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  • Address: 420 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 415 569 7971
  • Email: help@astfinancial.com
  • Number of Employees: 602
  • Established: 2008
  • Founder:    Nirav Tolia     Prakash Janakiraman     David Wiesen     Sarah Leary
  • Key People: Sarah Friar

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Newland Communities Headquarters Executive Team



Sarah Friar


Heidi Andersen

Head of Revenue

 Maryam Banikarim

Head of Marketing, Community & Global

 Mike Doyle


 Prakash Janakiraman
Co-Founder and Chief Architect

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  • Mary H Yarborough says:

    Please help increase Nextdoor app sharing, such as enabling Nextdoor.com app icon to appear as among choices that generally are limited to Facebook, Twitter, etc. YouTube provides an exhaustive string of app sharing options including those I’ve never heard of. None that I can find in online media, social media, or anything other than one’s own Android device with Nextdoor access, include the Nextdoor app as among share-to choices. I respect that Nextdoor seeks to restrict unwelcome, controversial, or inflammatory content, but certainly, your IT folks could restrict and block anything shared containing policy violating content through a delay-scan system. But I’m talking recipes, local news, even YouTube clips from, like, Saddleback church, or a great how-to video. I believe that once you all have enabled your app to share to and from vetted online sources, it may help boost Nextdoor as a preferred Social Media platform. In addition, as a Nextdoor user who prefers Nextdoor to all other SM sites, I would like for you all to consider offering users the option of a paid membership that would provide ad-free content (or restricted to only local business ads or entrepreneurs). Secondly, I’m proposing a button simply tagged “Local,” which helps the user with many outside Nextdoor contacts to be able to view Local posts and neighborhoods, which the user could define. If there is such an option, I can’t find it. Meanwhile, the Nextdoor for which I am the lead somehow has failed to include the various local Nextdoor groups or communities that I had identified and suggested. This has caused me to miss important posts and announcements in my very community. I don’t know what’s caused this, but I do need it fixed. I have another proposal, which I will actually put in the for form of a postal letter and mail to you, because it would be intellectual property that if you agree, could put Nextdoor in a uniquely powerfully good position.

  • Susan Rodgers says:

    I am unable to open an old account. I will admit 3 years ago I over advertised. However, I know longer have the pet sitter business. Please help me reopen my account. I think the neighborhood lead has discriminated against me.
    Thank you,
    Susan Rodgers

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