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NASA Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 300 E St SW, Washington, DC 20546, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 202-358-0000
  • Fax Number: (202) 358-4338
  • Email: nssc-contactcenter@nasa.gov
  • Number of Employees: 17381
  • Established: July 29, 1958
  • Founder: Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Key People: Jim Bridenstine

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NASA Headquarters Contact Info

Have you ever wondered how life would be if there were no satellites or a life without phones, GPS networks or any news about the weather? Have you ever thought about all the cool discoveries made by NASA? Mission to the moon and space exploration & discovery are only parts of NASA’s accomplishments. There have been so many products that have actually been invented for space, but we use them now in our day-to-day life. The food safety guidelines “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)” was also discovered by NASA and Pillsbury in partnership. Fire- fighting breathing apparatuses were also discovered for people in space, but later on, it was invented to provide better visibility and protection to firefighters. Today, NASA’s satellites are used for connecting people all across the world. These satellites make it possible for you to easily connect with the team at NASA through phone or email. NASA invites people all across the world to connect with them via the following tools:

NASA Headquarters Address- 300 E St. SW, Washington, DC 20546, USA

Phone Number- +1 202-358-0000

Fax Number- (202) 358-4338

Email- nssc-contactcenter@nasa.gov

Website- https://www.nasa.gov/

NASA Headquarters Info & Photos

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is a US government agency which started in the year 1958. NASA headquarters is situated at Two Independence Square, where all the higher authorities discuss and implement the space agency’s mission and vision. NASA HQ oversees the activities conducted at 10 field centers of NASA. They also keep a track of all the installations taking place around the country. HITT was the company responsible for the interior work and renovation of NASA’s new facility. The facility is spread out across 600,000 square feet of land in a high-traffic zone of the country. The headquarters is divided into four leading organizations called mission directorates namely Aeronautics, Human Exploration and Operations, Science, and Space Technology. The NASA staff is provided with modern amenities like TV stations, data centers, fitness and wellness centers, and conference and audiovisual rooms.

NASA Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

Ames Research Center

De France Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States


United States

Armstrong Flight Research Center

4800 Lilly Ave, Edwards, CA 93523, United States


United States

NASA Glenn Research Center

21000 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, OH 44135, United States


United States

Goddard Space Flight Center

8800 Greenbelt Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20771, United States


United States

Goddard Institute for Space Studies

2880 Broadway, New York, NY 10025, United States


United States

Katherine Johnson IV and V Facility

100 University Dr, Fairmont, WV 26554, United States


United States

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

4800 Oak Grove Dr, Pasadena, CA 91109, United States


United States

Johnson Space Center

2101 E NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058, United States


United States

Kennedy Space Center

Space Commerce Way, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States


United States

Langley Research Center

1 Nasa Dr, Hampton, VA 23666, United States

NASA Headquarters Executive Team

Jim Bridenstine


James Fredrick Jim Bridenstine was sworn in as the 13th administrator of NASA on April 23, 2018 after being nominated by the US President, Donald Trump and confirmed by the US senate.

Jim Morhard

Deputy Administrator

Jim Morhard was sworn in as the 14th Deputy administrator of NASA on October 17, 2018 after being nominated by the US President, Donald Trump and confirmed by the US senate. His duties and powers are delegated by the administrator.

Steve Jurczyk

Associate Administrator

Steve Jurczyk was appointed as the associate administrator of NASA in May 2018. He is one of the highest-ranking civil servants at the space agency. He formulates and executes all the space technology programs at NASA.



Melanie Saunders

Deputy Associate Administrator

Janet Karika

Chief of Staff

Thomas Cremins

Associate Administrator for Strategy and Plans

Alexander MacDonald

Chief Economist

About NASA


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was created by Congress and the President of the United States on October 1, 1958. In 1957, during the height of the war, the Soviet Union launched the first satellite Sputnik into the solar system. The United States responded to this by gathering the most intelligent minds and signing the launch of NASA. After the end of World War II, the field of space exploration became a major area of interest. The first high profile project that NASA worked on was Project Mercury - a study to find out if it was possible for humans to survive in space. This project was a stepping stone for the mission Apollo to follow up with soon after. 60 years down the line, NASA has covered an unbelievable journey of development and human bravery.


NASA is responsible for the development and launch of many satellites such as LANDSAT which is responsible for collecting information on all the natural resources and the features of the earth.

NASA is behind the mind-blowing technology of collecting data on climatic conditions.

The Kepler mission of NASA has made it possible to identify six different planets in the “habitable zone”. It is responsible in identifying millions of stars in the galaxy.

NASA launched the Spitzer space telescope, which identifies heat radiations, comet dust, Bucky balls and many other important explorations around the sun and the Earth.

The brilliant minds of NASA have expanded their horizon of studies to the planet Mars. Their aim is to determine microbial life on Mars.


  • NASA developed the suit construction technology, which helped in the development of the Nike Air Trainers (athletic shoes).
  • In the year 1958, NASA was developed as a civilian agency of the United States federal government by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • A planet called “Waterworld” was discovered by NASA. It is 40 light years away from Earth and it might contain unnaturalized materials like hot ice.
  • NASA was the successor of the organization NACA (the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics). It worked on conducting research and experiments in the field of aeronautical science.
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