Where is Murphy USA Corporate office Headquarters

Murphy USA Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 200 E Peach St, El Dorado, AR 71730, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 870-875-7600

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: customercare@murphyusa.com

  • Number of Employees: 4200

  • Established: 1996

  • Founder: ‎Charles H. Murphy Sr.

  • Key People: R. Andrew Clyde, Mindy Wes

Murphy USA Headquarters Location & Directions

Murphy USA Headquarters Executive Team



R. Andrew Clyde

President, CEO & Director

Malynda K. West

Executive VP of Fuels, CFO & Treasurer

About Murphy USA, History and Headquarters Information

Murphy USA was founded in the year 1996. The company has been active for almost 23 years now. The company was founded as a spin-off of Murphy Oil in the year 2013. In the first quarter of the year 2016, the company had announced a change in its relationship with Walmart, as they began opening their own in-house gas stations and convenience stores. It plans to increase its locations independently of Walmart sites. In the year 2016, the company had announced that Core-Mark would be the sole distributor for their chain. The headquarters of the company is based in 200 E Peach Street. The name of the place is El Dorado, while the name of the state is Arizona, USA. The pin code is 71730.

Murphy USA is an American company that provides a supply of gas via its retail gas stations, to its customers in the USA. The company has more than 1400 stores across 26 states in the USA. As part of the company’s new direction, more than 240 stations, also known as Murphy Express stores, are also located independently as well. In the year 2018, the company was ranked at 279 places on the Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by revenue. The current CEO of the company is R Andrew Clyde. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 4200.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase natural gas and petroleum, that are processed and distributed by the company itself.

Murphy USA Headquarters Photos

  • Richard cravey says:

    Pace florida ..there’s a red head there ! Omg !!! No wonder the employee turn over is so crazy …the way she talks to employees and even customers disgust me! Not sure how she runs a register with those extreme long Elvira finger nails she has glued to her hands!!! I live in the back of store neighborhood and try to avoid entering store in morning assuming this woman may be there ..15 people in line one cashier and she’s on her phone..my favorite cashier has moved on ..can’t say I blame him …think his name was Mike…..I say tear it down …make her leave ….I promise sales will get better ! Employees will work hard for a great leader …she’s not that

  • Constance Wright says:

    I stop today at Murphy’s my regular stop I guess up every other day there well I stopped to get $15 for the gas my sister was in the car and I thought she pump the gas I pulled away and she said oh I didn’t pump the gas so I made a U-turn turned around came back and he said I’m sorry they already use your gas up his name was Anthony at the Mebane North Carolina store. I am very upset because I am a regular customer there.

  • Never Murphy’s says:

    The store on Airline Hwy. Gonzales LA has the worst employees I’ve ever seen. They literally harass and bully their customers. I am not the only one that feels the same. I don’t know who is hired as a district manager to overlook these stores and hire any manager who would hire these people but eventually, people are going to get fed up with their behavior and not go back. Not worth being treated in that manner to save a few cents.

  • Shaunte Jones says:

    I was employed at Murphy’s Birmingham Al Hueytown Location 8851 /8815
    I Never Called Off
    Was Never Late
    Did Tasks/Jobs That was above my Pay Grade
    Never received any type of disciplinary notice
    I Started Complaining about the mistreatment from The Store Managers July 8th 2023
    From Having to relieve in a cup in the stock due to management lock & Taking the restroom key
    To me complaining about the employees selling / Using Drugs
    Not showing up to work/ coming into Work LATE & under the influence of Drugs
    Stealing the customer Rewards Points/information
    I reached out to several other stores for help with the unsafe workplace/ situation
    I was given a raise and was promised a promotion if I would just give them time to hire new people
    I was given a contact number to the ethics department from a formal employee
    I put all my concerns/ problems in with the ethics department 10/15/2023 on my off Day
    I returned to work
    Clocked In worked for 2 hours & was called to the Back Stockroom to be told I was being terminated Because I locked the Store Doors from 3:15 to 3:30
    & Which I Did & have done on many occasions when the system is Down
    Or when The next scheduled employee doesn’t show for work
    I have closed the store myself early on several occasions due to no shaft
    Retaliation termination
    Is what I’m Facing
    Because I went Above Management with my problems/concerns
    I LOVED THE Convenience of My Job I live 4 minutes from Murphy’s
    Joe Lewis
    Janice Dixon
    Are the manager (s) Heads I went over to just voice my concerns
    But instead I was Wrongful Terminated

  • Steve says:

    I frequent your store 8961 every other day for gasoline and cigarettes and it’s a joke when it comes to service the manager stands there like a deer in headlights and the women don’t even try to take care of the people in line, you have a problem there with your personnel, the store is very busy and only 1 register is open that’s wrong

  • Tim Ridenour says:

    They just opened a new sheets across the street from Murphys. Where I have bought my gas since I moved to Madison Ohio three years ago. Sheets opened at 3.25 a gallon you were a 3.52 a gallon. I’m trying to be a loyal customer. I mentioned to Manger and she just surged her shoulders at me. I love the worker’s you have there. But the Manger has always been sort of nasty. So I will take my money to sheets. It took you half a day to lower your price. At this point I don’t care if it cost me more. Take off your list.

  • Randall Thompson says:

    I purchased a carton of cigarettes yesterday only to find out this morning they were the wrong style. I asked for Salem gold shorts and received Salem 100’s. Tried to swap them out for correct style but was refused. I buy my cigarettes there every week. She called her Mgr and because I didn’t have a receipt they wouldn’t swap them out for what I originally asked for. I offered to get a receipt off my credit card statement but still declined. This is not my fault your cashier made the mistake not me.

  • Sally J. says:

    The Murphys store in Perry Florida has an employee that works harder than anyone,is always cleaning and stocking, but gets the least amount of hours. She is always nice and fast to help with the gas station experience. Her name is Leila or she goes by Sissy. She is awesome. I intentionally go when she’s there. She needs to be acknowledged.

  • Lisa Griffin says:

    Please consider getting rid of bushes dangerously blocking view at Murphy gas at Walmart in Belmont, NC 28012 …I have had several close calls trying to get out of station along with many more people.
    Lisa Griffin

  • Joe cotar says:

    What’s going on with murphy gas at Walmart blairsville ga half pumps closed 1 side other side slow pumps

  • Dennis Clarke says:

    Who do I speak to about selling you unbranded fuel in Las Vegas and CBG gas in Phoenix. We are a shipper on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and suppling by rail.
    My name is Dennis and my phone number is 909-264-7703.

  • Stephanie says:

    I’d like to make a complaint about a worker named Nina and the boss lady Robin who work at

    168 Hickory Rd,
    Jacksonville NC 28540.

    I have been shopping at that gas station for around 7 to 8 yrs, no problems with anyone, actually got along with everyone, until Nina came to work there for a short time, she always threatened me, bullied me, disrespected me etc., I ignored it because I knew she was gonna leave, then quite a few months later, she comes back, waits until I’m in the store all by myself, to tell me to leave, shop somewhere else, refused to sell me my item, starts a childish argument with me, then calls Robin claiming I’m telling god only knows who about God only knows what and continues to tell Blatant lies to get me band, so Robin just bans me, refuses to look at the videos, refused to talk to me, just took her word and band me.

    So I’m getting banned by doing absolutely nothing all because this woman is, either a very miserable person, I very jealous individual or very hateful person, especially when I’ve been shopping there for so many years and never had any issues with anybody at that store, until she came around Deliberately going out of her way to start/create issues with me.

    I’ve printed a letter, had a friend deliver it, asking Robin what is going on, explained everything about that day and the issues Nina has always created, but Nothing.

    How is that acceptable?
    How can a company condone that type of childish, bullying, lying, disrespect????

  • scottkasperski1970@gmail.com says:

    Yes I like to make a complaint about Abbeville Louisiana Murphy’s gas station in Abbeville by the new Walmart the employees over there are letting bums and drug addicts clean up around their gas station and clean inside and outside of the building and a few other bums I know they have been incarcerated in jail for a few weeks few years 6 months and they are working around people that I’m worried about the customers could become seriously heard Rob and I no longer put gas or buy items from the Murphys in Abbeville Louisiana now this one bomb they have over there his name Sean he’s very hairy very dirty he stinks and he’s not homeless he’s lazy they give him $10 to clean up the inside the whole store and outside the store the employees that work over there got it easy right now but they don’t know what the bums are doing customers they are begging for money seeing their homeless and hanging around the building until the store closes I was just informing your and let y’all know about Abbeville Louisiana on highway 14 Murphy’s gas station by the new Walmart a complaint that I’m giving and much other people are giving so if y’all do you get this text and y’all have rented respond back to me and let me know what you’re going to do if y’all take care of the situation people that have been going over there will start showing up over there and start buying gas and going inside and buying sodas in that nobody wants to touch a Coke machine that has been clean by a bum who doesn’t take a bath or touch the handles of the gas pumps because these bums have meth all over their hands crack and we don’t want to get the residue on our body so please contact me and let me know if y’all take care of the situation until then I will no longer be a customer at Murphy’s gas station in Abbeville Louisiana 70510 highway 14 by the new Walmart

  • John doe says:

    National site services in Conyers Georgia, were painting most of the stores in Louisiana and Mississippi and Texas this year 2022. I just want you to know that the pai term were all inexperienced, and pot heads heads they did awful painting ,no double coating ,no sanding before painting .all the jobs were poorly painted ,and alot of things that were to be painted were skiped.you should really think about getting another company to do your stores

  • Marg says:

    Store hours say open 5:30AM it’s 7:35 the pumps are still closed smh no worker! Pyramid village store! I’m out of gas and this is the only gas station near me! So if I run out going to another store it’s gone be a problem

  • NoraA says:

    Two different Murphy’s both employed with people that have a nasty attitude. One refuses Cigarette coupons and will through you out of the store. The other has an employee that demand you say, “Hello” loud enough for them to hear you. Then, goes on to tell you how Rude you are after you apologize because they couldn’t hear you. So, my bad! I told her she didn’t have to be a Bitch. Then, she accused me of calling her, “A Fucking Bitch” and demanded I leave before my purchase. These 2 Murphy USA locations are within a couple miles of each other. Maybe, these disgruntled employees remember me? Maybe they don’t like my Co-Vid mask and find that it makes me appear hostile…

  • Pamela says:

    The morning clerk at Murphy’s location Phillips hwy Jacksonville, Fl became belligerent calling a few of the homeless and that includes myself. She not only called us worthless scum bags, low life drug attacks, told us we should just kill our selves, we were also called crackers and whores. She also came off the property and was chasing me telling me she was going to beat my ass. Now this was all over my friend using a wall outlet to charge phone for 10 minutes so she could hopefully go to work to better herself and one day get off the streets. Now not all homeless people are drug attic‘s. Not all homeless drug attic‘s are worthless as a matter fact no one is worthless some people choose to lower their standards and live dirtier and not respect themselves or other people or things. I have always been a working citizen and six months ago I walked out and left everything I have worked so hard for behind I walked out with the clothes on my back. I Love my life too much to have lived in prison and mental and physical torture from a man I loved with all my heart. Being homeless is very rough it is open my eyes to a lot of things and it’s also told me to never take anything for granted. It is also taught me that not all homeless people are homeless because of drugs and a God loves us all season a color my God is the only one that can judge. As I continue this journey to find myself again and to see how many people are hateful and judge mental. It breaks my heart but also maddens me when I walk into a restaurant a convenience store or any place that matters and because I have a backpack on automatically get criticized and judged and turned away so hopefully. People don’t realize how much things that they say and do affect others mental state there little bit of hope they have gets thrown away a little bit of love they have for themselves gets torn beat and we can never get ahead these haters these judge mental people they love to terrace and terrace apart. This woman don’t deserve her job she needs to be fired this is not the first not the second I don’t even have enough fingers on my hands and feet to count how many times this woman has cursed us belittled us threatened us. But call me a cracker a whore a drug attic And a threaten to beat me because I’m homeless I have everything that she said recorded so something will be done to this woman or I will take it As far as I have to because now I don’t want to live I wanna die

  • Joe Biden says:

    Also thank I will post on facebook to do a national boycott Murphys.

  • Joe Biden says:

    I will never buy gas at Murphy’s in Alvin Tx., again I prepaid 40 dollars worth of gas and got 37 dollars worth. Had 10 dollar winning lottery ticket and traded for 10 dollar ticket. Clerk gave me back 5 dollars. Itried to explain to her and then store manager they only owed me three dollars. He said I needed to quit yelling and he would explain it to me. I was not yelling but then he got smart raising his boice at me and acting like I was a dumbass. Thats when I got mad and raised my voice at him and told him what I thought of him. He tried several times to give me the five dollar bill but I told him I only wanted 3 dollars which he finally gave me and I left. Right or wrong I will never buy gas at a Murphy’s again.
    Thank you

  • Robert Scott says:

    Up until now I really liked your stations. I’m asking the veterans group to boycott them now though. While I understand needing identification from people who look like they are in high school, after a point it becomes an insult. Especially to veterans. Don’t forget the spending power of the veterans.

  • JAMES D REEVES says:

    Is your Ocean Springs,Ms store drive thru closed forever or is there another reason it has been closed the last 2 nights?

  • Eric Williams says:

    The casher was very hateful and causing like a sailor called me a drug addict the manager name is terri Noland
    Kansas City Missouri Store and the assist manager was there and never said anything to the employee about causing at me that store is a very bad store when the manager isn’t there

  • Betty says:

    The Murphy express at 355 st 44 manager was outside oking 7/19/22 8:31 am screaming across parking lot, waging her finger at customers who used a certain pump insteafd of walking out and putting a bag on pump or approaching customers and speaking to them courteously.
    I will never go to their station again.

  • Sonya says:

    Will never go back to the Murphy’s in Morehead gas attendant very rude nasty attitude and didn’t give me the right number for corporate

  • Anjelica Fragoso says:

    Why do yah take my points away

  • Lynda says:

    To whom this may concern please tell me why at the age of 64 I have to show my ID when I pay cigarettes it’s so crazy you are the only store that requires me to show ID please stop the nonsense thanks

  • Terry Humphrey says:

    Customer service the worst. Was charged twice at a murphys and was only told to call 1800-#. Only told me on their end I was only charged once. My bank account said otherwise. Was on last 80$ when charged twice and it left me in a bad position. Only resolution I was offered was in 7-10 business days it would be back in account. What about needing it today right now? They didn’t care, not one bit. I won’t be a loyal Murphy’s customer any longer. Very unhappy.

  • Maria Rodriguez says:

    Fui a Murphy a poner gasolina y llebaba pesetas y la senorita me dijo q no porque ya tenia pesetas y yo soy cliente de ahi

  • Maria Rodriguez says:

    Mi Nombre es Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez y me gusta poner gasolina en Murphy en Brownsville tx pero hoy fui y llebaba 10 dollars en pesetas y dijo la muchacha q no aseptaba las pesetas q porque ya tenia y eso me hizo sentir como q mi dinero no balia porque heran pesetas

  • JFK says:

    I have some knowledge to the work they have done. There underpaid and unappreciated. There Management team bogus and non-experience required. In order to run a business from and aspect of intelligence we as people need to be concerned with safety as well as security. There is none at there locations as well no real major part takers of cooperate management and further I have bare witness to the cigarette movement of transportation from foreign and domestic aspect. They are a vital practice of business in the New York City thru Atlanta trade of Products being bought, sold and received. Why has no one launched and investigation into there tobacco products and distribution of via (Newport Gangs)… please be mindful and aware… Thanks and God bless

  • Ronnie willis says:

    I went to of ur stores in Pensacola off moble hwy. And was treated worse than i have ever been at any store the lady was really racist and i mean bad. Was being very rude and slamming the thing i asked for in my hand. Im not gonna stop till i get satisfied on this ill even go to all news ppl if i have 2.

  • Mattie says:

    This is from my comment earlier I was carded for cigs and a man that was in front of me when I went back in the store was buying cigs as well and was not carded but I have to say and can say the manager was very nice and polite very kind

  • Mattie says:

    I shop at the Murphys Express in Tarboro North Carolina one of the employees a light skin female cussed at me using using the f word and then she got another black female manager to check my out this is very disrespectful and unprofessional I don’t think employees should be allowed to cuss at there customers no matter the situation or circumstance this is unacceptable and I’m not going to take it or put up with it something needs to be done to these kind of employees I told the manager and she just said she would talk to the employee and that’s all that was said and done and nothing will probably be said to the employee at all I’m very disturbed by this and wanted to report it

  • phillip b eisenbeiss says:

    Yeah this will be my wife’s third or fourth year with the company has been assistant manager since eight months after starting and is now being passed up for general manager for a third time because the district manager wants someone to kiss her ass all the f****** time I want to turn this in but I can’t do so because I don’t know how to get ahold of the people who take care of this the managers do not look at people who are taking care of the company they are always worried about their pee on kissing

  • Lori says:

    We were pumping gas at the Lauren’s SC location at 10:58 pm along with 2 other people when all the lights turned off and so did the gas pumps! It shut off in the middle of us pumping gas! That’s very poor service, very rude and could be very dangerous for someone alone! (with how dark it gets) We had a little old lady come over and ask us what happened. She was worried but also said “That’s poor service!” If you are going to shut everything down at 11 with no attendant then maybe you should put a big sign out saying so or maybe not do that at all considering that is bad for business. Leave your pumps on all the time or at least have an attendant there so when it is time to close they won’t just shut everything down on paying customers!

  • Mary says:

    Third time in a month that I have gone to the USA in Port Hueneme CA and it has been closed (this during open business hours.) Sign either said “On lunch break” or “On dinner break. Back in 30 min.” Before Murphy took over a year or so ago that store never had it’s doors locked and the service was always very good. Not so much now. Bad business practice!!!!!!

  • Cindy says:

    I am , or was a customer at the murphys usa gas station and when i tried to enter the store at 9:45pm Thursday night , i was told they closed at 10pm .this store has never closed at 10pm ive been there on several occassions after 11pm.There was a short black girl working she had 2 black male customers in store but would not let me in saying she was closed.When i started leaving i noticed another black male enter the store so im guessing because im white she was closing .If this aint racist i dont know what is.You never hear a white person accuse someone of being racist but you always hear it from a blavk person .I am white and i treat others the way i want to be treated.I find this very offensive.And somehow i doubt this will ever be looked into.This world has or no the people in this world have become a disgrace, its a crying shame.

  • Jessica Showalter says:

    I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and my daughter and I went in to buy beer for myself not anyone else and cigarettes for myself. Normally she goes into the store with me all the time so it didn’t matter that she was with me and had a pack of skittles and a 2-liter Pepsi. I was refused the cigarettes and beer because she didn’t have an ID. I had mine and like I said I’m her mom and she is 18. I’ve never been refused before.

  • Sean Reed says:

    Sir or maam,
    First i wanna say that i have been going to this store for years. I have never had an issue or altercation. The manager there is very polite and we have been on a first name basis since my seperation from the military. Today though was a different day. I am like i said a 11 year combat veteran from my army. I did 3 deployments and during my last deployment i got an injury to my right eye that forced me to be medically discharged. I have been coming to that store for many years and today i was embarresed and shamed. I went in the store today around noon like i always do to get cigarettes for my wife and I and i have always been able to use my VA DOD Federal combat veteran ID card to purchase my goods. It is a photo ID that is NOT expired and has my name and all information even including my SSN and was told that i can not purchase my goods because the ID would not “scan”. The first time ever that i have had an issue with the store. There was many customers behind me that where waiting to purchase there goods as well and the lady just said “no” and stated “ maybe i should get a license. Due to my injury i am unable to get a licence and depend on my VA id to be sufficent enough and it has been until this purchase. She embarresed me in front of everyone waiting and even though many customers where dissapointed in her desicion and the way she acted and said their opinion she still decided to not serve me. I just wanted to bring this up to whoever i can so that this does not happen to another veteran that has served our country and they get treated the same way. I guess i will have to take my buisness elsewhere which is sad because that store has always been my favorite for gas, the rewards with the app, and until this point the people that work there. I really hope that something is changed because this incident was something i dont wish on anyone that has served our country. Thank you for your time.
    – SSG Reed, Sean ret.
    (423) 341-3538
    1813 ridgeway dr.
    Kingsport, TN 37664

    • Cindy says:

      Mr.Reed, im so sorry for the way you were treated .This is awful and in todays society people or should i say young adults have no respect for the Veterans of our country or any adult for that matter.But dont you worry, surely that person will have compromised issues for how they treated you, God looks out for those of us who respect others.again im sorry you had such a bad experience in this store its getting to where nowadays you cant go anywhere.

  • CLAUDE BROOS says:


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