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Where is National Tire and Battery Corporate office Headquarters

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Erik Olsen


Timothy J. Miller


Martin S. Krcelic


About National Tire and Battery, History and Headquarters Information

National Tire and Battery were founded in the year 1997. The company has been active for almost 22 years now. Sears created the brand in the year 1997, by consolidating the Tire America and National Tire Warehouse brands as well. Sears originally had acquired both Tire America and National Tire Warehouse in the year 1988, when it acquired its then-parent Western Auto Supply. Then in the year 2003, the company was sold off to TBC Corporation. The chain of 226 stores was reported to have brought in $425 million in revenue and $60 million in profit in the year 2002. TBC Corporation includes Tire Kingdom, Merchant’s Tire and Auto Centers and Big O Tire stores. All of the companies together operate more than 1,200 locations in almost 41 states in the USA, including Washington DC, Alberta & British Columbia, Canada. In the year 2015, the company had to pay a fine of almost $22500, for national origin and religious harassment lawsuit brought by the USA Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The headquarters of the company is based in 2818 Washington Road. The name of the place is Augusta, while the name of the state is Georgia, United States. The pin code is 30909.

National Tire and Battery is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of auto servicing, to its customers in the USA. As of the year 2003, the company has over 226 locations in the USA. The current CEO of the company was Erik Olsen. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 9400.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to obtain various kinds of automobile serving, that are offered by the company itself. The services of the company include tyre, battery and fluid servicing, including oil changes, brake fluid exchange, coolant exchange, transmission fluid exchanges, along with battery services, wiper blades, brake services, vehicles inspections, suspension services, steering services, etcetera.

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  • Anne McCormack says:

    I purchased tire’s yesterday and found tires equivalent to those were a lot cheaper. I am disappointed in your prices that are much higher than everyone else

  • Abdul says:

    Worst customer service support

  • Odis says:

    My son works at the Frisco Texas location and the stupid store manager name Steve made his employees stay at the store that is the line line of tornado activity and there was only 30 mins left before closing while he was safe at home! This isn’t acceptable! No customers on location at all and he told them that they could leave! I don’t appreciate that and will not EVER recommend them to a single person!

  • Richard Douglas says:

    I took my car to NTB Capitol Height 8423 Central Ave, for service after seeing the engine light come on 3/3/2022. So I called and spoke with a someone whom I can’t remember. I explained the problem to the gentleman that the service engine light came on he said, ok can you bring the car in tomorrow 3/4/2022 we need to run diagnosis on the car to see whats causing the problem can I be there by 8am. I said yes, I”ll be there at 8am do I have to leave the car he said, I recommend you do that so I did. I proceeded to go to work catching Uber. I never received a phone call to let me know what was wrong with my car at any point of the day I called three times to find out what was wrong with the car to be left on hold with no answer. This is clearly poor customer service number one. I called back at 3:30 to be told the car would be ready in 15 min. I asked what was wrong the car? To be told that a oil pressure switch was replaced along with some other parts.I proceeded to catch a Uber back to NTB to find the car during the same things it was during when I took the car to them. I return back in the store to tell the Manger Richard, that the car was during the same thing when I bought it to NTB. Richard, called the so called mechanic to have him talk with me. By this time I had pop the hood to if see any work had been done to the Buick lacrosse to notice the serptine belt was missing gone, not there, nothing. I’m not a certified mechanic and realized the belt is missing. So I ask the question what happen to the belt and why the belt was not replaced? The so called mechanic told me he has no knowledge of hybrid motors and can’t repair them so why is he working on a hybrid car? Richard the Manger stated to me he has no mechanic that repairs hybrids. I’m confused why wasn’t I told this from the start of this nightmare. As an African American male during business with other African American we have to do better. This type of service is unacceptable for any one this should not be tolerated in any business. Now ask your self would you accept this kind of service yourself. The car is supposed to be towed tomorrow where has to be determined.

  • Tasha says:

    Horrible experience with NTB on Stelzer Road, Columbus Ohio!!! Bought brand new tires and the next morning noticed the tire was low – took the tire in and they “claim” there was wood on the inside of tire that caused it to go flat. Just so happens when I went inside the store another woman was there complaining about buying new tires and having a tire go flat. Rude very rude management and shady business!!! Very shady

  • Gob smacked! says:

    The NTB Located at the Meadowbrook mall in WV, is being destroyed from within by straight up thievery, the guy took me to the back, to show me the tire he says, then he asks me for cash to “expedite” my tire change, brought in rim and flat tire. Called today and ask about an appointment for state inspection, he was rude, same guy who extorted me, just said check after 2, we are booked. Not sure who’s all in on it but they are killing it there, he probably makes 50$ an hour after he takes cash for nothing.

  • Tony washington says:

    I got tires at NTB Chantilly, VA. I was sold the wrong tires by the manager to get a sale. I told the sales manager that my car had run flats and that other tire places told me that my car Cadillac CTS didn’t have a spare tire. The salesman said that was a lie and put $1100 tires on my car. I get a nail in the tire no spare and I come back and I got to buy a new tire.
    Not only that when I got tires on my car. I get a call that someone working at the shop was exposed to COVID and I get tested after the call and I was exposed.
    So what I’m saying is the service was bad sold me wrong tires and not offering a discount or anything on the new tires I have to buy. Very bad service

  • Jay Patel says:

    I had an appointment with NTB for Honda Accord ,6cylinder for oil change on October 21, 2021 at Ellicott City, MD 21042. Oil cap clearly marked 5W-20 only. NTB put 5W-30. I looked at secure receipt and it was written 5W-30. I talked the person in charge and he called mechanics. Mechanics told me that there is no difference between 5W-20 and 5W-30. I told manger and mechanics it totally wrong. After long discussion
    manager agreed to change oil but did not change filter. I told hi this is totally wrong. you can not mix and match what you think. Manager said tome I worked forHonda before. It is hard to believe because he has no understanding wrong is wrong. I Was really frustrated with manager and mechanics. My car had never problem for oil leakage. I came home around 6 PM home. Next day I checked car and oil was leaking. I called NTB on October 22,2021 and told manager oil is leaking. NTB changed oil and give me car. I came home afternoon because I was frustrated with another manager. He told me do not worry I will fix it. Oil was leaking again. Mechanics checked and said no oil leak. I brought car back on10/23/21 and oil was leaking. I took car on 10/24 /21. Manager said oil is leaking from drain bolt. I never had oil leaked problem
    because my car has only 57,000 miles. I never had oil leak on my any car in my life. NTB Mechanics screwed up over fighting bolt and NTB said it is you problem. Really? NTB put new plug and charged me another $17.00 for screwed up work . Manger said that you have change oilman and cost me $550.00.
    I said what for? Your mechanics screwed up and you want me to pay replace oil pan. BAD, Bad, very BAD.
    Simple oil change takes about 15 minutes. I wasted more than 8 hours . NTB has the worst policy that if NTB mechanics screwed up you car, NTB will blame you and you are paying for mechanics mistake.
    Please note that if mechanics is worst and if you take car again and again to him he will screwed up more and more because he has no clue. Mechanics problem never been solved. NTB screwed up my car and blaming me for theorist work by their mechanics/manager.

  • Myke Kraft says:

    My first time in the NTB in Culpeper, VA: Had 9:30am appointment for tire replacement(4). Left truck expecting call when repaired. Now 1:00pm and no call. I call them and am told there was an issue with one of the tires and that they are bringing my truck in now to get started. “I apologize for the delay”?! Four hours and my truck hasn’t even been touched! I will NEVER use NTB again!

  • Mario says:

    I had a bad experience with NTB at 1505 Pearland Texas. I had a tire that had a nail and could not be repaired so Since I had warranty the tire was replaced and ended up paying 57.00 for the new tire. After two days I saw that the tire was low on air so I kept having to add air. Went back to store and the tech told me they could not find anything wrong. I went 3 times to get it fix. The tech and manager said I was rude and they refuse to give me service. I asked the manager for the district managers name and she refused. I was never rude and left the store and was in my car calling NTB customer service when the manager called the cops and told them I CURSED and I was irate. She even told the cops that she wanted a NO Trespassing so that I could not go back to the store. I told the cop that they can look at the tapes because they were LYING. I open up a case with customer service for district manager to call me back and still waiting after two weeks. I’m thinking to pursue this further and getting legal consoling against NTB for having Managers who completely lie.

  • sandra davis says:

    called bridgeports NTB and talked to a gentleman named ian on april 7 to see if i could get a front passenger tire checked but because of my husband being very disabled over the last 2 years i have had to learn to take care of things but the car things have always been his.he got released to drive a few months ago with still alot of problems with burns on the bottom of his body. actually i am done writing and will call tomorrow. thank you for being open to the public.

  • JC says:

    I had a bad experience at the NTB in Huntsville AL, can I get in touch with District Manager



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