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  • Address: 645 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 212-407-8000
  • Email: nba-leaguepass@turner.com
  • Number of Employees: 3,260
  • Established: June 6, 1946
  • Key People: Adam Silver, Mark A. Tatum

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S. No.




United Kingdom

NBA EMEA 125 Kensington High Street London, W8 5SF, UK



50 Bay Street, Suite 1402 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5J 3A5



Via Dogana 3 20123, Milano, Italy



Parinee Crescenzo 1st Floor, C38 & C39 BCK, Mumbai 51



41F Gangnam Finance Center 737 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul Korea 135-984

NBA Headquarters Executive Team

Adam Silver


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Mark A. Tatum

Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer

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Shareef Abdur-Rahim

President, NBA G League

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Michael Bass

Executive Vice President, Chief Communications Officer

Kathy Behrens

President, Social Responsibility & Player Programs

Krishna Bhagavathula

Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Melissa Rosenthal Brenner

Executive Vice President, Digital Media

Amy Brooks

President, Team Marketing & Business Operations and Chief Innovation Officer

Rick Buchanan

General Counsel

Derek Chang

Chief Executive Officer, NBA China

Robert Criqui

President, Administration

Arnon de Mello

Senior Vice President & Managing Director, NBA Latin America

Ayala Deutsch

Executive Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, NBA Properties

Brendan Donohue

Managing Director, NBA 2K League

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  • Rod O says:

    Good afternoon, I hope this is read by someone in NBA head office. I have played, refereed and been a fan of basketball since the late 70’s. I have to say I am totally disgusted by the way the game is officiated now. To watch how certain players get calls for them on none existent plays ( Embiid getting a foul call on the sidelines last night by VanVleet, Lebron, etc. and the whinning they do and flopping around, is this now soccer)? I will stick to watching the real game of basketball…the University level. You did not see the likes of this with players like Jordan, Bird, Dr.J, Magic, etc. Totally disgusting watching now, let the players play and earn the win instead of the referees being the sixth man when it comes to certain players and teams.

  • Junior Ali says:

    There is blatant bias in the calling of the 76’s and Raptors. Last night 30 fouls vs 12. How is that possible. You owe the fans worldwide an explanation
    Thank you

  • James says:

    It is bad enough Kyrie Ervin is telling kids the Earth is flat. Why, when I watch the NBA on tv are allowing this person to play basketball, giving the middle finger to kids/fans in the crowd? He needs to be taught a lesson/suspended. I know he is a anti-vaccer – that is his right. He does not have the right to disgrace the sport, management, players, fans, and ownership by his actions on the court. SUSPEND ASAP FOR AT LEAST 1 GAME. This guy is a spoiled brat spitting out disinformation about the planet. This guy gambled his entire life on playing basketball 24/7. If he would have failed (like how 99.99999% of the kids do at sports, what do you think he would be doing for a living? This is not a good example of what to teach/preach to kids in the real world.

  • Aldo says:

    I like Silvers comments saying NBA star players not playing enough which has been going on for awhile and I think he was being generous in his criticism cause I used to love NBA when players loved playing and now we have better training and less B2B games and these players get hurt more ? They just faking injuries and this league is terrible with overpaid pampered sissy’s and almost unwatchable . I hope Adam silver can turn this league around cause I can not see this league thriving with these players .

  • Ned Parrish says:

    I can’t stand the All Star Game format. The teams should be comprised of the Western Conference All Stars and the Eastern Conference All Stars. Why allow James and Durant to pick. I’m a Phoenix Suns fan. It would be ridiculous if members of the same team were on different teams for the All Star game or if the players ended up on one team and their coaches on the other. You defer too much to star players. I am sick and tired of players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant holding such sway. You have turned the game into a joke where these overly influential players pick their friends.

  • Derrick says:

    Grayson Allen needs to be suspended, there is no room in life, let alone in the game for what he did to Caruso. He shouldn’t play again until Caruso does!!!

  • john doe says:

    lebron james having fans ejected so it is true he is the real commissioner

  • Lopez says:

    Thought that the NBA was a no contact game , after watching games I will not watch games anymore , the sport now Stinks

  • Get rid of LeBron James he insights violence says:

    Shut LeBron James up we only want to hear from Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille O’Neal is a true American hero not LeBron James.

    • thomas bayless says:

      hey you need to shut the hell up lebron can speak up when ever he’s wants too
      who are you to tell any nba player to shut up and play ball that’s there rights
      say what they want to say

  • Get rid of LeBron James he insights violence says:

    Get rid of LeBron James he insights violence

    • thomas bayless says:

      no he does not entice violence he can say and speak when ever he’s want to
      he has that right u can never get rid of any player in any sport to not speak
      so go way and have drink and think what u are saying

  • Angry patriot says:

    LeBron should be removed.

    • thomas bayless says:

      no lebron dose need to be remove u need to be remove
      he can speak what ever he wants and no one can remove him so get used to it

  • Tommy Davis says:

    It would be important to have players and coaches stick to basketball vs. politics. The ones that do speak out often do so without all the facts. All too often someone is guilty in their minds before due process has the opportunity to be completed.

    Also how could I not mention the complete hypocritical NBA regarding China…..supporting the Communist ideals. Where is the NBA on Black on Black crime? Where is the NBA on all the senseless Chicago murders? Since they do not fit the narrative they are ignored…..pathetic. You have effectively turned off millions of what used to be fans….

    • thomas bayless says:

      tammy u need shut the hell up they can speak when ever they want to
      u are no body so go jump in a lake and come up with a snake

    • thomas bayless says:

      hey lebron and any other player at any other sport can say what he wants to say
      regardless if he’s an athlete he see it just i see it and no one and i mean no one
      can anything about so there u need to shut up and deal with it

  • Bill says:

    Your biggest star wants violence against a police officer saving the life of a girl. HOW STUPID CAN HE BE? Your ratings are down again this year. Why don’t you move to China?

    • thomas bayless says:

      he dose not want violence he made not saw or heard about
      that case so there for he now know about what happen
      so everybody thinks he should not speak on anything that pertains to violence
      he has that right say what ever he chooses to say
      that is his right to speak and ratings are not down u can move to china and don’t come back with that virus

  • Christoper S Davis Jr says:

    Hey my name Christoper S Davis Jr Iam 27 Years old and I stay in Cleveland Ohio and my real cellphone number is 12164682408 I would like to play in the NBA Iam trying to get notice can y’all please check out my video and here go the video link below all y’all got to do is click on the link https://youtu.be/u8eZ_fHk7OI

  • Lawrence L Thomas says:

    I would like to say first sorry for the ebrupt loss of a NBA icon Kobe . I’m trying get info to the business office of the league , I have come up with a new logo that I think would be widely excepted around the world . So contact me and we can get this movement going .

  • Brandon says:

    The NBA needs to have better officials the refs you guys assign to ref the Lakers games are garbage especially the ones tonight reffing tonight’s game they need to be suspended or fired they don’t know the rules of the game they missed 3 travelling calls and allowed three Blazers players to walk without dribbling the ball and they don’t call fouls on the Blazers when LaBorn gets fouled they just look away and when he takes two steps it’s travelling these three refs need to be suspended from calling the Laker game there the worst refs I’ve seen

  • Jerry Corn says:

    I am a disabled veteran that would like to know if some of the players would come visit us in the Hines VA hospital. Spinal cord unit!

  • >