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Where is Navy Federal Credit Union Corporate office Headquarters

Navy Federal Credit Union Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 820 Follin Ln SE, Vienna, VA 22180, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 888-842-6328

  • Fax Number: 703-206-1510

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Members: 8000000

  • Established: 17 January 1933

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: James Cutler Dawson Jr., USN (Ret.)

Navy Federal Credit Union Headquarters Location & Directions

Navy Federal Credit Union Headquarters Executive Team



James Cutler Dawson Jr., USN (Ret.)

President & CEO

Mary McDuffie

Chief Operating Officer

William Hills

Executive VP & Chief Information Officer

Kenneth R. Burns USMC (Ret.)

Secretary and Member of the Board of Directors

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  • Christine Quinata says:

    I would like to find out if I am able to send an email requesting for a payment arrangement for my credit card charge off

  • Ramiro Lopez Gonzalez III says:

    I submitted my fraud paperwork with the assistance and instructions of a Personal Banker at the 151 Branch location back on October 22nd, 2022 but was given the incorrect paperwork. I have been calling regularly to check the status and was first told it shouldn’t be more than 10 business days, then when the 10 business days was up I was told it should not take more than 15 business days to get a response then when those days were up I was told it could take up to 45 days and on a later date I was told that they had received the paperwork on the 7th and that I was given incorrect contact information for the submission of the paperwork and that was probably the reason for the delay but that it could take up to 90 days. I called back on a later date and was assisted by a phone banker in the submission of what she said was the correct form and that she was going to fill it out and submit it for me via telephone, although Ii never did see the form for myself I did submit the original document along with a correction to it and the corresponding police case/report # filed with SAPD. I called back on another date and was told that the security department wanted to speak to me and waited about 45 mins or so and a female representative came to the line but my phone’s battery ran out and the phone died as soon as I told her my name. so then I called back on a later date and was told that they did not need to speak to me and they had received the report on the 7th. the rep stated that there were no additional notes that she was able to see or access other than the note that it was received and when. She also stated that it didn’t appear as though anyone had yet reviewed the claim or the documents or the secured message I sent through the app and then stated that they would need more time to conduct their review and that a decision would be made and a letter would be sent to my home address and that it could take up to 90 days but that if they needed to contact me they would get in contact with me. why was I never contacted by anyone in regards to this matter or asked to provide the police report # for the fraudulent checks or the actual police report itself which I requested and am attaching to this message here today. I also requested the police reports from the theft incidents involving my vehicle. How is it possible to conduct any proper review, investigation, or ethically acceptable/morally correct judgements or decisions be reached without undeniably and undoubtedly crucially critical information/documentation or history directly related to the dispute/claim/fraudulent checks in the first place? What should be the most ALARMING fact within this whole unfortunate turn of events is…My accounts had all been placed on a “Credits Only” Status or Restriction as of June 2022 until late October 2022 yet criminals were able to access my accounts as well as the funds within them. there is my rant filled with leaps and bounds of very important information, concerns and so on and so on… This should have never happened in the first place yet there is somewhere between $1,200 to $4,400 in funds that are unaccounted for in my account. it’s a little difficult to keep track of your finances when you are restricted from access to nothing more than the current balances of my accounts.

  • Passion Williams says:

    I was also racially profiled at one of the branches so she put a block on my account and everything has been going down hill with navy federal since then. I can’t get in touch with anyone, and when I do there is always a different response regarding my account. I am unable to find a corporate number or email address to contact corporate regarding this issue. I spoke with a manager over the phone who was very nonchalant about my situation as if she couldn’t careless and she did not offer much assistance. Now they are telling me that it will be two weeks before the issue is resolved because they are short staffed this is really sad and very unprofessional.

  • Melinda Dombkowski says:

    You are lucky if you don’t get get approved for a home loan! Was trying to get ex husbands name off loan did a loan mod got paperwork still had his name on modification for him to sign, called bank back they said just for me to sign which I did returned it got approved, made first payment then bank called asked did I want his name removed? duh so they were to send out new docs with his name gone I only used my income for modification. all this was suppose to happen at same time. the rep said my payment hasn’t processed yet so when I get my new package get it notorized and my payment will be applied to new package and my exhusbands attorney was on a 3 way call with the bank at the same time I asked do I have to re do package 3 x he said no! I asked how long will it take he said about the same time as the first time I said oh no not 8 months he laughed said no due to weather in other states, I said ok then covid hits i wait I call every thing on hold I email, and leave messages never get a call back then call in Oct thinking things are done with covid and just get the run around, our dept doesn’t handle this I finally get a guy in Nov saying he has.my package and would fedex it out to me I get it Nov 16, I open it and its a package to start over? are they crazy? now I am beyond pissed I call bank back again and say do I not have a single point of contact? rhey give me some guys name which is never their. no matter what time i call, now this whole time ive gotten late notices from the trustee but not 1 phone call. apparently when I called in Nov they said they were trying to call me and I said what number and they were missing the last digit how does that happen,? and no email except to reply to me asking where my package was saying they would contact me if they needed more info. I never.got statements because they blocked my account, They said because of loan mod. So I left tons of messages emails and finally I get a call the fri before thanksgiving telling me they sold my home in Oct wth I thought she had wrong acct but she was nasty and I got her phone number thats about it because I got sick and was gunna pass out. I call her back no answer the state called her no answer no return calls, so they sale my home a month before they send out mod papers they never called me no phone number ? they were missing last divit no email they emailed me 3 x asking me for my correct address? the day before they sale my home been with them 27 years my home was worth 890 k they sale for 320 I owed 280 k and I had no 2nd now I get a letter saying I don’t want them to contact me ? why is that? I didn’t say that? and my ex never signed the mod papers that they approved and they still forclosed under his name and the mod was processed thru the recorders office so good luck with that , now they have 2 lawsuit’s I called and told them I didn’t want a 2 year court battle but no call back so its party time! And ya feel blessed if you don’t get a loan gods protecting you! This is what you get being a disabled vet 24 years retired Navy 805 7445037 incase Navy fed wants to call me ? they prob don’t even read these.

  • Amanda White says:

    I just had the most awful experience I have ever experienced in my entire life!!! I work for a large retail company and I hold a position in the company where I make over $300K a year. Today I walked into the branch in Rogers Arkansas and spoke with the Branch Manager Scott Brownell. I asked a simple question of “is there a limit on the amount on a cashiers check?” He looked after me and said high or low? I said High. Then made a face like I wouldn’t be able to make one high enough that would have a limit. He then looked at my husband (who is black) then looked at me and said how much do you want I said $25K. He then said well if you have the money in your account we can do it. He has extreme attitude and definitely profiled us as if we wouldn’t be able to afford it. This is the worst experience I have had at a arkansas federal bank. He was rude and discriminated!!! Profiled is, I wasn’t dressed professional because I am off and want to have a relaxed day to start my vacation. As the branch Manager this is uncalled for and this needs to be looked into. I will continue to escalate this till there’s a resolution!!! Very unprofessional and uncalled for. I have plenty of money in my account to make these transactions!!

  • George Sandbrook says:

    Wow seeing this and I thought I was alone. Got all the way to closing and got a new rep who says

    “ I have been handed a whole bunch of new loans, I have no idea when I will get to yours, I yelled a profanity and hung up in frustration. Called back next day to find out they withdrew my loan after 3 months of submitting paperwork and 3 loan officers who you had to fight to get a return call. So sad !!

  • Melissa Horton says:

    Around May 9th, 2020 I applied for a refinance. I was told that a loan processor would be in contact with me soon. I t was 5 days till Janice emailed me ( not call) to tell me she sent me to another loan processor. So then I was assigned to Larry. Yet again it was 3-4 days before a response. And of course an email, after numerous attempts to talk to him. When I called every time it went straight to voicemail!! Then we finally talked and he was soooo incredibly rude to me!!!! I tried to explain that I was a first time home owner trying to understand the process!!!! He made me feel dumb for asking questions!!! He said he sent me paper work to review and sign. I said ok and looked for them. He then told me that I was behind on my mortgage payments which were absolutely appalling to me because I was not and never have been!!!!! I told him I was on a deferred payment plan due to the Covid-19, and asked why he didn’t see that info in my file?! He had no amswer( of course). A few days later I get an email that says I am declined the refinance due to late payments and being on the deferred plan. Yet again I tried to cantact him to tell him when I applied for the refinance I was never asked about the deferred plan or if I was on one or not!!!! I never heard back from him!!! I called Navy Federal to find out who his supervisor was. I was told one person again only to find out I was given to Summer who I could never talk to as well.After numerous time of me trying to contact her to let her know my situation, no go. Then I got a phone person to try a contact her which she got a response of “Tell her I will call her on that Thursday, but it would probably be Friday”. Well Friday came without a call!!! Around 7:58 pm, I get an email stating that this was her follow up, and that she has dean my appeal I did, and that it probably will not change my outcome!!!!!! Disgusting way to do business!!!!! I know times are crazy, but this is the worst service I have ever had at Navy Federal!!!!! I’m not letting this go!!!!! My next step is to in form Mrs.Mcduffie about how her employees are treating people. I am so furious at this whole process!!! Navy Federal has dropped that ball on this one for sure!! And I want action takin in this matter. If they take care of me this way, what are they doing to the military customers?!!!! Horrible care of customers!!!!!

    • George Sandbrook says:


      Omg so we are not alone, I went through the same exact thing, only I had all my paperwork done, ready for closing l, was handed to my 3rd loan officer with an email from my second one, saying he is all set, please contact for next step, days went by no answer, I called for 3 days, finally they Instant Messaged him got him on the line.

      No lie, his response “ Sir I have been handed a back log of loans, I have no idea when I will even get to it” I yelled a profanity and hung up, I called back the next day for them to tell me they withdrew the application. No less than 6 times, I was put on a list for a manger to call, not one call to date.

      I was looking on how to contact Ms. McDuffie when I saw your post.

      Please contact me any anyone else who has been through this. I cannot believe all my eggs are in one basket with navy fed, house, car, checking, savings, loans.

      I have referred people and so embarrassed. What happen to your bank working for you ???

      Let’s see if this even gets answered !!!!

    • HKF says:

      I agree with you about their unprofessional behavior and attempts to intimidate. We are a retired veteran household and are going through something similar regarding a 14 year old loan that they wrote off but now it seems that are demanding payment. I have hired an attorney. We stopped doing business with NFCU 10 years ago because of their incompetence and behavior. It is best to pull your accounts and find another financial institution. This one does not have your interests at heart.

  • Coleen says:

    Navy federal and customer service is the worst. In fact I’m removing my money from them tomorrow. They just don’t care about servicing the customers. They use a 3rd party billing service for their on line electronic bill paying service. This company, even though the software reflects you have paid a bill, they actually didn’t give the company the money, you owe them, and you don’t pay attention until the late payment notices start rolling in. They are manipulating the electronic payments and making it look like they paid your bill when in fact they have not. This company is shady and needs to be looked at for fruad. Two years ago one of the tellers tried to steal $2000 from My account, that I was depositing. If I had not demanded my receipt and called the manager I would have been screwed. There is nothing good about navy federal credit union.

  • John Ortiz says:

    I have been working on a Re-Finance with Navy Federal and during these unprecedented times it has been a slow process. Getting information has been difficult and correspondence has been sparse; however, the process has been stellar in the light of all of that is going on. The individuals I have worked with have been professional and I know that they are working under an immense amount of pressure; which brings me to a “Breath of fresh Air”. I spoke to Dawn Marie (NMLS ID: 863417) yesterday and she brightened my day. She directed me to my new processor; she ensured I had all of my needs were met and most impressive was she made me feel like I was the only customer she had. Thank you Dawn Marie! I spent 25 years in the Call Center industry, most of those years as a Call Center Executive / Consultant and she exemplifies what great customer service is!

  • roxy says:

    The customer service is not good at all, no respect for their clients, the supervisors are horrible, with the corvid19, going on and people are not working, already stress, not 30 days late, I received a negative hit on my credit report. Call and spoke with the supervisor, Mrs. Kimberly, they generate a bill before I even received a credit card, never heard of such thing in my life. I had an incident with comcast I called Navy Federal and spoke about my concerns, they investigated and comcast was correct, a week later I called comcast because I knew I was correct and they were wrong comcast told me I had 3 months credit because I was correct, they don’t stand behind their customer’s at all. this time I will not let this go on if it needs to stop.

  • Glen says:

    Very poor customer service!! I applied for a mortgage loan on October 2019, I have yet to speak with a person. I went in person to apply and I was told afterwards that everything would be handled through emails. I have called and emailer loan officer several times and No response. Where can I file a formal complaint? I will start by calling the Attorney General Office – maybe that will get someone’s attention. Very disappointed with Navy Federal services.

  • Evelyn says:

    I am looking for a professional department that handles formal complaints for Navy Federal? There really needs to be one for your banking customers other than the 100s of complaints on various different websites. Where issues can be easily identified and resolved. Rather than leaving your customers feeling like they aren’t unappreciated and regretful they’ve ever bank with you. Deposited a check on October 29, 2019. Suppose to take 3-5 business days at most to clear, other checks at most 5 business days. Found out today check will not clear until 6 business day. Clear tomorrow, Tuesday 11/4. As a customers, we handle business daily and in a timely manner. Respectfully, have deadlines to meet in making payments. Your teller at Ft. Meade, MD branch on post who deposited the check did not state or explain at all the first day counts as 0 nor its five days from the date check was deposited beginning next business day. As a banking institution important information like this should be disclosed and explained. As oppose to a customer being told a branch hold. No matter what the amount is your Navy Federal platform and tellers can also call, confirm, verify via funds are legitimate. Why wasn’t this done or offered? Customer service is “everything” to a customer. It doesn’t seem this is important to anyone at Navy Federal. For example, I also called, 1-888-842-6328 spoke to a supervisor this morning. Explained this issue. Your supervisor stated he could not transfer me to a manager or anyone else who I could speak too regarding these issues. This supervisor stated there was absolutely nothing else he could do. Although, I repeatedly requested to speak to someone further regarding the issues. These actions and responses are not at all fair to your banking customers..

  • James says:

    I’ve been looking for an appropriate place for a formal complaint and cannot find one?

  • Joseph says:

    You know anything about The Dodd Frank Act. Is it true they can do that??

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