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  • Address: 2200 Fletcher Ave, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 70,000

  • Established: 1926

  • Founder: David Sarnoff

  • Key People: Stephen B. Burke (CEO)

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NBC Headquarters Executive Team



Stephen B. Burke

CEO & President

Brian L. Roberts

Principal Executive Officer

Michael J. Cavanagh

Principal Financial Officer & Director

About NBC, History and Headquarters Information


NBC was founded in the year 1939. The company has been operational for almost 80 years now. The company was initially founded by the Radio Corporation of America or commonly known as RCA, in the year 1926. NBC is one of the oldest major broadcast networks in the USA. During that time, the parent company of RCA was General Electric or commonly known as GE. Due to anti-trust charges, GE had to sell both the companies, in the year 1930. The NBC TV channel was aired for the first time in the year 1939. Then in the year 1986, after so many years, the control of NBC was passed back again to General Electric, as GE purchased RCA for about $6.4 billion. At that time, the CEO of NBC was Bob Wright, and he remained in the company, as of the year 2007.

Then in the year 2003, Vivendi amalgamated with GE, and therefore NBC Universal was created. Comcast had a controlling share in GE, and by the year 2013, the rest of GE’s stake was taken over by Comcast. The CEO of NBC Universal during that time was Steve Burke. After the acquisition by Comcast, the company started churning out various kinds of TV shows of all types of genres, including The Blacklist, Hannibal, Chicago PD, Grimm, etcetera. NBC also aired the 2014 Winter Olympics as well. The 2015 – 2016 season was also successful for the company as well, with various other new shows like Blindspot and Superstore. As o the year 2017, the company also launched a new show named The Good Place. The headquarters of the company is based in 2200 Fletcher Avenue. The name of the place is Fort Lee, while the name of the state is New Jersey, USA. The pin code of the area is 07024.


NBC is an American broadcasting company that focuses on airing various kinds of news and TV shows, to its viewers. The channel airs at a resolution of 1080i. As of the current date, the chairman of the company is Bob Greenblatt. The company is currently a subsidiary of Comcast. It has thirteen stations of its own and also another 200 franchise stations as well. The company also airs its channel in Mexico and Canada, along with countries like Germany and South Korea. The current number of employees working at the company is more than 70,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing viewers to enjoy various kinds of media and entertainment content in the form of news, information, TV shows, reality shows, etcetera, developed and distributed by the company itself.

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  • Carol van Empel says:

    We are sorry you didn’t see the value of the Magnum series.

  • Carol van Empel says:

    Magnum was a terrific program. We are very sorry you couldn’t see the value of/in the program.

  • Gertzz78 says:

    I watch the Macys parade every year. This year after the parade I saw pictures of it and realized missed so much. If the announcers would just not say so much or showing what’s happening elsewhere on the route maybe just maybe we would see more. Very disappointed in the coverage on NBC!

  • TJ Mitch 20 says:

    NBC has great guilt in perpecturating the hugely obese black female unhealthy image. Why couldn’t the new Night Court tv show have a white obese judge? Why, it’s not considered attractive. However, it’s pathetic that white executives can dictate such a negative image of an already marginalized people. Why is this ok! Why is it allowed. I will definitely not be viewing the new Night Court tv show. I don’t relate to your definition of a black female. Those I know are petite, small, medium & of course large, extra large, but attractive, just like white, Hispanic, and Asian females. The difference is white females are mostly cast as petite/small, femine, attractive & as capable in control individuals; so called as “ideal.” Black females on the other hand, are mostly cast as obese, surly, old, unattractive; “mammie” types. NBC executives seem to be such BIGOTS. Yet, so sad, are not the only ones in the industry with this bigoted, uneven portrayal of human beings. SAD, HURTFUL, DEGRADING.

  • Kim says:

    By suspending Ben Collins, you are playing right into the hands of Elon Musk. Apparently you want to go the way of CNN. What idiot made that decision?

  • Nancy says:

    I have 2 requests please: Turn the music down or preferably off completely so that viewers can hear what is being said on your programs! And yes I have a sound bar but it’s still extremely loud! Secondly, I’m a subscriber to Peacock Plus and paid 12 months in advance. It has been down for 4 days now and all the help I can get is online chats with robots with a script unless I give you my credit card so you can charge me for REPSIR SERVICE!!!!! This is absurd and I will not send my card number out over the internet!!! I’ve left messages at NBC CORPORATE but no one will call me! 803-931-6650.

  • June says:

    Just watched “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” and was very disappointed that all songs were secular rather than have at least a couple of religious Christmas carols. NBC has aired this program for years and has always included some traditional Christmas carols. Sorry, we won’t be watching next year. PS. I have studied Christmas(my job required it)and strongly believe that there absolutely would not be Christmas WITHOUT Jesus’ birth. So sorry if you don’t agree.

  • Jeffrey Lamble says:

    With reporters like Ben Collins, no wander why nobody watches NBC or MSNBC. NBC is a woke, joke.

  • H Risley says:

    You no nbc has been a great station, you already have many news programs in one day, so why do you think you need another one, my mother watches days of our lives for as long as its been on. Why in the world would you replace it with another news program, and now charge more money to keep watching it, you could of at least put it on in the middle of the night , at least she could have recorded it, please reverce this decision. Thank you

  • Melissa Sanders says:

    Just want you to know your new line up for what you show during the day SUCKS. I have been a daily watcher of your line up for of 20 years. FYI NO ONE want news all day long. If it stays this way you will lose me as a watcher. If I wanted news all the time I would turn on the news station.

  • Linda Kozlenko says:

    I cannot understand why you could possibly think we need to see more news on TV! The popular soap “Days of our Lives” has been on NBC for over 50 years but now has been moved to Peacock. The replacement for it is more news!! WHY!?? I am lucky that I can still watch the soap on Peacock but everyone cannot. And I WILL NOT watch more news!

  • Darrell Johnson says:

    Boycott nbc

  • Darrell Johnson says:

    Why did we not get to see ozzy
    I think it is bullshit for you to play something up just so you can get an audience for another show
    Cheep shot but the real fans will remember this can we say rating drop to bad your network isn’t a bat it would be headless by now

  • Donna Archer says:

    I am very upset that I can’t watch Days of our Lives on nbc anymore. This show has been with your network for years and now we can’t watch anymore. There are alot of people who has no tablet or computers to stream. So I am a very upset on your decision.

  • D. N. says:

    Please tell me why you pushed trump, his goonies and all their LIES down our throats for years, still doing this AND REFUSE to air PRESIDENT BIDEN’S speech? Do you WANT YOUR female relatives, friends to be raped, forced to carry a rapist’s baby? Be grabbed by the pussy? MAYBE YOU WANT TO SEE MORE police officers beaten and MURDERED on the Capitol steps? Maybe you wanted PENCE to be HUNG? Could the lower ratings for ALL of you since ORANGE scrotum left office is due to the fact that COVID is under better control and PEOPLE ARE GETTING OUT WITH THEIR LIVES? But hey, you sucking the orange scrotum just shows HOW FREAKING MONEY HUNGRY YOU ARE!!!!

  • G. LeMond says:

    With all the channel avenues under your corporate umbrella it should be an easy task to broadcast golf and cycling concurrently. Use the airtime on msnbc for golf as nobody is watching that channel for news. With mismanagement of broadcast assets it’s no wonder you have to use strong arm tactics to get paid subscriptions on your dismal streaming service. I would rather waste time and money setting up a vpn in another country to get coverage of events that your corporation has bought the monopoly of American coverage of. I am sure that I am but a single voice of dissent in a flood of apathy but to move a mountain it starts with a single rock.

  • Darlene Folger says:

    Thank you NBC for picking up “Magnum P.I.” for the next 2 seasons. I love that show. Hopefully you will have great ratings in their time slot and extend them even more seasons. Again, thank you!!

  • sue says:

    STOP putting ads in the upper and lower corner of my shows on oxygen or any other network. Your advertising for a CHILD’S movie on a murder channel? Really?

  • David Galchutt says:

    I have an idea for a reality talk show that I think your viewers will love! Please contact me! 651-247-6423

  • Kim says:

    The music is so loud at the Olympics you can not hear the announcers. I have no idea what is being said.

  • Mike says:

    Remove snoop dog from half time show. The police will be protecting him. He doesn’t deserve this show.

  • Alice K Pham says:

    It is time that NBC stations stopped giving the President free air time for his reelection campaign. Trump is utilizing the free air time by scheduling news conferences on covid-19 at the same time as the regular network news. He adds little information himself; the experts can be broadcast as part of the regular news. None of this needs to take the 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half that he is being allowed, at his own discretion. This is an unfair use of the public airwaves for personal use by the President. I urge you to telecast only the experts.

    • Michelle says:

      It’s time all the news channels stop giving the current president time to spread all of his lies and untruths. They cover for him and his corrupt family it’s time they blow the lid off of what he allowed his son Hunter to do and benefit him in the process

  • >