Where is Net10 Wireless Corporate office Headquarters

Net10 Wireless Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 13357 SW 42nd St, Miami, FL 33175, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 305-226-4414
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 400
  • Established: 1996
  • Founder: Topp Telecom
  • Key People: Kevin Gulbranson

Net10 Wireless Headquarters Location & Directions

Net10 Wireless Headquarters Executive Team



Kevin Gulbranson

Senior Vice President of Product Management

Steve Ritter

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

About Net10 Wireless, History and Headquarters Information

Net10 was founded in the year 1996. The company has been active for almost 23 years now. The founder of the company was Topp Telecom. The headquarters of the company is based in 13357 SW 42nd Street. The name of the place is Miami, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code is 33175.

Net10 is an American wireless company that focuses on providing various kinds of GSM and CDMA phones which support voicemail and text messaging, to its customers in the USA. The current senior vice president of product management is Kevin Gulbranson. As of the current date, the company has more than 400 employees working in it. The company offers a variety of plans, which can be purchased either from its website or from designated retailers. Minutes from one month carry over to the next, as long as service remains active.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail and as well as an online presence in order to purchase various kinds of GSM and CDMA phones which support voicemail and text messaging, that are offered by the company itself. The company also sells Android phones by LG and Samsung, and some generations of the iPhone, and sells SIM cards that can be inserted in unlocked AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon or unlocked GSM phones as well.

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  • Laura Caballero says:

    Net 10 has an abusive behavior against its customers with especial needs. People who hold old folding phones  while still having minutes and airtime get not credited for their minutes, over and over, week after week are being cut off their right to communicate with the minutes they have paid.

    You have done this to me personally on multiple occasions putting me in bad situations like not having the line at my disposal while having a flat tire and needing help, cutting in the midst of essential conversation with elderly persons I must assist, etc. I needed to make a call and I just discovered that again you took my minutes and since I am not home I am reaching you from a public library.

    Should your behavior continue to harm me I will consult an attorney. You have no right to force everyone to use a 5G intelligent phone. You have promised services you aren’t fulfilling. While you are good at taking people’s money as soon as they charge a card, you aren’t good at providing the minutes people put in.

    In the last few months I have lost hours on the phone with dozens of your employees, put up with accents from all over the world, but you persist and do the same again and again. It is insulting and harassing.
    Shame on you for treating this way people that have been your clients for over 20 years.

    I see below that you have done the same to many other people. Again: SHAME ON YOU, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU DO IS LEGAL.

    The solution for this is that someone manually credits the balance and 90% of your employees have no software tools to do so. It seems that the only ones that do are in the Philippines, since after passing through multiple  nations’ Net 10 persons and wasting about 3 hours each time, the Philippines solve the matter in 30 seconds!!!  

    And by the way, you are liars too, since I see below that all emails of other persons complaining are showing up.

  • Ann Mateson says:

    I decided to send a second e-mail regarding how you treat and handle people on disability, you should be
    ashamed of your selves in the way you handle there problems by shutting off there phone with out any type
    of notification what so ever. Also we were on the phone for 1 hour plus trying to get someone who knew
    what they were doing (but to no avail) and finally ended up paying $20.00 plus dollars to get our sons
    phone turned on so he could make appointments and talk to family and friends, particularly with all that
    is going on right now. Also your people told us that we needed to call Safe Link and fill out some type of paper work to take care of this PROBLEM which we did originally so what is your Companies problem
    with taking care of people with disabilities? Also our Son is on SSI and lives in Government housing.


  • Ann Mateson says:


  • Shanna says:

    I entered minutes on my net10 phone just as I do every month. The phone shows my minutes were added, I received the Welcome Back! and Your minutes have been successfully added to your phone. But I can”t use my phone to call or receive calls just get a busy signal. I have called customer care five times, chatted on line three or four times for hours and hours and still nothing. They tell me on the phone they are transferring me to someone who can help and I get cut off every time. Wow! I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and can’t afford to throw away $25. but apparently that is what is happening to me now

  • guy says:

    who has the corporate officers phone numbers? The supposed corporate office number always busy.I want to contact there guys, senior officers of NET 10.Kevin Gulbranson
    Senior Vice President of Product Management
    Steve Ritter

  • rhonda watts says:

    I think that the chief does not know what the Indians are doing and the Indians do not care are trained very well.I had to wait for four days still no service,was just told still I would not have Service for 3 days due to holidays. Have been on the phone for 5hrs.45mins. trying to get service.Have been told they would me call back in a couple hours and never did, I waited 2 hrs.after that and called back and the man that I talked hung up on me because I could not understand him Have been a customer for several years do not like beening treated like this I feel like a company that you work for should have better service than this from their employees.

    • Laura Caballero says:

      After multiple times that this happened to me too, I found that you need to ask that they “Manually apply your time” and that only people in Philippines have the software to do so. Shame to the US representatives of Net 10

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