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  • Address: 160 Clubhouse Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406, United States

  • Phone Number: +16102652800 

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  • Number of Employees: 5000+

  • Established: 1985

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  • Key People: Jonathan Morgan – President

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  • Gloria Neumann says:

    Service and response from your Imperial North Apartment office in Rochester NY is ridiculous. Never respond to emails or calls. I will never rent from this property again or recommend to anyone. Please comment to me.

  • Gwen says:

    Sent detailed letter and pictures to Baltimore housing. See you soon

  • Tanika Dailey says:

    Good evening, My name is Tanika Dailey and my family and I have been residents here at Orchard Meadows in Ellicott City, MD for almost two months. I take pride in my communities and chose this property because of its distance from my job. When I first came to this property I had high expectations because I believed that I was in great hands. I even left a great review for the Assistant Property Manager who I trusted with her word that we would be properly taken care of. I was sadly mistaken. I should’ve known that something was off when we were told the unit we had chose was unavailable for viewing and given an virtual tour instead. We were told that our unit would be fully renovated and all of our appliances were updated. That was not the case. When coming into our unit, I first noticed that the kitchen was incomplete, the floors were damaged (which took over a month to replace) the screen in the windows is coming out (which has not been fixed), the cabinet paint is damaged with shelves missing, the refrigerator has dents, the stove smells as if it’s burning, the burners won’t light and I almost burn myself each time I turn them on, the dishwasher has rusty racks and leaks water(wasn’t repaired), the sink leaks Under it. Then going into the dining area I noticed that the carpet was sticky so I can’t walk around barefoot in my own place. The first bathroom shower leaks water by the toilet and floods the bathroom, The cabinets are loose, the sink barely runs water so I can’t brush my teeth or wash my face, the cabinet paint is peeling, the door stopper is broken. In the laundry room the washing machines only work on cold water, and the dryer smells. In the second bedroom the screens are out and when they fixed the closet they never repainted the wood they chipped off. It took them over a month to fix the tub which was dirty with a exposed hole where the shower head is and again the water pressure in the sink is too low. And the cabinet of loose. I was told most of these issues would be resolved or couldn’t be repaired. All of the blinds are damaged. With all of this going on, I was treated with disrespect when calling, calls ignored, told lies about when repairs would be complete, and given the run around. I was even sent a message that my repairs were complete which is not true. Not to mention the times they were supposed to come to my unit, when I stayed home from work, didn’t come, and didn’t inform me when they entered the unit on other days when I was not present. I was also told that no one could be in the unit where I paid rent while repairs were being “completed “. This is unacceptable and makes me want to get a lawyer break my lease and move. My greatest concern now if that in the first bedroom, where the paint is coming off the windows, and the blinds are damaged, and where my son sleeps, the vent fell and hit my son in the head!!! How dare you guys do a half job and leave it loose and put my sons life in danger. I don’t feel comfortable calling your office because of previous experiences and I don’t want my son in a room with a hole exposed. We are working citizens and have paid our rent on time since we’ve been here and have been showed a lack of respect and treated as if we’re nothing, as if our concerns are invalid. There is no reason why we should be uncomfortable in our own place with so many problems in only two months. I noticed all the dedication that’s being placed into other units and wonder why my family and I were not granted the same treatment where as though if we were to make the littlest error here, I’m sure we’d be held accountable. My son got injured due to a lack of securing and making sure my unit was safe. Thank you, Tanika Dailey

    • Gwen says:

      Hi Tanika,

      Just curious. Did anyone get back to you? I am at a property in the city which is HORRIBLE! I have contacted the property to no avail and I’m in the process now of having Baltimore City housing inspectors coming out to document their findings and fine them. If you have not done this yet, contact Howard County housing. I lived in the county before and contacted them. They were fined and given two weeks to correct the problem…mice…. They sealed every single opening in my apartment in less than a week! No more mice!!

  • Tyheare hightower says:

    I moved into this apartment almost 11 months ago an my apartment was infested with bugs. I also experienced legal issues from this property. They never returned my security deposit and put different charges on my account without me being aware. Morgan properties filed for eviction after rent was paid. The property assistant manager said “ the property manager filed eviction because the apartment had no furniture and thought i would leave without paying them rent”. I have whitenesses that sat in the office an heard these false accusations.

  • Faith P says:


    No help from corporate. FYI- not BBB Accredited!

  • Lakesha McNair says:

    This is the worst property ever, never able to speak to live person. I moved into my apartment 4 months ago and have mice infestation. The leasing office is useless the property manager is never available and I don’t get any response from management on the several voicemails I left behind. Just in the last 24hours I caught 5 mice in my kitchen, yes very disturbing and disgusting. I had several seek and seal and several pest control visits. I need someone to fix the problem or exempt me from my lease agreement because a person shouldn’t have to live this way. My location is 1 Heatherton Ct, 21244 and 804-467-0256. I need assistance immediately. This is unsafe and serious health hazard.

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