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  • Address: 700 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 317-917-6222

  • Fax Number: 317-917-6888

  • Email: NCAATickets@turner.com

  • Number of Employees: 2286

  • Established: March 31, 1906

  • Founder: Theodore Roosevelt

  • Key People: Mark Emmert

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S. No.




United States

700 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States

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Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker


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Stan Wilcox

Stan Wilcox

EVP of Regulatory Affairs

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Scott Bearby

Scott Bearby

SVP of Legal Affairs and General Counsel

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Name Title
Tim Buckley Senior Vice President of External Affairs
Joni Comstock Senior Vice President of Championships
Dan Gavitt Senior Vice President of Basketball
Brian Hainline Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Felicia Martin Senior Vice President of Inclusion Education & Community Engagement
Mario Morris Senior Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer
Jon Duncan Vice President of Enforcement
Derrick Crawford Vice President of Hearing Operations
Lynn Holzman Vice President of Women’s Basketball
Gina Lehe Vice President of Communications
Kevin Lennon Vice President of Division I
Louise McCleary Vice President of Division III
Kim Oren Vice President of Human Resources
Dave Schnase Vice President of Academic and Membership Affairs
Terri Steeb Gronau Vice President of Division II

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  • Earl Bryant says:

    Share with the whole world,
    Athletes should compete in same sex events based on their sex at birth . PERIOD !!!

  • Earl Bryant says:

    You must require athletes to compete in athletics against the same sex that they were born,
    otherwise you are destroying women’s sports. PERIOD !!’

  • Jim Phillips says:

    Will the ncaa hold Alabama’s Brandon Miller responsible for his participation in the murder.
    He brought the loaded gun and used his car to block the victim’s escape, but the Tuscaloosa sheriff’s office says, “There’s nothing we could charge him with,’’ according to the law, she said.”

    And coach Nate said that his superstar standout is “not in any trouble” as a result of his alleged involvement.”


  • A concerned father says:

    Absolutely unimaginable that a biological male, let alone one that still has a penis and testicles, is being nominated as female athlete of the year. All season this sexually dysphoric person inappropriately used biological women’s facilities. This is not inclusive, equitable, compassionate or any other of your fake woke adjectives. No what you do, what you say this is wrong. Not because Lia Thomas wishes to be a woman, because you are denying science and biology and allowing an activist with mental issues to steal from real women and you’re playing into the dysphoria by forcing the world to be morphed into the world view Lia feels she wants. I must say…. Never before have I seen such idiocy from professional organizations such as yourselves. You’re doing more destruction than helping. See you all in court…

  • Tim Wilson says:

    The ncaa has been a pillar in the life of young men and women for decades. Now it is a critical point in the future of the development of these student athletes. You have given into the social pressures of money and greed. You have created a portal for athletes to exhibit and develop poor accountability skills in their lives.
    Please rescind the open portal and create sit out restrictions unless of hardship ( coach leaves or penalties restrictions) and limit the NIL payment to $25,000 per season to make the recruiting field fair to all schools.
    This is the time to not give into political pressures! Yes we want to have inclusion for all but don’t change the rule to be popular.
    Everyone wants to know the rules to help shape their responsibilities.
    It’s in your hands!
    Tim Wilson

    • A concerned father says:

      Also stop with the fake wokism and let biological women compete with biological women. You want trans people to play…set up their own league..

      It’s only fair

  • Don says:

    When has ncaa division 1 become a political organization? Why all the blm emblems on the jerseys, I view this as divisive.

  • Rick says:

    I have an easy (common sense) first step to help protect our women athletes while you work to decide what rules are appropriate concerning transgender athletes competing against women.

    Just announce a new rule that states no athlete that has competed as a male may compete as a female. This rule will have to be one of many considerations when one decides to transition to a male.

    • A concerned father says:

      Agreed or set up a separate division for that group because with the physical transformation a true transgender doesn’t fit in tradition male or female physiology

  • Dave says:

    Please return fairness to our sports. We need to create a fair and safe category for Trans and non binary to compete.
    The way it is happening now is blatantly not fair to the other athletes. In polls a majority of the country disagrees with the current fairness to the athletes. I’m certain it can’t feel good for the Trans athletes either when they are ignored by crowds at the finish. Please start to fix the situation, as a public we are all frustrated and tuning out. With the current cancel culture it will take real leadership and bravery to figure this out and make a change.

    • A concerned father says:

      You decided to step into the transgender issue now you need to address it correctly. Disparaging and hurting one group at the expense of another does not satisfy the sense of your wokeism. Inclusiveness and equity is not what is occuring. It’s your responsibility or the athletes responsibility to incorporate this era of gender into sports. Especially at the destruction of others

  • Brenda Stephens says:

    I think it’s time you people at the NCAA get off your duff and make a decision about the University of Louisville’s infractions back in 2013, the year they won the championship that you took away. I think 10 years is long enough to wait to see how you plan to penalize the basketball program. I think you should penalize those on the team that were involved as well as the coaches at that time. The college can’t recruit or anything until they know what’s going to happen. You sit up there on your thrones and let schools like Duke get by paying kids to come okay for them, you let colleges like North Carolina offer a class that doesn’t exist but because they offered it to other students it’s ok. Maybe sex should have been offered to other students not just the basketball boys then you could let them off the hook like you did North Carolina.
    and Duke.

  • James says:

    The officials in the Auburn vs Alabama basketball need to be looked at. This was the biggest joke of a game. I could do a better job.

  • Bob Warden says:

    I have never seen in my 71 years, a more incompetent bunch of NCAA Football Officiating (including many of the replays) than was on display this season (2019). Additionally, If I didn’t know better, I would swear that their is a outright bias FOR the SEC and ACC, over the Big 10, witness the Ohio State vs. Clemson game and Michigan vs. Alabama game! It is appalling that Officials can and do change the outcome of many games in missing or wrongly overturning, so many obvious calls! And finally, let the players play! Just plain BAD referees!

  • >