWL” of the scores?
    A few logical facts, might be true. As of 2023 ( even earlier obviously).
    Anyone watching a football game has the ability to find scores of other games even if you don’t have internet. You also aren’t reading this.
    Why do I want to watch a game I know the score of. I’m watching Fox and you are telling me the score of the game on CBS that I wanted to watch.
    Speaking of knowing the scores, on Thursday Night Football it first runs on Prime. Then on NFL network according to the published guide starts at 12:30am. Problem is at 12:30am the recording starts but guess what YOU ARE RUNNING NFL GAME DAY FINAL. So I press play and ( for the NY Giants vs San Francisco 49’ers. First you see the 49’ers very happy. Then the announcer says San Francisco…
    I say whoever starts your program is an idiot or cannot tell time which also tells me that they are lazy or indeed an idiot.
    That’s just a few. I had your package, can you comprehend watching the first Q of every 1pm game and move on to the 2nd and so forth, then the 4pm (edt)games. By the time you finish it’s Thursday and you avoided any other sports games, analysis shows, and even news on TV for sports.
    Even better, Monday Night Football on 9/18/23. Two games on. One ESPN the other ABC. They want you to watch both. They don’t use a crawl. The brain trust thought? Let’s put it in the upper left hand corner and make sure the announcer says the scores of the other game. I got the first Q of the first game and a little less than the 2nd half because the first game was over.
    I can say that your broadcasting announcements need to change.
    As far as you switching services I signed up with “247tvstream.com” because the ad showed a man holding a 6 screen TV with games, all with no crawl. I paid, got it. It worked flawlessly for picture. They have 4 selections based on your speed. The games are actually on live all of them or VOD when done. However the games all had the crawl, I cancelled my purchase and really have become disinterested in watching. Maybe when it’s colder, I have better things to do like clean the garage.


  • Minter Keith Greene says:

    Whom ever. Thanks for supporting the race division with the so-called black nation anthem. Only one National Anthem, yes, it is color blind. You sucking up to b/s. Why myself and 43 family and friends that I know of kissed off when Chapernuts knelt on my flag. Piss off NFL.

  • Nick Carlson (Riyadh) says:

    Dear Commissioner Goodell (or whoever answers this)

    I have been watching the NFL my entire life. I’m 61.
    I paid for NFL Sunday Ticket 1996 – 2014
    Starting in 2014 I watched on NFL GamePass from China (where I served from 2014 – 2016) and then from Kazakhstan (where I served from 2016 – 2023). When I traveled I used VPN so I could watch from a country, Germany, where I could use the NFL GamePass products

    I am also paying for NFL+ so that my invalid brother in Maryland can watch. In a word, I’m a longtime paying fan.

    This year, I was forcibly transferred to the new GamePass provider, DAZN, without my request. I was simply informed.

    DAZN has been a nightmare. I finally worked through all the problems and was able to watch the last preseason game.

    Yesterday, I watched my Packers destroy the Bears. Well, until mid 3rd quarter. Then I lost the connection. When I tried to log back onto my desktop where I had been watching, I got messages saying DAZN was “unavailable. Try later.”

    I tried to watch on the DAZN app on my iPad. It had worked before. Now, however, I got a message “You are watching on too many devices.” I wasn’t watching on ANY!

    I got into my DAZN account and deleted all devices and the history of those devices. It STILL says I’m watching on Too Many Devices

    DAZN customer service says, our policy is no VPN. Can’t help you.

    DAZN is not a replacement for the provider of NFL GamePass that I used since 2014. GamePass is just one product line to the, and they do not care that customers can’t use the service.

    Please inform them that 1) customers HAVE to be able to access the product from multiple devices and 2) customers, especially US citizens serving their country overseas, NEED to be able to use VPNs to access the product.

    Worst experience I’ve had watching NFL since 1998.

    Nick Carlson
    , Saudi Arabia

  • mo doherty says:

    Stop playing divisive black national anthem. There is no white national anthem,gay or hispanic, only the AMERICAN National Anthem.

  • Ross Bishop says:


    I think that the NFL’s decision to move to YouTube will end up being an awful fiasco. YouTube works like hell to demand that you sign up for their TV service. We tried it and found it waaaay too complicated, but now they won’t release us from our $299 obligation! We can’t figure out how to sign up for the straight season ticket- they make that process rather obscure.

    Their tech support is from India or someplace like that. Their people are not well trained and you can barely understand a word they say. I have spoken with 7 of their agents, spent 2 hours on the phone, and basically got nowhere.

    The whole experience has been most unsatisfying.

    Ross Bishop

  • Ross Bishop says:

    The email address you entered couldn’t be found. Please check the recipient’s email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.

  • Dwight L Fowler says:

    The eagles colts game on Amazon prime had very poor video quality. I would much rather have viewed on broadcast TV

  • Chopper McBride, home of Bronco Nagurski, Int’l Falls Mn says:

    Love NFL Football, go Vikings. Super Bowl, LV, The Killers half time

  • Rhonda Gillette says:

    I was so excited to see the Inspire Change Initiative by the NFL organization; however, it was very difficult to make a submission online. I wrote and produced a song and video that epitomize the objectives of Inspire Change, “One Life to Change One Life” by Siloam. The fact that I knew absolutely nothing about the music industry; it was only through “Divine Inspiration” that I was able to create this profound message to the World. (Excerpts): “Whether it’s hatred or indifference. Racial injustice or intolerance. Break the Chains, make the Change. The Same Blood Runs Through ALL OUR VEINS! One Life to Change One Life”. I hope the NFL will consider helping me to promote this message to elevate the consciousness around the world to eradicate hatred, racism and inhumanity. Also, you may view my 45 second video or song on YouTube.

  • Robert Dulberg says:

    Referees blew calls in Dolphins and Buffalo especially during the Dolphins’ last drive when they miss marked Waddle’s catch on final drive by more than a yard!?? And not a single hold by Buffalo’s Offensive line vs Miami’s pass rush….come on…

  • Dice Man Dan says:

    Concerning defensive fouls that carry automatic first downs … Can a team choose to accept the penalty without taking the automatic first down? For example, on first and ten, a defensive holding creates another first and ten; could I just accept the five yards, forgo the automatic first down, and make it first and five? Or maybe it was second and six and a five-yard penalty could make it second and one rather than an automatic first down.

  • Dave says:

    Dear commissioner

    Why don’t we hear anything about Payton Hillis updates on any NFL platforms. We hear plenty on Damar Hamlin while tragic and glad he seams to be recovering he was injured playing a contract sport. Payton Hillis was a former player that was saving his kids from drowning in the ocean. I believe Payton should be considered part of the NFL family and could also use all the prayers and love that Damar is getting. Payton could still use still in ICU I believe they just removed ventilator concerns about kidney and lungs. I wouldn’t even know if I didn’t see his story on my local news outlet. Is it about a person’s life or just about publicity.

    Thank you
    Cleveland Browns fan for over 30 years

  • Brian Evans says:

    Hello! I am a journalist trying to reach an NFL spokesperson for an article I am writing about alcohol free sections at stadiums. Could someone please direct me to an NFL spokesperson???? My info is below.

  • Hermon Howell says:

    I have an issue with our government sending billions to foreign countries knowing that they will never repay us, I have requested donation from several agencies with no luck, i’m asking for your help via your forum to spread the word about our program and others in San Diego County going through the same issues.  The majority of our kids are from a low income area of South San Diego County we would like to give the opportunity to any boy or girl that wants to play football or participate in cheer competition to have that opportunity, last year we had several families that were not able to afford the cost of registering, sometime two kids in the family and some with only one child, but we let them play hoping to recoup the fees from concessions but that did not happen so we had to take the losses, we can’t afford to do that this year, we are asking for help with registration cost, football and cheer equipment.  Why we are asking for help, there are many good kids out there that don’t have the resources to be on a team and might turn to gangs or drugs, we are committed to do everything to help our kids in South San Diego.   We put in for grants with no donations from those grants.  Our government can send billions to other countries but can’t help it’s own citizens.  Thank you for reading and hope to get your support or pass this to someone whose would want to help.

  • EDL says:

    When can we expect to hear the real, HONEST diagnosis from the Dr’s treating Damar Hamlin? The silence seems telling to me. By now there most certainly would be a diagnosis and would be public, as it always is when a player gets hurt on the field. Since Damar, thankfully is recovering well, it’s interesting that many players were still hesitant to take to the field. Possibly because they are afraid it could happen to them next? But I guess it is forbidden to speak of the elephant in the room*. We can speak about everything else, but not about that*. Even though it is a legitimate, officially recognized side effect. Perhaps because it was an illegally mandated, experimental injection, (Nuremberg Code) we must never speak those words*. #Liability

    *Myocarditis/Vaccine side effect

  • Chris says:

    First off speaking as a longtime fan of the NFL, my son and I love and watch football together. It has brought him and I closer. He may only be 8 but he loves the game. Secondly, I want to say job well done to the trainers, EMTs and everyone else that helped Damar Hamlin on Thursday night, they were amazing and may have very well saved that young man’s life.

    Now, to the matter at hand, the NFL has a responsibility to FULLY investigate what happened to Damar Hamlin on the field that fateful night. If it was nothing more than a 24 year old young man having a heart attack on live television, something that ironically has never happened in the history of the NFL, then so be it. I do not believe that is what happened to this young man. I believe in part that the “vaccine”, that you as the NFL mandated these men to take had a part in it, small or large is irrelevant. Basically, for Damar and many other athletes to not be shunned by their peers and sports fans alike, they likely felt they needed to comply with a ridiculous mandate. A mandate of a “vaccine” that had only been “out” for 6 months and still to this day does not prevent or help against Covid-19. Not only do I believe that you owe Damar and his family an explanation, you owe a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the athletes who decided not to be vaccinated for themselves and their families, knowing that the “vaccine” was unproven and could cause them harm.

    Be the first high profile organization to take a stand against a “vaccine” everyone knows, but may not admit, is hurting citizens, athletes, mothers, fathers and children alike around the world. Force the creators of this “vaccine” to admit that they rushed something to market purely for money and control, don’t be the problem, be the solution.

  • Jeff says:

    The NFL owes it to Damar, to the Hamlin family, to Buffalo team and fans, to all NFL fans, and to fellow human beings around the world to consider the possibility that the Covid-19 shots it has strictly mandated may be responsible for his cardiac arrest in front of the whole world.

    Even the CDC and FDA now admit that myocarditis and pericarditis are know injuries following Covid-19 vaccination, especially in young men. Myocarditis is a serious heart condition that can be fatal within 3-5 years and NOT a condition to be ignored. While the likelihood of Mr. Hamlin having vaccine related damage to his heart may be small, the likelihood of him having received one or more Covid-19 vaccination is very high. The possibility of Damar’s mid game cardiac arrest on the world stage being vaccine related is just as likely as commotio cordis as some have suggested.

    Put people before money and pressure. Don’t blindly sweep a potential diagnosis under the rug because it’s not popular or to protect the organization. Do the right thing for everyone not what saves face for the NFL. Vaccines DO cause serious injuries. Did they cause Mr. Hamlin’s cardiac arrest?

  • Lora says:

    All NFL players who got the COVID jabs should be screened for myocarditis and pericarditis immediately – stop participating in the possible death of your players – do the moral thing – do right by your players NOW!!!

  • Debra Turner says:

    It is time for investigations on our athletes that are having heart attacks . Over 1500 athletes have had heart attacks with over 1000 being fatal since the roll-out of vaccinations. Itis time for investigations into the vaccination of these players.

  • Health Freedom says:

    How dare you not stand to protect one of your own to get to the truth of what happened. Apparently, you would rather than stand in deceit. You may fool yourselves but you are not fooling the rest of the world when you fail to look at the truth!

  • Monique Lukens says:

    The NFL received federal funding to influence and promote vast vaccination. Organizations accepting this money had more stringent vaccination policies.

    It’s unacceptable that the possibility of cardiac arrest from the jab is being harshly criticized by the powers, who shouldn’t be, when it’s highly likely. The head hit to the chest looks like it was on the right side of Damar Hamlin’s chest, not the left, where the heart lies. rumble.com/v23rpcu-january-3-2023.html

    • Em says:

      Great comment Monique!!!

    • Monique Lukens says:

      “If the Buffalo Bills want to know if any of their players are vaccine injured, it’s easy to do so
      There is a company, HeartCare Corp, that makes a machine that looks like an EKG, but can detect a wide variety of heart damage, including myocarditis. They can assess their team in a day.”


  • Don Edwards says:

    I would like to know why officials gave Jacksonville an extra time out. When they stopped the clock to review the catch Jacksonville gained time by not going back to the line of scrimmage then snap the ball. When the clock was started back up they we’re already at the line of scrimmage to snap the ball. That was an extra time out. So what is this. Y’all hate the Cowboys so much you’ll help any team to beat them. With that extra time out it gave them to stop the clock for the field goal. You’ve been doing this to Dallas for years. I guess you don’t want Dallas to catch Philadelphia. The Fox team didn’t explain it. So I would like you to tell me why Jacksonville to get an extra time out. I know you won’t tell me why because you would have to admit that you cheated. Don Edwards. done51@msn.com.

  • Just an observer says:

    While watching the Bills vs Dolphins game 12/17/22, fans were throwing snowballs onto the field and nothing was being done. It was clearly seen on the broadcast several times throughout the game, mainly on Dolphins possessions. It’s a clear violation of the code of conduct taken directly off the NFL site.

    Fan code of conduct
    “The National Football League and its teams are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all fans, both in the stadium and in the parking lot. We want all fans attending our games to enjoy the experience in a responsible fashion. When attending a game, you are required to refrain from the following behaviors:

    » Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature.

    » Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that results in irresponsible behavior.

    » Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.

    » Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects onto the field).

    » Failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel.

    » Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans.

    “Event patrons are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons occupying their seats. Stadium staff will promptly intervene to support an environment where event patrons, their guests, and other fans can enjoy the event free from the above behavior. Event patrons and guests who violate these provisions will be subject to ejection without refund and loss of ticket privileges for future games.”

  • John says:

    Thank you for taking Thursday night football away from a whole lot of people who live outside of the city and don’t have streaming capabilities.

  • Nick says:

    The official who called the personal foul last night on roughing the Chargers QB should be banned for life. That play decided the game and watching football for over 60 years that was the WORST CALL EVER. How much did the official bet on the game ?

  • John Paul Jones says:

    Why does the NFL schedule Jet and Giant games at the same time? This is nothing but TORTURE for NYC football fans.Why does the NFL do things that just aggravate football fans. Nobody in NY cares about watching any other teams. They should really reconsider this with scheduling.

  • Vinnie Eversole says:

    What f****** rocket scientist decided to put NFL on Prime when you can’t watch the damn game leave it on the regular Network

  • dan says:

    Just wanted to ask why the gesicki catch on 4th down in the dolphins game was reversed when the replay was inconclusive? Gesicki motioned that he held the ball to his head and got his knees down. On the replay you can see the linebacker’s red gloves and gesicki’s gray gloves and where they are positioned. The ball is being held to his helmet, the knee goes down, he goes out of bounds, hits the ground, and the ball comes loose BUT HE WAS IN POSSESSION WHEN HIS KNEE WENT DOWN IN BOUNDS. Does he have to have possession out of bounds?

  • Teresa says:

    I saw on the news today that the players get to choose a cause and advertise it on their shoes.

    One of the things that I did not see that anyone was supporting was Epilepsy.

    Epilepsy is a much larger thing than people realize. People die from it, they can go into a coma from it, kids and adults and animals can get hit by a car and killed because someone who has epilepsy is driving and has a seizure. When that happens, they have no control over what they are doing because every muscle in their body stiffens up and they start shaking and they are unconscious during. They are lucky to come out of the seizure and not die or have a coma from it and they are also lucky to remember their name, year, spouse, and city that they are in.

    There are seizure alert dogs that only some people with epilepsy can get like me. I searched the country for a seizure alert dog and the cheapest one I found was at Loyalty Service Dogs in Nevada. My dog cost me 13,500.00 dollars. A lot of people can not afford that. There is also surgeries that only some people can have depending on where the seizure is starting in their brain. Those people that can have the surgery still don’t get it because they can not afford it. Others are on medication like me that can cost up to 1,500 dollars a month. That was before prices went up.

    I have lived with epilepsy since 1976 and avoided death more times than I can remember. I have had a seizure while driving to college and ended up in the opposite lane and crossed over the 2 busiest streets in the city, ran into an electrical pole, totaled my car and the ambulance had to pry the doors open to get me out and the doctors at the hospital didn’t think that I was going to make it. I didn’t come out of the seizure until I was in the x-ray room. Another one was when I was wrapping gifts on the floor for Christmas and fell against a wood stove that was burning and I burned a hole in my forehead the size of a .50 cent piece right down to the bone. I can go on with all my seizures that I remember but that is not the point of this email and I think you are getting an idea of what I am saying.

    You are not just born with epilepsy, but you can get it from an injury like I did. Adults get it when they never had it as a child. Epilepsy has this thing called SUDEP – It stands for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. I copied just a small thing for you to read because if I copied everything and told you about everything that epilepsy can do to you, you would be at the computer reading this email for hours. So here is just a very, very, small thing I copied for you
    For some people living with epilepsy, the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) is an important concern. SUDEP refers to deaths in people with epilepsy that are not caused by injury, drowning, or other known causes.1 Studies suggest that each year there are about 1.16 cases of SUDEP for every 1,000 people with epilepsy, although estimates vary.2

    Most, but not all, cases of SUDEP occur during or immediately after a seizure. The exact cause is not known, but these are possible factors:1,3-5

    Breathing. A seizure may cause a person to have pauses in breathing (apnea). If these pauses last too long, they can reduce the oxygen in the blood to a life-threatening level. In addition, during a convulsive seizure a person’s airway sometimes may get covered or obstructed, leading to suffocation.
    Heart rhythm. A seizure may cause a dangerous heart rhythm or cardiac arrest.
    Other causes and mixed causes. SUDEP may result from more than one cause or a combination involving both breathing difficulty and abnormal heart rhythm.
    My question to you is – why won’t the NFL support epilepsy and/or SUDEP? The NFL is supporting just about everything else. Do the players realize that with all the tackles, falls, and fights that they take, that there is a very high chance that somewhere along the line while they are still alive, they will get epilepsy? You would think that they would know this and because of that, there would be players supporting this cause. Helping others who have epilepsy who are supporting the NFL and supporting the players would be supported by the NFL so they can get their medications, surgery, and/or service dogs. Help the Epilepsy Foundation find a way to stop all of this from happening, helping them find a way to give the surgery to others no matter where the seizures are starting from in their heads, help those who can’t afford their medicine, and help those get a service dog that they can’t afford. We are not just asking you to support those with epilepsy, we are begging you to.

  • Fernando contreras says:

    Hola me llamo fernando soy de chile me gustaría saber si me podría ayudar a lograr mi sueño …..me gustaría llevar este bello deporte por mi país vendiendo sus productos y enseñándole a las nuevas generaciones parte de la historia ojalá se puedan contactar conmigo saludos y gracias

  • Mike B says:

    Thursday Déc. 1.2022 BILLS VS PATRIOTS. BILLS second TD Josh Allen was running to go OB at the last second, he jumped in the air and throws the ball, his whole body was completely OB when the ball left his hand, then landed inches from the end of the grey border. Why was that a good pass ?

  • Brent R. Edwards says:

    Will you please tell and teach your referees that there can also be offensive pass interference on the wide receiver!!! If they are together and the defender starts ging backwards faster than the wide receiver then it was a PUSH OFF!!!! A defensiveback has no chance in your league. Also you may as Mell put tag flags and a skirt on the quarterbacks and a pacifier in their mouths the way the referees treat them. About sick of the way you have turned the game. Honestly, Brent Edwards

  • Elliott says:

    Hello NFL headquarters will the state of oklahoma ever have a nfl team.

  • Jim Kuhfahl says:

    I am watching the Sunday night game and I am observing KC coach Andy Reid and several other KC coaching personnel standing in the restricted sideline area. Your rule is very clear that only NFL officials are permitted in the white area. Whey isn’t this rule inforced.?
    To be fair I couldn’t see the LA Chargers sideline with the camera angle.

  • David Simpson says:

    What is the NFL doing about referee 95 watching an obvious facemask penalty and not calling it? The impact of this was critical to this game. He should NOT be allowed to do the superbowl or any playoff games.

  • Dr. Barry Kaufman says:

    Game too fast for officials- and fans (like me) spend too much time and energy during game worrying about and responding to poor (incorrect as shown by replay) calls. System broken. How can you fix it?????

  • Fan says:

    I have been an NFL football fan for over 50 years and this year has been the worst in NFL officiating that I have witnessed! It has continued to get worst year after year, aren’t these guys held accountable to their performance on the job. I work in the woman’s health industry and if I made these type of mistakes on a continued basis, it could result in misdiagnosis of cancer and possibly someone’s life. I know my email won’t make that much of a difference but just hope that someone will eventually start to take notice, this season has been a joke as far as officiating goes, what a shame

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Just want to see an UNBIASED league and REFS says:

    The ridiculous bias in the league (by officials and league execs) has made the game genuinely unwatchable. When different standards are applied to different players and teams in the enforcement of penalties REPEATEDLY, it is no longer “officials are human” and make mistakes anymore. It is inherent bias and it makes the league worthless to watch. Maybe in 10 or 15 years when the league and network favorites are gone, it will be a a product for everyone again.

  • Rick says:

    I am done watching football every game i watch the referee’s make a holding call to bring back a big play away from the play. And its not even holding cause it happens on every play. It looks so rig these days that you guys screwed this game. I hope you and all refs lose your jobs

  • Robert E. Nash says:

    I don’t understand why with all of the money that this league is making that they can’t get the in game feeds correct. Teams score a field goal or extra point and at the banner it says that they are not good but were made. Also the stats part of the feed aren’t updated at all. What gives???

  • JK says:

    Springs cab company drivers were ripping off NFL fans after the Dolphins Steelers game 10-23-22. The driver of #3013 was charging $75 for a $30 fare which was charged by the another driver after I had to threaten to report him to police. He would only take cash. The female driver for Yellow Express #1906 pretended to be waiting on a passenger although she was 3rd in the taxi because she wanted more money. The NFL, Hardrock stadium, police, and the city leaders need to do a better job prevent crooked drivers. We are your fans.

  • Dedicated football fan says:

    You Took Thursday night football away from me you assholes you suck you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves fucking assholes

  • PO says:

    My overall view of the NFL is you don’t no how to take care of your player after football, when you retire at a job you receive a pension ! right but the job is hazardous and needs a better retirement plan……………

  • John Calder says:

    Amazon Prime sucks. I view TV by streaming from an iPad to a large screen (HDMI). With Prime, you can hear the sound but do not get a picture. I tried chatting with someone at Amazon Prime last night and they indicated “give me a minute” Still waiting for a response. I get sound and streaming live video for Fox Sports, ESPN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. It just does not work for Amazon Prime. I like the commentators on Amazon Prime, but since we (the family) can’t see the game, we will not be watching or listening to Thursday Night Football. Really a bummer.

  • Robert S says:

    Probably the poorest decision the NFL has ever made, Thursday night football on amazon prime. You’re excluding the majority of your senior audience. I am a Amazon prime member and I also have a Twitter account, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get Thursday night football on my TV. I know for a fact this is not an isolated issue there are many of us out there that feel the same way. If I had a 16-year-old living with me I know it would not be a problem but for me this is a big problem and I’m not happy about it.

  • David Nippa says:

    Well, this is Thursday night, and Chicago is playing Washington. And I was hoping to watch the game at home, but there’s a problem. I don’t have Wi-Fi, and in order to hook up to prime video, you must have Wi-Fi. I don’t own a computer so there’s really no need for me to have Wi-Fi. I get my internet off my phone. I’ll find a bar that has it, and I’ll go there. And I’ll watch the game but I won’t get in the audio. We all know that’s the way it works in a bar, you get to watch what’s going on, but you don’t get to hear what’s going on. You would think someone would have thought of this, before you signed up with Amazon for prime video. Smooth move.

  • David Nippa says:


  • Jesse G. says:

    (A. Adams behavior)

    We are getting so tired of seeing this type of behavior from the players. You guys just about lost me with the kneeling, and black national anthem. We only have one National Anthem, by the way. I’m getting so close to just turning you guys off forever, and never going to another game in person. Please shape up!


    Your once loyal fan that’s done, if you don’t hear me.

  • Mark Werman says:

    Two terrible roughing the passer calls this week. Just a quick reminder It is tackle football. Shame on the league officials and the referees. This situation needs to be fixed immediately and the referees from each game need to admit they made a mistake.

  • James MARSHALL says:

    I am all about safety first, but the officiating with the two calls on Brady and Carr isn’t good for the NFL. I believe the officials should have at least gone upstairs and have them to look at it and reverse the calls. Not fun to watch. Thanks, James.

    C’MON MAN !

  • Eric says:

    We are sick of your refs calling roughing the passer penalties on normal tackles. I guess we going to start boycotting games until you get control of bullshit like that. These are grown men my god put a flag on the qb and don’t let anyone tackle them!!!!

  • David Jay says:

    I’m out. Your using concussion protocols to dictate the play and outcome of games ant it is embarrassing. Take a look at your product or you will find more customers moving to Saturday afternoon. Good Luck.

  • Edwin S. Carpenter says:

    I’ve been a waning NFL fan for several years so you probably don’t care but the call today against Atlanta sealed my disinterest in your pitiful excuse of a “sport”. The official in question should be fired immediately and possibly Goodell for allowing this mockery of so called football. I’m absolutely stunned that something so ridiculous could even happen 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Bonnie says:

    So I went to two games today. First at the Washington Commanders at 1 pm and then drove to Baltimore for the 8:30 pm game. During the Raven game, once again an unfair situation took place. The Ravens stopped the Bengals from scoring during 4th down at the 2 yard line which meant they had to take over at the 2 yard line. If the Bengals had kicked and missed the field goal then the Ravens would have gotten the ball at the 20 yard line. When teams stop a team from scoring and the ball turn over to that team, the ball should always be placed at the 20 yard line. Please update this rule and you can name it after me…haha just kidding!!

  • James MARSHALL says:

    Terrible officiating, Tampa Bay, Atlanta game

  • A Very Disappointed Fan says:

    There are a lot of unhappy fans due to you all are focused on making money more! Having to pay Amazon prime because the Thursday night games aren’t showing on regular TV stations is very sad, not everyone can afforded to pay extra, the price of cable is high enough and not everyone stream on cell phones and computers.

  • Ex football fan says:

    Money is the goal of the NFL. You forget about the fans. You can’t watch Monday night football without subscribing to ESPN. You can’t watch Thursday night football without subscribing to Amazon Prime. What a shame if you can’t afford them. So I gess I will give up being a fan of football. It is on Facebook to boycott a d sign a partition to boycott Prime, ESPN, and nfl. You reap what you sew.

  • Joe says:

    Stop fixing games

  • Joe Pernell says:

    Commissioner Goodell, there has to be disciplinary action taken against DT Josh Tupou with the Cincinnati Bengals. I have replayed the tackle by DT Tupou made on Tua Taigovailoa, repeatedly. Tua was within the grasp. There was not any need for the swing and excessive toss to the ground. The video clearly shows that before Tua was tossed ferociously to the ground, he was helpless in the grasp of DT Tupou. DT Tupou did not have to continue with the swing and toss.

    The league has to consider the excessiveness of the force and technique of the tackle utilized to get a sack. The technique utilized by DT Tupou was clearly too forceful and brutal. Frankly, at the least, DT Tupou should be singled out for the brutality of his action. His action reflected a lack of professionalism for another player. Clearly, the game has become so violent to the extent that hits have become so vicious that the league has to implement some type of curtailment to protect players from hits of the type done by DT Tupou.

  • Mike Farris says:

    Re: Rule Change

    After the latest head injury of Tua Tagovailoa, it is time for a rules change immediately.

    Rule: The quarterback cannot not be touched behind the line of scrimmage. By rule, the
    quarterback will have 10 seconds to run or pass the ball. After 10 seconds, the referee will
    assess a 10 yard penalty for failure to advance the ball beyond the line of scrimmage which
    is as good as a sack.

    If the quarterback runs the ball beyond the line of scrimmage, he will be treated as a running
    back and can be tackled.

    This rule will project quarterbacks. Defenses will have to cover better, but it is necessary for
    the safety of quarterbacks and the ultimate good of the game.

  • J schraa says:

    How irresponsible . Using financial power to exploit people. Your sport is not protecting the players you pretend to care about . It is like black lung for coal miners.

  • Geoff Wilson says:

    I was excited when it was announced that the NFL was expanding the schedule to include Thursday games. Now I have to have a subscription to Amazon Prime. This is ridiculous. Why not just say the games are pay-per-view, instead of signing a contract with a company that wields too much influence already. I would rather have Thursday games cancelled than to give anymore of my money to Amazon. The NFL strikes again, way to sell out the little guy.

  • James Jacobs says:

    Hello Commisioner I have a great suggestion regarding the off setting penalty because no one gets penalized, why call a penalty when nothing is being enforced!! The purpose of a penalty is to establish accountability so I would like to suggest penalize the team with the more severe penalty to complete a smoother process!!!! Just a suggestion!

  • william davenport says:

    amazon prime its the best i cant belive how much netter than cbs nbc abc and fox i love it wish they had more games

  • Vince McMahon says:

    National football entertainment! Vince McMahon would be proud! Greedy fuckers.

  • Kelvin Halsey says:

    Please tell me that this a good business model… selling our football time to billionaires. I love football!! Since childhood it’s been my go to for professional sports…. I have put 2 girls through college…. and I have every cable channel known to man to keep up with professional sports… Dont let Companies like Amazon control if we can watch football on TV… They’re only looking to cement more Prime Customers … and get richer…. You have more than enough sponsors to support the NFL…. You will destroy the league continuing fine this path…. Consumers are smarter these days….. and this will be the start of failure…..

  • Wayne Smith says:

    The partnership you have with Direct TV is a joke; unfortunately, the joke is on your fans. Their customer service is awful. I have been stood up twice now to have “NFL Sunday Ticket” installed. That means I had to take time off from work to be at home for a tech who never arrived. You either (a) did not your due diligence relative to their service standards or (b) just decided to take the money and run regardless of how bad they may be. This reflects poorly on you and on the game. If this happens again, I will be filing a consumer complaint against them and the NFL.

  • Tom orsini says:

    This is 2 weeks in a row I can’t watch the Cleveland browns that is ridiculous,Youngstown st was on but not the browns

  • Ronny Z says:

    NFL (https://corporateofficeheadquarters.org/nfl/ provides a fake email address to “roger.goodell@nfl.com” to the public. Outlook kicked it back! That’s how you people at the NFL play your clients, like a bunch of idiots?? Nice!!!

  • Ronny Z says:

    Long suffering JETS fan, signed up for NFL Game Pass last year under installment plan. Like a dummy I forgot to delete my card info and the NFL accounting SHYLOCKS sneaked and charged this year’s 1st installment a month before the 1st regular season game. Two days before that 1st game I get an email threatening to suspend my account if I didn’t pay the 2nd installment. Wait a minute, the 1st game hasn’t even been played yet. I paid the 1st installment, why cant I watch the first 3 or 4 games like last year? Why? Because I slipped and let your SHYLOCKS pick my account clean for those $34 a month before the 1st game? Since then, 10 emails w/ a bunch of human robots who can only “apologize for the inconvenience” and say that I need to pay the 2nd installment.” Thousands of more intelligent folks paid their first installment a day or two before the 1st regular season game and can now watch the first 3 or 4 games? But I pay the 1st installment and haven’t been able to watch jack sh_t. That’s how you NFL SHYLOCKS treat the folks who pay half your salaries?? Prove me wrong and get this mess right.

  • Ken says:

    Why did you guys remove the Thursday nite game from regular tv bad move also why do you baby Tom Brady with his baby like tantrums he thoughts he breakers expensive equipment but you guys sit there why hasn’t he been ejected or better yet suspended for the season why do you baby him

  • David David Weaver says:

    I think you guys just outfor the money!!! 2 games on Monday night and 1 on Thursday which most people cant watch . Fuck you money grubbing ASSHOLES

  • rodger godell says:

    no more Thursday night football on a normal TV station? just goes to show you could careless about the commoners that have supported you (literally) over the years NFL moving in the wrong direction!

  • buddy says:

    bears scored ass hole
    blatant bias
    racist league

  • Gregory Patterson says:

    Please do not continue working with DirecTV for NFL Sunday Ticket. It damages the league and your reputation. DirectTV completely fails to deliver the product through streaming subscriptions and fails to offer any customer service. Hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing widespread outages and application failures. As a consequence we are unable to watch your games and will find alternative sources of entertainment.

  • SCOTT says:

    Hi Mr. Goodell

    I am sorry to bother you Sir but I feel we have the right to question the NFL regrading Mr. Ross’s Suspension from the NFL.

    As a season ticket holder (With family and my best friend) since inception of the team, I would like to ask an important question. Stephen Ross is suspended from all activities with the Miami Dolphins, and not allowed to dolphin facility or any NFL event, HOW CAN HE ATTEND THE GAME LAST SUNDAY?

    This indeed was your NFL Statement………………Ross is suspended through October 17, 2022. During this period, he may not be present at the Dolphins’ facility and may not represent the club at any team or NFL event. He may not attend any League meeting prior to the Annual Meeting in 2023, is removed from all League committees indefinitely, and fined $1.5 million

    This is outrageous and a slap in the face to NFL, to the Dolphins, and TO ALL FANS who are upset with his tampering & loss our teams draft picks. He sat in his box in defiance and eventually he moved and hid in 2nd row of is box. I know this because our Season tickets are in club section a few rows in front of owners box. So I would ask again HOW CAN HE ATTEND THE GAME LAST SUNDAY? Please know that my family became started season ticket holders from the very first year (1966) of their start in the NFL and have supported this team financially and the NFL for as well since then, as I was six when I went to first game and now I am a 62 year old true fan of the NFL & our home town team.

    Also, please know that this is same Mr. Ross is the same owner, that a few years ago, built a wall in front of his box so club seat fans could not see him. Then the following year, he forbid (Used his security guards to enforce this) our sections from taking any pictures of anyone in his box. Then the next season, he would not even let us turn around to look. Can you imagine, we cannot even look. If we did either, his security guards came down to the seats and advised parents, young children that there is NO LOOKING. Literally, they say NO LOOKING or…………they would escort out of the stadium.

    So Can you imagine that some of the greatest moments of being at an NFL game is to see your favorite players and in Miami Dolphins stands, you cannot. Crazy as I am sure you would agree. When kids (or Adults) get to see Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, and other of the greatest players ever, we cannot take pics of them or even look at them. Parents that spend a huge amount of money to take their kids to an NFL game and have a child hear all of this firsthand!! They find out that they cannot do anything but watch the field of play. Kills the experience for the kids and for the parents. Last year, our club sections were not even allowed to yell or boo loudly, as the guards come down to let you know you will be removed. We spend approx.. $20,000 for three season club seats with parking and we cannot look, take pictures or boo loudly? Lastly, he eliminated ALL parking for club seat owners & blue/purple primary parking on dolphins home team side of stadium. Only Black parking passes were allowed & those are only available to corporate season ticket holders. This is NOT what the NFL is all about, as I am sure you would 110% agree.

    Please know that our season tickets are now in my best friends name as they had to be in mine or his. My best friends Uncle used to own the Philadelphia eagles so we have been active on NFL side for decades. He passed away a few years ago but his name is Jerry Wolman.

    It is time for the NFL to do something a Just wanted you to know that this is a legitimate email and insight about this Sir. Thanks for taking the time for you or one of your associates to read this and to reply. It would be appreciated.

  • Lowell Halvorson says:

    What a joke your Thursday night football game. Most of US didn’t even get and people who did reception sucked

  • Cody C. Boulware says:

    “The game will be streamed EXCLUSIVELY through Prime Video.” I’m sorry but what ever happen to watching NFL Football at home on a normal TV. I’m not one to complain about technology and making money but did you happen to consider the normal people of this country that just like to get off work and go home and watch a great NFL Football game? Well, some of us could not last night unless you had a Smart TV, Internet service, and a subscription to Amazon Prime. I have each and everything I need to but many of my co-workers did not. You know what the best part of watching NFL Football? Well, it’s the day after talking about the game with your friends and co-workers. Which many of mine could not due to the NFL Football game being on Prime Only. Unfortunately, my internet was lagging so not only did I have to watch the game on my cell phone but buy the time it was through the game has been over for thirty minutes and the score is presented on the NFL Network before I had a chance to finish it. I know you will never get this email or even give a crap about my concerns, but I need to speak my mind so thanks for your time.
    Remember that if you take care of the people the money will come.

    Thanks for your time,

    Cody C. Boulware

  • There will be no NFL without fans says:

    Our Comcast bill is $189 in which $32 of that goes to sports fee and broadcast fee for the sports including NFL
    now we have to pay a goddamn fee for prime videos to watch football.
    why don’t you sell Sunday night football Rights to AppleTV to make more money as well ,
    Then sell one of the Monday night football games to Netflix, on on on and on.
    There will be no NFL without fans

  • Frank Klavinger says:

    Shame on your organization for taking Thursday night football away from your loyal fans, been watching since the 70’s, your greed amazes me, I can barely afford my sports package and now you want me too buy stream TV, maybe I’ll just quit watching and buying NFL products. I hope you end up like Nascar with empty stands and low viewership.

    Thanks a lot Frank Klavinger

  • Kenny Clyde says:

    I think Thursday night football sucked on Amazon. Also disappointed your in bed with online gambling. But I’m 70 years old and a lifetime fan. Not so much anymore.

  • Sean says:

    You suck can’t watch Thursday night football on regular t v. Going to get Amazon and not going to watch Any NFL at all and I’m not going to support any sponsors!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Lane says:

    As of tonight, I am boycotting the NFL. Until they end their whatever contract with Amazon, I will boycott both Amazon and the NFL. What does Amazon have anything to do with the NFL? What are they going to by next, my life? I am very angry. It’s Thursday night and Amazon and the NFL have ruined it. Go straight to hell! And, it will be a cold day in hell before l buy another item on Amazon.

  • Sue Olsen says:

    I wish there could be an unsportsmanship penalty for coach Pete Carroll for encouraging fans and team members to boo Russell Wilson at the Seattle/Denver game. He should have to forfeit the game. It is absolutely not an appropriate way to treat anyone nevertheless an outstanding former player. ….Rude, offensive, very unprofessional, horrible …..I could go on and on. Judging by the online comments I am not the only person who found this totally wrong and what a poor way to set an example especially for young people.
    Somehow he should be held accountable and penalized for unacceptable behavior.
    And I will never watch or listen to a Seahawk game again.
    S. Olsen, Bellevue, WA

  • Ann Dalton says:

    The Amazon streaming broadcast of the Kansas City-Chargers game is so bad that my husband and I are going to switch to something else. It’s TERRIBLE – blurred picture and delays where a play is missed. Did Amazon pay a lot?
    We at least subscribe to Amazon Prime, but I imagine a lot of people don’t.
    You surely can get enough from the regular networks or ESPN.

  • Kathy Firor says:

    Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime??? What a great way to limit the regular folks from seeing. Only rich people can afford Prime.

  • Bill says:

    Will the NFL contribute paying my Amazon subscription? I have NFL Network, yet Thursday night game isn’t broadcast onTHE NFL NETWORK. WTF?

  • David A. Buckingham says:

    Put Thrusday night football back on a nationally televised channel.

  • Larry says:

    Why isn’t tonight’s game at least for us that pay enough for cable on the NFL channel on regular cable.
    I pay over $250. a month just alone for hi Def cable.
    Now I have to pay more for NFL+ or Amazon+.
    Come on man, I’m retired and on a fixed income and now to watch an NFL game, you want me to pay more!!!!
    Please go back to at least airing game on regular cable nfl network.

  • Jim says:

    I find “Black Lives Matter” and other political slogans on helmets to be distasteful. Given the fact that the organization (BLM) engaged in violence and property damage (never acceptable) and not to mention money laundering makes it, in my opinion, highly inappropriate. I think a reminder of these activities is not something that all of America is interested in either. While black lives certainly do matter the slight of hand still gives a nod to an organization that does not deserve the attention.

    Not that my viewership of the NFL is of any relevance but as a run of the mill middle class white guy I felt somewhat excluded when I saw this, and it did compel me to turn off what was a very entertaining MNF game last night. There is this notion in the country now that as white people it is a given that we have somehow engaged in the oppression of certain ethnic groups, and that is pinned on people now because of skin color…in other words racism being perpetuated now on a large scale. To me this is lunacy and akin to the distant relatives of holocaust survivors attacking 3rd generation German Americans for being of German descendance. For an organization such as the NFL to engage in this is reckless

  • ron grzelak says:

    Watching Monday night football with the Manning’s is a bust. They are just plain bad with their comments. Turned off the sound which helped me concentrate on the game but their image on the screen was distracting. This is an example of the Peter Principle.

  • Hazzy says:

    I wish I could watch a fucking football game without having to log in or pay for every fucking app. Sell out mother fuckers and fuck your Goodell

  • John E Wilson says:

    Colts and Houston game.
    They had a helmet to helmet by no 5 I thank player name Pierce and using helmet on colts wide receiver and he got 15 yards penalty how come he was to still play the rest of game has Colts player was injured and didn t come back in play rest of game
    Does he set out next game or NFL going to fine him money and a game
    John E Wilson

  • TN Reilly says:

    NFL Executives & Mr. Goodell,

    As a southern woman, I adore football. Baseball I can live without but not football.

    However I will give it up, as long as the NFL continues to hire the sexual predator, Deshaun Watson. He has settled 23 civil cases because he sexually assaulted those women during his massages. He has a pattern Just like every other sexual predator. He will assault more women. Sexual predators ALWAYS DO.

    Perhaps you know that the statistics,
    that at least 1 out of 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.
    I have finally gotten to a healthy place after my assault.
    I don’t know if I will ever get to a healthy place after my 15 year old daughter’s. Three years later, and I am still watching my daughter try to rebuild her life, her faith, and her ability to trust.

    There was a Me Too movement. I’m pretty sure the NFL even stated they were for it, for supporting women to stand up & not allow themselves to be victims anymore.

    So how can you support a sexual predator?

    The Texans are being sued for allowing it.
    When Deshaun Watson assaults again, and he will – I wonder how long that lawsuit will take against the NFL.

    If all of the NFL owners agreed that they would not hire this man, he would be done. A suspension and a fine is not enough. He has violated the code of conduct policy for the NFL.

    Your support for the Me Too movement means nothing unless you TRULY support women. Unless you truly support women like my daughter.

    I believe you’re decent people, and I also believe that you care what kind of PR the NFL presents, and you can understand the moral standards that your players teach today’s youth.
    As a businessman you should also care about the future lawsuits.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Kathy J Copp says:

    The NFL should check into Buzzbee and his behavior… something smells fishy and doesn’t add up in the Watson case. If Buzzbee really cared about accusations regarding sexual assault/abuse/misconduct against women I doubt he would have been such a staunch supporter of a former president not only accused of but also self admitted being able to abuse (or take advantage of) women if you have money. I am a logical thinker (it’s a blessing & a curse) and something is not adding up. He offered a 100k deal to begin with and Watson said NO he was not guilty of what was alleged. Then 2 grand juries in questionable racist Texas just let him off? Makes no sense. Come on use your noggin.

  • Alan Lyman says:

    Fuck you pussy mother fuckers…even blacking out preseason games? Fuck the corporate nfl

  • Richard Romero says:


  • Jim Vargas says:

    i live in phoenix arizona and i would like to watch all the seahawks games. how can i do this without direct tv

  • Gregg Young says:

    Dear Execs:

    I was in Portugal last year during Superbowl and ordered a $15 pass to view the two conference championships and the SB. Subsequently, I just received notice that my subscription has been autorenewed for $145. I already have access in the US to all the NFL games I care to see through a separate Direct TV subscription. I do NOT need this redundant autorenewal subscription nor can I find any communication in my email history of being informed that I was going to be charged for it.

    On your web-site there is no clear message about what to do to cancel a subscription. I am really frustrated that it’s so confusing and time-consuming to correct this situation.

    Please reach out to give me direction on how to clean this up.

    Is any other fan out there having the same issue with autorenewal?



  • andew tyler says:

    patrick peterson of the nfl vikings football team is and has been killing his cousin trelesa morgan and her children by having them robbed so they can starve and live outside in a car with no air conditioner and die and they have paid police to ignore trelesa morgans police reports since 2018 in a plan to murder

    • Tresa Morgan says:

      TRELESA Morgan has mental issues and needs help. We pray that she gets the mental help and medication she needs.

  • cynthia colbert says:

    patrick peterson date of birth 7/11/90 of the nfl vikings football team is and has been killing his cousin trelesa morgan and her children by having them robbed so they can starve and live outside in a car with no air conditioner and die and they have paid police to ignore trelesa morgans police reports since 2018 in a plan to murder

    • Tresa Morgan says:

      TRELESA Morgan has mental issues and needs help. We pray that she turns herself into a mental facility and gets the help & medication she needs for her and her daugther.

  • Barbara says:

    Taking out the word God and Jesus and Family is the perfect storm to never support your dumb asses !

  • ITESCA Whitham says:

    We collect the super bowl patches Thru Willabee &Ward. Thus years patch does not have the Roman numerals incorporated on the patch. Is there another we could get showing LVI?

  • Melissa Wade says:

    Tom Brady gets away with another one. Why would the NFL think only Miami should be penalized for talking to Brady when little tommy boy has been in the NFL for over 20 years. Are you telling me he doesn’t know the rules. I’m sure that is why he isn’t practicing with Miami. Probably why he retired to begin with then stomped his foot and pouted til Goodell gave into him. Goodell needs to retire so Brady stops getting away with breaking NFL rules and illegal stuff he does. It is disgusting. Won’t even be surprised if he (yes just Brady wins the Superbowl again) smh
    And I would like Goodell to respond and answer the question of why Brady gets away with it all?

  • D R Hause says:

    Screw GoodeLL AND the NFL. So you don’t allow a little kid to say how he thinks God and his family?
    This is just one more reason we will boycott and sensor the NFL and ESPN

  • James Hay says:

    Why dose the network show the Raiders so much but most of the other teems very little, example, the Falcons have not been shown at all. I would appreciate a reply. Thanks, James Hay @ jhmg32@gmail.com or 907-360_6878

  • Leonard Hunter says:

    Rodger Goodell. I see you guys are at it again. Hypocrisy by you and the NFL. I’m a Dallas fan, don’t have a dog in the fight. But fair is fair. You appointed Sue Robinson to investigate Deshaun Watson. She did that and made a ruling. Because SOME don’t like the ruling you move the goal post. Typical NFL while ya’ll sweep Krafts and Snyder’ crap under the rug. LET THE RULING STAND !!! LET THE MAN PLAY FOOTBALL. NO NFL GEAR OR ATTENDING FEDEX STADIUM FOR ME THIS YEAR. (TO SEE Dallas). Thanks for listening.

  • Disappointed says:

    Well, once again the nfl is going to allow yet another player get away with a “soft” penalty for assault against women. DeShaun Watson should be suspended for a year, but apparently you need to protect one of your so called stars. As a women supporting the nfl for several years, I am very disappointed. I’ve spent my time and money supporting this league. I guess you don’t really respect women or you would give an appropriate penalty showing women you do respect them. Hopefully, other women will will also withdraw their support to an organization that could care less about us. Who do you think spends money on your merchandise? I would bet it’s mostly women. Maybe if you don’t care about doing the right thing, you might care about your bottom line. This was an opportunity for you to stand up to this horrible behavior of way too many of your players, but I guess you lack the courage to do the right thing once again.

  • Ken robine says:

    I guess nfl players Watson can get away with anything. You folks can kiss my ass as I won’t be supporting any more of your games. Pittsburgh.

  • David says:

    Commissioner Goodell,

    This correspondence is to express my deep dissatisfaction with the potential NFL’s decision to suspend Deshaun Watson for a mere 6 games.

    As background about myself, I have been a loyal NFL fan for over 40 years. Now, I live in Japan and have looked forward to watching your Sunday Night games live here on our Monday mornings for quite some time. This season, I will not watch if this is the decision. I know that I am nothing to you in your grand scheme of profit making and ratings. So, my lack of viewership will mean very little to absolutely nothing to you.

    Although many of the lawsuits against Mr. Watson have been settled for monetary value, I would like to point out the greater evil in allowing a predator like him to allow to exist in your league.

    You may want to overlook this or dismiss this as a series of women who wanted to make a quick buck. However, to dismiss out of hand the sexual misconduct allegations of 24 women as a light offense, whether they settled out of court or not, is grossly unjust. Your stated policy is, “Violations involving assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault will result in a baseline six-game suspension without pay.” You are setting your “baseline” for sexual assault at 2 dozen women.

    You may think think that the US, as a so-called first world country, is immune to human trafficking. But let us be clear about one point, sexual abuse in any country comes down to one principle, one person assuming control over another for their own pleasure. These women, all 2 dozen of them, were put in a position of no control when a wealthy, high-profile, man wanted sexual gratification. With reportedly, the help of his team.

    This is the standard you will set if you choose to suspend Mr. Watson the minimum of 6 games. Mr. Goodell, you have 2 daughters yourself, both at the age when a predator such as Mr. Watson would target them. Is this the standard you want to set for your own daughters? That sexually violating them amounts to a 6-week vacation?

    Your actions now will set the legacy of your term as commissioner of the NFL. I ask that you make the final decision with everyone’s daughters in mind.


  • David says:

    Sent an email. Returned instantly.

  • Claude says:

    The e mail listed on your web site (roger.goodell@nfl.com), see below, is not correct.How can I contact someone with questions on NFL +?Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

    roger.goodell@nfl.com (roger.goodell@nfl.com)
    The email address you entered couldn’t be found. Please check the recipient’s email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.

  • Dawn M Riley, CEO, Founder & Victims Learning to Survive says:

    Hello Mr. Goodell and the rest of the NFL staff,

    Hopefully you are all enjoying your summer!

    DVA-Lions Club is at it again. We are in the planning stage for our 2nd Annual Turn The World Purple – Stand Against Domestic Violence 2022 Worldwide Movement (#TTWP22).

    October 15, 2022 is the date for this year’s event. We would like to ask for your assistance in turning the world purple! We are excited to have new sponsors this year and are looking forward to this year’s event.

    DVA Lions Club would like to ask the NFL to support National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, International Women’s Day, and Overdose Awareness in October 2022. October is also National Bullying Prevention Month (Blue).

    We would like to request that purple lights be added to your arenas in support of domestic violence awareness.
    This is a worldwide movement and this is our 2nd year. We had great participation last year in many states, many countries in Africa, Turkey, and Portugal!!

    We would be honored if the NFL would show support for Domestic Violence Awareness and Overdose Awareness month. There is an intersectionality between domestic violence and addiction and we are asking for your support by adding purple lights to the outside of NFL arenas throughout the month of October 2022.

    This will be an annual worldwide movement that we would like to build on annually until the entire world is purple.

    We are also looking for sponsors by logo and help in marketing the 2022 Worldwide Movement. Last year we were late with our request. This year we would like to ask with plenty of time to adjust the lights and hopefully gain your support.

    We look forward to hearing from you and are very excited to be hosting our 2nd annual worldwide domestic violence

  • Terrence J Kane says:

    roger.goodell@nfl.com IS NOT A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.

    Please provide a valid address…

  • Clayton Harding says:

    I’ve been trying to find the answer to a (my own) trivia question; I hope you can help me. It’s my contention that Carl “Spider” Lockhart may have an obscure record: most Punt Returns by a Punter (&/or vice-versa). He punted 13 times for the late ’60s Giants, and returned 64 punts for them as well. How can I verify whether this is a record? Here’s his stats: pro-football-reference.com/players/L/LockCa00.htm

  • Janet R. - Chicago, IL says:

    The allegations contained in the 24th lawsuit against Deshaun Watson, regarding Watson’s alleged behavior when reaching the height of his “Happy moment,” in addition to soliciting over 100 unknown women for what he knew was an “attempted sexual encounter” clearly forms the basis for immediately putting Watson on administrative leave with pay until these matters are either settled or resolved before a Jury. I understand it is he said, she said in these cases. But let’s put it into perspective…..it is ONE he said, and 24 She saids! To have suspended Ezekiel Elliott for 6 months on allegations that your own investigative lawyer did not find credible enough to warrant such a lengthy suspension, you putting Watson on paid administrative leave now, and later suspending him for at least one year is the least you can do to relieve us from this slimy drama.

  • William Foskett says:

    Mr. Goodell, Have you decided to enforce the rule that “you made” about discipline for players, coaches and staff that don’t stand and respect the United Sates flag during the national anthem yet? I’ve waited for 5 years, and not watched the NFL for those 5 years. I need to hear you say that you will discipline these disrespectors and enforce “your rule” or this will be year 6 that I don’t watch the NFL (after being a Packer fan for over 60 years). According to TV news, summer camps have begun. Your decision is what? I’m waiting, … till game time. (I am a United States Army veteran)

  • Brian Baker says:

    First thanks for reading my email! I love the nfl and have been a fan since I was a child but what’s going on with DeShawn Watson is beyond disturbing! Now 24 women accuse him of inappropriate and extremely disturbing behavior! The only reason to get that many massages is for them to be sexual. One of the faces of the nfl is someone you wouldn’t want around your own wife,daughter or children can’t happen. There is zero chance all 24 are lying!!! This guy should never step foot on the playing field ever again! How can you honestly say that this behavior is ok to women with a straight face? You can’t! I hope you would please consider the severity of what is in front of you! I pray that you make the right decision! God bless and take care! Sincerely Brian Baker

  • DEREK A DUNCAN says:

    So I get why the schedulers want Vikes vs Packers IN LAST 2 TO 3 WEEKS OF THE SEASON… but why do Vikings ALWAYS GO TO LAMBAEU at end the season when its cold and crappy?? Why cant Vike’s get Lambeau in first 4-5 weeks when its still sunny?? ( and then get the later game indoors so we have a better chance for big passing plays not being altered by high winds / snow). seems RIGGED to benefit the packers every stinking year!!! AND YES I REPEAT THE WORD RIGGED!! CUZ YOU KNOW IT IS!!! Sorry Roger but i had to say it–please have alternating home fields for same conferences. Rodgers will be gone soon–quit trying to favor that nut job!!

  • Nicholas swint says:

    Dear NFL I’m a chargers fan so next time the chargers play a nfc East opponent I would like the chargers to travel Philadelphia again or play the giants at MetLife stadium or if they travel to Dallas I would like chargers to play the cowboys on thanksgiving all games on fox for the 2023-24 season

  • Keith B Carter says:

    Tried calling the NFL office to inquire about packages for the games being played in Europe during the 2022 season. I would appreciate someone from the office to contact me with details for any of the dates in Europe. Thank you, Keith B Carter

  • Caleb Stephen Dilliplane says:

    So i’m watching the usfl and I am not impressed. I mean I feel like if the NFL created a sub league for players on teams practice squads would be more interesting to watch then the usfl and I am not capitalizing usfl for a reason. You can have a development league for players but also for assistant coaches as well, to show that there are plenty of capable coaches and players who can not make the active roster during the season. You can do a season for practice squad players after the playoffs and know it won’t compete with the NBA playoffs but still give an opportunity for them to show their worth and possibly influence a team in deciding whether or not to draft a like player in their position. In all, just not impressed with the usfl and a possible opportunity for the NFL, assistant coaches, and practice squad players that people would remember from their college days. Furthermore, you can work with ESPN, ABC, CBS, and so on to make sure games do not compete with the NBA schedule and will be more appealing than whatever this usfl is. Fly Eagles Fly!

  • NFL says:

    When the time comes up I would like to run for Commissioner.

  • Bears fan says:

    Well add NFL to long list of sports too quit supporting. Seems my country is going WOKE, thanks Rodger…..

  • timothy mosley says:

    My idea for overtime
    Both offenses get the ball and after both teams score a touchdown then turn to sudden death.
    But my idea is to not allow punts or fieldgoals. So both teams have to go for it on 4th down. If 1st team doesn’t score 2nd can win game with td.
    If 1st & 2nd score then sudden death but team still has to get a touchdown to win.
    This will also give defensive minded teams a chance to elect to kick and hope to stop the other team with a short field to score.
    Also let which ever team did not win the initial coin toss choice to receive or kick.

    Please honor me if this gets excepted.

    Timothy Mosley

  • NFL & Sports Fan says:

    My comments below do not describe all NFL players. There are many players who put on their uniform to represent a team, a city and most importantly their parents, wives and children. They understand how their actions are a reflection on others and also how those actions can impact others. These are the players fans are proud to cheer for. 
    But unfortunately, the “players” that are putting the league in the moral crosshairs in society do not seem to be being held accountable. 

    For many years now, based on the
    “penalties” handed down to players accused/charged with domestic abuse, sexual assault and or sexual misconduct against women, it goes without saying the NFL is about making money, no matter what type of player is allowed to wear a team uniform. 

    Playing NFL football should be considered a privilege and all the same rules, laws and professional conduct standards that all other hard working Americans are held accountable by should be no different. If the Players Association has to negotiate with team owners and the league as to how players will be treated when these unlawful acts, if accused or charged, there is something seriously wrong. To me, this just proves that these unacceptable actions towards women (and men) are going to continue.  The players know their own weaknesses and flaws and are taking precautions to protect themselves…because they know it’s going to happen!

    These players would not need to negotiate anything if they were not doing anything wrong. 
    When “men” are payed millions of dollars to play a game, they take on a God complex and truly believe that they are untouchable. 
    They know the league or a team will always consider the financial impact of not having them on the field before handing them any type of punishment, if any at all. 
    If they wear out their welcome on one team, because of bad behavior, it won’t be long before another team signs them for possibly even more money. 

    Insanity is continuing the same (bad) behavior over and over and expecting different results. To me, until the actions of the NFL (and other professional sports organizations) really show that  they respect women and that it is the right thing to do, the actions of many of the professional athletes towards women WILL NEVER CHANGE. This is why it is still and will continue to be a problem and sickness in professional sports. 

    The majority of your fan base is men (young and old) and they are looking at these players as heroes, and this should not always be the case. Have you ever considered how many of these men view abuse towards women as no big deal because of the lack of accountability for professional football players. 
    I am so tired of hearing men on sports talk radio come to the defense of DeShaun Watson it makes me sick. 
    Society has become more focused on trying to discredit a woman (or 22 women) in these cases, they lose sight of the damage done to the woman/women. All they are concerned about is that DeShaun Watson deserves to be playing football!  He’s us sooo great, poor DeShaun!  Sickening!!

    These women are forever affected by his actions. Whether criminal charges happen or not, DeShaun Watson is guilty of sexual misconduct.  An innocent person doesn’t plead the 5th. 
    And saying that he is doing it because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his case being heard by a Grand Jury, may be implying that he is afraid HE will be asked a question that when answered under oath, would probably implicate him in the actions he is being charged with. 

    The last time I checked, even in consensual sex, a woman(or man) has the right to say NO or STOP!  At that point it is no longer consensual!!  Just because he is DeShaun Watson, doesn’t mean that rule doesn’t apply to him!!

    Ask yourself, why are so many women speaking out against just one player?  Why does one player need so many different massage therapists?  Is this behavior common?  Do NFL teams not provide massage therapists to their players?  Maybe that’s something credible the Player’s Association should look into being provided to all players. 

    I understand that you are in a lose lose situation when it comes to what type of punishment will be decided on for DeShaun Watson, but consider what is the greatest loss.
    Is not upsetting the player, team owner, coach, and fan base worth not standing up for what is right?  
    Is a slap on the wrist going to deter NFL players in the future from committing these atrocities against other women?  I wouldn’t think so just based on the fact that I am writing this letter 12 year after the Ray Lewis incident. 

    Stand up for women, who are scared to speak out because of how they are discredited and told, “you brought it on yourself”! They are painted to be the bad person.  

    Maybe even more importantly, show young men looking at the NFL for heroes, through your actions, that women deserve respect even from professional football players!  Imagine being able to contribute so greatly to a more positive future for the NFL. 

    I would love to ask all the men who are chomping at the bit for DeShaun Watson to play football again, would they be ok if one of these women, accusing DeShaun, was their sister, daughter, mother, aunt, or anyone in their family?  Would they be so quick to say it was her fault or that nothing happened?  Would they just tell her to keep it to herself and not say anything, just so they could watch DeShaun play football?! I would hope not.

    There is a saying…
    “Privilege without accountability equals entitlement!”

    Please don’t let this be the continued practice/policy of the NFL. 

    I am not so naive to think that all of these accusations and charges are 100% accurate, but if even one woman has been victimized, I would consider that one person being victimized is too many and something harsh enough must happen to help prevent this from happening again, and again, and again!

    You are a husband and the father of daughters, I believe you would do anything in the world to protect them.  You have the ability to start making a difference for so many more! 

    As a mother of one daughter and two granddaughters, I ask you to be a difference maker!  Be the one who says enough is enough!

    Best of luck to you as you navigate rough waters!!

    NFL & Sports Fan

  • Angry Fan says:

    You just killed Thursday Night Football. Not everyone has or wants Amazon Prime! Won’t be watching Thursday Night Football anymore!

  • Really! says:

    Every morning we watch NFL Network. Today, we saw a new commercial with the song “walk a mile in my shoes”

    I could not believe that while trying to promote unity on NFL Network the commercial continues to show a Middle Eastern girl waving at a white family and the white family not waving back.

    Seriously! The fact it is deliberately pointing the finger as if white people are the only group in our country with racist views. Unacceptable!!

    Not every white person in America is living the dream. We have faced racism as well. I am appalled with this message of unity, walk a mile in my shoes, understand others… except watch out for the white people, Come on!

    Honestly- I have been in many cities and towns where I am the outsider. I’ve been targeted, judged, messed with, intimidated, harassed and pushed around for being white.

    I’m all for equality. Everyone should be able to succeed.

    It’s just too bad that the commercial puts someone like me in that group. Way to promote understanding of others… that will sure show these kids we are all raising just how to continue to racial profile.

    Walk a mile in my shoes, by the way I wave back.

  • Jim Wisdom says:

    Has the NFL started buying land outside of Dallas Texas for a new headquarters?

  • Bernie Deemer says:

    Tom Brady should not go into the NFL Hall of Fame for cheating just as Pete Rose didn’t get into the Hall of Fame in baseball for cheating after all right is right

    • Janet R. - Chicago, IL says:

      Bernie, did you review the evidence Florio uncovered about the NFL failing to release the data they take on weather conditions affecting the inflation of footballs? The fact that there was NO evidence that Brady was involved, or that the deflation of the balls was not the result of weather conditions. It is unbelievable that the “deflategate” story yielded a report, which I believe was over 500 pages, and NOTHING, NADA, NUL, pages were released on the Washington scandal, not to mention the continuning Watson drama. Come on Bernie. Seriously?

  • Ken Smitherman says:

    Dear Commissioner:
    As a retired educator I am trying to wrap my head around how a supposedly mature and caring man would be responsible for televising a halftime show for the Super Bowl that endorsed and promoted a popular genre of so called music that denigrates people and promotes gutter lifestyle.

    Perhaps you just don’t know. So I am attaching a piece by Juan Williams that might enlighten:


    Sir, do you in your leadership position not owe your nation a bit more? (Not a rhetorical question)

  • Jeremy B says:

    Hello Mr Goodell,

    Huge football fan here and have been since I was a kid. Great season this year was even though my Bucs didn’t get to the Big game. I just had a few ideas that I have been thinking about and wonder what your thoughts were?

    Its been 20 years since a realignment. Maybe its time for a shuffle if you will? Here are my ideas..


    Browns, Bengals, Colts & Bills

    Titans, Jaguars, Dolphins & Texans

    Patriots, Jets, Steelers & Ravens

    Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers & Broncos


    Bears, Lions, Vikings & Packers

    Bucs, Saints, Falcons & Cowboys

    Giants, Commanders, Eagles & Panthers

    Cardinals, Rams, 49ers & Seahawks

    Also getting rid of Ties would be good for the game. Play till there is a winner. The 1st team to score 6 points wins! Change safeties to 3 points!
    So any combination of 6 points works to win the game.

    Thank you for your time.

    Jeremy B
    Tampa Bay, Florida

    • Janet R. - Chicago, IL says:

      Thoughtful suggestion Jeremy. There is certainly an imbalance at the moment.

    • Clayton Harding says:

      I really like the realignment! Much as I love the rivalry between my Giants and the dreaded Cowboys, the fact is, they have no business in the NFC East. And while the shakeup will create new rivalries, it won’t get rid of the old ones. I’ll still hate Dallas–we just won’t play them twice every year (unless THEY make the playoffs and face us!)

  • Samantha says:

    Dear la rames
    I saw what did you to the benglas number 99 lost angel Rames are not a champion after you done to the cincinnati bengals the cincinnati bengals hade a the win super bowl 54 and now do not miss white me fuck lost angels rames if miss white me you got get me thrower first lost angel rames fuck you bitch stay th fuck away from me I wanted cincinnati bengals to win the 54 super blow champion

  • David Stewart says:

    It really don’t matter to open this comment to whom it may concern. I would like to express what I saw last night in the minute and a half of the Super Bowl, and as with All SPORTS it is so corrupt!! The more I see it, the more my interest in the NFL is gone. I know that it’s corrupt, but what’s so disturbing is that YOU the NFL don’t care want a fan see. The Official’s are just as corrupt, it’s truly a shame and disgusting to see so much Hypocrisy set up in Sports, and so much Corruption. It’s truly Sad.

  • Ruined football fan says:

    Lousy superbowl worst ever snoop dog grabbing his balls every 5 minutes how disgusting. All the nice country musicians ther are and you people pick a bunch of black no good rapper thugs who ever hired this bunch of people should be fired ill never watch another nfl game again u people ruined the game of football using prison thugs still in uniform for entertainment send them back wer they belong nowy

  • Anonymous says:

    You obviously never read the lyrics of your halftime show performers. I did. Shows me the NFL is anti-gay anti-women and encourages drug use. Shame on you for your selection for a family friendly event. There was no shortage of the F word or the N-word.
    A disgusted viewer.

  • Todd Forman says:

    The Halftime Show had too many sexual innuendos. There are more than just adults watching it. I had to turn it because of kids watching.

  • Lou Starnes says:

    Another horrible horrible halftime!!! Spare us please.

  • ALC says:

    No national anthem at games are you kidding? I now am over it. This has become a bunch of crap, blacks are not the only people depressed, so now everyone is to change??????

  • Pete May says:

    Before Super Bowl 56, Haley Barry said “If these is real, and if these is real”.
    The most expensive day for advertising and the English vocabulary goes out the window. ABSOLUTELY ABSURD

  • James Cunningham says:

    I know that this email probably won’t get responded to. But do to how late the Super Bowl ends a lot of your viewers are not able to watch the whole game. Also the Monday after the Super Bowl is one of the most missed day of work all year.
    I would like to make a suggestion of having the Super Bowl on Saturdays instead. That would allow the kids to be able to stay up and watch the game and keep adults from missing work on Monday.
    Thank you for your time

    James Cunningham

  • Jerry Boynton says:

    Roger Goodell has no backbone. There was a time when the NFL stood for all things good in America, now it stands for corporate greed, political wokeness, BLM, and rape singers that want to grab themselves in places that should not been seen in public, and more. I still love the game but shame on you Mr. Goodell for having such shameless individuals at the 2022 half time show and promoting such crap. Spinless!

  • Billy says:

    Hi I have a idea and didn’t know who to write but I was wondering why wouldn’t the NFL have the super bowl played on the a big tv or a jumbo Tron at both teams hometowns at there stadium
    for people who don’t have big TV’s or can afford to go to the super bowl it would help them feel they could support their team and make money for the NFL and fans would love that. Just saying.

  • Jerry A. Smith says:

    Extremely disappointing in your decision to allow Snoop Dogg who rapped his song
    “Police” about encouraging youth to shoot police during a time when a record number
    have been shot and killed to be featured at Super Bowl half time show.

    You have recklessly dishonored law enforcement and their families.

    I serve as a chaplain in the Andover Police department and work with those who
    put their lives on the line every day.

    Our uncle, Larry Beery, was killed in the line of duty serving as a police officer.

    This is a slap in the face of those who have been killed and their families who live
    with these losses everyday of their remaining lives.

    You owe an apology to all those who serve in Blue for such insensitivity.

  • michael h samuels says:

    the nfl should be embarasses as well as the players for the pro bowl .if its going to be tag football let 8th graders do that .if you wont hit or tackle dont play

  • “Play within the rules” Carl says:

    Why have the two 49ers who engaged in filmed illegal thuggery in the NFC championship game without penalty not been disciplined by the NFL? Warner’s headbutt of Stafford was dangerous, egregious and an ultimate cheap shot. Shame on you, Jon Runyon!

  • Paul Regan says:

    Mr. Goodell,
    I am a lover of Football.
    I am contacting you today to voice my strong support for coach Brian Flores.
    I am also contacting you to voice my distaste for likes of NFL owner Stephen Ross who gives your leagues and sport a bad name.
    He is a distasteful human.
    I am not a wacko calling in every sport show venue but a normal FAN.
    Rid yourself of owners like Stephen Ross.
    Season ticket holders of The Miami Dolphins should be given a Special NFL discount for having too but up with him. This from a Patriot fan.
    Paul Regan

  • Chuck says:

    I’d like to congratulate you on alienating all the hard working true fans by making Superbowl ticket prices flat out ridiculous I guess when you’re swimming in money you just forget about the little guys and girls you know the true fans that pack the stadiums week in and week out cheering on their favorite teams and when they get to the Superbowl make it where only the Rich and famous can go watch em…. It makes me not want to go to any games and tell them where’s all your rich fans at you know the only ones that can attend the Superbowl let them fill your stadium every week

  • Judith Eoff says:

    The email provided for Roger Goodell is no longer valid. I saw the half time line up and am very concerned over the choices the NFL has made. I sure hope lyrics will be CENSORED, and will not initiate more dissension and division in our country. It is my understanding that lyrics from at least two of the rappers are anti-police. This is disgraceful especially after what has been happening in our major cities right now with police violence.
    of all the choices available, I cannot understand why the commissioner doesn’t choose artists that are more wholesome, and family oriented, that spread a more positive message and are more in tune with the general audience. I hope someone reads this that has the guts to do something about this!

  • B. J. O. says:

    Commissioner Goodell,

    For you to allow a performer like Snoop Dog, who publicly encourages violence against the police is an absolute travesty. What kind of moral compass do you allow your organization to operate under? How can you condone his appearance in this time of police shootings and killings across our country?

    Is this the kind of entertainment you choose to present to impressionable young men.
    His song encourages young thugs to shoot police. I ask you, don’t you think that if one, just one policeman is killed as a result of his appearance that it would be a tragedy.

    How can you sleep at night? It’s all about the money, right Roger?

    Here are the opening lyrics to this incredibly distasteful, disrespectful and dangerous piece:


    (feat. A1 Yolaman & Jiggie June)

    All you niggas out there
    Take your guns that you using to shoot each other
    And start shooting these bitch ass motherfucking police
    That’ll impress a motherfucking nigga like me
    The crooked motherfuckers
    ‘Cause these police getting way too motherfucking outta line

    I am copying as many friends as I have to encourage them to contact you, express their outrage, pass this along to others and boycott the Suoer Bowl.

  • Judy Lucero says:

    I have been trying for weeks to try and figure out how to get tickets for 2022 NFL Draft. I have signed up on NFL one pass about a year ago and there is nothing showing how to get tickets. Does anyone know where and how to get tickers?

  • Tony Zickella says:


    The end of the games are to hurry up and get the ball down field to kick a last second field goal. If that is what the game has evolved to then that’s sad. It’s a kicking game not football, hard noise grind-out on the field. It’s a kicking game. perhaps could have a rule but what would it be? not sure I would need to think about it.

    Some rules need to change. Or new rules applied. The game has become calculated, predictable and repetitive. Look at the Brady days with the Patriots.

    My biggest beef today is the OT rules. The Buffalo Bills beat the Chiefs in regulation as far as I’m concerned should have been the team to advance. What an amazing display of fortitude, grit, pose and talent. The .13 seconds on the clock to come down and tie the game whatever, some can call that miraculous. I call it luck.

    The issue is that you give NO opportunity for the opposing team to fight in OT in possession of the damn ball. Yet, the funny thing is that you provide 15 minutes for a single team possession to score. The dumbest ruling that you’ve made for the sport.

    If you don’t want the time to run too long in OT cut the damn time from 15 minutes to 10 minutes and give both teams time to have possession and not a sudden death situation. You set up the winner with the decision of a coin toss. NOT Good. If the players are putting it all on the line for 4 qtrs and then the possibility of OT with a tie then damn let them play and leave it all out on the field. Play until the time expires in OT the Sudden death is BS its one sided and doesn’t foster true competition and fighting until the end. Yes, I’m aware that a field goal doesn’t win that game. Requires a TD but, for only one team possession its a mute point isn’t it!

    Perhaps, this email never gets read or considered. and that’s ok, I said what I wanted to say. Hopefully, the game will continue to evolve into a product that is enjoyable to watch.

    In reading this email you might think that I’m a Bills fan… well truth I like alot of teams and to watch a good game. When I was a young boy I was a Cowboys fan but that goes back 40 years ago. I would have liked to see Rogers get another ring with Green-bay, it’s fun to see LA come back after moving back to LA. Raiders are on the move to building a Championship team. Seahawks are going through challenges just can’t seem to get there. Seeing the 49ers in playoffs is good too. I want to see the Bills end the curse of the 90’s and win and I think that they have what it takes. How cool would it be to see the Chargers go all the way and perhaps one day Miami bring back the Shula days. The end of the day it’s about rivals and home teams vs the opposition and good games. For now we’ll see Mahomes get his second ring because the game has become predictable outcomes and we see with the right quarterback and supporting cast around him they go all the way.

    I have more that bugs me about the game. Like laying on the field and catching footballs. pass interference rules if someone breathes on the receiver, ineligible man downfield??? Why was that ever a rule? and playoff schedules playing the same teams to get to the top. How else was Brady able to sit on top and go to the Super Bowl every year. Simple answer: beat the same teams year after year. Hopefully the game gets harder and more challenging to play. I guess if I were to dissect the game on every rule this email would be exceptionally long.

    Targeting is an issue and why are football players still hitting players leading with their helmets. It’s still an issue and not many refs know what to do because they’re not calling the penalties. More work to do there.

    Good day,


  • Sheri Williams says:

    I believe that it is time to take a look at the over time rules because in my opinion they suck. It always seems like whoever wins the toss has the advantage and even though they don’t always win they have a major advantage. Maybe look at how the do it in collage ball or heck even high school has better rules then the NFL. I personally had no dogs in the hunt last night but I love a good ball game and felt like the Rams got a royal ramming in the overall game.

  • Lawrence Connors says:

    As a victim of black violence and related to young men who were denied civil service jobs (FDNY etc.) because they were white , I condemn you and your league. Your commercial where you have a black man complain that he makes 10,000 dollars less than a white man, is hate speech. You and the rest of the corporate world remind me of the best of hate and wokness. No more NFL for us. You should be charged with a hate crime. Because all that does is engender hate.

  • Robert Lyman says:

    I have Aaron Donald on video in 4 separate games putting his hands on another mans throat, in a violent controlling manner. It’s disturbing to see! Inhumane! Usually no flag too. Hope you read this and act, because this is a nightmare for you real fast

  • Jason says:

    Ain’t there suppose to be flags for showboating or is there just going to be biased refs who want to hand pick teams to be winners, ask yourself this how would John madden feel if he saw all of this how would he feel or say to this.

  • Truly a flimflam outfit. says:

    I am a game day subscriber and have been trying to cancel my subscription now for three days and I am unable to. Anyone who decides for whatever reason to become a gameday beware of this. they’ll never let you go. Truly a flimflam outfit.

  • Mercedes H Barris says:

    Why are you promoting unacceptable English when advertising the Super Bowl?
    Who’s back you got? You claim to support the great divide within the races and you use such language?
    Give me a break and REALLY be responsible and responsive to the needs of our citizens.
    By the way, you certainly know how to protect yourselves by not making it easy to contact you. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  • TreRobert D Marsh0 r says:

    Bart Scott ‘s comments on Joe burrow and cincinnati bengals was unheard of,, sounded like a threat, no commentator should call out other raven player to do injury to another player, nfl should fine him or have him removed from broadcasting

  • Donald Price III says:

    It was even for non-calls they should be able to challenge.

  • Donald Price III says:

    NFL teams have three challenges they should be able to challenge anything on the field. Who cares what they challenge if a call is wrong it’s wrong and you need to fix it. If you give challenges in the first place to make sure the calls are right why not let them challenge anything they want.

  • Donald Price III says:

    I am a Cleveland Browns fan and I’m just wondering is it possible that the NFL officiating in that game can be reprimanded could have called out its refs could it say that we made mistakes they cost the Cleveland Browns in the NFL football game and season. You rigged the game for the packers and everyone knows it.Sad

    • Sheri Williams says:

      In my opinion they pick who they want to win prior to the game even taking place and if the game is going the other way they will make the call to get it back the way they want it to end.

  • Ronald Leap says:

    #CLEvsGB I think someone needs to grow some balls on ESPN and tell the NFL stop having referees cheat for teams. The refs didn’t miss calls or make bad ones during the browns vs Packers game. The refs did it purposely. An offsides flag on the team that didn’t move. You get to challenge flags a game. What is wrong with being able to challenge a bad call., Because the NFL and the refs want to control the game. This is just the nfls way of silently showing the world that they control everything and players and coaches must do what they say or they will control who wins or loses the game. The game was in greenbay on Christmas and was only changed and viewed on fox because Rodgers was breaking Brett favre ls record and they weren’t gonna ruin the celebration by letting the Packers lose. The browns kicked their butts allday long on offense and defense. We make them punt baker throws a pick. Of course Rodgers is gonna score when you give good teams a second chance at any sport they gonna score. The NFL and refs plain and simple cheated the browns out of that victory.first half our team out on covid. Baker throws four interceptions and gets sacked five times and the refs purposely didn’t make the pass interference call or the face mask on baker and called the wrong team offsides all accidently. All this and yet the browns still should have won the game. I forgot also the missed extra point causing us to go for two point conversion and failing which would have sent game to overtime. ESPN analyst stand up and say something on television to the NFL to stop cheating and let the players and coaches play the game and let them won or lose not letting the refs decide who wins a game. The Packers are 12-3 yet they beat the browns, ravens and bengals by a combined 6 points, so they are no better than anyone in our division. I’m not hating on Packers. They are my second favorite team ever since art modell took our browns to Baltimore. I have more Packers jerseys than browns jerseys.mr commissioner I won’t let this go. You just showed the world you are everything john gruden said you were

  • Loren Miller says:

    As an NFL fan of 45 years, I am disgusted by the NFL officiating deciding games instead of the players. The bad calls that went against Cleveland in the loss to the Chargers and tonight the no calls against the Packers are driving me to want to boycott. I realize there will be missed calls. But the frequency and game defining by these missed calls is destroying the game of football. Refs have to call games both ways, not one sided like l have seen in many games. There seems to be no accountability and it happens week after week. Why are the officials not held accountable?

  • jjr1956 says:

    Goodell Just resign. Your a Satanic whitch.Your a creep a liar and a Creeloser.The holeworld is boycotting you and your spencers. You loser.Resign Resign all of your staff also Your a Satanic liar

  • danvanilla barnes says:


  • Mike says:

    I have been watching NFL football all my life. Having aid that I have an idea that affects 3 AFC Divisions.First the dolphins don’t belong in the east they should be in the south, the Ravens belong in the east which leaves the colts for the north. this gives more balance and from a geography standpoint is closer to the best. Thank You.

  • Mike says:

    Mike Finegan

  • Jeff Shea says:

    email sent back as undeliverable to the email listed for Roger Goodell so….

    I was disgusted by the horrible job done by the officials in the Buffalo/TB game yesterday. They did not call a pass interference on TB despite at least 4 times when the defender grabbed or even pulled the Jersey to prevent Diggs from making a reception. The TV crew even acknowledged the many times that pass interference should have been called. These calls were likely the reason Buffalo did not win in regulation. To make things worse, there was a pass interference call made in overtime to help set up Tampa Bay’s winning score that was obviously offensive pass interference. The offensive player actually grabbed the defender and pulled the defender into him since he knew he could not catch the ball. The officials fell for it and called defensive pass interference. It is a shame that poor officiating can have such a significant influence on a game. I try to not fall for the conspiracy theories about the bias given to Tom Brady and his teams but this happens on a regular basis. Please review this game and take whatever appropriate action needs to be taken so this officiating crew does not have the opportunity to steal a game from a team again in the future.

  • Ben says:

    Why does it seem only black players are in the running for Man of the Year?

  • Eric says:

    The officiating is so inconsistent and poor it is ruining the game. It makes it appear the games are being rigged. I love to watch football. Please save it.

  • Lack of Rule Enforcement says:

    Why is it that the higher-paid football players are not held accountable for their actions? Aaron Rodgers put many lives at risk and yet he is not getting proper reprimand. I believe he DID NOT quarantine for 10 days, went to California, and now gets to play just like nothing happened!!!! Shame on you for making a great sport into just a business venture with no real regard for human lives that offer the teams support!!!

    Rules need to be for everyone…and enforced. Rodgers deserves no honors this year at all for his behaviors and disregard for rules set in place to protect everyone. I Rodgers GOD?….the second coming???? Cancel him!!!… as the younger set says. He deserved a suspension from the game for the rest of the year and elimated from teh NFL permanently!!!

  • Rod says:

    We can’t have referees baiting players then calling penalties. The referee that called the taunting penalty on Bears player Marsh Monday night was deliberate and more importantly actionable. The referee clearly hip checked the player on his way back to his own bench. Hip check is nice. You look at it in slow motion and he takes his entire butt and pushes it into Marsh then throws the flag. This is more than actionable, it should be grounds for dismissal. We make a big deal out of players touching officials. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? I’m not a Bear or Steelers fan. Just a football fan and I saw one sided calling by many of the linesman and referee last night. Makes me wonder who is going to take my favorite team’s next game from them.

  • Eric says:

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Eric Dewald and I served in the Marine Corps for 20 1/2 years and served in Iraq in 2004 were I suffered PTSD mental health issues that are still on going today. I am 100% disabled and unemployable due to my mental health issues. Since I was a young child watching football dreamed of attending a Super Bowl game. I am reaching out to anyone and everyone that maybe could help me with this dream. If I was able to work and not under the care of a caregiver I would have been able to fulfill my dream of attending a Super Bowl. I’m just trying to get a fighting change at the opportunity to attend a Super Bowl in the same respect that I fought for this great Nation. PLEASE if there is anyone or any organization that you know of that could help fulfill this dream to include this organization please reach out to me. Thank you so much in advance and any help or information that you can help me with to get that fight chance would be greatly appreciated.

    Eric J Dewald, Gunnery Sergeant USMC

  • Martine says:

    I just turned off your Thursday night game and I’m not gonna turn another football game on again unless you’re going to play the Portuguese national anthem along with a black national anthem along with the Asian national anthem etc. This national anthem bullshit needs to go away.
    The only national anthem needs to be recognized is for our military who are black white yellow pink red all colors.
    Do the right thing ands stand up for our flag and military.

  • Ed says:

    The NFL should investigate the Green Bay Packers and their quarterback Aaron Rodgers for making false claims about the team and covid vaccinations. At the very least fines and draft pick forfeiture should be on the table.

  • Anthony cota says:

    I won a Sweepstakes on Twitter with budlight and the NFL and still have not received my tickets to the Arizona Cardinals games I filed a fraudulent complaint still no contact someone help me out #BudLightStimmyTix was the hashtag

  • Gary Rock says:

    Can you please find some competent officials or at least start externally sharing and admitting how bad some officials call games. Take a look at this and justify this roughing the QB call..there were several bad calls against the Browns like there are every week normally!


  • Tom says:

    I doubt this reaches Mr. Goodell, but I’ll have a go at it anyway.
    With the resignation of Jon Gruden, I have decided that my NFL days are over. I struggled through your whole political division stance before, hoping it would be short lived. At least you stopped shoving that crap down our throats after a few weeks, or maybe that was because I stopped watching any pregame, postgame, or half time programming, who knows.
    There are no perfect people in this world. If there are, they’re hiding something in their closet. Seriously, emails from a decade ago? People grow, and instead of punishing them, allow them to use the opportunity to do just that. And you know that men speak this way, amongst each other. You should know this. If you don’t, you’ve never had friends.
    I am a Raider fan, but that’s not why I’m writing this. Even if Tom Brady sent these “evil” emails, I would think this is ridiculous and stupid, and that should tell you all you need to know. You may even say this was an organizational decision, and it may be, but this is the culture that you’ve created.
    So congratulations. You’ve finally buried America’s true favorite pastime. I will now be saving money by cancelling my DirecTV, and my heart by not watching anymore.

  • Steelers fan says:

    It just happened again! A non reviewable penalty call took a Steelers touchdown off the board a gave Green Bay an easy field goal.

    I stopped watching the NFL for several years because of bad calls by officials, unpatriotic behavior by players, and ridiculous rule changes. I’m about there again. I have better thing to do with my time than watch refs decide games!

  • Patrick says:

    Do you guys remotely care ab3 your sport? I just watched KC win a game that they so clearly lost. As a fan that puts you all in WWF territory if not three Stooges or keystone cops. Do you even take yourselves seriously? Because curability is out the window! Thanks for taking one of my great loves away. If it’s not fair it’s not real.

  • Steelers fan says:

    The Cowboys/Panthers game just proved how useless the replay system is if a coach can’t use a challenge on any type of call or play. An unchallengeable bad call by the officials allowed the Cowboys to retain possession of the ball after they fumbled and they went on to score on the drive. A bad call by the refs should not be able to significantly impact a game.

    Furthermore the NFL would do well to adopt the college system that allows the booth official to initiate a replay when there is a question about the call on the field.

  • William Gaines says:

    As long time season ticket holders 1992 when the NFL Pro Bowl was played in Honolulu.
    How we can we get tickets for NFL Pro Bowl in Las Vegas and whom can I contact regarding this matter.

  • Todd says:

    I am a fan in the USA. Please stop the ethnic propaganda and lets play football.

  • Tom Wagnon says:

    I am 72 years old , I am a vet USAF I have many Black and white friends ,friends mostly made while I was in the Air Force 60 years ago. I will not watch ,or participate in, nor support the NFL if they play other national anthem other than the American National Anthem , neither will my wife or my sons, or my grand kids, so help me God. I don’t care what you have to say on this matter you do not need to contact me but I feel a need to contact you . To be clear, I have a Masters degree and so does my wife. And I am self employed and have Made a substantial amount of Monies thru several business that I have started and do operate , you my see a photo of me on Google I have nothing to hide (I am the one with the cowboy hat on and also the one in the airforce photo ) and nothing to be ashamed of . So don’t try to shame me I am A proud independent American citizen that believes in my country and my service to it thru out my seventy three years of life . I have served my country with honor, and support my constitution 100 percent. You should be ashamed of the way you treat the people that support your industry ,and life stile by supporting the NFL . I will never take a knee for my country or my flag and my allegiance to my country did not end when I left the military . Please don’t take this as an insult but you had better wake up you are alienating a lot of fans by what you are doing I am one. I know there are more because people I know feel the same way , but this is your & NFL decision and you can ruin your franchises any way see fit we all are entitled to ruin what we take for granted. Me I will enjoy what years I have and my grandchildren as they are more important than the NFL it is after all just a game that I and my friends can play in our backyards any time we want and participate in high school without the NFL and it’s players. The game will go on ,no matter what you decide for your franchises. Will it not?
    Please understand it is my money my family and my life that I choose to live and spend the way I see fit , not you ! So please remember we are the people that put your franchises on the map not the players ,nor the political machine, nor the woke what ever the heck they are . With bast regards Tom Wagnon

  • Randy says:

    The NFL in my mind needs to find a way to allow people to choose what games they want to watch. Having to only watch in-market games or pay the ridiculous prices for Dish Network is completely a lack of concern for the people who spend money to watch and support the Teams (us fans). So why not allow TV Network providers give their viewers options of which games they want to watch even if they have to pay like $20-$30 per game? This would allow the NFL to make so much more money and allow the Fans to actually watch they Team play.

  • rona otto says:

    i’m fan of n.y. giants from 1960. now i have a problem , living in Hungary for the lest 30 years, fallowing the giants for all this years. for some reason, i don’t like to go into can get to register the upcoming season. is there anybody can help me with that.
    thank you
    Otto Rona

  • William Venezie says:

    If you play Black National Anthem before games my friends and I will not watch NFL games.

  • Doug says:

    First off there is only one National Anthem and it’s not the Black one. Your decision to play this fake national anthem has given me the reason to finally say goodbye to the NFL. I’ve put up with the criminals, politics, the kneeling & various other idiotic decisions coming from your league. Most of my friends also agree, so kiss my American Veteran butt goodbye forever. My Sundays now belong to fishing, hunting, family & Harley riding. White & Proud. See Ya!

  • NFL fan for 35 yrs says:

    Please keep politics out of football. That’s the point of sports, an escape and for enjoyment. For the first time in 35 years I am seriously thinking of turning it off. Please keep football…football.

  • Gaye says:

    The NFL is a league filled with millionaire thugs, guilty of sexual assault and drug addicts. Political and Social agenda’s have no place on the playing field. Now they want to put the name of a person who is guilty of Criminal Sexual Assault on their helmets. Go figure, if the shoe fits.
    I am WHITE and will not apologize or bow to anyone or their personal agendas for this.
    I am done with the NFL and I would dare guess your stadiums will be empty once again by your own stupid hands.
    I say to all who are unhappy in this country, its values and proud history, pack your bags and leave.

  • Dan Lance says:

    Tried to send an email to Roger Goodell….. keeps getting returned as undeliverable…. Hmmmmm, wonder why…. If you can’t take the heat……well, you know the rest……. Sure wish he would view the open letter to the NFL sent by a retired Marine veteran officer….. should be easy to find on the Internet….

  • Dan Lance says:

    I will be 80 in November. Always enjoyed the NFL. No more. I am done. I will be spending my time on Sunday doing something more useful to me. You have made this disgraceful with the acceptance of the whining millionaires you have made. Another National Anthem to play? Are you insane? Have you lost your collective minds? How the hell is this any indication of “Unity”….. Get a damn dictionary and look up the word “unity”….. The virus issue has given us plenty of time away from sports and I have realized that we no longer need to watch these cry babies….. I am out…..goodbye…..



  • Georgia says:

    To LeBron and other sports millionaires, think back when the slaves were brought to this country (put on the ships for slave trading by their own people). Only the heathiest and the biggest were put on the ships because they were the most prized. As those slaves propagated in this country and subsequently won their freedom they developed into larger, quicker, & stronger race from their selective ancestors that still exist in Africa. Now that they make millions in sports, and although their ancestors went through allot, it was better that the alternative that would have faced in Africa if they never came here. So now that those millionaires (sports, music, actors, etc.) want to protest how badly this country is for them, when the majority of them never served this country in any capacity. LeBron, your alternative could be, they could be standing on a river bank in Africa with a spear waiting for a fish to swim by. Be a little more humble like the other immigrants who came in the past, and also went through hard times, and are proud to be US citizens! Blacks weren’t the only slaves! Four months before the 1st shipment of Black Slaves into America colonies, 100 white children were sent to American colonies in 1619. King James II, followed by Charles I, and Oliver Cromwell, sold over 500,000 Irish Catholics into slavery.

  • Kirk Bailey says:

    I used to be an avid NFL fan until 4 years ago. Once players started taking a knee I quit watching all Major League Sports. The NFL is entertainment, not a venue for anyone to make a statement of politics.I can see enough of that on the evening news thank you. I will say, even though anyone has the right to take a knee to the flag or song, it does not mean it is the right thing to do! Really, if you think about it, it is a cowardly act to take a knee in my opinion.I have also lost all respect for Roger Goodell for his leadership and handling of the NFL and I have been in business for over 45+ years so I can make that statement. I know people are going to go watch games no matter what happens and I get that, but folks, if you want to make a statement, go protest around games or even better, stop spending money to go to games or buying any of their products. Might get someone’s attention if the money really slows down. I do not see this happening, but it would be interesting to see what occurs.

  • susan m dieter-martin says:

    Your players disrespect for our country and flag is unnacceptable. This country kneels to GOD and stands for freedom. If players kneel they should leave this great country and try to make their millions elsewhere cause it is clear none of them have suffered from class privledge. Disgusting

  • Ken says:

    I echo many of the comments posted here. The NFL and other pro-sports (except Rodeo and Hockey) have become a political platform for Marxist groups like BLM. I watch pro-sports to get away from the political BS but you seem intent on alienating a very large group of fans and Americans in general. And recently I heard you will not be playing the USA National Anthem (which honors veterans, police, etc.) before the start of a game. The NFL and like organizations no longer have my support.

    • MP says:

      I agree, but let me just say that the NHL too has jumped into the radical abyss. I recently opted to watch a NHL game on TV, and it didn’t take long to change the channel. Along with the ridiculous scene of a venue devoid of fans, hanging high on one end of the stadium wall was a prominent sign stating, “We skate for black lives”. Thoroughly disgusting!

    • Jamie says:

      They will always play are national anthem before sporting events. They are talking about playing an additional song to help support Awareness toward police violence. They will only to this the first week if they do it at all.

      • MP says:

        You need to do your homework Jamie. We don’t need a song, for even a week, and certainly not at a sporting event, to raise awareness for something that isn’t an issue. Engaging in occasional violence is unfortunately part of a police officer’s job description. All objective evidence, and I mean all, from both right and left wing sources show us that instances of criminal police use of force are extremely rare across all ethnicities. This is an amazing fact given the number of instances police are put in a position where use of force is necessary.
        Our National Anthem says it all, but if you feel the need for an additional song to be played to raise awareness for an actual worthy cause, how about one of these: An end to the killing of unborn babies via abortion clinics; An end to the oppression and enslavement of millions by the Chinese Communist Party; An end to the criminal violence in our larger cities taking the lives of thousands and destroying the livelihoods of many others.
        And no Jamie, if the communists have their way (and they’re violently pushing hard at the moment), you’ll not only not hear our National Anthem played before games anymore, you won’t hear it ANYWHERE AT ALL.

  • Travis says:

    Mr. Goodell,

    I am just writing you as a concerned fan. I am not racist at all, I even married a colored woman and adopted a colored girl. My complaint is that you have not let teams show support for police officers gunned down or Jesus Christ; My Lord and Savior who died for our sins, but you will allow teams to have BLM on their helmets…You are allowing a special anthem to be played BEFORE the Star Spangled Banner? I understand that what happened in Minneapolis was HORRIBLE, but do you ever stop to think about every police officer who sees that BLM on every helmet and how that automatically points a finger at them…I mean yes, are there police officers out there who are evil? Yes, absolutely but not all of them are…some are just wanting to protect and serve. I just think back to Tim Tebow and how he was asked not to wear John 3:16 cause it offended people but now we don’t care about offending those who take BLM as being offensive towards them and fellow Police Officers just trying to do their jobs. Let’s just play the game we have all grown to love so much and leave ALL the outside noise out of the Arenas. Make people stand and show respect to those who have FOUGHT and DIED for this Country we live in. Don’t segregate to one group by letting them have their anthem played unless you are going to let EVERY Race and Religion have theirs played before games. Let us show LOVE 💘 FOR ALL!!! Please, I ask you to return this game to just that…A Game where we normal citizens can escape our Hard and some times painful lives we live and for a few hours just to enjoy a game that we would all love to play. Let us go into an Arena or watch on TV and escape the cruelty of this world and enjoy some good football. Again, i don’t want this to be taken the wrong way as I believe the GREATEST Commandment we have been Given is to Love All and show everyone Love and Respect. I just want the NFL to just be a place for Football, and not a podium to take away from the game.

    Appreciate you Sir!!

  • Tommie Tillie says:

    Don’t mix politics , race with sports.
    Just play the game
    BLM is against Christian values.
    As Christian Americans we will not watch sports until this stops.
    I’m speaking for many Americans that love sports.
    NFL and other sports need to take a pay cut and it’s coming.

  • Glenn Connell says:

    If you displayed Black Lives Matter I will not be watching the NFL. They are a Marxist and Anti family Organization. Plus them and their companion groups have done more harm to Black lives then the police ever did. Lost of Black Lives property and Black Lives Death. Also if players knell during the national anthem I find that Disrespectful and Anti American. If you do this I am done with the NFL.

  • Sonny B says:

    Greetings John Elway, Joe Ellis and Roger Goodell,
    I am a proud black American Father of six awesome children with my beautiful wife of 22 years. We teach our children to have honor and loyalty to God first, Family second and third to Country. I believe these are the three corner stones which has made this Nation blessed under God. However, there are some people and entities set against the principles of this country to see it come to its demise. This Nation has been good to all people, no matter your race. It has afforded us so many freedoms, this is why for decades immigrants have wanted to come here in droves. We can agree that still today, they’re coming in droves. Why you might say? Because this is the greatest Country in the world; I didn’t say it was perfect, but the greatest. The President turned down an offer to throw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game. We know why he did, because of the disrespect of our Anthem on every level of all professional sports. Mind you, BLM is an organization that prides themselves and forces issues down the throats of the American people. They want Americans to think police brutality is prevalent in the United States of America. However, I will give you one of many that has plagued the black community for decades. Black on Black homicide is a dreadful epidemic all across America in all democratic precincts, but that’s not the worse of it, most of the elected officials over these precincts are black. There isn’t even a whisper of this massive genocide of blacks in America. If black lives really mattered, there would’ve been an outcry long before the first recognized police brutality case. No, there is not one sound on this serious issue from: Mainstream Fake News Media, Hollywood, Politicians, Al, Jesse, College/Pro-Athletes, NFL, NBA, MLB, ESPN, major corporations and BLM/Antifa Thugs. Why? Because this is not a priority; needless to say, it’s not even on the Agenda.
    Thank you, Sam Coonrod, of the San Francisco Giants, for standing up for what you believe. This is his right under the Constitution, but Anti-Americans want to take that right away from people like Coonrod and give concessions to far left liberal Marxist that hate America. John Elway, you told NFL players, “kneel on my field and you’re fired on the spot.” When I heard this quote, my heart leaped as I thought to myself, there just might be hope for the NFL after all; however, when I heard this was a hoax, my hopes were quickly deflated and my heart saddened as a proud black American of this Country. Yes, kneeling on our National Anthem is an insult to present and past Veterans who gave their lives to serve this Great Nation. Veterans gave their lives so I can, you can, and all Americans can enjoy the freedoms some Americans take for granted.
    Is there racism in America? Absolutely. Is it as prevalent as the mainstream media try to portray? I say as a black American, with an emphatic NO. You will never make me believe that these times for blacks in 2020 are equal to and definitely not worse than the Civil Rights Movement and Slavery. The black community has been used for decades by the left to push hate for America and to hate white people under the guise of racism and injustices. I have a News Alert for you, something Fake News won’t tell the American people: RACISM COMES IN ALL COLORS, just because you’re BLACK doesn’t give you a pass, GOD doesn’t like it in any race of people. I believe, I’ve been black all my life; therefore, being black gives me credibility;Therefore, qualifing me for what I’m about to say: Blacks can be the biggest Racist of All!
    No, my children aren’t afraid of the police, however, they are afraid of the ideology of three teenagers on tiktok making a plea to Americans on the 4th of July: to trade the colors of red, white, and blue for colors of the rainbow, and to F America, All Countries Matter. This type of Marxism has been forged into the minds of young children: in grade schools, colleges, Hollywood, sports, and especially the media of all sorts. I’m mighty afraid if we don’t have true Americans standing up for the Constitution, values and patriotism, this train is headed for a Thunderous demise.
    Contrary to popular belief, President Trump is fighting for this Nation; However, Americans would never know it because the media force feeds a daily dose of the dividing lies spewed out of the mouths of so called journalist. How else do you get young minds both black and white to riot? You feed them Racism and make it a steady diet.
    I played baseball, basketball, and football starting at the age of 6. Sports taught me to always do your best and gave a sense of comradery with ALL races of people. This Nations pass time to be entertained by great athletes is being stripped away from America because of Politics. Sports was an outlet away from the Fake News Politics. This was a chance to let it all out for your favorite team and player. How I miss those days.
    It’s the principle over entertainment, if a mandate doesn’t go out to all players and leagues to stop kneeling to the Anthem. Also, the BLM name erased from jerseys, fields and courts; I will continue to boycott sports. Here’s an honorable notion, lets wear the names of the adults and children who have been murdered as a result of the Chaotic mayhem of BLM/Antifa Thug rioters. Do those lives matter? Everyone knows the name of George Floyd around the world, but does anyone even know the names of those murdered by the hands of rioters? This is why I am done with sports. I will never watch another down, watch another quarter or watch another inning of professional sport, with ESPN being included. It’s going on almost 2 years now of boycotting professional sports and ESPN. If college sports aren’t careful, the disdain I have for professional sports will reach into the college sector of sports. Please, get this letter to others in power, because I believe I speak the sentiments of most Americans. I don’t want to see sports come to a dreadful end, because it can. History taught us that lesson through the Titanic. They thought even God couldn’t sink the Titanic. I’m not saying God sank the Titanic, but it did sink. I am of the silent majority, but silent no more, I am a man on fire, fed up with the political bureaucracy.

    May God bless America,
    Sonny B

  • FUZZY!! says:

    My friends and I (10-15) used to have the garage set up for the season the local sports bar we called it other friends stopping in we all had or favorite team and all dressed in our game gear. It was all about the athletic competition but then kapperdick started turning our “game” into a personal soapbox, he brought personal conflict into the sport so we missed a couple seasons, then kapperdick was out of the sport and the game was coming back so some of the guys stared watching a game here and there when their team played and just when we’re talking about setting up the old bar again you all turn the game into a full blown political platform so we have all decided FUCK THE NFL. Your not about the game anymore your about using it to push political and personal agendas!!! Good luck and good bye we’ll be fishing, hunting, and riding motorcycles. You know real men shit!!!

  • DBM says:

    I have been a loyal fan for decades. I love professional football. I play in several pools and fantasies every year, I run 2 of them. GMFB has been my favorite show for years. I will no longer watch because of the injection of politics into it. And Roger has allowed politics to creep into the game. I am on the verge of cancelling my sports subscriptions and all of my pools. I have only one request in order to remain an NFL Fan. Keep the politics out of football!

  • No to Biden and the left says:

    Wow the NFL bowing down to the heavy leftist mob !!like you BIAS morons are REALLY gonna allow the Washington redskins to CHANGE thier name? Wow me and my entire family are are done with You commie supporters💯.Looks like your down with the NEW WORLD PIG ORDER 💩 EVEN MY KIDS ARE DISAPOINTED IN YOU SWINE SLOBS

  • dorothy says:

    When is someone going to day “enough is enough”, if you decide to play a black national or any other national anthem without playing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, we will not be watching or going to football games,

  • Mary says:

    Change, << Do you really think the idea changing names in any sports does any good, the WEIRDOS out here are making things worse than what it is, come on now they can tearing up our cities and now they telling the NFL and other things like the POLICE what to do, NO WAY< COME ON NOW THANK, this is AMERICAS isn't it.

  • Carl says:

    The NFL is supporting BLM and ANTIFA, two organizations dedicated to destroying our country. The are supporting people who riot, kill, destroy our heritage. Don’t watch their games. Defund the NFL

  • David says:

    As a combat veteran, the NFL has lost my support and I’m asking every military and veteran not to support the NFL. The majority of players are black and the majority of supporters are white. I want to see the NFL survive on the loss of 55% viewership.

    • Carl says:

      Totally agree. Thank you for your service

    • Kenneth pecyna says:

      I am 67 years old. Watched football all the time. Did not want to hear or see political views of player or the NFL. I love USA and proud to honor the flag and the anthem. Our country has done more than any other to correct racism, and protect everyone’s freedom. We have a family of military history and law enforcement. I will NEVER watch or endorse NFL again. We have forgotten to teach history and the sacrifice our country has made in its short time.

  • Bo Sherman says:

    I cannot believe that you are not taking immediate action to suspend Lesean Jackson for the season for his hateful post. Must be double standard. The NFL should be ashamed.

  • Phil Baca says:

    Mr. Goodell,

    I am writing to express my concerns about several subjects:

    1. I am extremely angry at Mr. Jackson’s remarks. I understand from the news that the Eagles organization spoke to him about his comments and he apologized. This is not good enough. My question is what is the NFL doing about it? Mr. Goodell you stated that racism will not to be tolerated. I hope that this means against all races not just blacks. Be a man and do something about it. Not just lip service!
    2. I am concerned about the playing of the “black national anthem” being played at games. This is divisive. We have one nation and our national anthem is for all Americans. We should not recreate two nations – a white and black nation.
    3. Kneeling during the national anthem does not follow the United States Code. The Code requires that all civilians STAND at attention and remove headdress and place the right hand over the heart during the display of the flag and playing of the anthem. Do you not know the United States Code? Apparently all your high priced legal counsel do not know the law of the land. We are a republic – a land of law. Quit following the mob!

    I would ask that you respond to email.

    Phil Baca
    Go Raiders!

  • rc says:

    This is what you are falling for – one black life matter person, ONE, can get a woman fired for saying “all life matters”, is this what you really want to hang your hat on. You are slapping the silent majority in the face. This is censorship and companies like you are giving them money and platform. You are promoting censorship.Keep in mind she was talking about racism, saying how wrong it was. Remember, you were silent when they came for me, then they came for you. Really read this – try to understand how terrifying this is – CENSORSHIP IN THE USA and you are walking the party line. WHY DOESN’T THIS TERRIFY YOU.

    ======================================================================Leslie Neal-Boylan, the dean of the nursing school at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, was allegedly fired after she received backlash from a student about an email to the campus community saying “EVERYONE’S LIFE MATTERS.” HARVARD GRAD BLAMES TRUMP SUPPORTERS AFTER ‘STAB’ VIDEO COSTS HER DELOITTE

    JOBNeal-Boylan, who held her position with the school for 10 months before being dismissed on June 19, wrote an email to the nursing school community addressing the ongoing protests across the country against police brutality and racial inequality following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

    “I am writing to express my concern and condemnation of the recent (and past) acts of violence against people of color,” the email provided to Campus Reform, dated June 2, said.”Recent events recall a tragic history of racism and bias that continue to thrive in this country. I despair for our future as a nation if we do not stand up against violence against anyone. BLACK LIVES MATTER, but also, EVERYONE’S LIFE MATTERS.”“No one should have to live in fear that they will be targeted for how they look or what they believe,” the email continues, urging the nursing school students to “care for everyone regardless of race, creed, color, religion, ethnicity, ability or gender preference.”

    A nursing student took issue with the dean’s choice of words and posted the email on Twitter saying, “including the statement ‘all lives matter’ was uncalled for and shows the narrow minded people in lead positions.”The university responded to the student on Twitter and said “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The university hears you and we believe black lives matter,” redirecting her to a statement by the chancellor of the university addressing the Black Lives Matter movement.After her termination, Neal-Boylan reached out to UML Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney, Provost Joseph Hartman and Provost Julie Nash, accusing the university of using her email regarding Black Lives Matter as an excuse to fire her.

    She said she had spoken up about other, unrelated school issues in the past, according to emails reviewed by Campus Reform.Her firing was “attributable to one phrase in my initial email that otherwise was very clearly a message to NOT discriminate against anyone,” Neal-Boylan said.”To those students who were upset regarding my email, wouldn’t it have been better to use that as a teachable opportunity to explain that leaders also make mistakes and use this as an example of why lifelong learning is so important?” Neal-Boylan wrote.The dean added that she would not be pursuing legal action against the school because “I know this would fuel the conservative opposition to the BLM movement and that would be anathema to me.”A spokesperson for the University of Massachusetts-Lowell told Fox News that the decision to fire Neal-Boylan “was made in the best interests of the university and its students.””Although we are not able to discuss specifics of a personnel matter, it would be incorrect to assume any statement by Dr. Neal-Boylan was the cause of that decision,” the spokesperson added.


     haley #BLACKLIVESMATTER@psychohighrep ·Jun 4, 2020An upsetting statement made by the Dean of Nusing at UMass Lowell, including the statement ‘all lives matter’ was uncalled for and shows the narrow minded people in lead positions. A sad day to be a nursing student at UML. Dean Leslie Neal-Boylan your words will not be forgotten.  umasslowell@UMassLowell 

    Haley – Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The university hears you and we believe black lives matter. See the letter the chancellor sent out Monday. https://uml.edu/myuml/Submissions/2020/2020-06-01-09-46-45-Campus-Statement-on-Social-Justice.aspx…11:03 AM · Jun 5, 2020

  • RJ says:

    In July of 2016, a self professed BLM member, killed 5 Dallas police officers.
    When the Dallas NFL players asked to honor those police by wearing the Dallas police logo on their helmets to honor their sacrifice…the NFL turned them down flat!
    Today the NFL commissioners are considering not only a Black national anthem, but allowing the players to wear the names of “police brutality victims!”

    I will now longer spend any of my hard earned money on the NFL.

  • Tom Hume says:

    If you even consider using anything but the ONE & ONLY NATIONAL ANTHEM, you will be losing huge fan base and this time permanently!

    This is one country, one people, and one National Anthem.

    I, my family and extended family and a large group of us will boycott all NFL games, & TV and all merchandise and sponsors.

    You are set to divide the country by this stupidest of ideas, and will be showing support for BLM a stated Marxist organization (see their website and funding of it)

  • Joe Procter says:

    Only the United States National Anthem should be played at the start of games. It is the anthem for all americans. It is a bad idea to consider playing multiple “anthems” based on race. Playing another “anthem” will enshrine racial difference and not lead to healing. We will know when we, as a people, are beyond race when race is no longer highlighted in our daily lives. Accentuating differences in people, especially in a manner intended to perpetuate negatives, will ensure that we never get to a point where we judge people based on the “content of their character.” If the NFL actually goes forward with a plan to play another “anthem” I will never watch one second of the games.

  • Jack Knoff says:

    I have watched my last NFL game. I think everyone is sick and tired of BLM and all of the rioting, protesting, looting and destruction associated with BLM. The NFL is going to find out who really pays for all of their ridiculous salaries (and guess what its not BLM supporters).

  • Marc Spicer says:

    Once again, the NFL has spat in the face of the majority of its supporters! There is ONE, and I mean ONLY ONE, National Anthem!!! I stopped watching when marxist Cappernick fiirst took a knee! After it was banned on field, I started watching again. Now, know that I will no longer be watching AGAIN, as long as some song being billed as a “black NA”, is played! You are doing nothing short of siding with BLM, the rioters and looters, etc., and turning your back to the majority of football fans! Being a retired Sheriffs Deputy, I take another thing personally – allowing helmet stickers with the names of blacks, killed by Law Enforcement! Its apparent that you do not bother to look at DOJ statistics dealing with percentages of blacks killed by LE, or you would have seen that it is 2% or less! On the same note, it is apparent that the NFL’s view of LE in general, is very dim! 5 Dallas Officers ambushed and killed a couple years ago, and when the Dallas Cowboys asked permission to wear helmet stickers in honor of them, you denied them!! You can rest assured that you have lost at least, the majority of your fans, and you have no one to blame but yourselves!!

  • Les says:

    Are you in HIDING Roger??? …. your email can’t be reached …
    Could it be that you have traded it in for a BLM.COM handle??

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

    The email address you entered couldn’t be found.

  • dalfsmith@outlook.com says:

    Mr. Gooddell,

    I am a 60 year old fan of the NFL and with the current NFL divisive approach of focusing on political issues vs focus on the sport has pushed me to withdrawing my support. I will not spend any money on the NFL and I will not watch it on TV anymore.

    Dale F. Smith

  • Mark Hill says:

    Deer Mr Goodell.
    I am writing this email to you today out of great disappointment. It’s been brought to my attention that the NFL has chosen to allow the playing of the Black National Anthem before our Country’s National Anthem. First off let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Hill, I am a husband, a father of three boys and a long time Eagles fan. My boys and I enjoy nothing more than to sit together on Sunday and watch football. We buy NFL apparel, have game day parties and cheer on our favorite teams every week. All three of my boys play football for their schools and I’m sure hope to one day play for you. The fact that the NFL would consider playing not just the Black National Anthem, but any other Anthems before our own country’s is downright appalling. I understand the pressure the league must be facing today with all this social unrest, protests, riots, looting and so on. I also realize if it weren’t for this Country there would be no NFL. These groups would not have there rights to protest, and all the other liberties our citizens enjoy everyday in this country would not exist either. What I’m trying to say is that with this decision by the NFL, you are letting the tail wag the dog. You have forgotten the big picture. If you need a reminder of the big picture all you need to do is pay a visit to Arlington National Cemetery. Gaze out across all the graves of the true heroes. These are the ones who have paid the ultimate price for this country. These are the Men and Women who died to give us all the things we enjoy as a country including our rights to protest and have an NFL. So I ask you to reconsider your decision. I ask you to take a look one more time at the big picture. Think of all those graves, all the sacrifices and how you can justify to those families of the fallen that it is more important to have a Black National Anthem or any other anthem preformed before our own Country’s. If these patriotic reasons aren’t enough to get you to reconsider then maybe monetary reasons will. There are a couple of sayings that have been around for a long time. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you and you don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. By allowing this to happen you will be not only be killing the golden goose, but you will also be biting off the hand that feeds you, from the elbow! I will conclude this email in letting you know that if the NFL dose not change their position on this, I will no longer be able to support anything to do with your league. I will not watch another game, buy another pice of merchandise and certainly won’t purchase another ticket. I will also encourage everyone I know to do the same. This is not an issue of race, an issue of social injustice, or an issue of inequality. This is an issue of Respect. Respect for our country! The Country our relatives have fought and died for. The place we ALL live, the freedoms we ALL enjoy and the place we ALL call home. So Please reconsider. I would love to continue partaking in the joy your league has brought my family in the past.
    Sincerely: Mark Hill.

  • Karla C. says:

    You have gone too far, trying to SEGREGATING AMERICA, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ………………….. >>>EVERY LIFE MATTERS!!!!<<<<
    .. The National Anthem covers every American, no matter their skin color!!!!!!!!!!
    ……………………. ((((***** THE BLACK ONE DOES NOT!!!!!!!!!! *****))))
    …. If someone doesn't like our National Anthem, They must not be an American!!!!!!!
    Just so you know, If you take out the National Anthem, YOU WILL LOSE ME AND MILLIONS of fans!!!!
    YOU ARE TRYING TO SEGREGATE AMERICA, with your IGNORANCE!!!!!! And guess what???? WE WON'T STAND FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Amber says:

    I know that all sports are screwed up. Even Tennis. Who’d have thought tennis. The NFL commissioner has his hand in the leftist radical movement that once was the democrats but is now the socialist party. We in the US aren’t stupid, we see it. It’s dirty and it’s nasty. You won’t win. Trump will win, and you will cry. You show your polls but we are the silent majority, remember us, the Deplorables. Which leftist referred to the republicans that voted Trump as the scum beneath the rug. It doesn’t even offend us. What offends us the disrespect for our American Flag and the American National Anthem. We do not recognize a black anthem. It means nothing as it is racist. Yes, black people are racist. The NFL is racist. And any business that supports these leftist radicals will lose, its inevitable. God Bless America, God Bless our men and women in Blue, God Bless President Trump and God Bless our Constitution!

  • Davon Jones says:

    I am against the decision to play a Black National Anthem. To me it is equivalent to taking down the American flag and replacing it with the flag of China or Nazi Germany . It is unfortunate you chose to cower in an un-American like fashion and bow down to a now exposed anti American group. One whose leaders have publicly made not only racist statements, but threats of violence and destruction as well. Many of their followers have also made such statements, and even carried out acts of destruction, looting, and even committed murders. If you did actual research of who is running BLM, their list of terrorist demands, and what they really stand for. You would not be going this route. You have appeased violence and insulted America itself with your cowardice and support of a terrorist organization. Going foward I will no longer be wasting my money on the NFL or any companies that have anything to do with your organization.

  • Rick Gray says:

    We never watch a game, buy merchandise or tickets. You have gone too far left and are disrespecting our flag and country.

  • RC says:

    Black national anthem?? WTF! This is America we stand only for the National Anthem! You are only dividing the country with this bullshit!

  • Dr. Eric Aschendorf says:

    There is NO black nat anthem! The USA is “One Nation Under G_D, Indivisible….” If you play a so-called black nat anthem you are prejudice, racists & bigots propagating division & need to go! Until you stand for a UNITED States of America you “The Problem!”
    Never again! NFL = Narcissists, Felons & Liberals

  • J Tyson says:

    Now you are going to play black national Anthem. I didn’t even know there was such a thing is there a white national anthem. I thought we hand One National Anthem. You should never knell for National Anthem Why not kneel prior to Our only Anthem. I am done with your policies. Disgusting

  • C. G. R. Mattern says:

    Because of your new anti-American stance, I will never go to another game nor watch another game on television!

  • Fred Wulff says:

    Mr. Goodell, You may support social issues, but it should be a matter of private actions – not one as a sports authority. Your actions should be “All People Matter.”
    There are so many of us who still support and respect the US Flag and all of those who gave so much, including many with their lives!
    Professional sports, especially the NFL will loose many supporters.
    Your approach should have been: first to support the US Flag and it meaning or second no longer show this important US Flag at sports events.
    Are you an anarchist?
    Denver, Colorado

  • Carol says:

    You can have your opinion & you can change that opinion but you cannot change the facts. You are siding with MOB rule & not the AMERICAN WAY. This is the greatest country on earth We stand for the FLAG & kneel for GOD & no one else. Media lies say blacks are killed by police TWICE as often as whites, NOT TRUE. Last year 371 white people killed by police 20 unarmed, 235 black people killed by police 9 unarmed. Over 58,000 police officers were assaulted (2/3 of agencies reporting) while performing their duties & assault with a deadly weapon against police officers occurred 33 time a day. Between 2017-2020 blacks @ 13% of the population committed 53% of homicides, 38% violent crimes, 60% of robberies. 981 white people were murdered by blacks compared to 375 black people murdered by whites. Racism exists BOTH ways but it is not systemic. These riots are tools of the people trying to turn our country into something we don’t want to live in. You can go play football in a better country if you can find one.By the way your email roger.goodell@nfl.com is not deliverable ?

  • Chris says:

    I’ve been a big fan of foot my whole life if you let the players taking a knee you’re gonna lose a lot of fans I refuse to play fantasy to watch football or to watch espn any more if I see any more kneeling it’s over for me Roger Caddell you’re a joke have a little bit of back bone Right is right wrong is wrong doesn’t matter what color you are.

  • Jeff S says:

    I have been an eagles fan since the 1950s -it is a shame to see the NFL go off the tracks–The support of BLM is probably stupidity on the NFL’ s Part–I looked into their organization–they were founded by trained Marxists–like real commies-they want to stir the mob to enact a civil war–they are getting there quickly–the Democrats have not said anything negative about destroying statues or personal property of people.You see if you donate to BLM the money goes to a fund that is controlled by the Democrats-The NFL should not be seen as an entity donating to a particular party–it should be neutral–but you are NOT– It is also the reason that the teams will be absolutely booed off the field when the teams start kneeling-Mark my words!!
    i never wanted to own a gun but these days–Im not sure what to get–what do you think???

  • Jim W says:

    I am a former U.S. Marine and a retired New York City Police officer. I was an avid Giants fan until Kapernick and his kneeling. I stopped watching the Giants and all of the NFL. I was hoping that the social justice b.s. was over and I could get back to football. You instead decided to go against us fans. I and anybody I can influence will not have anything to do with N.F.L. football until you cleanup your act. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIAL JUSTICE! IT IS EQUAL JUSTICE IN THE CONSTITUTION.

  • jack horn says:

    If you allow the players to take a knee, I will stop watching your product. I have been listening to or watching the NFL since 1959. A bunch of my friends have said the same thing.

  • Patrick J Raley says:


    Patrick Raley
    Former NFL Fan

    A sport you ruined!!

  • Dennis Stout says:

    I have been a fan all my life. Die Hard! However when the kneeling for the anthem started I stopped watching football until it stopped. I got rid of all my football stuff: jackets, hats, everything. I just started to watch again and know the kneeling will start again. I will not watch or purchase an football items. If I could join the Navy and put my life on the line so the good athletes can make big bucks and play the game, at least they can show a little respect to the flag and country that allow them the opportunity. I would have given my life for this country if needed. What is the NFL willing to give. NOTHING! Not even a little respect which would cost them not a penny.

  • Jeanine Rogozinski says:

    A long standing tradition, the National Anthem/fly overs. If the players cannot ALL stand and respect the courage & bravery of the men and women of this great country, then this season, DO NOT perform it! Thereby, eliminating the anger & resentment of at least half your fans seated in the stadium or at the very least, we will start to buy season tickets!

  • MP says:

    This is directed at Drew Brees, Roger Goodell and every NFL player with a like mindset and behavior: Stop disrespecting the American Flag, and the shameful pandering to violent leftist radicals who continue to mindlessly expound the lie of institutional racism and wanton police brutality against Black Americans. These false ideas continue to be openly expounded by a small, but loud, increasingly violent, and media- supported fraction of malcontents, and financed by an even smaller group of progressive radical leftists – both political and civilian – who’s ideas have been completely rejected by 99.9% of America. The strategy of demanding social/cultural changes over false claims of social injustices, most notably racial discrimination by society at large and law enforcement entities specifically – is a strategy that comes right from the Marxist/Leninist Manifestos, and socialist handbooks written by people like Saul Alinsky (look them up if you’ve never done so). There is no objective data supporting these claims as well – especially that concerning police-on-black targeting, including murder. (See The Washington Post’s own data). Roger Goodell and players like Drew Brees are either all being duped and used, or are not as ignorant as it appears and are actually part and parcel of the 0.1%. While there is no doubt a small percentage of genuinely peaceful protesters are involved here, they were from the outset completely hijacked by violent elements. Those violent actors (yes, damaging/destroying property is a violent act!) should have been swiftly and surely crushed from the very beginning of the riots. Political entities (Democrats) have shown shockingly little regard for the welfare of their citizens throughout these “peaceful protests”. The wanton destruction of businesses and personal property is appalling. Most sensible, thinking people are fully aware of what these “protests” are really all about – the continued disruption/subversion of the transition of power to a duly elected administration in the 2016 elections. Additional goals, like all communist/terrorist activity, and in concert with the Covid 19 false narrative, include paralyzing the Nation, and striking fear into the hearts of Americans which will somehow change the outcome of the upcoming National election.

    All lives matter. I, and every sensible person I know, acknowledges the criminal behavior of those four officers in Minnesota, and in no way support police brutality (and crime in general) in any form, against any individual wherever it may occur. The overwhelming body of evidence, however, indicates police brutality is certainly not “widespread”, and even less so involves institutional targeting of Black Americans.

    I will no longer be watching, or supporting in any way, shape or form NFL football. If the NCAA takes a similar stance, I will no longer support it as well.

  • Scott Smith says:

    Here we go again another chapter of ratings dropping threw the roof. You just do not get it NFL. Colin Kaepernick is a racist. He hates white people. If you do not understand that you are the problem. He wears pig socks. Hates the fourth of July. Supports communism. The list goes on & on. Their is something coming up the pike that is going to spark an all out civil war. You are laying the ground work. So sad.

  • brian says:

    does nbc get a tax break for having collingsworth to be part of their broadcast team?

  • Gui Mangeno says:

    The only silver lining of the Coronavirus is the possibility of it driving your attendance to record lows… payback for your f–ked up SB halftime family stripper night.

  • Mary says:

    The super bowl half time show was horrible to all women. Shakira twerking. Opening her legs to expose all. Jo Lo pole dancing naked butt,what is NFL thinking. Children and decent families were watch this.JZ Roc Nation does not provide wholesome family entertainment. NFL sold its soul to a unwholesome company.

  • Ty Doermann says:

    Mr. Goodell,

    I just want to thank you and the NFL officials for making the last game in Oakland and for all of us Oakland fans a joke with the horrible call from the officials with the game on the line in the last 2 minutes. Derek Carr slides in bounds , clock should run but the officials you hire somehow miss the call. I get it another way to stick it Al Davis and the Raiders organization. Makes sense. But the NFL owed the fans a legit call and not allow that to happen. Apologies mean nothing. It’s a win In the last game ever in Oakland that was lost because of that call. But thank you for allowing that to happen to all the best and greatest fans of any sports organization there is.

    A die hard hard Raider fan for life in Iowa

  • J. Gilbert says:

    Did you receive the first comment that I sent, which I inadvertantly sent? If not, let me know and I will re-send it.

  • J. Gilbert says:

    From J. Gilbert … Part 2


    I am not really a fan of any one team … just love good football!

    I understand Mr. Garrett has had other incidents of crossing the line with unacceptable behavior. This incident should at least be the equivalent of 16 games … six this season and ten next year.

    The question that most interviewers ask … “WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND” when this took place?

  • Adrianne Fontaina says:

    To Roger Goodell,
    In regards to the Criminal Act on the field during the Cleveland Browns & the Pittsburgh Steelers game Yesterday. It’s time for you to make a stand on Bad behavior, no excuses. That man should be gone. No other corporation/business would stand for this. This is an HR nightmare. As a mother of Boys who love this sport this is a scar on football. On already an anti-football generation.Young players sign a Code of Conduct. The professionals should know how to handle themselves having played the game for years. Football is a collision sport that teaches young players about teamwork, discipline& leadership. A grown man with seconds left in the game while his team was winning should be able to control his emotions. Why would Mothers want their children to play this sport. You have made several mistakes. It’s time to make a decision on what you allow & what you won’t tolerate.
    Adrianne Fontaina

  • Dean Jacobson says:

    Garrett should be suspended rest of this year all next year no place for this

  • JAMES GOLDEN says:

    Why cant you keep the games that are supposed to be on, on , I hope the games that you switched are bummers I hope they stink and u lose your audience. you switched the eagles seahawks to packers niners, lol eagles hawks is a good game packers dallas same crap u want the people to watch the hopefuls just like the yankees all the time on prime time, cowboys niners packers git it real u lose the respect of people that are true fans by saying eagles hawks game is not good enough, ty so much for this im sure more people will realize it now they make millions and we pay their salary and you cancel the game to 1 pm , what about my plans everybody elses plans for that day,

  • William says:

    During the Bucs – Saints game on Sunday, the officials missed another call. After James Winston was sacked, he grabbed the Saints player by the facemark, pushed his head to the ground and then used his head and helmet to get back on his feet. This action should have been flagged. Since it did not, a fine should be enforced.

  • Warrior says:

    When you stop the players from kneeling for the national anthem and stop persecuting people for their faith. Then maybe then you may have more people who will watch. Until you have served for our country. Don’t condemn others. No guts no glory I’m a proud veteran and a woman of God. Fine me you poor excuse of humanity. We are tired of all the BS you determine is correct instead of moral and ethical rules which have been set before use in time

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