Where is Netspend Corporate office Headquarters

Netspend Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1825 S Grant St Suite 800, San Mateo, CA 94402, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 650-312-8275
  • Fax Number: 855-439-6488
  • Email: customerservice@netspend.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Bertrand Sosa
  • Key People: Kelley Knutson, Roger D. Kidwell, Jr.

Netspend Headquarters Location & Directions

Netspend Headquarters Executive Team



Kelley Knutson


Roger D. Kidwell, Jr.


Trevor Erxleben

Senior Vice President of Partner Channel

Jeff Johnson

Senior Vice President for Commercial Prepaid

Anh Vazquez

Executive Vice President of Direct Channel

Brandon Thompson

General Manager of Retail Channel

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  • Wanda says:

    On 5/17/19 a transaction was made with a Netspend card at an ATM machine of a Financial Institution. The machine disperse the money but customer was distracted when personal belonging fell on the ground. So when customer bent down to pick up those items the machine disperse the money but was too slow to grab the money and it swopped the money back. Customer went into the establishment to let them know that the machine swopped the money due to the fact too slow in grabbing the money. The receipt reflect that the money came out. (which customer did not received) So a dispute was made and there was an investigation done by Netspend concluded that was no discrepancy. Customer disagree due to the Financial Establishment should be allow to look at their video or audit to see what transpire that day to see that the money was not received by the customer. Especially since the customer went in with the receipt to prove that the money was not received. Not only that, customer is on a fixed income. Problem is that that the machine is on a timer and allow the customer so many minutes or second to receive the money. Is it possible for the Financial Establishment could be given an opportunity to review their ATM finding? Dispute, as if to say too bad for the customer who was slow even though distracted, too bad. All means of recovery the customer should be compensated.

  • Oliver Evans (familly pet) says:

    Today I received an offer from this organization for a Netspend pre-paid MasterCard. The problem is I am a dog. Yes, I am a 3 year old Maltipoo.
    You must really be desperate for customers. No wonder your organization has so many bad reviews on line. You may want to take a hard look at your quality control and risk management processes.

  • mo disappointed says:

    On 6/17/19 started my horrifying journey into trying to get my money back.

  • mo disappointed says:

    Since 6/17/19 dealing with netspend has been a nightmare I been a customer for years a loyal customer and they have as a company let me down first my debit card number was compromise and used. And it was not me I don’t know how those thieves.copy my number use my card at Lose prevention supervisor. I’ve contacted him for that merchant also that merchants corporate office and they customer service an passed it all on to net spend an netspend done nothing. I got a police report. I’ve contacted consumer affairs. I did everything instead. I get somebody named Daniel Rocha, who works for the president’s corporate office. to call me and tell me there working on it but then I call to get a follow up and a customer service supervisor read to me with, He put into a escalation to the dispute Department. He said, You know to please look into what’s going on with this customer, but I just want you to know she’s gonna keep calling and keep harassing and until she gets things done,things are done. I’m harassing a bank a company that I trusted with my money. I’m harassing them because someone stole money from me and I’m trying to get my money back. So I become I’m harassing. I think that is so unprofessional to say anything like that to customer or about a customer. I am horrified. That a person in leadership with a leadership role made a comment like that. this

  • mo disappointed says:

    On 06/17/19 have Been the start of a nightmare with net spend im been a loyal customer. For years. An Monday. The 17th. Been hell. Somebody compromised my credit card. They was able to duplicate my number. And use it in store to make 2 purchases both amounts. Of 180.I been trying to get this rectified. I have been doing my own investigation beside my police report. Besides I got the corporate office to the merchant. I emailed all information over to they dispute Department. To a Michael. At corporate customer service. It been a nightmare I’ve made a report to consumer affairs. I’ve trusted netspend with my money. it not all my money but i work hard for my money And I never turn my back on netspend not even reading the horrible reviews. I still trusted them. another someone calling me Daniel Rocha and he was supposed to be a lead A leader in the Executive Office to the president of the company.called me today.6/24/19 to tell me that there is protocol. For the investigations. I did everything that I needed to do file my police report gave them that information. I call consumer affairs gave them that information. I got in touch with the merchant and gave them the merchant custom customer service number and corporate number and also they lost prevention Supervisor. Everything. Well Daniel Rocha Called me today. And told me that they will be working on it. And I said, OK, Later on that evening, maybe about 7 o’clock. I called Netspend customer service to see if they had any further information on my claim. Because of what he told me I got a supervisor online. The supervisor read word for word what he wrote. And this is alarming and painful. What the supervisor told me was he said. The He escalated it to the dispute Department that he told me there is not a guarantee. they be able to settle within the next couple days But he also want to let them know that until I get. Help I’m going to call and to call an email and be a harasser. I will continue to be a harassment. And I didn’t think harassment looking for my money. Was a harassment i think that calling. my bank my card. Company was not harassment, I didn’t steal from no one someone somebody stole from me. I’m a breast cancer survivor. And I was home resting from a medical procedure. I did on the following Friday l had treatment on Friday. I never left my home on Monday. I was talking to a relative on the phone and my phone is sending me text alerts me that they are using my card. I stop the card. I called it in. I did my job and then I kept being on the phone and on phone for 7 days and this man tries to make me out to be angry black woman. just a angry person. I’m angry at the fact that they robbed me and they was able to steal from me. I had police in my home they had to fo the police report. I had to deal with the merchant people. And I had to deal with netspend people. And what Daniel Rocha Said about me was very unprofessional. Very disappointing. Because I Stay.loyal to netspend. Loyal netspend. And he said such a thing about a customer that I’m a harasser.i been begging for help and I’m not harassing you. I’m asking you about my money that these people stole from me.my next move is to take it to social media because this is ridiculous How to be treated I’m angry person because I’m angry ’cause I got robbed and my money was stolen from me that I work hard for no one gave me anything I worked for it. And I don’t appreciate that comment. And you suppose be a leader, a professional this is what we dealing with. At Netspend Prove me wrong. But apparently there’s no human being and nobody with sympathy and empathy in that company for somebody to make that statement that’s in a leadership role it’s sad and heartbreaking. Also the scammers. Took 2 minutes to Rob me and take money from my card. And it’s taking me 10 to 15 days to get my money back, and that’s so sad. And to be called a harasser like a Stalker by executive when asking for help is horrific. I was asking for help.

  • DZ says:

    NETSPEND is a scam! My wallet was lost & stolen and my Netspend Card was used by another person for short period of time until I realized the next mourning that it was gone and then called and reported it lost and stolen. I paid the $9 fee for a new card and when I called to activate it they blocked my account. They ask me to submit my documents to verify,I did and then they closed my account with no detailed reason just a bunch of bs rules stated on the card rules and guidelines I already read and new about. It was my state DL they asked for and when I submitted it they took it and ran and closed my account.I have called customer service several times and have got different responses from them each time, they change their stories and are not legit,one day fraud department is available another day it’s not,same with the Corporate Office I emailed them and was set to speak to Mr. Michael Guadado of NS Corporate Office about my account issue and he called me back and left voicemails and each time I called back his number no one is available. You should not have to submit any documents to verify your identity when all info is in their system that you submitted already when you purchased your NS Card and signed up for your account.If you are successful in stating all they ask you when calling support then you are verified,this is why they have you set security questions when signing up which are useless and they never ask you for them? They ask me to provide the phone number on my account and I never provided a phone number on my account,it’s stated “Optional” when you sign up lol obviously Netspend does not know their own configurations,of the site they are not professionals! I Went on with them for almost a month on unblocking my account with my money locked on my card which I need for work and expense costs of replacement of my State ID/Drivers License as I just finally submitted to them today,and now was told it’s to late but they said on the phone my DL was accepted and there are no problems with it but we have now closed your account? Expect a check in the mail 7-10 business days for the remaining funds on my card. All they do is steal your info and documents and time,they create issues for their customers and do not solve any issues what so ever. Do not waste your time with Netspend I will never do business with them again! ADP is a professional company that works and does not hassle their customers nor charges you outstanding fees for everything you do with your card! Bypass and ditch Netspend crooks! go with ADP Professionals who are legit and will always keep you safe without the bs nonsense!

  • mike says:

    I was on the computer for an hour to get a card. I tried the numbers listed on your page to phone and that was a joke. I tried your e mail and it wouldn’t go thru. You are not worth the trouble. Remove all my info from your file. If you send a card I will destroy it. I entered the number you sent. It is your number and you would not accept. Trying to work with you is like conversing with a box of rocks. Mike B

  • sonia says:

    My account was hacked I called was told to purchase a temporary which I did but was told I couldn’t transfer my money I have to wait for my card to come in the meantime they are turning back all my bills . no use talking with a rep they have no idea what to tell you I need my money and a card to take it off so I can transfer my SSI from your card. the card that is close is 0067

  • Lillian dominguez says:

    Hello my name is Lillian Dominguez and I perched a every day reward card ending in 9749 I added 50 dollars and I was not aware that my account was closed I never received a letter or an email letting me know so I am trying to get my money back I have talked to numerous of reps and they keep not helping me I need my money back I’m gonna contact the better business bureau to let them know please contact me at my email address lillydominguez69@gmail.com

  • Mary says:

    Please contact me asap. Its very urgent that I speak to someone at the corporate office. I have left several messages in your corporate office and no one has contacted me. Please do not display my email publicly.

  • Pamela Dollar says:

    I am displeased in the none accountability of the company allowing someone to hack my account and not refund me my hard earned money. I would like to speak with Kelly Knutson , President or Dan Henry the CEO or Roger Kidwell, COO about the culture of the customer service department and taking responsibility to return my funds.

    • Mary says:

      You are correct Netspend is a big rip off. They take your monies without notification.I want to speak to the same persons concerning my situation.

      • Rose says:

        I’ve had Netspend for 9 yrs. When I have an unresolved issue I do NOT talk to customer service. I go online and call the President, COO, etc. and raise holy hell. Some assistant usually contacts me in a reasonable time frame and more often than not resolves the problem. I personally have more than 7,000 friends and followers on my page and I threaten to let them ALL know Netspend is CRAP. Good Luck. I’d love to know the outcome of your problem

      • Rose says:

        Don’t waste your time. Go online and contact President, COO, etc phone number and leave a message there. I’ve always gotten results that way. Good Luck!

    • Rose says:

      Tell Corporate you’ll sue them. And STOP talking to Customer Service. Get The President’s number online. Bug the hell out of them via voice mails, etc.

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