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Mr Tire was founded in the year 1970. The company has been active for almost 49 years now. The founder of the company was Joseph Tomarchio Sr. As of the year 2001, the distributor had almost 102 affiliated dealers in 13 states in the USA. The second Mr Tire store was also founded in the year 1970, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States and comprises over 115 locations in Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio as well. The stores of the company were sold to Monro Muffler Brake in the year 2004 -which was a company with over 700 stores as well. The original executives still operate the chain out of Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Mr Tire was one of the first chains to offer all-inclusive tire pricing, meaning installation is included in their tire price points as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 200 Holleder Parkway. The name of the place is Rochester, while the name of the state is New York, United States. The pin code is 14615.

Mr Tire is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of tyres to its customers in the USA. The company is controlled by Universal Cooperatives. The current president of the company is Fredric A Tomarchio. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 250.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of types, that are marketed and distributed by the company itself.

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  • David Seymour says:

    I was basically robbed of $1100 by the Mr. Tire located at 5217 Stone Mountain Hwy. Stone Mountain, GA. I paid fo$1056.16 for a Catalytic Converter on 4/28/23 and $153.61 for an O2 Sensor on 09/7/2023. I had to return back to the location each time because my check engine light kept coming back on. I take it in today and the new staff basically said the Catalytic Converter is the factory model and was never replaced although I paid for the service. Basically, taking money from me without performing the service. And my check engine light is still on. Now I have riding on a bad Catalytic Converter for the past year based off the deceitful and criminal activity of the previous staff at the location in Stone Mountain GA. I need to be refunded ASAP. This is a very serious matter, not to mention I have been a customer at this location for at least 5 years. There’s no telling what other services that I paid for that were not completed. No type of communication from previous emails sent.

    year, make, model: 2014 Dodge Avenger.

  • Tom says:

    Been going to mr tire in Ashland Ohio for may needs. Other than being a little slow at times I never had any real issues until now. Purchased tires for my truck about 6 months ago and also naught the road hazard insurance. While on my way to work I got a screw in my tire i drove to me tire stopping to put air in along the way. I got there as it opened and there were no other customers there. Even the bays were empty. I was turned away and told to make an appointment. Luckily I found another shop to look at and fix the tire. Would not recommend or return for anything to this place.

  • Jack Sprewell says:

    220 S. Center St – Hickory, NC. Got a quote for 2x new struts installed on Kia Sorento for $812.02, including labor. I’ve had the quote for almost 60 days. (Not quite 60) Took the car in today along with the original quote and the ‘new’ manager would not honor the original quote and then proceeded to give me a new quote for the exact same service for $1036.08. In essence, the quote jumped $224.06 in 60 days. **STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS**

  • Brent Ramsdell says:

    Wanted to get new tires put on new rims. When I asked them what size rims were on my Hyundai Santa Cruz I was told Hyundai would know and they couldn’t help me. Perhaps this isn’t a real tire shop!

  • Alvin L KING says:


  • Leah landry says:

    This place is a nightmare! Ripped me off for 610.00! Went in for a front end alignment, had an appointment for 10:30am, I was there early. Mr.Quinn was very rude from the get go, what should have taken a hour turned in to all day event! After 4 hours I called to see about the car, and the man acted like I was bothering him, he said the car wasn’t done yet. A couple hours later he called to say I needed a ball joint replaced are they couldn’t do the alignment. Wait they’ve hmy car all day long, and are just calling me about this! All I needed was the alignment done nothing else, come to find out in the end they had already cut my ball joint and arm off the car, so now it’s my problem! They called me back saying my car was ready and it cost me 610.00 if I want my car back. I paid left the shop only to hear a loud noise metal on metal, made a u turn went back to the shop only to be told it’s a new part and had to adjust! I’m not stupid by any means, I took the car to my mechanic and this shop had bent the dust protector to grind into my rotor so I would be forced to replace that. I just had that done so I know it didn’t need that. Then got down the road and my engine light comes on, they unplugged my 02 sensor also. After a number of trips back to my mechanic to fix what Mr Tire screwed up, he decides to call and talk to the manager. The manager slipped up and told them that the ball joint and arm was already cut before they called me and that the dust protector problem was my fault something I did. Nope I did not! Tried to call the corporate office to make a complaint that’s a joke I was on hold an hour! Even left my call back info have heard nothing. I hope the owner of this company is proud for stealing from people on fixed income, and anyone else for that matter! Do not use these ppl they are horrible! I am seeing a lawyer over this mess..

  • Craig says:

    I have been going to Mr. Tire for several years.. most recent was last week.. new tires aliment and change all bushings and ball joints..basically all suspension components front and rear!!! I had an appointment for Saturday at 8am.. the guy didn’t start working on my car til after 11am and at 230pm I got a call saying it won’t be ready until the next day Sunday and the mechanic was going to come on his day off to finish it.. ok no problem.. Sunday he didn’t come until 1120 am and only worked on it for 3 hours.. again they said it would be ready on Monday.. nothing got done on Monday because the mechanic didn’t come in that day.. ok now day 4 on Tuesday they said it will be ready by in late afternoon and when I called they said ow the 1 control arm is wrong and we need the right 1.. why didn’t you know this on Sunday at least? Then said it wouldn’t be ready until Wednesday.. ok day 5.. it didn’t get done until 2pm.. I had to pay for a rental for 3 days when I was told it could be done in a day or 2 at most!!!! 5 days it took and then they added 2 additional charges on top of my original estimate and the ball joints that were replaced, don’t have any grease in them which they are supposed to put in when they install ball joints!!!! So I was charged an extra $250 and waited 3 extra days??? And I was also never contacted except Saturday and Wednesday about the status!!! I had to call all the other days to find out what the status was!!! Piss poor management and mechanics!!!! I also dropped a part off on Tuesday to the mechanic and I didn’t even say a word and with a additued he says “WHAT”!!!! Then I call customer service Monday and Tuesday to file a complaint and never got a call from the dm or anyone!!!! I will never ever bring my car back here or refer anyone which I have done in the past… this was at the Severna park, md location by the way.. also the aliment wasn’t good either, was a little off still!!!!

  • Rob says:

    Mr Tire in Edgewater md says they open at 7:30 am, irs now 9 am and no one in sight, doors still locked. Avoid this place.

  • Prof P says:

    Mr. Tire (7813 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23518) chased me away. I have been going to this same store for over 30 years and have always bought my tires from them and they did a lot of maintenance on our cars. They messed up two times, but with the old management, they made it right. We are old fashioned, and stick with the same company, same tire store for years.
    But . . . my wife went in and asked for a free balance of tires as we had bought the tires there. The (new female) manager had no record of us buying tires [incompetency with Mr. Tire], although she did have a record of all the free tire rotations for years and years on both our cars. She would not give us a free tire rotation. She did not even look at the tires to see if we needed new ones (which we did). She then insulted my wife. So after 30 years of service, and over $15,000 spent at the same store, we decided to walk away. But due to incompetent manager, who tried to charge us $27 for a short term profit, she lost a good paying, 30-year faithful customer. We went to Firestone which was across the street and spent over $1,000 for a complete set of tires and a life-time alignment which Mr. Tire never did. I went back to the store, and the manager got huffy.
    Bottom line: Incompetent manager chase a loyal customer away to earn $27. Never again will I go to Mr. Tire.

  • Doug MacTavish says:

    In January 2022 had power steering leak. Repaired, then it started leaking again two days ago. ( Lasted almost a year).Found out they had Patched the hose, not replace the leaking hose. Stopped by to see why and was told that was a normal thing to do. I do not agree. If the patch had failed completely I would be stranded or crashed. Also the bottom of my car is covered in pwr steering fluid.
    I think that I need to get a refund of the 169.00 I paid for a dangerous repair.
    This is just plain cheap work that endangers people.
    Please reply and explain if this is no big deal.
    Thanks, Doug


    Cherry Hill, NJ – worst f’ing bunch of chumps ever. Back in the days of “service” a change of (4) tires; old removed, new installed, balanced & on vehicle in 20 minutes…no f’ing problem. God forbid you ask for an oil change too…another hour. F^%*’ing worst place ever. While the “rookie” struggled…the (2) supposed managers sat in the break room and ate until I yelled at them after 2.5 hours….and the f(&^’s did not even complete the job = tires not rebalanced or rotated; I know because the right rear tire that they did not PATCH properly 2 F)(*&’ing times!!! Losers managing losers…you all blow a bag of dicks and should be ashamed of yourselves!!

  • Jeff S says:

    Mr.Tire at 720 main st reisterstown md. Has the worst crew around from front desk to shop. Lack of responsibility to lack of ergency to handle customer service. Should just shut this location down. Gives Mr Tire a bad name for all locations. Does not adhere to appointments nothing good about this location.


      Mr. Tire is run by corporate fucks that do not care….or the NO talent they hire; obviously….shit hole place run by corporate pigs peddling tires!

  • Marie says:

    The Mr. Tire in Bryans Road MD, the store manager is lazy and will turn work away and say they can’t do it when it can be done. The district manager has been notified about some of the issues, but instead of handling it like a professional he/she will run back and tell the store manager what was said. This is extremely unprofessional and how do you expect to have employees wanting to continue to work for Mr. Tire if their concerns are being ignored.

  • Brandon Bocach says:

    I Went into the Mr tire on 96 to have a tire looked at that was reading the pressure dropping in my car.. Just paid over $800 for tires from this place,They tell me sorry can’t look at it I have 8 cars being worked on with 2 employees while he sits there doing what??

    Never will I recommend this place….. I’ll take my $800 elsewhere

    Route 96 in Victor Ny

  • David B says:

    5610 Columbia Turnpike
    Bailey’s Crossroads, VA

    I took my truck up to this Mr. Tire to get an alignment. The guy tries to talk me out of the alignment, wanting to charge me $170 to do an inspection. I opted out. Upon receiving my truck back the battery wouldnt work. So i bought a battery, and when I received my truck this time. It wouldnt accelerate. I then had no choice but to get the $170 inspection (the man claims the truck ran fine up until I got it). I try and calm down and get the work done for I need my truck. Work gets done, why my radio wont start now? Very odd that everytime I get work done in a 1 wk span something else was needed to be done. They couldnt even get the radio back on smh but claim it wasnt them.

  • Vanita says:

    On 08/10/2022 I paid Mr. Tire Shelby, NC $330.49 for a tune up on a 2015 Buick Encore. I THOUGHT the techs knew what to do – but apparently not. I WAS a customer of Mr. Tire (before Mr. Tire) for 30 years at the Kings Mtn NC location and Brian Womack was my mechanic – he was a MASTER MECHANIC. He got transferred to Morganton, NC, I took my car to Morganton. He got transferred back to Shelby, NC, I followed him back to Shelby. Then he got transferred back to Kings Mtn, NC so I went bk to Kings Mtn, NC. He was my mechanic for 30 years until his wife passed away this past March 2022. At her passing he retired and I am so sad. So Mr. Tire went into the Kings Mtn, NC location and “cleaned house” – I knew no one there any more so I decided to give Shelby, NC a try. THAT WAS A MISTAKE IN ITSELF. The 1st appt I had to get my auto maintained, Jennifer (new mgr) had overbooked and I wound up waiting 1.5 hours till they could get to my car. The head mechanic (believe his name was Jeff) stated everyone was having to wait because she didn’t allow for the cars from the day before jobs to be completed. For the tune up I would THINK that the mechanics would know what to do to prevent a breakdown – that’s what I get for thinking!! Today, 10/3 on the way to work my car stopped running. Had it towed to a different auto repair. Was shown and informed the coil wire had not been changed whenever the tune up was done and was brittle & burned. So I started over with another tune up and called Jennifer at Shelby Mr. Tire. She said she spoke w/mechanic and the coil wire didn’t need to be changed. MY QUESTION: DID HE EVEN CHECK?
    I do believe I should be reimbursed for at least the labor (or lack of) on the vehicle. I did tell Jennifer I would NOT be back to Mr. Tire and I would not recommend them to anyone after my 30 years as a customer. Review – don’t expect it to be a good one.
    Mr. Tire needs to back up and regroup – getting rid of some of the best from the Kings Mtn, NC location was a mistake.
    I think Mr. Tire’s mistake should be made right with reimbursement because of work having to be redone.

  • Anonymous Mr.Tire Slave says:

    I work for the company and we get paid garbage wages, are forced to work in ridiculous heat, denied lunch breaks almost daily and management can never get the correct parts. I am told constantly that I’m not worth more than minimum wage and that I am replaceable. I’m one test away from ASE certified A+ technician, but I have been reduced to lube tech. The flat rate is a joke… they pay 2 tenths of an hour for an oil change… that’s 12 minutes. At my wage, I get paid $2.80 for an oil change that, in their eyes, can be done in 12 minutes, but in reality takes 30 – 40 minutes. It takes 20 minutes to fill out the paper work alone. Managers do not sell anything that techs recommend. Managers speak ill on employees to the customers. People with medical conditions get talked down to. We, as employees, are in constant fear of losing our jobs. This heat is kiling us. The winters are bitterly cold because the heaters never work. We have to provide shop supplies for our own vehicles and get zero compensation. The first aid kits are never stocked. Recently my store went months… MONTHS… without toilet paper, paper towels or soap. There is no drinking fountain at all. We have to drink from our hands out of a sink. The refrigerator is broken, there is trash all over the lot and things get stolen on a weekly basis. The dumpster is constantly filled with neighborhood trash. Working for Mr.Tire is the most inhumane thing that I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life… prisoners are treated better than us. Think twice before you bring your car to ANY Monro store. If you do, just know, the employees are miserable, mistreated, starving, hot, thirsty and were most likely denied their lunch break… just to work on YOUR vehicle for pennies on the dollar.


    • expendable employee says:

      I also work for Mr.Tire and the removal of LTI-RDM from the computers has screwed everyone I work with and everyone I know that works for the company. We now have to work 2 or 3 times as hard for literally half of the pay. I hate working for this company and we have zero incentive to even show up on time. My shop also felt the “no toilet paper” sting. It was months before we got any. I was bringing mine from home and stashing it in my toolbox if I needed to use the restroom. Yes, the heat is brutal with no respite. The equipment breaks a lot and take months to get someone in to repair anything. Right now, my shop is dealing with a rodent infestation and there are feral cats hanging around. Inflation is killing us in two ways: ONE: We can’t pay our bills anymore with LTI being gone. Gas prices getting to and from work are atrocious. Half of one check is spent on gas for the month for Christ’s sake. It especially hurts when we do, in fact, have to buy our own shop supplies. TWO: Inflation has driven up the prices of oil changes, tires repairs, alignments etc to the point where customers scream at us, call us names, abuse of of being racist and taking advantage of them. Are they completely oblivious to the world around them? The price of EVERYTHING has gone up, so why not the pay to compensate? Why not the flat rate? Monroe solution was to take away LTI-RDM. LTI was literally no charge to the customer and made a .2 oil change worth getting out of bed for.

      I am addressing Zone Manager Theresa G directly: Why did you delete LTI-RDM out of the system? This has screwed hundreds of employees. All of us have families and most of us are the sole provider in our respective households. The loss of LTI-RDM is financially devastating and is tearing my family apart. I work full time, 40+ hours a week and I still have to get a second job to afford medications not only for myself, but for my significant other and our children.

      It take 12 minutes for a master technician to drain the oil from an engine and replace it on an engine that is removed from the vehicle and on an engine stand. Take into consideration having to walk the lot to find said car, get it on the lift, complete a full courtesy inspection, rotate the tires, remove skid plates and or drain covers, drain the oil, replace the covers, fill the oil, crack the code of resetting the oil / maintenence light, back the car out and walk the paperwork back to the office… all the while being badgered by other employees for help in THEIR vehicles or answering questions from difficult or metering customers… 12 minutes, or .2 of one hour is literally impossible. LTI-RDM made it worth it.

  • Ron P says:

    I took my car to Hamilton Mr. Tire at 871 Rt33 NJ on 7/3/22 said I needed Freon $293, sill kept blowing hot air, took it back they said I needed a new AC Compressor $1174, still blowing hot air I took it back again they said it was a Oring, still blowing hot air, they said they are ordering an another new AC Compressor that was on7/12/22 today is 7/16/22 it seems every time is it something different and cost more money. Monpo Corporation never gets back to you. Either they get bad parts or they do this on purpose to get money from you.

  • Kylah says:

    I do not recommend this establishment. (Parma, OH. Ridge Road.)

    They had replaced two U-Joints on our vehicle (we had supplied the parts) and then needed to come back in a few days later to have them fixed again. 5 days after that, while on the highway, the U-Joints disconnected, and ruined the driveshaft. Got the truck towed there, and was hit with another $900 bill (after spending 2k just a week prior.)

    When speaking with Tony, he advised “I can not confirm that I had put them on right, but I also can’t confirm that I didn’t. I have selective memory.” I reiterated that to him several times, because I was baffled that he would say that. I asked him if he tells all customers who come in, “hey; we will do the work but I can’t confirm it’ll be done right and your car may fall apart on the highway.” This man had the audacity to tell me that he “only cares about the word of mouth advertisement” and that “he’s been there a long time.” Great — people work places for a long time, and still make mistakes. However, this mistake caused our truck to fall apart on the highway, and cost us another $900 because he would “not pay for it” because they don’t warranty the parts if they’re outside parts. Great, we get that. But, it was not a part error, it was a labor error. Called corporate, they were also less than pleasant and offered 0 help even after listening to the recorded phone calls, they tried to advice that he did not say what he said and that he told me things that he did not!

    Tony then tried to say that he told us you can put steel on aluminum prior to starting the service. This was NOT on the receipt as something that was talked about, nor was this something he had EVER said to us. We were also advised that if they had disclosed an issue, it would have been on the receipt in the memo portion. There was nothing listed on there at all.

    Unless you want to be driving in a death trap once these people are done with it, DO NOT GO HERE!!! Literally the worst experience we have ever had at a shop, and we have spent several thousand at this location.

  • Walt says:

    Tried getting state inspection done at Mr.Tire in shrewsbury Pa front desk guy was a jerk said understaffed leave your car don’t know if I’ll get to it and he would never answer the phone as people called

  • Scott McGregor says:

    Mr. Tire Edgewater, MD. Had 4 tires put on and a bunch of other work done totaling $2000. The next day the tire was flat. The sensor never alerted my daughter that the tire was losing air. The mechanic showed me before leaving that all sensors we’re working. My daughter tried to make it to the shop and had to pull over because the tire was flat and now damaged. Insurance roadside assistance went to her location and put on the small donut tire. After calling them 5 times in which the Manager was always busy or away I gave up. I want to be reimbursed for the tire.

  • C Williams says:

    where do i start…1.) took my car to them the first time to get brakes. leave the shop, my car is smoking. y is my car smoking from brakes and they lost my wheel lock. said they would order me another one & call me to let me know when it came in. i havent heard from them from that day( two months ago) to this date. 2.) took car to get control arm done, still here the same noise (that was a week ago), again lost another wheel lock and charged me for an alignment that was still under warranty…they still have not put my money back on my card.PIIIISSSSSSTTTTT OFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!! So many other things trying to give them the benefit of the doubt to get it right. SMDH!!!!!!!!!

  • Troy says:

    Mr. Tire Auto Center #757 in Columbia, MD refused to do work that was under warranty!! He was rude and a liar. Even the workers said he is a liar. We want the work done.

  • Myles E Thornton Jr says:

    How do I file a complaint?

  • Joseph ghanem says:

    I had a serpentine belt put on. 3 miles down the road it broke. I had to have the car towed. Why am I responsible for the towing cost?

  • R. Horn says:

    I think as a long term customer you need to improve your system for appointments. Reason I set up a online appointment with the tires I wanted and you sent a confirmation email. I get to the store#798 and was advised the system only shows the appointment, not the tires ordered. Do to your inept system I was forced to take 2 days off of work for an appointment. Invoice #157190

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