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  • Address: 12525 E 52nd St, Tulsa, OK 74146, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 918-254-1626
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1962
  • Founder: William W. Becker, Paul A. Greene
  • Key People: Jim Amorosia (CEO)

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About Motel 6, History and Headquarters Information

Motel 6 was founded in the year 1962. The company has been active for almost 57 years now. The founders of the company were William Becker and Paul Greene. The company had developed a plan to build motels with rooms at low-cost rates. The founders of the company had specialized in building low-cost housing developments and therefore wanted to provide an alternative to other major hotel chains, such as Holiday Inn as well. As the 1960s progressed, the company’s idea became very popular in the lodging industry and other chains began to imitate the concept as well - as Motel 6 was slowly beginning to take a small share of the market away from the traditional hotels too. The company had opened its 25th location in the year 1966. Then in the year 1968, the company was sold off as well. By the year 1980, the company had reached almost 300 locations. In the year 2000, the company went international by opening its first location outside the USA, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. During the year 2006, Accor and Motel 6 invested more than $6 million in properties to help rebuild New Orleans and Gulfport following Hurricane Katrina as well. As of the year 2012, Accor Hotels had concluded the sale of the Motel 6 chain to The Blackstone Group for almost $1.9 billion. Then in the year 2019, the company had to pay almost $12 million as a fine to settle a lawsuit. The headquarters of the company is based in 12525 E 52nd Street. The name of the place is Tulsa, while the name of the state is Oakland, USA. The pin code is 74146.

Motel 6 is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of hospitality services to its customers in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Jim Amorosia. As of the year 2018, the company has its presence in over 1400 location around the world.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to obtain various kinds of hospitality services including budget motels as well, that are maintained and offered by the company itself.

Motel 6 Headquarters Photos

  • Tim says:

    So, I never do this. Never complain, leave comments or bad reviews. I may mention something but I really don’t think I have done that. It’s not because I lack confidence in the situation or myself. It’s not because I’m to nervous, or to scared to do approach someone and complain. It’s just because I generally don’t want to deal with it. Just suck it up and move on. I have been in upper management for 15 years. So I am familiar with the situation and to properly handle it. But today what happened is just crazy. I work nights. 7 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day. Go straight from work to the gym. Straight from the gym to the motel. To shower and sleep. Wake up and do it all over again. I’m just getting ready to lay down today when I get a knock on my door. Saying I need to leave the room for 45 minutes so they can clean the curtains. The site manager knows I works, the 2 desk clerks know I work nights. This is something that should have been planned. Not a knock on the door and make a demand. I told them, I got off late, I have to go in early. I’m exhausted and I’m not sitting outside for 45 minutes. Give me another room or do it another day. Finally after a 15 minute battle. They gave me another room. As I’m getting my stuff to leave. The woman I work with grabbed a few of my things to lend a hand. The manager immediately tells me. I am not allowed to have any guest. And if I have someone over for more than 15 minutes they have to pay for the stay. What, I have never in my life heard such a thing. I reply with. She isn’t staying, she takes me to and from work because my baby girl and I were in a car accident where she passed away. And I have not been able to drive since. So she helps me out. Anyways, i said very assertively. One, she isn’t staying, she’s been here for an hour or so. He again says it does not matter. Any guest over 15 minutes has to pay. And if I did not like it. I could leave, because those are the rules. I demanded a full refund. 1, for the inconvenience. And 2 because I get a substantial discount for booking in advance and for booking 7 days at a time. Which I do every week. That is a good paying, quality customer motel 6 just lost.

  • Robert Straugh says:

    Handy cap room for my disabled and challenged daughter received only 50.00 , for a toilet that didn’t work for the entire stay, and know one came to fix it. I feel that room shouldn’t been charged at all. All 4 nights should have been no charge. I’ve lost all confidence in your motel six in bullhead city Az.

  • Ralph Dupriest says:

    I have been staying here at the motel6 in Hinesville Ga since April of this year. Since day one I have been singled out by the owners wife / mother. Her name is Mrs Beana. I have no idea what her problem is with me.

    Mrs Beana is a bully and uses the fact that her husband or son owns the motel to try Intimidate the guest that she does not like and constantly uses being able making us leave to get what she wants. When she wants to get on to a person like myself she locks me out of my room to make me have to come to the front desk and get talked to and fussed at like I’m a child. She talks down to me like I’m stupid. Every time she’s got on to me she’s done this. How is it she is the only one of them out of her, her husband and her son that has a problem with me and what I do. Only time I’ve heard anything out of them husband or son is when she raises her voice to me and is talking down to me. I have only given out nothing but respect to them and when I don’t get back the respect that I am giving and I’m being disrespected by being yelled at and talked down to I then to start giving back what I’m being given.

    Only thing I can think that has her not liking me is the first week when she locked me out of my room, because she felt like I was ignoring her one morning when she was yelling down the hall from the front while I was rushing to my truck to go to work because I was running late, but my thing is how would anyone know she was talking to them if she just yelling hey over and over to someone that is walking down the hall to the back door and there’s 52 rooms in this motel. How was I supposed to know she was talking to me. Not once did she call out my name or room number. The reason she was trying to get my attention that morning was to fuss at me for allowing the door to do what it’s supposed to do, which is close on it own. These doors have them type of hinges on them for guest who have their ha ds full and can’t shut the door themselves. Those hinges are designed like that and if you hinder them from doing their job, sooner or later they mess up and stop doing what their designed to do. I know this because I was a maintenance man at the LA Quinta here in Hinesville Ga for 2 and a half years and the maintenance man at the Hampton Inn here in Hinesville Ga for 6 months and both have the same kind of hinges. So I just when I told her all that I believe that’s what made her not like me and she’s been on.my ass every since.

    I have even more Incidents where she has been hateful I mean and a bully. If yall would like to hear about them you’re more than welcome to contact me. My number is on file in yalls system.

    Last and for most. The reason for this is the last Incident that happened last Monday. I had over slept and my nephew tried calling my room number and she says he didn’t know my room number, but him and another coworker come and knocked on my room and I didn’t wake up and answer the door. When I did wake up I had walked my dog and when I came back in I was able to enter the building thru the back door , but couldn’t get in my room to put my dog in his cage so I could go to work. She had locked me out of my room so I had to come up to the front desk so again she could fuss at me for something that was none of her business. If I’m mistaken if I over sleep it’s really none of her business at all. So I walked up to the front desk and Politely Asked Her what I had done wrong this time for her to locked me out of my room and she was nasty and hateful from word one. It’s all on the cameras up front. When she started talking down to me and mean I asked her to please redo my card so I could get in my room so u could put my dog up and go to work and boom like usual I was told to get my stuff and get out. Well I told her to give me back my money that they owe me and I’d get out. This went back and forth a couple of times and then she said that she would redo my room card for one more night and to be out in the morning and that’s when I called customer care service in front of her and her husband and I walked to my room to put my dog in his cage to go to work. Well her husband came to my room and told me that I didn’t have to get out in the morning but I had to leave Sunday morning when my money ran out. I’ve tried talking to her son and have him try to talk her in to leaving me stay. Well as far as that goes it didn’t work.

    I will be contacting my lawyer and have them file a suite against this motel6 and the motel6 corporation as this motel6 is an Extension of the motel6 corporation. For being singled out and being bullied and for showing Hatred owards me.

  • Juicy j says:

    I’m letting u know that at the motel six in atascadero calif employees an customers are being ripped off by manager changing room rates Jan 7 th 11 times room rate was changed an March 5 the room rate changed six or seven times that’s stealing money from guest that live there an that’s not the only time June to so manager needs to be checked in to for embezzlement

  • Mary kennedy says:

    Where is my three free nites

  • Chris Holcombe says:

    Motel 6 Red Oak Texas filthy bed bugs Blood on the sheets they steal your money I’ve been here for 3 months they’ve overcharged me I get no printout for my receipts the place is filthy people come in my room and steal things still change but I’m looking for somewhere else to go now but I will be a soundboard and I will go on national news and local TV and let everyone know that Motel 6 is not a place to live it needs to be bulldozed

  • Ryan Martinez says:

    I would like for someone to get ahold of me ASAP, pertaining to a matter that never got resolved.

    • Chris Holcombe says:

      Someone needs to call me ASAP I am serious I am pissed off this place needs to be blown away bulldozed get a new staff and new family that runs the front desk that cares there’s too much of people coming in your room and I’ve known this rearranging my clothes and my things I’ve been here for 3 months I will go on national TV local news I will be a soundboard I will make every negative comment I can about this hotel until someone calls me and I am totally refunded of my money because this place is a mess so Ryan you need to call me ASAP 817-655-4628 ASAP

  • Roger Starliper says:

    How does one register a complaint with the corporate office?

    • Chris Holcombe says:

      My name is Chris Holcomb currently right now I’m at the Motel 6 Red Oak Texas you guys need to send someone in here undercover and check out the operations Blood on the sheets all the towels are dirty filthy bed bugs I had crickets in my room doing I checked in in September I had crickets all in my room I had crickets inside of my air conditioning unit I have mold and mildew inside of my vents in my air conditioner AC unit in the window I have pictures I have everything they have stolen from me clothes everything my stay here for the last 3 months have been unbearable but I practically have nowhere to go right now but someone enough is enough and someone needs to call me ASAP because I am very very very livid as a customer someone needs to take a look into this location here there’s too much going on there prostitutes in the parking lot the other truck stop right next door but I need some kind of compensation or something to make me really feel better about Motel 6 it’s really putting a bad taste in my mouth and everywhere that I will go and I travel cross country but I will let everyone know do not stay at Motel 6

  • Ryan Sotelo says:

    I was hired at Motel 6- Westminister south- at 6266 Westminister Blvd., Westminister, Ca., 92683 by Crystal and Maggie for the front desk. I worked 2 day’s 10/5/2022 and 10/6/2022. I was not allowed to stay at that property since I was an employee. So on 10/6/2022 I rented a room at Motel 6 North from 10/06/22 through 10/9/22. Then I called Motel 6 south to see if I worked the next day. Crystal said ( I have all the texts fom Crystal and Maggie ) thank you for filling out the rest of the paperwork which was already filled out ADP paperwork and as soon as your back ground checks out we will let you know. (This was by text at 8:00p.m.!!! After I already paid for Motel 6 North for 10/6/22 – 10/9/22 already worked two days!!!!)The only reason I rented a room at Motel6 North was to work the next day. They had no intention on keeping me and her texts prove this!!!! I checked out of the Motel 6 – North location on the 10/08/22 because of roaches, bed bugs, and drug addicts staying there! I also got injured on Motel 6 Noth location by some guy shoving me down for absolutely no reason! Carolina chum at the North location still has not gotten back to me about a full refund!!!! I consider my time important and not to be wasted by immature employees. Corporate of Motel 6 please get back to me! I want my money back! And Crystal and Maggie should be fired! This is ridiculous I have plenty of pictures and a police report to prove all this!

    Thank you for your time

  • Harley hood says:

    Items stolen from room, management refused to help or look through security logs, very rude and unprofessional. At the poplar bluff Missouri location

  • Fonda Stagnolia says:

    Boy do I have a story for the news stations here in Indianapolis and corporate about Indianapolis motel 6 on south Harding …..just wait until the news stations pile up on there parking lot or in their front lobby …I’m certain that the complaints will come out of the wood work then ,and I’m sure funding will probably come to a screeching halt ….I’m done playing this game with them they have cost me my vehicle my job the have my belongings and refuse to give them back which is why I am now out of a vehicle … It’s time to answer for you crap …..and I am livid doing my best to be patient and civil even after they towed my jeep because they refused to give me my keys … I’m not gonna go away and I’m gonna be louder each time ….my attorney is in stand by just waiting for me to not be compensated with my vehicle and belongings ….

  • Evelyn Joan Copeland says:

    Was ask to leave at midnight I was going in and out of the room washing clothes front desk person said to much traffic my purse got stolen and my ID was in it I had my brother put it in his name and she said that without ID couldn’t stay I have a homeless ID and she said she wouldn’t accept that so I got put out on the street and the room was paid for until tomorrow had been there since last friday

  • Casey says:

    Motel 6 is the worst motel ever. I’m working in Mankato Mn I’ve here going on two weeks now and these last two weeks here have been HELL. A few time I had to go back to the city and take care jobs I’ve worked on so I won’t stay in the room for one or two night. They call my company wanting to know why I’m not using the room I paid for they will go in your room if put out don’t disturbed sign. So I ask the lady why would you call my job and ask why I not using the from for one or two days and is it any of your business to do this. She had no answer. That’s one time then she question me why don’t I use the. That’s no of your business and are being combative with me she tells me that some people use the room for a meth lab. I have to be there for that and I work for a great company a union company and I’ve been in the Carpeter union for 29 years and travel many times and never been treated like this. This motel isn’t even a half star motel. Boycott this motel BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allen killebrew says:

    Your motel 6 in needles calif suck they have stained towels and roaches

  • Maria Miller says:

    The head housekeeper did not make the bed with new linen found a dirty needle under the pillow she sat on her ass and smoked and she smelled horrible , when I called and asked to speak to manager the front desk hung up on me ! This was located in klamathfalls Ore !

  • Deidra Mack says:

    I was a guest at your hotel u I 10 Houston Texas and I am sending you pictures of what my room was like no phone no alarm clock, dirty ashtray furniture messed up not what I paid for that’s alone

  • William says:

    Need new washer and dryers at motel 6 at 5395 Peachtree industrial Pkwy Norcross ga…they break down every week

  • Jay R Harris says:

    Hillbillies living in your parking lot, with the General Managers permission, running a generator all night, keeping us up.
    Worst hotel stay ever, will stay somewhere else next visit.

  • JANET Siebert says:

    We had a bad experience a motel 6 on schoolhouse road Milford Connecticut they took our disability money from two seniors that stayed in the room 107 I want the money back tomorrow they charge a $620 they charge us $620 for 7 days
    I’m asking you people to give back our money tomorrow in cash at 111 schoolhouse road Milford Connecticut motel 6 and tell the owner that runs the motel the property manager I want the money back tomorrow all of it

  • TC says:

    Currently displaced and been living in the Motel 6, the manager for Duluth, GA, is rude, disrespectful and has a mindset that when she don’t feel like doing something she will call the police and/or kick you out. All I’ve been asking for is maintenance to do their job, she won’t allow them to do it, even though I pay 471/week! She blames you for everything. The air conditioner don’t work…it’s because you don’t let housekeeping clean it. Yet thats not why it’s not working. The refrigerators are terrible, they break down easily. They won’t fix it but once, she told me the second time it broke down to leave, when we have no place to go. All I am asking for is hold your workers accountable for what they don’t do then for her to have some integrity and care for people. You’re in a business that deals with people! If you can’t have customer service, why are you a property manager? You tell corporate, she does what she wants. America is full of people who want your money and that’s it!

  • Bruce Lester Jr says:

    I booked a room today on booking.com to spend time with my long distance girl friend. I booked the room at the motel 6 in glassboro nj 133 s. Delsea Dr glassboro nj and sent my girl a Lyft ride for a significant amount of money only to get a room for $97 and once in the room started seeing roaches all over the place I even took a picture of one on the wall. Needless to say we checking out in less than 2 hrs . I was so very disappointed and upset to waste that money on a room that was infested with roaches . I will be making a complaint ASAP.

  • Joe Nelson says:

    We stayed at the slum hotel in Oklahoma City Ok onJune 18. We had been on the road 14 hours and was just too tired to get out things and leave so we stayed. This was the worst place I’ve ever been in. It smeller of Dog urin and the carpet was wet.
    Awful. Just awful
    All the transits hanging around.
    The place needs condemned.
    I am requesting a refund that I probably want get but never again will stay with motel 6

  • Ls says:

    Stayed 20 days in las cruces to a rude, dishonest mgr advocating staff to steal,
    Housekeeping turnover, roaches in the rooms, the maintenance man Pedro and a janitor broth entered my room to steal repeatedly my personal property with the mgr and maintenance guy laughing at what was done.
    Lack of oversight by adm.,
    Mgr does not care, perhaps
    M6 likes having a double crime racket for staff, Emily,
    Pedro, andi are all dishonest.
    Broke in my room, stealing money off my person when I fell asleep without security bar on door. My papers were gone through for if theft, Emily covered 3 days for andi , mgr when she was not even there at all and claimed she was. They stole food, clothing and acted like they have the upper hand. No signs when painting or using chemicals to make people sick. Carry your belonging with you. M6 is crooked

  • jan worth says:

    I was forced to leave on Memorial Day weekend this year (2022) because the assistant manager wanted to raise the rates for the weekend. … She lied about the maximum stay, which according to the Motel 6 website “about us” is 28 days. ….she told me the maximum stay was 21 days and that if i renew my room for the next 3 days, i would be “over the maximum Stay”. i asked her if my son could just rent a room for the 3 days and then i stay with him, and she said i would be arrested for “trespassing”!

  • Matthew McElroy says:

    I’ve had a problem with one of your employees at your Brunswick Georgia location I saw him look in my motel window.and I just told him we was getting our stuff together to leave I told that 3 doors down from my room.as I was going to my truck with a load of our stuff (me and my girlfriend)stuff when I got to my truck I looked up and saw this guy with hes hands cuffed looking in my windoww and my girlfriend was getting dressed..and I went and told the people in the office and here come this guy I had to aggue with him and the person in the office and the end result was .I was late chalking out anyway.so I guess if you check out a little late at motel 6 it’s ok if the staff Pepe’s in on you getting dressed..(And he didn’t knock on the door )he just went to looking in the window at my girlfriend getting dressed.prevert.and he’s still works here giving me a hard time .I guess he fill he can do anything he wants now.this is not right

  • Gregory Lytle says:

    I was charged twice for my room I booked it on line and paid that fee and when I got to check in they charged me again and I was supposed to be there for 2 nights I didn’t stay but for one night because I couldn’t sleep I went to check out instead of taking one of the nights of I was still charged for two nights so can someone please help me with this

  • Gregory Lytle says:

    I need to talk to someone about the motel 6 in bells gardens California

  • Joe Butler says:

    Cockroaches everywhere in the hotel in Davenport Iowa

  • Katherine Knight says:

    When Maintenance has a key to the rooms for repairs, and goes above and beyond to walk into people’s rooms without permission, and make their guests leave, that’s going to far. What if they were naked when Maitenence walked in? Isn’t that a violation of privacy rights? Lawsuit looks to be in my near future.

  • Katherine Knight says:

    This is by far the worst hotel I have ever stayed at in my entire life. I’m staying at Motel 6 under contract with Northern circle Indian housing authority and the way they we are treated is so so wrong, and so unfair. To the point where when I did take in my blankets and towels to get clean ones an article of mine was in a sheet still and the woman literally threw out the laundry room door my personal belonging. Saying it’s not her job. I constantly feel like I’m being discriminated against. And it’s not just one person it’s it’s multiple people that are working for Motel 6 making it look bad really bad. I would not recommend my worst enemy to stay here. I do not know if it’s because of my race I do not know if it’s because of that we’re paid in full I’m not sure what the problem is but for them to continue to treat me the way they do is unfair it’s not constitutional and something needs to be done about it cuz nobody speaking up about it. I’m speaking up about it this can’t they can’t keep doing this they’re the employees here they are not guests they are the employees and they treat the guests here like crap to the point where I don’t even get maid services I have to go and retrieve my blankets my towels my toiletries. They say that there’s no maid services for us why is that we were paid in full. they continue to discriminate against us and it’s just really tiring and something needs to be done because if not you’re going to be seen a lawsuit for negligence liability harassment, as well as discrimination and they are going against the Motel 6’s own policies. I hope this gets resolved my phone number where you can reach me at is 707-388-3774. I hope to get back phone call at least.
    Katherine K. Knight
    Motel 6 North in
    Ukiah, CA

  • Tonia & beverly says:


  • Mickey C. says:

    Stayed at Conroe Motel 6. What a dump You have lost me as a customer.

  • Georgina says:

    I would like a call back to make a complaint

  • Almija Allen says:

    I am a quest here in room 149. I came to front desk earlier to complain about the noise , someone tapping on my window and trying to open my door. I am not sure what childish gossip, invasion of privacy behavior is going on tonight but i feel extremely harassed, treatened and neglected by security and any employee working tonight. I am sure security video from tonight will corroborate the activity near my room. I will be making a formal complaint tomorrow with your corporate office. I asked to be moved but was told the hotel was booked completely yer later when getting charger from my car. I saw new quest being checked in. I am extremely unsatisfied and upset.

  • Ylando F says:

    Hello, I reserved a room in Petersburg, VA 25 N Church street on May 14, 2022. I had the worse experience ever. I checked in after 6 pm I unpacked and looked for a place to go and eat. I sat on the bed I realized it was squeaky and wobbly. Didn’t think it could have been that bad. Left to eat came back showered and went to get in the bed and it sank in the middle. I was told it was the last room. I called front desk on my cell phone the phone in the room was broken. I requested a refund. I was told we’ll get back with you I waited about 30 minutes. The worker I talked to just started her shift and said I heard about your complaint but, the manager will not give you a refund because I had 10 minutes to check the room out. I’m appalled and can’t believe this hotel even offer a room with a broken bed. I left right after I got off the phone. I could not sleep in a broken bed. I will continue to ask for my refund. I would like someone to contact me about this matter. ylandof@yahoo.com

  • Kimberly Welsh says:

    I had a reservation on the 13th. With early check-in.i was unable to make it due to a close friends passing. I tried to call Santa Rosa north to get a refund but was told they do not have a manager that I can reach. My account is now negative and I have zero money to even. Go be with my friends family. I need. Someone from motel six to correct this asp.

  • Clint Bump says:

    well I am still waiting for my last pay check from motel 6 south in Billings Montana I have Ben wating since last year and the general manager of the motel is just playing games and I am sick of it I have called him no response left messages no response sent letters no response I don’t now what kind of games motel 6 is playing but you can’t hold a person pay check

  • Beth S. says:

    This is the wrong address and phone number— called and got a completely different hotel. Poor guy said he keeps getting calls due to Hotel 6 listing incorrect contact info! Looked it up— address and phone number belong to Baymont Hotel!

  • Thomas Demars says:

    Your hotel in Warwick Rhode Island is not a hotel you want your brand name associated with. Full of drunks prostitution drug dealers and the owner allows this. It’s run down and dirty visited every day by the police and is so bad I canceled my reservation for 4 rooms 2 queen beds for 2 weeks. My safety and my team members safety is more important than saving a few dollars. To bad your corporate standards are not the same. I’m amazed that you the district manager allow this. I later read the reviews (perhaps you should as well ) or is it that you don’t care. Guess I will just have to give my money to the competition, your actions will be more important than your words.

  • Esam Danial says:

    The worst treatment and service I have ever experienced in a hotel or motel in my whole life.
    I am a pharmacist and unfortunately I had to stay in Motel 6 in Whitby, Ontario location for two weeks before flying to Calgary, Alberta. The two weeks were paid in advance.
    Long story short, the general manager of Whitby location Julie Berg threatened me on the phone to call the police if I don’t go down before 12:15 pm on Wednesday May 4th to pay for the two days extention I asked for. although they have my M.C information. Believe it or not, to my absolute shock two police officers showed up on my room’s door at 12:15 pm asking me to leave the motel !!!! Wow, i am still in shock

  • Ronald Delancy says:

    This place is terrible!!! Staff is rude rooms are dirty. My fiancé travels for work so we were only supposed to be in town 10 days booked through Expedia when we arrived the first room that they put us in was disgusting hadn’t been cleaned ashes on nightstands and counters and bed had burn holes in it . Went to front desk and told them the room was unacceptable they put us in another room which at least was clean then we ended up staying longer then anticipated and one person at desk charged us one amount and stated if you want this rate come and pay with me otherwise you will be charged full rate. My fiancé explained that he works days and doesn’t get off til 7pm and would it be ok to come in and pay when he gets off work and front desk clerk said no problem will make a note of it. Then this rude and sarcastic individual knocks on the door today and says “ we’re you planning on paying your room today?” I stated we are paid until tomorrow but she said no you have to pay today so I go to the office and ask why do I have to pay today when we paid last week a day early up until Thursday and then she says no you were only charged from Wednesday to Wednesday well it would have been nice for someone to clarify that to us . Then I go to pay with my fiancé cc and she asked me for his ID quite rudely and I state I don’t have it but I can FaceTime him and he can show it to you would that be ok? Again the rudeness continued and she says no. I state I don’t understand last week when we were here to pay no one asked for ID then and the lady who took our payment is right there and she said nothing the whole time. Then I gave another form of payment and my fiancé calls and I put him on speaker and he is trying to talk to this rude ass bitch and she continues to argue with him and being very unprofessional and sarcastic I then state that I will pay for tonight and we will be checking out again she never once apologized or tried to make things right as an establishment should being we the customers keep them in business. They are awful no room service have to go down to get towels and basically clean our room myself otherwise it would never get clean. Don’t stay at this place I wish we had known the area better and been able to find somewhere to stay where they have clean rooms are respectful and courteous to their customers. Very very disappointing will never stay at a motel 6 again and will be contacting corporate about this property and treatment we received.

  • Jolene Bolkan says:

    My family and I stayed at motel 6 in Anderson, CA l last month and my mother (60 years old) and I had been attacked and hit in head with a hatchet and had to be rushed to hospital, the next day my niece and daughter (20 years old) went to pick up our belong which include a small fridge, a freezer, full of food worth over$1000 that was supposed to feed my kids, (12 & 17) along with jewelery, 8 feather pillows, 2 down blankets, several pairs of shoes, along with other personal belongings as we were in between places and already struggling, but to their dismay was all stolen by housekeeping. When my niece and daughter asked about it the housekeeper replyed, ” yea the maids and handy man enjoyed your Chinese left overs and steaks.” Also informed them that the handyman had taken the fridge and freezer home while laughing, my neice replied with “you think it’s funny to steal food from the mouths of children?
    No one offered to replace or return items.
    There will be a police report made if things are not returned.

  • AB says:

    This is,by far,the worst stay I’ve ever had in a hotel room.When we arrived early to check in the desk clerk advises us we will have to use the stairwell with ALL OUR LUGGAGE bcthe elevators were blockedoff.Went to lunch only to return to the parking lot where 4cop cars were parked in the valet area.No clue whether it was safe to return, so my bf and I left.No hot water to shower.We had to microwave water from the sink to have a half way hot bath. Cametorelax.what a joke.

  • Jose Hernandez says:

    Ref: motel 6
    43540 17th street west
    Lancaster CA

    We rented two rooms while working in the area for the crew.
    The second week we reported bed bugs in the room so management changed us rooms.
    On the third week we found bedbugs in room 115 we contacted management and we should the manager the video of the bedbug running over the pillow case then the manager said that is not his pillow and those were not the sheets implying that we brought the bedbugs and placed there. Then I said we have another video of the bedbugs running on the bed and the orange wall motel 6 has on their wall. Then the manager again that is not his orange wall and implied again that we brought the bugs and took the video somewhere else.
    The fact is that the motel has a bed bug infestation and motel 6 management will neglect and will not take responsibility. After denying any responsibility then the manager just said let me reimburse your money and ask us to leave.

  • Mike Bews says:

    E-mailed your company 4 times with a complaint, no reply.
    I would like to hear from you .

  • Tyrone Lee says:

    I was a guest at the Motel 6 in Troutedale,Oregon,a employee at the location called me a nigger.
    The employee was drunk,out of control;I do not appreciate it.

    Tyrone Jerald Lee


  • JD says:

    The motel 6 location in Centralia Washington needs to have better training for the employees and also have house keepers that do there jobs I lost everything in a house fire and decided to stay at motel 6 I checked into my room and it was not cleaned no beding or towels called the front desk and said something about it and I was told that I could deal with it or leave. I really need to know when did it become the guests responsibility to clean the room before they leave I was told that I had to leave and couldn’t rent a room there anymore cuz my room was not clean when I checked out and to top it all off I am disabled and they charged me 70 a night according to the online price it’s 49 a night big price difference not a happy guest.

  • Glenn Clark says:

    Worst visit ever! I paid top dollar and woke up in the middle of the night with bites all over my body. We stayed in harlingen texas. I tried to report this, but, Spanish speaking house keeper couldn’t find mgr. We stayed in room 202. I have photos to submit

  • Allan says:

    I was originally going to book with Expedia, but wanted to make sure I was booking the correct type of room for My needs, so I called the Innisfail; Motel6. After telling them I was going to make reservation on Expedia I was told by the female on the phone that if I didnt book on Expedia she would give Me a better rate. I made My reservation on the phone & made sure I was getting what was needed & what the price would be. Lady I was speaking with said she would reduce the room rate to $60 / night seeing as I was potentially going to be staying for a few weeks, so this would total $840. On the day Iam to book in I get there only to discover they put Me on the upper floor despite Me discussing I could not physically take all My belongings and My pets up the stairs as Iam physically disabled. They hmmmm & hawww for about 20 minutes & told Me to take it or leave it as nothing else was available. I found this to be quite ignorant & left. I kept driving to Olds where I booked 2 nights into a local hotel. Just as I was getting checked into My room, the manager from Hotel6 in Innisfail calls Me stating allll of a sudden they do have a room on the main floor. I told them I would return for that room on the 14th of Feb 2022. That date came, I packed up the hotel room & headed back to Innisfail a 2nd time for My reservation. As Iam checking in the manager says the total would be $915 plus change. I object stating that $60 x 14 = $840 , she protests stating no way Am I getting the room I reserved for the price I was quoted on the phone. So frustrated I paid the $915 plus change and get My room key and head there to unload & get settled. As Iam doing so the manager comes ripping in to My room without so much as knocking, I just turn around & she is just there. She continues to tell Me, no no no We got it wrong again, I need You to pay an additional $182 plus change. I outright object to it & state that they need to do an immediate refund & I would again pack, which is what I did

  • Dennis the handicap senior says:

    I am a handicap senior and was waiting for a home purchase and stayed at motel 6 in bonne terre,Mo. My wife and l told the manager we work inspire of our disability. The locals in bonne terre mo. call this place motel meth.The police were there every other day. We told the manager that we would be happy to open the room to all law inforcement and to them for any inspection. We also stated if they need entry to call and give 5min.to be properly dressed. When l was at work, they entered the room while my wife was showering without any announcement. The manager called himself Micky mouse. I ordered a personal DVD player for my wife which was promised for a Jan.7th.l let management know of this package. I asked the front desk two times and the said no delivery was made. This was the Indian foriener that called himself Micky mouse.l called my supplier and they said the delivery was successful on Jan5th. It was signed for by a foriener named ocha. Is this the type of people that motel6 wants to represent them? Someone from corporate needs to investigate this incognito. There is much drug activity, prostitution and thieft. The charges are being investigated by the company l ordered the DVD player from because the insedent is on video and the package received is recorded by the file very company. For your safety, don’t stay at the motel meth in bonne terre mo. I believe Micky mouse and his THUGS hate AMERICA and AMERICANS

  • Barbara says:

    I would like to say, first of all, ” I for the most part was enjoying my stay at one of your establishments.
    But one of the employee’s working in SantaBarbara was being racist. The employee called my friend a N-I-G-G-E-R. That was so un-called for.
    If you would like to keep your establishment family oriented, I would suggest you weed out the rotten person’s, that you have working for you!!!

    • Dennis the handicap senior says:

      My wife and I were treated like dogs at motel meth(Motel 6)
      in bonne terre mo. These were forieners from lndia who l believe hate AMERICA. We are handicap seniors

  • Terri Meyer says:

    We’ve always stayed in a Motel 6 pretty much all our life but we stayed in one in Geneva Ohio and it sucked bad the bed sucked it wasn’t even shampoo to wash your hair you got a little bar soap and it really wasn’t a bedspread on the bed this was the worst Motel 6 with ever stayed in and there was six of us

  • kathy coker says:

    While I was traveling in the Northern California area, I stayed at the Airport Oakland Motel 6. I was using a backpack for all my belongings since I was only staying for a couple of days. Well, during my travels, my backpack was stolen. There was a person who called the motel 6 to try and locate me. (I had paperwork with Motel 6 info inside) The front desk gave me a message, someone called to let me know they found my backpack. The girl at the desk gave me the wrong phone number. I was not able to contact the good samaritan because of the front desk not providing me the correct information. I did finally find the person but it was too late. She donated all of my belongings! If Motel 6 would have given me the correct information, I would have gotten the backpack returned! Motel 6 you let me down and I hope your guests don’t ever get messages because the may be received with wrong information.

  • James G Hilliard says:

    To The President and CEO of Motel 6 / Blackstone , If I do not here from someone about this by Wednesday of next week on this problem I will call the news papers and the TV stations and contact the EPA and health Department . As I said there is FORMALDEHYDE in the flooring and that is a health issue .

  • James G Hilliard says:

    To the President and CEO of Motel 6 , In the room my friend and my self were in my lungs knew there was something bad . The wood flooring is worn at the edges and i suspected the flooring has FORMALDEHYDE in it. I am sure you probably didn’t know about this and if you did you would have taken care of this problem. They were probably bought at the same place as LUMBER LIQUIDATORS. I think the EPA the Illinois health Department and the TV and News Papers should know about this shouldn’t they !!!.

  • >