Where is New York & Company Corporate office Headquarters

New York & Company Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 330 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-889-0494

  • Fax Number: 212-245-5943

  • Email: service@nyandcompany.com

  • Number of Employees: 5885

  • Established: 1918

  • Founder: The Lerner brothers

  • Key People: Fred Dixon, Richard Lovatt

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New York & Company Headquarters Executive Team



Fred Dixon

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Richard Lovatt

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Grimaldi

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Marnie Baretz

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Jason Berman

Managing Director of Brand Marketing

Reginald Charlot

Managing Director of Tourism Development & Established Markets

Kelly Curtin

Executive Vice President of Membership and Destination Services

About New York & Company, History and Headquarters Information

New York & Company was founded in the year 1918. The company has been active for almost 101 years now. The founders of the company were Samuel A Lerner and Harold M Lane. In the year 1930, the company had opened its first store in Los Angeles, California, USA. Then in the year 1985, the company was taken over by Limited Brands. In the year 1992, the name of the company was changed to Lerner New York. As of the year 2002, the company had become an independent entity. As of the year 2004, the company was transformed into a limited public entity. In the year 2006, the company had launched its e-commerce website as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 330 W 34th Street. The name of the place is New York, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code is 10001.

New York & Company is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of apparel and accessories for women, in the USA. As of the year 2011, the company has its presence across 550 locations in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Gregory J Scott. As of the year 2016, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $929 million. Also, as of the year 2017, the total number of employees working in the company is more than 5800.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of apparels and accessories for women, that are marketed and sold by the company itself.

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  • Rene L-B says:

    This company has truly gone down the drain. No problem placing an order but hell getting a refund. Was waiting for months to get a $20 refund on pants returned. Made a complaint on BBB. The last order placed, 2 wrong items were sent to me I emailed as soon as opened the package, took pictures of my order and what was received. Sent the pants back and still I am waiting for my refund of $40. I have cut up my NYco credit card. I will never order from them again and see why they went out of business. They are now run like a scam site. My 2nd complaint to BBB will be today!!!!

  • Renee Bradley says:

    I have been waiting MONTHS for a refund on an item and keep being told it takes a long time a they now issue checks instead of crediting the original payment method. I filed a report with BBB and your company again reached out to say the refund was processing. Another month goes by and STILL NO REFUND!!!! I preferred quite a bit here in the past but have not done business with you since, nor will I going forward. I will be contacting the BBB again

  • Stephanie Cox(formerly Free) says:

    I placed an order on December 6, 2022, paid for expedited shipping, and have not received my order. I have been charged by Afterpay twice, and the 3rd payment is due soon. I have been calling for 2 weeks, on hold up to 3 bourse and cannot speak with a representative. I have sent 4 emails with no response. Please either send my order or return my money.

  • Helen says:

    I was a loyal store customer for many years and returned recently. However, i placed an order on black Friday with a guaranteed arrival date of December 8. I have sent emails and spoke with Rica who promised to provide an update of my order which reflects no movement as of December 19. Predictably, no update via email was sent. i need my order shipped. Based on this recent experience;i do not trust a refund will be received. I am disgusted with your customer service and will continue to inform everyone of your dishonest practices. Quite frankly, you’re terrible and the leadership is a disgrace who deserve to be sued and will be subjected to consequences. I see the terrible reviews are accurate.

  • Denise Kord says:

    To whomever received this correspondence,
    I am writing in reference to an experience I just had with your customer service department. I spoke with a lady named Eunice. After waiting a hour and twenty minutes from placing the call, I explained that I needed to exchange a shirt for a smaller size. I was told I could not do that but would have to return the item and pay for the shipping and then reorder the other size at a different price than what I had paid for the first shirt. She explained that was due to the fact that price adjustments are only given within three days of your company receiving the order. I explained that it took several weeks for New Your and Co. to deliver the item and that it would be impossible for anyone to receive a price adjustment for an exchange under that policy. She then said it was a seven day policy but that too would require the customer to request a price adjustment prior to receiving the product. Finally she agreed to the price adjustment but would need to charge me an additional $5.00 over and above the price listed on your website. She assured me that once I received the new item, New York and Co. would send me the difference. I asked to speak with a supervisor several times but she refused to transfer me. Finally she said that everyone in a leadership position was in a meeting. This was at 5:00 in the evening. I asked when someone would be available and she would not share that information. This entire situation is absurd and I am very dissatisfied with the way this company handles customer interactions. You have lost me as a customer and unfortunately I cannot recommend your company to anyone I know. Eunice shared that regardless of who I speak with, they will share this same information. If that is not the case, please let me know what can be done to improve this situation.
    Thank you

  • Aisha says:


    I hope this email finds you well.
    I am writing in hopes of an immediate resolve to my request.

    I placed an order on 11/21, paid for regular shipping which according to your website I would receive my item within 5-7 business days. Today is the 7th business day and my order is showing a status of “processing”.

    I reached out to customer service and spoke with a young lady by the name of “Leah”. “Leah” could not provide me with her last name or any other form of reference, because of policy. As she stated.

    After “Leah” looked into the status of my order and noticed that today is the 7th business day, she proceeded to inform me that there was a delay in the warehouse. As I explained to “Leah” that I no longer desire to have the ordered item due to it being delayed. I made this purchase precisely for an upcoming trip so timing was of the essence.

    I informed “Leah” that I would like to cancel the order and would like a refund. “Leah” stated that she could only offer a refund for the shipping but she is unable to cancel the order as that is not an option. I asked if there was a higher up who could perhaps honor my request. She proceeded to tell me that a higher up would only give me the same information she’d just given. I asked her again, letting her know that I would prefer to hear that from a supervisor. “Leah” put me on hold a couple times as she attempted to get a supervisor on the line but came back saying she was unsuccessful in doing so and that she would have a supervisor call me back within 24-48hrs.

    What I would prefer is for my order to be canceled and for a full refund to the card used to make the purchase, including shipping cost. How is it I am unable to cancel an order that hasn’t left the warehouse?

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone can honor my request.
    Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.


    My 3rd email attempting for a resolution.

    No one replied to my emails, and there is still no movement on the tracking number that was several days ago.
    It would be greatly appreciated if someone can honor my request.
    Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

    Order # o5727351893

  • L.M.W says:

    What’s happening to this retailer? I’ve had 2 orders after weeks still say it’s processing, after talking with customer service, they said the orders were cancelled. After a month of waiting, I received no message the orders were cancelled. The orders still say “processing” after a month. I see this has happened to multiple customers and have been charged for the items. I expect people will eventually sue.

  • Carole c says:

    Waiting for my refund since July 2022. Been given nothing but the run around
    I have kept all emails and messenger conversations
    Give me my money back!!
    You took it fast enough
    Supposed to be 3 to 5 business DAYS NOT 3 to 5 MONTHS
    Customer service is a joke

  • Yolanda Simmons says:

    Good afternoon,

    How do you become a print model for NY&C online website?


  • Tracie M. says:

    Very disappointed. Placed a order and after 2 weeks never received anything. I contacted customer service and was told my order was cancelled because 2 out of the 9 items ended up being out of stock. I needed the clothing for work and now have to shop somewhere else. This is very disappointing since I’ve been a loyal customer for years. Took a payment, cancelled my order with no information. Still no refund. I’m livid!! Asked to speak to a supervisor and I’ve been on hold for 40 min.

  • Lisa M Davis says:

    I apologize for not leaving a contact number that I can be reached at. 832/206-1969

  • Lisa M Davis says:

    Good Afternoon,
    My name is Lisa M Davis. I have been trying to get my money back from your company since July 2022. I have been told many lies & promises. I am owed $263. I would like to speak with the CEO of your company to let him or her know what I have been going thru for months now. I do spend a lot of money with your company.
    I need to speak with someone ASAP!!


    Lisa M Davis

  • Samonica Watson says:

    You all are losing the few online customers that you do have. I ordered clothes in July. It took a whole month for me to receive them. 30 freakin days to receive an order!! That is ridiculous! I tried to return the ones that didn’t fit and was told that I couldn’t because it had been over 45 days since I purchased them. So now that 45 day window was cut 30 days short but I’m being penalized. This is piss poor customer service. I spent hundreds of dollars on this order and you all are penalizing me because you switched warehouses which caused a delay in shipping. This is VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I don’t want another apology. I want a refund for the clothes I can not fit and wish to return.

  • KAREN G. says:


  • Angelique Jenkins says:

    Order merchandise in early May, that never arrived…it’s the end of June and they still haven’t processed the refund on my account. You can’t make someone pay for merchandise never received. This company is a joke…spoke with several supervisors… problem still not resolved.

  • Trish says:

    Extremely disappointed with ny&com I have been a customer for over 20 years and never had a problem with getting my orders. I have been waiting over 4 weeks. When I call customer service you are on hold for over 1 hour. This is frustrating. No more ordering from here ever again

  • Ivy Marie says:

    I was a frequent shopper and loved the clothes and the customer service was great. However, they have given me several reasons to part ways. I had placed a couple of orders back in November for Christmas gifts and some winter wear for myself. However, one order never arrived and the other order I had some returns because the sizing was way off. As of today, this still hasn’t been resolved. I have reached out several times via phone and email but I continue to get the runaround! They sent me am email stating that they never received my return (despite having my return documentation), then said because it was still delayed in the warehouse they could not refund me (even though they acknowledged receiving it), and finally that it was still “being processed.” It’s been a HUGE headache and they tell me there are no supervisors available. As of today, I still have not received one order and the return has not been processed. This is over 4 months now. I ended up disputing the charges with my bank and they were eventually reversed. However, NY&Co charged me once again two days ago and it was over $850. This company is a joke, the customer service is horrible, and they just steal people’s money. I filed a complaint with The BBB and I have all the emails of them stating they were processing both orders and acknowledging a refund is due. Please don’t make the same mistake I did! It is a learning lesson and nobody is willing to help you (at least all 12 people I’ve dealt with).

    For the record, I was unable to return the items in person because all the stores are closed now in my area, including the city next door. And the outlet store will not accept refunds. I guess they want to make their money somehow which also includes stealing from their loyal customers.

    • FP says:

      Omg….I am having the same issue…after being on hold and arguing wth about like u said the 12th rep regarding my refund…mind you they have my merchandise…oh we can offer you a give card…hell fucking no…I want my refund….

  • Lakeisha Cosby says:

    Don’t order from here! I’ve been an NY and company customer since before they went to web only and never had a problem. I ordered some jeans on February 25th they took my money on the day of then 6 days later charges me again! I’m never shopping with you again and I’m calling the BBB

  • Natacha says:

    I have been a longtime NY&CO customer! For the first time ever, I am livid and extremely disappointed following my experience yesterday. I’m not sure who has visibility to the comments on this portal, but I’m hoping to speak to someone who can help!

  • Donna huston says:

    I would love to speak to the ceo of company I have called now 2 months I get no where it is illegal to put someone’s money on a gift card that don’t exist I’ve begged n pleaded with them to just put on my ny n co credit card I got no where so im out of clothes now and money not right I will fight this !!!the money i spend in on ur clothes you treat people horrible and no one speaks englis

    • Sha-Ron says:

      Hi Donna
      Have you gotten any resolution on this? I am trying to use a merchandise credit that apparently is only good in store. Lol.

    • Sha-Ron says:

      I purchased clothing during the summer of 20. We were not allowed to try on clothes in the store. I asked if I would be allowed to try on clothes at home and return them if I did not like the fit. I was told yes. I returned to the store with some of the items. I was told they were closing the store and could only give a merchandise credit. So I take the credit. I tried to use the merchandise credit on line and now I’m being told it can only be used in stores. There are no stores! Then the rep tells me the good news is the merchandise credit does not expire. Is this a joke?? Lastly she offers me 20% off the order I was trying to place. Come on NY&Co you have to do better by your loyal customers.

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