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Brett T. Ponton

CEO, President & Director

Brian J. D'Ambrosia

Senior VP of Finance, CFO, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary

Matthew Evan Naylor

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher R. Hoornbeck

President of Car-X & Divisional Vice President

About Monro Muffler Brake, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1957. The company has been currently active for more than 62 years now. The founder of this company is Charles J. August. The company was initially started as a franchise of Midas Muffler. The main aim of the company was to provide automotive services to its clients and customers. In the year 1991, the company made its initial public offering. The company acquired all the 205 locations of Speedy Muffler King within the US from Speedy Muffler King Inc. in 1998. The company bought the Car-X trade name and all its franchise rights to 146 locations in the areas of Texas, Illinois, Lowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota in 2015. In 2019, the company acquired around 40 Certified Tire stores in the areas of California. Headquarters: 200 Holleder Pkwy, Rochester, NY 14615, United States.

Monro Muffler Brake is an American company which focuses mainly on providing the best automotive services to its customers and clients. As of 2015, the company had more than 6150 employees working under it. The company has Brett T. Ponton as its current CEO, President and Director. In 2015, the revenue generated by the company was around $894 million.

Monro Muffler Brake provides its services on a wide range of automotive facilities which include steering, wheel alignment, brakes, suspension, mufflers and exhaust systems and also drive train as well.        

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  • Lisa mozzicato says:

    Looking for coupon please send me one before I walk out on my 700 dollar brake job service real shady manager trying hi s best to hold it all together

  • Cheryl Price says:

    I took my 03 Ford explorer to get oil change charged me for new oil filter they did not &now I leak oil.Thanks for nothing $60.00 oil change be for real..

  • Cheryl Price says:

    Please have corporate office manager contact me.

  • Leah Lines says:

    I just want to say you facility in Meadville, PA is the worst shop you have. The employees were rude and wanted to charge an absorbent amount for a simple oil change. I have never been so upset and I know it makes no difference to you, but I will never come back again. What happened to your company?

  • Kim says:

    Please have Jeff Cleveland Market contact me. Kim Anderson 3306206588

  • Bobbie Reany says:

    My boyfriend currently works for Monro. This is the worse company to work for. He is a Master Technician. He is a hard worker and enjoys what he does. But for the past few months, he has been ripped off on his checks. The Manager, Dave Rapp, clocked him out while he was working. James did not know. Dave was stealing people’s commission and giving it to himself. Tell me how my man works 80 hours or over plus has commission and brings home a $550 check for two weeks. His last check was $700. Dave went into the system and changed everything to where he got paid for the sales and then made sure hours were low so he could get a bonus by clocking people out. There was an investigation but my man still has not been paid. It’s been over 6 weeks this Manager has been doing this. He quit his job before he got fired. He works for Midas in Florence, KY. This company needs to prosecute him. We contacted a lawyer yesterday. The DM has been informed too. Still nothing! Dave Rapp, has cost this company so much money. He was stealing, doing side jobs and messing with people’s pay. Every time I stopped by the shop, he would be in the office, legs up in time desk. Every vehicle he touches he messed up and my man had to fix it. He is a joke, this company is a joke. Nothing has been dealt with. My man is looking for a new job and we contacted a lawyer to see what we can do to get all the money he worked so hard for.

  • Kim says:

    Misdiagnosed my truck paid them $2200 for “fixing” my truck I had to have it towed home…It still dosen’t work… bad customer service won’t return my phone calls I want my money back…I was told that they would work something out I’m still waiting…Auburn Indiana store….

  • Tiara M says:

    I worked in the Louisville Ky sister company of Monro TiresNow and my check was taken by management when I decided I no longer wanted the opportunity due to so many red flags I was given a written check that does not have my name spelled accurately with less the amount that I was to get per the corporate paystub that I was given after he removed the check and put the poorly written check in the envelope that I am unable to cash.I have been contacting HR for a week with no follow up, I have yet to be paid for my services and what I was advised. And I am being ignored by the manager at the Louisville Ky branch and corporate HR

  • Randy Balzer says:

    Claim to do state inspection but can’t fix everything that needs to be done . If it was a remodeler that’s shut him down pay restitution and jail time . No difference what a joke . Time for a class action

  • Joseph May says:

    In forty five years of being a loyal customer, I’ve seen your quality of services really eroding. I stopped for a oil change and the sign posted on the station said….Oil change $29.95 plus 2.95 service fee of some kind. When I asked to have an oil change, for the advertised amount, he said it would be 50.00 + tax and service fee. I said the sign outside said 29.95 + 2.95. He just looked at me and repeated the 50.00 Amount. I feel like I should walk outside with a sign saying…….. FALSE ADVERTISMENT! The Pleasant Hills Station in Pittsburgh Pa.

  • Derrick hobson says:

    I had my brakes done at the new London Monroe muffler and ever since then I’ve had issues with my rear brakes I brought it back multiple times the manager that is there now is not the same manager I was there before he’s giving me a hard time stating that my warranty company never paid for the work even though I have confirmation numbers paid ID numbers of everything that was paid for and Monro is responsible for warranting out my pads and rotors and the manager Ray and the regional manager Ken are constantly giving me a hard time when I bring up anything give them any of the information that they were paid and basically my car is messed up because of the faulty work they did

  • Nicholas Cato says:

    My car stalled across the street from this location. I called the shop and the service manager told me they were closing soon but I could bring the car and they can look at it the next day. Finally my car starts back up and the i drove to the location. The service manager told one of his mechanics to tell me he doesn’t want to work on the car and I should take it else where! WHAT!!!!! I went inside to talk to the service manager and he was completely unprofessional. Cursing and even went as far getting physical with me by bumping pass me. I truly feel that because I was African American this service manager treated me like this. It was the most upsetting experience I have ever encountered. The man went into the cash register and even threw money at me saying “I make this company alot of money” I needed help and this location denied me completely. I would have never received this kind of service at another repair shop. I politely asked for the service manager business card and he asked me “WHY” told me to get the fuck out of here and he refused to give it. Monro this is the type of people you’re hiring in leadership positions? This is how you treat African Americans in need of assistance. This man has absolutely no business in customer service. I have NEVER been treated so unfairly and disgustingly. I will be touching base with corporate as I demand this man be fire immediately. I needed help and i was met with hostility and racism from a MANAGER. I understand this is waterbury ct but does that mean from a customer service standpoint a willing paying customer gets treated like this. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS!

  • Norman says:

    I would like to know where do you call and make a complaint that why do y’all not have a number up here so people can call and complain about y’all stores

  • Butchy Gilson says:

    Just why do you charge a desposial fee to customers who take their parts back themselves. Such as tires huh? Also why do you let managers or workers wives and children go into the garage but not customers huh{ they can be hurt or killed just as much as a customer right???? What is it so customers do not know for sure if the parts or labor was really done huh??? Why are the managers and workers allowed to smoke in the garage while working on vehicles? On small leak of fuel and there could be an explosion destroying your station and injuring people or killing them right?? Also what about smutty pictures on the workers vehicles of a man have sex with a woman or tatoos of such even sayings indicating such? This is causing children to be raised wrong that a woman or man is just to be used and tossed. No wonder so much abuse is happening huh?????

  • >