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  • Address: 10124 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis, MO 63134, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 844-370-9180

  • Fax Number: 314-512-4706

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 985

  • Established: August 27, 1947

  • Founder: 24 Independent Rental Car Agents

  • Key People: Lawrence J. Ramaekers

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National Car Rental Headquarters Executive Team



Lawrence J. Ramaekers

President and Chief Operating Officer

Jay Alix

Executive Officer

Rob Hibbard

Vice President of Airport Business Development

Ray Wagner

Vice President of Government and Legislative Affairs

About National Car Rental, History and Headquarters Information

National Car Rental was founded in the year 1947. The company has been active for almost 71 years now. It had grown from 60 locations in the United States in the year 1947 to over 2000 locations internationally as of the year 2005. In the year 1987, Paine Webber, a historical American brokerage firm, had gained majority ownership of the company. During the year 1955, the company was owned by an investment group containing William Lobeck of Tulsa, Alvin Swanner of New Orleans, and Archer McWhorter of Houston. During the year 1996, the company had acquired the Canadian fleet and operations of Tilden Rent-a-Car. As of the year 1996, the company was taken over by Republic Industries. AutoNation had spun off its car rental properties as ANC Rental in the year 2000. The company had filed for bankruptcy in the year 2001 and therefore the company’s properties were sold off to Vanguard Automotive Group in the year 2003. As of the year 2007, Enterprise Rent-A-Car assumed control of Vanguard Automotive Group as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 10124 Natural Bridge Rd. The name of the place is St Louis, while the name of the state is Missouri, United States. The pin code is 63134.

National Car Rental is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of cars and vehicles for rent, to its customers in the USA. The current president and CEO of the company are Lawrence J Ramaekers. As of the current date, the company has more than 900 employees working for it.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase cars and vehicles for rent, that is maintained and offered by the company itself.

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  • john d zehren says:

    I have called and emailed care about 12 times and although promised a call to resolve major issue as my car stopped running in the middle of the highway and towed. NO ONE will call me back to settle. JZ@johnzehren.com

  • PO1 Marcus says:

    Hello National Car Rental. I am an Executive Elite Status Member and would like to give a manager named Fred a commendation for his always impeccable and exemplary service. Each time I go there he ALWAYS delivers the best service out of all of my travels. He goes out of his way to ensure I am happy and get the vehicle that I want. (typically 2021/2022 Lincoln Navigator). He deserves to be noticed. Many type long letters to complain. I would like him to tell me that you recognized him for his hard work and dedication.

    I love National Car Rental and have seen many good changes recently and the ability to walk up and select the vehicle that I want at MOST locations. (Excluding – Huntsville, Alabama Airport – Makes me feel that I am in the way).

    “The program’s mid-tier status, Emerald Club Executive Status, is earned by completing 12 paid rentals or 40 paid rental days in a calendar year. You’ll still earn one rental credit for each qualified car rental, but it only takes six credits for a free rental day, so they’ll accrue faster.”

    I rent much more than the required amount and always report when the vehicle I receive needs servicing, etc. being Former MIlitary and handicapped. I have detailed, serviced, and treat each as if they were my own. On my current rental, My 2021 Lincoln Navigator would not start on 9.18.22, 9.19.22, and 9.20.22. In addition, the lowering arms/steps stopped working and my mother and I are both handicapped. Lights are illuminated on the dashboard and I emailed and called National and Roadside assistance. Each time I call the lines are busy or no one is available. I finally reached someone at 9.2022 and was told that it would take 6-8 hours Roadside. Amanda with National Escalations texted me and advised that PantUSA was en route in 90 minutes last night. The tow arrived at the rental facility and called me advising he sees a lot of Navigators but no one was there to tell him which to pick up for my exchange. He was upset because he told me that no one was there to help him or me. Eventually, he stopped answering my calls. I have been without a vehicle since Sunday and today makes 4 days. I tried to call roadside and national last night and now this morning and the line goes to death after holding.

    Is this how long-term Executive Elite Members are treated? This was the second time that this scenario has occurred and I pray this matter gets corrected and there is compensation or a positive solution to not having use of this vehicle and the processes are reviewed and updated for all National Rental Car members.


  • Kelly says:

    BEWARE! Make sure you check all the boxes and read every tiny detail of your reservation! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH NATIONAL OR ENTERPRISE!!
    My 21 y/o son arrived at Harrisburg, PA (MDT) from Denver, Co today, Aug 11, for a reunion this Saturday, and went to the Enterprise counter to pick up his reserved vehicle, however, it was denied b/c he had not yet decided on his return date and they would not rent the vehicle without a ROUNDTRIP ticket, purchased AT LEAST 24 HOURS prior. When reserving the vehicle online, Air travel arrangements were NOT even required, and those fields were listed as “optional”
    Read on, it gets worse at the National counter…
    I contacted National’s Customer Care team and was ASSURED that he could pick up a vehicle there with proof of a RETURN trip, NO 24 hour PRIOR PURCHASE NEEDED (because I asked due to the “24 hours” requirement at Enterprise). I quickly purchased his return flight and emailed the confirmation to my son. The National counter would NOT accept it, and stated that the return trip had to be made 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE! Yes, we went from NO advance purchase required to 48 HOURS ADVANCE PURCHASE!

    I called the customer care team AGAIN and after a long conversation, the customer service agent reserved a vehicle in my son’s name and provided me with a “reference number for the “resolution report” that he would forward to the National counter in Harrisburg (MDT), and PROMISED me that it was RESOLVED and my son could pick up the vehicle with his return trip information.
    My son provided the National counter with the Reference number for his reservation from the Customer Care team and the guy said he had NO IDEA what it was.
    My son called me and I asked to speak to a supervisor (Benjamin Brown), and Mr. Brown said the resolution team had NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on the circumstances and the policy still remained – 48 HOURS ADVANCE PURCHASE OF RETURN TRIP. He would not allow my son to rent the vehicle.
    My son waited for over 2 hours while I worked on this “pretend resolution” and ended up calling a friend who lived over 120 miles away to pick him up at 6:30 p.m, from a flight that arrived at 11:48 A.M.!!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely pathetic service, and shithole of an organization!! I have never dealt with such idiots in my life!
    I will avoid National at all costs, and I will use every opportunity to discourage others from renting at National!!

  • S.Hayden says:

    Does the term BAIT AND SWITCH ring a bell??

  • Kimberly Mercer says:

    National has very poorly trained phone agents. I’ve called several times and been told my issue is being escalated just to get no call backs. They refuse to give me a number to their quality assurance. I have no choice but to seek legal help.

  • James Oliver says:

    I have been an Emerald Club member since 1994. I was “charged twice” for a rental car October 7-10, 2021 out of DIA. I have been unable to get any assistance to correct this mistake from the station manager. I tried 3 times with customer. They have forwarded the matter to the station manager. I have been waiting for awhile for a response to the matter?

  • Matthew Haynes says:

    National Car Rental has zero respect for it’s customer’s or the military and it’s Veterans. Please take your business somewhere else.

    I rented a vehicle from Ontario International Airport on Thursday November 4, 2021. to attend my father’s funeral at the Riverside National Cemetery. He was a very proud Air Force Veteran who died two weeks earlier.

    When I arrived at the airport the location had very few vehicle to choose from so I picked out a VW Touareg. When I first got into the vehicle I noticed the vehicle had a horrible smell, sort of like old cigarettes and wet laundry unfortunately there was nothing else to choose from so I decided to just ignore the smell and go about my day.

    As I started the engine I noticed a low air warning light on the dash board so when I was leaving the lot I mentioned to the woman at the exit gate what I had noticed. She said and I quote “Oh no problem, you can just stop at the gas station and get air. you will be fine” really??

    Anyway I assumed she must know something I did not know. So I decided to start the long drive to my Mom’s and I would stop and get air first thing in the morning. My mom’s house is 45 minutes from the Ontario Airport.

    The next morning my family and I got ready for my dad’s funeral and decided we would leave a bit early to check the air in the tires. When we arrived at the gas station, the machine said we had only 10PSI instead of the recommended 32PSI so I started to fill the tire and noticed there was a huge spike in the tire leaking air!

    I immediately called National Car Rental and the gentleman I spoke to said they only replace vehicles if you are in the hospital or at a funeral. When I explained I was headed to my father’s funeral he said they would exchange my vehicle but it would take almost six hours! Are you kidding me? I am the lead vehicle in my father’s funeral procession, and you want me to wait six hours?! The man then suggested they send out a tow truck to work on the tire which would only take an hour, and then I could drive to a local Enterprise Rent a Car to exchange it (apparently they have a contract with them).

    So believing I had no other choice but to agree. I agreed to meet the tow truck at the Riverside National Cemetery. When the tow truck arrived they started working on the vehicle during the funeral right in front of everyone which was very distracting in fact they even cut the funeral short ending without the 21 gun salute which was devastating to my mom and our family.

    After the funeral I was instructed to drive my family home and then drive 5 miles to the nearest Enterprise Rent a Car to exchange the vehicle. So I drove my family home and headed to Enterprise as I was told they would close at 5pm. The problem here is everyone came from the funeral to my families house to have a celebration of life for my father, now I am leaving to deal with the broken car 🙁

    Once I got to Enterprise Rent a Car Lake Elsinore I was greeted by a very confused young man who was working by his self at the location. Between having no idea of the exchange I was talking about, and the fact that he had limited cars, I spent 3 hours at this location trying to get a replacement vehicle. Eventually someone brought back a vehicle and he gave me that car a Nissan Rogue unwashed, not cleaned out just dropped off and handed to me.

    After all of this I missed the majority of my father’s celebration of life. And pretty much lost all opportunity to say good bye. I called National Rent a Car dozens of times, and each time was promised I would receive an escalated call back immediately! It is now Sunday November 07/2021 and I have received no phone calls.

    And if this is not bad enough. When I finally brought the vehicle back to Ontario International Airport on Saturday evening I was informed I was being charged a flat tire fee and the cost of the tow truck!!!

    In my opinion I should have the entire trip refunded. And I should receive a formal written apology from National Car Rental. But considering I cannot get them to even return my call I doubt it.

  • Shanita says:

    I have to say I am not pleased at all. I wasted my time and money with National. This weekend will be an experience I will never forget. I do not ever want to rent from your company again. I will be sure to share with the world how the service and how much I was inconvenienced due to the lack of care National made to make sure their customers never pull out of their lot with vehicles that need service. This trip was wasted. I spent money on a rental to turn around and spend half my Sunday driving around town, yet National gets paid and my trip is a whatever in your book because no one at National cares.

    I would like a Full Refund for this horrible experience including the gas I had to spend playing with National all day today.

    I drove all the way to Orlando 4 hours from home to release my rental van needs to be serviced. Called National and explained my inconvenience and was told to go to Car Care because it was closest to my resort. Drove around 3 times to release it’s location inside Magic Kingdoms gates, yet no large signs are available to explain this to you as you are driving as if I am familiar with the area. Get there to be told there is a 2 hour wait for more cars because they are all out of cars. Then I was advised to go to the airport where there are more cars. I asked for directions to the airport and I was told 25 mins with Tolls and 45 mins to an hour with regular roadways. I did not include nor wanted to be charged for Tolls so I had no choice but to take the 45 mins to an hour ride in a van that has a service engine light on. Then I was told not to turn the van off just in case it breaks down and doesn’t start back up. I drove the 1 hour trip to the airport, my 3 children, elder diabetic grandmother are sitting at the resort waiting for me to return from a van exchange that wasn’t supposed to take 4 hours. I got to the airport and explained this whole story to Kavon in customer service. They exchanged the van and for my inconvenience it’s only worth $100. What exactly can I do with returning to my resort at 3pm after leaving around 10am for a vehicle exchange that should have been less than an hour’s trip? Lunch time is half over. All plans for any park have been cancelled at this point. All Thanks to National Rental Car.

    I am beyond pissed off. I am highly upset and greatly inconvenienced. Sorry is not enough and will not be enough for the experience I just had. Any vehicle with any service lights on should have never been in the lot for selection. National has shown me they do not fully check and service their vehicles before they rent them out to customers. This is not a good look and very dangerous knowing people travel with children, keep in mind I have an elderly person with me in a wheelchair. I do not have time to break down in over 90 degree weather with anyone in my party.

    Someone needs to get back with me ASAP. I need the contact information for the corporate location as well.

  • Debbie says:

    I am still waiting for a 200 dollar refund that has been promised by email for a month from Mexico they stole my money in cash then charged my debit card .Terrible employees and terrible service

  • Ray Sage says:

    National Car Rental is the worst – We rented from the Richmond VA airport office – our inbound flight was delayed by 45 mins. We were told by customer service the standard process was to wait for up 2 hours to account for flight delays (website states the same). When we arrived NO one at the office – we ended up Ubering to a hotel – out total out of pocket expense was approx. $325. Showed up in the AM – STILL no one at the office. Had it not been for the Enterprise Rental car agent we would not have know how to get a car – we asked for reimbursement of our out of pocket costs – we were offered free days of rental – promised a call from managers – no call, no refund. . . . . . Never renting from National Again!

  • Patrick Spaulding says:

    I have been an Emerald Club member for years and everyone in my company uses National as the preferred rental supplier. I rented a one way from Tampa airport to the drop off location in Ann Arbor on June 1, the quote was $871.23 the charge was $1816.44…WRONG! I have been waiting now a week for a response. Three emails , 3 calls yesterday to a James Fritz in Tampa….CRICKETS. This is a classic COVID consumer fraud. Never again

  • John Wever says:

    I picked Up a car in Portland Oregon the car was charged at $240 A-day How national has gotten away with this I don’t know but to charge $240 A-day because they’re short of cars and blaming it on covid is ridiculous. There is no excuse for A 500% MARKUP… This is price gouging. those of us who have Rented from national through this whole episode for the last 2 years are not going to take this abuse.
    You Have very Poor business practices if you continue to treat your customer this way.. I will not rent from national at Portland ever again.

    The staff Was as helpful as they could be.

  • Monika Banks says:

    I have been waiting since October 2020 for someone from National to get back to me and give me a refund for a broke down rental car I had. This location was on the Atlanta airport where I’ve been charged $565 for a car I couldn’t drive and had to get towed before the return date. They also did not have a new vehicle to replace the broke down one so I was stranded at a location. No one in a higher position has reached back out to me, just the same automated email. This was the most unprofessional, unreliable rental place I have ever dealt with. I rather stick with hertz or budget.

  • Bobby R says:

    I’ve been waiting a little over a month for a member of Enterprise or National to call me back. I had a bad experiance at their Charlotte Douglas INT Airport, one of their managers don’t believe in customer service. Since this horrible experiance at this location, I haven’t returned back to this location. Since the first incident and now reading the post on this site, also not getting a call back from a manager, I believe Enterprise Holdings is heading towards a downward trend. Did I mention I called their corporate office 3-4 times, and each time the customer service escalations team ensured me to expect a call in 48 hours. As of today still no call. Unfortunately, Maybe it’s time to switch who I rent from. Please be warned although Enterprise Holdings claim customer service is their #1 priority it just seems like a marketing ploy.

  • Joyceanna Bunch says:

    I’ve have horrible customer service dealing with a billing issue. Very poorly trained agents.

  • Joyceanna Bunch says:

    I really need someone from National Rental Car corp office to return my call

    • john d zehren says:

      I have called them 12 times with NO RESPONSE to a stalled car problem. HOw did you ever get them to respond? Jay ALix helped?

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