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About Mountain Mike’s Pizza, History and Headquarters Information

Mountain Mike’s Pizza was founded in the year 1978. The company has been active for almost 41 years now. The headquarters of the company is based in 2011 Naglee Avenue. The name of the place is San Jose, while the name of the state is California, United States. The pin code is 95128.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers in the USA. The company mainly have locations on the west coast of the USA, mainly in Northern California, United States. The company also have additional locations in Nevada, Oregon and Utah. The company also have locations in Southern California, including Inland Empire and Orange County and Bay Park, San Diego, United States. The company currently has its presence in almost more than 200 locations in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Bradley Gordon.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced and served by the company itself. The products of the company include pizzas, pasta, chicken wings, salad bar, etcetera.

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  • Neal says:

    I went too the one by my house Blue Ravine Rd near Rayleys omg horrible cashier she was a B I’m sorry no pizza we’re only one half a one sitting had too ask for more and she had a attitude she show my friend the menu had the wrong prices please manger check your location salad bar half empty the employees were lazy please manger check your employees !!!!!!

  • John says:

    I’ve been going to the Monterey California location for about the past 5 years and usually there’s a lady named Joanna who works there who’s very nice when I go in during the day. Going on Tuesdays because the pizzas are 40% off on that day at that location.

    There was a new guy there today on the register who didn’t know what he was doing and was trying to charge me the regular price. I told him they were supposed to be 40% off today and they have two big banners right out front that say 40% off and the lady who works in the back try to tell him it was 40% off but the guy refused to give me the right price.

    I told him okay I guess I’ll just leave and the guy started waving at me kept laughing at me going bye bye like it was real funny. The owners of that location also own the Pacific Grove location so I called over there and got someone named Tracy on the phone.

    She was so nasty and she kept hanging up in my face and trying to blame me for what happened over there.

    Every time I go to that restaurant I give them a nice tip. I’ve given them over $600 in tips since I’ve been going there and the first time that there’s a problem they treat me like a piece of garbage.
    There is no corporate customer service phone number so you can’t do anything and they know it that’s why the employees are acting like that because they know they can get away with it.

  • Ashley Jones says:

    This is the 3900 Decoto Rd, Fremont, CA 94555 location: I ordered a pizza and hit send on the app I went to my email and looked at the receipt and saw it was regular crust and called immediately. I can attach the picture of the timestamp on the email and attach a picture of the time I made my phone call. It was within seconds.
    When I arrived my pizza was made incorrectly! The person who handed me the pizza is the same man I told I wanted thin crust. He went to the back and called Jaskmal.
    Jaskmal told him to take 20% off my pizza and take the pizza home with me.
    I explained that is not OK I want my pizza made correct and you can keep my money.
    The gentleman went to the back to call Jaskmal again.
    He told him to take the pizza back and they will make my order. I had already given the pizza back and didn’t want it.
    I felt so embarrassed and treated so poorly as a black lesbian woman I feel discriminated against. As if I was looking for some kind of handout instead of taking ownership for messing up my order and having actual customer service. Did that disappear?
    I had to wait in the lobby for 30 minutes for them to remake my pizza.
    I asked to have a beer while I sat and waited and they had the audacity to tell me I had to pay full price. When I have a bottle of wine waiting for me at home that I could be enjoying instead of sitting here in this disgusting store that’s floor is filthy the salad bar lettuce is wilted there’s flies all around the back looks like it hasn’t been mopped in weeks.
    At this point I’m terrified to even eat my pizza and the service was horrendous. I’m definitely going to tell everyone how horrible this mountain Mike’s location is.
    Horrible horrible horrific experience!

    • juline says:

      Hi my name is Juline and l too had a horrible incident at a mountain mike’s in Oakland Ca this past weekend. We’re you ever able to receive any feedback from their corporate headquarters. l believe this company has a history of treating Black women with no respect and discriminating against women period.

  • Lynette says:

    The mountain Mike’s in Livermore California on first Street they need to close that place we used to get our pizzas there all the time and then they started messing up it’s been two years we moved back to Livermore and we decided to try them again it was horrible the crust was hard as a rock there was barely any toppings on it because we ordered the chicken with the Alfredo sauce there’s barely anything on it and for 60 something dollars that’s crazy they need to just close that store because there’s one over here on Holmes that’s better

  • Jose says:

    To the Ceres California M.M. on Whitmore Ave. 209-537-7777 number. Delivery driver grey hair, tall height guy, very disrespectful not getting a tip. Asked for one. Uses foul language. Been to dine-in, same guy, tinted sunglasses, tan jeans, teasing young girl employees there about other things NOT work related.
    They be sharing food together on work hours. Kinda sickening to eat & watch an older man not pay attention to work and tease girls there. Manager should let him know, Keep eyes on job instead of chatting with girls, and stop the foul mouth swearing.
    – Food is good.

    • juline says:

      hi, did you try reporting your incident to mountain mike’s headquarters, I too was treated with some very bad treatment this pass weekend, the manager even called me a crazy bitch in the store in front of other customers.

  • David says:

    The Ukiah location is the worst! I was patient during covid. I’m done with this place. I’ve been to many other locations and they’re great. This place smells like mildew, the salad bar is awful and very limited compared to other Mikes. No ice for beverages. Good god!!! Go buy a bag at the grocery store!

  • Anita Dominguez says:

    Today we had a little league baseball that won their first game, the boys were do excited that the coaches and parents took them out to eat. We spend like $300.00 in food and games. We had only been there like 30 minutes to be told we had to leave so they could clean up and close or their manager was going to be upset. This happened at the mountain Mike pizza in Chowchilla, Ca today May 2nd, 2022. Our team will never celebrate at this place again. Very poor customer service.

  • Mike DeVere says:

    I went to your store located at 2720 McHenry Avenue Modesto California today 11 three 2021. I was waited on by Gina who was very professional & courteous. I am closer to your store located on Orangeburg Avenue, but I drive the extra bit because the McHenry store is so much cleaner. I hope that you will give them the recognition that they deserve.

  • Ashley russom says:

    The best pizza in town thank you for bringing back what pizza is supposed to taste like!! But your Santa maria California location has the worst customer service employees I’ve ever witnessed. Please do something about this they have so far lost my order, been 45min late getting my pizza… got the wrong pizza and they are a bunch of teenager’s who don’t take pride in there work. Unfortunately I will not be going back to your establishment cause of these problems. Shame really these day’s people don’t care about customers first and having respect for there elders.

  • Susan Frank says:

    I ordered 1 pizza and some wings.. 56 dollars!! Ugghhh rip-off.When we got home, it wasn’t even what we ordered.!

  • Fran Roth says:

    My husband and I ordered 3 pizzas to go. 30 minutes later still waiting. Was not informed each pizza takes 45 minutes. The girl in front was not helpful and whoever runs the place is rude and tells us he only has I pizza maker on the back. The customer service and attitude stinks. This store is in Oceanside , ca. On El Camino Real. This is unacceptable service and behavior. I tried calling to talk to Chris Britt. Phone number is incorrect. This is not the way to treat customers. Plus, why so little help on a weekend. Are these franchises? If so , how sad. My number is 760 521 9645.

  • Jennifer French says:

    I ordered a pizza from the Marysville location. 606 J St to be exact. Ordered online, said it was open til 10pm Oder online available. I did that. Got an email confirmation and went to pick it up. It is closed. Charged us 70.00 for our order and never sent anything else. I need to get ahold of someone. No one answers. Had to call another city to order while visiting the dirtbike races in Marysville. Very bad customer service. Should never have taken an order!!

  • Tammy D Rosas says:

    Very bad experience they told us our pieces and be done in a half an hour and it was an hour later and then the owner got mad cuz we were argue with him about the pizza be ready in a half hour so he canceled and didn’t give our money back so we had to wait for it to go back on a ATM card my understanding is if it’s done on your ATM card you can get cash back

  • Gary Wininger says:

    Sunday night I purchased a large pizza from your Riverbank, CA outlet. I ordered the following toppings, Pepperoni, Olive and green pepper. I asked them not to skimp on the toppings as they have done so in the past. I picked up the pizza myself 30 minutes later and unfortunately they were very light on the toppings, almost no green pepper?? The issue at hand is that when my wife and I ate the pizza, there was no taste to the pizza, I mean no taste, like I would imagine what paper tastes like? We both sampled each topping separately and could not taste a difference, even the crust with the sauce, no taste? We ate half of the pizza and refrigerated the rest. Two days later we reheated the other half in our toaster oven and thinking we had some issue with our taste on Sunday night, expected to find more taste after reheating, were disappointed to find the same problem again, no taste what so ever, not even a taste to the cheese?? We sampled other food items and found they had their normal taste we associated with them, pickles, radish, chocolate and Swiss cheese and all these food items tasted like they should. Again we ate the rest of the Mountain Mike’d Pizza and found no taste?? Having paid $24.00 for the pizza, we will not be ordering your Pizza in the near future. Maybe you need to review the Riverbank location ingredients or their cooking process?? We have never experienced this type of problem in past purchases from your Company brand??
    At a later date we will order another Pizza with the same toppings but from a different store location. We do not want any consideration from Mountain Mike’s Pizza in any way, this is for your information only!
    Regards, Gary and Barbara Wininger.

  • Gary Wininger says:

    Hello, My name is Gary Wininger and I wish to leave customer feedback relating to my last purchase of Pizza from Mt. Mikes’s Pizza. I am not interested in any kind of free or discounted purchase price of future Pizza. I have a ligament issue that I feel needs to be communicated to someone in your coronation who cares what your customers think of your product.

  • Kathleen Stracner says:

    How do I request a Mountain Mikes’s to open in the Meridian/Boise area of ID? The best thing we have here is Papa Murphys, and I miss you from my CA days!

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