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  • Address: 12525 E 52nd St, Tulsa, OK 74146, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 918-254-1626
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1962
  • Founder: William W. Becker, Paul A. Greene
  • Key People: Jim Amorosia (CEO)

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About Motel 6, History and Headquarters Information

Motel 6 was founded in the year 1962. The company has been active for almost 57 years now. The founders of the company were William Becker and Paul Greene. The company had developed a plan to build motels with rooms at low-cost rates. The founders of the company had specialized in building low-cost housing developments and therefore wanted to provide an alternative to other major hotel chains, such as Holiday Inn as well. As the 1960s progressed, the company’s idea became very popular in the lodging industry and other chains began to imitate the concept as well - as Motel 6 was slowly beginning to take a small share of the market away from the traditional hotels too. The company had opened its 25th location in the year 1966. Then in the year 1968, the company was sold off as well. By the year 1980, the company had reached almost 300 locations. In the year 2000, the company went international by opening its first location outside the USA, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. During the year 2006, Accor and Motel 6 invested more than $6 million in properties to help rebuild New Orleans and Gulfport following Hurricane Katrina as well. As of the year 2012, Accor Hotels had concluded the sale of the Motel 6 chain to The Blackstone Group for almost $1.9 billion. Then in the year 2019, the company had to pay almost $12 million as a fine to settle a lawsuit. The headquarters of the company is based in 12525 E 52nd Street. The name of the place is Tulsa, while the name of the state is Oakland, USA. The pin code is 74146.

Motel 6 is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of hospitality services to its customers in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Jim Amorosia. As of the year 2018, the company has its presence in over 1400 location around the world.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to obtain various kinds of hospitality services including budget motels as well, that are maintained and offered by the company itself.

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  • Jolene Bolkan says:

    My family and I stayed at motel 6 in Anderson, CA l last month and my mother (60 years old) and I had been attacked and hit in head with a hatchet and had to be rushed to hospital, the next day my niece and daughter (20 years old) went to pick up our belong which include a small fridge, a freezer, full of food worth over$1000 that was supposed to feed my kids, (12 & 17) along with jewelery, 8 feather pillows, 2 down blankets, several pairs of shoes, along with other personal belongings as we were in between places and already struggling, but to their dismay was all stolen by housekeeping. When my niece and daughter asked about it the housekeeper replyed, ” yea the maids and handy man enjoyed your Chinese left overs and steaks.” Also informed them that the handyman had taken the fridge and freezer home while laughing, my neice replied with “you think it’s funny to steal food from the mouths of children?
    No one offered to replace or return items.
    There will be a police report made if things are not returned.

  • AB says:

    This is,by far,the worst stay I’ve ever had in a hotel room.When we arrived early to check in the desk clerk advises us we will have to use the stairwell with ALL OUR LUGGAGE bcthe elevators were blockedoff.Went to lunch only to return to the parking lot where 4cop cars were parked in the valet area.No clue whether it was safe to return, so my bf and I left.No hot water to shower.We had to microwave water from the sink to have a half way hot bath. Cametorelax.what a joke.

  • Jose Hernandez says:

    Ref: motel 6
    43540 17th street west
    Lancaster CA

    We rented two rooms while working in the area for the crew.
    The second week we reported bed bugs in the room so management changed us rooms.
    On the third week we found bedbugs in room 115 we contacted management and we should the manager the video of the bedbug running over the pillow case then the manager said that is not his pillow and those were not the sheets implying that we brought the bedbugs and placed there. Then I said we have another video of the bedbugs running on the bed and the orange wall motel 6 has on their wall. Then the manager again that is not his orange wall and implied again that we brought the bugs and took the video somewhere else.
    The fact is that the motel has a bed bug infestation and motel 6 management will neglect and will not take responsibility. After denying any responsibility then the manager just said let me reimburse your money and ask us to leave.

  • Mike Bews says:

    E-mailed your company 4 times with a complaint, no reply.
    I would like to hear from you .

  • Tyrone Lee says:

    I was a guest at the Motel 6 in Troutedale,Oregon,a employee at the location called me a nigger.
    The employee was drunk,out of control;I do not appreciate it.

    Tyrone Jerald Lee


  • JD says:

    The motel 6 location in Centralia Washington needs to have better training for the employees and also have house keepers that do there jobs I lost everything in a house fire and decided to stay at motel 6 I checked into my room and it was not cleaned no beding or towels called the front desk and said something about it and I was told that I could deal with it or leave. I really need to know when did it become the guests responsibility to clean the room before they leave I was told that I had to leave and couldn’t rent a room there anymore cuz my room was not clean when I checked out and to top it all off I am disabled and they charged me 70 a night according to the online price it’s 49 a night big price difference not a happy guest.

  • Glenn Clark says:

    Worst visit ever! I paid top dollar and woke up in the middle of the night with bites all over my body. We stayed in harlingen texas. I tried to report this, but, Spanish speaking house keeper couldn’t find mgr. We stayed in room 202. I have photos to submit

  • Allan says:

    I was originally going to book with Expedia, but wanted to make sure I was booking the correct type of room for My needs, so I called the Innisfail; Motel6. After telling them I was going to make reservation on Expedia I was told by the female on the phone that if I didnt book on Expedia she would give Me a better rate. I made My reservation on the phone & made sure I was getting what was needed & what the price would be. Lady I was speaking with said she would reduce the room rate to $60 / night seeing as I was potentially going to be staying for a few weeks, so this would total $840. On the day Iam to book in I get there only to discover they put Me on the upper floor despite Me discussing I could not physically take all My belongings and My pets up the stairs as Iam physically disabled. They hmmmm & hawww for about 20 minutes & told Me to take it or leave it as nothing else was available. I found this to be quite ignorant & left. I kept driving to Olds where I booked 2 nights into a local hotel. Just as I was getting checked into My room, the manager from Hotel6 in Innisfail calls Me stating allll of a sudden they do have a room on the main floor. I told them I would return for that room on the 14th of Feb 2022. That date came, I packed up the hotel room & headed back to Innisfail a 2nd time for My reservation. As Iam checking in the manager says the total would be $915 plus change. I object stating that $60 x 14 = $840 , she protests stating no way Am I getting the room I reserved for the price I was quoted on the phone. So frustrated I paid the $915 plus change and get My room key and head there to unload & get settled. As Iam doing so the manager comes ripping in to My room without so much as knocking, I just turn around & she is just there. She continues to tell Me, no no no We got it wrong again, I need You to pay an additional $182 plus change. I outright object to it & state that they need to do an immediate refund & I would again pack, which is what I did

  • Dennis the handicap senior says:

    I am a handicap senior and was waiting for a home purchase and stayed at motel 6 in bonne terre,Mo. My wife and l told the manager we work inspire of our disability. The locals in bonne terre mo. call this place motel meth.The police were there every other day. We told the manager that we would be happy to open the room to all law inforcement and to them for any inspection. We also stated if they need entry to call and give 5min.to be properly dressed. When l was at work, they entered the room while my wife was showering without any announcement. The manager called himself Micky mouse. I ordered a personal DVD player for my wife which was promised for a Jan.7th.l let management know of this package. I asked the front desk two times and the said no delivery was made. This was the Indian foriener that called himself Micky mouse.l called my supplier and they said the delivery was successful on Jan5th. It was signed for by a foriener named ocha. Is this the type of people that motel6 wants to represent them? Someone from corporate needs to investigate this incognito. There is much drug activity, prostitution and thieft. The charges are being investigated by the company l ordered the DVD player from because the insedent is on video and the package received is recorded by the file very company. For your safety, don’t stay at the motel meth in bonne terre mo. I believe Micky mouse and his THUGS hate AMERICA and AMERICANS

  • Barbara says:

    I would like to say, first of all, ” I for the most part was enjoying my stay at one of your establishments.
    But one of the employee’s working in SantaBarbara was being racist. The employee called my friend a N-I-G-G-E-R. That was so un-called for.
    If you would like to keep your establishment family oriented, I would suggest you weed out the rotten person’s, that you have working for you!!!

    • Dennis the handicap senior says:

      My wife and I were treated like dogs at motel meth(Motel 6)
      in bonne terre mo. These were forieners from lndia who l believe hate AMERICA. We are handicap seniors

  • Terri Meyer says:

    We’ve always stayed in a Motel 6 pretty much all our life but we stayed in one in Geneva Ohio and it sucked bad the bed sucked it wasn’t even shampoo to wash your hair you got a little bar soap and it really wasn’t a bedspread on the bed this was the worst Motel 6 with ever stayed in and there was six of us

  • kathy coker says:

    While I was traveling in the Northern California area, I stayed at the Airport Oakland Motel 6. I was using a backpack for all my belongings since I was only staying for a couple of days. Well, during my travels, my backpack was stolen. There was a person who called the motel 6 to try and locate me. (I had paperwork with Motel 6 info inside) The front desk gave me a message, someone called to let me know they found my backpack. The girl at the desk gave me the wrong phone number. I was not able to contact the good samaritan because of the front desk not providing me the correct information. I did finally find the person but it was too late. She donated all of my belongings! If Motel 6 would have given me the correct information, I would have gotten the backpack returned! Motel 6 you let me down and I hope your guests don’t ever get messages because the may be received with wrong information.

  • James G Hilliard says:

    To The President and CEO of Motel 6 / Blackstone , If I do not here from someone about this by Wednesday of next week on this problem I will call the news papers and the TV stations and contact the EPA and health Department . As I said there is FORMALDEHYDE in the flooring and that is a health issue .

  • James G Hilliard says:

    To the President and CEO of Motel 6 , In the room my friend and my self were in my lungs knew there was something bad . The wood flooring is worn at the edges and i suspected the flooring has FORMALDEHYDE in it. I am sure you probably didn’t know about this and if you did you would have taken care of this problem. They were probably bought at the same place as LUMBER LIQUIDATORS. I think the EPA the Illinois health Department and the TV and News Papers should know about this shouldn’t they !!!.

  • >